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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  January 31, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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black communities along the atlantic coast and the gulf coast. the author saying not every one is bearing be same burden as flooding patterns shift and climate changes, we're telling african-american communities to shoulder greater burdens again. the cost of flooding in the united states is going to spike some 26% over the next 30 years. right now flooding costs the u.s. $32 billion. it will eventually cost $43 billion. people with the least resources to recover from severe flooding are the very people who are going to be hammered continuously in the decades to come. this climate crisis is very much so a social justice crisis and the people most affected are actually not at the root cause of climate change nor do they have the power to enact the far reaching climate policies to address the problem. that power is right here in washington, d.c. where as you know the president's climate
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agenda rae epayremains stalled. these community tsies that will seeing this higher risk need to make sure they receive funding so they can build more resilient infrastructure. back to you guys. >> thank you. it's the top of the hour. >> good to be with you. the u.s. says the yunited natios emergency meeting showed russia a worldwide united front against any invasion of ukraine. the u.s. asked for the meeting. russia and china tried to block it. the president said the u.s. is ready no matter what happens as russia continues the military build up along the ukraine border. >> with russia continuing to build up of its forces around
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ukraine, we are ready no matter what happens. >> the u.s. ambassador said that russia plans to bolster troops in belarus that borders ukraine to 30,000 troops. ukraine representative believes russia has amassed more than 110,000 ground forces with another 18,000 maritime and aviation personnel at the ready. the ambassador was hoping russia would explain why it was building up its mill ta air long y -- military along ukraines border. did they? >> no. they denied there's any proof they will invade. saying the u.s. is causing his
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tie -- hysteria. they are trying to encourage countries to be worried about something that is not happening. the united states made it clear that what they are seeing is dangerous and urgent military build up in the words of the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she says the con ksequences cou be horrific if russia did go forth with the i vags. here is her response to the russians claiming the united states is just essentially making this up and this isn't a true problem. >> you've heard from our russian colleagues that wii e're call f this meeting to make you feel uncomfortable. imagine how uncomfortable you would be if you had 100,000 troops sitting on your border. this is not about antics. it's not about rhetoric. it's not about u.s. and russia. what this is about is the peace and security of one of our
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member states. out of this meteorologist it appears that diplomacy is not right for creating a solution to this president but the ambassador to the united nation says they hope that russia sees that the united states isn't alone in this sentiment. if russia goes forth and does invade ukraine, this will create an issue for all of europe, more than 130 member states. >> thank you very much. let's bring in susan glasser, our cnn global affairs analyst
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and retired army major general james spider marks. did this u.n. security council meeting move the needle at all? >> i think it's an important step that the biden administration took to go to the united nations. in some ways it's been surprising it's taken this long. i think it's a reflection that diplomatic behind the scene talks from not produced any meaningful breakthrough so why not. it's important to show the world that the u.s. and its partners are doing everything they can to resolve this diplomatically. i think it fulfills the function of forcing the russians to be on the record one way or the other. they've said again and again a and now they said it at the u.n. security council they have no intention of invading ukraine, it's ridiculous. that may not stop them from invading ukraine. it won't stop them but it makes
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it more and more clear that if they do so, it's after gaslighting the world for months with this crisis that they have created. >> general, a step further than denying they ri going to invade the russian ambassador to the u.n. denies there's 100 russian tr -- 100,000 russian troops on the border. i wonder what you saw and heard from the russians? >> the russians have a capability. we have the intelligence, we have seen what those capabilities look like. >> we hear you. keep going. >> my apologies. clearly, the russians have capabilities on the boarder. we have sources on the ground that have validated all of that. the russians have presence in
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ukraine supporting the separatists in eastern ukraine. clearly, what's going to happen, it is imminent. putin will pull the trigger. the timing is going to be a little bit suspect. i don't think he cares about the olympics and timing and the conflict there. i think what's going to happen is he'll push additional forces across the border while everybody is looking up north at belarus and its very short distance from belarus into the capital of will completely cut off from the plaque sea. can't economically sustain itself, can't get to the plaque sea and somebody cries uncle in short amount of time. >> we heard that scenario spelled out by an analyst last
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week. do you see the writing on the wall that way? >> i don't want to get in the business of prognosticating what vladmir putin will do. what hasn't been focused on is ukraine is not in a position to win a military conflict with russia. a lot of the conversation in recent weeks has been around what's the price that russia will pay both militarily and otherwise economically, diplomatically for doing so. i think sometimes the talk of troop movements by nato allies by the united states, those aren't troops that will be going into ukraine to defend ukraine. weapons are being shipped to ukraine now but no one that i've heard suggest in a meaningful way that the ukrainian military is in a position to stop russia from doing this. it could be over in matter of days, a conflict like the one the general is outlining. >> if you believe that putin is
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going to pull the trigger, he is going to invade. these threats of punishing sanctions for those in putin's inner circle. we heard from the circle that the president will move them in the near term. are these threats at all? are they significant deterrants if you believe he's already made up his mind? >> i don't know he's completely made up his mind. i think he has. if the sanctions are so punishing and inevitable in this particular case. those are underbosses to putin. those oligarchs would have gone to putin and said i'm all in on this particular course of action here. if we suffer, you're going to suffer along with us and if that was the case, we would see a retreat from these actions that we're seeing right now. i'm not convinced that putin thinks that removing russia from
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the swift code, those kinds of economic sanctions that truly are, could shred the economy of russia and his oligarchs. i don't think that will happen. he would be moving the forces away and he would be a hero. the sad thing here is putin could be a hero either way . >> we have heard hitting them in the pocketbooks would be an effective deterrent. it's hard to know if they are moving down that path. >> to a certain extent vladimir putin has already baked t d tha
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price into his decision making. he's not deescalated. that suggests he's willing to pay what price he thinks it's going to cost. the gas pipeline to germany that's been an issue in recent years. he understands that's gone. clearly he understands there could be a different level of sanctions that the kind that were levelled against him and his allies before in 2014. he's already baked that into his calculations. i think that's part of why you're hearing this extreme level of concern from the u.s. side right now because there's a sense that it's not derring putin from proceeding right now. i think that's very worrisworri. >> thank you both. >> thank you. appreciate it. grocery prices keep climbing and most americans are feeling it. is there any relief coming? we'll ask a member of the biden administration. former president trump says
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kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours. if you've gone to the d grocery store lately, you may be experiencing sticker shock. we have more on this. >> it's real tough. >> reporter: for mike finding affordable food has been difficult. he's battling cancer and living
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on tight budget. >> it's hard for me to get out here and be around people. sometimes you have to do without some things to eat. >> reporter: grocery costs keep climbing on everything from meat to seafood, produce, cereal and much more. with overall prices up 9% from a year ago. >> it feels like i'm paying a lot more at the register when i finally do check out. >> reporter: now big name brands are raising prices. kr k kraft is the latest. joining general mill, campbell soup and procter & gamble which is raising the price of tide laundry desproducts. >> they put off for as long as possible. >> reporter: the entire food supply chain is facing surging cost, congestion and a labor shortage. the number of cargo ships parked off the california cost hit a record high in january with more than 100 still waiting. even after the port some
12:18 pm
unloaded 13% more containers than ever been in 2021. the cost of ingredients, packaging keeps skyrocketing. >> it's landing in the last resort. >> reporter: omicron is adding to it. peeling workers from warehouse, processing facilities and grocery stores. this month pork production dropped 8% in week with staff sick or quarantined. with fewer employees, distributors are cutting orders to some grocery stores by 20 to 40%. >> it's been whack a mole. one item one day and completely different segment the next. >> reporter: demand for groceries keep surging with people stuck at home and inflation at a 39 year high. >> a lot of the times you're limited with what you can get. >> reporter: a recent survey found 37% are customers are concerned about shortages seen on items like pet food, paper goods and cream cheese.
12:19 pm
>> it's not as many things on the shelves. >> reporter: the biden administration is working to ease inflation accusing some of the largest meat processors of rising prices to drive up profits. experts are suggesting more grocery price hikes in the months ahead. >> we have to be strategic and intentional. >> reporter: she runs a blog about cooking on a budget. >> look for sales flyers before shopping. join store loyalty programs and plan males around cheap filling items. >> every time you throw a food away, you're throwing money in the garbage. >> reporter: every dollar counts for family struggling the eat these costs. >> it's going to be hard but i got to get out here the find something to do and make it work. >> reporter: right now experts are urging people not to go out and panic buy groceries. there should be plenty of food but may be some limited options in the mobnth ahead and the prie
12:20 pm
increases are expected to continue with u.s. consumer sentiment already at its lowest level since 2011. >> okay. gabe, thank you for that reporting. jared bergstein joins to discuss this. good to have you back. i don't know if you heard gabe's story there but the prices of oscar mayer meat, kool-aid, tide detergent, things that tens of millions of american families buy every week, prices all going up. 9% of over the last year. when is there some release coming? >> this is challenge that, as you know, we're well aware. you heard the president talking about that in your segment. i think we need to start with the diagnosis of this problem. we have a situation where very strong demand and by that i mean gdp growth rates that we haven't seen for 40 years.
12:21 pm
let's not lose this backdrop. we have the tightest labor market we have seen perhaps in generations. unemployment fell faster last year than any year on record. over six million jobs created. against that backdrop we have the supply constraints that you just talked about. this is a global problem. inflation is elevated in countries across the globe. that tells you it's not just a unique american problem but we, at the president's direction, are doing everything we can to help the very people in that story when it comes to port, trucking, semiconductors, lowering kitchen table costs, protecting consumers, pursuing more competition. i can go into granular detail including the 60% decline in dwell time of containers at the ports. that's the work we're trying to do to unsnarl the chains. >> you lay out the problem over the last several months people have learned to understand the
12:22 pm
problem. 79% of americans expect that inflation will continue to grow over 2022. half of those people think it will be by a lot. i will again ask if there's any forecast of when there's relief and are those people expecting the prices to go up, are they right? >> i track every inflation forecast known to man and woman. it's just part of my job. vir kmully every forecast has inflation growing half as fast at the end of this year than it was at the end of last year. if you consumer price index growing at 7% at tend of 2021, forecast for it to be growing between 2.5 to 3% at the end of '22. these are all forecasts and forecasts can be wrong. we're not crossing our fingers and sitting on our hands and hoping they will be right. we are working 24 and 7 to get the ports working 24 and 7. to get goods from ship to shelf. i don't want to let this go by
12:23 pm
because you had it in your report. the many numbers that were out there. 13% increase in throughput through the ports. there's actually a significant uncrease in the performance of that part of our chain. the difference is there's strong demand. where does that come from? from one of the strongest economy, labor markets on record. i don't think we want to lose that backdrop. imagine if we were going through this inflation and unemployment was 9% instead of below 4%. >> i hear you. on the point of inflation, 3.5 by the end of this year. that's still above the 2% goal of where the administration wants to be and where it expects it will be. let's move onto housing. up 14% last year to an average of 1877 a month. up nearly 40% in cities across
12:24 pm
this country. some cities saying 40%. what is this administration doing to keep people in their homes as we're watching this rental assistance money run out in some places? >> i want to clear the forecast i was siting, those are not white house forecasts. those are market base forecasts. inflation is expected to decelerate based if part on the kinds of improvements i was discussing around supply chains. our administration has been trying to reallocate unused funds from the $47 billion emergency rental assistance program. this was a key program that continues to go out there to help people facing the kind of rent pressures that you were just talking about. right now we have payments working in washington and houston and san diego. the president has also talked about $100,000 affordable home
12:25 pm
initiative over the next few years by making sure low cost funding is available to people who finance those kinds of production. not just occupied housing but multifamily housing as well. >> jared, we're coming up on the beginning of february. the first friday we get the jobs report. should people expect job losses? >> very important question. it turns out that the peak of omicron cases coincided when the payroll data was being collected. if you were not at work, if you were on unpaid leave, you're not counted as being on the payroll.
12:26 pm
because you're not paid and it's payroll survey, you're sick, make caring for someone with covid, there's millions of people like this. if you're not at work because of the omicron variant, you're not going to be counted in the payroll. that's why many forecasters are calling for an unusually low job rate for january. some are forecasting a negative rate. we'll have to see. it's not something you can forecast because it's such an unusual situation. i think the key point from our per speckive is the underlying strength of the economy, the underlying strength of the job market is ongoing because as we have seen the case loads are turning over. >> all right. thanks for jour time. >> thank you. well, the georgia da investigating former president trump is asking the fbi to provide security after an incendiary speech by trump.
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one district attorney is seeking fbi protection from her
12:32 pm
office after the former president called for people to take the streets if he ever faces charges in multiple investigations to him and his businesses. >> if these radical, vicious, racist prosecutors do anything wrong or illegal, i hope we are going to have in this country the biggest protest we have ever had in washington, d.c., in new york, in atlanta and elsewhere because our country and our elections are corrupt. they're corrupt. >> at that same rally, trump gave americans a crystal clear window into his priorities if he were president again. he said he would pardon january 6th insurrectionists. with us is dana bash. great to see you both. i thought that speech was, it's being called extremely dangerous by john dean. i thought it was very helpful. he spelled his out priorities.
12:33 pm
it would be to give these folks pardons. just to remind people, these are who donald trump sides with over the police. 140 police officers, many more were attacked but 140, at least, were injured by this mob. this is what he's talking about would be one of his priorities. dana, i know you brought this up on the show and rational republicans are appalled by this, as you heard from governor of new hampshire. here is his response to you. >> they have to be lheld accountable. everybody needs to be held fairly accountable. >> this shouldn't be pardoned? >> of course not.
12:34 pm
oh, my goodness no. >> he couldn't have been more clear. what are republicans going to do now they know that's one of his top priorities? >> they're not happy. the dpgovernor has been more willing than other republican, particularly here in washington, to be openly critical of the former president. his close friend and ally over the past few years, lindsey graham was also critical saying that -- suggesting that, promising he would pardon anybody who was responsible for the unbelievable storming of the capitol, incredible violence, deadly violence, he would pardon them. he said it was very inappropriate. even former president can cross a line and has crossed the line there. the question is, to what end. to what end bauds even though he said that and you're right it is, i see what you're saying when you say it's helpful
12:35 pm
because he is very explicit and putting it all out there and making it harder for the republicans who support him pause their supporters are backing him, harder for them to do so but doesn't mean those republicans would not jump to vote for him in and when, maybe we should say if he does run in 2024. >> we also heard the former president call for the biggest demonstrations yet in atlanta and d.c. and new york if there's anything that prosecutors do that he deems to be illegal or unfair. we are seen what this president can foment. we just watched a video of it. liz cheney said he is using the language that caused the january 6th violence. what did you marry from former president's rally this weekend? >> the language is aggressive. it's targeted and what's interesting is you heard that
12:36 pm
part where he said racist. donald trump is saying that the prosecutors are racist in an effort to really trigger his voters. he knows that sort of language is going to get a sense of righteous indignation that they are being discriminated d d aga. it's like tphrase we're hearing reverse racism. they are justified in reacting how they want. she's been clear she is unbiassed and takes no pleasure in this investigation and skrus try -- just trying to get to justice. donald trump knows he can use these words to create fear. >> dana i know you had conversation about supreme court nominees, so tell us. >> one of the big things, comment from last week is roger
12:37 pm
wicker, the senator from mississippi who said that the idea of the president announcing that he is going to pick a black woman for the supreme court is akin to affirmative action and quotas. that is another thing that is putting his colleagues in a very uncomfortable position because not everybody agrees with him at all. that's something else that i talked to the new hampshire governor about. >> i'm never for quotas. in the opportunity of bringing somebody to the u.s. supreme court, it's an amazing opportunity as and has to be on merit. >> is this a quota? >> i say as a governor i don't see things as quotas like that. there's a number of limited individuals. you want folks with a diverse background. in that sense, i wouldn't agree it's a quota. >> when it comes to supreme
12:38 pm
court nominations, we have seen over the past five, six years senate republicans, particularly the leadership, kind of impervious to geneuine and understandable criticism of being hypocrites. in this particular case there's a lot of fodder there because it was former president trump who promised after rbg died ta he would nominate a woman. he didn't say a black woman but he said a woman. was that okay or was it okay for him when he was candidate to not just say the kind of justice he would appoint but also gave names. named names in order to court conservative. there's so much hypocrisy but this issue is probably just beginning of the kind of fight we're going to see because there will be a black woman who will be nominated and democrats are
12:39 pm
steeling themselves if for the fight. >> natasha your thoughts. >> i listen to this and say why does affirmative action stress people out so much. when roger wicker, when amy coney barrett was being nominated, it was all this praise and how he was inspired for his granddaughters to look at her. when you talk about a black woman having this seat, they can't get the minds around the idea this woman would be qualified. even in lindsey graham in paradesing michelle childs which is like this rare moment of sanity in politics which he states she is objectsively qualified, she says that affirmative action is picking someone who is not qualified. affirmative action is about fair consideration. a lot of non-black woman benefit
12:40 pm
from affirmative action. there's something about this phrase that people misunderstand. maybe it's willful, maybe it's not. people have to understand for 115 supreme court justices have existed and the majority of them have been white men. for america to truly be represented having a single black woman is the bare minimum. >> thank you. overnight federal prosecutors announced a plea deal with two men convicted of killing ahmaud arbery. the family believes the plea deal is unlawful and will fight to overturn it. we'll discuss that, next. at capella university, we know the world is pretty smart. wicked smart.
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the father and son convicted of killing arbery reached a plea deal. >> the judge is reviewing it and the family is agreeing the fight it. they were quicked of murdering arbery and have been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. civil rights attorney and cnn legal analyst joins us now. the family made it clear, i remember during the state proceedings they were not in support of a federal deal. how influential is that over prosecutors who are deciding if
12:46 pm
they will offer one. >> well, clearly, this prosecutor, this team has been in contact with the family and based on what we're hearing from the family attorney, there were some expectations set. expectations by the family this plea deal would not be entered into it. it's clear he's very upset that this deal was entered into without the family's -- without the family being on board with it. i think there's a missed opportunity here for the department of justice. they made a commitment under this department of justice they would pursue crimes based on hate where people take -- use violence solely because of raise. in this case the issue of race wasn't brought up in substantial way in the state trial. we know there's evidence out there. we know rodney bryant said travis mcmichael used a racial slur. we know facebook post involving
12:47 pm
racial slurs. the confederate flag driven by the mcmichaels. sdplm why did they do that? is it because they are serving life behind bars? trying to save resources. why would they do this when the family says they feel completely betrayed by this in. >> that's great question. typically these deals are enter into as efficiently resolving cases. as victor said at top of the show, both of these defendants are already facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. perhaps to avoid a lengthy trial, the resources associated with the lengthy trial, the department of justice thought this was the way to go. again, when you look at the evidence in this case, it seems to be so strong in favor of the
12:48 pm
prosecution's case in terms of proving that the murder of arbery was motivated by race is really disappointing and i can see why the family is expressing the rage and anger they are over the decision. >> the family says they want to fight this. they vowed to fight it. what are their options? what can they do? >> we know they were supposed to be in court today to oppose the plea deal to make statements before the court. they have an opportunity to do that under federal statute. they may contact merrick garland to complain about the prosecutors that are handling the case. at the end of the day this will be a decision made by the judge. the judge has the discretion to accept the plea deal as su submitted to him by the prosecutorial team or reject it. i think the public pressure they are bringing to bear, statements they will make in court if they haven't done so and appealing all the way to the top of the
12:49 pm
department of justice are what we should expect to see as they try to fight this. >> great to see you. thank you. >> thanks. the u.s. and russia facing off today at the united nation security council. we have an update on this important meeting. that's ahead. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ with relapsing forms of ms... there's a lot to deal with. not just unpredictable relapses. all these other things too. it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place. kesimpta was proven superior at reducing the rate of relapses, active lesions, and slowing disability progression vs aubagio. don't take kesimpta if you have hepatitis b, and tell your doctor if you have had it, as it could come back. kesimpta can cause serious side effects, including infections.
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okay, we have some breaking news right now. this is in the story that we just brought you moments ago. a judge has just rejected that plea agreement in the travis mcmichael hate crime charge. they were both convicted of murdering applaud arbery in that trial. >> and they've been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. this is in the travis mcmichael deal. we'll see what the next steps are for those two defendants on the federal level. >> okay. on a much lighter note. sports fans, listen up. the super bowl, apparently a big football game. >> oh, yeah. when will it be played? >> i hear it is coming up. let me tell you all about it. the cincinnati bengals are set to play the los angeles rams.
12:54 pm
i love that bengals song. is it manic monday? >> the bengals song? >> segue. they're going to play each other. on sunday, the bengals stunned the crowd by beating the kansas city chiefs. now, my husband grew number kansas city so this was a devastating loss in my house. >> a rough evening? >> yeah. very sad. >> a little moping. >> then the rams defeated the 49ers in a second half comeback. >> so the super bowl will be at rams sofi stadium where mary j. blige, kendrick lamar will be the halftime show classic. if you're trying to get tickets, they are many thousands of dollars. >> okay. this super bowl halftime show looks fantastic. so you don't even tune in for the halftime show? >> it's been a long time cynic i've watched the super bowl. they play the great commercials, like a week before. and then i can watch football if i'm there in the stadium. if i'll in person, i can get into it. watching on television, it loses
12:55 pm
something. >> i can watch if there are nachos. and with the super bowl, there are. >> we can watch most things with nachos. nothing doesn't go with. in a, with nachos. >> oh, okay. i'm sorry. you've been out of sorts all show. >> i have been. we try to make sure we don't clash with our wardrobe. i picked this tie. i showed to it her. she said oh, please, let me wear a dress in the same color. i hate that. >> look. you can't even see it in the wide shot. >> but i know it is there. >> but the viewers don't. it is a sub hlim it is a sub hinal hit of they look good today. >> i feel like it's the junior prom. all right. "the lead" with jake tapper starts after a quick break. nalys let's go to marshawn lynch. what? man, you just ate the product shot! save big. order through the app.
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so what does getting past the pandemic look like anyway? "the lead" starts right now. from mask mandates to vaccine requirements, new calls today to consider changing all the rules as the u.s. nears what could be the endemic phase of covid. we'll tell you the metric that experts want to use going forward. plus, the supreme court short list, a source telling cnn, the white house could begin reaching out to possible supreme court candidates as soon as this week.
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