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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  February 10, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep. >> hort breaking. they added no alcohol or drugs were involved. they found him unresponsive. his wife kelly posting this tribute marking one month since the comedian's death. he would always tell me, look, life is hard, we need to enjoy it as much as possible. top of the hour. i'm bianna golodryga. good morning, everyone. >> i'm jim sciutto. a dire warning from one of america's largest banks, jp morgan said oil could easily hit $20 per barrel if tensions between russia and ukraine escalate, as inflation tops 7.5%, that is the highest level in 40 years. plus this. new images this morning of u.s. fighter jets arriving in poland as russia launches joint
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military drills in belarus. details on what the u.s. and european allies are watching as possible signals of an invasion by russia. and back here at home. the national archives asking the doj to investigate former president trump's handling of white house records. this after boxes of documents recovered from mar-a-lago. details reveal former staffers believe the president if tried to flush some documents at the white house. >> more than once. but we begin this morning with the inflation news. cnn's matt egan following all of this. matt, a number consistent with what we saw in december but crucially, not tailing off at all, which is what the white house had said they'd hope to see in the early part of this year. >> jim and bianna, this is another brutal report on the cost of living. inflation can't get better until it stops getting worse. up 7.5% from a year ago.
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that's the most since 1982. almost 40 years ago exactly and remember, the federal reserve goal here is for 2% inflation. we're nowhere near that. now, they're having some signs of progress month to month, right, that maybe between december and january, prices would actually cool off. that didn't happen either. prices up by 0.6%. a few concrete examples of what we're talking about. gasoline up 40% year over year. used cars, 40%. food and homes, 7.4%. nearly 11% for electricity. context is crucial here. there's a lot of positive about the economy. gdp last year grew the fastest pace, unemployment rate down to nearly 4%. exactly 4%. it was at almost 15% april 2020. but the high cost of living continues to overshadow all of that and today's report just feels like another setback on
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inflation. >> and as the administration had at least been hoping to see signs of inflation tampering there. in the meantime, for many americans wondering why they should be concerned about what's happening thousands of miles away in ukraine and russia, new warning about the economic consequences potentially. jp morgan saying oil prices could go up substantially. >> this situation with russia and ukraine is a geopolitical crisis and could be a humanitarian tragedy but also potentially going to be economic consequences that could impact virtually all americans. jp morgan putting out this report talking about how russia is the world's number two oil reducer at a time when supplies are pretty tight right now. a line from the jp morgan analysis that wrote, quote, any disruptions to oil flows from russia in the context of low spare scapacity could easily sed oil prices to $120 a barrel, easily. they also added that if russia's oil exports were cut in half,
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that's a big if because we know moscow needs oil revenue too, but if cut in half, prices spike to $150 a barrel and that, of course, would only drive up prices at the pump which are already high. the national average hitting $3.48 a gallon today. a fresh seven year high up 7 cents from a week ago. exactly a dollar higher than a year ago. keep in mind, these latest gains in gas riceprices are not captu in the inflation report today. that's one reason why what happens next on the russia ukraine front will be consequential to people around the world. >> right, and russia will leverage that, right? the threat of hue higher pricest it continues to threaten the territorial integrity of the ukraine. matt egan, thank you very much. the national archives found what it believes were classified materials, these documents former president trump took with him when he left the white house. there were laws, as you should know, for presidents in the
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white house to preserve those documents, now cnn learned they ask the justice department to investigate trump's handling of those documents. >> all of this comes in a new book from the "new york times" maggie hagerman said they believe president trump was actually trying to flush pieces of paper down a white house toilet. cnn law enforcement correspondent whitney wild is following all of the latest developments. whitney, let's start with this new reporting related to the national archives discovery and reaching out to the doj hoere. what do we know? >> reporter: it's not clear if they'll launch a formal investigation. the reality is the vast majority of these referrals to the department do not end up as a formal investigation. in a statement wednesday, the archives said we do not comment on potential or ongoing investigations. the request came after recent revelations that the national archives had to retreat 15 boxes of records that end up with trump at mar-a-lago, his florida resort and other documents given
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to the archives were torn up and had to be pieced back together. this is obviously a totality so troubling to the national archives that they are asking the doj to take a look at this, they want formal prosecutors to decide whether or not this was going to be simply sloppy or whether or not this is something in a more criminal space, jim and bianna. >> whitney wild, thank you. let's discuss this with ron, welcome to the program. let's set aside hypocrisy, that's obvious for years leading up to the 2016 election. we had president trump go after hillary clinton relentlessly about how she handled classified information. that having been said, if the president was told specifically that he had to maintain these and hold on to these documents, they were indeed classified, is that a crime, given what we now know? >> certainly.
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certainly he could face liability, criminal liability as well as civil liability in terms of even being disqualified for being able to run for office again. that appears to be the case. he put a statement earlier this morning about it, nonsensical, all over the place. admits taking documents but claims he had permission to do so. the more he talks, it seems like the worse it gets. >> ron, you served as a federal and state prosecutor so you know there's the law and there's politics. in decisions like this, both have an element, an influential element here. so you're saying this clearly breaks the law, not preserving the documents as required by law by taking classified documents here. do you see these leading to charges, right, because we've been down that path before with this former president on a whole host of things where it appears there's evidence of not just wrongdoing and breaking norms, but criminal wrongdoing.
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does this one lead somewhere? >> i really thought that the georgia phone calls would have led to criminal consequences a year ago, that was all on tape. seems like everything with the former president takes a while when it comes to criminal investigations. once you indict or criminally prosecute a former president, that your democracy and your country itself comes into question as far as the legitimacy of it, so i think there's a lot of hesitancy. >> the fact that nixon, potentially, that was the argument you heard when he was still in the office, right but he's out of office now. >> yeah, exactly. so i don't understand the hesitancy. i think it should be full steam ahead on all of these investigations. i'm not sure what the delay is. >> you have compiled documents
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you handed over to the january 6th committee and you sat down with the members. tell us more about that. >> well, what my team has done over the last year is we have watched a lot of obscure podcasts and events and speeches that have been made on the internet by a lot of the people that led organized and participated in january 6th. some of which we posted small clips on twitter but we compiled them, so i think some of the attorneys on the committee followed me on twitter and saw some of the things i was posting and reached out to interview me to find out more of what we had, and i met with them for about an hour and a half and explained everything that we had. and then they asked us to organize it and turn it over to them. >> what do you think might have p piqued their interest? >> we outlined a number of things that have been not really widely reported but were said on obscure podcasts.
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there's a number of things that we had, like the podcast where mo brooks talked about wearing a bulletproof vest on january 6th. we were the first ones who posted the navarro clip about the green bay sweep. with had a number of obscure things like that. chris miller, talking about in a podcast why there was a delay sending national guard in. that was the most comprehensive interview that's ever been done of chris miller and very few people have ever seen it. things like that. >> ron, the thing is about this alleged conspiracy, right, is that it dudid not take place in smoke-filled room. it's been described in public. you talk about navarro, to get legislatures in several states, frankly, denied the outcome of the election and turn it. it's in public. why no charges? why doesn't the system seem to
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be policing this? >> well, what i can tell you is for several months after january 6th, most of these people kept their heads down and mouths shut and i think a lot of them were concerned they were going to be charged or arrested during the spring of 2021. when that didn't happen is when they became more brazen and as the months have gone on, they're more and more proud of what they did, the role they played. the navarro clip, he was bragging on it on steve bannon's show. i think what the committee is doing and that's why they reached out to me is they're definitely moved on from the participants on the ground up to the political leaders and organizers, and that's more of what they're looking at and more of what they're interested at in getting information from us. >> they report they cannot prosecute. ron filipkowski, thank you.
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a minor has failed a drug test. we'll be live in china with the implications here, particularly for the program that's repeatedly broken doping rules in the past as well as for team usa. several states defying cdc guidance and lifting mask mandates for schools and businesses. are they acting too soon or is the updated guidance coming too slowly? and republican after republican going after dr. fauci and the confusion over mask mandates. could this strategy help flip the balance of power in the midterms? ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪ ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪
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this morning. cnn learned a russian figure skater, a minor, tested positive for a banned substance and cnn has confirmed that 15-year-old kamila is the only minor on the russian six person team. >> koicoy wire is covering the games in china. the entire russian team does not compete under the name of russia because of an exposed statewide doping scandal a number of years ago. speak about this specific case here. this russian team initially won gold. is that now in jeopardy and when and how will we know? >> reporter: yeah, jim. this could affect that team event for monday, and also the crown jewel of the winter games, the upcoming women's individual
7:18 am
competition. the russian olympic committee won the gold in the team event. team usa finished second. could we see some movement there? the event, as i mentioned, on monday. medals though still haven't been handed out and if that might happen at these games. the international olympic committee said the medal ceremony delayed due to legal consultation and unaware when that was taken. the sport reports a sample taken in december from one of the six russian team members came back positive for a drug used to treat people with a heart condition, which is banned by the world anti-doping agency. cnn has not heard back from the ioc, the roc. while the international testing agency has just gotten back with no comment at this moment, jim, bianna, the international testing agency is investigating whether to issue a provisional suspension in this case, jim and bianna, which temporarily bans an athlete from competing until
7:19 am
the outcome of the matter. >> the unfortunate part is she's a remarkable figure skater, a lot of questions asked whether she knew she was given this banned substance. a lot nmore reporting to be don this but good news out of beijing for team usa, right, we added two more gold medals to the tally of the games including u.s. figure skater nathan chen. >> reporter: yeah, we've been talking about when going to show up, nathan chen the most dominant figure skater the last several years but the collision course for this moment since the last winter olympics when he fell short of expectations. team usa's three time defending world champ landed five quads in this long program to win gold by more than 22 points. his score was fueled of course by the new world record he set in the short program a few days ago. he's on fire. we'll sit down with him one on one to talk about this incredible journey. more to come. also, team usa's chloe kim has
7:20 am
done it again, the first woman to win two golds in the snow board half pipe. how good is she? first of three runs, said it was her safety run because she had the worst practice of her life, all sorts of self-doubt but playing it safe, still scores a 94. that's enough for the win, the commentator said. defending his olympic gold. congrats to chloe and team usa after a slow start snagging three gold medals today. >> athletes playing it safe, man. by the way, i shortchange nathan chen, i said four but landed five quads. that's remarkable. coy wire, thank you so much. >> you got it. the u.s. navy announced it has discharged 240 service members after they refuse to comply with the pentagon's covid-19 vaccine mandate. >> the navy said 214 were active duty, one was a reserve member and since been honorably
7:21 am
discharge. 22 undergoing training. 100 days of active duty service. as of wednesday, more than 8,000 members remain unvaccinated, however, very high percentage of the navy service members did get vaccinated. >> yeah. it was once the center of the covid crisis in america but today, new york is rolling back its indoor mask and vaccine requirements. it's a big change there. >> yeah, a huge change. and more states following suit and with cases and hospitalizations declining, cdc director dr. rashell hwawalensk. at the university of minnesota, welcome to the program. we were really eager to get your thoughts on this because do you think the cdc is now being pressured? they initially said it wasn't time to review the guidance and now they are after seeing more and more states loosening theirs and dropping mandates.
7:22 am
do you think now is the time? >> we are surely seeing a major decrease in cases. while hospitalizations are lagging in that decrease just because they usually occur 7 to 14 days after the cases. i think by the end of the month, we'll see a major drop in cases that surely could argue for a drop in these kind of mandates but i think we have a more fundamental issue and that is that if you look at what we've been doing for respiratory protection, which i believe is very important, we call it a mask. that's like calling a vehicle something with tires all the same when it could be a 747 or a tricycle. when we want to mandate masks, we should be mandating high quality masks and the vast majority of americans are still wearing poor quality face cloth coverings, surgical masks which do little to protect. i think we continue to argue about mandates when we ought to be talking about what really effectively protects people and the vast majority of what people are using is not protecting
7:23 am
them. >> told us the combination of vaccinations in this country, the population vaccinated plus the population that's been exposed has given the u.s. population about 90% immunity to this, and i wonder, do you agree with him, with that calculation and if this means we are moving from the pandemic stage to the endemic stage, that is, a virus we can live with? >> i have to start out by first reminding, paul said that a year ago today, we were at a high level of immunity and vaccines were flowing. so i think you have to take his comment now and put that in perspective. >> not 90%. he debatidn't say 90% a year ag >> we talk about protection now and what we don't understand is what happens with the new variant, one that may evade immune protection. you're seeing how many breakthrough infections are occurring now even with previous infection with delta as well as
7:24 am
the vaccination. so one of the challenges we have and nobody can answer this question, this is where great humility must be front and center, is what does it mean if a new variant emerges, one that could be like omicron but evade the protection that omicron and delta infections or vaccine gave us? we don't know that. we hope it will never happen, but hope is not a strategy. so we've got to be prepared for what may be hopefully a quiet summer into the winter, but we also have to be prepared for a new variant that could arrive and take us back to where omicron took us originally. >> so then what do you make of the argument by loosening some of the restrictions now and by dropping mandates that the hope is you're buying goodwill among the public so that if in fact there is another variant, they will once again start wearing their masks as opposed to wear masks in perpetuity or months on end? >> you said it very well. we have two pandemics going on.
7:25 am
one's caused by covid. and surely is taking a heavy toll on us. the second one is the pandemic loss of trust in government, in public health and in some cases, the media. and in all cases, where we lose the trust of the people to try to get them to comply with recommendations to help save their life and the life of their loved ones becomes very challenging when they don't believe you. i think it is important, as you stated, we have to basically take the recommendations we make and match them up with the seriousness of the circumstances at the time and right now, the public is over with this pandemic. the virus may not be over but the public is over with it. we have to acknowledge that and respond accordingly. >> michael osterholm, thank you so much for joining. >> thank you. coming up next, it might be a cyberattack on ukraine's energy grid or a movement of tanks along the border. new cnn reporting on what the u.s. is watching that could signal russia's about to invade ukraine.
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this just in to cnn. president biden expected to speak on friday with european and nato leaders about the continuing build-up of troops with ukraine, according to a person familiar with those plans. this is a key conversation with the u.s. allies. the situation goes more tense.
7:31 am
cnn has new reporting on how the u.s. and european allies closely watching for possible signals that russia is moving forward with an invasion. >> right to pentagon correspondent barbara starr on this. this is your reporting. what are these signs that moscow might shift from threatening an invasion to actually launching one? >> good morning to both of you. it's all about getting the intelligence right now. eight air force teams landed in poland part of a nato air mission to patrol the skies where aircraft may be moving around. the intelligence as well as reassurance and deterrent effort, hoping diplomacy will work but in case it does not, there is a good deal of intelligence gathering going on trying to determine what the factors might be. how do you recognize an invasion if it is about to happen?
7:32 am
there's a couple of key signals. one of them may be the positioning and maneuvering of the russian troops. those troops moving into more forward positions within firing range of their potential targets inside ukraine. of course, if it comes to that, that's one thing we're told they're looking for. it could be cyber attacks against ukraine. there have been been them in the past. the russians could start with an attack on the electric grid, trying to break the fabric of society apart, make people nervous and afraid. and, you know, it could be something from further away. long range artillery, missile strikes, that sort of thing. that would all be fairly dire, and again, the u.s. allies are talking around the clock, hoping to find a way out of this but in the meantime, the russians and belarus just to the north have announced they have begun significant military exercises.
7:33 am
belarus, of course, that belarus border just a short driving distance to the capital of ukraine, kyiv, so that is something that the u.s. is watching very carefully. those exercises will wrap up february 20th. just perhaps by coincidence, the last day of the olympic games in china, a close russia ally. >> barbara and jim, this coming as ukraine is accusing russia of blocking off parts of the black sea as well. so the aggression there and the build-up continues, very ominous sign. barbara starr, thank you. >> sure. well, hours from now, president biden will meet with senate judiciary democrats at the white house to get their input on his search for a supreme court nominee to replace retiring justice stephen breyer. >> manu raju on capitol hill has been following. so manu, biden courting democratic senators, of course, but some conversations with republican senators. i wonder in the midst of this and we heard public comments on who various lawmakers' favorites
7:34 am
are is a front-runner emerging? >> reporter: it's still unclear because only one man makes that decision, that's joe biden. we do know there are a number of judges on joe biden's short list. some of them who have confirmed by the united states senate. like ketanji brown jackson who was confirmed to the u.s. court of appeals with dc last summer. three republicans vote in favor of her nomination to the lower court. also, michelle chields, a district judge from south carolina and pushed hard by jim clyburn but support from some republicans, lindsay graham pushing for her nomination. tim scott, south carolina republican, sounds open to her if nominated but unclear if that's exactly where joe biden will go but what we do know is we're getting closer to crunch time. he's expected to make an announcement before the end of the month, which is why the consultation process is
7:35 am
important here because judge dick durbin who chairs the senate judiciary committee said the process could take 40 days from the time the nomination is made to getting the final confirmation vote and potentially a few weeks from when the nomination is made to get an actual hearing, before the meeting is important to talk about the process forward and any candidates these democrats are pushing, we'll have to wait and see if the president makes clear where he's leaning. >> following manu raju on the hill. thank you so much. still coming up, a democratic candidate who went viral for smoking marijuana in a campaign ad last month, a new one burning the confederate flag. taking political ads to the extreme, that's s coming up. welcome to the next level.
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. dr. anthony fauci not on any ballots for polls coming in november. that is not, however, stopping republican midterm candidates from making him the focus of their campaign ad. some of them angry. here's just a few examples. >> i'm rand paul. i know to join me in demanding fauci is immediately fired and removed from office. >> the big government medical establishment came after me because i dared to challenge fauci. >> no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates. let's fire fauci and take back our freedoms.
7:41 am
>> fauci, don't get me started. i'm jim pillisen. i'll keep nebraska safe. >> washington bureau chief, chris cilliza. his two daughters. do these ads, potentially contribute to that? >> sure. i mean, when you have things like #firefauci in the guy's gun, i know he's going hunting but the, yes, of course, people make that connection and the thing that's so unfortunate, jim, it's the latest example of how this pandemic has been
7:42 am
brutally politicized in ways that affect people's lives. anthony fauci is not a joe biden appointee. he's not a barack obama appointee. h he's been serving president s since ronald reagan. this was never a political position before. unfortunately, republicans do this because they have polling that tells them that the republican base of the party is very anti-fauci. why are they very anti-fauci? i'll just throw one idea out there. maybe because donald trump spent the majority of the second half of his presidency vilifying a doctor who has run the centers for disease control and prevention for decades. i don't think we can think that's not linked. >> jackie, below the belt, most likely, right, dangerous, most definitely. but one could argue these ads would be more effective if the midterms were a month or two away. as we are starting to see states, both red and blue,
7:43 am
lifting their mask restrictions and opening up in ways that we didn't expect even just a few weeks ago, do you think these ads are even effective at this point given the midterms are months away? >> i do because this isn't about november. this is about primaries that are much, much closer. particularly when you talk about candidates in ohio and pennsylvania where there has been a race among many candidates to be the closest to former president trump and that means a pull to the right. with dr. fauci, he really has become an avatar of sorts for the right of lockdown and government limitations that happened during covid. and when you're talking about these states like ohio which is a red state, that is something that really activates the base which all of these candidates are trying to attract their side in these crowded fields to replace retiring senators.
7:44 am
>> you have a republican message there, targeting fauci but as well as masks and other covid regulations. there's been some criticism on the democratic side, chris cillizza over a lack of comprehensive and winning democratic message. i want to quote here democratic senator john tester, these comments, david axelrod on his podcast. i don't think it can be a democratic party unless we appeal to middle america a lot more. made the same point. is that criticism getting through to democratic candidates in the fall? >> well, here's the problem. jackie pointed out there are primaries coming up for democrats too and primaries have since time immemmorium, reward that you their bases and then alexandria ocasio-cortez, elizabeth warren,
7:45 am
people on the far left of the democratic party. that's not where races are typically won. look, in montana, that's a hard state to hold if john tester isn't in that seat. in west virginia. whatever democrats think of joe manchin, no other democrat can get elected statewide through the senate other than joe manchin. same thing, arizona. very tough place for democrats to win. i know they have two democratic senators right now but no luck joe biden won by less than 20 votes in 2020. some of the most prominent voices are people who never have to worry about the general election but maybe a primary and i thinker, jim cooper, some of the things joe manchin said speak to that. they have in the middle and hard to do when most of your prominent voices are on the left. >> this is a message we heard from moderate details for well over a year now, right, in needing to shift messaging here. will let me ask you about a
7:46 am
democratic ad from gary chambers, a democratic ad in which he smokes marijuana and burns a confederate flag. let's play it. >> our system isn't broken. it's designed to do exactly what he's doing which is producing measurable inequity. one in 13 black americans denied the right to vote and one in five have do not have insurance and it's time to burn what remains of the confederacy down. i believe the south will rise but it will be on our terms. >> focusing more on voting rights and equality but is that the type of messaging that you think will resonate with many voters? >> you know, ads are made to be noticed and whoever his ad maker certainly knows that but the issue he's pointing to is something democrats across the country want people paying
7:47 am
attention to, particularly when you're talking about voting rights. the voting rights lab points out 558 bills in state legislatures are going through that could limit or restrict voting rights. i think this is something national democrats are trying to get a handle on. whether or not we'll see that reproduced across the country, i don't know about that but certainly, he's pointing to some issues that a lot of democrats really want discussed going into the midterms. >> definitely caught our attention. jackie kucinich and chris cillizza. >> the prince tested positive for covid-19 for the second time in under two years. >> one of the most prom nant names. once again inif he cfif hfected
7:48 am
self-isislating. according to the source, the queen is not displaying symptoms and the situation will continue to be monitored. a live update coming up. and still ahead, the nfl commissioner says the league won't tolerate racism. but admits it's fallen short when giving black coaches opportunities. what does the commissioner plan to do about it all? you think you're empty? i'm empty. do you suffer from cartridge conniptions? be conniption-free, thanks to the cartridge-free epson ecotank printer. a ridiculous amount of ink!! you're mocking me. not t again! the epson ecotank. just fill & chill. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive to dairy. so anyone who says lactaid isn't real milk also saying mabel here isn't a real cow. and she really hates that.
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>> nfl commissioner roger goodell admits the league has fallen short for black and minority candidates. >> the issues of diversity and discrimination took center stage on wednesday overshadowing to some degree the build-up to sunday's super bowl. andy scholz in englewood. the site of the big game. tell us what you are learning. >> reporter: diversity among head coaches in the nfl has been a topic at roger goodell's state of the league address every year and again, this year, it was the topic again. goodell said the league has to discuss and admitted h along with other owners have fallen short when it comes to hiring minority coaches and a lot of talk about this again but not many solutions offered. goodell is not sure if the interview process for head coaches is flawed but did say
7:54 am
they need to find out. one solution offered to us that goodell said they are going to get independent experts to take a look at this entire process and not going to rest until they come up with a solution. take a listen. >> i think that's the core message that we've been talking about here. obamaca okay, we're not having the success we want with head coaches. how do we evolve that rule or do we need to have a new rule? do we need to figure out some other way of being able to achieve that outcome and i think we're not going to rest until we find that and get the kind of outcomes that are mandatory for us. there just has to be the way we're going to move forward to have an inclusive league. >> reporter: when it comes to the rooney rule, that requires to interview minority candidates for head coach openings, goodell said they may keep the rule, change the rule, replace it
7:55 am
altogether. every option is going to be on the table and goodell was also asked about the allegations made by brian flores that he was offered money to lose. guys, goodell called those allegations very disturbing. they're going to investigate and if violations occur, they'll deal with seriously. >> remarkable allegation for a former head coach to say he was directly involved in getting that sort of pressure. thank you for being there at the game. thank you for joining us today. almost theened end of the week. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm bianna golodryga. "this hour" with kate bolduan is next.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we begin with breaking news. inflation in the united states soaring to the highest level in four decades. consumer prices jumped 7.5% compared to a year ago. the steepest annual increase since february 1982. it is a number the biden administration cannot and will not ignore today. cnn's matt egan is here with more on this. matt, what are you seeing and hearing in the latest data? >> kate, inflation i


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