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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 30, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states. and all around the world. appreciate your company. coming up on cnn "newsroom." russia near the ukraine border the crisis will take center stage at the un. a fear of a military conflict. in ukraine the government is quietly prepares for a possible invasion. clearing out soviet era bunkers under the metro system to protect millions of citizens. just days away from the beijing winter games. dozens of new covid cases linked
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to olympic officials. we'll have latest in a live report. first this hour a new push for diplomacy. tensions between russia and ukraine remain high. united nations security counsel will convene in the hours ahead with the u.s. ambassador saying this meeting will offer russia another opportunity to find a d diplomatic way out of the crisis. coming as more than 100,000 russian troops remain near ukraine intensifying fears of a possible invasion. the british foreign secretary had this stark assessment. >> we think it's highly likely that he's looking to invade ukraine. that is why we're doing all we
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can through diplomacy to urge him to desist. >> u.s. said moscow is showing no sign of deescalation. with the pentagon press secretary warning russian president vladimir putin could act at any time. >> he has a lot of options. he has a lot of options available. if he wants to further invade ukraine. and he can execute some of the options imminently. that means it could happen really at any time. now when i say it, it depends on what vladimir putin might want to do. >> ukraine foreign minister says d dip ploem si is the only way forward as tensions remain high along the borders. more from moscow. >> everyone waits for president putin to make clear his next move, ukraine foreign minister said if russia is serious about not having a war with ukraine, then should pull their troops
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back. leaving the path for diplomacy open. the russian foreign minister said that he was on a track of sorts. sending an urgent demand to nato in the clarify their position on something. >> today, through the ministry of foreign affairs we're sending an official request to the countries of the alliance. with an urgent demand to explain how the fulfill the obligation. not to strengthen their security. at the expense of security of the others if not then explain why. this will be a key issue in further proposals. >> a small diplomatic window open there and the security counsel monday further diplomacy united states calling for a meeting of the security counsel to find out why russia still has a build up of troops around ukraine. russia position until now has been it's got them there.
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it's on sovereign territory and have a right to do it. this will put russia under further skcrutiny. >> the tlaez o-- more from kyiv. >> abandoned factory near kyiv. is now a training ground for civilians who volunteered to fight off the possible russian invasion. out numbered here by journalists and armed at best with pellet guns. they know they'll be out matched by moscows military machine. they are keen. >> we have a curable moment for the country. a crucial moment. risk that russian invasion might occur. so this why even civilians have to be ready. >> these men believe it's their
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countries democracy that vladimir putin fears more than a threat posed by european union and nato membership. >> in putin's russia all are completely slaves. he thinks the it's a threat because ukrainians gave to russian and bad example. we show to our neighbors how each free will. must defend his social and national rights. >> you wouldn't know ukraine government says russia has at least 127,000 troops massed on three sides of the country. here in the capitol. no signs of impending war. in the poorer districts where people horde whatever they can to get by. the mood is similar. >> people are relaxed. it depends on the -- someone in
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your family is from the military or police, it's a completely different mood. >> shelters are opened. just in case. >> the ukrainian gavt is appealing to the population for calm. at the same time dusting off the soviet era bunkers. there is a threat to a young country's democracy. shelter can house 300 people. it even has a air filtration system. kyiv has the capacity to shelter 2.8 million of the estimated 3 million residents. in 5,000 bunkers and the metro system. irony lost on no one here the shelter was built in 1956 to protect against nato striking rush and the soviet union. it's offering shelter against a possible attack by russia. >> north korea test fired his
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most powerful missile in years. the seventh test this month alone. raising anxiety in south korea and washington. the biden administration says kld like to return to diplomatic talks with pyongyang. they're waiting for an official response. one official says north korea could be using the test to force the u.s. into a weaker negotiating position. let's bring in hong kong. what are you learning about the missile and what north korea says it wants? >> well the missile was launched sunday morning. it flew an altitude of about 2,000 kilometers. and distance of about 800 kilometers. landing to the sea east of the korean peninsula. and it's the seventh missile test that north korea embarked on. in the month of january. a binge of missile launches. it's an intermediate range
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missile. the first time that north korea has fired this class of missile. since 2017. and i think a lot of the analysts are saying it looks like we're headed back towards the dark days. of 2017. when there was confrontation going on the peninsula. and pyongyang was showing that it was not happy with the u.s. and allies by conducting these missile launches which the u.s. and allies say are banned according to united nations security counsel resolution. monday morning, the south korea defense minister made a show of visiting the military missile defense agency. and units. and urging the military to be on alert. to be prepared for this. the south korea president who states so much of his presidency his waning presidency on trying to reach out to north korea.
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on face to face meetings with kim jong un. staged a meeting monday after the launch. and warned that it does look like north korea could be heading towards ending it moratorium. on intercontinental ballistic missile launches and nuclear tests. which would ratchet up tensions even more on the korean peninsula. as you mention, a u.s. white house administration official has spoken to cnn. and pointed out that the bidenen administration has been trying to reach out to the north korea regime. sending messages but not receiving responses. unlike the previous trump administration. it appears the biden administration doesn't want to engage in face to face
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diplomacy. between kim jong un and president biden. but would be open to lower level talks. and judging by the lack of response coming from pyongyang, it seems that the north korea government wants to get face to face meeting. the likes of which we saw several times between then president trump. and the north korea leader. >> all right. thanks so much. in hong kong for us. turning our attention to the middle east. where the united arab emirates destroyed a missile launch site. in yemen. released this video which they claim shows the damage they say the launch site was destroyed after their forces intercepted and destroyed another missile targeting the uae. after a series of attacks initiated by the iran. against the uae this month. we'll take a short break. we'll tell you more about the
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we are now learning more about the newest coronavirus mutation. it's a version of omicron. called b a 2. and first identified in early december. it's already in infected people in at least 49 countries. including the u.s. early data suggests people who are previously tested positive for the omicron variant should likely be protected. against the new version. here's what the former commissioner of the fda said. >> it appears to be more contagious. data suggests it's 1.5 times more contagious than omicron. >> which is already so transmissible. >> exactly. does it evade the immune system. and the immunity or the vaccine. most evidence so far is preliminary suggests it doesn't.
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the data suggests that a fully boosted person maybe more protected against this new variant than they were against the original strain. and in the final question is is it more dangerous? and so far based on denmark and uk. collecting very good data. it doesn't appear to be. >> a new study from the uk found similar results. officials in england found transmission is likely higher. vaccines appear to be just as effect effective against symptomatic illness. infections are surging around the world. russia registering more than 120,000 new case on sunday. that's a record. and this chart shows a massive spike in the seven day average of new cases. over the weekend russia surpassed 100,000 daily infections. for the first time. and thousands turned out in the czech republic to protest against covid restrictions as
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cases there hover around record levels. all eyes on china. of course the country gears up for two big events in the middle of the pandemic. the lunar new year and the travel that brings. and of course the winter olympics. with just four days to go before the opening ceremony. the chair of the olympic committee athlete commission tested positive. for covid-19. this of course as china reports 37 more infections among olympic personnel. joining me from beijing with more. it's meant to be a bubble. a closed loop. is it being threatened or was this expected? we'll never keep it covid free completely. >> this is the assumption most people have had for quite some time. chinese officials acknowledged publicly of the inevitable reality. of course they have been stressing the number of positive cases accounts for a tiny percentage of the total number
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of games participants inside the closed loop and determined to keep it that way. they are portraying this as a testament to how effective the system has been working. with media saying so far there appears to be no community spread of the virus. within the olympic bubble. it's of course this is going to be an increasingly daunting task for them. as time goes on. and more events kicking off especially given ou contagious the variant is. not most of our colleagues covering the games from within the bubble have arrived here. and one of the first impressions with the high wall. or fences around the their hotel. this in a way is really a metaphor of the sense of disconnect. a lot of ordinary chinese citizens feel about the winter olympics this time around. because not only there's not a single ticket available for sale to the general public because of the pandemic. a lot of them have seen their travel plans ruined or disrupted
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because of the increasingly tightened travel restrictions especially in and out of beijing. this is the lunar new year period. the most important chinese holiday. on a calendar. people actually now are stuck instead of going home to see loved ones. for those of us who covered the summer games here in 2008 the contrast really seems quite stark. back then there was the sense of anticipation. excitement. and embracing the outside world. but across china. this time if you talk to people on the ground or reading social media feeds, this is more of a sense of annoyance and frustration. and sometimes out right hostility towards the west. especially the u.s. because of all the rising political tensions including the u.s. diplomatic boycott. against those games. because of china's human rights record. >> i can really imagine.
10:20 pm
it must be a big different feeling there. from 2008. i can only imagine. appreciate it. spotfy says it will add a content advisory to all pod casts that mention covid-19. that move coming after several artists said they will leave the platform if it continues to host joe rogen. spreading misleading claims about the virus. cnn reports. >> reporter: spotty ceo wrote a public letter on the web site on sunday. explaining the rules and how he says they'll do more to combat covid-19 misinformation. it's important to me that we don't take on the position of being content censor. making sure there's rules in place and consequences for those who violate them. he says spotfy is working to add a content advisory to pod cast episodes that include discussion
10:21 pm
of covid-19 and direct listeners to a hub that provides data driven facts and up to date information from trusted sources in the public health community. in effort to be more transparent. spotfy published the long standing platform rules. part of the rules addressing false or deceptive medical information says content cannot cause offline harm. or pose a direct threat to public health. some examples spotfy gave, including saying that covid-19 is a hoax. or suggesting vaccines are designed to kill people. notably the controversial pod cast that has spread misinformation is still available exclusively on the streaming platform. his pod cast is the one cited by 250 doctors, nurses and scientists. and open letter to spotfy earlier this month calling for a stronger enforceable policy on misinformation. then within the last week, neil young all said they would remove their music from spotfy.
10:22 pm
brown would pause on releasing new episodes. and prince harry and meghan who have a deal with spotfy to produce and host pod casts released a statement through their foundation. that said they urge spotfy to meet the moment. and had been talking to spotfy about the issue. as early as april of last year. shares are down 7% over the past week. >> now this weekend powerful winter storm on east coast left behind bone chilling temperatures. and record snowfall. in some areas. many last power due to strong winds from the bomb cyclone. in massachusetts, the states largest power supplier says it restored service to about 250,000 customers. since the storm began. just a few hundred are still in the dark. officials expect they will have power by the end of the today. >> meteorologist joining me now. it's extraordinary. we talked last hour i
10:23 pm
couldn't -- it's right there behind you now. central park almost double the record set in 1904. there's a lot of snow out there. >> it was an incredible snowstorm. is came down quickly. in a 12 hour period. across portions of the northeast. when 5,000 flights are halted as a result. it's a serious situation chls kennedy airport ten times the previous daily snow record. with 11 inches of snowfall. the satellite shows the snow on the ground. showing the incredible amount of coverage. and conditions are going to improve here. quieting down a bit. get a break. how about this, state maximums of 30 plus inches in massachusetts. boston almost two feet on saturday. most snow we have seen from a single storm going back two decades. connecticut about 22 inches as well. all of this was accompanied with
10:24 pm
hurricane force winds. put this together you see why it was so disruptive. a brief break in the action. notice what's happening across portions of florida. freeze alerts. widespread into portions of south central florida. temperatures as cold as the freezing mark. national weather service often notes when you get the values of the the upper 30s the low 30s in a few spots. in the early morning hours. people should be on alert. lizards go dormant and can tumble out of the trees. give them a few hours and they'll come back to life. they're just paralyzed because of the cold temperatures. impressive run of cold air into florida. i want to show you what's happening over the next couple days. changes in store here with another system. pushing in across the central united states. and it's not just a blizzard or block buster snowstorm. see the pink color there? that's the most disruptive
10:25 pm
element. that's ice se cessions expanding from dallas into midwest. that plays out here could be a big time storm system. with a lot of people set to be impacted. look at the ice secretion. outages will be widespread. this is story we'll follow as the week progresses. >> keep the map like that. north of atlanta. thanks very much. i got a quarter inch on my deck. it was serious. now rising tensions with ukraine, russian state media stepping up propaganda. one western host is getting a lot of air time. you can probably guess who. also why the stand off between russia and ukraine could lead to higher energy prices around the world rmt. staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions? just ask your cvs pharmacist. we searcrch for savings for yo. from coupons to lower costs options.. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards
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un security counsel will gather for an urgent meeting in the coming hours as tensions along border of jukukraine and russia remain. the latest push for a diplomatic end to the crisis. u.s. is ready to listen but will not be distracted by what she called russia propaganda. ukraine foreign minister also pushing for diplomacy. saying it's the quote only responsible way. in a tweet he says if russia is serious about not wanting a new war, it must continue with diplomatic talks and pull back its troops. now as tensions along the border
10:30 pm
ratchet even higher. russia is already stepping up its propaganda war. cnn with a closer look at that. >> on russian state tv, western media getting ridiculed. like it or not they think independent journalists are propaganda. for the u.s. government. creating a provocation for war. >> you have no idea what's happening in our mind. you have to idea about history. you have no idea what russia is about. you have no idea what ukraine is about. history. why we have a problem. >> he hosts a show proudly pushing the kremlin views. and fox anchor tucker karlson. >> he's a nice guy. he's funny. has his own point of view. hates biden and likes trump. so what. >> no irony. in russia, unlike america, criticizing the president is off
10:31 pm
limits. and never more so than now. in the past year, independent media here have been almost completely crushed. >> it's the feeling of tense. it's all the time. you can never be sure that tomorrow you will be all right. you can never be sure that tomorrow your tv station will still be alive. >> she is an anchor. at tv rain. one of russia's last independent stations. designated a foreign agent. kremlin law that cosan snuff it out. she's familiar with state tv manipulation. how they use western media and play against broadcast colleagues. >> they have just there's a person who says are we going to fight russia because of this corrupted eastern european
10:32 pm
country that we even cannot find on the map? so as soon as he says something that is not in this direction that they need. he's not going to be a friend anymore. >> in russia's propaganda war truth doesn't matter. what counts is stopping a war they're convinced america is fermenting. >> at this point nato exists to torment vladimir putin. >> facing accusations of being a pro-putin stooj. he defended pro-russia comments and is not a a russian agent. will he lose hi war stopping value in russia? >> come on. this poor guy from fox news. well, i like that russian spy. >> it's not the way any respectable journalist would want to be portrayed.
10:33 pm
but once inside the kremlin spin cycle here, there's no knowing how the machine will spit you out. >> u.s. lawmakers are getting closer to a deal on russian sanctions. but there are mounting concerns moscow could hit back by slashing fuel supplies to the west. in particular europe. very worrisome for the uae. they get 40% of natural gas from russia. key pipelines of course run right through ukraine. russian invasion would threaten the countries energy infrastructure. europe would be hardest hit. experts say disruptions would ripple around the world. sending prices higher globally. >> she's a professor of international affairs. and director of the geo politics energy project. when we look at the dependence of europe nations on russian
10:34 pm
energy i want to pull out a graphic. and show people germany. which has of course pushed for the pipeline. it gets 32% of its pipeline gas from russia. 34% of crude oil. 53% of hard coal. how reliant is europe on russian energy? >> well, the numbers you used for germany are either very broad scale indicative of the over all continent. i'd say natural gas as a whole, the continent is dependent on 40% of natural gas from russia. and about 30% on the whole when we look at it for oil. there's very important distinctions. oil is much more easily substitutable. if russia were to stop sending oil to europe. that's not a big deal. oil is easy to transport. you put in a barrel. put it on a ship. it can come from anywhere.
10:35 pm
it's the natural gas that really gives russia leverage. it's the pipeline that those pipelines that infrastructure that can't be easily replicated over night. almost all of that gas fra russia is coming by pipeline. and if russia were to curtail that, that is the real short term or immediate term vulnerability of europe to russian energy. >> of course russia using energy supplies as a weapon. it's a weapon that can backfire. because selling that stuff is central to its own economy. >> that's very true. that of course this has been the mutually assured destruction dynamic. europeans have really relied on for decade. until recently most europeans especially germany and west european say russia is a reliable supplier. for decades. is supplied energy sources and if it were to curtail it it would have a devastating effect on the russian economy. the question now becomes one of which to what extent is putin
10:36 pm
willing to make calculations that may not make economic sense. but make strategy sense from his spective. >> yeah. something else you have written about. how important is it for countries like germany and others to reduce the dependence. and the renewable. solar and wind. clearly for the planet but the current tensions clearly illustrate not moving towards them has national security implications. >> it's a good point. i would say to answer your question. how important is it? it's very important in the context of european priorities and really global priorities in the sense of the world needs to move to have net zero emissions by 2050. europe is the most forward leaning region of the world. however we're seeing today is that you can't plan for a few decades out without keeping at least one eye on the ball of the immediate term. because in the short term and
10:37 pm
even in the medium term. another decade or two. these redepend sis on fos ill fuel producers will remain in the interim. really what is happened here is that much of europe has really tried to live in the future where it's reality is actually still very much grounded in fossil fuel. that reality can't be ignored unless europe wants to open itself up to national security problems. potentially over and over again during this actual transition to net zero. >> more broadly outside of the current tensions, in a political sense, how much power do major national suppliers so called pet row states have over customers? >> this depends on whether we're talking about natural gas or talking about oil. it depends on the state of the market. if we look at the oil market as you know, for decades consumers have been concerned about an
10:38 pm
over reliance on opec. and those are the oil big oil producing countries that work together and cartel that has saudi arabia, iraq, iran and russia has been working closely with this cartel. if we look at different points over the last decade, sometime this group of countries has had enormous power to set prices. other times it's had very little power and that's just depends on how many producers are in the market. the u.s. has become a huge producer of oil. over the last few years. it depends on what the demand is. and the real vulnerable here for the world going forward is that over the next couple of decades what we don't want to see is supply be reduced before demand is reduced. and it is this tension that we're have to prepare ourselves for. that demand for the energy sources of oil and natural gas
10:39 pm
may not go down as quickly as supply and it's in that kind of market that these traditional big largely state owned companies have the most influence. >> even at net zero there's still a need for oil and gas. even in that scenario. a fascinating aspect of this. and great analysis. thanks so much. >> thank you, michael. pleasure to be with you. super bowl just two weeks away. the teams now set. coming up how the cincinnati bengals shocked the world to reach their first nfl title game in 30 years. they have never won one. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts. 100% online car buyiying. car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing.
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australia government is making a multi-million dollar investment to protect its beloved koala. they face challenges on several fronts including destruction of habitat.
10:43 pm
bush fire and drought. disease and so on. some warn the infusion of money might not be enough. >> they're cute. cuddly and could one day be extinct. one of the iconic animals of australia may have been thrown a lifeline by the australian government. the prime minister pledging $35 million in the next four years to protect the species. after the numbers plummeted in the last few years. >> we're investing in the world leading science. in looking after the population. we are also investing heavily in education. so ensure not only the public can understand how they can care. also importantly veterinarians across the country. >> one of the biggest threats, bush fires. in 2019 and 2020, the world wildlife found estimated more than 60,000 were impacted in one
10:44 pm
of the country's worst fire seasons. that's a dramatic loss since estimates of the total numbers range from nearly half a million. to fewer than 100,000. in the wild. during that time the world watched in horror. as unforgettable images emerge from the fire. like this woman using her shirt to try to save a badly burned koala. the terrain of australia kangaroo island a habitat for and many other animals where little was left unscathed. disease is taking a toll. in some areas cla midya affected half the population. the funds are coming at a k critical time. >> any kind of support we can get is greatly appreciated. and very needed. our environment is suffering at the moment. and so, any steps that we can
10:45 pm
make towards a brighter future to make positive change. >> some say money isn't enough. some environmental groups say the government needs to pass stronger laws about deforestation and climate change. to protect habitats from being bulldozed. logged or burned. the australian foundation says the status should be upgraded from vulnerable to critically endangered. many agree the money is helpful for now. without addressing larger issues australia could lose a national treasure. >> now i spoke with jersey of the international fund for animal welfare about whether the money will be enough to help the population recover. >> i'm afraid all the money in the world won't save them. unless we address the root cause. that's habitat loss and climate change. basically.
10:46 pm
cutting down trees and stop anything else is just an expensive. >> to that point, you say one of the biggest issues for -- there's drought. there's been the fires and so on. it's this loss of habitat from human development. humans taking habitat for their own use. cutting off corridors that they need. is there a compromise that would work when it comes to that human aspect? >> i think there's always a solution. i think that humans can coexist with wildlife. they can survive and thrive alongside humans. they need trees and safe spaces and corridors to move freely. like we do. there's such a thing at friendly development. consider them in planning. and start trying to save the trees they need to survive. >> and the other important issue too. climate change. i did want to say as you about
10:47 pm
this too. it's an important thing. they face the health challenge we mention ds too. in recent years. tell us about the impact of cla midya? >> it's really serious issue. it's a painful often fatal disease. it's leading to population decline. like the so many diseases it's linked to stress. and we know from research. land clearing is the number one cause of stress. it leads back to the root cause. which is habitat loss. >> still to come. tennis star nadal the all time leader in men's grand slam titles. how he battled back to win in epic fashion at the australian open. we'll be right back. ...this doe! new true match nude tinted serum. 1% hyaluronic acid in a foundation. feels like second skin, naturally radiant! new true match tinted serum m fm l'oreal paris. we're worth it!
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it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries,
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little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed. well, we now know who will play in super bowl lvi and it's a match-up few would have predicted when the season began. the cincinnati bengals will meet the los angeles rams on february 13. the bengals, led by star quarterback joe burrow, won the afc title on sunday over the
10:52 pm
heavily favored kansas city chiefs. cincinnati overcame an 18-point deficit for a 27-2 4 did last ye. now, it was an australian open final for the ages. spanish superstar rafael nadal rallied back from two sets down to win the men's singles title. the win puts nadal's name in the record books with his 21st grand slam title, the most ever by a men's tennis player. the 35-year-old beating russia's daniil medvedev in five sets at a sold out rod laver arena. joining me now to talk about this tennis expert ben rothenberg. and when we spoke yesterday i think we both felt nadal was fan favorite but medvedev might outlast him and that was not to be. tell us about the match.
10:53 pm
>> no, we got that almost exactly wrong, basically. people thought that if nadal was going to have a chance in this match he'd have to get out to a really early strong start and sort of blitz this match and beat medvedev quickly and efficiently. and the opposite happened, medvedev won the first two sets of the match. the second set was competitive, medvedev eked it out and looked like he had a chance to put it away with a triple break point at 3-2 in the third set and nadal rallied. he was not playing his normal game and seemed to be getting overly creative at times, distracted by the crowd and everything happening. and nadal really took advantage of that and pounced. it was a long physical match that nadal came out on top of which makes winning his 21st title in this sort of physical fashion all the more remarkable at his age. >> coming down from two sets down in a major that just hardly ever happens. and nadal -- this is the thing that's interesting. nadal breaks the record in an era of him, djokovic and federer. all three were on 20 majors until this australian open.
10:54 pm
i mean, to do that at a time of such fierce competition makes it all the more remarkable, doesn't it? three of them on 20. >> absolutely. he was the only one who played this australian open. federer's had persistent knee injuries and djokovic we know about his whole deportation saga but th was still as much as he had a bit of daylight from that perspective he was not considered a favorite to do well with it at all. he just had covid in december and that had come at the tail of a long persistent foot injury. these three guys overlapping as much as they have, if they were alone in this their era i think easily any one of them could be at 25, maybe even 30 at this point with how much they've stopped each other. they really have held each other back in a lot of ways. >> absolutely. we've got one minute left. i wanted to touch on medvedev. it seems he felt no love and respect from the melbourne crowds. >> medvedev had this very long opening monologue in his press conference about the child who had stopped dreaming, saying basically his dreams of what it would be like to be a top level
10:55 pm
tennis player had not matched up at all because he got so much hostility from the crowd. some of that might be not wanting any intruders, especially nadal at this moment. and part of it is antagonizing the crowd and saying they have low iqs which i don't think has endeared him necessarily to the public. medvedev was certainly crestfallen by this and a bit heartbroken by the whole experience. he'll have some rethinking to do and resettling to do to be able to enjoy tennis in this sort of stage once more. >> yeah, i can tell you trolling australian sports fans is never going to end well for the troller. ben rothenberg, it's been great talking to you over the last few weeks of this australian open. beers on me when you're back. >> thank you. >> a mysterious black diamond weighing more than 555 carats is going up for auction at sotheby's this week. nicknamed the enigma. the origin of the diamond has puzzled scientists. some believe it could have come from outer space. others say deep in the earth. this kind of black diamond called a carbonado can be about
10:56 pm
3 billion years old. they've mainly been found in brazil and the central african republic. >> carbonaro diamonds are quite rare to begin with. they are shrouded in mystery as the origin of formation because there's not that many of them found on earth. this is a particularly great example, a beautiful example of one of these types of diamonds. >> now, the diamond's current owner has had it for two decades, but its history before that is unclear. the beginning -- the bidding begins on thursday. so you've still got some time. it's expected to sell for as much as $7 million. thanks for spending part of your day with me. i'm michael holmes. you can follow me on twitter and instagram @holmescnn. do stick around. another valuable diamond, rosemary church picks up our coverage in just a moment. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition
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