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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 7, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, february 7th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. breaking overnight, a major development from inside china as that nation tries to portray a clean image to the world during the olympic games. chinese tennis star, peng shuai, who disappeared finally emerged for a french newspaper. it was a controlled chaperoned exchange with reporters with the goal of sending the message, nothing to see here. she called the all the allegations a huge misunderstanding and she said she she deleted a post because she wanted to. >> both seemingly in effort to
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defuse global concerns about peng's safety that seemed to have threatened olympics. this is something she seems to have full agency over. >> reporter: this meeting with thomas bach, they do not lessen t the. she basically denied ever making srault allegations calling the whole situation a, quote, huge misunderstanding. now, this is the second time she's walked back her original claims but first time she has spoken to a media outlet. she posted a long emotional story about how she had coerced into sex by a former vice premier, one of the most powerful leaders in china.
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she then disappeared from view for weeks. all accusations were scrubbed from the chinese internet. she seems to have choreographed appearances. when they were talking about sports, she seemed relaxed. the moment they talked about the allegations, she seemed cautious. it was carefully managed. there was a chinese official in the room acting as translator. and they published as a q&a and not as a story with quotes. they had dinner in beijing. no photos, no detailed information on what they actually discussed. this is as rights groups have slammed the ioc for what they say is legitimizing the chinese authority's efforts to silence
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peng. brianna. >> thank you for that report. >> as long as she is doing these interviews with people watching over her shoulder, it's hard to know what to make of it. much more coming up. new this morning, a crucial day of diplomacy. tprepbs president macron is to meet with putin. he is optimistic it will happen. russia has 70% of military capabilities in place for a full-scale invasion. k kyiv could see up to 50,000 deaths. president biden will meet with the new german chancellor olaf schultz. william taylor, always a
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pleasure to see you. you felt he was looking as a way out of this, looking for an off-ramp. that was four or five days ago. a lot has happened, including increased russian military buildup. do you still feel putin is looking for a way out? >> john, i do. this would be a disaster for russia. it would be a disaster for president putin if he were to pull the trigger and invade ukraine. it would be disastrous for the russian economy. he knows the sanctions would hammer his already fragile economy. he knows he would be a pariah. john, this could even be a war crime. just the range of bad things that would happen to russia and president putin suggests maine he is looking for a way out, an alternative to the invasion that will kill, as you just said,
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tens of thousands of ukrainians and russians. russian soldiers will also die. this could destabilize his own regime. this could be a major problem for him. yes, he is looking for a way out. he may not get it. we know he has invaded before. he invaded ukraine in 2014. we have to be ready. the ukrainians have to be ready. but we also have to continue to deter him and push him towards these negotiations. >> so what is the vehicle for getting out of this? he is going to be meeting with the french president? what's the vehicle here for the off-ramp? >> the vehicle for the off-ramp is for him to say, as you just mentioned earlier, i never really planned to invade ukraine. it was not my plan at the outset. what i really wanted to do was highlight my security concerns,
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putin could say. and he could say that the united states has finally acknowledged that i've got security concerns and he could say the united states is now willing to sit down with me at the negotiating table. that is the way he could get out of this bind that he has put himself in. he put himself into this box. it's all of his own making. and the world knows there's no reason for him to invade ukraine. it could be totally unprovoked. >> i want to ask you about the meeting president biden will have with the new german chancellor, olaf schultz. there was a disappearing act. where is he? they haven't heard from him. how much more does the united states want from germany? what specifically does the u.s. want out of germany? >> so, john, we want to be sure that all allies, the french, as well as the germans, as well as the rest of nato, as well as the
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rest of the united states' allies, are all pulling in the same direction. they can be pulling on different ropes, but they are all pulling in the same direction. we would like the germans pulling on the rope they've got. they've got a thick rope. they've got this pipeline mr. putin would really like to put in operation that goes from russia to germany that would further the vulnerability of europe to russian energy leverage, energy blackmail. so what we would like to seat germans do is say this pipeline will not go into effect. we will not subject ourselves to further leverage, further vulnerability, further damage from the russians having this control over energy supplies into europe. so this is what we would like to see from the germans. >> jake sullivan, the president's national security adviser, said we are in the
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window. to you, is it something positive to know we are in the window with each day that vladimir putin has not invaded? >> each day that vladimir putin doesn't invade is a good day. and each day that goes by, brianna, the ukrainians are better prepared, there's more weapons, there's more support, there's more movement on the part of ukrainians to shore up their own support. every day that goes by, the ukrainians get stronger. the other thing that happens as time goes by, ukraine gets closer and closer to europe and farther and farther away from russia. all this threat, all these threats that putin is making against ukraine, are driving ukraine toward europe, is making ukrainians hate the russians. they didn't used to hate the russians, most of them. some did. but now the vast majority hate
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the russians for what they have been putting them through and putting them through. this is not working for russia. >> ambassador, always great to have your insight. thank you for being with us this morning. so, developing overnight, spotify ceo, the spotify ceo is finally addressing joe rogan's use of racial slurs in previous posts. he said while i strongly condemn what joe has said and while i agree with his decision to remove past episodes from our platform, i realize some will want more. and i want to make one point clear, i do not believe silencing joe is the answer. we should have clear lines around content and take action when they are crossed but canceling voices is a slippery slope. looking at the issue more broadly, it's critical thinking and open debate that powers real
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and necessary progress. this is rogan over the weekend. >> i know that to most people there's no context where a white person is ever allowed to say that word. never mind publicly on a podcast. and i agree with that now. i haven't said it in years. but for a long time, when i would bring that word up, like if it would come up in conversation, instead of saying the "n" word, i would just say the word. i never used it to be racist, because i'm not racist. but whenever you're in a situation where you have to say i'm not racist, you [ bleep ] up. and i clearly have [ bleep ] up. >> host of firing line, margaret hoover and bakari sellers and author of "who are your people." i'm not sure the framing of, oh, should spotify cancel joe rogan
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is the right discussion to be having here. >> let me push back. on somebody who has a podcast on spotify, it is weird that the ceo used every single buzz word he could find. no one is asking for spotify to silence joe rogan. i don't think cancel culture is a real thing. i think people say stuff, and you have consequences. people want you to curb the big try, xenophobia and racism. it is about having real dialogue that doesn't include xenophobia or bigotry. the pact that the ceo of spotify and joe rogan missed is this. white folk need to hear this during black history month. it is never okay to say the word. you will never say it to my
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face. just from a pure associate logical context, it is so tortured when it comes to black folk in this country. it is associated with brutality, rape and pillaging. and we have grown men, one who runs a company, and the other who has $100 million contract to do a podcast who simply do not understand this is part of the problem with the conversation we're having. i don't want to cancel joe rogan. in fact, i don't care what the guy from fear factor has to say. he should not be able to divide our country. but we have to begin to have conversations that are absent xenophobia, bigotry and racism. >> margaret, what do you think of the apology where he is saying this is out of context and essentially saying it's not that i really used the "n" word, i don't abbreviate it when i talk about it in an abstract
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way? . >> well, he said even when i see it that way, it's not okay. and he did say -- he didn't say it's about context. he back pedaled and said even that is terrible. he was pretty, in that five-minute -- i watched the five-minute video so you don't have to. you know, it's up to you to decide whether it's sincere or not. he did all the requisite apologizing. but what bakari just said is so important. and, john, you're right to reframe the conversation. the conversation we should be having is why that word is not his word to say. and why in black history month it's important to reflect on the legacy of slavery in this country still. and racism as it exists now. and pockets in our country socio
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logically that don't understand and embrace and get the full scope of american history. because we want to integrate all of it so we can reach this place of reconciliation and building forward together. and this is an opportunity to learn and reflect on that. rogan tipped his hat at, gosh, i hope this can become a learning opportunity. it will become a learning opportunity. he can engage with bakari sellers about why that was wrong. >> i will say, margaret, that both spotify and joe rogan seem to know they have a problem now. that may just be because they can restock prices. >> bingo. this pr-palooza is not helpful. and you want to take a moment to just wonder whether the marketplace. you don't need mob culture or cancel culture.
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the marketplace can correct for behavior it doesn't like. will the marketplace, including streamers, performers who say i don't want to appear on this platform if this is going to be acceptable behavior. you have seen spotify change their behavior. they originally said, we don't have anything to do with content. we're not editorializing or demand certain standards. well, they just changed that. the ceo in his letter said we will put parameters around what's acceptable on this phralt form now. >> where do you, bakari, see this going and where would you like to see it go knowing the answer to the two questions may be different? >> i would like to see it go away. that's the fact. look, joe rogan has a history of this bigoted, racist rhetoric on his podcast and xenophobic rhetoric that he casts off as being laughable, as a joke. he was this comedian who didn't
3:16 am
know much. for a long period of time it stayed on there. and now people are withdrawing themselves, which they have every right to do with the listening to spotify. as margaret so eloquently said, the marketplace can correct bad behavior. this drives me crazy from the ceo of spotify, this is not about canceling joe rogan. i'm not going to silence them. i am showing there are consequences to their ignorance. so i want this to go away. i don't have a particular heartburn for joe rogan. if he wanted to call me and i had time and wasn't balancing twins, i may talk to him. but it shows you how divided we are.
3:17 am
right now spotify has a moment, whether or not they will take that moment and try to bring us together and reconcile, i don't know. but this is where we are today. this is the travesty and the sadness of this country today. >> maybe he will call. if we're talking about learning moments, maybe that is one that could come out of this. bakari, thank you so much. margaret, thank you. up next, stacey abrams, and we will talk about this with bakari and margaret. maskless in a room full of masked children. how abrams is responding to her critics. health and human services secretary fighting back reports that he is irrelevant in his role just as frustrations are growing over the handling of the pandemic. huge disappointments for two of america's biggest olympic stars. the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic responds to snoring- automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch.
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georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams facing criticism of a picture of her maskless in front of a class that is masked. it is shameful they are using a back history month reading event for georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack, and it is pitiful and predictable that our opponents continue to look for opportunities to distract from their failed records when it comes to protecting public health during the pandemic. how do you think she did there? >> she wore her mask as everybody has opined since then, took it off for the photo, and realized that was a mistake.
3:23 am
because understanding politically the dynamics in the state that she is in, there is a narrative about democrats believing that a mask is, you know, for thee and not for me. there is this false narrative, not a false narrative, but this notion that mask debates that the left and the democrats are trying to tell you how to run your life but they won't hold themselves to the same standard. it is an age-old narrative, the limousine liberal narrative. that's what's at play here. to me it seems like a clear and obvious mistake but one that, you know, is right for fox news segment for the next six months to play on a loop. she took the tweet down -- the photo down. she recognized it's an unhelpful image. it seemed like it was an honest
3:24 am
mistake. >> abbakari, i saw a smile on i. >> trust me, they are going to be talking about it on fox news all week long. it definitely ain't helpful. from a public health perspective or a pure perspective did she make a mistake if my kid was in the classroom, would i be outraged? definitely not. she was not trying to harm children, not flaunting regulations. she took a picture with her mask off when everyone else had theirs on. she is going to lose a week or two having to deal with this issue that is, for the most part, a nonissue. stacey abrams is going to run a hell of a race. having kemp versus purdue is interesting in itself. you cannot have this type of
3:25 am
unforced error, for lack of a better term, multiple times. so she gets a mulligan for this one, i'm sure, and the campaign will move on. >> i wonder, bakari, how can you be so sure people won't think about voting for her mildly turned off by this? stacey abrams has shown she is able to pull together a voting coalition. certainly some of those people could be folks who are a little -- you know, they are just peeved what they have been through when it comes to kids and covid and school. >> no doubt. but i have a hard time believing -- one thing terry mcauliffe showed us you have to be concerned and sensitive to how parents feel about their children in classroom in making sure they're in school. my only point is i don't think a picture where we trust and believe georgians know the context, that she was wearing a mask throughout and took it off for the picture, i don't think
3:26 am
that's going to drive away voters that she has an opportunity to win. in fact, i think most people will look at the context. then they will do something which is absolutely crazy during this time period. they will actually look at her policies and see she wants children in the classrooms in a responsible fashion. . >> bakari, margaret, our thanks to you. have a wonderful rest of the day. >> thank you. >> have a great one. take care. how could it be that during a pandemic the secretary of health and municipal services never had a substantive meeting with president biden? that's one of the revelations. a man breaks into michael bloomberg's ranch, kidnaps an employee. but hear who he is really targeting.
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new this morning, a cnn exclusive report that the nation's top health adviser, becerra, is fighting back after a recent string of stories painting the health and human services secretary as irr irrelevant. he and the biden administration are working to boost his visibility. look, any secretary -- this isn't the story. this isn't the narrative that you want to be fighting against here, isaac. how did becerra end up in this situation and what does the president think about what's going on here? >> reporter: the president was very intent coming off the way things were with the trump administration he wanted the doctors and the scientists front and center. putting that scientific medical advice out. it was accentuated by the fact that becerra's confirmation was held up two months by senate
3:32 am
republicans claiming he wasn't a doctor in a pandemic. it should be noted only three previous health secretaries had any medical experience at all. so that put becerra behind the ball in being involved. and he has taken a hands-off approach to setting the direction of the pandemic response. he's been doing a lot of the operational work in the health department. but not the one making the decisions where most has been in the white house through the covid task force that's there. >> so at one point he spoke to you about how the biden administration has been struggling with breaking through to some americans about covid guidance. what did he tell you? >> reporter: we spoke by zoom. he's working remotely as most people are. he said to me, look, he knows the guidance has been confusing. he said that's one thing he knows the administration needs to work on. if people can't understand it, they can't follow it. that could potentially cost
3:33 am
lives. he said part of what he wants to do is step forward being that guy who, yes, he is not a doctor, not a scientist, but he is a successful politician. a long-time california congressman, attorney general. and this is how you can break through. you see an appreciation in the white house it seems. president biden called him to say, listen, i know what you've been going through. i have your back. i have confidence in you. you see a bulking up of what he is doing. wednesday he is going with the first lady to minnesota to talk about covid. a more frontal role he's had to this point >> that will be interesting to see what his message is. thank you so much, isaac. appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. a fiery coffee table book is making donald trump millions and millions of dollars. plus, the rnc voted to censure congressman king zibber and congresswoman cheney.
3:34 am
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so, new this morning, donald trump making millions of dollars off a coffee table book. it's called "our journey together." it contains photos from his four years in the white house. and the caption full of nasty shots at people he doesn't like. sounds like a feel-good book, kate. >> reporter: john, most presidents take a long time to write their first memoir. donald trump did it his way, of course, a coffee table book, like you said. this is a lucrative side hustle
3:39 am
playing right to his base. donald trump cashing in as only he can. with a coffee table book released in late november featuring pictures from his presidency, earning him millions. the book titled "our journey together" features captions only trump could write and did, a source familiar with the publishing of the book tells cnn. along with grandiose crowd shots, trump taking shots at his enemies with his version of their interactions. of the late senator john mccain writes, quote, asking for a job for his wife, i am smiling but didn't like him even a little bit. on facebook founder mark zuckerberg, mark zuckerberg would come to the white house and kiss my ass. and thoughts about his own head of the military. general mark milley looks like
3:40 am
he is praying and yesper, who said yes to egg everything, doesn't know if he's alive. and of course trump's nemesis is not spared. she was screaming and shaking like a leaf. she's effing crazy. that's the name crazy nancy. >> i have never seen a presidential book where not only does he portray his successes, which is okay and everybody has done it before him, but he also takes shots at people in a very interesting and almost comedic way. in my entire career, i've only seen a couple examples where a president uses that bad of a square word in a letter or in a book. it's very scarce. you just don't see it. >> but trump's fans are eating it up.
3:41 am
signed copies of the book go for about $230 each. unsigned, about $75. a source tells cnn the first 200,000 copies sold out within eight weeks, grossing $20 million in less than two months. the publisher, winning team publishing, set up by long-time republican sergio gore and trump's oldest son, donald trump junior. the book nearly impossible to find right now at stores. but a second round of 300,000 more, many signed by trump, is set to begin delivery later this month. president trump was paid a multimillion dollar advance for the book. he hand-selected the 300 or so images from hundreds of thousands of official photographs taken of him during his presidency. it's a presidential memoir fitting of the take no prisoners president and unlike any before. >> i think donald trump's imprint is solidly on this book.
3:42 am
president obama's memoir came out almost three years after his term ended at 800 pages. george w. bush "decision points," five years. but captions are all he wanted to write. and his decision to keep his brand at the forefront is very, well, on brand. without an intellectual obligation or in-depth historic take, a fiery coffee table book for millions of dollars, well, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. the pictures are public domain. you could have made this book or i could have made this book. but we probably wouldn't have done the captions right now. >> i'm still mulling over your phrase, without intellectual obligation. kate, thanks so much for that report. i appreciate it.
3:43 am
>> reporter: thank you. fresh off firing a black coach after two winning seasons and now facing a discrimination lawsuit, the miami dolphins make a new hire. plus, a man is accused of breaking into michael bloomberg's ranch and kidnapping one of his employees. the harrowing details how all of this happened ahead. t that touches their heart. ♪ ♪ this... is... how... love... shshines... ♪ at zales. the diamond store. it's the valentine's day sale get 25% of everything. ♪ ♪ at zales. the diamond store. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems.
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american skiing superstar mikaela shiffrin's chance of winning a gold medal ends almost as fast as it gains. coy wire with the bleach or report. coy >> reporter: one of the faces for team usa, shiffrin, hoping to medal in all five events.
3:48 am
her debut, missed a gate second into her run. she didn't even finish the race. she said she won't ever get over this. she also said that's the type of thing that drives her to keep working. the next opportunity is slalom in a couple days. an event in which she won gold at the sochi games. to figure skating. the legend of a 15-year-old sensation continues to grow. kamila, valieva is the first to land a squad in the olympic games. she won the free skate by 40 points. it propelled her to gold in the figure skating event. team usa takes silver. v valiava set records. mike mcdaniels will be the new dolphins head coach. the 49ers were one win away from making it to the super bowl, having lost to the rams in the
3:49 am
nfc championship. 38-year-old yale grad identifies himself as multiracial. mcdaniel replaces brian flores, who is currently suing the dolphins organization and two other teams along with the nfl alleging racial discrimination. and countdown to super bowl lvi is on. a week's worth of festivities tonight with opening night. but the teams aren't even going to be there. it is being held at sofi stadium. players and coaches will answer all sorts of questions from media members around the world virtually due to the pandemic. cincinnati fans will get one more chance to get to cheer tonight. they have a pep rally before they fly to los angeles tomorrow. brianna, one of the coolest aspects of super bowl week is not going to happen. kind of, but not really. >> the coolest aspect is john berman making his nachos.
3:50 am
he's going to make them. >> if i can find the four and a half minutes to take to prepare something that complicated, i will do it. >> yes. but you are very specific about it. i think it's something we would all enjoy. coy, thank you so much. so much to talk about in sports right now. we appreciate it. coming up, an 8-year-old boy walked into a library. he hid his book, a book that he had written on the shelf. and now the book is a hit. there's this long line of people on a huge wait list trying to get a hand on this book. singer billie eilish brought her concert to a full stop to help out a fan. so what happened next?
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8-year-old dillon wrote a book and wanted to share it with other people. he took his 81-page christmas adventure to the library. without telling anyone, he slipped it into the stacks. the library found it and, playing along, entered it into their catalog system. word grew about the adventures of dillon hisself, the author. the library says there is a years-long wait. joining us is the author, dillon and his parents, susan and alex. thank you guys for being with us. dillon, this is one story. i mean, everyone wants to read this. what is your book about? >> it's about a christmas story. >> i understand, dillon, that
3:56 am
it's about a boy with your name who is decorating the tree. the star on top explodes. a bomb somehow has been put on it overnight. then you get sucked into a portal and go back in time to the very first thanksgiving. how did you come up with that idea? >> he has an amazing imagination. >> yeah. >> it's unbelievable. >> him putting it in the library, we weren't surprised that he did something like that. his determination has always been when he wants to get a project done or he wants to do -- make something happen, he makes something happen >> he did. >> there yeah, he did. >>. >> you have been wanting to do this for a while, right? is this a plan you kind of hatched for a while. >> yeah. >> tell me about it. how long ago did you first decide, hey, i want to put a
3:57 am
book in the library? >> since i was 5. >> three years ago? >> big career for a little kid. >> dillon, what gave you that idea? >> we've been going to the library for a long time. we have been going since he was a baby. i knows that's where people read books. >> and he wanted his book to be part of it. susan, the book gets put on the shelf. tell us what happens with the librarian. >> so after dillon told me he left his book at the library, i called to see if we could retrieve it, thinking it was in the lost and found. and when i called and spoke with alex, the manager down at lake hazel library, he said they did find the book. they loved the content of it, they loved the book itself. it was entertaining.
3:58 am
they were all laughing about it. and it met all their criteria to process and have a book for readers. >>. >> only one problem with your book, that is it's so popular nobody can get it to read it. so would you be open, if anybody is listening, to publish this so the world could read your book? >> um, yeah. >> you heard it here. >> this could be the beginning of a book deal. dillon, thank you so much for being with us and sharing this with us. susan and alex, we appreciate it. . >> thank you so much. >> thank you. ♪
3:59 am
good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is monday, february 7th. chinese tennis star peng swhuai is breaking his silence at the beijing olympics with a controlled interview with french sports newspaper, the first time she has spoken to an independent media outlet. she calls the allegation a huge misunde misunderstanding. and she said she deleted a social media post accusing the state official of coercing her into sex, quote, because i wanted to. >> in this new chaperoned interview, the 36-year-old reveals she is retiring from professional tennis. joining us now, "washington post" columnist and cnn political analyst josh rogin and wimbledon and u.s. open champ rennae stubbs. thank you both for being with us. i want to read what peng shuai wrote initially on social media
4:00 am
before she had a sham reason looking over her shoulder. she wrote, that afternoon i did not agree at first and was crying all the time. why did you have to come back to me, took me to your home and forced me to have sex with you. i couldn't describe how disgusted i was and had to myself am i still a human? i feel like a walking corpse. every day i was acting, which person is the real me? she said she deleted because she felt she was misunderstood. what happened with the political implications of this interview, josh? >> reporter: we should be clear, this is not a political story. this is a personal tragedy for tennis star peng shuai. first, because she was apparently assaulted. second, because now she is living in fear because she had a series of stage


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