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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 28, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! hello, and a very warm welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. as for russian buildups we continue to see more accumulation of credible combat forces arrayed by the russians. we've always said and said for quite some time that another incursion by russia could be imminent. imminent means imminent. >> we'd like to see a
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deescalation. we'd like to see those troops go back home. >> an invasion could come at any time. >> on the brink of war, u.s. and ukrainian leaders clash over the level of risk that russia will attack under. we're live in moscow and kyiv. millions of americans are bracing for a bomb cyclone in the coming hours. and the casual conversation vice president harris had with taiwan's vice president. we'll have a live report on how this could irritate u.s. and china relations. >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa so soares. welcome to the show, everyone. excuse me. it's friday, january 28th. we begin with an apparent fracture between the u.s. and ukraine and their views on the prospect of a russian invasion. a senior ukrainian official said
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it did not go well although the white house is pushing back on that. we'll have a live report from kyiv on that angle. also, the pentagon reports the buildup of russian forces has increased in the past 24 hours. just last week you remember ukrainian intelligence estimated nearly 130,000 russian troops in the region. meanwhile, germany, the future of the north stream 2 pipeline meant to bring natural gas from russia is at stake in russia invades ukraine. that is pretty much in line with u.s. warning on the project. have a listen. >> if russia invades ukraine, one way or another, north stream 2 will not move forward. >> cnn's melissa bell is standing by for us in kyiv with the latest. let's bring in nic robertson in
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moscow. the russian foreign minister has been meeting with reporters. give us a sense of what he had to say in the last few minutes. >> reporter: i think it's really a place holder at the moment. that's the best way to describe it. he said, we're still working out our lines. the foreign ministry is going to take the proposal to the president. he'll make a decision. he made the point as well. we've waited over a month to get our response from the united states and nato. that's their way of doing it in the west so he's sort of indicating there they've taken their time so it might take us a little bit of time. but the tone of it, you know, we heard from him yesterday saying the responses have failed to deliver what russia wanted. today his saying appearing to sort of try to create a bit of a division between the united states and nato and the assessment has been i think the outside assessment has been that this is something the kremlin will try to do.
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the foreign minister here saying, look, the response from the united states may not be what we wanted but it was a sort of a gold standard in diplomatic politeness. the nato response was somewhat full of itself, that he felt sorry for the person that had written the text. he went on to say that, you know, russia doesn't want war but, again, that caveat russia doesn't want war but we won't let our interests be trampled on. really reading which way is the country going there. he's not making the decision. it's the president here that's making the decisions and this is really something of a place holder. >> sergei lavrov. melissa, we have been seeing the last 24 hours between the u.s.
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>> according to a senior ukrainian source, the fact that an invasion was likely in february. the president saying the threat was ambiguous and it might not take place at all. that's been denied by both the white house and the ukrainian side, but it does highlight that room for division that there is over the coming days the longer this goes on, the greater that room for division and fracture becomes. that's important. what washington has been trying to do over the course of the last few days, that united that very strong front. what it does not want is those sort of fractures to begin appearing. on one hand it has meant to galvanize european allies often divided over how best to approach moscow in particular on the question of sanctions these last few weeks. now what we've been hearing is a shift even of the german position you mentioned and
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alluded to with the north stream pipeline saying that would be killed, could be killed as part of sacks. that is an important shift. berlin has been the most reticent looking at the toughness of sanctions because of the risks to its economy. emmanuel macron one of those reticent european leaders when it came to slapping hard sanctions on russia. what it believed the threat to be is bring together a divided europe on the question of sanctions. what it risks doing is further alienating or alienating ukrainian authorities who have an eye on what's happening at home. you have to understand all of that belligerent rhetoric, all of that tension going on on the borders does not have any good impact on the economy. that's something at the forefront of the mind of leaders here. a difficult waiting game that continues until we hear, as we
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were just hearing from nic, exactly what's in the mind of vladimir putin to the response he'll give. >> very much everyone waiting for the responses by putin. melissa in kyiv and nic robertson in moscow. we mentioned the growing russia military presence. new satellite images really help tell the story. the first shows russia building eight new army compounds in a town less than 200 miles from ukrainian border. the compound highlighted there in green contain roughly 460 vehicles, trailers as well as structures. when you zoom in you begin really to see the quantifiable increase in russia's buildup. here a 45% jump in the number of vehicles, trailers, structures since november. in another image, have a look at
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this, on the left side of your screen approximately 450 tanks, rocket launchers and short range ballistic missiles. that is up 24% since november. on the right, 500 tanks and other vehicles. that is a 25% increase. russia is also building up its presence in belarus and the black sea. this map that you're looking at shows russian ground forces, which are the boxes, as well as air and naval bases. these images come from international studies. seth jones from ciif spoke to cnn about the buildup. have a listen. >> the situation looks pretty dark and, you know, again, whether or not putin actually goes in and if he goes in and when, the realities is that he is building a force on three sides of ukraine's border. if he goes, he has the ability
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to move relatively quickly. the concern on the ukrainian/russian border as you noted in yelnia, we are seeing a 45% increase in one of the compounds there of large numbers of many battle tanks, of surface-to-air missiles, ballistic missile systems, h howi howitzers. we're seeing the su 34s attack aircraft preparing for and conducting flying missions. on the ukrainian/belarus border we've seen a major growth along the border of russian forces. same kinds of equipment, main battle tanks, howitzers and towed artillery. the concern on the belarus border is kyiv is in great danger. so kyiv, the capitol, is in
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extraordinary danger. >> russian officials say they may be willing to discuss a number of secondary issues with the u.s. and nato including arms control and troops deployment. susan blackburn. if moscow may be considering some kind of a deal. have a listen. >> that's a possibility. it's also a possibility that the russians are simply taking advantage of this time to continue to move their military forces into place. i notice significant movement of the russian fleet into the black sea which is something they might want to do in advance of the invasion. it's about to be the beijing olympics and vladimir putin is expected to be a guest of xi jinping at the games. he might not want to anger with an attack before the olympics. who knows? it's not clear at the moment. what we can say is there is no visible signs of a pulling back
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from the brink of war. >> cnn's global affairs analyst. millions of people in the u.s. are already under blizzard watches and the weather is getting worse. a so-called bomb cyclone is expected to hit some areas in the northeast. it is expected to form on friday and then rapidly strengthen and move north. let's get more on this. derek van dam joins me now. good morning, derek. give us a sense of how strong and how dangerous this storm might be. >> yeah. we're getting in new information this morning, isa. it's important we pass it along first and foremost. now we have blizzard notices for atlantic city, new jersey, and boston. new york city, you're included in a winter storm warning. that means the national weather service started to come down to the final conclusions where the heavier bands of snow and
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stronger winds will set up in the next 36 hours or so as this powerful, powerful nor'easter impacts the major metro poly tans of the east coast. some of the most populated areas of the east coast. boston included. there it is along the coast line of new jersey and into the delmarva peninsula also included within blizzard warnings. in order to reach the criteria you have to have visibility reduced below 3/4 of a mile for over 3 hours and winds gusting over 35 miles per hour. we will certainly meet that criteria going forward. national weather service, they're talking about snowfall rates 26 to 4 inches per hour at the height of the storm midday saturday. you add on hurricane force gusts and you have a recipe for disaster that could be potentially debilitating for many of the east coast cities. you can see the bomb mow again know -- bomogenesis. it's a meteorological parameter
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to give an indication of a strong, powerful low pressure system. take it like a winter hurricane, for example, even though it's not a direct apples to apples comparison. certainly a different type of an outlook with it being of course wintertime. we have the snowfall that is going to be the major impacts but the wind along the coast line, coastal erosion, that's a problem. we have wind gusts in excess of 60, 70 miles an hour along the coast line. showing you the two different computer models. we would likely see a solid foot of snow in new york city. over 2 feet of snow is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities for the boston metropolitan area. we can't forget about the blizzard warnings making that worse. it is going to be a very busy next couple of days. >> stay safe, everyone. derek van dam, thank you very much. now that the u.s. supreme court justice steven bryar is
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going to nominate. whoever he nominates will be an historic place. >> the person i will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity, and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. >> at least eight women are believed to be on the president's short list of potential candidates. he's expected to begin reaching out to them as soon as next week. cnn's caitlyn collins has more from the white house. >> reporter: it is official that president biden now has a vacancy to fill on the supreme court after justice bryar hand delivered a letter to president biden at the white house on thursday. he does intend to retire at the end of this term. after the brief ceremony with biden and bryar, all questions have tournd who is president biden going to pick. he has committed to stand by the
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pleblg he made on the campaign trail to nominate the first black woman to the supreme court, history that is long overdue. he has not made a decision yet. over the next several weeks there is going to be a rigorous search process among the president and his staff. president biden hopes to pick someone by the end of february. of course, all eyes will then turn to capitol hill where there is expected to be that confirmation process. then majority leader chuck schumer said he would like to mirror the process of justice amy coney barrett who was confirmed days before the 2020 election. she was confirmed within 30 days of president trump nominating her and when her vote happened. we are told by sources the white house doesn't view that as the time line they need to endorse or stick by. they're fine if it plays out longer given they have until the end of the supreme court term but of course one thing we do know is that search is already underway. we are told by sources the
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pres president's team could start reaching out and potentially meeting with some of those nominees as early as next week. kaitlyn collins, cnn, the white house. >> cnn legal -- senior legal analyst laura coats spoke about the extra ordinary significance of this. >> i think it's to be well regarded. the president of the united states has an embarrassment of riches of extraordinary qualified women. nobody to comment on them as unqualified. they are women who are revered for their intellect, their ability to synthesize information and their impartiality. i think it's continuing to just be stunning in this nation that nobody would believe that it would be odd to say we need to have a woman on the bench, but somehow the idea of a black woman on the bench is something that is decades if not centuries delayed. that simply can't be the case.
1:17 am
every one of the people who has been presented at least so far are people who really could run circles, frankly, around most of the lawyers in this nation and for good reason. they had extraordinary experience and expertise. any suggestion that by virtue of saying that he wants to put and nominate a black woman on the bench, that's somehow met with coded language could suggest that it might be a foregone conclusion if it's a black woman they'll rule a certain way, all you need to hear in justice bryar who talked about the benefit of having a variety of experiences. why would we not want a bench as high as the supreme court of the united states to be able to at least offer the perspective of black women in this country and that they're over qualified for the position? well, that's just the cherry on top. >> very good analysis from our senior legal analyst. promising signs for the u.s. in the fight against the
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the u.s. appears to be easing out of covid crisis mode. take a look at all the green on the map if you can bring the map up. it's now trending down in 34 states. there you are. you can see that. 34 states. fueling a wave of optimism. have a listen. >> i think there's a lot of positive indicators here and i think there's a lot of people who share this optimism if you just look at the numbers. things are cases at least coming down. hospitalizations coming down. testing is being taken more seriously. masks getting out there. trends heading in the right direction and there's lots of things in place to potentially buffer some of the surges in the
1:23 am
next couple of months. >> there are still a number of 2300 cases every day. that is more than double the daily doses from just two months ago. cnn's alexandra field. so our american's attitudes on how we move on from the pandemic? >> i am more optimistic about the pandemic today than i have been since it was declared a pandemic nearly two years ago. >> reporter: public health experts can't predict if and when the next covid surge might come, but many are certain this one is nearly behind us. >> in another few weeks the omicron flash flood, not a wave but flash flood will have largely flashed. >> reporter: some states haven't reached their omicron peak yet. in montana there's an onslaught of new cases. up more than 50% in just the last week. >> when you have over 2,000 deaths, 150,000 hospitalizations
1:24 am
and you have people getting re-infected to the tune of somewhere around 700,000 a day, we're not there yet. >> reporter: pfizer and moderna are looking on omicron vaccines. covid has brought surprises before. >> when you get into spring and summer and have a period of stability so we have to be prepared now. >> reporter: vaccine manufacturers and public health experts are keeping close tabs on an omicron subvariant. it isn't considered cause for alarm. most americans are eager to put omicron behind them and still divided over how to. the politics of vaccines and masking taking center stage in florida. >> scientifically do the vaccines work against preventing covid-19? yes or no? >> thank you again, senator. yes or no questions are not that easy to find in science. >> reporter: democrats walked out on a confirmation hearing for the republican governor's
1:25 am
pick for surgeon general. >> sort of interesting to hear the surgeon general say that he's being guided by science but then at the same time say that mask wearing is an extreme measure. >> in new york, sarah palin rejecting the cdc's isolation guidelines. two days after testing positive for covid, she's spotted eating outdoors. also was inside the same restaurant while unvaccinated, a violation of city rules two days before she tested positive. >> parents are divided over whether children should continue to wear masks at schools. ahead of one of the largest districts in the nation just outside of dc saying she doesn't see any mask requirement any time soon. there is no number that would trigger the end of mitigation efforts. in new york, alexandra field, cnn. america's top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci
1:26 am
said he's cautiously optimistic about the direction the pandemic is given. here's what he told my colleague. >> my message would be just hang in there because things look like at least for what's going on now with omicron that things are turning around. if you look at the northeast corridor, particularly, for example, new york city and the upper midwest of chicago, it's peaked and turned around and the cases are coming down rather substantially. a little bit more of a lag in southern states and western states, but in general it looks very much like it's going in the right direction. you've got to hang in there and really prevent it from going back to a surge. the way we do that, anderson, is just to continue to follow the kinds of guidelines that we've been talking about for so long and i refer obviously to people who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated. for those who have been
1:27 am
vaccinated, if you are eligible to get boosted, please get boosted because the data are really strikingly clear that boosting brings back up your level of protection even against omicron to a very, very high level, particularly when you're talking about serious disease that might lead to hospitalization. so in general i'm cautiously optimistic that things are going in the right direction. we've seen that happen in south africa, in the u.k. and we're seeing it now in several cities in the united states. >> we'll have much more covid-19 headlines from around the world in about ten minutes. a suspect fleas from a wild car chase. still ahead, the dramatic video of the gun fight between him and the officers. then a telling report card from biden voters. how pandemic exhaust sion and
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. millions of americans in the northeast are bracing for a wintry blast called a bomb cyclone in the next 24 hours. many people already under a winter storm watch in major metro areas like philadelphia, new york, boston. some could see 2 feet or more combined with winds reaching 60 miles an hour. plus, in the last 30 minutes or
1:32 am
so russian's foreign minister sergei lavrov says if it's up to russia there will be no war. he says the u.s.'s written response to security guarantees was, quote, the gold standard of diplomatic diplomacy. the white house is pushing back who says a phone call from the u.s. and ukrainian president did not go well. the source tells cnn president biden said an invasion was imminent. he was told to calm down the messaging. back at home, joe biden's also dealing with fires on the home front. of course more than half
1:33 am
disapprove of his performance. that says only 30% of americans think biden is very concerned with the economic well-being of average americans. cnn's jeff zeleny stopped in the president's state to see how he's doing. >> inflation is frustrating. filling your tank is expensive. everything is expensive. >> sally bissey feels the pain yet she hardly believes president biden deserves all the blame. >> i think he's done as good a job as anybody could have done and i don't care who would have been in his position, no republican would have liked them. we're just like that now. >> reporter: here in pennsylvania where biden is visiting friday as part of this new pledge to break free from the white house bubble. >> get out of this place more often. >> reporter: exhaustion over the pandemic runs deep, including the economy. conversations about how biden is doing are filled with nuance. book ended by inflation at a four decade high and thursday's
1:34 am
gdp report showed the biggest economic growth since 1984. going forward,estster lee wants the president to show more fight. >> he's kind of a soft spoken, easy going guy. those are his attributes. i'd like to see him press forward a little more. >> reporter: little more fire? >> yeah. i've got fire. i think he should just come forward. move forward on it. what's he got to lose? >> lee is a long-time leader of the naacp in bethlehem. she doesn't hold biden responsible for election reform falling short but believes he should sharpen his approach for today's reality. >> hear him talk about what he used to do, what he was able to do across the aisle, that no longer exists. that's out. this is a different world. >> reporter: as biden kicks off his second year he wants people here to feel the accomplishments of his first, like new roads and bridges thanks to the infrastructure law. congresswoman susan wild who
1:35 am
represents the seventh district here is busy touting that landmark infrastructure achievement, but she knows the mood of many voters is still sour. >> the fact of the matter is i'm not going to sugar coat it. people have seen increases in their wages but we know those increases in wages have not kept us with a higher price of goods. >> reporter: facing her own mid term election battle, she believes federal democrats should go back to an economic agenda like lowering prescription drug costs. >> let's not keep knocking our heads against the wall. if what we can get done are smaller bills, they will make a difference in people's lives. >> don cunningham runs the lehigh valley economic development corporation. he said most business leaders, whether or not they agree with all of biden's policies, saw him as a fresh start but a year later he believes what hasn't been accomplished often over shadows what has. >> there's not enough
1:36 am
understanding of what's trying to be done and that would be a challenge for the democrats coming up in 2022 because you might know of a name or build back better but people don't know all of what's in it. they're not even discussing it. >> reporter: that's exactly what president biden is hoping to accomplish when he travels back to pennsylvania on friday going to pittsburgh to tout the merits of that infrastructure law which will be implemented as the year goes on and in the coming years. this is a landmark bill that no previous president, recent ones at least, have passed. it has been over shadowed by everything in washington that has been accomplished. he's trying to draw a sharper focus on this as he heads into the mid-term election year. >> of course we'll bring you those remarks from president biden. we now want to show you dramatic video of a shootout in washington, texas, that left three officers wounded.
1:37 am
what you heard can only be described as a hail of gunfire unleashed by a suspect who was chased by officers on thursday. police say they believe he was -- he used a fully automated weapon. rosa flores has how that incident started with the automatic weapon and how the officers are doing now. >> reporter: three police officers in houston texas were shot in the line of duty. now these officers are expected to be okay. according to officials here, they were shot in the arm and the leg and in the foot. each officer receiving one gunshot wound. now these officers are in the hospital that you see behind me, memorial herman here in the city of houston. according to officials who spoke with the police officers, they said that these officers were in
1:38 am
good spirits. how is how it all started. according to police, at about 2:42 p.m. on thursday officers responded to a residence and as soon as the suspect saw these officers, he took off in a vehicle, eventually crashed. once that happened, according to police, the suspect got out of the vehicle and started firing at police officers wounding those three officers. now according to police, these officers responded with gunfire but it was unclear if the suspect was actually wounded. but according to police, the suspect carl jacked a vehicle and took off, started driving headed towards the neighborhood. eventually left the vehicle and barricaded himself inside a home. according to police, the people who were inside the home ran out. in fact, at some point some of the people in that neighborhood were evacuated for the safety of those individuals. it's unclear how many people were evacuated.
1:39 am
that suspect barricaded himself in this home for hours and eventually was taken into custody. the good news here is these three police officers who were injured in the line of duty are expected to be okay. rosa flores, cnn, houston, texas. the funeral for a slain new york police officer is just hours away. just 22 years old, he was gunned down last friday while responding to a domestic disturbance. another officer was wounded and died after days in the hospital. thousands of people joined outis side the cathedral. more of the prepandemic life is making a comeback in europe despite high levels of infection. how some european countries just learned to carry on. plus, it hasn't been done in honduras's 200 year history and
1:40 am
what they had to say while attending the event. that's next. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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beijing winter olympics are now just a week away. you can see it on your screen. concerns are ramping up as china announces more cases. officials say 12 new infections were found. that brings the total number of cases to 141. the country's health agency says omicron is the dominant variant making up more than half of all infections. hong kong also saw a record number of cases on thursday with 164. even so, officials have decided to shorten quarantine for incoming travelers from three weeks to two. and germany set a record of daily covid-19 cases as well
1:44 am
reporting more than 200,000 infections in just 24 hours. but as some european companies hit new records, half of them are relaxing their records. jim bittermann from paris. let me ask you about the record covid cases out of germany. what are lawmakers and government officials hoping to do here? because it does seem those numbers seem to be getting records almost on a daily basis. >> reporter: isa, germans have got the same problem as a lot of europeans have got. the numbers going up of daily infections are going up every day like here in france although france has come down slightly, but the lawmakers want to get as much as possible the restrictions lifted. in germany, however, they're saying they're going to resist and the same thing implies in sweden. in other countries like the netherlands, for example, some of the strongest restrictions are off. the prime minister said we are
1:45 am
actively trying to see exactly what is possible in the way of lifting restrictions. in denmark, they bring denmark, all restrictions are off as of february 1st. here in france things will start to ease next wednesday when facemask restrictions in public areas will be lifted and the requirement for as many people as possible to work from home. it's a tricky question because the pressure is great from the public and the business community as you can imagine, but by the same token the doctors and medical authorities are saying that it's too early to do this. i'll give you a quote from the w.h.o. european director hans krug. it's possible the region was moving towards pandemic ending. in france they say it's way too early to say. >> out of germany, some
1:46 am
lawmakers agonizing weather to impose vaccines. that hasn't been very well received as you can imagine. jim bittermann in paris. cheering on truckers headed to the nation's capitol to protest the government's vaccine mandate for cross-border truck drivers. have a listen. >> trying to get this country back. it's not just for the truckers. we support them. it's for the entire country. actually the entire world. just -- you know, if you want to make some decisions, do things on your own, that's fine. if people don't want to, we should have the choice to choose. yeah. freedom. >> the truck drivers are due to arrive on friday. organizers insist all demonstrations will be peaceful. for the first time in a 200
1:47 am
year history honduras has a female president. she was sworn in on thursday in a soccer stadium in the capitol. she won in a landslide victory. kamala harris attended this and she met with president castro. she says the two nations can work together on that as well, of course, as bolstering the honduras economy. north korea has conducted six missile tests. it released data from kim jong-un. north korea put out images that said it furthered the tests of two tactical guided missiles.
1:48 am
they are speaking out for the first time since seizing power in a coup on monday. he's asking for global support from the nation. >> translator: i call on the international community to give us support. i understand the legitimate doubts raised by the break in the normal functioning of the state, but i would like to reassure, burkina faso will ensure its international commitments, particularly the respect of human lights. >> people gathered on the streets of the capitol. frustrations have been growing. turns out the third or fourth time wasn't a charm.
1:49 am
they failed to elect a president after a fourth round of voting. bickering party leaders blamed each other for the failure. italy's prime minister has been the front-runner. only got five votes at a sensitive time. a fifth round of votes will be held today. the threshold goes from a 2/3 majority to simple majority. the presidency is largely ceremonial. the prime minister holds most of the power. this year's international holocaust members came with warnings that are being lost and twisted. a memorial ceremony was held tuesday at the auschwitz death camp marking 77 years. auschwitz set up and it's where more than a million people were killed, most of them jews. in berlin the chancellor laid a wreath at the memorial and in
1:50 am
brussels holocaust survivor is now 100 years old spoke to european parliament and condemned those for putting government pressure to get vaccinated against covid to the yellow star forced on jews. >> translator: it is with disbelief as a 100-year-old i had to see exclusion by the nazis, the jewish star, starve david, is being used by the newest enemies of democracy on the streets to style themselves in the midst of democracy as victims. on a day like today we must stand together. the memory of the holocaust is alive. >> she went on to say we cannot change what happened but it must never happen again. killed 6 million jews during the holocaust. we'll be back.
1:51 am
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1:55 am
events they are investigating. the london police launched their own inquiry you remember earlier this week into parties allegedly held at downing street during the pandemic. numerous parties. and in the statement they did not ask for any limitations on other events they report or for the report to be delayed to avoid any prejudice to our investigation. now we have been waiting, we have been promising that report from sue gray this week, but of course this investigation by the met mucked up the works. minimal reference to the events it is investigating. when that report comes out, we'll bring it to you. a new statue from the second anniversary of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant.
1:56 am
this was depicted by an artist. in tennis, raphael nadal is just one win away from becoming the all-time leader in the men's grand slam title. he's currently tied with novak djokovic and roger federer. he had a four set victory over berrettini. nadal is currently ranked fifth in the world. and that does it for me here on "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares from london. our coverage continues with "early start." i'll see you on monday. have a wonderful weekend.
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it is friday, january 28th. thank you for getting an "early start" with us to end your week. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. >> this morning, 45. 45 million americans in the northeast are bracing for a wild winter weather event in the next three or four hours. millions are already under a winter storm watch in major metro areas like philly, new york and boston. some regions could see two feet


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