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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  January 29, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm phil mattingly in washington. jim acosta is off today. we begin with the breaking news. questions are swirling after reports that the greatest quarterback of all time, tom brady, plans to retire after 22 seasons in the nfl. the 44-year-old led the patriots to six super bowl titles. buccaneers, one. that's seven. more than anybody else ever. no quarterback has thrown for more touchdowns, more yards, won more playoff games than tom brady. brady has also played in and won more regular-season games in his career than any other quarterback. now, according to espn, his
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agent put out a statement reading quote, i understand the speculation about tom's future. without getting into the accuracy or inaccuracy of what's being report ed, tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. he knows the realities of the football business as well as anybody so that should be soon. joining us now is cnn's sports anchor, andy. there appears to be some confusion about whether he will retire, won't, hasn't announced it yet. what is going on? >> social media is going nuts because a good half hour to an hour, it was tom brady's retiring. we were all reflecting on the greatest football career we've ever seen and then comes you know, some other rep tabl reporters reporting it's not a done deal yet and brady may not have made his decision yet. we're kind of in limbo. adam, jeff, very plugged in nfl
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reporters, they were the ones to break this news. so if he is in fact retiring, it certainly is a sad day for sports fans. especially an extra sad day for anyone born in the late '70s or early '80s because he was the oldest superstar we had left. 44 years old. pretty much the only guy older than a lot of us that we could still root for. we'll wait and see if this was his final season. safe to say we're never going to see another tom brady. we said that after michael jordan. then came kobe bryant. then lebron james. kind of filled that very nicely. you can 100% say there will never be another tom brady. another guy drafted in the sixth round who goes on to win seven super bowls. never going to happen. never going to see another like ge guy like him. >> i will not recognize if there
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are professional players younger than me. i just won't do it. i will not acknowledge it. one of the things most interesting in the last week after the epic game against the rams where brady almost came back and won, he did a podcast with jim gray where he talked about his consideration in terms of the next step forward. that was kind of the moment where people said, oh, wow, he's actually considering hanging it up. what were kind of the considerations that brady was weighing as he went into this moment. >> he said it was going to be all about his family. it was going to be a group decision. what did his wife want. it hurts her to see him get hit every sunday. a big decision had to be his kids. he always said it was to cool that his kids got old enough to really appreciate who he was and how much he was able to win. there were there, old enough to enjoy all those super bowls. as you see these picture, brady would have his son at practice running routes, catching passes. so you kind of saw some signs
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that this could be his final year. right there at the end. we kind of took it for granted this entire season just because he said yeah, you know, i can play to 50. so we were all just thinking oh, yeah, this isn't brady's final season. when it came to that rams game, it was kind of like when they lost and he came back in spectacular fashion was walking off the field, youc know, that' when it hit me. is this the last time we're watching tom brady walk off an nfl field then to hear what he said in that let's go podcast, it really became a real possibility and had to come at some point, phil. it would be hard for tom brady to go out winning another super bowl. we take it for granted he's won so many. just he's going to lift the trophy and walk off into the sunset. that's not realistic for a lot of people. peyton manning was able to do it. a big part of that, peyton m
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manning, he was not the best player on that team that won. i think part of brady's greatness is that he wanted to walk out on top. he led the nfl in passing. led the nfl in passing wards, led an epic comeback in that playoff against the rams. if this is truly brady walking away from retirement, he's walking away still one of the best. >> i think that was my biggest question. your analog was perfect. i love peyton manning. easily top two or three quarterback in the history of the nfl, but at the end, there were a lot of throws he couldn't make. that team was not a peyton manning driven team only. tom brady this year, great players all around, but leading the nfl in passing yards, in touchdowns. he was still at his height and yet, willing to potentially hang it up. i just think it's an interesting dynamic, maybe why a lot of people were surprised. >> certainly. look, you were so amazing this
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season, likely going to end up second to aaron rodgers. why not come back for another season? but you know, i think he really, you know, tom braid did one of the things about him is he's not going to do anything without giving it 100%. so if he knows he's playing another season, that means he's got to wake up early, go through all of his workouts with his trainer. go to montana, do his passing camps he does every summer. that takes time away from his family. i'm sure that's factoring into this decision greatly. t it's not just oh, strap on the pads in september. if he's going to go for it, he's going to go for it all summer. next season, he'd be 45 years old. it's only going to get harder. again, i'm not in his head, but i'm sure these are some of the things he's factoring in. how much time it's going to take away from his family. >> contrary to popular belief, he is human. at some point that's going to play a role. andy, appreciate it.
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thanks so much. >> all right, phil. >> joining us now is nfl, former nfl offensive guard, damian woody. you won two super bowls with tom brady. on his offensive line. i'm not going to ask you to explain what's happening right now although you're more than welcome to tell me if tom has called you and told you what he's going to do. i think one of the interesting things now is you know, as somebody who knows him, played with him and understands how he operates, would it be a surprise to you or was it a surprise to you when you saw some of your espn colleagues report today that he was going to hang it up? >> it wasn't a surprise. think about it. the guy's 44 years old. played 22 years in the national football league. and you've gone down the list of accolades he's accomplished. for me, it was the podcast with jim gray. there was a specific word he used and that was the word satisfied. and when you're talking about the greatest of the great athletes, whether it's tom brady, michael jordan, ali, you
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never really hear them say satisfied. i remember someone asking tom brady, who's the best super bowl ring you have? and he would respond the next one. and so for him to use the word satisfied, it was almost like he was just reminiscing over his whole career and saying you know what, this is a job well done. maybe it's my time. >> what do you think is happening right now? he wanted to announce it himself. there's a lot of people thinking a lot of things. you know the league inside and on the outside. walk normal people through the dynamics of what's in play. >> my colleagues are pretty plugged into brady and his camp. they were the ones that broke the story. i don't like to speculate too much, but for them to break that type of story, obviously they wouldn't do it without someone's blessing. so maybe it's a situation where you know, the story got out before it was supposed to get out, but you know, i have faith in my colleagues and adam and
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jeff that the story is accurate. but be it as it may, just reflecting on tom brady's career, a guy in his 20 years in new england, went to ten super bowls. think about that. half the time he was in new england, he was in a super bowl. i don't know if we're ever going to see that again. obviously leaves new england, goes to tampa bay the next year and wins a super bowl there. so i just think from a guy who was drafted in the sixth round, 199th pick, who was a fourth string quarterback when i was there that moved his way all the way to the starting position and created that type of legacy. i don't think it's, we're ever going to see anything like that again. >> can i ask you about that? maybe if you don't follow the nfl on a regular basis, but if you were drafted 199th, you're not going to make it. not sure how better i can put that. if you're a third or fourth string quarterback in camp, you're not going to make it.
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the start of his career is the most unfathomable thing. he's never let anybody forget about it. did you guys see him and say before he took the starting position say yeah, that guy's the future? he's going to be one of the best? >> no one could foresee the accolades and everything that tom brady has accomplished, but the one thing you could see was the intangibles, the work ethic, the chip on his shoulder. he rode that chip all the way throughout his career. he would constantly talk about how he was the you know, the -- there were 12 other quarterbacks that were picked ahead of him in that 2000 draft. you combine the work ethic, the chip, and just the football accumen and the drive the guy has to win, you combine those things and you end up with tom
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brady. >> he can still name every single quarterback. from a locker room perspective, you get the comparisons to the sports worldwide. mj or kobe or lebron. whoever the best is in any league and yet, unlike maybe michael jordan and kobe, who were known to be hard on their teammates to try and drive them to be better, the drive was there with brady, but i've never gotten the sense that he was really, good to be a locker room guy or teammate. what was he like as a teammate? >> listen, he was definitely a great teammate, but he would definitely get on you on the football field because he's perfectionist. he wanted to win so, so bad. i think people would see that, people saw that more so in the latter part of his career. he always had that about him on the football field, whether it's talking trash or getting on his teammates on the sideline when things weren't going well. that's just a sign of an ultimate competitor.
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a guy who wanted to win in the worst way, el vevating the plays around him. >> felt like the back and forth at last year's super bowl was just a small window into what you guys dealt with at practice. what was it laike, you played with him on the patriots, against him on the jets. what was the difference playing on the team with him and not with him? >> when you're with him, you feel like we're going to give every game because if a team gives you the ball back with any amount of time, we've got 12 back there. we've got a guy that know how to operate any situation and who's going to will us to win. so being on the flip side of that, my time with the jets, you always nauseous because you feel like you're going toe to toe with tom brady. and any time you get him, you're like, oh, man, here we go. that's really every time that
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played against him. even the announcers would say it during the broadcast. here we go. let's see what magic tom brady can bring out. it was just a treelt to play with tom brady. i'm always in awe of greatness and that's what we saw week in and week out with him. >> now that you're out of the league, i've been texts back and forth with my wife during breaks, my 6-year-old son somehow became a fan. he's bawling, locking himself in his room right now, but the 6-year-old who loves a 44-year-old player. that's the kind of range of brady's fandom. what was it like when you were outside of the league and meet people when it came to tom brady? like the perspective you would see as somebody once in the room with him. >> so many people couldn't stand him but the reason is because they couldn't stand his greatness. can we please have somebody, you know, another quarterback in the super bowl besides tom brady?
2:14 pm
that should show you the deep respect that people had for him because again, seemed like every other year, he would find himself in a super bowl so again, i'm going to say i just don't think we're going to ever see another quarterback like tom brady again rising from the sixth round, 199th pick, work his way up and put together the resume he put together. there's a lot of envious people out there who think man, this dude is really like captain america. >> even the haters have to acknowledge, yeah, he's the best. he's the best. i'm always fan of your work. thanks so much for taking the time. really appreciate it. >> thanks a lot, phil. coming up, president biden says he'll send u.s. troops into eastern europe as a top military official warns russian invasion ukraine would be horrific. so why is ukraine saying there's no reason to panic? ah, my toes! turns out, it is hard walking a mile
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raise the stakes in the standoff between the u.s. and russia over ukraine. yesterday, he promised thousands of u.s. troops will head to eastern europe in the quote, near term. this as two senior defense officials tell cnn russia appears to be moving blood supplies to the ukrainian border. ukraine say that is report is not true and russia denies an attack is in the works at all. u.s. military officials say an invasion would have quote, horrific kconsequences. >> given the type of forces in a raid, the ground maneuver forces, artillery, ballistic missiles, air forces, all of it packaged together, if that was unleashed on ukraine, it would be significant. very significant. and it would result in a significant amount of casualties. and you can imagine what that
2:20 pm
might look like in dense urban areas along roads and so on and so forth. it would be horrific. it would be terrible. >> i want to bring in now a senior member of the house armed services committee. congressman, thanks for your time. i think what we're trying to figure out is a fluid and fast-moving situation, but the president has ruled out u.s. troops on the ground in ukraine during a potential conflict. of course, there are nato allies surrounding ukraine where any additional troops would go. the decision to send those troops before any russian action, why do you think that would come into play here? >> it's just one more signal to putin, don't mess around. in the case, don't mess around with any nato country. there's also been a threat that the russians could easily take over those three countries so that's been ongoing and perhaps that's where some of those troops are going.
2:21 pm
this is really not new, however, for the last six years, we have had the european defense initiative. somewhere between 3 and $5 billion a year to shore up nato's defenses on the eastern part of europe. that's training, that's preparation, that's bringing those countries military up to readiness. in addition to that, there are other things that we can do and one of these is in the hands of congress. there's a bill that senator mendez in the senate foreign relations committee has put forth and it is a very strong rebuke to russia. if they are to do any kind of an invasion or cyber ops or try to topple the ukrainian government, then the sanctions that are in that bill would automatically go into place and they're heavy duty. putin, all of his assets around the world, frozen. russian banks, frozen. access to the international currency market, gone.
2:22 pm
oil. gas. not allowed to be exported. silicon ships, not allowed to be imported. those kind of things need to be done and frankly, the senate and house need to get on with it and pass that legislation to strengthen president biden's hand and also to strengthen the hand and to strengthen the will of ukraine and to give putin some very serious kick back should he try anything. >> you know, one of the things the administration i know has been working particularly on the technical side in the sanctions legislation that congress is considering right now, but i think they're also very cognizant they don't want to be limited or cornered to some degree in terms of their response options. do you feel they'll be supportive of whatever senator mendez and the proposal they're working on now? >> in fact, the white house has signalled support for the mendez bill. my concern it was 12, 13 days ago that the bill was, was put
2:23 pm
forth. got to get on with it. the congress needs to do its piece here. we need to make sure that we are supporting the president with appropriate legislation in the house, on the armed services committee. we're also looking at additional military support for ukraine. also ramping up the cyber operations that we can do to make sure russia isn't messing around anywhere else in the world as well as ukraine on the cyber front. so there are things that are being done in both houses, but i really think this legislation is critically important because it was a csignal that the congress is unified with the president on these sanctions as well as on the material being delivered to ukraine for their defense and yes, it will be bloody, but nonetheless, this is where we have the opportunity now with a very strong sanction and other programs coupled with diplomacy to give putin pause.
2:24 pm
>> congressman, can i ask, you mentioned the unity. mendez is working with senator jim reich, the ranking member on the committee over there as well. traditionally particularly when it comes to nato, there's bipartisan consensus in the foreign policy world. in terms of the coalition and what it's brought to the world. but we know some lawmakers are getting calls from con ststitue asking why they're being so hard on russia. tucker carlson pushing the idea, apoll gist rhetoric. he even got pushback, i think one of the questions is are you concerned we are in this moment in time where the understood u.s. policy and kind of western alliances is no longer just a given inside this country for the broader american public? >> well, let's remember about four years of the previous president. donald trump made it very, very clear that he was not in favor
2:25 pm
of money for nato. he trashed nato multiple times and made it very clear in his rhetoric and then he sometimes would back off but in the four years that he was president, he gave a lot of running room to putin. by putting down nato, putting down the european union and not bolstering our support for nato. now the nato parliamentary and members of congress were in portugal about four months ago and we made it very, very clear that there is a new day in congress and a new president that clearly support nato. so yes, there is a hangover from the trump administration that created great concern throughout nato. great concern throughout the
2:26 pm
united states and undoubtedly led to running room for folks like carlson so cozy up to russia. >> it's been an interesting development over the course of the last several years. congressman, thank you so much, sir, for your time. >> thank you. coming up, is he or isn't he? new questions following reports that legendary quarterback tom brady is retiring. symptoms. so when you need to show your cold who's boss, grab mucinex all-in-one... and get back to your rhythm. ♪ don't play around with cold and flu symptoms. if i go to sleep right now, i can get more.... four hours. that's not good. what is time? time. time is just a construct. construct. construction. there is a crack. oh god are you kidding me?! oh god... hi, aren't you tired of this? -yes! good days start with good nights. seems like a good time to find out about both. why are you talking like that? is this an ad?
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time, is retiring. joining me now by phone is former nfl tight end, ben watson. thanks for the time. not going to ask you to try to decode what's going on. but as somebody who played with tom brady, won an nfl championship with tom brady, i believe the first touchdown pass you caught in your career was with tom brady. if this is the end, what will you take away as your memory of him? >> i appreciate you not pressing me because i have no idea what's going on, but i do know that with tom, i'm sure he would love to be the one to make that announcement. for me, even in hearing the news and telling my kids, honestly, there was a sense of a little sadness because this guy's been playing quarterback position for 22 years. for many of us, and for me, my first touchdown pass, seven years playing with the patriots and other than that, just being a fan of the game and of excellence, what i take away is a guy who came to work every day
2:32 pm
and elevated the play of so many other people around him. >> can you explain what it's like to be a high round draft pick first round i believe in your case and walk into a locker room where tom brady is your quarterback? what's that like as a rookie? running into tom brady for the first time. >> even for me, and when i came in, tom was i believe in his fourth or fifth year, but he had already won two super bowls already and was about to win another one. and so he was already a legend even though he was young. as i came back to the patriots in my last year, year 16, and to see the way he interacted with college players, whether they were first round picks. whether they were second or third or fourth round picks, he has a way of making everyone feel comfortable. didn't matter if you were a guy that came in the first round. didn't matter if you were a free agent coming in and you wanted to say hello to him.
2:33 pm
will you sign this for my dad because he's a fan as well. you never saw him turn teammates away. that's one of the things that sets him apart because there comes to time for every player where you start to feel like you're older than the game and you start to feel a disconnect between yourself and younger players and what he mastered was the ability to make everybody feel like they were on the same playing field as him even though quite obviously when ever he makes his announcement, he should go into the hall of fame that very next minute. >> what was the difference, you mentioned a fascinating window in terms of being with him in your first year and in your last year. in that separation of time when you were away from playing with him, what changed? was his approach different? was how he played different? what changed in terms of who he was as a player? >> he still was able to compete and have fun. i can remember times early in my career when i was in new england and he would yell back and forth
2:34 pm
with the defense on every single drill. wanted to win everything. whether it was practice. an offseason program. we would be lifting or running spr sprints, then i come back ten years later, what was difrferen was family. the old guys in the locker room, me and him together, we got to know each other in a different way than before and to see how he loves his wife, his children. talked about them all the time. face timed him before he went out to practice. that was different than when i left before, but on the field and in the classroom, he still had the same intensity and again, i can't overemphasize the fact that that's what, that's the toughest part of this game because it is a 24/7 grind to keep that after you get up in years is what separates him from
2:35 pm
everyone else. >> you played with drew brees and i'm not going to ask you to compare and contrast the two. what separates tom brady from everybody else? >> you know, i'll go ahead and answer the question with drew as well because i thought of him a lot even over today as you know, we've talked about tom brady's career. it's the details. and it sounds cliche. it sounds like of course, these guys are pro athletes, everybody pays attention to details. and everybody does. but to play that position and play it well, you have to be able to anticipate so many things before they happen. and whether it was tom brady or drew brees, i can remember seeing them mentally going through the gymnastics of what the other team was going to do before they did it. there's a certain confidence you have when you go into the huddle and you have one of those guys. you know they're going fo give you the best chance to win and
2:36 pm
if you tdon't know what you're supposed to do, they know because they've studied it over and over and over again. those times away from the camera is what makes those guys different and for tom specifically, i will say he found out early on what it would take for him specifically to be great, which would be different than anybody else. he found out what his body needed, how much of it it needed and how mentally, physically, spiritually, he could put those things together long-term. not only that, he dedicated his time to doing that in a way that i think inspires people outside of football. you know, his stardom is greater than football. it goes around the world to fashion, to health and wellness. i think that's what everybody's kind of grappling with is that you know, he was able to spill outside of the nfl. >> yeah. and certainly will be a huge part of whatever happens next.
2:37 pm
ben watson, really appreciate your time and perspective, my friend. thanks so much. >> thank you. we'll be right back chlgt. what happens when we welcome change? we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet.
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a sea of blue in new york city as thousands of officers line the streets to honor fallen nypd officer jason rivera.
2:42 pm
he was shot and killed a week ago. he was just 22 years old and got married three months ago. during the funeral, his young widow in tears recalled meeting him in elementary school and the anguish of meeting him. she also called out the manhattan d.a. whose policies have face t criticism. jason is so happy now that all of you are here through pain and sorrow, this is how he would have wanted to be remembered. like a true hero. or like i used to call him. big po rivera. you have to whole nation on gridlock. and although you won't be here anymore, i want you to live through me. the system kocontinues to fail .
2:43 pm
we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you were tired of these laws. especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. >> the d.a. was present at the funeral when those comments were made. he said afterwards, quote, violence against police officers will never be tolerated and my office will vigorously prosecute cases against police. joining me now, elliot williams and my buddy from the white house, john harwood.
2:44 pm
the d.a. who's sitting right there, what does that say about the dynamic between the d.a. and the police? >> it's not great. in the midst of this long, national conversation we're having about policing and public safety and race and so on, what gets lost a lot are the stories of police officers and if you read jason rivera's own words about why he joined and his own issues with police growing up, they're very, very powerful. this is somebody with an uncle and cousin who are both nypd officers and those were powerful words to hear. now, as of the specifics police versus the d.a. in manhattan, there's a few things going on. one, that could be causing the significant rise in violent crime in the city. the pandemic, policing decisions coming from the d.a. and the mayor and so on, but also the owners of guns. there's a lot of factors going
2:45 pm
into this. it's painful and hopefully the city can work through it. >> everyone remembers donald trump campaigning on the promise there would be law and order if he were presidential. republicans railed against so-called lawlessness under democrats. how big of a concern? i believe the president is going up to new york to meet on this very issue. how big of a concern is this for democrats? >> i think it's a big concern in these circumstances. it's why saw after the 2020 election moderate democrats and some of the democratic campaign types emphasizing that the popularity in some corners, not the majority, but in some corners of the democratic party of defund the police and related initiatives hurt them in 2020. part of the reason why down ballot below the level of joe biden they didn't do as well. joe biden has been very emphatic
2:46 pm
that he is not for defunding the police. in fact, he wants more. there was money for police in the american rescue plan. when he was in pittsburgh, i was there with him on friday and when he visited the fallen bridge, he was talking to first responders, which included police and firefighters. he said there's money for you, too. so this is something that democrats need to make a distinction on. need to shield themselves from this charge because as you indicated, republicans are going very hard on this. obviously this is a couple of year trend in a rise in violent crime. you can't hang it on biden when he's president and this is happening, hooebe's got to defe himself. >> the january 6th committee issued subpoenas to 14 republicans from seven states who served as quote, bogus electorals for the trump scheme with others like rudy giuliani
2:47 pm
and steve bannon stone walling the committee, do you think these individuals are the best shot at finding out how this plan was actually hatched? >> even if they're not the best shot for finding out if the plan was hatched, they provide more data and information. whenever building an investigation, you want to go to people at the top and also people down low and see who you get information from. it appears that what kind congress is looking into right now is some link between members in the trump orbit and the planners and people who signed these electors. these fake election certificates. of the seven, five of them are really bad. they're false statements filed to the federal government with lies on them and people's signatures on them. so congress can get to the bottom then refer to the justice department that is at least aware of this information and potentially opening an investigation at some point. >> and john, the committee also subpoenaed former white house
2:48 pm
spokesman judd deer because they want to ask him about a meeting in the oval office a day before the insurrection where trump reportedly asked attendees quote, what are you ideas for getting the rhinos, republicans in name only, to do the right thing tomorrow? how do we convince congress? how crucial that might be when it gets to elliot's point about trying to bring in people who might know things. >> i think it's important to fill out a picture that seems like. we know trump was encouraging people to raise hell on january 6th. the question is was he encouraging them to do exactly what they did and many of the enablers around trump were doing the same thing. many of those congress people. rudy giuliani said it outside at the rally. i think the vachallenge for prosecutors is that trump always
2:49 pm
manages to preserve a little bit of deniability. so i think you can get more and more circumstantial evidence that points toward the idea that he incited this. he wants something dramatic to happen, but if as for linking that to the actual crimes, the assaults on police officers, i think that's going to be a challenge for prosecutors and we haven't seen indication that they believe they can make a case certainly against donald trump yet. >> yeah. not yet. still many more steps to come. thanks so much, guys. coming up, elon musk always reaches for the stars, but this time, he could hit the moon. literally. thanks to an out of control space rocket. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ two loads of snot covered laundry. only one will be sanitized.
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it could be a crash of cosmic proportions. a rocket booster could collide with the moon in a few weeks. the spacex rocket stage was used in 2015 to launch a deep space observatory. it has been floating in outer space since. weighing three to four tons, the rocket booster is expected to hit the far side of the moon in march and could potentially carve out a 65 foot crater. how about that. there's a new member of the biden family living in the white house. meet first cat willow. short haired two-year-old gray tabby. named after willow grove, pennsylvania, first lady's hometown. she first met willow at a 2020 campaign spot when the cat jumped on stage and immediately
2:55 pm
bonded with the first lady. last time there was a pet cat at the white house was in the bush administration. as a dog person, i remain skeptical. thanks for joining us. phil mattingly in washington. jim acosta is back tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. turning it over to my pal pamela brown. she takes over after a quick break. have a wonderful saturday night. feel stuck with student loan debt? ♪ move your student loan debt to sofi. earn a $1,000 bonus when you refi- and feel what it's like to get your money right.
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questions swirl after multiple reports of tom brady retiring from the nfl. >> my wife is my biggest supporter. it pains her to see me get hit out there. >> meantime, millions along the east coast being pommelled by snow, ice and wind approaching hurricane intensity. power outages and coastal flooding making travel impossible. >> if we don't put travel bans in effect lightly, it is dangerous. it will be dangerous to get on the highway. >> also tonight, how a russian invasion of ukraine would disrupt the world. >> it will be a significant impact on the global economy. there will


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