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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isiah saoirse in london. >> a big moment for this president, a moment for justice breyer. >> we're long overdue to have an african american woman on the supreme court. >> not every president gets the opportunity to do so. >> we'll potentially see some republicans voting yes depending on who the nominee is. >> president biden could soon gain a major political victory with a chance to nominate a
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black woman to america's highest court. north korean carries out its sixth missile test this month alone. what is rattling pyongyang? we have the latest. and u.s. lawmakers are considering swift action against russia, hitting them where it hurts, their pockets. live from london, this is "cnn newsroom," with isa saores. >> welcome to the show, everyone. it is thursday, january 27th. with much of his domestic agenda stalled in congress, and midterm elections looming later this year, u.s. president joe biden has a rare opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the american political landscape. u.s. supreme court justice stephen breyer is expected to no formally announce his retirement later today with the president. breyer is 83 years old and served on the high court for the
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past 27 years. for mr. biden it means whoever he nominates to replace breyer could exert a powerful influence over the u.s. judicial system, long, of course, after the president leaves office. but with the senate split 50/50, any nominee is bound to face a tough confirmation battle as cnn's mj lee reports. >> mr. president. >> reporter: president biden confronting a major decision about the supreme court. justice stephen breyer expected to retire from the highest court, paving the way for the president to nominate his replacement, one of the most coveted and momentous actions a sitting u.s. president can take. >> there has been no announcement from justice breyer. let him make whatever statement he's going to make and i'll be happy to talk about it later. >> reporter: biden now getting the opportunity to fulfill this 2020 campaign promise. >> i'm looking forward to making sure there is a black woman on the supreme court, to make sure
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we get representation. >> i'm committed, if i'm elected president, i have an opportunity to appoint someone to the courts, i'll appoint the first black woman to the courts. we're putting together a list of a group of african american women who are qualified and have the experience to be in the court. >> reporter: the white house reiterating biden's position on this front remains unchanged. >> the president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating a black woman to the supreme court and certainly stands by that. >> reporter: the upcoming nomination and confirmation fight now expected to dominate washington and the white house for weeks. senate majority leader chuck schumer looking to move quickly, following a similar timeline that republicans used to confirm conservative justice amy coney barrett in 2020. the political calendar and the upcoming midterm elections looming large over democrats. the president's party currently has the slimmest of majorities in the senate, with vice president kamala harris as the tie breaking vote.
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this adding urgency for biden to act quickly before the senate potentially changes hands. >> mitch mcconnell said that if republicans were to take back the senate in 2022, he did not see a way you could get a supreme court justice confirmed. do you have a response to that? >> mitch has been nothing but no for a long time. and i'm sure he means exactly what he says. but we'll see. >> reporter: appointed to the court in 1994, by president bill clinton, breyer, a consistent liberal justice on the bench. he has been a defender of abortion rights and affirmative action as well as a fierce opponent of capital punishment. breyer also writing the opinion rejecting a challenge to the affordable care act last term. more recently, justice breyer coming under intense pressure, including from many progressives, to retire. the 83-year-old justice saying the confirmation process should have nothing to do with politics. >> if the public sees judges as politicians in robes, it is
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confidence in the courts and in the rule of law itself can only diminish. >> reporter: several names already in circulation as possible replacements for breyer. among them, junk ketanji brown jackson, a former supreme court clerk for breyer. >> when you become a judge, you take an oath to look only at the law in deciding your cases, that you set aside your personal views about the circumstances, the defendants or anything else. >> reporter: and california supreme court justice leondra kruger. >> i think we tend to forget when we're in the outside world that really conversations about these very difficult cases are confined to a small number of people. >> reporter: the white house being asked repeatedly about the breyer news, but everyone from the president on down essentially staying on message and saying they're not going to comment on the specifics until justice breyer himself announces his retirement. mj lee, cnn, the white house.
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now, the u.s. supreme court has the final word on any legal appeals that come before it, with adherence to the u.s. constitution as the guiding principle, of course. their decisions can directly affect daily life in america for generations. the court is made up of nine justices, who span really the political spectrum from the left to the right as you can see on your screen. under former president trump, three right leaning justices were confirmed, giving conservatives a 6-3 majority. the most recent was amy coney barrett whose confirmation process was pushed through the senate in less than a month. the nine justices can choose which cases they will accept to hear, including hot button issues such as the texas abortion law and the president's vaccine mandate for large businesses. there are many other cases the high court declines. you heard her mentioned president biden has promised to nominate a black female judge. cnn's senior legal analyst laura
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coates explains why that choice will be both historic as well as consequential. have a listen. >> the idea of bringing a discussion about a wholistic approach, having the entirety and theirselves being part of the court, having an opportunity to weigh in on the most consequential matters of our lifetime, my parent's lifetime, my children's lifetime is extraordinarily important and it should not be lost on anyone. this is not the first time, for example, a president has mentioned what his intentions would be when it comes to someone on the bench. roe v. wade comes to mind, trying to have people believe that they'll be able to nominate those justices who could possibly overturn precedent, this notion of what it looks like for a president to be able to figure out what type of justice they want, it seems in all of these years it is always eluded black women and it is unconscionable and it makes no sense, given what you know of the wide scope of qualified candidates. and just in those alone who have been named, it is quite
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extraordinary that it has taken until this point to even have them nominated at this level. >> laura coates there. president biden may be on the verge of a win at home, but he is still facing a major international crisis with ukraine, with russian troops on the border with ukraine. the u.s. is waiting for an answer from moscow after it sent a written response to russia's request for security guarantees. secretary of state antony blinken said there is a serious diplomatic path forward if russia chooses it. have a listen. >> we made clear that there are core principles we're committed to uphold and defend, including ukraine sovereignty and integrity and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and alliances. the document is with them, and the ball's in their court. we'll see what we do as i said repeatedly, whether they choose the path of diplomacy and dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine, we're prepared either
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way. >> adviser to ukraine's president says the u.s. response to russia is comprehensive, well thought out, and the right strategy. the top u.s. diplomat in kyiv spoke with cnn about the situation. >> we're trying to make it very clear to russia right now that if they go in, it will not be easy. i've been here for over 2 1/2 years and i have been -- i've seen ukrainian troops, ukrainian national guard, ukrainian border guards where they work. i've gone all around the country and i can tell you, ukrainians will fight, ukrainians love their country, they're patriotic, they will stand, they will fight. and the russians will not have any easy time of it. >> meanwhile, a ukrainian diplomat says his country is willing to negotiate around the clock to prevent all talks with russia taking place in paris and ended with both sides supporting the idea of an unconditional permanent cease-fire. anna stewart is covering the economic impact of the tensions
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between russia and ukraine. scott mclean is following the latest peace talks i was mentioning in europe. we begin this hour with nic robertson, with the reaction to the u.s. response to russia. and, nic, what has been the reaction to this letter of guarantees from moscow? >> zero reaction so far, isa. the kremlin is likely to take some time over this. yesterday, the foreign minister sergey lavrov when addressing parliament said he would respect the united states' wishes to keep the contents confidential, that they would consider what was written there. he really warned and very stark terms that this should be something that is not confrontational, that it should be constructive, that the united states should sort of lose some of its aggressive lines that it has been using recently, otherwise the russian government would be facing an alternative response that in the past they characterized as a legal military response.
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he didn't say that there in the state duma. what he did say was that the government and the foreign ministry, which is where the letter was handed over to officials there would consider the -- consider what is written, and find some proposals to offer to president putin for his consideration. so i think that the expectation is, although we'll hear very likely from the kremlin spokesman in the next couple of hours, and may possibly get some hint of what's thinking -- of what the government's thinking is. i think the reality is that this process, the peace and diplomacy here, is perhaps not going to play out very fast and perhaps not all of it in the public domain either. >> i know you'll keep us posted. stay with us. scott, while this letter guaran were being handed over, there were talks in paris. hour su how successful were the talks in trying to diffuse tensions? >> there were flickers of
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progress, real baby steps made in these negotiations between russia and ukraine, mediated by the french and the germans. from the french perspective, they were simply just trying to test russia's willingness to engage, and, of course, that is a pretty low bar, but in that department, they are touting this as a success. this is the first time since 2019 that all four parties have agreed to a joint statement at the conclusion of talks. they say they want to make sure that the cease-fire in eastern ukraine is maintained, and that the minsk agreement that brought peace to the region after the invasion in 2014 is maintained. now, there is differences on interpretations of that agreement, but at least the parties say that they're willing to try to work through those differences. so there is a long way to go there, but at least all of these countries are planning to meet up in berlin in about two weeks from now to continue. now, berlin is also where the british defense secretary ben wallace was yesterday, speaking
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with his german counterpart, and he's on this european tour to try to push european and nato countries to do more, to, you know, fend off russian aggression, sanctions, things like that. one of the things that they're keen on is sending aid in the form of lethal aid to ukraine. the germans are reluctant to do that. they have committed to sending for instance 5,000 military helmets to the country and a field hospital and other resources. but they are not interested in sending lethal weapons. they think that that will further fuel the conflict, something they're not interested in doing. now, another topic that came up was the nordrdrd stream 2 pipel the americans, the brits, they think it should be canceled. this is what ben wallace said yesterday. >> i think nord stream 2 is important. and i know the german chancellor has talked about it being one of the areas that would be under consideration. and i think that if president
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putin chose to invade ukraine and all the consequences, that he should not be rewarded by europe funding him any further. >> under consideration is how the germans are framing it, if there were to be a russian invasion, but, of course, the americans, the brits would like to see a firmer commitment from germany on that. of course, this is all very delicate, because the russians have said that, look, if that pipeline were to be canceled, if they were cut out of the swift banking system, then, well, they would have problems getting paid by europe for their energy, which europe is heavily reliant on, in which case they wouldn't be sending it at all. isa? >> we'll talk economic impact in 50 minutes or so with anna stewart on this. back to nic on that point. nic, we're talking about the swift way, the way to target russia and putin and those around him, nic, talking about sanctions as well, potentially targeting putin directly.
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has that rattled at all putin? >> no. his spokesman yesterday addressed that straight on. he said, look, this would not be painful in any way, be politically destructive and went on to say and giving some context that, you know, clearly he said people in the west, these western leaders don't understand the way the russian system works, the russian system at the highest level of government, no one there is allowed to have any large international assets, any international assets, and therefore the affective sanctions on individuals, including the president, would not be felt. i think there are many analysts that look at the structures of power, financial influence, financial holdings, outside of russia, of senior people, many analysts who say that probably is not an accurate assessment. this is the kremlin's line. no pain, but politically destructive. >> well, like secretary blinken
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said, the ball is now in their cart. we shall see what russia responds. nic robertson in moscow, scott mclean here in london, thank you very much to you guys. far to the east of ukraine, north korea is ratcheting up its own aggressive challenges to global security and stability. earlier this morning north korea apparently carried out its sixth missile test since the start of the year. south korea's military believes two short range ballistic missiles were fired and landed in the ocean. the u.s. military in the region said it is aware of the latest launch and is calling them illegal as well as destabilizing. it also said u.s. commitments to defense of japan and south korea remain iron clad. will ripley joins me now live from taiwan. will, pyongyang certainly has been busy so far this year. explain to us the timing of this, why they're testing so heavily now. >> well, we don't know entirely,
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isa. we know we're about a week out of the beijing 2022 winter games. china, north korea's neighbor, bene benefactor, economic patron, has a lot of hopes on these games going off very smoothly and certainly wouldn't welcome the kind of distraction these north korean missile tests increasingly provocative some might argue would cause, and yet north korea is doing it. and they might be doing it precisely for the reason they want all eyes to be on their country. they want people to be talking about north korea, even though they're not participating in the beijing games, citing the coronavirus pandemic, and hostile forces, such as the united states. so the test they carried out, we don't know for sure yet, we're going through the numbers, this could be north korea's busiest month ever for ballistic missile tests or one of their busiest months ever. they lay out the full spectrum of north korean weapons capabilities, they have been testing ballistic missiles, they have been testing cruise missiles earlier this month. they launched ballistic missile from a railcar at the beginning of the month.
1:18 am
they tested what they claim are two hypersonic missiles that can travel ten times the speed of sound and have warheads with gliders on them that can cause the gliders to make an unexpected turn, making them almost impossible for existing u.s. missile defense systems, which are also deployed in japan, to shoot down. and this is what experts say is so troubling. >> north korea is aiming for the types of weapons that can evade u.s. missile defenses, make it harder for the united states to detect to try to target and try to hit if it wanted to. >> north korea has been making really powerful threats for decade after decade. but they are now reaching technical capability where they can make some of those threats real. >> these tests are barred by international law, isa. north korea, though, undeterred by international sanctions, saying they're only going to strengthen their pushback against the u.s. because of the
1:19 am
sanctions. even saying that they could restart the kind of testing, nuclear testing, we haven't seen since 2017. so we really need to keep close eyes on the korean peninsula to see where this thing goes. >> i know you will for us. will ripley in taipei. thank you very much, will. good to see you. on the economy front, americans can expect to pay more interest soon on new car loans as well as mortgages. the u.s. federal reserve signaled a rate hike is likely to come in march. mostly in an attempt to get inflation under control. have a listen to what jerome powell said. >> supply and demand imbalances related to the pandemic and the reopening of the economy have continued to contribute to elevated levels of inflation. in particular, bottlenecks in supply constraints are limiting how quickly production can respond to higher demand in the near term. these problems have been larger and longer lasting than anticipated, scexacerbated by
1:20 am
waves of the virus. while the drivers of the inflation, price increases have now spread to a broader range of goods and services. >> two new gallup polls show americans are struggling with rising prices and don't expect relief soon. as you can see on the screen, 79% say they think inflation will go up over the next six months. 49% say inflation has caused hardship for their family. rising rents are a big part, excuse me, of the problem. reports the cost of rent on average was more than 10% higher when compared to 2021. growing -- higher in 2021, growing five times faster than the first year of the pandemic. the national median rent for one bedroom in december was more than $1600 a month. miami leads the way among large u.s. cities with rents rising nearly 50% over the past year.
1:21 am
some of the most popular grocery store items will be getting more expensive in march. kraft heinz says it is planning to do raise prices on oscar mayer cold cuts, hot dogs and sausages. the company will charge more for velveeta cheese and maxwell house coffee, kool-aid and sun drink. procter & gamble announced price t hikes also. one company that doesn't seem to be struggling though is tesla, the automaker shook off supply chain issues to report that its earnings more than tripled from a year go at $2.9 billion. the growing appetite for electric vehicles pushed the company's revenue to $17.7 billion, that's up 65% from a year earlier. the ceo elon musk told investors on a conference call tesla won't be producing any new vehicle models this year. despite growing calls for
1:22 am
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new research shows moderna's booster shot provides durable protection against the omicron variant for at least six months. but the antibody protection wanes and is six times lower after that time. now moderna is beginning its next phase of an omicron specific booster trial. new plans to enroll about 600 people in the study. some participants will have already received two doses of the moderna vaccine and others will have received a booster shot. pressure is building on boris johnson for allegedly violating britain's covid lockdown rules. in a contentious and heated session in parliament, the tally of alleged parties during
1:27 am
lockdown stretches as you can see from garden parties in may of 2020 to christmas parties to celebrations in april of 2021 when the nation was mourning the death of prince philip. salma abdelaziz reports now. and the accusations are reminding people of the sacrifices they made during those times. >> reporter: spring 2020, about two months into england's strict nationwide lockdown, the death toll mounting so quickly, mass graves are dug on the outskirts of london. >> to obey those rules -- >> reporter: the prime minister consistently urges the public to abide by covid restrictions. may 15th, this photo is snapped in the downing street garden, a wine and cheese party for his team. johnson's government has denied wrongdoing, claiming this was a work meeting. bereaved mother emma jones says it is hypocrisy. >> the date jumped out at me.
1:28 am
the 15th of may, 2020, which is an incredibly sad day for us. >> reporter: that day her 18-year-old daughter ruby died of blood cancer at home. >> after ruby died, we opened up our front garden and invited people to come by, but they had to do it in their household bubbles. >> reporter: because funeral attendance was severe limited, this is how loved ones said good-bye to ruby. >> you made the sacrifice of not having a funeral for your daughter. >> it was very, very hard, but we didn't begrudge that, but now to realize that the people who set the rules weren't following them is absolutely infuriating. >> reporter: may 20th, 2020, police are out to enforce restrictions on gatherings. >> we need to disperse this group and go about your business. >> reporter: in the prime minister's garden, a party is allegedly taking place. after his top secretary invited more than 100 staffers to make
1:29 am
the most of the lovely weather and bring your own booze. johnson now admits to his attendance and has apologized, but says he believed the byob event was a work function. >> mr. speaker, i want to apologize. >> reporter: that spring, they followed the rules until his dying breath, isolating at home, his son told us. >> you have someone who is so dedicated to the people he loves and then the prime minister just doesn't care. >> reporter: in the fall of 2020, lobby met the prime minister with other bereaved families to share his story of grief. >> i don't think the man can maintain his position as prime minister because i think he's betrayed us all so deeply. >> reporter: for many, the accusation their government broke covid rules to party is
1:30 am
unforgivable. the inquiries into the alleged breaches first by the cabinet office and now the police are set to make it unforgettable. >> salma abdelaziz joins us now with the latest. my heart aches for lobby and emma jones' families. it is clear they are angry, they're furious, and they want something to happen here. we are waiting for that sue gray report, which we have been promised for days now. what can we expect? will boris really step down? because he seemed pretty adamant he's holding on to the reins here. >> that's a very good point. i think you're right, they want something to happen here. what they want to happen here is quite simple. they want the rules that everyone else in this country had to follow, the rules that police enforced, the rules that people got ticketed for, got -- had to pay fines as high as 10,000 pounds for, they want those rules to be applied to the people who set the rules, to the very government that set the
1:31 am
rules. but it is not going to be up to the public here, isa. you have two-thirds of the british public in the latest snap polling wanting the prime minister to resign after these allegations. but it is all going to come down to the conservative party and there is two bits of key information that are going to help them make that critical decision as to whether or not they continue to support prime minister boris johnson or they take the steps to remove him. the first bit of information, the sue gray report, this is a report written by senior civil servant who has for weeks now been looking into these allegations of partying, we expect that eminently. we really do any day now expect that report to be released. it is supposed to provide that timeline that blow by blow of what happened, who was there, and most critically what the did some consider it aster prime minister boris johnson snowstorm in the works. know about the parties, isa? possible nor'easter here and >> you'll stay posted as soon as winter weather alerts in advance we have got the sue gray report of it across portions of the we shall bring it to you. northeast, a foot and a half or thanks, salma. we are learning new details more of snowfall in store. we'll talk about this and where about the federal investigation this is going to play ouout in
1:32 am
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. in a few hours, u.s. president joe biden and supreme court justice stephen breyer expected to appear together at a white house event. breyer set to announce his retirement, paving the way for replacement. the white house says president biden will nominate a black woman in his place as promised. and the u.s. and nato have delivered a written response to russia over the ukraine crisis. the document outlined areas of progress for russia including arms control, transparency as well as stability.
1:36 am
we'll have much more on those two stories at the top of the o. it is being called swift, which is a secure network that financial institutions use to move money right around the world. u.s. lawmakers and others have suggested cutting russia out of the system, and make it nearly impossible for global financial institutions to send money in and out of the country. the move could be a punch in the gut really for the russian economy, including oil and natural gas companies, but moscow is warning it could back fire. let's get more on this. anna stewart joins us now. anna, until now we have been hearing so much about unprecedented sanctions if there is an incursion. but some believe this could be more effective. talk to us exactly about how swift works here. >> yeah, secretary of state antony blinken said, again, he and eu leaders are discussing sanctions, but we don't know
1:37 am
what sonis on the table. this potentially is the most damaging to russia's economy. swift is for financial transactions all around the world. used by 11,000 financial institutions across 200 countries. disconnecting russia from swift would be extreme and would have devastating consequences, frankly, for the economy. because you can see capital outflows from any firm or bank within russia that relies on foreign financing. you could see lots of currency volatility, and also in 2014 when this was first really floated, i guess, as an idea with the annexation of crimea, they said it would see the economy in russia shrink by 5%. this is a really interesting economic tool, but the problem is the potential fallout. both in terms of the financial contagion that you could see. it has been used successfully with iran, relating to their nuclear program in 2012, but russia is very different, it is a much bigger economy, it is
1:38 am
really interconnected in terms of financial markets, and eu, for example, is the biggest foreign investor in russia. in 2019, the fdi investment valued at $350 billion. so you could have fallout there. you could also have retaliation. i think that is possibly the biggest concern when looking at this kind of option, particularly with energy. the fact of the matter is russia holds huge power when it comes to energy security, again particularly in europe, the eu relies on russia for over 40% of its gas imports, 25% of oil. so that is the concern. and it was really interesting, you know, the german foreign minister and german newspaper last week said this is the biggest stick, but not the sharpest sword. >> this is u.s. lawmakers thinking about it, like you pointed out, anna, europe probably feels very different to this idea. anna stewart for us. thanks so much, anna. a winter storm expected as
1:39 am
strong as a hurricane and snow measured in feet is headed for parts of the northeastern united states. we break down what to expect. good morning. >> good morning, isa. weather going to get very interesting this weekend across parts of the northeastern united states. look at the map now, nothing going wrong with the exception of lake enhanced snow showers and few scattered showers around portions of florida. on the eastern half of the u.s. and it is a telltale sign of what is ahead of us. frontal boundary setting that into motion here, going to set the stage for the wintry weather we're expecting here. but notice the alerts already in place. eastern massachusetts, portions of rhode island, national weather service here already prompting these winter weather watches for potentially as much as a foot and a half of snowfall or about that amount. but what we're looking at here is that's the region that has the highest probability of seeing significant wintry weather. there comes a frontal boundary, here comes a low pressure system up the eastern seaboard. put this together with the
1:40 am
colder air back behind this frontal boundary and i'm here to tell you it is one of the coldest air masses. that together prompts the potential for wintry weather. now, where does the storm system end up? that is still up in the air. is it going to be close to the coastline, will it limit the amount of snow showers, will it be too far away or be in the prim prime zone we talked about in recent days. the models had a tough time here. it wanted to push this a little farther toward the east. so that placement will be key here. breaking down the models here side by side, look at the significant variabilities. the latest run of the models for the american model almost entirely takes new york out of any potential significance of wintry weather, while the europeans stay firm it will have widespread coverage, especially along the eastern seaboard, along the coast. highest amounts across massachusetts. regardless of how much snowfall comes down, we know the winds will be impressive. storm surge threat very high. and coastal flooding also going to be in place. with snowfall, you can also have
1:41 am
blizzard-like conditions. so all of this will be fine tuned over the next 24 or so hours. isa? >> thank you very much. icy weather in indiana is causing accidents as you can see here. the fedex truck was left dangling off the bridge. police confirmed it collided with another vehicle that lost control due to the slippery conditions. one of the drivers was sent to the hospital, but later released. just seven miles up the road, a car hit a guardrail after skidding across two lanes. no other drivers were hurt. prince andrew wants a jury to decide its fate in a sexual abuse lawsuit. max foster joins us live with the details next. oscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performancn. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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a man accused of the murder of a houston area officer has been caught and brought back to the city. he was arrested in mexico and handed over to u.s. authorities before being transferred to houston law enforcement.
1:45 am
oscar rosales is accused of shooting and killing harris county corporal charles galloway during a routine traffic stop, according to authorities. he was brought back. prince andrew's legal team is demanding a jury trial in the sex abuse lawsuit brought against him by virginia giuffre. she claims she was trafficked by jeffrey epstein as a minor and forced to have sex with his friends, including the prince, who has repeatedly denied the allegations, making it formal in a filing on wednesday. cnn's max foster joins me now from dubai with the latest. max, we are getting this morning a -- starting to see what type of defense prince andrew's team will put forward here. talk us through the legal plan of attack from his team. >> reporter: well, i think, isa, it is a statement of intent, really. so he says he wants a jury trial, giuffre's team asked for that. so that's really a statement of, you know, the scale of what he's willing to take on, really.
1:46 am
he goes through dozens of points, paragraph by paragraph, taking all the allegations made against him and dismissing them, trying to get case thrown out. if not, he's going to argue them clearly. prince andrew denies he was a co-conspirator of epstein and all the epstein trafficking is the headline from his lawyers. there are all these other points where he uses slightly different terminology. he says the prince will say there lacks sufficient information to admit or deny the allegations. so really questioning other allegations and one of the really interesting ones there is the photo. the famous photo of prince andrew with his arm around giuffre with ghislaine maxwell in the background. he says it lacks sufficient information for him to admit or deny the allegations. really questioning the authenticity of that photo. he even says, he denies the allegation that giuffre says which is that maxwell was a close friend of his. so he's using this top legal
1:47 am
team to go through every single detail, all the allegations and trying to tackle them, he's clearly really fighting this, probably not, isa, what the royal family would like to see. they want this all to go away and would probably prefer to have an outcome. there is no suggestion he's going for that at this point. >> seems very much he's going on the attack here. max foster for us in dubai. great to see you, max. parents in delhi say enough is enough when it comes to pandemic school closures. have a listen. >> the implications are i would say catastrophic. >> still ahead, the reason they say it is doing real damage to children's education. that is next. it combines shaving and gentle exfoliation into one efficient stroke,e, for a shave as quick and easy as washining your face. blendjet's new year's sale is on now! make your resolutions come true with this
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! in india, there is a push for schools in delhi to reopen. they have been closed for almost all of the pandemic, with students missing hundreds of days of in person learning. and now some parents are stepping up a campaign to get children back in class. we're live in new delhi this hour. put this into context for us.
1:52 am
how long have children been out of school here? >> according to parents who actually signed a petition and handed over a memorandum to the deputy chief minister of delhi, their children have been out of school for almost 600 to 650 days since the outbreak of the pandemic, which means they have barely been to school, isa. this is especially for the younger children and students who have missed out on school according to a petition that these parents have filed with the delhi government. they have around 1600 signatures of parents on them, demanding and requesting the delhi government to open schools once again. they say there are a lot of social benefits of children going to school, which their kids are missing out on. we have spoken to educationists who call the implications of long-term schools being shut catastrophic for the children. and according to unesco, india is one of the countries leading the list when it comes to the longest time away from offline
1:53 am
school, which means being in school physically and learning from teachers, and obviously being a part of a larger setup with other friends and community and understanding things better than being on online classes which have been an impediment for many to understand. the process of education, according to experts. we have spoken to parents, they have mentioned a lot of challenges that their children are facing. let's listen to one of the petitioners who is also a parent in this case. >> for my 5 1/2-year-old, even though he has access to devices and the internet, and has parents at home and grandparents who can supplement learning, nothing can really substitute for being in school. like i said earlier, the give and take in a playground, that i cannot re-create that at home. >> on wednesday, the daily cases in delhi were reported to be almost 7,500. back to a few weeks ago, it stood at over 20,000.
1:54 am
these parents are saying let the children go back to school, at least start a hybrid system if nothing else, isa? >> 600 days is a long time and the impact, of course, it has on their mental health. appreciate you being with us from new delhi. >> thank you. 400 years ago the mere accusation of witchcraft was enough to get someone hanged or burned at the stake. thousands of innocent men, women and children died in europe as a result of the witch-hunt. the vast majority of those victims were women. now efforts are under way across europe to address those historic wrongs. in northern spain, in catalonia, where prosecution was severe, the parliament in catalonia voted to officially pardon hundreds of people unjustly executed. mighty generous after their team won big against the buffalo bills.
1:55 am
a children's hospital said it received $13 donations. the total reached more than $250,000. the $13 donation comes from the drive the chiefs made to send sunday's game into overtime. the chiefs won the game and will play in the afc championship this weekend. let's play "jeopardy." the answer, amy schneider. the question, whose amazing streak just came to an end? schneider crushed the competition for 40 straight days, the second longest run by anyone in the answer and question show history. no more. the librarian from chicago who beat her was faster on the buzzer. don't feel bad for amy. she won more than $1.3 million during her streak and she'll never forget what's bangladesh, the clue she missed in the "jeopardy" final. thank you for your company.
1:56 am
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supreme court justice stephen breyer making it official today at the white house, announcing his retirement from the bench. who will be his replacement? russia and ukraine agree to continue cease-fire talks as the u.s. pushes for a solution to ease tensions there. what this means for the diplomatic path forward. a nor'easter bomb cyclone with the power of a hurricane will unleash snow and blizzard-like conditions this weekend. what
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