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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  January 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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and that's it for us tonight. join us tomorrow as we examine the trump loyalist takeover of the georgia gop. "don lemon tonight" starts right now. >> mr. acosta, often wondered on this very program if we are past the point of no return re our democracy in peril, and watching kyung lah's piece tonight kind of made me think we might be past the point of no return. it is really frightening, what republicans have done across the country when it comes to putting election officials in place, even on the judiciary. it is -- i think we -- it may be behind us. >> yeah. i mean, that's the thing i worry about, don, is they seem to have cracked the code. you know, like safe crackers. you know, they have opened up the vault.
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and found the mother lode. how they can overturn an election by going through the state election results and you can control that if you have secretaries of state in these various battlegrounds who are going to say, okay, hold on. it shows joe biden one re-election, well, we are just going to throw that out and donald trump is the winner. i mean, we are -- we are really, you know, i think, facing that real-life scenario. and then, what do we do at that point, don? i mean, i think that is -- that is a crazy question to consider but i -- you know, it's -- it's becoming more real by the day. >> yeah. it was a wake-up call watching that. or i could say reality check but i don't want to take that away from mr. john avlon. >> she's been doing great reporting as all of our reporters on this. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it, jim. i will see you tomorrow night. this is "don lemon tonight." and um, well, so let's talk about something that is -- i think this is good for -- not i think -- it is good for this administration. it maybe can turn the tide of public opinion, maybe, in some polling. because this is a very, very,
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very, very crucial moment for joe biden. okay? listen to this. it's a chance for him to rally democrats -- remember, you saw the polling, right? he is olosing support among democrats and independents and black voters but it is a chance for him to rally support among democrats and, um, black voters, right? the ones who helped put him into the white house. it can make history here. i am talking about justice stephen breyer reportedly retiring. a big, big deal for the president. a chance to get a justice confirmed to the highest court in the land, and a chance to make good on a promise that he made again and again and again and again on the campaign trail. watch. >> i'm looking forward to making sure there is a black woman on the supreme court to make sure we, in fact, get -- [ cheers and applause ] if i am elected president, have an opportunity to appoint someone to the courts, will be -- i will appoint the first black woman to the courts. it's required that they have representation now. it's long overdue.
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we are putting together a list of a group of african-american women who are qualified, and have the experience to be in the court. i am not gonna release that until we go further down the line of vetting them, as well. >> so, that's the promise. the white house saying today the president is still committed to nominating the first black woman to the supreme court. so, think about this. out of 115 justices so far, there have been 108 white men. okay? two black men and five women. four of them, white, and one latina. couldn't be a better moment for joe biden to make history, and to change the subject, really, with top-agenda items like the voting rights and build back better bills. both stalled, right? and with midterms looming, quite frankly. there are also -- these are the front-runners. i am going to put up for you. take a look at your screen.
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these are the front-runners right here for the court. one of them could very well be our next supreme court justice. lindsey graham putting out a statement saying -- and i quote -- if all democrats hang together, which i expect they will, they have the power to replace justice breyer in 2022 without one republican vote in support. elections have consequences. and that is most evident when it comes to fulfilling vacancies on the supreme court. that is from lindsey graham. fun fact, though, lindsey graham was one of the three republicans who voted to confirm judge ketanji brown jackson to the court of appeals for d.c. circuit court just a few months ago. the others were susan collins and lisa murkowski. if judge jackson becomes the nominee if she does in fact become the nominee, i wonder what they will do now. whoever gets the nod, she will be joining a court whose justices, including justice breyer, are lamenting the intrusions of politics.
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>> if the public sees them as politicians in robes, it is confidence in the courts and rule of law itself can only diminish. diminishing the court's power, including its power to act as a check on other branches. >> i think all of us worry about that. um, we think about ways in which we can comport ourselves among ourselves to ensure that the public has confidence in what we're doing. >> so, if they think you are anti-abortion or something personally, they think that's the way you always will come out. they think you're for this or for that. they think you are -- you become like a politician. and i think that's -- that's a problem to -- when -- i think you're going to -- you are going to jeopardize any faith in the legal institutions. >> chief justice john roberts wants to keep politics out of the court but despite what they all say about how they want the supreme court to be, and how they want it to operate, if it
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doesn't live up to that. and the cases the court could decide -- everything from roe v. wade to affirmative action in universities could change the face of america, really. let's not forget, just days ago, the supreme court blocked the biden administration's covid vaccination and testing regulation for large businesses. and with the pandemic killing more than 2,200 americans every day -- i will say that again -- with the pandemic killing more than 2,200 americans every single day, despite the misinformation you may hear in other places, the vast majority of those people, though, unvaccinated. over on the fox-propaganda channel, they are still putting people's lives at risk. putting their own viewers' lives at risk with lies like this. this one is from tucker carlson's show, where else? this is the other night. >> the mrna covid vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market now. no one should get them. no one should get boosted. no one should get double
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boosted. they are a dangerous and ineffective product tiat this point. >> responsibility when you have a platform like that. what's dangerous is spreading lies and -- and frightening people into refusing the best weapon that we have right now against covid. the fact is if you are boosted, you are 68 times less likely to die of covid than if you are unvaccinated. dr. anthony fauci saying the facts are stunningly obvious. >> if you look at the data, you can't walk away from the facts, and the facts are stunningly obvious when you look at the hospitalization and deaths among unvaccinated versus vaccinated versus vaccinated and boosted. >> i have said it before. the facts matter. truth matters. our lives and our democracy depend on it. let's bring in now cnn white house correspondent kaitlan collins and our senior legal analyst laura coates who is
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author of "just pursuit, a black prosecutor's fight for fairness." good evening to both of you. good to see you, kaitlan, i am going to start with you. any time a president gets to put a justice on the supreme court, it is a very big deal. looks like breyer's official retirement announcement is tomorrow. what do you know? what can you tell us? >> yeah. the white house has been very hesitant to say anything on the record, so far. president biden himself today said i am not saying anything until justice breyer has officially announced this. we all know it's coming. everyone has reported it. no one has denied it but we are expecting -- expecting it to be official tomorrow, don. and i am told by sources that there will be an event here at the white house with president biden and justice breyer tomorrow. it is not on the official schedule just released by the white house but we are told you should expect to see both of them. and so, of course, that is going to be a big moment for this president. big moment for justice breyer, who is the oldest supreme court justice on the court right now on the bench. and of course, a big moment for president biden who has been talking about who he would put on the court if he got the
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opportunity but not every president gets the opportunity to actually do so. so, this is going to be a very big moment for this white house as they move from this event tomorrow to the push to nominate someone and to get them confirmed through the senate. >> laura, let's talk about the significance of having a black woman on the high court for the first time. it is huge. you say our justice system will be better for it and speaking in the name of your book, this would be a just pursuit. >> in so many ways and, again, it's not just the idea of having diversity for the sake of diversity as some would criticize the philosophy. it really is about having the embarrassment of overqualified black women on bench, in the bar, who are revered for their minds, their intellect, their ability to synthesize, to be impartial. being a black woman is not going to mean that you have a foregone conclusion of how they will actually rule. but remember, the idea of bringing a discussion about a holistic approach. having their entirety and their
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selves being a part of the court, having the opportunity to weigh in on some of the most consequential matters of our lifetime, my parents' lifetime, our children's lifetime is extraordinarily important and should not be lost on anyone. this is not the first time, for example, a president has mentioned what his intentions would be when it comes to someone on the bench. roe v. wade comes to mind. trying to have people believe they will be able to nominate those justices who could possibly overturn precedent. this notion of what it looks like for a president to be able to figure out what type of justice they want it seems all these years it's always eluded black women. and it is unconscionable and it makes no sense, given what you know of the wide scope of qualified candidates. and just in those alone who have been named, it's quite extraordinary that it's taken till this point to even have them nominated this level. >> can we talk about that, laura, because you know a couple women on the short list. tell us about them. >> well, you know, i was a year behind at princeton one of them.
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judge can dis-jackson. and even then at 17 years old, i can tell you that her intellectual might was apparent and even then, among her peer group, it was quite clear about the destiny that was before her. and judge meme wright out of my home state of minnesota talk about qualifications just a few. the idea of holding a bench at the state appellate level, at the supreme court level, and now as a federal district judge. the work of cheryl eiffel is well known in the civil rights world and i could go on with every single person who is even on this short list singing their praises and none of their qualifications can be questioned. yet and still, i'm sure you can imagine, state of affairs, that people are already trying to hopefully impute something negative toward them or question they have been long -- on the bench long enough. people think about compare and contrast how they might be reviewed compared to, say, a sitting justice of amy coney barrett who certainly is a legal
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scholar in her own right. and i do not want to take away from her qualifications. but it was not a requirement that she had a lengthy tenure in the appellate court. and justice elena kagan on the other side of the aisle, so to speak, never a day as a judge before becoming a supreme court justice. and so, i hope these women get a fair opportunity for a confirmation hearing. and that, we don't just continue to think about this inertia of the knee-jerk reaction that it must be a white man, in particular ivy league school, who has the intellectual prowess to be one of the supreme judicial nine. >> well, guess what? you mention princeton. that is ivy league, so there you go. that part is -- that part is -- yeah. go on. >> that's true. >> yeah. >> that's true. and of course, it's the idea their -- their resumes and backgrounds. there is a baseline, it seems, for what is required to be extraordinary when it comes to women of color in this country, and we see it at play in so many different fields. >> well, i am just saying if you are looking at -- if you look at the list, qualifications.
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i mean, all of these women are -- are extremely qualified to, you know, to be nominated to sit on the highest court in the land. >> kaitlan, let's talk about the politics of this. >> absolutely. >> how fast are president biden and the democrats prepared to move on this nomination, especially the midterms are -- are looming and there is a 50-50 senate. >> yeah, i mean there was a sigh of relief among democrats today because everyone kind of thought this was going to happen. no one knew that it was definitely going to happen but they were worried they would find themselves potentially in another situation where republicans overtook the majorities come the midterms in november, and they could potentially lose their chance at confirming someone to the supreme court when justice breyer did eventually step down. and so, now, it is going to be this push on the hill. you already saw senate majority leader chuck schumer promising a very speedy confirmation process for whichever candidate it is that president biden picks. and we are even told they are looking at a timeline similar to that one of justice amy coney barrett. and remember, that was incredibly fast because in the
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last few decades if you look at the numbers, some justices like amy coney barrett were confirmed in 30 days. some took 106 days. there has been this broad range. hers was very quick because, of course, it was right before the 2020 election. and justice ruth bader ginsburg passed away eight days later, former-president trump said he was picking amy coney barrett. and 30 days after that, she was on the supreme court. she had been confirmed by the senate. and so, we are told that democrats are looking at a timeline much closer to that 30-day period than they are at some of the ones that have stretched on longer. and they have got a big legislative agenda ahead of them, senate democrats do and so now this is going to be on this as well. and so of course, all this hinges, know, don on president biden making his pick and that is something that has not been done yet. that is what is going to be the next step in this after you see justice breyer and president biden appear here at the white house tomorrow. >> yeah. and speaking of amy coney barrett, for some reason, that election-year rule that mitch mcconnell came up with suddenly did not -- was not relevant then. let's talk more about amy coney
11:15 pm
barrett now, laura, because i want to play something we sometimes hear from supreme court nominees during their senate confirmation hearings. this is her when asked if roe -- roe v. wade was correctly decided. watch. >> it's inconsistent with the duties of a sitting judge, has been the practice of every nominee that sat in this seat before me to take positions on cases that the court has decided in the past. as i have said to your colleagues, i just -- it's not up to me to be in the business of expressing views. >> so, laura, you see there, she wouldn't give an answer and today the current 6-3 conservative court is deciding on abortion rights. these decisions have huge consequences. they are taking up affirmative action, um, next term. >> and that's so true and i would note, of course, that justice breyer has said that he will serve out the remainder of this term which ends in june, which means that, theoretically, there will be a black woman on the court looking at the issue of affirmative action for the schools of unc and harvard, for
11:16 pm
example. very impactful to think about that perspective. not a foregone conclusion of how she'll rule, but that actual perspective. and again, i expect, frankly, whoever is nominated by this president to follow along the same type of script that every supreme court justice overwhelmingly has given about cloaking themselves in the idea of being apolitical. about not wanting to show their hand in how they might rule in what might come before them irrespective of what they have actually written about in their legal-scholarly work or anything else. but i do wonder, don't you, the extent that that will be permitted to not have to be honed in and confined to a particular answer. i wonder if that same script will be acceptable in many respects to this particular nominee and if it's not, then why not? i -- i wonder and sometimes fear that the idea of double standards will come into play. but i think that the women who are at least on this very short list are more than capable of being able to have the same level of impartiality and the
11:17 pm
same ability to rule based on the law and its interpretation as the benefit of the doubt given to every other supreme court nominee up to this point. and if that's not what happens, then that's a different conversation we need to have about the senate process. >> laura, kaitlan, thank you, both, i appreciate it. candidate joe biden made a pledge to nominate the first black woman to the supreme court as we have been saying here. at -- at -- congressman -- remember jim clyburn's suggestion? now, he is making history but will he also -- will it turn his presidency around? >> i want to make sure that it's a woman that will get universal support. when i say universal, i mean bipartisan support. share the love event,subaru we are proud to have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. you can get a car from any company, but none will make a difference like subaru.
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see a path forward with actions and treatments from a retina specialist that may help protect against vision loss. visit and take charge of your sight. justice stephen breyer's decision to retire is the big news tonight, after months of battling over voting rights and build back better, democrats now have a chance to come together, help- the president deliver on key campaign promise, nominating the first black woman to the supreme court. joining me now to discuss, charlie dent and ashley allison. good evening, to both. ashley, so the -- biden on the campaign trail.
11:22 pm
candidate biden promised to nominate a black woman to the court during the campaign. it was representative jim clyburn's idea and just tonight, he said he told biden then it could be a turning point in his election and it was. how -- how vital is it do you think to keep this promise? >> it's necessary and there is no reason to think that joe biden, who is a man of his word, will not keep his promise. i remember campaigning on the idea that if joe biden and kamala harris -- another black woman -- were to win, that a black woman -- the first black woman would be nominated and ideally confirmed to the supreme court and that really resonated with voters. not just black -- black voters but the 81 million people who showed up in historic numbers to elect joe biden. so, this is a promise i think the president and vice president will keep and i think it will have historical consequences for our country because what it means to have a court that is fully representative of our country, and currently that is not the case for the highest court of the land.
11:23 pm
>> let's talk about clyburn, though, you know, clyburn has a big voice. he was instrumental in this president being nominated and ultimately becoming president. the candidate, right, then becoming president because clyburn is backing south carolina u.s. district court judge michelle childs. how much juice does he have in who gets picked, ashley? >> there is a lot of, uh, pieces of the puzzle that go into who is going to be selected for the nomination. congressman clyburn obviously is a close friend of the president. but i think at the end of the day, the president will pick someone who he knows can get confirmed, who is qualified. i think representative clyburn has many names but there are so many qualified black women to the court, i am sure he will put up some options for who should be considered but i think, at the end of the day, all the different components of who is the best choice for the temperament of the court, um, who can move through a quick confirmation will be what is the time decision for president
11:24 pm
biden. >> charlie, let's get you in on this conversation because one of the front-runners to potentially fill this seat is district court judge ketanji brown jackson. she was confirmed -- let's see -- in june and even got three republican votes. they would be under a lot of pressure to explain if they didn't vote for her now, am i correct? >> you're absolutely correct and i -- i do think if president biden were to nominate judge jackson, that she would be confirmed. she would probably get every -- every democratic vote and probably a few republicans. although, i did see in a previous segment it looked like lindsey graham was maybe backtracking a bit but there are five republican senators who are retiring. but if i were the democrats, i would not count on republican votes to confirm her. um, look. republicans couldn't count on democrats to confirm coney barrett or kavanaugh or gorsuch, although they got one for -- for kavanaugh as i recall, joe manchin. but at the end of the day, i think joe biden will get a win
11:25 pm
here. >> hmm. lindsey graham backtracking. shocking. so, ashley, listen. president biden has been struggling in -- in the polls. his legislative agenda, voting rights, build back better, stalled. you think this is going to give him a needed boost, maybe some momentum ahead of the midterms if he can say, listen, i -- you know, i have a black woman as my vice president, i have got a black woman now as a supreme court justice? i mean, is this give him some juice and help turn this narrative around and maybe the polling? >> it's rather exciting. i know as a voting rights advocate, i was really disappointed when the legislation didn't pass a couple weeks ago. and to know that the opportunity that i can see myself on the highest court is exciting and an invigorating opportunity, particularly because we know black women are the backbone of the democratic party. so, i think it's a great opportunity to nominate someone who is overqualified, um, who will add great -- a great asset to the court. but i do think it will be a
11:26 pm
boost for the democratic party going into midterms, especially -- regardless of whether or not the person has a challenge getting confirmed. if republicans want to try and make this black woman who is nominated seem unqualified, i think it will actually backfire and rile up the base even more. >> yeah. what do you think of that, charlie? do you agree with that? >> look. i -- i suspect there will be opposition to her. i don't think the opposition -- whoever the person is -- i don't think it will be as personal as maybe the democrats were opposed to some of the republican nominees over the years. but i think there will be opposition, for sure. but like i said, biden's going to get a win here. he is going to win. i don't think it's going to change, though, the narrative out there. the -- the midterms are going to be determined not by this supreme court nominee but by the president's approval rating. hey, this might help energize his base a little bit but i don't think it is going to change the narrative that much. >> yeah. that's what i meant. is it going to help? because listen. it is all about how many people, who gets the most people to --
11:27 pm
to the polls, except for that electoral college thing that's an issue. but that's what you see. that's what it usually boils down to. charlie, democrats do have the votes if they stick together. mitch mcconnell has promised to stop biden's agenda at all costs. do you think republicans are going to try to make this nomination as ugly as possible? or you -- you said you don't think it will be as personal as previous -- as -- as the last couple of nominations? >> if history is any indication, i think over the years, to be fair, republicans -- senate republicans have been pretty acquiescent to democratic presidents with their nominees. yeah, many vote against those supreme court nominees but they usually get several republicans voting for them. my -- my senator -- pat toomey in pennsylvania, very conservative -- he supported many of obama's nominees, as did many other republican senators. they have been -- many of them have felt that -- that the president in power should be able to make his nominations to the court. not all of them but i think some
11:28 pm
of them will and i wouldn't be surprised to see more than a few vote for, say, judge jackson and maybe some of the other potential nominees that could be offered by president biden. >> we will see. thank you, both. appreciate it. unhappy with your child's teacher? snitch on them to a government tip line. that's what virginia's republican governor wants people to do. stay with us.
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virginia governor glenn youngkin is asking his constituents to rat out their neighbors. he is setting up a tip line for parents to report behavior in schools that they find questionable. that can be anything from mask mandates to so-called divisive subjects. so joining me now, cnn political commentator, s.e. cup. s.e., good evening to you. so happy to have you on to talk about this. let's talk youngkin's already banned. i am going to go through this list here -- critical-race theory which is not being taught in k through 12 schools. like a lot of republican colleagues in states have been doing the same thing. now, he wants parents to rat out individual teachers to the state government. what -- what is going on here, s.e.? >> yeah. tip lines and blacklists and naming names and banning books. sort of, all the stuff that's historically been, like, ominous and rejected by history. leaven it to -- to this republican party to resurrect, like, the worst ideas. and -- and that's what -- that's
11:34 pm
what youngkin is doing. he is encouraging vigilante justice and turning neighbors against neighbors, and it's -- it's not the only -- you know, the only one like it. you know, in texas they are doing a similar thing with their anti-abortion laws where they encourage citizens to turn in other citizens that could be a cab driver or abortion doctor. anyone involved can be turned in by another citizen. it's -- it's un-american. it's definitely unchristian. um, and it's certainly unconservative but, you know, what else is new for this republican party? >> yeah, i was going to say this certainly goes against traditional-conservative values or principles. and what'll parents -- um, do this -- what are they teaching their children? >> well, i don't know like where in the bible this morality lesson -- this morality lesson is. and it's not -- it's not conservative to -- um -- empower
11:35 pm
citizens to take the law into their own hands. i mean, this is a party that is supposed to be of law and order, and if you are allowing citizens to just turn each other in, what is the point of a legal system? what is the point of a judicial system? what is the point of law enforcement if, really, you just want neighbors to be able to rat out other neighbors? and -- and, you know, essentially, empower a mob of karens to do -- do the work that state officials and public servants and school boards and other elected folks should be doing without relying on -- on, um, you know, voters to handle it themselves. >> youngkin talked about this tip line on a conservative radio show where he also spent time defending his ban on local mask mandates. this is what he said about that. >> love your neighbor. this is one of these moments where i know people might want to do some things that -- that make a strong statement.
11:36 pm
i just love your neighbor. it's -- day number one -- day number one, call and finally listen to your principal. and it may not be exactly what you want to hear today but keep your kid in school. >> look, you talked about this. about the actions. those are his words but look at his actions, his policies. there are all sorts of lawsuits over a mask man -- and this month, a virginia mom threatened to bring loaded guns to her child's school over masks. watch this, and then i will let you respond. >> my children will not come to school on monday with a mask on. all right? that's not happening. and i will bring every single gun, loaded and ready. >> she later apologized, and said she didn't mean it. but i mean, these policies are taking a divided nation and making them more divided and bringing everybody -- it's bringing everybody further apart, s.e. >> i mean, love your neighbor but turn him in.
11:37 pm
um, and sick a mob after your neighbor. and it's -- listen, it might be cloaked in more polite language that sounded, you know, more polite. but it's really what trump did. trump spent four years turning neighbors against each other. and -- and having neighbors blame each other for, you know, things that they didn't like in their lives. but it feels as though -- i mean, even the -- the seemingly most polite republicans -- the party's just really embracing, like, all the worst parts of the bible and none of the good parts. like, they're here for the wrath and the smiting and the stoning and the vengeance. they are not here for the love thy neighbor and turn the other cheek and unconditional love. um, and blessed are the meek. they are not here for any of that because really compassionate conservatism is dead. rip. it's passe for this republican party. so, even someone like glenn youngkin who ran, quote/unquote, for all virginians and is now telling people to love thy
11:38 pm
neighbor has really rejected that kind of compassion and empathy in favor of, you know, identifying yourself by your enemies, ynot your friends. um, rooting out heretics, rather than seeking out converts. these are the things that define the republican party right now, and glenn youngkin is right in lockstep. >> you know, um, texas -- pair texas and virginia with governor ron desantis is doing in florida, right? he is backing bills that limit what kids can learn when it comes to the facts of history or sexual identity claiming it is all about parental freedom. but isn't this all, you know, some -- it seems big brotheresque to me. what happened to the gop being the party of small government? >> it is big brother. i mean, that is almost the lost story in this and i am glad you brought it up because while it's censorship and it's terrible and it's -- it's ignorant. um, it's also big government. it's empowering the government and bureaucracies -- two very
11:39 pm
bad words if you're, you know, a small-c conservative -- to monitor you and watch you and tell you what you can read. i mean, it's literally out of the '50s and mccarthyism. but like i said, republicans are resurrecting the worst chapters, the worst ideas, rejected by history. and now, embracing them. it's something, you know, that trump liked to do. remember, he sort of wanted to bring back operation wet back and he was for jailing journalists. and really, you know, liked the 1950s gender norms, and thought those should be brought back. but, all this stuff that history long ago decided was oppressive, was bad, was anti-democratic, republicans are like discovering anew. and without any shame pushing it onto their voters. >> appreciate the conversation. thank you, s.e. >> yeah, anytime. gerrymander out of office? my next guest says that's why he is not running again.
11:40 pm
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long time tennessee democratic congressman jim cooper announcing he won't be running for re-election. cooper currently represents the state's 5th congressional district, which covers the city of nashville. i want you to look at this. this is a newly proposed tennessee couldn't gregzle map from the state assembly led by republicans. you can see that the new fifth district hooks nothing like it does right now. its new borders extending into more rural and red areas of the state. congressman cooper joins me now. i appreciate you joining and speaking to us about this. you are not running for office again. explain how republicans in your state essentially made this choice for you. >> thank you dornn. great to be with you. republicans in the legislature have sabotaged one of the greatest cities in america, nashville, tennessee. they have done this by
11:45 pm
gerrymandering our city. something that hadn't been done in all of our 230-year history. and if anyone still doubts the republicans are attacking voters' rights, look at this gerrymandering. i hope and pray this isn't being done all over the country but i'm afraid it is. but nashville could be the worst example. this city is the home of andrew jackson, one of the founders of the democratic party. we have been democratic forever. and now, they have pie-sliced it so it will be dominated by rural-republican legislators and nashville will no longer have a real strong voice in washington, d.c. >> wow. got to tell people, you first served in congress in the early '80s to the mid-'90s. then, you took a break and got re-elected again in 2002. you have been in the house since -- since then. clearly, there is -- there is support for democratic representation there for democratic representative from nashville. are -- are state lawmakers manipulating the will of the people by changing this map? because i don't think the people really want this, do they?
11:46 pm
>> well, at least 40% of tennesseeans don't and right now the republican legislature is only giving voice to about 11% of tennesseeans. 29% of tennessee democrats are being disenfranchised by this map. minority communities in nashville are being devastated. they are literally being cut to a third of their normal size. nashvillians will go from being a priority in eyes of the congressperson to being an afterthought and that is a real tragedy for all the citizens of nashville, regardless of race or ethnicity. >> yeah. listen. it's so egregious, i have to continue to put up these maps so that people can see exactly what is happening. this is a proposed map that chops up davison county, where nashville is. what does it mean for democratic voters, whose votes will now be diluted in three different districts? >> well, republicans already have a 7-2 majority in the nine-member tennessee
11:47 pm
delegation. they are trying to make it 8-1 and it looks like they are going to succeed. and only memphis will be a democratic stronghold in tennessee. when we have democratic voters spread throughout the state, especially in nashville so what it's going to do is render us mute. and that's a tragedy because we do not want to discourage voting, we want to encourage voting by all of our people. and democrats will come back one day due to these republican abuses -- this republican greed because really what they are doing to nashville is they're colonizing it. they are tearing us apart. they are cutting us in little pieces. they are allowing rural counties and communities like parksville, columbia to dominate nashville. but nashville is one of the hottest cities in america for tourists, for business because it's nashville. it's that special blend of magic that we have got here and music and that's what makes us special. and republicans can't stand that, apparently. >> yeah. but it's also -- you know, before i was there pre-pandemic just before the pandemic and nashville's very diverse.
11:48 pm
as you said, the -- the tourism industry is exploding there. the nightlife was amazing. the downtown, the rehabilitation, so on, just great. but i was really struck by the diversity, especially in the music industry. people were looking to move to nashville. i hope that does continue, but we will see. do you think that that will continue? >> i hope and pray it will continue. um, the republican national committee is planning on coming here in 2024. we are one of the final cities and isn't it ironic that we are so desirable as a convention site, yet they want to tear us up. we have got a rule in the country if it ain't broke, don't fix it. and the republican legislature is trying to fix us even though we're not broken. >> yeah. hissen. i -- i don't like to, you know, both-sides everything because i think republicans are are better. you can correct me if i'm wrong -- better, um -- well, i shouldn't say better but they are more egregious when it comes to gerrymandering because republicans and democrats both gerrymander when they control the redistricting process. though, the gop is appearing, as
11:49 pm
i said, to do it more aggressively. as we have seen in these proposed maps it shows in texas and florida, what would be the fair way to do this, congressman? >> another irony, don, is that i have carried the legislation in congress to have neutral and bipartisan redistricting nationwide. i have had that bill for years. and republicans hate that. actually, both parties hate it but you point out something very true. republicans are better at this gerrymandering. they are ruthless. there is a guy named john ryder who is a national republican guru for redistricting. he's from tennessee and he put it in plain talk. he's quoted in publications saying i had all the evidence. don't have any text, no e-mails. don't have anything in writing because then we could prove racial gerrymandering and it is going to be a lot harder to prove now without any written record. >> congressman cooper, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. best of luck to you. >> thank you, don. you are a good man. >> thank you.
11:50 pm
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11:55 pm
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12:00 am
his campaign promise to nominate a black woman? the short list circulating in washington signals history's about to be made. and you've got to hear this. podcaster joe rogan thinks he has the definition of what makes a black person. >> unless you're talking to someone who is like 100% african from the darkest place where they're not wearing any clothes all day and they've developed all that melanin to protect themselves from the sun, even the term black is weird. >> okay. professor michael eric dyson's name coming up as part of this uninformed rant. he joins me just ahead on that. and the country might be sick of covid but the cdc is predicting more than 62,000 deaths over the next month. warnings from an expert straight ahead this hour. but i want to start now with cnn's supreme court analyst steve vladeck and global affairs analyst susan glass here to talk about what is going on with breyer's official retirement has not happened but that's the word that it's going to happen soon


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