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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 7, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares in london, and just ahead right here on "cnn newsroom." >> the forces continue to build up along the ukrainian border. >> right now we're seeing dogged diplomacy every day. there is a discussion across the atlantic, europe, russia. >> the noose is being prepared. it's around ukraine as we speak.
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pe >> it could happen as soon as tomorrow or it could take weeks. >> as russian troops continue to a mass on ukraine's border, they are looking for tensions. we are live in kyiv and moscow this hour. plus china's tennis star peng shuai breaks her silence dismissing sexual assault. her recent meeting with the i.o.c. and gun salutes for the queen as she celebrates 70 years on the throne. we're live outside buckingham palace this hour. >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. welcome to the show, everyone. it is monday, february 7th, and this hour a pivotal meeting is set to get underway in moscow. in an effort really to diffuse a crisis and avert possible war in europe. french president emanuel macron
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will try to convince his russian counterpart vladimir putin to pull back and abandon any plans to invade ukraine even as u.s. officials are convinced an attack could happen at any time. and then later today, u.s. president joe biden will hold talks with germany's chancellor at the white house. olaf scholz is facing criticism for his handling of the crisis. they'll discuss responses to russia's military buildup. satellite images show russian buildup. some are close to ukraine's border. ukraine is still downplaying the threat. the foreign minister urged people to not believe what he called apocalyptic descriptions. have a listen. >> we believe vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine. it could take a number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow or it could take some
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weeks yet. he has put himself in a position with military deployments to be able to act aggressively against ukraine at any time now. if they choose to go down the path of escalation instead, it will come at enormous human cost to ukrainians, but it will also we believe over time come at real strategic cost to vladimir putin. >> the u.s. shipment of military aid arrived in ukraine on sunday. the u.s. embassy called it another 80-plus tons of solidarity. some of the first u.s. reinforcement troops have arrived in poland. washington is also prepared with economic sanction. >> on a daily basis, russian financial institutions do $46 billion worth of financial transactions around the world. 80% of those transactions are in dollars. they are connected to the u.s. financial system, but their biggest trading partner is in europe. more than $200 billion of trade is with europe each year.
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40% is with europe. by acting together, we put ourselves in a position where we would have not only an overall impact, but on putin who is tied to the russian economy. >> important perspective there. you can imagine cnn has reporters covering all angles of this. isabel a salas is following the troop deployment in fort bragg, north carolina. we'll get to that in a few minutes. first let's bring in melissa bell in kyiv and nic robertson in moscow. nic, good morning. let me start with you this hour. we have been seeing for several weeks now a diplomatic activity, a flurry of diplomatic activity. very little progress so far. how much is riding on this meeting with macron? >> reporter: it is hugely important. the tensions continue to build up around ukraine because of the positioning of u.s. forces -- rather, russian forces and the uncertainty of what they're going to do. russia says they're not going to
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invade, but, you know, we've just heard from a number of u.s. officials there whose assessment is contrary to that. so this is very important. it does seem as if president macron has been able to make -- let's not call it headway, but let's call it consistent conversation with president putin. the kremlin describes him according to macron's office as a quality interlocutor. they've had three phone calls over the past week. one was quite lengthy, a couple of hours, perhaps longer than putin has had, phone call with any other european leader. so there is hope that these two can sit down with some sense of conversation and understanding on the table in front of them. but the realities are the gaps are huge, you know. president macron has said one of the things he wants to do is to get a reduction in tensions around ukraine, whether that is a perception of what those
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tensions are or a real reduction, you know. the palace is giving it a little wiggle room. the reality is president putin is committing himself and forces in such a way to create the impression if he doesn't get what he wants at the table, then there are military alternatives. his senior officials over the past month have said similar things. so it's in this environment that president macron is coming. and even his office say, don't expect rapid results today. how long they meet, that's going to be important. we are expecting a press conference later in the day as well. and, of course, that will be absolutely key to try to read what went on behind closed doors. >> and, of course, we shall bring that press conference to you as soon as it gets underway. nic, do stay with us. let me get to melissa. melissa, this meeting between putin and macron coming
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as new satellite images show russian deployments in several locations. i think we showed our viewers those deployments around belarus. how is this ramping up of troops and equipment that we're seeing now on our air, the satellite images being received where you are? >> reporter: well, ukrainian officials continue to urge caution in our reading of that. we've seen a slight difference in tone in terms of the assessment of kyiv. ukrainian officials saying for the time being we don't believe critical steps are being taken for a full-scale invasion of ukraine. clearly the movements on the border, a couple hours' drive away from where i'm standing now, is extremely worrying to the united states because until the world works out precisely what vladimir putin intends to do, and i think everyone recognizes that no one really has any great reading on that. until the world works out what he intends to do, there is the
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point of what he can do. and with those troop movements we've seen, not only are there satellite images, but videos that have been posted over the course of the weekend that show substantial movement of weapons just north of that ukrainian border. 15 kilometers north of the ukrainian border in belarus which opens another front and uncomfortably close to the ukrainian capital. that will continue to preoccupy everyone who is watching the situation unfold. vladimir putin continuing to fortify russian military positions just north of the border. and this close to the capital really does suggest that that time, that window that exists for diplomacy is narrowing and certainly putting pressure on all those involved in the talks that will happen both in moscow today, isa, and kyiv tomorrow. >> melissa bell in kyiv and nic robertson in moscow. thanks to you both. well, as we reported, the u.s. military is moving forward to reinforce allies in eastern europe.
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isabel has more from fort bragg, north carolina. >> reporter: i'm standing inside the reception area, a football field away from the large military aircraft that are taking them overseas. right behind me, these sole ayer -- soldiers are waiting to be deployed. it can be a waiting game until they get the final order. it can be spent napping, reading, playing cards. when it is go-time, that focus, that training, it kicks in. in total, 2,000 soldiers will deploy from right here in fort bragg, 3,000 from the fort bragg are in germany. they are working on deploying the 82nd airborne. all together, 1700 soldiers from that division will go to poland. and inside of those large c-17 planes are not only soldiers, but also equipment and hum-vs and i'm also learning these soldiers will conduct drills with their polish counterparts. that is according to a spokesman of the 82nd airborne who calls it routine.
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>> so, we're there to assure our allies and to reinforce our ironclad commitment to our europe european allies, we cannot anticipate the future. we hope our presence will assure our allies that we're committed to a safe and stable europe. >> reporter: these soldiers are headed to europe. they don't have a time line as to when they'll be able to return home. the pentagon is calling this mission temporary, but it's not ruling out that they might send even more troops. 8500 of them aside from these 3,000 are on heightened alert there at the ready for any order from the president and the pentagon. i'm isabel, fort bragg. >> thanks, isabel. moscow continues to raise fears among nato allies that a russian invasion of ukraine is i am next slide, please. cnn asked a member of the u.s. house armed services committee and a former u.s. army official to weigh in on these concerns. have a listen. >> vladimir putin is not only moving massive amounts of combat
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power, mobilizing his reserves, but you also look at what type of forces are being moved into place and the supporting forces because the tanks, battalion tactical groups as russia calls it, are one thing. putting in the support services, the fuel, the field hospitals, the blood supplies, all the things they would need for a full-scale invasion are also now being put into place. and putting that stuff into place actually has cost for putin. this isn't just like moving fixed units around. there are substantial costs to him doing that, which indicates that he is intending to go ahead with an invasion. >> make no mistake, michael. whatever does happen, russia will be seen as a pariah. putin will be seen as a near, if not potential war criminal for attacking a sovereign nation. and he is going to be finding himself in a very difficult situation for an attack. now, it goes back to your question, can he find a way out
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of this? and this is what's been the interesting dynamic because he has established such a huge force, almost two-thirds of his military on the ukrainian border. and that's difficult to pull back from. but knowing mr. putin, he has always tried to shove that bayonet until he makes steel, and that's when he with draws. how he with draws will be interesting to watch. >> retired general there. we'll have much more on the story throughout the day right here on cnn. political tensions are also spilling over the beijing olympics. china's u.n. ambassador is calling on the u.s. to stop going further down the wrong path and accusing the country of a smear campaign about china's treatment of the uighurs. the statements followed comments from the ambassador to the u.n. made here on cnn on sunday. have a listen to this. >> we have to ensure that we continue to raise these concerns
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that are occurring in china at the moment. >> how do you interpret the fact that one of the two athletes that lit the torch was from, at least according to the chinese government, the uighur community? >> well, this is an effort by the chinese to distract us from the real issue here at hand, that uighurs are being tortured, and uighurs are the victims of human rights violations by the chinese. and we have to keep that front and center. >> the u.s. ambassador, she also addressed concerns, rather, over the safety of the u.s. athletes in beijing. have a listen. >> i can reassure u.s. athletes that the united states government will be standing with them in china, and we will be there to protect them. >> well, those concerns aren't the only things casting a shadow over this year's games. china's tennis star peng shuai is in the spotlight after
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sitting down for a rare interview with french journalists in beijing. peng made headlines when she accused of top chinese official of sexual assault then disappeared from public view. she's since denied making the allegations and doubled down during the interview. one of the journalists asked, in the text we could see you accused someone of sexual assault. what did you really write? we don't understand. peng answers, sexual assault. i never said anyone sexually assaulted me in any way. for more let's bring in steven jiang live in beijing. this is fascinating, the first interview peng shuai has done. this was a carefully managed interview. what more can you tell us about the interview she did with l'equipe? >> reporter: she said she never made sexual allegations against former vice premiere li. she seems to acknowledge a years
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long affair with him. saying her personal problems should not be mixed with sports and politics. and also seemed to confirm she did write the original explosive account by saying she actually took it down herself after it started attracting worldwide attention. now, to the point raised by the head of the women's tennis association, which, of course, has suspended all tournaments in china because of safety concerns over her safety, she said she personally wrote back to them, even though there were a lot of doubts about the authenticity of her email. now, she insists that she's been safe, well and free all this time and she had never disappeared. but to the point that this was such a rare interview, remember, this is only the second time she spoke to a foreign media outlet. this time it's a well respected, but highly specialized sports publication. we actually talked to one of the reporters who did the interview, and they said there was no overt effort to censor her on location, even though there were
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chinese minders present, but they did allow the interview to go much longer than planned. and also allowed the reporters to ask questions off the script. but they did observe the difference in her demeanor when she was talking about tennis and sports, she appeared a lot more relaxed. then she just tensed up and watching her own words very carefully, keeping answers short when responding to the allegations about the sexual assault. now, probably not unexpected, but this is really going to show that international storm. her original post created is not going to stop or even subside, despite this interview or that meeting or dinner she had with i.o.c. president bach. in the miebds ofnds of so many around the world, it didn't make sense for her to write what she did and insisting the whole thing was a misunderstanding. isa? >> i still have so many questions. i know you do, too. steven jiang, i know you'll stay on top of the story. thanks, steven. coming up right here on "cnn
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newsroom," the state of the emergency in ottowa, canada, the protest against covid vaccines just ahead. and a winter alert. what is ahead? pedram javaheri gives us a preview. >> portions of philadelphia, some early morning freezing drizzle could lead to travel disruptions. we'll touch on this and the potential for the storm to end up around areas of the northeast. touch on this in a couple minutes. . so grab nightshift to fight your symptoms, get your zzz's... and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast.
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1:22 am
hundreds of tractor trailers and other trucks and thousands of people spread out from one side of the country to the other demanding an end to those covid-19 restrictions. now, this started out as a truckers protest. they were against vaccine mandates to actually cross the border into the united states. but this has turned into so much more. people saying they are fed up with the mask mandates, the vaccine mandates, the lockdowns, the health restrictions. they just want it to end. it is a minority, but it is a very vocal minority. and here in ottowa, it has really taken this city to a point where the mayor and police chief are worried that they just can't handle it any more. city of ottowa has declared a state of emergency, but i really want you to listen to the police chief here when he spoke this weekend about the city. take a listen. >> the oath of office that i and my officers swore were never intended to deal with a city under siege, a threat to our
1:23 am
democracy, a nationwide insurrection driven by madness. there is no concrete plan for such a scenario as is kristen dickerson -- such a scenario as is described. >> reporter: they will begin an enforcement where leaders across the country are keeping a close eye on what happens in this city, and seeing if, in fact, protesters do decide to finally leave or if this will continue to spread, a contagion really, right across the country. paula newton, cnn, ottowa. >> thank you, paula. in the u.s., 80 snowmobilers had to be rescued after a huge chunk of ice broke away from land in lake erie. seven were lifted away from the ice floe via helicopter as you can see there. the rest were rescued by air boat according to the u.s. coast guard. no one needed medical attention. the national weather service had warned earlier that conditions were dangerous and had urged
1:24 am
people to stay off the ice around the lakeshore. ten cuban migrant had to be rescued from a sinking boat off the florida coast. the u.s. coast guard says the group was spotted thursday about 40 miles or 65 kilometers off the key largo. the migrants did not have life jackets as you can see there or safety equipment. 60 were returned to cuba. millions of americans are cross parts of the northeast are under winter alert with some snow and ice forecast through tuesday morning. cnn's pedram javaheri has the latest forecast. good morning, pedram. >> good morning, isa. yes, the weather conditions here really two different stories across what's happening in the western u.s. we're general quiet. santa ana winds beginning to kick up across the southwest. eastern winds quiet. portions of the southeast and the elements are in place for the system to eventually bring wintry weather across parts of the northeast and, yes, even
1:25 am
freezing drizzle into this morning across parts of the philly metro and the morning commute could be impacted by this. going for a closer look already seen by a wintry mix in parts of new jersey, wouldn't be surprised again, freezing rain, some icy roads across parts of philly. the system does gradually end up across portions of the northeast. we don't see this as a block buster event like we've seen the last couple of weeks. certainly not a significant amount of snow accumulation here. general on the lighter end of things. a couple inches, but get into northern maine, and could see higher accumulation, 8 inches or more across that region. now, we are approaching the middle of february so not too surprising to see multiple shots of arctic air. that is really going to be a trend. chicago, temps climbing up to 40 degrees, cracking the 40 degree mark with morning snow showers possible there friday. you'll notice the bottom drops out, drop 10 or so degrees below average. in the southwest, offshore winds kicking up. the down sloping winds as high as 50, even 60 miles per hour.
1:26 am
some power outage disruptions possible across the region. the temperature trend also going to be impressive here as is often the case with the down sloping winds. could see the temps climb above average which for palm springs is 72. you'll be touching middle 80s across this region by wednesday afternoon. in fresno, attempts right around 70 degrees. national perspective, rapid city will aim for 60. minneapolis only 21 degrees. in dallas, texas, highs right around 56. isa? >> thank you very much, pedram. recovery efforts are underway in madagascar after tropical cyclone made landfall on saturday. the storm left behind major damage and came on the heels of tropical storm anna which hit the area weeks ago killing dozens of people. now residents are facing even more devastation and finding themselves in desperate need of basic necessities, like water. coming up right here on cnn,
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britain's queen elizabeth used the platinum jubilee to elevate a woman at the center of the royal scandal. we'll find out how it is playing with the british people. you are looking at live pictures at capitol hill where two senators are working together to update as well as strengthen a 19th century election law. we'll have the details for you after the break. with hepatitis c i felt i couldn't be at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret i was cured. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. i worried about my hep c. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all types of hep c. before starting mavyret your doctor will test if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b,
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1:31 am
made allegations of sexual assault against a top chinese official last year. in a rare interview with french journalists, peng said she removed the social media post saying she was assaulted because she wanted to. french president emanuel macron is set to meet with russian president vladimir putin to diffic diffuse tensions over ukraine. u.s. president is meeting with german chancellor scholz. one of the many issues facing the u.s. president right now, cnn's john harwood takes a closer look at mr. biden's very full plate. >> reporter: this week president biden will try to build on the success he enjoyed on multiple fronts last week, but he faces big challenges. last week, of course, he ordered
1:32 am
the successful strike that took out the leader of isis. this week he's still dealing with the crisis in ukraine with russia amassing troops on the ukrainian border for potential invasion. on monday he meets with the german chancellor olaf scholz for a united front. there are differences about the nord stream pipeline. the united states saying it will not be completed if russia invades ukraine. he wants to hit on that position as well. on the economic front he had a blowout jobs report which emphasized the hot labor market. this week he's going to turn to the costs facing americans, inflation, of course, a top concern, and emphasize the benefits of his economic agenda that is stalled in congress. but that's not going to be easy with resistance from people like joe manchin in the senate. they're going to have to rename that build back better bill, reshape it, and that's what the
1:33 am
administration is going to be working on. behind the scenes, of course, the president is working on the selection of a new supreme court justice to replace stephen breyer. that is likely to be a win for the administration once that choice is made. but they've got a lot of work to do before they get that choice announced. that's going to be consuming the president's time as well this week. john harwood, cnn, the white house. we are learning more details about documents the national archives handed over to the january 6 committee. the archives have said some of the trump white house records have been torn up by the former president and had to be taped back together. "washington post" josh dorsey spoke about that with our pamela brown. >> we had a couple sources tell us they saw ripped documents that he put in his shirt pocket or he never returned, which made them think they could be something sensitive. the totality of our sourcing indicated there was no, you know, specific reason that he would rip any sort of document.
1:34 am
but he would rip all sorts of documents. he would put them in the waste bin in the oval office, the residence, air force one. people would assemble them back together. >> the former chief of staff for mike pence -- pence's comments about the ability to overturn the 2020 election merited a response. have a listen. >> unfortunately, the president had many bad advisers who were basically snake oil salesmen, giving him really random and novel ideas as to what the vice president could do. >> two u.s. senators from opposite sides of the aisle said they are coming together to support a bill to reform the electoral count act. the reason for the bipartisan accord, former president trump's attempt to get his vice president to throw out election results. cnn's suzanne malveaux explains for you.
1:35 am
>> reporter: two senators, moderates who often reject their own party's direction, believe that they have a potential bipartisan win in protecting u.s. elections. republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska and democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia in an exclusive joint interview with cnn saying they are promoting and pushing for reforming the electoral count act. essentially, they say it will clarify some things. first and foremost, that the vice president does not have unilateral authority to call a u.s. election. and secondly, that any attempt to try to disrupt the certification process, as we saw in january 6 with those rioters at the u.s. capitol, would be futile. >> what really caused the insurrection, they thought there was an ambiguity, if you will, and there was an avenue they could go through, maybe overturn the election, because there was. it was not clear.
1:36 am
and when one congressman and one senator can bring a state's authentic count to a halt, it's wrong. and basically not protecting the electors. you can change electors after you send them here after the election, all these things, this is what we're going to fix. >> some will criticize it for not being enough, others will say too much. i kind of have said, we're going to take the goldilocks approach here. >> what's that? >> we'll try to find what's just right. >> exactly. >> and it's not going to be just right for everybody. but will it be a step ahead? will it be important for the country? yeah. >> reporter: it is far from certain democrats would actually support this legislation in its current form. they say that essentially doesn't really even deal with the issue or the problem that democratic lawmakers posed in those two voting rights bills that failed, essentially that there are state laws that have been put on the books led by republican legislatures that make it harder for voters to vote, specifically african
1:37 am
americans. now, murkowski said she would be willing to add some provisions to help protect pole workers on the -- poll workers on the ground and casted ballots to make sure they were protected in transport. manchin said he, too, would put out some sort of provision that assured perhaps states would go back to the 2018 election laws that they used before that were largely uncontested. but murkowski sitting right next to manchin even refused at that moment to commit to such an idea. suzanne malveaux, cnn, at the u.s. capitol. members of the u.s. congress will hold a moment of silence later today for the most than 900,000 americans who have died from the coronavirus. covid-related deaths have been steadily rising in the u.s. over the last seven days with more cases have continued to fall you can see on the graphic. currently death rates are highest in mississippi and lowest in hawaii. meanwhile, a former fda commissioner says all states
1:38 am
need to agree upon some common metrics to determine how and when it's safe to start lifting restrictions. >> we're still tragically in this fight. i think when you look across the country right now, you see cases declining quickly all across the country. almost every state, you look week over week cases have decline declined sharply. we're a good way through the wave. new jersey, maryland, we're down 1,000 cases. it's a low level. depending on how you measure that, it's a long struggle. this is a virus that's going to be persistent. we'll have to take measures to protect vulnerable people. >> australia is moving to welcome back visitors, travelers from around the world will be allowed into the country. it's been closed to visitors two years and 80% of the adults fully vaccinated, australia is hoping to relax border controls
1:39 am
will bring a much needed boost to the tourism industry. meanwhile, it is a very different story in china where 3 1/2 million people are under a strict lockdown in the country's southwest. that move coming after officials detected dozens of preliminary covid cases during mass testing on sunday. nearly all businesses are closed. public transport in the city is shutdown until further notice. people are only allowed to leave their homes to get groceries or to take a covid test. the british prime minister is facing another tough week ahead. boris johnson is expected to tour a medical center in england today. it comes amid growing calls for him to resign from the party gate scandal including some in his own party. salma abdelaziz joins us. do we know how many letters have come in?
1:40 am
>> reporter: ten lawmakers openly said they presented the letters. here's what we need to know about the process. it's completely secretive. the 1922 committee that oversees the tori party. they can submit letters calling for a vote of no confidence. there is a threshold that needs to be reached. 54 conservative lawmakers. but the committee doesn't have to reveal the amount that submitted letters until they reach that threshold. what that means we're seeing leaks in local media, varying figures. some saying they're close to that number. yes, you had all that external pressure the last few weeks. the investigations, the headlines, the anger publicly. now it's time for that internal pressure, the kind we can't really see because it's kind of opaque to us. >> but he's done some rejigging of his team. has that helped to ease some of the pressure, you think? >> well, five top aides departed in a 48 hour period. even that did not look great. some of them left as part of the
1:41 am
reshuffling. some names we recognize, mark reynolds, the top secretary. but some left because of prime minister's boris johnson handling. they left of their own accord. his top policy chief because they were angry at the handling. now we are hearing from within the conservative party lawmakers speaking to cnn's top producer saying there is a sense of anger, there is a sense of frustration. there's no organized rebellion against prime minister johnson. he's still that strong man. the feeling of where does this end, isa? you saw a investigation in the work, a prime minister on the ropes. what's the "end game" here? >> we shall wait to see how many hand over their resignations and when that investigation does come out. salma, thanks very much. now, a royal surprise comes out of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. how the woman that was once at the center of a royal scandal could be britain's future queen
1:42 am
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welcome back. in the coming hours, the royal house artillery will fire a 41-gun salute in london's park. it is the queen elizabeth's succession to the phone. this is among many events planned for her platinum jubilee. she is marking seven decades, the longest monarch to date. she exercised a royal privilege that has caught many off guard. for more on this let's bring in our royal correspondent max foster in london. good morning, max. what a remarkable achievement,
1:46 am
70 years is quite something indeed. and it seems that she's proving the monarchy. >> reporter: yes, today is the first day really of celebration. the actual day, accession day as it's called on sunday, the queen always spends privately. it does mark the beginning of her reign, but also the end of her father's reign when he died. so today it really starts ramping up. there will be lots of events really culminating in a four-day holiday weekend here centered around the palace. in june there will be a concert in the palace, parades up and down the mile. you'll start seeing it, there will be a lot of energy behind that because people can come out and celebrate after covid as well for the first time. that's the idea, the thinking. as you say, the queen using this occasion to make a massive statement about the future of the monarchy and how that might look. that is part of the job of a sovereign to secure the future of the monarchy. prince charles has made very
1:47 am
clear he wants camilla to be his queen when he takes the throne. the current sitting monarch has to give approval for that, she gave that saying she wants camilla to be queen consort and charles takes the throne. this is something charles was unwilling to compromise about. he has the best shot of getting public support, i think, if the queen backs him and asks for public support. that's what we saw this weekend. >> max foster outside the buckingham palace. thanks very much, max. good to see you. still ahead right here on the show, a u.s. skiing superstar crashes out during her first run at the olympics. but don't count her out just yet. coy wire will explain next.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! day three of the winter olympics is now underway in beijing. there are several more gold medals up for grabs on monday, but already today we've seen some incredible performances, with some devastating blows. let's get more on this.
1:52 am
let's bring in cnn's coy wire live just outside beijing for us. and, coy, there was some heart break, i think, for u.s. skier mikaela shiffrin. what happened, is she completely out now? >> reporter: that's what she called it, isa. one of the greatest alpine skiers of all time, one of the faces for team usa. she came into the hopes of medaling in five alpine events. in her beijing debut, the defending giant slalom champ missed the fifth gate. that was seconds into her run. she didn't finish the race. she won't ever forget this. she also said that's the type of thing that drives her to keep her working. isa, it was swedish star sarah hectare for the win. she had a devastating knee injury in 2015. she was told she would never ski again. here she is in beijing winning giant slalom gold for sweden. they are at the top of the medal board. in figure skating, a legend
1:53 am
15-year-old sensation continues to grow in beijing. the russian olympic committee had become the first to score in the short program in the olympic competition. she becomes the first woman ever to land a quad jump in an olympic games. she won the free skate by more than 30 points, propelling the r.o.c. to gold in the figure skating event over the u.s. she had already set world records. now olympic records, too. finally, isa, some incredible inspiration for us this morning. 2018 -- in 2018, the 27-year-old max of canada was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. he completed 12 chemotherapy treatments before returning to competition in 2019. now just a bit ago in beijing, he became an olympic gold medallist. canada's first medal at these games. took silver in pyeongchang four years ago, but here he is now, must absolutely be on top of the world. and, isa, i know you're a big ski jump fan. so just a couple hours you're
1:54 am
going to have the mixed team event to tune into and watch those high-flying human torpedoes do their thing. >> human torpedoes. i shall be watching. coy, what else have you got your eyes on for today? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of skiing going on, and that's where, you know, you get some of these fast -- there's no vehicles, right. they are the vehicle. and they're just hitting such high speeds. that's what i'm going to be tuning into today. the men's event had to be postponed because of high winds, so the conditions are making it very scary and hair raising indeed. >> coy wire for us there in china. thank you very much, coy. good to see you. and with the olympics really in full swing as he said there, headlines are being dominated, not by who is winning, but who fell short. california-born figure skater competing for team china is facing a vicious blow back on social media after falling
1:55 am
during her first team skating event. hash tags criticizing the 19-year-old gained millions of views on chinese social media in just hours. and when it looks like at least one hashtag was censored, the backlash highlights how much pressure many chinese olympians are under and she seemed stressed during her final team event, falling again and bursting into tears after her performance. how would you react if you won hundreds of thousands of dollars, but were never told? well, that's what happened to a man who went to a las vegas casino last month, took a shot at a slot machine and unknowingly won the $230,000 jackpot. officials say the machine malfunctioned and never alerted the man he won. after an exhaustive search they tracked him down at his home in arizona, and now will take another trip to vegas, of course, to claim his prize. and that does it for me on "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares in london.
1:56 am
our coverage of chinese tennis star peng shuai's sexual assault allegation dismissal continues on "early start" with christine romans and laura jarrett. reach out to me, do stay in touch. have a wonderful day. bye-bye.
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said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. good morning, everyone. it is monday, february 7th. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting alan early start with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. new this morning, the chinese tennis star who dropped out of sight after accusing a chinese official of sectio


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