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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  February 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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an urgent push for peace. vice president harris speaking in munich this morning at a critical security conference. this as secretary of state blinken says the united states is doing everything possible for diplomacy, but, quote, we're deeply concerned that this is not the path russia has embarked on. good morning, everybody. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. >> i'm jim sciutto reporting from kyiv, ukraine, this morning. ukraine says that cease-fire violations are surging in the eastern part of this country. officials say russian-backed separatists are using mortars, grenade launchers, and large caliber machine guns. these new images from the donbas region just today. hours from now, president biden set to speak with global allies
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on how to deter russia's military action here. this as vice president kamala harris plans to meet with volodymyr zelensky tomorrow. so much happening right now. we're doing our best to cover it. our reporters and correspondents here in kyiv and around the region. we begin this morning with our senior international correspondent matthew chance who is here with me in kyiv. let's talk about what's going on in the eastern part of ukraine. a great deal of attention on that by the u.s. and nato officials because they have been concerned that action there, escalation there might be used as russia as a pretext as further invasion. and now we're seeing more fire going across that line of contact. >> we are. it is a very unstable line of contact. so if you look past it in recent months, you see regular violations of the cease-fire. but we are seeing a dramatic upsurge right now. the ukrainians saying dozens of cease-fire violations, artillery strikes, smaller caliber,
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artillery kind of missiles coming across as well. all in veighiolation of the pea agreement. it is a really serious escalation. ukrainians are concerned what is happening is that they are being provoked into being drawn into retaliation, into a much bigger sort of confrontation. you see here how that could spark off into something much more, and they're desperately trying to void that. on the other side, the rebels are saying they're getting hit by the ukrainian military in residential areas. >> you can imagine the situation where one artillery shell lands and the other feels a need to respond and one blames the other for the escalation. i want to ask about what and for folks at home who don't realize this, this is a part of ukraine, part of a sovereign country, controlled by russian-backed separatists for a number of years now. word of evacuation of residents there. >> that's a really ominous sign. the fact that the rebels today in the donetsk people's
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republic, part of that rebel-controlled area, the leadership of that area said we're calling for a mass evacuation from today of people, women and children. they are sending them to the east towards russia. where they have been in contact with the russian authorities for camps to be built there in the rostov area. it looks like they're clearing away the vulnerable civilian population from that area. obviously bracing for some kind of attack, whether it is propaganda, where they see a real threat, we don't know, whether it is preparation from the other side that the russians may stage some sort of action there. >> let me ask you quickly, you covered this region for a long time, has there been an evacuation like that during the many years of war we have seen so far? >> look, in the past couple of years i would say no. but this was a scene of very, very fierce fighting back in 2014 and 2015. there would have been people leaving that area where it was acutely dangerous and moving into russia and elsewhere as well. there has been a lot of refugees
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created in this crisis of 14,000 dead. what we don't want to see, no one wants to see is a repeat of that. >> artillery fire is often deadly. matthew chance, thank you for bringing us the latest on this. also this morning, vice president kamala harris, she is in munich for a series of high stakes security talks with european leaders in the midst of tensions here in ukraine. natasha bertrand is live in munich. natasha, we have new reporting this morning about what has been moving the biden administration in recent days, particularly the public words and warnings we saw from the president, antony blinken, before the security council yesterday, and that is a bleak new intelligence assessment about russia's intentions, russia's continuing preparations for an invasion of this country, and the potential timing for that. tell us details of what we found. >> that's right, jim. we're reporting this morning that the u.s. has a new intel assessment that suggests that russia is in fact preparing for
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a potential invasion. although caveated that they still don't know whether russian president vladimir putin made the decision to invade. they're taking all of the steps necessary to do so, if that decision does come down. and they're saying that it could happen within the next few days. of course, president biden did say as much, earlier this week, telling reporters that he expects something to happen in the coming days. we're also told that the u.s. has intelligence, suggesting that that russian announcement earlier this week about a troop withdrawal was actually a ruse, it was a deliberate attempt by russia to deceive the world and to make them think that these russian forces were withdrawing, when in fact they were actually moving more forces back into the region. so taken together, these intel assessments paint a very bleak picture of what russia's intentions actually are. secretary of state antony blinken said he's open to meeting with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov next
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week. but that will only happen, jim, if russia does not in fact invade. >> natasha bertrand in munich, thank you very much. i'm told as part of this reporting by a senior u.s. official that the u.s. is now watching very closely for signs that russia's invasion, preparations are in the final stages. among those possible signs would be the loading of amphibious ships and other sea craft, also the possibility of a pretext, manufacturing further pretext for invasion. they're watching very closely for those final preparations. joining me now to discuss, former director of national intelligence james clapper. good to have you on this morning. >> thank you, jim. >> i imagine you, given your decades in intelligence, watching russia very closely, watching events in recent days re closely. i twoowant to ask you about whau see when you see the increased contact along what is known as the line of contact, artillery
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fire here, as well as the growing claims by russia both in state media and public statements that ethnic russians in eastern ukraine are under threat. is that the kind of false flag or false pretext that the u.s. is looking for right now? >> i think so, jim. i don't know that this is a provocation, but it certainly fits the bill. and, of course, russians can justify that they have to move in to eastern ukraine, donbas region, to restore stability and protect the separatists. so we have been looking for provocation, intelligence community dimed out the russians on some previous potential false flags, so this could well be it. there aren't too many things left to be done before they actually invade. >> director clapper, you know better than most, that after the
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investigation into the 2016 medaling from russia to the u.s. election, there had been concerns about a blind spot potentially into the kremlin for u.s. intelligence here, especially after a top source close to the kremlin had to be ex-filtrated to the u.s. given the array of information that has been released publicly by this administration the last few weeks, are you surprised that the level of intel that the u.s. seems to have regained inside the kremlin? and it appears -- it appears, jim, we -- this is what happens with technology, it appears we lost director clapper. it is interesting, we have talked about that, this new tactic from u.s. intelligence here, laying everything out, especially over the past few years when there was a concern we may not have the insight into the kremlin. i believe we have director clapper back. are you back? there you go. >> yes, i am. >> were you able to hear my question? >> yes, i did.
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i think what it revolves around is what i call the elusive holy grail for intelligence, which is plans and intentions. and this really boils down to the plans and intentions of one man, putin. and that's always difficult, particularly in his case, since he plays pretty close to the vest and doesn't talk to too many people, best i can tell. that is a challenge for the intelligence community, always has been, particularly when denied countries like russia and china. what is actually on the mind of the leader. >> director clapper, we took notice to russia's response to u.s. diplomatic proposals yesterday, a letter delivered yesterday to the president and the secretary of state, and russia did not soften at all its stance on ukraine's potential
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membership in nato, but seemed to broaden it to say that it opposes any further expansion of nato, which might include other countries that have been considered or an consider to sweden or finland that is not a softening and it is on something that nato and the u.s. said is a nonstarter. it is up to nato countries and nato allies. when you look at that statement, that response, do you see any path for a diplomatic solution to this or do you see russia's positions hardening? >> the latter. i don't see a path ahead here. and i have trouble envisioning a vin diagram where you come up with some silver bullet solution that everybody is pleased with. the russians can try this whole crisis in the first place by making what they know to be impossible demands and this latest manifesto, this 11-page response just reinforces that. so i don't see much hope here
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for diplomatic solution. >> how long can you envision, assuming we don't see an imminent attack, which very well could happen, and u.s. intel and the president himself have relayed that. how long do you envision, though, if we don't see one, the sort of rope-a-doping back and forth where we keep on hearing this same words out of the kremlin and out of the united states and then one, you know, you could argue suffering the most right now is ukraine. how long is this sustainable for? >> i don't know. that's a great question, bianna. one thing that is on the calendar here is the weather. as the winter freeze ends, that's going to be harder and harder for a russian military, which is very dependent on vehicles, particularly truck vehicles, to move across country. they can be restricted to roads. they have that factor. and just keeping these troops leaning forward in the foxhole literally and figuratively, they
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can only do that for so long. so there is a time limit, i don't know what it is. but there is one. >> before we go, director clapper, this has been a very public effort by the u.s. to declassify and share its intelligence. sometimes day by day on what it sees of russian movements here. of course, russia makes its own claims, many of them false as well, but it is an information war going on. who do you think is winning that facet of the war? the u.s. or russia? the u.s. and nato or russia? >> well, i think we're -- i think it is a draw right now. and i, for one, am a supporter of using intelligence as an information operations tool. we have to do that given the way the russians occupy that information operations space. there is a downside, you use intelligence and go public with it. are you losing a valuable source and method. has to be a risk versus gain
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assessment. but i think it is a right thing to do and right now i think it is kind of a draw because i do think it is useful to dime out the russians whenever you can and forewarn people of what the russians are going to do. >> yeah. maybe useful to stave off an invasion right now, but, jim, as you and i spoke about yesterday, russia and the kremlin is really spinning this to their benefit, domestically with russians there, with state-run media calling the united states and the west alarmists. james clapper, thank you so much for joining us and bearing with the he tectechnological issues . thank you. vice president pence defending the rnc after the censure of representatives cheney and kinzinger. what he said about january 6th up next. a new lawsuit with familiar allegations. a new york state trooper suing former governor andrew cuomo, alleging inappropriately touched and groped her, saying she, quote, felt violated.
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the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. former vice president pence is defending the republican national committee, even after it voted to censure representatives liz cheney and adam kinzinger. just because of their roles in the select committee investigating january 6th. that resolution described the events that day as, quote, legitimate political discourse. pence argued yesterday the rnc was not referring to the people who engaged in violence at the cap capitol. >> i just don't -- i just don't know too many people around the
6:19 am
country including my friends at the rnc, the chairman of the republican national committee, who have any different view than it was a tragic day. and the people that ransacked the capitol were wrong to be held account of the law. >> and in an escalation of the simmering feud between house minority leader kevin mccarthy and congresswoman cheney, mccarthy just announced his support for her trump-backed opponent in the wyoming gop primary. melanie zanona joins me now. what more are we hearing exactly from mccarthy on this endorsement? >> well, it is no secret that kevin mccarthy has had animosity toward liz cheney when she voted to impeach donald trump. he supported the effort to remove her from gop leadership last year and now he's putting his political muscle behind effort to defeat her in wyoming, taking their feud to the next level. take a listen. >> wyoming deserves to have a representative who will deliver the accountability against this biden administration.
6:20 am
not a representative they have today that works closer with nancy pelosi, going after republicans, instead of stopping these radical democrats for what they're doing to this country. >> and kevin mccarthy is not the only one getting involved in this race. elise stefanik, the number three house republican, who replaced cheney leadership, announced this morning she is endorsing cheney's primary opponent, harriet hageman. none of this is surprising, but it is still an extraordinary moment in republican politics right now. gop leaders typically do not get involved in primaries. but kevin mccarthy was under immense pressure from his right flank to take some sort of action against cheney and he had been resisting calls to remove her from conference, instead he's now settled on trying to kick her out of congress entirely. of course, this could win him major points with trump world and that is a crucial constituency if he wants to back speaker one day. it is a bit of a risk. he has members in his own conference who don't want to see their leadership involved in this messy interparty warfare.
6:21 am
and not to mention if cheney does come back, it would be pretty embarrass for mccarthy and trump. >> really uncomfortable for them. melanie, any indication as to what liz cheney's response is to this? i can't imagine she's overly surprised. >> yeah, well, there is clearly no love lost between the two camps. we haven't heard from liz cheney herself, but a spokesman did tell us of harriet hageman, the opponent, wow, she must be really desperate. >> enough said there, melanie zanona, thank you. new york judge has ruled that former president trump as well as his children ivanka and don jr. must sit for depositions in the new york attorney general's civil investigation of their business practices. it is a ruling trump's lawyers have already indicated that they plan to appeal. so let's bring in former u.s. attorney for the middle district of georgia, michael moore. great to have you on. so how big of a game changer if any, was this ruling yesterday by the judge in new york? >> you know, i think -- glad to be with you, i think it was an
6:22 am
expected ruling. nothing particularly unusual about having this issued in the civil case where there are criminal investigations ongoing. that's the crux of the objection we hear from the trump team, somehow this puts any jeopardy of whether or not i can adequately protect my rights in my criminal case. and the courts have a way to deal with this. that is that if the president and his children wish to take the fifth amendment, they can do it. but that likely means there would be a negative inference in the civil case. so, again, there is nothing particularly unusual except this involves a former president of the united states, and i expect they will appeal it. and i expect the new york courts will follow the law they have been following for quite some time. and that is to force a subpoena. it may be one option. that is to stay the civil case until the conclusion of the criminal case. sometimes judges have done that in cases that i've been involved in. so we'll see where they go. >> and we know the trump family and their lawyers are very familiar with this process. and the process of delaying
6:23 am
rulings, right, by a continuing to appeal. how long can an appeals process last? >> i think that you would likely see an expedited appeal here. i don't think the courts will take it and take six or eight months to decide the case. i think they'll move rather quickly given the investigation and the clear urgency by the attorney general to move forward. but you're right, i mean, if there is anybody who has been great at manipulating the court system to his advantage, in the last few years, that's been the former president. >> and i'm just curious to get your analysis, because it is one thing to plead the fifth, and to just listen to your attorneys, it is quite another thing for former president trump to just plead the fifth and not say anything more. he's known to continue talking, even at the advice of his lawyers to not say any more. do you ever think that that could be a possible scenario here? >> absolutely. i think more than 50% of the problems, while the administration was writing, mayb
6:24 am
maybe 90% of the problem is him not able to keep his mouth shut. his lawyers will be good lawyers and what they're telling him is, look, if you take the fifth, that negative inference may be used against you. it may be presumed what you would say would be negative to your case. so a jury would be authorized to consider that, well if you took the fifth, you have something to hide. that's in the civil context. he's not going to like that. he's going to want to say, i'll explain myself and typically that's like giving him a shovel, just going to keep digging the hole deeper. >> one could be forgiven for being confused with all the investigations and lawsuits going on at the same time in multiple states. which one do you think is more legally potentially damaging for him, what is going on, whether it is a civil or a criminal case here in new york or the ongoing investigation in georgia, into election interference? >> i think that the easy case is the money case in new york.
6:25 am
following the money is something that seems to catch people and if you think about al capone, there you go. he had plenty of criminal organization, but what got him was tax problems. if you think about the georgia investigation, that is -- that could be a very clean criminal investigation, the question is whether or not the district attorney wants to broaden that to have a wider net to catch more people and possible conspiracy, rico case, or whether or not she may decide if she charges the case to move in a more targeted fashion toward trump, sort of looking at the phone call, whether or not that call was enough to be -- to cause criminal liability. that could be a very clean case. i like the money case. i think those are all cases that prosecutors can prove, and juries can understand. and i think that the georgia case has some interesting ramifications, but, again, if the d.a. moves forward, if they get a conviction, that conviction has to survive in some appellate courts that are
6:26 am
primarily controlled by -- >> michael moore, great to have your perspective and analysis. we appreciate it. thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you. up next, a new lawsuit filed against former new york governor andrew cuomo over inappropriate touching and groping. we have new details involving an unnamed state trooper. stay with us. freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something g b. start stopping with nicorettt. (tennis grunts) pnc bank believes at if a pair of goggles can help your backhand get better yeah! then your bank should help you budget even better.
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a new york state trooper who says former governor andrew cuomo harassed and touched her inappropriately has now filed a lawsuit. that trooper who remains anonymous claims she felt violated and that cuomo's long time aide melissa derosa helped cover it up. sonia, what is this trooper seeking? >> this trooper is saying the governor discriminated against her based on her sex. she's asking for monetary damages for emotional harm and i spoke to her attorney last night, he said she is, you know, incredibly upset. this is humiliating, she's seeking therapy now for this. he says it is in her lawsuit and he's asking for her privacy now. he's fighting for her to stay anonymous in this lawsuit. what is interesting about this suit is that for first time we're hear something details about what her supervisors knew. she is alleging in the lawsuit that the head of the governor's protective detail she was on sent her a text message saying, quote, stay in truck, which the
6:32 am
attorney for this woman means to, you know, stay -- to keep this information between us. he is saying that, you know, that's -- that he knew about this information, that he knew that the governor was making comments and that she should keep it to herself. here is some of the allegations she details in the lawsuit. back in 2019, she alleges cuomo slid his palm across her waist to where her gun was holstered and recently as 2021, he repeatedly asked her for a kiss, kissing her on the cheek. accusing melissa derosa of concealing cuomo's harassment. we heard from the new york state police, she also named in this lawsuit, they're not commenting on this litigation. former governor cuomo released a statement last night. he said that if, quote if kissing someone on the cheek or on the back or stomach or waving hello at a public event on new year's eve is actionable, we're all in trouble.
6:33 am
governor cuomo will fight every attempt at cheap cash extortions and is anxious to have the dirty politics stop. we look forward to justice in a court of law. another statement said melissa barely knew this trooper, saying according to the trooper's own testimony, melissa's only interaction with her was to say hello and good-bye, he says it is not a viable case anywhere in america and is beyond frivolous. so, you know, it will be interesting to see where the suit goes. suit has lots of indications there are witnesses to this behavior. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. in the next hour, the former minnesota police officer convicted in the death of daunte wright during a traffic stop will be sentenced. kim potter was found guilty on two counts of manslaughter after she said she confused her handgun for her taser. cnn's adrienne broaddus joins me now. explain the amount of prison
6:34 am
time that potter is now facing. >> good morning. the former brooklyn center police officer who spent 26 years with that department could spend at least 86 months in prison. that's a little more than seven years. earlier this week the attorney general's office requested that the judge follow the sentencing guidelines. so this sentence of seven years is essentially right in the middle. you may remember initially the state argued for more time. now, prosecutors initially filed that motion asking judge regina chu to go higher than the guidelines. a lot of folks have been questioning why the change. we don't know. perhaps the attorney general had a change of heart. it could be from pressure from the community, leading up to today. there have been folks protesting outside of the jail where potter has been held since she was
6:35 am
convicted, showing their support for her. by contrast, potter's defense team wants probation. but prosecutors have said if judge regina chu goes with this lower sentence, they want potter to spend at minimum at least one year in prison, along with an extensive probation period. her fate will be determined later this morning. it is likely in that courtroom in hennepin county we will hear from the former police officer in brooklyn center and we will also hear from daunte wright's family members. bianna? >> we will be bringing you that sentencing live as it takes place. adrienne broaddus, thank you, we appreciate it. well, a bitter back and forth between the top sports court and the world anti-doping agency after russian figure skater kamila valiyeva was allowed to compete at the olympics after failing a drug test. ahead, we speak to a current team usa member about her own experience at being kept from
6:36 am
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the world anti-doping agency is now accusing a top sports court of ignoring anti-doping codes. when it allows russian figure skater kamila valiyeva to compete at the beijing olympics. this comes after they published a 41 page report blaming the anti-doping agency for the controversy. valiyeva tested positive for a heart medication in december,
6:41 am
but that was only revealed ten days ago. the court of arbitration cleared v valiyeva to skate. joining me now is sports analyst christine brennan and pairs figure skater jessica calalang. welcome, both of you. jessica, thank you for joining us. i want you to tell our viewers your story in just a moment and why this is so important to you and your own experience having been accused christine, let's begin with you. set the scene for us what happens next after that horrible night last night. i don't care if people were supporting valiyeva or not, that was just brutal to watch. what are the consequences and what comes next? >> yes, bianna, jessica, great to be with both of you. that was a tough one. it was as sad and difficult a night as i've had as a journalist covering the olympic games. and moving forward as you asked,
6:42 am
what happens next is the court of arbitration for sport, which you were referring to, is going to take another look at this, a much longer look. it is the investigation that just couldn't happen in a couple of days here at the olympic games. they will look at the -- her b sample, the other sample of the test that was positive, they'll give her a chance to explain it, they'll look at documents, this could take weeks and months and sometimes in the spring or summer we would expect that a ruling that would impact now only the team medal competition, because she finished fourth, wasn't in the medals, it would be the question of whether the russians keep the gold in the team competition from two weeks ago or if the americans move up to -- from the silver to the gold. and that's where this is. and will she be banned and, of course, also her coaches -- the entourage around her, the adults around her who clearly have failed her. the question there is will they be banned and there is already two investigations of that group, of adults, looking into this case. >> and her coach is known to be
6:43 am
one of the strictest most brutal tactics, but one of most powerful coaches in the sport as well. a lot of concern about whether this was indeed, you know, child abuse, this girl is just 15 years old, and that's led to a vote that is upcoming for the international figure skating union to see if they can raise the age up to 17. now, there are some downsides to that for those of us who love to watch the sport. what i heard from experts is that we're probably no longer going to be seeing any quad jumps because of how young girls develop into women and the crucial ages. but do you think that's an appropriate step to take and perhaps can ensure that this never happens again? >> certainly good that everyone is talking about this, bianna. that's a very positive step out of a very difficult week and a half. the age limit is interesting because as you said, if the juniors are doing tougher jumps than the olympians, well, that's not what the olympics want. they want the best, right? that's why the nba players and
6:44 am
wnba players and professional golfer and professional tennis players are in the olympics. that could be a problem. unless the judges mark accordingly. if a young girl is skating, she wouldn't get the artistic marks that a 20 or 25-year-old would get. so they can control this if they want to in terms of how they let the little girls and the young women develop in the sport. but absolutely, the quad jumps, if you're tiny, if you're young, if you're thin, it is obviously very -- it is a lot easier to turn in the air four times than it is when you're 25 or 20 and more developed as a woman. >> jessica, let me bring you in now because this was really a triggering week for you and emotional roller coaster. i believe you said you couldn't even watch last night because this really hit close to home. you and your skating partner could very well have been at the olympics there in beijing today, were it not for a drug test you failed and had to wait for months in limbo until you figured out what it was exactly that led to that positive result
6:45 am
that ended up just being in your makeup, as bizarre as that may sound. talk about that process and how it differs from what happened with valiyeva. >> i mean, i was completely shocked when i got the notification that my urine sample that i provided was positive. i was immediately suspended from all competition, i wasn't allowed to receive any sort of funding or stipend, and it was so frustrating in those six to eight months because, like, i had no idea where my positive test came from. i knew that i was a clean athlete. i knew i did my due diligence to make sure i was very aware of what i put in my body. so to have this -- this situation that i had no control over, thought i didn't have any control over, was really a very hard time for me and my team to go through. >> yeah, you and your partner
6:46 am
had to withdraw as you went through this process of appeals. you had to lawyer up. this is very costly financially and just emotionally. and you said in this case, as you watched kamila, you had a sense of you were treated guilty until proven innocent and it was innocent until proven guilty in her case. the factor of double standards, do you think that it is fair and what can be done to change it in your opinion? >> just the rules just need to be consistent across the board. that is just what makes competition fair. you know, just the approach to each individual situation, it needs to be fair and equitable environment for all athletes. >> so what is next for you, jessica? >> right now my partner and i, we are alternates for the olympic team and then also for the world championships. so we're just continuing to, you
6:47 am
know, train as if we were, like, called upon because in a time like this, anything can happen. >> and we of course are all rooting for you. christine, going forward, how lasting of an impact does this have, not only for the olympics, but this sport in particular, which arguably is the most popular and most viewed during the winter olympics? >> we'll see. we'll see if sponsors start to talk about this, and say, you know, the ones writing the checks, maybe they get to the point where they were upset with what they saw yesterday. and maybe they say enough is enough. because that would be a huge development. the international olympic committee has basically just kicked the can down the road with the russians over the last eight years. are they going to be tough and finally kick them out of the olympics? and jessica's story is a cautionary tale and it is so sad because, of course, she did everything right, and she also accepted her suspension, because the united states and u.s. figure skating, u.s. anti-doping
6:48 am
agency, play by the rules. and you're looking at a young woman here who played by the rules. and i have been around for the last two weeks, all of these athletes, these russians who don't play by the rules and it can sound like i'm an american journalist, i'm from the u.s., i'm biased, those are the facts. and that's the state sponsored doping of russia versus a wonderful person like jessica, who is back, but had to fight for her reputation because, of course, the united states is playing fair. >> yeah, rules are rules and they should be followed by all and if the punishment is just changing your your name from russian federation to the russian olympic committee, that seems look a joke. here we are in this devastating crisis now unfolding last night that the world had to watch. christine brennan, jessica calalang, thank you, jessica, for telling your story. i know it was impactful to so many people. >> thank you. >> thank you. well, be prepared to be stranded. that's the warning indiana officials are giving travelers after a huge snowstorm slammed
6:49 am
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. drivers in northwest indiana are now digging out after a winter snowstorm left them stranded overnight. cnn affiliate wls reports some drivers were stuck along i-65 for hours with single digit temperatures and windchills well below zero. chad myers joining us live from the weather center. how dangerous is it for these stranded drivers as we see them out on the roads? >> even right now, bianna, the temperature is 11 and the windchill is 2 and i'm sure some
6:54 am
are running out of fuel. obviously probably out of water as well. the truck drivers probably doing okay with the giant diesel trucks that can idle all night and stay warm but i'm sure there's some very cold v individuals out there. the looks i took, there are thousands of trucks. we're not talking a hundred or 50. thousands. and maybe even five digits worth of thousands, i'm not sure but this went on for miles and miles. 5 to 9 inches of snow where that pile-up was. obviously a pile-up in front, that was just the back-up.peori. the number was 62 this morning so things have gone down and they'll continue to go down by the afternoon. we'll only be in the 30s and the
6:55 am
cold front that changed all the nice warm air that changed to something more with blizzard warnings in the dakotas this afternoon because the next storm is on its way. a clipper storm but not a major event. most of the snow likely up into manitoba and other than lake-effect snow bans could be higher than that. here's the snow amounts, everywhere that's white, 2 to 4. some spots maybe 4 to 8 but that's about it. temperatures though, not warming up. in my opinion, the wrong direction for new york, in the 60s yesterday. by the weekend, you're at 37. that's the high. >> yeah, that's not just your opinion. it's my opinion too. it's cold here now. chad myers, thank you so much. u.s. officials increasingly are concerned that russia is not interested in diplomacy when it comes to ukraine. we have new reporting for you. we're live in ukraine, up next. r workforce overnight
6:56 am
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very good friday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto reporting live this morning from kyiv, ukraine, where just in the last few minutes, a rainbow appearing over the st. michaels monastery here in the ukrainian capital. perhaps a sign of hope, bianna? >> let's hope so. a beautiful shot indeed. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. secretary of state antony blinken deeply concerned that russia is not looking for los


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