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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  February 26, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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and welcome to our viewers joining us from all around lt world. i'm michael holmes coming to you live from western ukraine. with our breaking news on the battle for the control of kyiv. at this moment. ukraine president defiant in the face of advancing russian troops. sharing a new video message a short time ago. from the streets of kyiv. have a listen. >> good morning, ukrainians. currently there are lot of games on the internet. like i'm putting down arms and evacuating. we're not putting down arms. we'll defend our country. our weapon is truth. and our truth is that this is our land.
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our country. our children. and we will defend all of this. that is it. that's all i want to tell you. glory to ukraine. >> his message with warnings from the country interior ministry for people in the capitol to take cover from what was described as active fighting. and adviser to the ukrainian president says russian quote sabotage groups are actually inside the capitol. now this is after a night full of explosions and bursts of gunfire. >> ukraine military says the blasts were part of the operation that destroyed russian tanks. we can't independently verify of course. meanwhile a mayor of the a town south of kyiv says it has been quote completely occupied with fighting. clashes were said to be going on in eastern suburbs of kyiv earlier. now a presidential adviser claims that the situation in
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areas surrounding kyiv are quote under control. have a look. an apartment building near one of kyiv major airports has been hit by a missile. perhaps rocket fire. kyiv mayor says the emergency services were at the scene. the extent of casualties still as yet unknown. and the exact cause of the strike not clear. you can see the damage done. here in west of the country we have been hearing this. >> sounds of air raid sirens going off. warning people to get documents and check on neighbors. take cover. skpo go to shelter. many people seeking to evacuate the country. and you see refugees crossing into romania. showing traffic jams backed up for miles along the ukraine border. united nations says more than
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50,000 ukrainian refugees have already fled the country. not only in romania but poland and moldova. we have correspondents across ukraine and around the world to bring you latest on this breaking news. covering sanctions from london. in washington. with reaction from the white house. in jerusalem on how israel is being asked to get involved in negotiations between russia and ukraine. and live for us in kyiv. >> just before we came on the air we heard those air raid sirens you heard. right here the sun is coming up in kyiv as well. we have heard those throughout the evening. but it had been quite sometime. those sirens ending just moments ago. and then again moments ago we heard some gunfire. loud gunfire coming from that direction. that is the east.
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where as you also mention we have heard about fighting in the suburbs of kyiv. we have a very solid sense that this fighting is really encircling the city. the russian troops are proceeding in their goal to make their way all the way around this city. michael, possibly the most significant fighting that we saw over night was in the western part of the city. within the city limits. for the first time we have heard explosions within the city limits just about 5 kilometers or three miles away. we believe that's near a military installation and ukrainian military is saying that they were able to take out two cars. two trucks. with ammunition as well as a tank with an antitank missile. that's what we believe those explosions have been. we have the fighting in the west as well as the east. we have also been told there's significant fighting in a town
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20 miles south of here. when you add all those three orientations to the fact that we know the russians have been coming in from the north, that front has been relatively quiet all night. the encirclement of kyiv is very much happening. >> cnn white house reporter joining me now live from washington. good to see you. update us on the what the white house knows been watching what's going on in kyiv. >> well, the president spends his weekend in delaware at his home there. but a white house official told me that he remains being regularly updated on the events happening on the ground. of course in close touch with his national security team. no doubt white house officials are watching what is happening right now. with great concern. we know that warnings from officials have intensified over the past weeks and some of the
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predictions are coming into focus. when it happens comes down to the situation in ukraine. no doubt officials are worried about ukraine as a country. the ukrainian people and of course the government stability as we know troops are encircling around the capitol. also officials are concerned about president zelenskyy and his own safety. just today the white house said that president zelenskyy and president biden had a phone call. it lasted 40 minutes according to to the white house. in a read out after wards the president biden commended the ukrainian people for continuing to fight for their country. and also that he spoke with president zelenskyy about support and about defense assistance. and now just a few hours ago we learned from the white house that the president instructed the state department to release up to $350 million in defense assistance for ukraine. really trying to show that
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support for the ukraine sovereignty. as they go through heightened tension time. when it comes to what comes forward we know that the president will speak to his national security team. and vice president. in the morning and a phone call rare saturday morning phone call. as he hopes to get updated about the situation on the ground. >> all right. appreciate it. live in washington. all right. let's get more of an inside perspective on what residents are experiencing. joining me from ukraine is, ivan. you are a regular citizen of the country. what is it like where you are and what you have been seeing and hearing? >> hello, everyone. on the first day of the invasion, it was like 5:40 a.m. my friend from the united states
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called me. saying that the invasion started. wake up. i was really shocked. i ran to my parents room and i told them that the war started. and my mom told me that she already heard three explosions so far. during that day we heard six of the explosions. and yesterday in the evening we heard antiaircraft. and in the evening but now odesa is more or less calm. and ukrainian soldiers and people are brave. and ready to protect any time. >> i'm curious. i suspect i know the answer but did you really expect that this
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would actually happen? i know a lot of ukrainians tell me they didn't. >> i never expected it. i didn't believe it. when i first read in the news that the invasion had to happen on the february 16. and it didn't happen. i was a bit skeptical. most of the ukrainians. but i was almost thinking that western scientists that discover all this. they can't be wrong. so -- i was really shocked when it happened. >> yeah. i'm not surprised. our thoughts are with you. i have asked a couple ukrainians this too, can you even imagine in perhaps weeks from now if putin gets his way there could be a new government, a
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pro-russian government installed in your country potentially? how does it feel to even contemplate that and how it might change your life? >> i don't believe that will happen. ukraine and russia have been fighting for the last like 350 years. and independent ukraine. right now so i think that western help if the west acts really tough and with ukrainian soldiers. strong and brave sons of ukraine. ukraine will be european union with crimea and don bas. that's my opinion. >> there's a lot of talk about an armed insurgency.
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are you seeing that happen? and how do you think ukrainians will fight back in this? >> i think that ukrainian citizens will go take weapons. and they will protect ukraine. and this is now actually happened. in every city. people protect citizens. so i think that nothing bad will be the future for ukraine and everything will be good. >> our thoughts are with you. a lot of people watching this around the world right now. quickly, to the people watching you right your
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message from ukraine? >> people from all the countries please go to the demonstrations. please demand government to protect ukraine. to send weapons. to enforce sanctions on russia. to isolate from every organization. trade embargo. everything to stop russian aggression. it will cost many lives. it can go further if the west doesn't stop russia from attacking ukraine. it will be a huge tragedy for the whole world. please go and support ukraine. and i'm thankful already to all that western countries that help ukraine. that sent us weapons. financial support. thank you so much. and all ukrainians really
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support you and appreciate the help. >> our thanks to you. our thoughts are with you. and we wish you well. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. all right. ukrainians are fleeing the country meanwhile by the thousands. russian troops. i speak to about the potential refugee crisis unfolding in europe. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs.
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most people just didn't have tickets. they just stormed the train. it was almost like a stampede. people were like trying to get inside no matter what. it was chaos. it was chaos and people pushing around and but i mean people want to escape. run for their lives. >> crowds of evacuees there at the train station. this is in poland. people desperate to find any way out of ukraine. do their best. the fighting has been increasing as russian forces advance. and battle to take control of the capitol. >> there was more chaos in the capitol kyiv people clambering to board trains there.
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with shots fired in the air. you can hear in attempt to maintain order. the toll is heartbreaking on families with many forced to separate. men age 18 to 60 are technically not allowed to leave the country. at the moment. many are trying to get their families to safety then return to fight. if needed. refugee agency says 50,000 ukrainians have fled the country already. that number is expected to grow a lot in the coming days. many were waiting for hours in freezing conditions on friday. just to be able to leave. and un aide agency says the war could drive up to 5 million people to flee abroad. secretary general explaining how the un is responding to the growing crisis. >> today in ukraine despite growing international charges. life saving support. including eastern part of the country on both side of the line
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of control . >> now for more on this let's bring in kelly. the deputy high commissioner for refugees. at the un agency. she joins me from switzerland. give a broad picture. how worried are you about a potential humanitarian crisis? adds people flee the war. >> i have to say we already have a humanitarian crisis. we have had a crisis in this country for the last eight years. and it's just become a lot worse. in addition to those 850,000 internally displaced primarily in the east. we know over 100,000 people are already on the move. and i can already update the number you just gave michael in terms of those who crossed
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borders into neighboring countries. we see over 120,000 people that have gone to all of the neighboring countries. and i have to say the reception they're receiving from local communities. from local authorities. it's tremendous. it's a dynamic situation. it's we're really quite devastated obviously with what's to come. and we would say that up to 4 million people could actually cross borders if things continue to deteriorate. which they have until now. >> these are staggering numbers. just horrible. we're here in western ukraine. we have seen people pouring in to here from kyiv. and other parts of the country. right now we were told last night. there is a 37 kilometer long line of vehicles at the polish border and not moving very fast. just people getting out in a safe orderly way. could itself be a problem.
12:22 am
if it isn't already. >> yes. we have people in country looking at the border situations. there are large number that have crossed into. many more to follow. and so far the borders are open. this is something that's tremendously important. in a dynamic situation like this. as you mentioned and as you reporting off the top, we have to see civilians protected. we have to see civilian infrastructure protected. international humanitarian law demands it. and peoples lives as we have seen are being taken in this conflict. >> i want you to try to give people a sense of what the people go through. we have talked about numbers. we talk about logistics throughout. what happens to these people in terms of their emotional
12:23 am
upheaval and pain as they flee their homes? >> well, in a situation like this i have to say knowing having talked to our colleagues. even this morning and humanitarian workers and their families being devastated by what's happening now in the capitol city. this is something they're making life or death decisions. deciding what do they take, who goes, how do they cross, what is essential items do they take with them. with almost no notice. and some have not been able to leave. they are bunkered and trying to be as safe as possible. figuring out escape routes. most if they cross a border want to stay close to the home country. in this case obviously don't want to leave or be too far from ukraine. they maybe separated. they may have loved ones that remain in country. and this is something in terms of when they cross, local authorities providing them some place to sleep.
12:24 am
some food. water, other core items to help them survive. in those early days. and they won't be able to take too much with them. so really trying to make a difficult situation just a little bit easier. we try to make sure that families are kept together. those that are separated that someone there's a way to be able to keep them connected. and in these early days that becomes quite important. especially when you are talking about young people. >> it's so important that you put that human face on it. people who watching us right now put yourself in their position. pack up and go with what you can carry. and get out of your own country. and your own home. important work being done, thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. if you would like to help people in ukraine who might be in neeld of shelter and food, water. basic necessities of life. go to
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and you'll find resources and z several ways to help. a diplomatic appeal. ukraine president reaches out to israel to help facilitate talks with russia. why burn a candle when you can switch to air wick essential mist? it's the modern way to transform fragrance infufused with natural essential oils into a mist. air wick essential mist. connect to nature.
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welcome back, everyone. coming to you live from western ukraine. let's bring you up to date on the latest on the intense battle for ukraine capitol. heavy fighting and you can hear it there. ukraine president says his nation is not putting down arms even though fighting has reached the streets of kyiv. the interior says active fighting in their words is under way in the city. and urged residents to take cover. a presidential adviser says the situation in suburbs and surrounding areas is in his words under control. he did say russian and sabotage groups have entered kyiv. and ukrainian police are
12:31 am
fighting them. meanwhile have a look at the apartment building. hit by a rocket or missile on saturday morning. still unclear if the attack caused any casualties. the ukrainian president also says he is in touch with western leaders at the moment. >> we're also fighting on the diplomatic front line. it's easier to count who out of the world leaders i haven't spoken yet to. >> meanwhile the russian president appealed to the ukrainian people and condemned their government with provocative allegations. >> do not let nazis use your children, wives and old people as human shields. take power into your own hands. it looks like it will be easier for us to come to an agreement than with this drug addicts and neo nazis that settled in kyiv and taken hostage the entire ukrainian people.
12:32 am
>> earlier i spoke with two ukrainian political analysts who are now just outside kyiv. and told me despite the russian assault, ukrainians are fighting back with everything they got. >> we had to smuggle our families out of kyiv. we had a note of warning. urgent warning our lives were in danger. for a variety of reasons. we were able to yesterday to get our folks to safety. we're now heading back to kyiv. there's fighting around the city. around the perimeters. trying to surround the city. we're trying to find out which way which routes to take to reach the capitol. and join up with the resistance. that's important to know the entire country and we haven't seen anything like this since 1940s. has risen up. you have kids and teenagers and old men. grandmothers arming themselves in units of territorial defense.
12:33 am
which simply means that vladimir putin shall not pass. >> i didn't realize that you were in the same position until just now. what are your plans? >> like he said, we're heading back to kyiv. whatever happens. putin is not going to win. we see as inviting our country from all directions. they were trying to seize control of our capitol kyiv. using every unhuman technique. everybody in the word will understand. putin is a murderer. yesterday he gave an order to start rockets launch attacks against near kyiv. effectively killing several kids. i think it just the right time for the whole world to act. act now. save ukraine now.
12:34 am
we see the only thing which putin understands is force. and according to to ukrainian the russian military forces for the last two days 3,500 people killed. and we see that ukrainian forces have been effective in repelling the attack against ukrainian cities. not a single big city has been captured so far. >> extraordinary situation. for those two men. now democracy initiative director that's one of the men there. he was on the left. speaking with me about the situation in ukraine. we talked about what sanctions should be be brought against putin and whether they will have an effect. see the full interview with him next hour. don't miss it. quite a situation they are in. all right. ukraine president asked israel prime minister to host and
12:35 am
mediate talks with russia. ukraine ambassador to israel telling cnn the president zelenskyy believes israel is the only democratic state that has good relations with both. russia and ukraine. in jerusalem for us. good to see you, what is president zelenskyy hoping to accomplish by bringing in israel prime minister to broker peace talks and why would putin go in as the venue to do it? >> last night i spoke with ukrainian ambassador to israel. who told me in the call yesterday zelenskyy made the request to israel prime minister to host mediation talks in jerusalem. they believe israel is the only democratic state with great relations with russia skb ukraine. and used in order to facilitate negotiations. past peace talks have been held in belarus. the ukrainians believe that shouldn't be on the table. belarus is a close ally of
12:36 am
russia. i should note it's not the first time zelenskyy has made the request to the israels to hold mediation talks. they made the requests for months now. and asking israel to host negotiations. the last time they made the request was actually before bennett went to meet with vladimir putin. bennett brought it up but putin dismissed the discussion. now it's not clear whether the israels have since the conversation yesterday. brought it up with the russians again. as for the response to the phone call to the request, the ambassador said they are considering it. and that's a positive sign on the israel side. a spokesperson wouldn't comment further beyond the official read out issued about the call. expressing support for ukraine and offering aide. we'll see whether israel will bring this up to vladimir putin and whether the potential peace talks will actually take place. >> interesting aspect of this.
12:37 am
how is this conflict playing out in israel communities where former russian and ukrainian residents are living side by side? what are they saying? >> yeah. there are huge jewish populations in both ukraine and russia. as a result huge populations and israel people have immigrated from ukraine and russia and now live in israel side by side. there are certain areas you can go where the signs are in russian or ukrainian. and that's what you hear on the street. it's everywhere. most of them i have spoken to do not want war. they see each other as brother nations. they eat the same food. and understand that israel is walking a delicate diplomatic tight rope with competing interests between the two countries. they want israel to stay out and don't want a war. >> fascinating aspect. live in jerusalem. appreciate the report. thanks so much. that'll do it for ukraine. for now. we will go back to kim in
12:38 am
atlanta. i'll check in later. >> thanks so much. countries around the world turn up the economic pressure on russia over invasion of ukraine. but what some call the economic nuclear option hasn't been exercised so far. we'll look into that when we return.
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i think the fate of the west is being designed and determined tonight. i don't believe vladimir putin will be able to hold ukraine. we have seen in their fighting spirit that even if the troops basically take over kyiv and all the strategy positions, the ukrainian people are not russian. the ukraine people do not identify as russian. and they will fight russian troops in the streets until russian troops similar to what they did in afghanistan. tuck their tail and go home. >> that was republican congressman. whether the russian troops will quote tuck their tail and go home it's still up in the air. it has been a violent night across much of ukraine. explosions and gun fearfire rep in many cities including kyiv. president zelenskyy appeared in a video saying we are not putting down arms. we will defend our country. this is our land, our country,
12:44 am
our children. and we will defend all of this. russia is facing a title wave of economic sanctions over invasion of ukraine. some of them are targeting president putin himself. so far the u.s. and allies are holding off on what some call a financial nuclear option. cutting russia out of the so called swift financial payment system. anna stewart in london with more. since you and i spoke yesterday. more sanctions piled on. let's talk about those imposed on putin himself. what are they and what effect will they have? >> this was fascinating. it was a decision made by the u.s., uk and canada. targeting president putin and his foreign minister. personally with sanctions. unlike some of the sanctions we discussed so far, which have been targeted and damaging to the economy. this is largely symbolic. that's because when we look at oligarchs who make it clear it's their playground.
12:45 am
it's different with putin. his finances both inside and outside russia we don't expect big asset freezes. the u.s. may include a travel ban. making further diplomatic measures difficult. really this is symbolic. pres putin is joining an unpleasant exclusive leaders that have been personally sanctioned. north korea leader and libya leader. dictators. people anccused of war crimes. >> so now with the 30 seconds we have left, what is left on the table in terms of possible sanctions? >> there is still quite a few measures left on the table. anything that target oil, gas, wheat, metal. the big commodities that russia
12:46 am
makes that make is a lot of revenue. the vast majority of the revenue. and damaging to the west. that is why swift the most extreme measure on the sanctions spectrum has yet to be implemented. there's growing pressure for that to happen. both inside and outside the eu. one of the big hold outs of course remains germany. that i are so reliant on russia for energy. pressure is mounting. that is really the big measure. we could see in days to come. >> we'll be watching for that. thanks so much. after the break we go back to ukraine and rejoin my colleague. looking at the role sport is playing in the russian invasion into ukraine. including why russia is no longer hosting the championship game.
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a powerful display of solidarity there with ukraine. people filled the streets of georgia capitol. on friday night. georgiaens know all too well the impact of russia military might. after their war in 2008. it was just one of the many vigils and protests taking place around the world. these are pictures from madrid. people rallied for ukraine and expressed out rage over what is happening.
12:52 am
while this picture across the the u.s. there have been calls for the biden administration to take stronger action. against moscow. one protester has family in ukraine. and spoke of her anguish now. >> it's horrible. our families are there. little kids are there. last night, i didn't sleep at all. how can you sleep? how can you sleep knowing airplanes are flying and dropping bombs on a city where your family is. friends. >> meanwhile in russia, hundreds of antiwar protesters arrested across more than 40 cities. authorities warned citizens that participanting in antiwar protests could lead to prosecution and criminal charges. and the world of international futbol is coming out against the russia invasion of ukraine. war is prompted one of the sports most events being pulled
12:53 am
from russia. >> men's club match in european football the champions league final is moved. last two years due to the pandemic, now saying the paris will host on may 28. instead of the stadium sponsored by russia. the association also pledging along with french government to support the rescue efforts of futbolers and families in ukraine. facing what it describes as dire human suffering. destruction and displacement. >> this as a number of brazilian players appeal for help to leave ukraine. making his plea in a video from a hotel alongside eleven other players and families. meantime the ukrainian midfielder revealing a no war in ukraine shirt. after one of his goals for atlanta on thursday night.
12:54 am
players from barcelona united in their message displaying a stop war banner before their match. now the manchester city manager speaking out and concerns over one of his players. ukrainian defender. >> worry. we feel our country we were born. we have a family and friends. these attacks killing innocent people. how would you feel? i guess that he feels and of course the team of course is close to him. unconditionally. >> meantime the other manchester united deciding to drop the russian airline. as the club sponsor. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm michael holmes live in ukraine. breaking news coverage continues after the break.
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ukrainian officials sharing this video of people being rescued from that building. russia acknowledges that it has been carrying out strikes that claims it is targeting only military infrastructure and not residential buildings. meanwhile ukraine's president sharing this defiant message in the face of advancing russian troops. here he is. >> good morning, ukrainians. currently there are a lot of games appearin


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