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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  February 17, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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would be at that very moment. it is for most of us. such a lovely, lovely moment. and van jefferson set to join us live on "new day" tomorrow morning. secretary of state blinken set to address the u.n. security council very shortly. our coverage continues right now. this is cnn breaking news, officiales say vladimir putin's claims of a troop drawdown are not true and russia is increasing forces along ukraine's borders. the state department now concerned that russian troops are moving into fighting positions. good morning, everybody. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. >> and i'm jim sciutto reporting from kyiv, ukraine. new this morning, u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin is speaking out on russia's buildup of forces near and around ukraine, saying they are adding,
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not subtrabcting forces there. >> we have seen some troops edge closer to that border. we see them fly in more combat and support aircraft. we see them sharpen their readiness in the black sea. even see them stocking up their blood supplies. and i know firsthand you don't do these sort of things for no reason. and you certainly don't do them if you're getting ready to pack up and go home. >> the nato secretary-general says that russia is in fact at this moment capable of launching a full scale invasion of ukraine with little or no warning. i'll speak to secretary stoltenberg in a few minutes. you'll want to hear his view of the situation here. we're also following new developments from the donbas region in eastern ukraine. ukrainian armed forces are are
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reporting shelling there. u.s. learns a preschool was hit. cnn has a team heading there on the ground. we also just learned that secretary of state antony blinken will make an unscheduled stop at the u.n. in the next hour to address the u.n. security council. there is a lot of news this morning. our reporters and correspondents following every angle of this story across the region as well as back home and that is where we begin with kylie atwood at the state department. kylie, the secretary of state changed the schedule, this is an unscheduled stop in new york this morning to deliver what sounds like an urgent warning on ukraine. what do we know? >> yeah, that's right. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations asked him to come to new york and deliver remarks today at the united nations security council meeting. after a series of meetings late last night that she said occurred between the state department, the national security council and the white house. she said that his visit is occurring because it portrays the gravity of the situation. it portrays the fact that the
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united states wants to be committed to diplomacy, the secretary will say that. but it is also a recognition of just how dangerous this moment is. she said the facts on the ground are that russia is moving toward an invasion. and so the secretary wants to be clear that the meeting today at the u.n. security council shouldn't distract from what is happening on the ground right in our now. it should highlight what is happening. he'll be very clear about what the united states is saying russia do. now, the other news that we are learning this morning, jim, is that russia responded to the u.s. with these written responses. the united states you'll remember gave russia a written response a few weeks ago. russia has now responded. they provided that response to the u.s. ambassador in moscow today. and so we'll learn more about that, because russia actually said that they're going to put that response out into the public eye. but it is less so important that they responded, it is more so important what is in that response. because this is the diplomatic
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channel here. it is alive, but is it actually going anywhere? that is the real question. and so we'll wait to see when russia puts out that response because secretary blinken said the u.s. response to russia was laying out a serious diplomatic path forward. if russia chooses it. we're still waiting to see if russia will choose it, as they continue this aggressive buildup on all of those borders. jim? >> a key question, of course, will be whether russia moved off its demand to prevent ukraine from evernato. we'll look forward to finding out what is in that letter. with me in kyiv, matthew chance. i want to talk about events in eastern ukraine this morning. because there is an enormous amount of attention focused there, concern from the u.s. and nato that russia may try to stage something there that would then justify a further military incursion. there is an allegation of
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shelling. but in this case coming from the russian side, the russian-controlled side. what do we know? >> well, just shows you, jim, how tense and volatile that situation is in that area where there is a front line, essentially, a line of control, it is called, between the russian-backed rebels and the ukrainian armed forces. it is where the fighting has been taking place for the past eight years. >> 13,000 people. >> 14 even. and, you know, look, what we're seeing regular cease-fire violations. this one particularly worrying. it seems a shell has been lobbed over from the russian rebel-controlled side. it hit a kindergarten, where there were kids inside of it. you see pictures of the wall punched through with a shell. another one landed in a the playground. fortunately no one was seriously -- none of the children were injured. a couple of the staff got concussion injuries. and there is also been allegations from the other side as well, from the rebel-controlled side that ukrainian military have opened
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fire with artillery shells on, you know, kind of areas of donetsk, areas of lagansk and residential areas there that we haven't corroborated what damage, if any was done. but it is a situation you can see escalate into a broader conflict. >> this has been an active slow burn war zone for years and you have shelling going back and forth. i want to ask what say continued public disconnect between the view of whether russia has the forces necessary in place to invade today and the u.s. nato view, they keep repeating they could invade any day they want to. ukrainians have a different view. >> i got this readout from ukrainian military intelligence, there is 148,000 troops there, just over that, that's in general line with what the u.s. general assessments say, but the ukrainian view is that is not enough to stage a full scale
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invasion of the country. doesn't mean it isn't going to have any kind of invasion or the russians couldn't try it with that level of forces. but there is an understanding in ukraine, they want to play this down, we have seen that all along. there is an understanding that if you not just take this territory, but hold it, you need more than 150,000 troops. >> sometimes there are different reads of the same intelligence. matthew chance, thank you very much. a lot of fast moving developments. we'll continue to cover that part of the world. just minutes ago, 15-year-old russian figure skater star kamila valiyeva competed in the women's free skate. despite going into the event in the top spot, did not end up medaling. she has been the center of controversy after testing positive for a banned drug, but still being allowed to compete. cnn's sports anchor coy wire joins us live outside beijing with this morning a bit of a surprising development there. >> reporter: yes, shocking
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sequence of events. there will be a medal ceremony for the women's individual competition because kamila valiyeva, the 15-year-old sensation of the russian olympic committee, did not earn a high enough score to medal. uncharacteristic mistakes, stumbling, having to put her hand down on the ice from falling and then eventually actually falling twice, hard, to the ice. she did finish her skate, but she finished fourth in scoring, so russian skaters take gold and silver, and japan taking bronze. so, just like that, all of the controversy of this specific event is gone. nobody saw this coming as valiyeva is that good, that dominant. she's broken world and olympic records, even the gold medalist sh sherbukova was not celebrating, it was a shock.
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you can imagine the pressure the 15-year-old girl must have been feeling. >> yeah, and she had been stumbling earlier this week as well in her performances. let's continue with this story and the situation because it is bringing up another olympic controversy from the summer games, track star sha'carri richardson, she questioned the difference between her situation and that of valiyeva's, saying her mother died and i can't run and was also favored to place top three, the only difference i see is i'm a black young lady. coy, that garnered a lot of headlines. ioc now responding. what did they say? >> reporter: one thing to note, a major difference between the cases is that richardson accepted the results, she did not try to appeal the findings. that was not the case with valiyeva who appealed the results multiple times, once when the anti-doping agency lifted her suspension and now at
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the beijing games when the ioc and the wada did everything they could to have the suspension put back in place. but there was more to it. >> every single case is very different. this one hasn't even reached the end of its case yet. but in terms of miss richardson's case, she tested positive on the 19th of june, quite a way ahead of the games. the results came in early order, you saw, to deal with the case, on time, before the games. miss richardson accepted a one-month period of ineligibility, which began on june 28th. i would suggest that there isn't a great deal of similarity between the two cases. >> reporter: so, bianna, though the women's individual competition has ended, there will be a medals ceremony for that, medals will be hanned edh. we still have the ongoing event with the team event. the russian olympic committee
6:11 am
took first overall, kamila valiyeva was part of that team, there will be no medals handed out here at the beijing games while that case is pending. they're finding out whether or not she is responsible for indeed using banned substances. >> once again, highlighting just how much this scandal has marred the sport and the games in general. coy wire in a snowy beijing for us. thank you. still to come, nato secretary-general says this morning that russia now has enough capabilities to launch a full fledged invasion of ukraine. we'll ask him about that coming up next. plus, next hour, the new york attorney general will make the case that subpoenas should be enforced against former president trump and members of his family. what we can expect to see in court. also, as we await new guidance on indoor masks from the cdc, some states are moving forward, ditching mandatory masks indoors and at schools. what does that all mean? we'll break it down for you. owsg smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon.
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this morning, allegations of shelling in the donbas region of eastern ukraine further adding to tensions here with russia. this as defense secretary austin says russia is adding, not subtracting forces on the border despite russian claims to the contrary. joining me now is the nato secretary-general, jens stoltenberg. secretary-general, thank you for taking the time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> first on russian troop movements, russia as you know is claiming to be pulling troops back. when they do that based on nato assessments, is russia lying?
6:17 am
>> well, we have seen no evidence whatsoever about proving any russian withdrawal or de-escalation on the ground. on the contrairy we have indications they continued to increase the number of troops close to the ukrainian border. so this is of great concern and we call russia to do what they say and that is to de-escalate and remove forces and to engage in political diplomatic effort with nato and nato allies. >> this morning the u.s. ambassador to the united nations linda thomas-greenfield said a short time ago the evidence on the ground is that russia is moving towards an imminent invasion. earlier this week we heard from u.s. officials warning of an invasion as soon as this week. here we are thursday nearly past in ukraine. are you concerned that those warnings will ring hollow the more time passes, without a russian invasion, without further russian military action.
6:18 am
>> there is no certainty about the russian intentions, but what we do know is that they have amassed the biggest concentration of combat ready troops since the end of the cold war in europe. and that these forces are capable of launching a full fledged invasion of ukraine with very little or no warning whatsoever. and then this is combined with threatening rhetoric and a track record of russia using force against ukraine before. if you put all that together, this is serious, but it is never too late for russia to change course and to move back from the border and de-escalate. we call them to do that. it is not too late to prevent armed conflict. >> that hope is based on progress, frankly, in diplomatic
6:19 am
discussions. russia has sent its answer to a u.s. -- from a number of weeks ago. what do you need to see from the russian position. what do you need to see change to believe that diplomacy has real potential here? because to date, russia is still holding to a demand that is a nonstarter for nato that is that ukraine never be allowed to join the alliance. >> we will work for the best. a political solution. we need to continue to be prepared for the worst. and that's exactly this kind of dual track approach that nato has been committed to for a long time. what we would like to see that russia sits down, we have sent a letter with a lot of proposals on issues like arms control, more transparency on military activities, mechanisms for reducing risks, and we believe
6:20 am
there is some common ground here and this will improve the security of all nato allies, but also the security of the people of russia, so they should sit down and engage in the diplomatic talks and prove that they are serious about their language, about de-escalation. >> you have been warning for some time as have u.s. officials about the possibility of russia concocting some situation including in eastern ukraine, perhaps a false flag, but a pretext for further military action. this morning, we saw shelling in eastern ukraine. ukrainian military saying this came from the russian-controlled side. are you -- is nato concerned that this might fall into that category that something like this would be an attempt at least by russia to justify further military action? >> so we are concerned about the
6:21 am
increase number of violation of the cease-fire. and the -- and this is the type of -- and events or it was situations that may be used as a pretext. so i cannot comment on that specific violation this morning. but what i can say is that one of the reasons why nato and nato allies has exposed the russian plans and the russian disinformation activities is to make it harder for them to create the pretext that can be used as an excuse for on attack against ukraine. >> you said earlier today that the russian threat in your view should be viewed as a new fnorml that we need to be prepared for. is it possible that russia maintains this invasion force for an extended period of time, in effect seeing if it can wait out nato and ukraine?
6:22 am
are you concerned about that? and how long can nato and the u.s. and ukraine maintain this heightened state of alert? >> regardless of whether russia invades ukraine or not, what we have seen so far i'm afraid represents a new normal because what we have seen is that russia has been willing to amass large number of combat ready troops to try to intimidate and threaten ukraine, but also try to threaten nato allies because they have now for the first time in a document have submitted to us, contested core principles for european security. and that is the right for every nation to choose its own path and for the right of nato ill l allies to defend and protect each other. i'm afraid this may be a new normal and nato has no other
6:23 am
choice but to respond and we are therefore looking into adjusting our posture, our military presence in eastern part of the alliance, to make sure it is no room for misunderstanding about nato's commitment and will and capability to protect and defend all allies and by doing that, we are preventing any attack on nato allies. >> to that point, are you saying if russia successfully invades here that nato does not successfully deter, that russia would then threaten other nato allies, particularly in eastern europe. that they would be under threat next? >> what i'm saying is that russia is challenging contesting important principles of values which has been important for peace and stability in europe for decades. we are providing support to close and highly valued ally ukraine, we met with ukraine today in the nato -- together
6:24 am
with ukraine with the ministerial meeting and expressed strong political and practical support to ukraine, including this right to self-defense, which is enshrined in the u.n. charter. there is a difference between a nato partner ukraine and nato allies. when it comes to nato allies, we provide absolute security guarantees, and attack on one ally will trigger a response from the whole alliance. by doing that, we are preventing conflict, preventing it and that's more important now when we see the military buildup and the threatening rhetoric from the russian side. >> secretary-general jens stoltenberg, we know you have a lot on your plate. thank you for taking your time to join us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me, jim. >> bianna, back to you. >> a dangerous warning if we're entering a new normal. straight ahead, new cnn reporting this morning concerning the new york attorney general's investigation of the trump organization.
6:25 am
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and get connected to the most reliable 5g network. talk with our helpful switch squad at your local xfinity store today. battle brewing in new york city this morning. in the next hour, the new york attorney general's office will make its case to enforce subpoenas targeting members of
6:30 am
the trump family. it is seeking testimony from former president trump, donald trump jr., and ivanka trump as part of the ag's civil investigation into the trump organization. prosecutors were trying to determine whether the trump family business misled insurers and lenders by manipulating the value of properties. cnn correspondent kara scannal joins me now. what can we expect to hear in court today? >> well, it is certainly going to be both sides squaring off here. the new york attorney general's office wants to have donald trump, donald trump jr. and ivanka trump testify under oath as part of the civil investigation. here's what we know. this investigation is focusing on and includes allegations that have already been made that the trump organization had inflated the value of many of its assets, various properties over the years. and they want to question both -- all three of those people about what they knew about those inflated valuations. now the trump organization has said that this is selective prosecution. and eric trump earlier this week
6:31 am
even tweeted out a video that they submitted as evidence in court of past statements from the new york attorney general letitia james where she has commented about her efforts to investigate the trump organization, even when she was a candidate for that office. so they're going to argue this is selective prosecution, and their attorneys have previously said on monday that donald trump didn't know enough about these financial statements to answer these questions. well, the ag last night filed a brief in court saying that actually donald trump put out a statement on tuesday night where he talks about his financial statements, he says he had a lot of cash on hand, but these statements, which the ag's office say were inflated, could have been much higher that it included other valuations like his brand value. so all that is going to come into play today when both sides appear in court in just about half an hour from now. bianna? >> no doubt the former president has a history of shall we say of embellishing his net worth. kara scannell, thank you. i'm joined by deputy
6:32 am
assistant attorney general elliott williams. great to have you on this morning. what is the likelihood these subpoenas will result in the former president testifying? >> this is -- of all the questions that come up around this matter, the likelihood of testimony is the most straightforward. here's why. it is a relatively straightforward civil case about did this organization inflate or devalue assets. these are executives of the company, and the question is are the subpoenas valid. there is other stuff and we can talk about that too around the politization of the whole thing. those are a little more thorny and complicated. on the straight legal question, they need to testify or provide interviews i think is relatively straigh straightforward. >> does the politization of it all -- stand by. we're going to hear from president biden now on the white house lawn on the crisis in ukraine. >> how high is the threat of a russian invasion right now? >> it is very high.
6:33 am
very high. they have not -- they have not moved any of their troops out. they have moved more troops in. number one. in untwo, we have reason to believe that they are engaged in a false flag operation, they have an excuse to go in. every indication we have is they're prepared to go in, attack ukraine. number one. number two, i've been waiting for a response from putin from my letter, my response to him, it has come to -- i had not read it yet. i cannot comment on it. >> your sense this is going to happen? >> my sense is this will happen in the next several days. >> any diplomatic paths still available? >> yes, there is. that's why i asked senator -- senator, secretary blinken to go to the united nations and make the statement today.
6:34 am
he'll lay out what that path is, i've laid out a path to putin as well, i think sunday. so there is a path. there is a way through this. >> are you going to call putin? >> i have no plans to call putin right now. >> the president there speaking just moments ago, perhaps the most notable comment about ukraine is him saying his sense, in his words, is that russia will carry out this invasion within the next several days. so consistent with that urgency we have been hearing from u.s. officials going to last week, when they in effect moved up, bianna, the timeline, based on intelligence of when they think russia might attack. again, with the proviso they believe that russia has not yet made that decision. but notable comments from the president there, who has been briefed on all the latest intelligence to say, bianna, his
6:35 am
sense is that they still have the capability and might very well may act on that capability within the next several days. >> also notable the president said we have reason to believe they are engaging in false flag operations now. we have seen the developments overnight in the donbas region there, the shelling, ukrainians there blaming the russian separatists for that, and, of course, we know this is a history of false flag operations. let's bring in jeremy diamond at the white house. you asked the president this question, which led to these comments. also striking that he said he has no plans at this point to talk to vladimir putin. >> reporter: yeah, bianna, make no mistake, this was the most direct and dire warning from the president of the united states about the threat of a russian invasion. we have heard this word imminent being thrown around for several weeks, but there is no question that now u.s. officials appear to be believe that a russian invasion is indeed imminent with the president saying that every indication that we have is that they are prepared to go into ukraine, attack ukraine, he said. his sense is that that -- that a
6:36 am
russian invasion could happen within the next few days. i asked the president right off the bat how high is this threat of a russian invasion and he said directly, very high. those were the two words he said at the beginning of that exchange. the president also saying that while the u.s. has received russia's response to u.s. proposals as it relates to security guarantees and the situation in ukraine, that letter was delivered to the u.s. ambassador in moscow, the president though said he had not yet seen that letter so he couldn't comment on it, but he said it was being sent over to washington as we speak. he also said that he had no plans to speak with the russian president, but when i asked him in a follow-up is there still a diplomatic path open, even as he's warning of this potentially imminent invasion, and the president said, yes, there is a path, and he said that's why he sent the u.s. secretary of state tony blinken to address the united nations security council
6:37 am
today, and, again, making very clear how concerning, how dire the situation is, but the president here still saying that he is holding out hope for diplomacy. but warning at the same time that it appears russia is perhaps putting into place this false flag operation that the u.s. has been warning about now for the last couple of weeks. >> yeah, that important because the u.s. believes a false flag could be used as a pretext for russia for further invasion in the country. jeremy diamond, thank you very much. the president speaking moments ago, no letup, it seems from the u.s. view that an invasion of ukraine remains an imminent threat. the president saying his sense russia may act within the next several days, something we heard from the nato secretary-general in fact as well. similar urgency a few moments ago. we're going to continue to bring you all the latest developments on ukraine. we'll be back right after a quick break.
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for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go. because we believe dreams - should never stay that way. the list of states and schools getting ahead of the cdc on mask guidance keeps growing. in virginia, a judge has ended the mask mandate and effective immediately after approving an injunction filed by three parents. michigan's health department is no longer urging schools and other indoor settings to require masks. this comes as dr. anthony fauci warns that lifting school mask mandates right now is risky. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins me. so, you have anthony fauci on
6:43 am
the one hand saying it is still risky. and yet we continue to see more school districts and counties lift these mandates. why is this happening right now and should we be worried? >> there does seem to be a disconnect between what people like fauci and dr. walensky are saying and what states are actually doing. let's take a look at what the cdc says. the cdc official line. if you take a look at this map, everything in red is a community of high transmission. almost the entire country is in high transmission and the cdc say says, look, if you meet that metric, we think you ought to be doing masking indoors, but as we have seen states have, you know, basically defied that. i think states are feeling high level of pandemic fatigue, i think they're feeling like, hey, cases and hospitalizations are coming down. but on the other hand, let's take a look at this. if u.s. schoolchildren were highly vaccinated, if there were
6:44 am
high rates of vaccination, it would be easier to say go ahead and rip those masks off. but you can see for ages 5 to 11, it is only 24% fully vaccinated. for ages 12 to 17, 57% fully vaccinated. you're saying take masks off when the children are, you know, largely speaking in many communities those numbers are even lower. so let's take a listen to what dr. fauci said recently. >> now, we could get lucky because the trajectory right now is going way down. and it very well may be that if you take masks off the kids in the next week or so, it is going to keep going down. but you really got to be careful. you don't want to say it is an absolutely wrong decision. it is understandable why people want to take masks off the kids. but right now, given the level of activity that we have, it is risky. >> now, i want to dissect what
6:45 am
he just said. he wasn't definitive, like, masks should stay on. he's been definitive in the past and he wasn't definitive just now. what he said was it may very well be that in the next week if you take masks off children, that cases will still go down. based on what we have seen dr. fauci do, this telescoping that he does, i think he's trying to project that maybe there will be guidance that it is okay for children to take masks off in the next week or so. i think it may be he's laying the ground work for that change. >> clearly he's sensing the frustration and as you said, just covid fatigue throughout the country right now. those vaccination rates among children still so stubbornly low, hopefully we can see that start to move up in the days and weeks ahead. elizabeth cohen, thanks as always. >> thanks. still ahead, a fight between two teens in a mall goes from bad to worse. why the arresting officers sparked outrage over how each teen was treated. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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a video showing police officers breaking audiup a figh a black teenager and a white teenager at a mall sparking outrage today. police separate the boys by pushing white teenager to a nearby couch but pin the black teenager as 14-year-old kye to the ground and then handcuff him. asking why her son was the only one handcuffed and humiliated. the new jersey attorney general's office has a lot of questions as well. athena jones joins us from new
6:51 am
york. at athena, really disturbing video. what happened? >> reporter: you can see it's disturbing and disturbing even to the folks on site. they saw what they believe is evidence of racial bias, this scuffle ensuing and pulling white teenager off and setting him on a couch, while while the other police officer kneels on the back of the black teenager, handcuffing him behind his back and coming over to help. meanwhile, the white teenager also involved in the fight just left to sit there on the couch without any handcuffs. a lot of folks who see this see evidence of facial racial bias s problem in america, the idea that the black youth is automatically assumed to be the aggressor or the dangerous one. listen to how the boy's mother,
6:52 am
his mother spoke to don lemon last night, look at what she had to say. >> i try to wrap my mind around it. no possible scenario does it make sense to me. i hate to say this, if not race, what is it? what made them tackle my son, not the other kid? be so aggressive with my son, not the other kid? why is the other kid sitting down looking at my son be humiliated and put into cuffs? it just doesn't make sense. it makes me angry. >> so it makes kai's mother angry and a lot of people angry including new jersey governor phil murphy appearing of racially disparate treatment. there is an investigation under way, working closely with their internal affairs unit working closely with the state's attorney general and looking at the fight itself and the police
6:53 am
response bhu raises concerns among those who say this is more evidence of a bias in police and say despite all the talk about bias and accountability and training people about bias, you still see this sort of thing happen, this has to change. >> listen kai's mother asked the good question. if not for race, why is it her son was treated so differently from the other teen? athena jones, thank you so much. >> thanks. the federal hate crimes trial for the ahmed arbery trial. texts send by two of the defendants. nick valencia joins me now from brunswick, georgia. how did arbery's parents act throughout? i know they've been in the courtroom throughout all of it. >> reporter: they were sickened. many sickened by the litany of
6:54 am
racist but especially ahmaud arbery, listened to this evidence, occasionally shaking their heads in disbelief and at one point, the father of ahmed arbery had to get up to leave the courtroom, he was so sickened and disgusted by what he heard. we want to share some of the messages read out loud in court but before i do, i want to warn you it is extremely offensive racist language but an important part of the case why ahmaud arbery's case was racial hatred. responding to a message that said this cracker barrel full of other kinds of people. travis said, need to change from cracker barrel to n word bucket. and social media responding to a mob of black teens feegbating u white teenager and i say, shoot them all, full saiga would have
6:55 am
done wonders. f those gd monkeys. he responds, i'd kill that f-ing n word. and then on november 19th, a friend texts travis mcmichael we used to walk around committing hate crimes all day. travis responds, lol. much of the focus was on travis but private messages to roddie to prove he's also a racist. january 2020 that fell on martin luther king day. roddie bryant said happy boot lip day, a derogatory term used by racist to describe black people. i worked like a n word today and then 2020, when responding to daughter dating a black man, yeah, she has her n word now.
6:56 am
i've been calling that for a while now. not surprised. this is no doubt disgusting language but the defense says that the clients did use this language but that they don't look at life through the prism of race. that's the defense for these clients. the court resumed this morning, bianna and expected to last to 5:30. bianna. >> those messages, so disturbing, hard to stomach, really. nick valencia, thank you. still ahead, on the brink of war. u.s. warning moscow is lying ab about removing troops from the border. cnn is live in kyiv with team coverage straight ahead. anywhere our rv takes us” plan. and the “zero copays meanans more money for rumba lessonons” plan. find the right plan for you from unitedheaealthcare. get medicare with more.
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