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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  January 29, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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questions swirl after multiple reports of tom brady retiring from the nfl. >> my wife is my biggest supporter. it pains her to see me get hit out there. >> meantime, millions along the east coast being pommelled by snow, ice and wind approaching hurricane intensity. power outages and coastal flooding making travel impossible. >> if we don't put travel bans in effect lightly, it is dangerous. it will be dangerous to get on the highway. >> also tonight, how a russian invasion of ukraine would disrupt the world. >> it will be a significant impact on the global economy. there will be a significant
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impact in the energy sphere. anti-vaccine trucking roll into ottawa. >> we have had bloody well enough. >> close to 90% of trucking in this country are vaccinated. and russians forced to change tact after irish fishermen vow to disrupt naval war games. >> the conversation. i am pamela brown in washington. you're in the cnn "newsroom." this seems to be what everyone is talking about. could the goat be gone? there are conflicting reports about legendary quarterback tom brady retiring from the nfl. the 44-year-old is considered the greatest quarterback of all time, with seven super bowl wins in 22 seasons.
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according to espn, brady's agent put out this statement a short time ago. quote, i understand the advanced speculation about tom's future. without getting into the accuracy or inaccuracy of what's being reported, tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. he knows the realities of the football business and planning calendar as well as anybody so that should be soon. joining us now, cnn sports anchor andy scholes. help us make sense f what's going on here. by the way, that statement was not a flat out denial but initial report saying tom brady was going to retire. what's going on? >> chaos is going on, right, pam? first it was tom brady is retiring from two plugged in sources as plugged in as you get with adam schecter, jeff darlington. then the conflicting reports came out. multiple people talking to tom brady's dad.
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he said tom brady hasn't made decision whether or not he's going to retire. reporters were talking to bucs head coach, he told reporters he is not aware, hasn't been told tom brady is retiring. so still it is up in the air until we hear from tom brady himself. over the past few years, brady has become quite the show man. few years ago, posted that cryptic picture on instagram and twitter of him walking through a tunnel. everyone was like my goodness, is this it, is tom brady retiring. turns out, it is a super bowl commercial. he told us all he was coming back, wasn't going to retire. maybe this is an incidence where brady wants to break it on his show. he always does big preproduced hyped videos before games. maybe he was planning one of those and this got out before that and he wanted to be the one to break the news. we have the conflicting reports out there. we won't know until tom brady tells us himself. and wooef kind of taken it for
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granted. brady said he can play until he is 50 c. wasn't in our minds we could be watching the final year of tom brady. in the last week, you know, it kind of got that way. he led the epic come back against the rams, lost that game. on his podcast, kind of had a tone that this might be it. take a listen to some of the things he said earlier this week. >> the biggest difference now that i am older, i have kids now, too, i care a lot about them as well. they've been my biggest supporters. my wife is my biggest supporter. you know, it pains her to see me get hit out there. and she deserves what she needs from me as a husband, my kids deserve what they need from me as a dad. i would say i am proud and satisfied of everything we accomplished this year. i know when i give it my all, that's something to be proud of. and i've literally given everything i had, this year, last year, year before that,
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year before that. like i don't leave anything half assed. >> tom brady said he was satisfied. maybe that was a signal this was it. seven super bowls is all we're going to get. if it is true and he is walking away from the game of football, it is a sad day for sports fans, pam. definitely a sad day for anyone born in the late '70s, early '80s. he was the oldest superstar left. 44 years old. there's no one older than people born those years. but we'll never have another tom brady. you can say that with absolute certainty. we said when michael jordan retired, we would never have another. kobe bryant and lebron james filled that void nicely. tom brady, drafted sixth round, pick 199, won seven super bowls. it is going to be a hollywood movie, already is. something we'll never see again. we're all privileged to have lived in this time and witnessed
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it. >> so true. he's such a legend which is why we're all talking about this tonight and wondering is it true, is it not. andy scholes, thank you so much. >> all right, pam. i'm going to sports broadcaster bob costas. bob, great to see you. what do you make of the reports that tom brady is retiring? >> i would say all indications are that the only thing we're missing is some kind of press conference where we actually see tom brady. even this leaking out the way it has is a little surprising because tomorrow are the conference championship games and two weeks after that, the super bowl. and generally tom wouldn't want to intrude on any of that, even a tweet or rumored reports, he's such a big deal that it's not going to overshadow games, necessarily, but good part of the surrounding programming. you're leading with it on newscasts, not a sports cast. it is clear how iconic he is.
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i think it might be the case his agent is trying to create distance without denying it, but everything and andy scholes played some of the audio, everything he said to this point, some of it might be cryptic. we can infer it is a matter of time until there's perhaps official announcement, perhaps after the super bowl. >> from the man himself. that's the voice missing now. his agent as you point out released that statement, nondenial. you have been around the game a long time, bob. is tom brady the greatest to ever play or what kind of question is that, of course he is, especially as quarterback. >> well, you can make a case for others. but no one has a case as good, let alone better than tom brady. let's put it this way. if you want to make a case for someone else based on statistics or on the theory that you can't compare among heroes, put it this way. tom brady is clearly the most accomplished football player in
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nfl history. it's difficult to compare across positions. baseball, you separate pitchers from position players. when talking about the greatest, you can compare a third baseman to outfielder. how do you compare a quarterback to defensive back or linebacker. clearly among quarterbacks, tom brady is the most accomplished and he leaves at the age of 44 while still playing at an mvp or near mvp level. he may, in fact, be this year's mvp. he always said, pam, he wanted to play until he was 45. he will be 45 in august before the next nfl season begins. >> incredible career. six round draft pick, becoming the greatest of all time viewed by many. seven super bowl wins. 22 seasons. and he finally got to separate himself from bill belichick when he won a championship with the buccaneers. how does that impact his legacy here? >> well, it certainly helps. it's another trip to the super
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bowl, another victory, and he did it with another very good coach, but there are people that will argue that belichick isn't that much without brady, brady wasn't much without belichick. brady made his statement. i think it is clear it was a great partnership, and you can make a very strong case for bill belichick on mount rush more, closer maybe with other coaches when you compare belichick. in terms of super bowl victories, he has six. brady has seven. heck of a partnership. >> heck of a partnership indeed. andy talked about tom brady reflected on his future, how his family factors into a decision he may make. what did you make of what he said on the podcast? >> it indicates to me that he is on the verge of making it official and stepping aside, and he's able to step aside while still playing at an extraordinarily high level at an advanced age. and the word satisfaction also
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came into play. he had all that he accomplished in new england. if he had stepped aside at that point, it would be more than enough to ensure his place in history right at the top of the pyramid. then he goes and wins another super bowl with the bucs, place at an extremely high level this year, change of play or two, in the conference championship game tomorrow. leaving at that level, very few athletes, even among the greatest of the great, get to go out on their own terms that way. if you talk about kind of an american sports mount rushmore of the last quarter century or 30 years, michael jordan goes on there, perhaps make a case for lebron or kobe who were mentioned a moment ago, i think michael jordan is the guy that goes on there. tiger woods at his best goes on there. certainly brady does. and if you want to include the olympics from an american perspective, maybe the fourth face on mount rushmore since only allowed four, somebody like
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michael phelps. but there's no question that brady is somewhere in there, and also part of it, pam, is this. mere statistics, they're important, they indicate excellence. but there's something more than that, especially when you talk about the general public, people beyond those that follow it closely and parse every moment of every game. and that is how much fun were they to watch? how beautiful were they to watch? for all that muhammed ali did, he was distinctively beautiful to watch. think about that regarding michael jordan, tom brady, even though covered up in a football uniform, or tiger woods. distinctively grateful in the way they played respective sports. >> i think it is such a small point. by the way, on the mount rushmore point, simone boiles there. got to get a woman there. >> i'm good with it. >> as long as we're in
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agreement. what's also important to point out here, he was a beautiful player on the field as you just laid out so he eloquently. anyone that played with tom always raves about him. what made him such a great leader? >> yes. well, he had those qualities. that "it" factor. i heard charlie weiss, offensive coordinator for bill belichick earlier today say when bledsoe got hurt, brady steps in, sixth round draft choice, no nfl resume to that point. even in that moment, wasn't the least bit nervous or taken back by it. he stepped right up. this is where i belong. and he took them right to the super bowl and they won the super bowl. he just had that quality of confidence. when you hear audio in big games, nfl films is good at that, the way he encourages teammates, the way he relates to
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teammates. and an envnfl roster is made up people, this guy is great, love to play with him, love to put myself on the line for him, love to go to battle with him, that's the essence of football. he had all those qualities in addition to the objective excellence you can measure. >> right. it is interesting, pops into my mind recently, one of his colleagues on the field actually walked off, drawing a blank on the name now, excuse me, a fellow player walked off the field. >> antonio brown. >> yes. antonio brown. and it really struck me the grace he showed to him after that happened and talked about look, we all come from different walks of life, urged people to have sympathy or open mind about what happened, and that showed a
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lot about his character. >> antonio is an immensely physically gifted football player who obviously has some serious problems which we're not going to discuss here, and let's be clear about this, too, tom brady wants to win. his every move is not entirely altruistic. he brought him to his house, lived in his house, because the idea was this guy has some problems. i will take him under my wing. for awhile it was working, but antonio has too many issues and they came to a head. tom could have dissed him, we're trying to win, makes it about himself. instead, he took the most gracious course of action and offered encouraging words. >> he certainly did. bob costas, always great to have you on the show. thank you for making time for us on this important story. >> thanks very much, pam.
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now let's turn to the so-called bomb cyclone exploding on the east coast. 9 million people spent the day under a blizzard warning from new jersey to new england. the powerful nor'easter delivering sound and fury. those are frigid waves against the windows of the pilgrim sasands hotel in massachusetts. some areas are reporting wind gusts above 70 miles per hour. and whatever flood waters remain inland could turn to ice, adding to treacherous conditions. in fact, parts of maine could see two feet of snow. across the state, more than 110,000 homes and businesses are without power. polo sandoval is in boston. you've been weathering it all.
3:16 pm
what's going on now, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, pamela, after monitoring conditions on the ground, i get a sense that at least the amount of snow coming down seems to be lightening up a little bit. but far from over. heard from state officials, they expect snow to fall until at least 11:00 tonight. the other issue of the winds. they still kick up, and on the coastline, that also becomes a huge issue when it comes to threat of flooding. meantime, you can see the streets of boston, historic north end of boston. it is difficult not just driving around but walking around. this is supposed to be a sidewalk where we are standing. did see most of today crews out and about making sure sidewalks are clear as possible. you have not only people that want to go out, check out the situation, but those that have to go out. that's one of the big concerns. all in all, we heard from state officials, governor baker in the last hour, this storm is doing everything they expected it to do. clearly these kinds of storms,
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nothing new for boston residents, and those who live through the state of massachusetts, it was really about stressing that point to residents to stay home if you didn't have to go out. seems based on what we heard not just from the governor but also his lieutenant governor, people mostly heeded warnings. now it is about basically waiting for the storm to continue to pass through. then tomorrow, another long day which will be cleanup of the snow amid frigid temperatures, 2, 3, 4 degrees. >> wow. that is frigid. makes me feel cold just thinking of that. polo sandoval, thank you so much. up ahead, small but mighty. russia is forced to change tact after irish fishermen vow to block their naval war games. >> simple conversation, the power of word is a lot better. mixed messages, despite some fearing imminent invasion by
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at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. an ominous development in the standoff over ukraine. the russians are moving blood supplies sto the border indicating they're ready for casualties with fighting. reports of backup blood are psychological war father are untrue, but the buildup is happening on the country's shared border. despite ukraine efforts to down play the threat, its forces have been training with anti-tank missiles not far from crimea. meanwhile, russia has blinked so to speak in a separate spat.
3:23 pm
they're relocating naval drills as a gesture of goodwill to ireland after irish fishermen expressed safety concerns and vowed to peacefully disrupt war games. sam kylie has been following all of this from kyiv. >> reporter: pamela, u.s. officials confirmed they have intelligence saying that the russian forces close to the border with ukraine and in belarus are taking deliveries of blood supplies. this is being interpreted by the united states as yet another sign that vladimir putin may be close to ordering some kind of military action against ukraine. the ukrainians are suggesting that this is is either not true or part of a routine that you would otherwise see in military exercises. the reason for that, of course, is that they want to down play the imminence of an attack from russia while at the same time seeking help if one occurs. the reason for that is explained by president zelensky the other
3:24 pm
day, pamela. was that the economy is being badly effected every time the united states or nato allies say attack is imminent, the economy takes a serious knock, there's capital flight, and there are concerns ultimately there could be political instability and all of that plays into the hands of one vladimir putin. pamela? >> all right, sam kylie in kyiv, thank you. with the threat of war looming, ukraine is not front of mind for winter get aways, but tourism board launched a keep calm and visit ukraine campaign. you heard it right. it is borrowing a page from world war ii slogan keep calm and carry on. ukraine says there's no reason to panic. the situation on the border remains under control, the country is open and safe for tourists. they advertise ukraine as a friendly country with unforgettable landscapes and delicious dishes. and it offers tips for dealing with the risk posed by covid.
3:25 pm
how about that. a bomb cyclone is landing in parts of the u.s. millions are under winter weather alerts. up next, we go live to nantucket to learn about damage from heavy winds and heavy snow. y multigrad and usda choice angus roast beef. for in-depth analysis let's go to marshawn lynch. what? man, you just ate the product shot! save big. order through the app.
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we're keeping a close eye on the so-called bomb cyclone going up the east coast. 9 million under a blizzard warning from new jersey to new england. massachusetts is under a blizzard warning. some eastern cities, including boston, could get more than two
3:30 pm
feet of snow. strong winds and hurricane force gusts have pushed high tide into some coastal areas like nantucket. our next guest shot this video and many more today. editor from the nantucket current and senior writer joins us now. wow. the images you captured today are incredible. what have you seen as you ventured out? >> it has been a wild day on the island 30 miles out. a lot of flooding on the water front. big storm surge came in in the morning. wave's had six to eight inches of snow. really wind gusts of 70, 80 miles per hour, knocking down trees and power. it has been -- they anticipated it would be a dangerous storm and i think that's been true so far. >> i mean, when you were out in these conditions, what was it like for you? were you worried about your
3:31 pm
safety? >> well, tried to keep safe, keep back from the edge of the bluff, at the edge of the island when we went out to shoot some video, make sure you're standing back, and the wind was very, very intense. trying to stay away from some of the larger trees, seeing some of the ones coming down today. i didn't feel like i was in too much danger, but played it safe when we needed to. >> have you ever experienced a storm like this before? you mentioned to me during commercial break, you lived there about 16 years, right? have you ever experienced anything like this? >> we've had winter storms in the past. most recently juneau storm comes to mind, had more significant flooding than today. these do happen. it is seemingly more frequently now where we get really intense winter storms that do cause a lot of damage, so right now
3:32 pm
we've got 3 or 4,000 households on the island without power and the town has opened up emergency warming shelter to help those folks if they need it. >> do you think that the town was ready for the storm, ready to handle the aftermath and help folks in need? >> yeah. i mean, the town knows the drill by now. they've gone through this before. so the dpw is out, plow trucks were out. they had certain areas of the waterfront blocked off early so no cars could be driving through, getting stuck. they were prepared and ready. they knew the spots that were going to be hit the hardest in anticipation of the storm. but still, i think there's probably significantly more flooding than maybe people were expecting. >> do you expect to ride out the rest of the storm where you are, you have power there, probably more cozy where you are than out
3:33 pm
in those conditions. >> yeah, i will be headed out again maybe in the morning to see how things played out overnight, but yeah, we're one of the lucky ones at my house in the mid island area. folks out on the eastern and western end of the island have been, some of them without power all day. temperatures are dropping down now. that's why they opened the emergency warming shelter. yeah, we're pretty lucky here to have our power on, and we're warm and definitely be heading out again to get more videos and putting those up on nantucket. >> just lost connection. jason, thank you so much for joining us. a convoy of trucking gathered on foot and behind the wheel to protest vaccine mandate in canada. we'll have the latest just ahead. plus, i'll ask a yale medical professor about a new subvariant of omicron. what you need to know. stay with us. ke ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance.
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we are following breaking news. north korea fired a projectile into waters off the korean peninsula's east coast, according to south korea joint chiefs of staff. we don't know how many projectiles were fired, but seven have been launched this month already. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments. meantime, a major protest as a convoy of trucking descended on the canadian capital today. it all began as a protest
3:39 pm
against mandate vaccinations for trucking who travel to the u.s., among other public health restrictions imposed by the trudeau government. hundreds showed up to protest in trucks and on foot. >> want to get this country back, you know? not just for the trucking, we support them, but it is for the country, actually for the entire world. if you want to make decisions, do things on your own, that's fine. if people don't want to, you should have the choice to choose. yeah. freedom. >> in a statement, organizers complain our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries, and livelihoods. covid deaths are still on the rise in the u.s. the virus is killing 2200 americans per day on average. that's up nearly 30% over the past two weeks. and it is a reminder that even the milder omicron variant is still a very real threat to
3:40 pm
unvaccinated americans. the deaths are a lagging cater, and there are encouraging signs. new infections are starting to decline. that may signal the worst is behind us. nationwide, the u.s. is averaging about 650,000 new cases of covid per day, a big number, but 17% drop over the past two weeks. joining me now with more, dr. perry wilson, associate professor at yale university school of medicine. hi, dr. wilson, great to see you. we have been here before, it looked like the worst was over, then came delta, then came omicron. what is your sense of where things are right now? >> i know, the sense of déjà vu is palpable. i appreciate that. i am one of the more optimistic people. we will see deaths increase because they're a lagging indicator. the fact that cases are coming down, and the startling in infectiousness, means that immunity has risen dramatically in the past four to six weeks.
3:41 pm
that's one of the steps that moves us toward changing into an endemic virus, the kind of thing we can start to begin to live with. i hope i am not eating my words two months from now. >> we'll circle back if things get bad from here. i hope that's the case. i am hanging onto that optimism after so long dealing with this pandemic. i want to ask you, though, in light of what you just said, health officials are monitoring the sub variant of omicron which is becoming the dominant cause of new infections in some parts of the world. dr. anthony fauci says officials in the u.s. are keeping a close eye on it. so how should we view this? >> this is a variant known at ba.2. it was discovered at the same time as omicron in south africa. it was thought because there weren't a lot of cases, it wouldn't be that important. turns out, probably ba.1 got a
3:42 pm
head start infecting the world, and ba.2 is catching up quickly, new data showing it is more infectious than omicron, which is crazy. omicron is one of the more infectious respiratory viruses humans have ever seen. that being said, there's no sign yet it is more pathogenic than omicron, that it makes people sicker. we'll see ba.2 causing more oo infections. i think cases will still decline, although the descent might be less steep because of ba.2 infections creeping up. >> great perspective. turn to negotiation columnist michelle goldberg, thinks mandate school masking should end when coronavirus rates return to preomicron levels to give students a reprieve. what do you think of that, do you agree with her thinking? >> i think it is really
3:43 pm
reasonable to have predefined goals to when we can pull back on certain restrictions as opposed to this reactive thing that happens where, you know, cdc makes recommendations out of the blue, then cases increase, then new recommendations out of the blue. i would be happy if cdc or some other government agency said our recommendation is when case levels fall below x, whether it is 10,000 a day or something like that, that it would be reasonable to allow kids to choose whether or not they're comfortable wearing masks. i think those kind of walking back of restrictions needs to happen at some point. the truth is, we can't do this forever. because so many people have been infected with omicron, we may be in the best shape we've been having enough immunity in the population to prevent another wave of coronavirus infections. >> thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. following breaking news. conflicting reports that tom brady is retiring after 22
3:44 pm
seasons. and seven super bowl titles. we have much more at the top of the hour, you want to stay with us for that. plus, the russian government is now changing its plans for a naval war exercise off the coast of ireland after a group of fishermen planned to protest. one of those fishermen pat murphy joins me next. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar,
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the ntsb says it will take about ten days before they can release a preliminary report on the bridge collapse that injured ten people in pittsburgh. >> we are going to put this
3:49 pm
bridge under a microscope. we're going to look at the entire history of this bridge from the design, construction, maintenance, repair, all work up until the day of the collapse. >> investigators are expecting to get footage from cameras that were inside a transit bus. it supports thousands of vehicles a day, crumbled friday morning under the weight. a modern day david versus goliath. irish fisherman claim victory after russia backs off a plan for live exercises off the coast of ireland. when they heard about the plans on the water they rely on to make a living, they paid a call to the russian ambassador. some declared they would use fishing boats to peacefully disrupt war games.
3:50 pm
today, russia blinked. in a statement obtained by cnn's donie o'sullivan, the russian ambassador said the defense minister decided to relocate exercises as a gesture of goodwill. patrick murphy joins me, he is with the irish south and west fish patrick, wow. what a turn of events for you. your organization was named in this statement. so what is your reaction to what happened? did you ever expect the russian military to change its plans? >> no, we didn't quite expect that to happen in all fairness. but we were hoping for a bit of understanding, pamela. thanks very much for bringing us on. we can't undermine the rule, right? that the american people played in this. your interest in this moved a lot of things, i reckon. so great credit is due to yourselves and everybody covered this to give the support to allow this to happen. the same thing with people at home. it was a story that caught the
3:51 pm
imagination, as you said, david and goliath. and it snowballed from there. but it's a great result for us. the fishing grounds are going to be safer. the fish are going to be safer. the bilodge kaye area is going to be safer. we're safer. the russians are going to be safer. you know, so it's safer all around. >> i mean, you give others credit but let's be honest, it's you and the other fishermen there who made this happen. it was your persistence. tell us about what you did when you first heard about what the russians were going to do and how you went about pushing back to their plans. >> well, in all fairness there was another lad involved, nile duffy. he's the editor of a fisheries magazine. he came into my office one day and he said listen, do you know what's going on here? and i said yeah, one of our lads sent it to me over the weebkend but i was so busy with something else i didn't take much notice. it was kind of of surreal. you never hear of them firing armaments around where you are
3:52 pm
and missiles into the air. so it was kind a double take whatever it is that was happening. but then he came back in again and he said listen, we're going to do something here. and we did. and in fairness to him he got onto a couple media contacts and it just took off. and then i brought in with brendan burn, you see he's involved in the processing site, so all the factories and everything. so we're interlinked in the industry. and look, we're a shrinking industry. we're suffering as it is. we lost 25% of what fish we had before this. with the brexit deal. so when the uk left, they gave them 25% of our fish as a going away present. but we didn't agree with this. and not only that, they gave fish that they were catching in our waters as a present. we're on our knees at the moment as an industry. and i think this was the straw that broke the camel's back. the directors and fishermen at our organization said this is it, we're not moving, we're not taking this. we're not taking it from anybody
3:53 pm
anymore. they just had enough, pamela. and that's where it led to. you know. >> yeah. and you lay out the concerns and why you and the other fishermen there were already pushed to the brink. and you had some serious concerns. the russian ambassador initially said your concerns were overblown, but let's look at this map showing where these exercises had been planned to take place. 240 kilometers, or 150 miles off the southwest irish coast. your organization worried these exercises could have damaged the celtic shelf. that is an area that's vital to your industry. so what kind of damage were you worried about exactly? >> well, you see, there's a lot of fish coming in there, spawning. if you're sending a shock wave through babies, baby fish, you're damage k the embryos inside them. and even if there is a perception that is happening, our scientists would take a precautionary approach. and they normally reduce the amount of fish that we get in the following years. so even if something did or did
3:54 pm
not happen, the likelihood is we'd lose fish. and even if it did happen, then it would be even worse. so we're trying to do the best ourselves, change our gear, modify our boats. you know, fishermen all over the world are becoming more and more responsible. we're bringing in rubbish from the sea. we had a bad name. we have to get this across. we're the custodians of the sea. this proved it. and it's a good day for us. and hopefully the people around the world will realize that fishermen are good guys really and they're doing a good service to the planet, you know, bringing in fresh food, nutritious food. and it's a good thing to have us around. >> certainly. we saw a tweet earlier that said nato is deploying your bunch to ukraine to negotiate. obviously, that is a joke. but that obviously says a lot about what you were able to accomplish here. patrick murphy, thank you. >> thanks, pamela. thanks for having us on. look, keep an eye on this because we might want your help again and we do appreciate it.
3:55 pm
>> we will. and you have a great contact there on the ground, donie o'sullivan who i think you met, our colleague at cnn. >> absolutely. donie's one of our stars. you're lucky that we're allowed to export them out to you because we're not looking to grab him back. and that's the truth. he's a star. >> he is a star. but we need him back. we need him back to do the important work he does. >> we'll loan him out for another little bit. >> okay. great to see you, patrick. >> thanks, pamela. nice talk ting to you. thanks, everybody. there are conflicting reports about tom brady's future. some say he's retiring. others say maybe not yet. we're going to have the latest just ahead. and she'll feel so good about her plan, she can focus on living it. that's the planning effect, from fidelity. hey hun hey, get your own vapors relax with vicks vapobath or with vicks vaposhower.
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don't expect service with a smile at this hotel. introducing robot room service. to cut back on human contact and keep covid in check, as beijing gears up for the winter games, this little guy or girl apparently trund mles along the corridor. you tap in a pin, voila, there is your food, and you don't even have to tip. we're not entirely sure how it it knocks on the door to let you know it's arrived, though. hmm. your next hour of of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. i'm pamela brown in washington. the top stories this hour, questions swirling tonight after multiple reports that tom brady is retiring after 22 seasons in the nfl. meantime, millions hit by blizzard conditions. power knocked out for thousands. and florida on track for its coldest weathe


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