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tv   CNN Newsroom With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  February 5, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning to you. welcome. it's saturday, february 5th. i'm christy paul. >> i'm boris sanchez. you are live in the "cnn newsroom," and we are grateful that you are with us. we begin with hour with former vice president mike pence. he's come out with his most forceful denunciation of the big lie forced by former president trump. >> the former vice president called out his former boss by name saying that, quote, president trump is wrong in claiming that he, meaning the vice president, could overturn the 2020 election. now, vice president pence previously defended his actions on january 6th. but donald trump has ramped up his push of the big lie, even
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suggesting he might pardon rioters if he's re-elected. >> i heard this week that president trump said i had the right to return the election. president trump is wrong. i have no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone. and, frankly, there is no idea more un-american than the notion that any one person could choose the american president. under the constitution, i had no right to change the outcome of our election. >> and now we're seeing new video of the violence and carnage from january 6th. we should warn you some viewers might find it disturbing, but it shows the actions that just yesterday the republican national committee declared legitimate political discourse.
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you see in this video a pierce battle between rioters and capitol police. you hear chants of usa, usa as glass breaks and rioters launch objects and police. >> more than 700 people and just of this video are comments that the justice department is using to prosecute this language. >> the language in the video we're about to show you is very graphic. the man you will see is a former marine from texas arrested around charged last year. if you have children in the room, you may want to have them step out. we're going to show you to you uncensored because it shows the very real danger that members of congress and capitol police faced. here it is. >> i'm hearing that pence just caved? is that true? i'm telling you, if pence caved,
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we're going to drag motherfuckers through the streets because we're not going to have our fucking shit stolen. if we find out you politicians voted for him, we're going to drag your fucking ass through the streets. >> legitimate political discourse according to the rnc. kaitlyn, these videos are obviously troubling, but they paint a clear picture that these weren't tourists visiting the capitol. despite these videos, the former president is still dangling pardons as he heads for another presidential run. >> that's right, boris. donald trump has been talking about giving pardons to january 6th rioters. but even in this situation, what donald trump is selling, the january 6th defendants are not buying it. justice producer and i made lots of phone calls this week to
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lawyers representing those january 6 defendants, including people in jail, people not in jail. people have pled guilty and overall they were telling us that they believe that what trump is talking about, about pardons is largely theatrics. there is a couple reasons for that. one, he's not president right now so he can't actually give pardons because he's not the president. when he was the president for 14 days after the insurrection, there were rioters who were asking for pardons publically, and trump did not give them at that time. so that was gone. and the third reason is that a lot of these court cases for these january 6th defendants, they're moving slowly, but they're moving fast forward that they will be wrapped well before the next presidential election. so there just really isn't a way for these people to be relying on trump's help. at this time one criminal defense attorney for several january 6 rioters told us no help is coming when we asked him about trump's statements this week about pardons. that said, there is still this
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capitol hill investigation that is ongoing. there are people who the house wants to talk to, witnesses that if they do not comply with subpoenas, one possible consequence of that is being held in criminal contempt, being prosecuted by the justice department. so a representative that sits on the house collect tee was asked about trump's comments this week. this is what she said. >> that someone who, you know, is waiving out there that, you know, i'm president in the future, i'm going to pardon you. you know, someone who could be thinking right now, i need to do the right thing. i need to state the facts and potentially plead guilty to the criminal actions that i have. if they think there is a way in the future to get off from any consequences from their actions, it could certainly color what they do right now. >> so there is a lot of motivations at play here. back to you. >> no question about that. always appreciate your reporting. speaking of the house select
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committee, they have new records that provide new details of a phone call between former president trump made to republican congressman jim jordan. >> the committee is drilling down on trump and his allies including those trying to overturn the election results. i know, anny, you spoke with jordan concerning that call. what did he tell you? >> i did. but before i get into what congressman jordan said to me, i want to provide some key context. we reported yesterday exclusively that the january 6th committee has in its possession white house call records that show donald trump wanted to speak with jim jordan, and he initiated that phone call, and the pair spoke for ten minutes on the morning of january 6th while trump was still in the white house residence. now, that is key because jordan is a key trump ally who on capitol hill was trying to carry out donald trump's goal of
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trying to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election. and the two spoke before congress met to go through that certification process. now, jordan himself has said that he spoke with trump, but he's been very unclear about when he spoke with the former president, how long that conversation lasted. i spoke with congressman jordan yesterday in the hallways of congress to try to nail down these details. take a reason to what he had to say. >> as i said, i had no more calls with -- i talked to the president a couple times a day, but i don't remember the times. so i don't remember. >> you don't remember if it was the morning, if there was one in the morning before? >> i don't recall, but i know i talked to him after we left office. >> so you don't remember if there was one before the
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violence started. >> i don't. >> and that it was ten minutes? >> i don't. >> so as you can see there, i was really trying to get representative jordan to clarify whether or not he spoke with president trump in the morning like the white house call records show. and he was not able to confirm that, but he did provide a new detail about how he spoke with trump after he left the house floor on january 6th, which is more specific than he's ever been. but the big picture here is the january 6th committee is building a time line of events from what led up to january 6th and specifically on that day. and this call between trump and jordan is a new detail that we can now add to that time line. >> and, annie, the content of that call could be consequential when it comes to the january 6th committee's work. thank you so much. cnn legal analyst jennifer rogers is here now to discuss with us all things january 6th.
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she's a former federal prosecutors. jennifer, thanks for being with us this saturday morning. you heard the reporting about how some of these defendants' lawyers are viewing the hints from donald trump about pardons. but it strikes me that the former president is playing more of a political game than he is offering any kind of legal remedy for these folks. is that a fair assessment? >> i think so, boris. i don't know what former president trump intends, but the fact is he can't do anything about this now. there is nothing he can do. these cases will be resolved long before he got back into office even if he wins in 2024. >> yeah. so the committee is still deciding whether to subpoena federal lawmakers like jim jordan. we just heard the reporting from anni, about that phone call. what kind of reaction would you expect if they did? is there any way that jordan and some of his colleagues could try to evade those subpoenas?
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>> well, the reaction from jim jordan is probably the most easy to figure out of all of them. he's going to refuse. we now have a decision from the supreme court that effectively blocks these privilege claims and yet people are still going to make them. if anyone is going to make a claim like that, it jordan. he's always been a stall wart and i don't expect that to change now. >> would there be a resource to pressure him, the potential for a contempt of congress charge? >> so the contempt of congress charge which of course steve bannon has been charged with and the consideration is going on now for mark meadows, that is something they could do. it puts pressure in the sense that no one wants to be charged with a federal crime, but there is no way to force anyone to comply with a federal subpoena unless you go to the civil
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route. there's not been any sign at all that congress is willing to even try that. so i think where we are is the worst they would do is send it over to doj. doj could of course charge him. although, the length of time they're taking with the mark meadows case suggests to me they're not at all thinking they want to do that with current officials or even officials who were there under former president trump like mark meadows was. so i don't know there is that much they can do except of course the pressure that all of this publicity brings. >> a process that would be rife with land mines and overly complex as chairman betty thompson explained it. so i do want to ask you about former doj official jeffrey clark. he was a key player in the plot to overturn the 2020 election. he met with the committee this week. he pleaded the fifth more than 100 times. the panel already voted to hold clark in contempt last year for his lack of cooperation. they paused on moving that referral forward until they met with him again.
7:12 am
any expectation? what do you think might happen now? >> well, there was a suggestion the other day that they may immunize him, that congress may give him immunity. and i'm finding that troubling. you know, i'm sure the select committee is working closely with doj, that they're in communications. but any time that congress gives immunity, that basically forwards doj from later bringing the case or at least potentially does so. so the fact of the matter is and i don't know if they're seriously considering immunizing clark, but if they do, that will undermine doj's efforts to charge him if that turns out to be what they ought to do. so i hope they think long and hard about this. i hope doj is involved in these discussions because to me if we end up seeing jeff clark immunized by the select committee, that suggestions to me that doj may not be pursuing this to look at the top people
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and potentially charge them, and i think that would be a mistake. >> you mentioned steve ban ona moment ago. he's accusing doj investigators of unfairly obtaining his lawyers' records. they collected hundreds of pages of e-mails and phone logs for his attorneys. how could that complicate his upcoming criminal trial? >> well, attorney-client privilege only covers the communications themselves. there can be no breach of the privilege. the second thing i will say is if he asserts an advice of counsel offense and says, well, i did all this on the advice of my lawyer, then that waives the privilege. in any case, i don't expect we will have an intact attorney client privilege at trial anyway. of course he will kick and scream about them getting any information but they're entitled to do it. at trial, we may see
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communication in the form of e-mails and other things if he proceeds with that defense, and that could get very interesting. >> jennifer rogers, as always, appreciate your expertise. thanks so much. >> thank you. we're following a developing story out of virginia this hour. a shooting in a bar near the virginia tech campus. what we're learning about this just ahead. also, we are finally able to give you some good news in the fight against covid. what trends are heading in the right direction. stay close. it's your home. and there's no place like wayfair
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we take care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday. what are you learning at this time? >> good morning to you. i'm just calling it that it
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speaks to. officers responded to a hookah work just before midnight and found that five people were shot. one of them fatally. we understand according to investigators that the university nearby, which is virginia tech did confirm that at least one of those victims is a student of theirs. however, we also know that alerts and a shelter in place order was actually issued by campus officials at the time of the shooting, but it was lifted a few hours later at 3:15. now information on the victim is not yet available, which is certainly not unusual as authorities are still speaking to families. what is unusual is that we don't know a lot about the suspect's information or possibly a motive. we are reaching out to the police to see if there are any updates that are scheduled possibly for today as we try to find out a little bit more about what led to these shots fired at a hookah bar near a virginia
7:20 am
tech campus that left five injured, one of them fatally. >> thank you so much. so, listen, we're seeing some promising signs this morning in the fight against the omicron variant. covid cases declining in all but one state. all of you in tennessee, take good care of yourselves there. you see that one. hospitalizations dropped 16% in the last week. here's the sad part, more than 2,400 americans on average are still dying from covid every day. now totaling more than 900,000 people who have died since the start of this pandemic. and many still are unprotected against the virus like our youngest children. well, the fda is set to meet this coming tuesday. they're considering expanding covid vaccine shots to kids under five and federal regulators hope to begin vaccinations by the end of the month. a kizer family foundation poll
7:21 am
throws only 3 in 10 parents say they will get their child under five vaccinated right away, a sign that convincing them to get the shot will take more work. the chief medical officer and vice president of texas children's pediatrics in texas. thank you for being with us. i understand that your grandchildren, both of them, volunteered in the pfizer trial for this regimen. how are they doing it? and what is the process for that for them? >> yeah. both my grandchildren at the time, they were the -- the first one was four. the second one was about a year and a half. we couldn't wait for them to get into the trial, myself as well as my son and daughter-in-law who are both in the medical profession. they are doing great. they had no side effects whatsoever from the vaccine. our now five-year-old, she was unblinded. so we found out she got the real
7:22 am
vaccine, the two doses. our younger one we find out on tuesday. so we are pretty much happy. >> i want to read you something from a doctor and a dad like you. you are a doctor and a dad as well and a grandfather, obviously. he wrote this on twitter. he said i organized large portions of my life around avoiding my three-year-old get covid. i will not be giving her three doses of anything that doesn't work. until then, she gets zero doses of something ineffective. ineffective is what caught my eye and i think the eye of a lot of other people. are you finding there are doctors who are questioning the science here and because of that, i mean, again, like you, this isn't a doctor and a father. is there something to question? >> yeah. you know, i'm glad you asked that question because so many people and certainly physicians unfortunately i think really
7:23 am
don't understand the process for what the trials do. the vaccine was not found to be ineffective in two to four-year-old group. what happened was the pfizer sets a threshold for antibody response and what happened was it did not meet that threshold. it doesn't mean it's not effective. it just means it didn't hit the market they wanted it to compared to the six month and two-year-olds where it did. it is not that the vaccine doesn't work. it is not that the vaccine doesn't protect that age group. but considering how many hundreds of thousands of kids have been recently infected, how many hundreds of thousands have been hospitalized, i will take good protection any day until we can see that third dose will give them even higher protection. but for physicians, especially to say that the vaccine did not work at the two doses at the three micro grams is really
7:24 am
unfortunate because that's not the case. >> okay. so i wanted to ask you as well about the recent reports of myocarditis, that rare heart inflammation that was shown -- and in some cases, it's rare, i want to point out. but the cdc, i know they met yesterday. pfizer and moderna's vaccines were both linked to this risk. moderna's more so than pfizer's to some degree. what do you know about that risk in mieyocarditis in young peopl? >> well, the risk of myocarditis from a vaccine is rare at any age group but extraordinarily rare in the younger age group. we have mostly seen it in the adolescents and young adults. but those cases are generally very mild. they usually go away on their own within a couple of days. again, just very mild symptoms.
7:25 am
what's important to know that micro carditis occurs from the virus itself. so getting infected with covid, you are probably three times more likely to get micro carditis from the virus than the vaccine. >> so are you talking to parents who have real trepidations about having another vaccine for their kids five and under? what should they know? and are there children who should not get this vaccine? >> so what parents should know is that parents are not immune to covid. they hear constantly that it's a benign disease or a mild disease in children. fortunately for most that's true. but we've had tens of thousands of children hospitalized because of covid. about a third of those in the younger than five-year-old age
7:26 am
population that up until now haven't been able to be protected. i will speak to anyone that's a parent out there. if your child has ever been in the hospital, it could be something relatively benign like dehydration. it is one of most devastating you will ever have as a parent. so having a child in the hospital with covid on oxygen, maybe hooked up to a ventilator, hooked up to multiple tubes is that type of experience is not something you recover from, nor does your child very easily. as parents, i want you to understand. understand the risk of the infection itself. and we don't even know what the long-term effects of covid can be. we have been dealing with this just shy over two years. we may be seeing this later with kids who have mild cases today. i sask: what is it that you wory about when you see hundreds of millions of doses given in this country. the safety profile has been
7:27 am
extraordinarily safe. >> okay. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to cut you off. we are just -- we've got to move on here. i apologize. but i am grateful to have had you and your expertise on today in talking with us. hope everything continues to go well for you, sir. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> thank you. coming up, u.s. troops are being deployed to eastern europe. what exactly is their mission? we'll take you to fort bragg after the break. well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation you take it on, by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day.
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russia is rushing back against u.s. claims that the kremlin is producing a graphic propaganda video depicting an
7:32 am
attack by ukraine that could be used to justify a russian invasion. all this comes as u.s. troops are headed to eastern europe. in a show of support for nato allies worried about russian troops being amassed along ukraine's border. it includes troops from the 82nd airborne base in california. cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson joins us. nic, i want to start with you. talk to us about what you're hearing from russia, what they are saying about these accusations about a false flag operation that may be in the works. >> yeah. calling them delusional. he said there have been so many of them lately that they keep coming one after another. we heard u.s. officials talking about a false flag operation. u.s. officials saying president putin was going to replace the ukraine kran leader with a
7:33 am
puppet government once ukraine was invaded. to this point, sergei y lavrov said it was obvious to everyone. a reporter asked him for more details at a press conference about this false flag operation. and he didn't want to give further details. obviously appearing to protect sources and methods. quite normal in these circumstances. but that's given russia the opportunity to say that this is, you know, the united states essentially, you know, stoking and stirring up all the trouble here. we have a reflection of that from the foreign ministry spokesperson today who even said that right now the united states and others in the west are trying to diminish, you know, what's happening in beijing and the olympic games there by being so much focus on ukraine. so that the kremlin's think
7:34 am
machine is taking this and going into overdrive with it. mean meanwhile, president putin will be back in town from beijing. macron today having a couple important phone calls, one with the british prime minister, one with the nato security general. both of these leaders saying that nato unity is important. he heard exactly the same messaging from president biden a couple of days ago in a phone call and prime minister justin trudeau the day before. why? because one of the ideas pushing with president putin is for the european union to get a greater role in european security and to many onlookers that looks like an opportunity for putin to find gaps in nato's alignment that the eu is sort of stepping slightly sideways on that alignment. >> and that has been his intent over recent years to find a
7:35 am
wedge in nato wherever he can. nic robertson, thank you so much. we want to go to isabelle now. she's from fort bragg. isabelle, talk to us about the u.s. deployment. >> good morning to you. president biden's formal order came down on wednesday. and less than 24 hours later, we saw the first deployment happening here out of fort bragg. now the plan is for overall 2,000 soldiers and para troopers to deploy. leading up on c-17s and heading to eastern europe, specifically germany and poland. that is the plan. on direct orders from president biden. this is the most significant move from the u.s. thus far. and it's acting on the potential of russian president vladimir putin invading ukraine. russia so far has refused to draw back tens of thousands of troops there as you heard from the border. but the pentagon has been clear.
7:36 am
these soldiers, they are not there to fight. this is a message that they're sending, a show of force in support of nato allies and also to deter russian aggression. i want you to listen now to what the spokesman of the 18th airborne had to say about how quickly they deployed. >> the soldiers of 18th airborne and the 82nd airborne division are always ready. they're ready to mobilize on a moment's notice, deploy in support of whatever operation it is. >> so the pentagon says this is a temporary mission. those soldiers do not know how long they will serve there in eastern europe. but the pentagon is also not ruling out that more troops could be sent there to nato allies and these 2,000 soldiers are actually separate from 8,500 troops that are on heightened
7:37 am
alert and at the ready to go there. >> good informed point to make there, isabelle. very good. thank you so much. still ahead, outrage and demands for more transparency in minneapolis after another police shooting results in the death of a black man. what happened and why the attorney general is now stepping in after a quick break. re with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy.
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there is a sentencing hearing going on right now live in the district scene. this is for the waffle house shooter who killed four people in antioch tennessee. he was found guilty on all charges including premeditated first degree murder and first degree felony murder. he opened fire with an assault type rifle back in 2018. >> yeah. you might recall the shooting ended when one customer wrestled the weapon away from him. ryan king was taken into custody when a woman spotted him in the woods 35 hours after police launched a man hunt. in the meantime in minneapolis hundreds gathered in a protest for the black man killed in just seconds by an officer during a no knock warrant. amir was asleep before the incident and was shown to be holding a gun once police entered. his parents spoke to cnn last night. >> too many of us our
7:43 am
communities have this same type of harassment. it is so unfortunate that this is happening again. and now it hits home. it hurts. >> amir was loving. amir was a sweetheart. amir loved everybody. he was friendly. he liked to joke. he liked to laugh. he had a beautiful smile. >> cnn's omar jiménez has more details on how all this unfolded. we do want to give you a head's up, though because there is body cam footage here that's disturbing and i don't want you to be caught off guard. >> just before 7:00 a.m., a m minneapolis swat team uses a key to enter a city apartment, then bursts through the doorway. searching the apartment tied to a saint paul homicide
7:44 am
investigation. instead, they found 22-year-old amir lock appearing to be sound asleep on a couch. lock then seems to wake up when they kick the couch and body camera footage shows him holding a gun. >> you can see the barrel of a gun. the involved officer was just outside the frame in the direction that that barrel is emerging from the blanket. >> cnn has not been able to confirm where the officer is, but as lock begins to stand, three shots. >> the officer had to make a split second decision to assess the circumstances and determine whether he felt like there was an arcticable threat, that the threat was imminent harm. >> lock's family says he was in legal possession of a firearm when he was shot. the family and their attorney criticize police procedure. >> no lawful gun owner could have survived this situation. >> this is the definition of no knock. >> in seven seconds.
7:45 am
seven seconds, that's it. and amir had no choice. >> it is unclear if this particular breach was originally designated as a no knock warrant, but attorneys took issue with the timing before the shooting. >> there is no announcement prior to entering that threshold, and they give amir no time to save his own life. and that's something that we don't see white citizens encounter. and the fact that it's happening in minneapolis again is beyond tragic. >> after the shooting, police say they immediately provided aid and officers carried lock to the lobby to meet paramedics. >> ambulance respond. >> lock was taken to a local hospital where he died. police now say he was not named in my search warrants. >> but this point is unclear if or how he's connected to saint
7:46 am
paul's investigation. >> the subject of the warrant wasn't found in the apartment. and the minneapolis police officer who fired his weapon is on administrative leave per department policy. >> i believe that he was executed by the mpd and i want the police officer that murdered my son to be prosecuted and fired. >> police say they're now assessing whether proper procedures were followed, and the mayor of minneapolis is promising a full criminal investigation of the shooting. >> this video raises as many questions as it does answers. truth and justice must be our guiding principals. >> as the interim chief and the mayor left the room, activists expressed frustration. >> how do you walk out of a press conference? you are a murderer! >> this is what we have been fighting against since george floyd was killed, running away
7:47 am
from transparency and accotability. >> my son. >> lock's father trying to control his emotions said his son was a law-abiding citizen from a law enforcement family and wants the officer to be held accountable. >> he forced amir to respond to protect himself as any law-abiding citizen would do and has the right to do. >> the officer has been placed on routine administrative leave, but there are also questions about what put him in this situation in the first place. the mayor jacob frye issued a moratorium on no knock warrants unless there is an imminent threat and it's been signed off on by the chief of police. separ separately, the saint paul police department said no arrests have been made in the homicide investigation that prompted what became the shooting. >> omar, thank you for that. the first medals of the beijing winter olympics have already been handed out. after the break, we'll go live to beijing and tell you who is in the lead.
7:48 am
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the olympic flame in beijing is lit and the winter olympics are officially underway. live from the z zone in the mountain, little bit chilly, but they're already handing out the medals. hey, coy. >> reporter: a lot of bit chilly. it is minus 10. feels like 10. good morning. the first gold has already gone out. norway was at the top of the medal table at the 2018 games at 39 medals over all and they're kicking beijing off right where they left off. battling blisters wind and
7:53 am
frigid temps wins the women's cross country by a huge margin, over 30 seconds. this is the 33-year-old's second gold. meanwhile, host nation getting its first gold of the games. china edging italy by 16,000s of a second. huge accomplishment when you consider that china took home just one gold at the last games in 2018. now an event to keep an eye oncoming up a little later this saturday. the women's snow board slope style final. not many people in the world can say they have won every gold medal ever offered in an olympic event, but american jaime anderson is one of them. she could make history by becoming the first snow border to win three straight golds in the same event. we asked her ahead of the games what it would mean to top that podium one more time. >> i feel so proud of everything
7:54 am
i have done and, you know, my mom always says there is nothing to prove. just go enjoy. but i think deep down of course everyone going there wants to win and do their best. and for me to win three medals would be absolutely insane. >> all right. finally speed skater claudia pekstein making history, becoming the first woman to compete in eight winter olympics. at 49 years old, she's also the oldest woman to ever compete at any winter games. he wasn't in medal contention but she was still all smiles and fist pumps after finishing this race. a great reminder for us to keep chasing those dreams. >> listen, you are never too old and it is never too late. just saying. take that with you today and let her drive it there. >> preach. >> coy, i hope you stay warm.
7:55 am
>> earmuff, man. i'm telling you. ear muffs. >> thank you, coy. thank you all for watching. we are so grateful to have your company every weekend. we hope you have good memories today. >> don't go anywhere. there is still more ahead. our good friend takes over next. getting the incredible iphone 13 without t-mobile, - - makes as much sense as playing hide-in-seek... ready or not, here i come. the desert. [sighs] really guys? t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than anyone.
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hi, everyone. and thanks for joining me. we begin with a clearer picture of what took place on january 6th in our nation's capitol and the growing rift in the republican party between those condemning what happened and those who refuse to acknowledge it. in just the last 24 hours, former vice president mike pence rebuked trump's claims that pence actually had the power to overturn the 2020 election results. president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people. >> now, that same day, the justice department released new videos from january 6th. look, they're violent, vulgar, and the target -- and target the very man you just heard denounce what the capitol mob was tryin


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