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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  February 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight on the brink of war russia's heavily concentrated forces within striking distance of ukraine. >> you could see a significant amount of combat power move very quickly to take kyiv. >> but officials insist diplomacy is still viable. >> until the tanks are actually rolling and the planes are flying, we will use every opportunity and every minute we have to see if diplomacy can dissuade president putin. >> we're talking about the potential for war in europe.
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vice president harris vowing a swift and severe response as president biden meets with the national security council promising unprecedented economic costs if russia does not choose diplomacy. >> the west is united and resolved. we're ready to impose severe sanctions on russia if it further invades ukraine. i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the "cnn newsroom" on this sunday. we begin this hour with breaking news in the russia/ukraine crisis. the u.s. has intelligence indicating orders have been sent to russian commanders to proceed with an attack on ukraine. that is according to two u.s. officials and another source familiar with the intelligence. president biden has wrapped up a rare sunday meeting of the national security council in the white house situation room. cnn has learned the latest u.s. intel according to these officials says russia has poured
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75% of its conventional forces within striking distance of ukraine. it is surrounded on three sides and now a disturbing new development from belarus to the north. russia is extending its military drills there. they were supposed to end today. the kremlin cites a weakened spike in violence in eastern ukraine. ukraine says russian-backed separatists in the eastern part of the country violated the ceasefire at least 74 times just today. moscow, in the meantime, continues to encourage ukrainian citizens to evacuate from the east and cross over into russia. the u.s. and its allies fear the rising tensions in eastern ukraine will be used as a pretext for russia to launch an attack. cnn is mobilizing its people around the world to follow all of these latest developments. let's start at the white house. what can you tell us about president biden's meeting with his national security council? >> reporter: pamela, president
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biden met with his national security council in the situation room for a little over two hours today. a white house readout of that meeting was very brief saying the president and his team discussed russia's ongoing military buildup on the border of ukraine. but if you take a look at that photo released by the white house, you get a glimpse of who exactly was in the room. the top officials spanning defense, diplomacy, financial sectors as well as the intelligence world were all huddled with president biden as they chart the next steps as this evolving situation between russia and ukraine unfold. in addition to that national security council meeting, the president spoke with french president emmanuel macron. that followed phone calls macron had with president putin of russia and president zelensky of ukraine. the white house released a very brief readout showing they discuss diplomacy and deterrence measures as russia is contemplating this invasion of
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ukraine. of course u.s. officials continue to warn that russia could attack ukraine in the coming days. secretary of state antony blinken said the playbook for an invasion by russia is still moving forward but the white house still is hoping that diplomatic window might be an option. blinken said that president biden would be open to engaging with president putin at any time and in any format in order to avoid a war, but that window for diplomacy, while they're holding out hope, it may be quickly closing. >> the purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter russia from going to war. as soon as you try to trigger them, that is gone. until the last minimum, as long as we can try to bring a deterrent effect to this we will try to do that. as to laying out in detail what the sanctions will be, first, russia generally has a pretty good idea what we're going to do. we don't want to lay out the specifics in advance because that would allow russia to try to plan against them.
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>> reporter: so the u.s. has been working with allies to craft the sanctions package should russia invade ukraine, and they are not bending to pressure from some to unvam the sanctions before an invasion takes place. secretary of state antony blinken is set to speak and meet with his russian counterpart, foreign minister sergey lavrov, on thursday. but that meeting will only move forward if russia who is not invaded ukraine by that moment. so the white house is hoping that the u.s. along with its allies could continue to walk down that diplomatic path with russia even as that invasion looms. >> all right, arlette saenz, thank you so much. turning now to ukraine, cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is on the western edge of the country. >> reporter: pam, according to the latest u.s. intelligence assessment, be orders have been sent to russian tactical commanders to proceed with an invasion of ukraine. this according to officials with direct knowledge of the intelligence telling myself and
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my colleague. we should be clear this is one of several indicators the u.s. is looking for that would indicate an invasion is coming. this one has been observed but others, such as electronic jamming or massive cyber attacks on ukraine, have not yet been observed. it is also worth noting that orders such as this can be rescinded or could be participate of a disinformation campaign intended to mislead the u.s. and its allies. however, this intelligence comes as we've heard public statements from the president, the vice president and the secretary of state in recent days saying that the u.s. now believes putin has made the decision to invade ukraine. the russian playbook is moving forward. pam? >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. we have this video to share with you now of just how volatile the situation on the border between russia and ukraine is.
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>> down, down. >> you are looking at ukrainian officials and foreign reporters running away from what appears to be shelling as they visited the conflict zone in eastern ukraine yesterday. the group was driving to a, quote, observational outpost in the bonbas region when they had to take cover. as you see here in this video. and i want to bring in cnn's moscow bureau chief and is a contributor. the u.s. embassy issued a security advisory warning of threats to public places like shopping centers and metro stations. what do we know about these threats? >> it's kind of an unexpected development. the embassy, a security advisory going out and citing media
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sources -- now i would presume russian media sources, unnamed -- that there have been threats of attacks on shopping centers, metro, warning americans to be cautious, carry i.d. with them and i think one of the more interesting parts they say have evacuation plans worked out in advance. nobody is talking about evacuating americans from moscow at this point. but what they are saying the plans should be made bearing in mind the u.s. embassy does not have the wherewithal to help americans at this point. as we know the number of americans working at the embassy is really minimal at this point. they are very strapped precisely because what have is going on diplomatically with russia during this crisis in ukraine. but, pamela, the other part, i think the most significant for
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moscow militarily, is what you referred to at the top, the end of those military exercises with belarus. but the troops not going back to their bases. in fact, staying there on the border there were an estimated about 30,000 of them, so they remain in place. and it's all, they say, because of the problems and the aggravation of the situation in that russian-speaking donbas region to the east in ukraine right on the border with russia. people are continuing to be evacuated on buses from ukraine into russia saying they fear attack by the ukrainian, and the ukrainians saying we are not attacking. and i guess i should end with a little bit of note about the diplomatic situation. president macron actually, we understand now, has spoken twice with president putin today and he also spoke with the ukrainian president zelensky. then tomorrow sergey lavrov, the
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foreign minister of russia, will speak with the french foreign minister, and so this continues. we haven't heard any specific ideas about progress. pam? >> jill dougherty in moscow, thank you. joining us now general wesley clark. nato supreme allied commander and a senior fellow at the ucla center. according to a u.s. assessment nearly 75% of russian forces are postured against ukraine. the russian/byelorussians are on the border. russian-backed separatists are putting civilians in certain areas. which of these threats is the most concerning to you? >> what you are seeing is the preparatory actions that come in from multiple directions. i'm most concerned about what
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might happen in kyiv in the early stages of this with an assassination campaign and subversion by people who have been infiltrated and are possibly using chemical weapons or some effort to assassinate president zelensky that would enable mr. putin to then claim that there's chaos, and he has to intervene and for peacekeeping purposes. i think that's the greatest concern. what russia is trying to do is build the pretext to invade. it's trying to persuade the world, its own people, and avoid the problems of being labelled as an international criminal state. one by one the united states has punctured the balloon on that. we've identified numerous false flag plots, as we call them, and the latest information we just heard from about moscow and warnings of strikes in moscow on
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theaters and shopping centers is more of the same. it wouldn't surprise us to see some major explosions in moscow set by mr. putin's own people as a pretext for invasion. that's what we're looking at right now. >> well, we know from our sources we've been speaking to that u.s. officials are saying there is this intelligence that orders have been sent to russian commanders to proceed with an attack on ukraine. now i'm told by a source tonight familiar with alml of this, thi information came in last week to u.s. officials and was behind those forceful comments of president biden as well as the secretary of state. this intelligence is saying that it appears the russians are in the final stages of invasion that preparations are essentially under way. what do you make of that, that this intelligence came in last week, and here we are on sunday. we are seeing these incremental steps, what we just pointed out. what do you make of what's going
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on right now? >> well, there have been high-level plans for some time that ukrainians say they've had and i'm sure the u.s. government has those high-level plans. and we've been told about some of them publicly. this sounds like they're beginning to pass the operational directives down to implement those plans. so those operational directives have to go through several echelons. they would go from the army commander down to the division commander down to the battalion task group commander. and they have to concern things like when do they start moving? how do they get resupplied in what is the route of movement? what is the order of movement? where do they pick up their artillery and a number of details that require some planning. so the fact the first plans have been distributed and we know about it doesn't necessarily mean the attacks will happen tonight t. could happen 24-48 hours, it depends on the planning time, and as the secretary of state and president said until the first tank cross
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that is line or the first acts of major subversion and cyber go. mr. putin could still change his mind. >> right. that is sort of the hope. they're leaving that door open until an invasion actually happens. the sources i've spoken to tonight, there's also a bit of cautioning and our reporting reflects that as well. intelligence is not a perfect science and this could be an attempt by the russians to put out disinformation. what do you think about that likelihood at this point on this new intelligence? >> i think the russians will always try to put out some fake information. they will go back and forth. they want to confuse us, lull us down, disguise their actual time of attack and their methods of attack. in today's world you can't get the element of surprise that, let's say, hitler had against the soviet union in the summer of 1941. you've got continuous satellite
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reconn reconnaissance, radio intercepts, all kinds of social media reporting. so then this leaves the problem for these russian mihm tear planners how do they get any element of surprise? the way they do it is disguising the direction of the attack, the exact time of the attack, the nature of the attack, and sending a false message out so you have ambassadors speaking one place or another, oh, no, we wouldn't do anything like this. no, the troops are pulling back. and so this is all to be expected. we know the ukrainians know they might get two to four hours of solid warning, unambiguous warning before the first cyber attacks and subversion starts. >> right. and it is interesting, to your point, the russian ambassador to the u.s. just today said that russia has no intentions of invading, and yet you're seeing this activity, we see the map of the russian forces.
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the finnish president told cnn today he believes part of this is trying to set up unpredictability, trying to confuse the west. great conversation, general wesley clark. thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you, pam. and you are in the "cnn newsroom." if you are just joining, we have this update. cnn has learned through two u.s. officials and intelligence source intel indicates orders have been sent to russian commanders to proceed with the attack on ukraine. we are covering this fast machine moving situation all across the globe. a congressman from the armed services committee will be live with us in just a moment. show your sore throat who's boss. new mucinex instasoothe. woworks in seconds, lasts for hours. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. o hoo! ensure, complete lanced nutrition
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>> if you could say anything to putin right now what would it be? >> stop the war. don't invade our country. it's a free country. we pray for freedom and democracy. it's a great country, great people, and we are here to ask the u.s. government and all leaders in the world to send support, to support our country, and let's pray for peace in ukraine. >> reporter: what's on your heart? >> in my heart, ukraine is in my heart. i was born in ukraine, and ukraine is in my heart. >> reporter: why are you crying? >> because it's very emotional. it's a real uncertain time for the country. >> now i want to bring in democratic congressman don garamendi on the armed services committee and he joins me live from brussels. congressman, thanks for joining us tonight. i want to get first your reaction to what sources are telling cnn that the kremlin has told commanders to prepare for
3:22 pm
an attack of ukraine. >> we've anticipated this for a very, very long time. however, as has been said, the window of diplomacy has not yet shut. we're going to have to be very, very clear that should russia invade, there will be serious sanctions -- and that's one of the reasons we're here with a bipartisan delegation for the nato parliamentary assembly which is meeting today, tomorrow and through wednesday. >> we keep hearing from officials such as yourself and other administration officials, if russia invades there will be the most powerful sanctions in history against russia but heard ukr ukraine to release what those sanctions would be. why hasn't that happened yet and do you think it should? >> well, what is happening it's
3:23 pm
generally known there are two piece of legislation in the congress finishing up their work in the committees and as soon as we return those will be moved out of committee if russia does invade, and the list is well known. there's no secret here that we're talking about sanctions on the military, all of their issues of ex ported military supplies, imports of things they need from the military, heavy sanctions on putin and the oligarchs and russian energy exports -- oil and gas -- all of that. one of the things that's really important is for the united states and europe to understand how those sanctions will be imposed and what the implementation will mean to the economy here in the west. that's one of the things we want
3:24 pm
to be clear about as we talk in the nato countries, that, yes, we must do this and there will be some blowback. we have to endure that. we cannot allow russia to get away with these invasions without any serious sanctions and serious repercussions to their economy and to the individuals. >> and it is worth noting that the blowback could affect the u.s. but more so europe. i believe more than a third comes from russia and so any sanctions could have a direct impact on them and have a ripple effect on the u.s. you are in brussels leading meetings on the russia/ukraine crisis. what are you hearing from america's allies? >> we're hearing that they are in solidarity. just keep in mind it was less than 15 months ago nato was in disarray.
3:25 pm
trump had spent four years basically trashing nato and making it questionable whether the united states wanted nato or would stand with nato, would russia do anything. that's not the case now. biden has put together a very powerful and very cohesive alliance. putin did something nobody thought could be done, to rebuild the solidarity of nato. it is in place. we've already heard that from those we've talked to in the very short day we've been here and we'll hear more of that tomorrow. there are going to be consequences and the biden administration not only pulling nato and the european union together but putting in place actions to back fill, to supplement the lost russian gas should those sanctions be put in place.
3:26 pm
we are preparing to turn around liquefied national gas ships that are at sea and from american ports and other ports around the world and move those ships into europe to help supplement or back fill the loss of russian gas. we're aware of that and our colleagues from nato parliaments are, also. that's why we're here to work together, to stand together in solidarity. >> such as diverting some of the gas being shipped to japan bringing that to europe if it does come to that. as a member of the house armed services committee privy to the intelligence, to the briefings, the latest information, do you really think vladimir putin will s at this point settle for diplomacy if he has made up his mind? at the beginning of this conversation you left hope for that diplomacy. do you really think that will happen?
3:27 pm
>> well, something that goes back to previous wars and that's keep hope alive. putin is going to be in a very serious judgment for his future, for the future of russia and really for the stability of the world if he chooses to invade and try to assert his authority over ukraine militarily. that sets off repercussions that will have profound effect. the sanctions being but one. it will also set off what may well be a new cold war. russia has exercised its nuclear arsenal. what does that mean? we are really in the midst of a new nuclear arms race. no one, russia, the united states or tchina has exercised
3:28 pm
that nuclear armament. what is that? we have a very, very dangerous, perhaps long lasting situation. putin is not a dumb, ignorant person. he may be very stupid in what he's about to do but he surely has the ability to understand the consequences. he's going to have to make a calculation and that calculation may be momentarily or it may be in the very few days ahead. does he risk putting his country at the opposite end of all of europe, on the opposite side? and that has to do with everything from diplomacy to all of the interactions of the economies, of the countries here, and, also, he must surely realize by now that he has strengthened nato, that he has brought to the borders of his country in a defensive posture
3:29 pm
the nato armaments. also, he has put in place more armaments and defensive armaments in ukraine than were there six months ago. ukraine has been very heavily armed. all of that because of putin's actions in trying to leverage ukraine to stay out of nato and, also, for nato to pull back out of the eastern countries of the baltics, poland, romania and bulgaria. that's not happening. in fact, the exact opposite is happening. so this is an opportunity for putin to say, wait a minute, i have a terrific military. see what they've done? we're going to go home and stand ready. time for him to beat his chest and say, yeah, we're really tough. you've seen all of our propaganda but we're going to go home. that would be the wise thing for him to do and to continue with the diplomacy. >> right. and even as of today their top
3:30 pm
russian official saying we don't want to invade. that's not our plan. now, of course, you have to take that with a grain of salt, if that, but he could say, look, i've been saying, we've been saying, we didn't want to invade, to your point. we'll continue to watch how the situation unfolds. congressman john garamendi, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. breaking news, new satellite images show russian ground forces heading for positions close to ukraine's border. stand by for more on that. we'll show you those pictures coming up. former director of national intelligence james clapper is live next. you're in the "cnn newsroom." r”. find the right plan for you from unitedhealthcare. get medicare with h more. check out this vrbo. oh man. ♪ come on. ♪
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this just in. we're getting new satellite images of russian troops on the move. they were taken earlier today by the imaging company maxar showing intensifying units close to ukraine's northeastern border. we'll have those images for you in just a moment. joining us now to talk about this is cnn national security analyst and former direct osh of national intelligence james clapper. good to see you. how much impact might these images have in adding to u.s. confidence that an invasion is truly now eminent? >> well, pam, i think it's kind of over but the shouting. there are not many more indications and warnings that we're going to get, and if the latest imagery shows a move towards the borders, well, that's about it.
3:36 pm
i am really struck as an old intel guy by the public use of intelligence which is a great thing. >> yeah, it has been a noticeable difference from 2014 in crimea to now and the way officials are putting out this intelligence including the latest we have according to multiple sources that the kremlin has given orders to proceed with an invasion but, also, our sorurces are orsay th go could be withdrawn or could be meant to mislead and confuse allies. what do you think is going on right now? >> i have a tendency to take this at face value. it's hard to believe you have 190,000 troops, three-quarters of the russian conventional military, around ukraine and now
3:37 pm
for russia to say, oh, april fool, we're not going to do it i think we're past that. i think he has painted himself into a corner and almost has to do something. to what shape and magnitude this attack might take that, of course, remains to be seen. this could be very limited or it could be a much bigger thing. >> given what you just laid out there just big picture moving forward looking at the scenario both boris johnson and kamala harris are warning about the potential for war. do you think this could morph into a large-scale conflict? what do you think this could look like? >> it certainly could from just the physical standpoint, one hopes it wouldn't. here we are in the year 2022 and
3:38 pm
this is potentially the largest conflict in europe since 1945, at the end of world war ii. so hopefully cooler heads will prevail or putin has a different military objective than is evident right now. i think there's more here to play out. i think there is a chance for diplomacy but it's down for the count right now as far as i can tell. >> yeah, we keep hearing chants for diplomacy but it seems we're there. the new satellite images with soldiers leaving the garrison, going closer to the border. given where we are now do you think the u.s. should be imposing sanctions or at least reveal the list instead of waiting for russia to physically
3:39 pm
attack, to cross that border? >> this is someone religious -- when is the exact moment to impose sanctions? i certainly understand the ukrainian position if all we say is true then why aren't we imposing sanctions now but secretary blinken says once you do that you're sacrificing or compromising your ability to deter. so there's positive arguments for both sides on this. there's one aspect i would like to mention briefly, if the russians go into ukraine, there are about 15 nuclear reactors, i believe, still active in ukraine concentrated in four different areas. i hope we and the russians have considered the implications of striking intentionally or
3:40 pm
unintentionally one of these facilities because you could have chernobyl times two potentially. that illustrates the gravity of what's afoot here. >> that is truly frightening. we now have the satellite image. this is new satellite imagery showing intensified activity among russian units along the northeastern border appearing to take up field positions. we're getting this image on the heels of new intelligence coming into the u.s. saying the kremlin has given ardz to proceed with an attack. as you well know, james, that doesn't just happen in the flash of a second. certain things need to happen. do you see what is being shown in this picture as a step toward that goal? >> it would appear to me from what i can see -- not being a
3:41 pm
professional image interpreter, but it looks that way to me and, of course, there would need to be other looks, if you will, other parts of the jumping off point along the border of ukraine to actually confirm this, but this is one indicator, one column that seems to be under way. >> and as you well know with intelligence you put it all together to see what the picture shows and you have this combined with everything else going on and it does show a pretty concerning picture to say the least. james clapper, thank you so much. >> thanks, pam. tonight we're following concern with queen elizabeth's health after she tested positive for covid. we'll go to the uk and new info on the people she was recently in contact with next. desert. realally guys? t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places. and now, when you switch, you can get iphone 13 on u ust t-mobile.
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this is the best night of my life. two loads of snot covered laundry. only one will be sanitized. wait, what? adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't. not long after marking her 70th anniversary on the british throne, queen elizabeth has tested positive for covid. cnn's max foster has more details from windsor castle. >> reporter: the queen is receiving medical attention in the castle behind me. there appears to have been some sort of outbreak according to my sources within the castle and the queen caught covid. she was tested sunday morning and they released the results pretty quickly. we are told, though, they are emphasizing she has mild cold-like symptoms and she is at
3:47 pm
her desk carrying out light duties and sent a letter of congratulations sunday afternoon to the british olympic team. so they're emphasizing that and trying to calm nerves, i guess. she is nearly 96 years old. we're told she is meeting all the current regulations which means she would have to be self-isolating, would be on her own at a time she feels unwell anyway. i was told by sources she felt sick as opposed to injured. not a comfortable position for a 90-year-old to be in. so watching very closely and will be monitoring her. pam? >> thanks so much for the latest there. up next, we are getting new satellite images of russian troops on the move. the toll fears of war are taking on families of ukraine as they flee their home ahead of a possible invasion. cnn is in one city where many are headed next.
3:48 pm
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fears of imminent russian invasion are mounting in kyiv, families leaving the capitol city in droves to get to a safer location. cnn's michael holmes in one western city where many are headed. >> reporter: in an apartment in laviv in western ukraine, natalya and demetro play with their three young children. this is where they live but it's not their home. that's because until just a few days ago, home was the capital,
3:53 pm
kyiv, 600 kilometers to the east, now a potential russian target. >> kyiv is also could be attacked by, or some key factory or energy base. >> according to many, kyiv would be a primary target if invade and that's why their family couldn't risk staying. >> having this experience right now, talking about the east part of ukraine, i can think that this basically could be the situation. that's why i'm considering the fact that we're not sure and safe, anyway. >> laviv is a vibrant historic city, close to poland, slovakia, feels european, and been a refuge from russian as for ukrainians fleeing their homes.
3:54 pm
>> in the east, russian backed separatists waged war on the ukrainian government and crimea, annexed by russia in 2014. they know full well how those feel when they came to ukraine, knee she had to leave, and now runs this bakery in laviv. >> translator: many people went missing or were in prison when russia occupied crimea, she says, i didn't want to end up like them so i left. >> reporter: the notion the massive and powerful russian military may cross the border again is almost surreal for ukrainians but while concerned, they're defiant too. >> raxanna says right now, i feel calm, because we ukrainians have more confidence in ourselves. we are a united country. for the family, they'll say here in laviv until this stand-off,
3:55 pm
the threat of war, recedes then they say will head home to kyiv. >> you're in the cnn news room. if you're just now joining our breaking news coverage we have this update for you. new satellite images show intense fied activity in units close to ukraine's northeastern border, officials and intel now indicates orders have been sent to russian commanders to proceed with an attack on ukraine. we'll be right back with more. of risk anand reward. e so you can enjoy m more of...this. this is the planningng effect. there's a different wayy to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you n get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections,
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i'm pamela brown in washington, you are live in the cnn newsroom on this sunday and we begin this hour with breaking news in the russia/ukraine crisis. troubling new is the light imagery showing intensified movements of russian forces near ukraine's northeastern border. according to colorado-based maxar, these images show multiple field deployments of arm, equipment and troops and comes as cnn learns of intelligence that orders have been sent to russian commanders, commanding attack on ukraine, according to t


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