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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 28, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday, february 28th and i am brianna keilar with john berman. we are beginning with breaking news. day five of the russian invasion of ukraine and kremlin forces are encountering stiff resistance from not only the ukrainian military, but from ordinary citizens as well. ukraine says the intensity of the russian offensive may be slowing. in the last hour a meeting of delegations from russia and ukraine got underway on the border between ukraine and belarus. ukraine is calling for an
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immediate cease-fire and cnn is monitoring these talks. ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy making it clear that he doesn't expect too much to come of these talks, but he says they have to try. and there are growing fears this morning that belarus is prepared to send soldiers into ukraine in support of russia's invasion. that is according to ukrainian intelligence. meanwhile president putin increasing tensions. he is placing his nuclear deterrence forces on high alert. the white house calling it another manufactured threat. there are visible signs of russian setbacks this morning. in kharkiv, russian military vehicles going in reverse, retreating from ukrainian forces, and we have video of a drone attack that the ukrainians claim hit a column of russian military vehicles north of the city of kerson.
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also in the conflict, the largest aircraft in the world, ukraine's an-225, was blown up in a russian attack in kyiv. interior ministry says 350 civilians have been killed since the start of the invasion including 14 children, more than 1400 people have been injured. according to the united nation, more than 368,000 ukrainians have fled the country with more than half of them seeking refuge in poland. protests against the world are intensifying and most sickly tha -- significantly that is happening in russia where they detained 6,000 demonstrators. paris, london, elsewhere, glowing blue and yellow in a show of support with many european countries closing their air space to russian planes. later this morning president biden is going to hold a call with u.s. allies to discuss the response to russia's invasion
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going forward. our coverage begins with cnn's scott mclane. he is live at a train station in lviv, ukraine. scott, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, brianna, just aid couple minutes ago we were on the platform opposite that train just because that's where everyone seemed to believe there was going to be the next train to poland. a few minutes a go there was an announcement. they were told actually they were going to be on a different platform. everybody walked across these tracks. now they're trying to get on this platform here which is a train that is supposed to be leaving for poland. the reason you don't see a lot of people is because everyone is down underneath trying to get up the stairs. police are actually only letting people up one by one, and they are prioritizing women and children to make sure that they get on that train first. some people have been left stranded here. i spoke to one woman last night who said that she didn't know where she was going to go. she wasn't able to get on a
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train. she wasn't able to get a bus. she wasn't able to get a taxi either. apologies, brianna, we are being asked to move over here. but the bottom line is even if you manage to get on one of these trains, people are certainly desperate to do that, you are going to be facing extremely tight conditions. we saw one of those trains, i think we have video of it, headed toward poland when we were headed into ukraine on an empty train. people were shoulder to shoulder, standing in the aisle, standing in the ends near the doors, any bit of free space they would find, they were in there. it was mostly women, mostly children. they were there for hours for their passport control. as a result, some people, especially foreign men, have found it very difficult to get out of the country because it's very difficult to get on these trains. some of them even told us last night they found it difficult to get across the border once they've been there because of the sheer volume of people and because they seem to be
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prioritizing women and children as well. the border, the polish authorities, say there is only one line. they are letting everyone through. the problem seems to be on the ukrainian side. again, they also say no one is being discriminated against, that they are letting everyone through as quickly as they can, brianna. >> scott, i'll take it here. just so people know where scott mclane is, he's in a train station at lviv. the long border between ukraine and poland, so many people trying to get on the trains. what is usually a five hour trip is taking 5, 15, sometimes 20 hours to get on that first train. scott mclane, thank you very much for that. i want to move now. we're going to go over to russia where our frederik pleitgen has been up near where russian troops have been passing him moving into ukraine. the latest from there, fred, including this new heightened state of nuclear alert that vladimir putin has ordered. >> reporter: yeah, certainly
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that is something that is of great concern to a lot of people here in russia. john, as we speak we can see another convoy of russian military vehicles. those are actually going out of the front line area. it's really obviously impossible for us to really tell whether or not that means that some forces might be moving out. it certainly seems as if the russians have been rotating forces in and out of that area today and obviously in the days passed as well. it's quite interesting. you have those negotiations going on between the ukrainian side and the russian side. certainly we've been able to get a feel of what's going on on the ground here. it certainly seems to us there is less activity this morning than we've seen in the past couple of days. it is unclear whether or not there is a lull in fight being. certainly the ukrainian side -- the russians have slowed down their offensive. it is certainly seemed to us there could be indications that the russians might be having problems, especially around the kharkiv area. one of the things we've seen,
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especially yesterday was russian military vehicles moving out of that combat zone which, again, is right over into that direction, not very far from where we are right now. they have flap vests hanging in the trucks. they were hanging in the windows of the trucks which could indicate they were taking sniper fire or were afraid of taking sniper fire as they move into the kharkiv area. again, those negotiations going on right now. at the same time for the first time, the russians now acknowledging they have taken casualties in this operation. want to listen into what the russian general in charge had to say about this yesterday. let's listen in. we don't have that sound bite ready. the russians now for the first time are acknowledging they have taken casualties. they still claim the casualties are a lot fewer than the ukrainian side is taking, but certainly it seems to us as though the russians at least from what we're seeing down
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here, constantly replenishing their forces. the other thing we've seen on the ground here is a lot of broken down russian military vehicles as well. again, too early to tell how significant that is, but certainly from what we've seen this morning, less movement on the part of the russians as these negotiations are going on right now. but again, the ukrainians for their part have said that they are confident those negotiations will necessarily lead to any breakthrough, at least not today, john. >> fred, to remind people where you are, you're just over the russian region. right now you're seeing troops leave kharkiv into russia. maybe there is a rotation there. you mentioned the negotiations. i just want to show meeple where that is. that's up in belarus, just over the ukrainian barrier in the gomel area. the they aren't holding out high hopes, but what is going on?
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>> reporter: they believe this is significant and they are certainly making an effort. the defense minister sent in high-level representatives. the presidential ministry and foreign ministry. the russians are sending people from their presidential ministry and defense ministry. they are meeting on the pripyat river which is interesting because it's right in the border area between ukraine and belarus. that was what the ukrainians then finally agreed to. it was originally the russians said they want these negotiations to take place in belarus. the ukrainians said absolutely not because obviously it's from belarus also that russians are moving into ukraine and also not unclear whether belarusians might join that effort soon as well. the ukrainians have come in and they have said they unequivocally want an immediate cease-fire and all russian forces to leave their area immediately. the russians are saying no preconditions. it's really not clear what exactly moscow wants to achieve there, whether or not moscow is negotiating in good faith.
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and what some sort of outcome of this could be. ukrainians are saying they aren't holding out much hope this could lead to a breakthrough. president zelenskyy of ukraine saying they need to try because, of course, right now the situation on the ground in so many places in ukraine is actually catastrophic. i want to show you one more thing if i may, john, if we have a second. there is a big rocket launching coming past us. i don't know if you have a military expert somewhere. i think that's a smirch multiple rocket launcher, i'm not sure. that is certainly a weapon that can fire very hard and that is moving past us right now. again, as you've noted, we are in that area very close to the front line. we're going to wait and see. they sometimes move them laterally along the front line, and sometimes move them to the front line area. but we have seen, john, in the past couple of days that we've been here, some extremely heavy weaponry moving around this front line area. obviously some of that moving in
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towards ukrainian territory as well, including thermal barrett rocket launchers. still heavy equipment here, yeah, we can see that rocket launcher now taking a turn as we've noted in the past, moving towards the front line area towards kharkiv. and, of course, as we have been pointing out, john, we're not sure whether that's troop rotations, additional stuff being moved into that front line area, but that is certainly a very, very heavy and dangerous weapon that you're seeing being moved towards the city of kharkiv towards ukraine right now, john. >> even as talks go on. frederik pleitgen, remarkable sight to see that roll past you as you're speaking to us. please stay safe. we'll check back in with you in a bit. all right, we do have a military expert. let's bring in cnn military analyst, retired major general james spider marks. what did fred see rolling by there? >> it was a rocket launcher.
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an independent rocket launcher. it wasn't moving with guidance capability, it wasn't moving with other mrls, it was problemably a reinforcement joining up to an existing, what we call a firing battery. so it was a reinforcement. yeah, coming in in this direction to reinforce that's taking place in kharkiv. >> can you tell us -- look, here we are on day five of this invasion, and we're still here. ukraine is still in this fight. we're still talking about it. where are russian forces succeeding, where are they having a difficult time here? >> well, they've achieved in success in that they penetrated into ukraine. let's be frank, they've killed ukrainian forces they've engaged. i don't want to circle kyiv completely. the connotation is it's completely surrounded. it's not. this is an incredibly difficult target to surround, especially because of the river that comes down.
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and most of the forces are on this side of the river. if they came on this side, they would have been separated. it would have been very difficult to conduct an operation. so they came in, achieved some success at the air field. that became an air head, if you will, where they could then fly in additional forces and reinforce the activity of kyiv. this is where the preponderance of the fighting is taking place. over in kharkiv, we have some really good imagery that has come in that has indicated some hand haaland videos as well as imagery, that indicates significant resistance on the part of the ukrainians. but the russians have also had some success down here. it's important to acknowledge that because anything down there cuts ukraine off from the black sea. that's a significant element as well as military problem. >> so let's take a look at belarus. right now ukrainian officials say belarus may be joining the
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fight with russia. what is that an indication of? >> putin wants lukashenko, leader in belarus, to provide additional forces, number one. putin wasn't able to get my initial objectives accomplished, so i need some additional reinforcements. number two, realize up here, they were conducting exercises in advance of the invasion, remember, brianna? so they have some recent scar tissue, if you will, in terms of working together. they've worked through some problems, they worked through their command capabilities. it's a recent exercise where their readiness was enhanced. he wants to forces to come down to this area. i'm not sure where they would go, but it would most likely reinforce kyiv. once you start getting into kyiv and you start getting into the real tactics and the clearance of fires and unit bumping into each other and you're shooting live bullets, that becomes
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really testy. so, the training is one thing. the movement is another thing. the fighting is an entirely different thing. >> they may have muscle memory some of these other forces don't have during the training. >> true. >> i want to ask you about the image of a convoy outside of kyiv. what can you tell us about this? >> what this shows, this is a reinforcement of logistics convoy. additional food, boos, ze, theyy have troops. this is a reinforcement for kyiv now. it could mean we're bringing additional forces and it probably means the same thing. additional forces and a reinforcement for what's taking place in kyiv to ensure they've got -- they need to a dheechl
2:16 am
some momentum. this helps that. but that also tells me, we're looking at this incredible image. what are the ukrainians doing to disrupt this? i don't know. >> we don't know. >> i don't know. >> we'll keep an eye on that. general marks, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> revisiting it this with you throughout the hour. appreciate it. a strategic ukrainian city on the black sea, this is what we were talking about, under siege, but refusing to let russian invaders take control. we're going there next. [kids laughing] [bikes passing] [fire truck siren] [first responder] onstar, we see them. [onstar advisor] okay. mother and c child in vehicle. mother is unable to exit the vehiclcle. injuries are unknown. [first responder] thank you, onstar. [driver] my son, is he okay? [first responder] your son's fine. [driver] thank you. there was something in the road... [first responder] it's okay. you're safe now. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪
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welcome back. this is cnn special live coverage of the russian invasion of ukraine. as we speak, there are
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negotiations happening up here in belarus, the city of gomel, the gomel region between the russians and ukrainians. the ukrainians are demanding a cease-fire and removal of russian troops. we are awaiting updates as for how these discussions, these negotiations are going. in the meantime we are getting reports all over ukraine of fierce ukrainian resistance to russian invasion. in one city they saw fighting, a place called mykolayiv. our nick payton wall shall can give us an update, nick. >> reporter: the center of places like that, battling how they believe that kind of game plan, those kind of indiscriminate tactics might lead to the local population anyway accepting a long-term
2:22 am
russian presence there. here's what we saw in 24 hours in mykalayiv. the clack-clack is likely exchanges with russian para troopers who we're told landed nearby. locals struggling to keep up and soldiers edgy. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the fear here, russian saeboteurs like these to suspects, thrown to the ground by soldiers. then the sirens go off. and it is back in the basement for mothers and cats. here the noise of what russia would do to these towns in the name of subjugation and geopolitical gain. police try to turn lights off,
2:23 am
it seems, businesses closed in a hurry. life persisting. caught between hoping this is short lived and wondering if it may go on forever. behind it all, and empty streets, the fear they may be overrun. and whether each huge blast will be the decisive strike that lets putin's troops enter. the shelling just went on and on. the next morning we saw where it hit. it's likely a missile tore off these ukrainian tanks, but nobody left. it was broken. how do you feel? >> very good. >> reporter: good? they tried to come into the town. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he's saying the russians tried coming in last night, but the town beat them. you can see what that looks like
2:24 am
here. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: saying, look around here, asking how you feel living around here. you live here. look at the windows. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: yeah, so the words of russian minister, he's saying they're not going to hit civilian infrastructure here. he's repeating them back to me saying, look, look at this. they say they are not hitting civilian infrastructure. look at this. >> reporter: putin's rockets may have shattered glass, but not dented the anger. you have to ask yourself why these towns would gladly be occupied and what russia --
2:25 am
blood has been spilled. despite russia's firepower, they did not pass. now, just to give people at home, john, an idea of the sort of things being thrown into these areas, this is a ball bearing here, kind of the size of my eyeball. heavy to hold. we may have come in there or it may have been thrown out of the ukrainian tank that was hit. it caused us to find these swung all over the area. that's what's happening in towns across. all experiencing this sort of firepower on the outskirts. extraordinary to imagine quite what russian's game plan in the
2:26 am
future. the mayor called for the defense of the city with molotov cocktails. they seemed to say things were quieter. here in odesa, the third largest city, the troops taking up occasional explosion keeping on edge. some sort -- may occur soon. >> you can see cry mia right here, mykalayiv. what do they want in theory? >> reporter: with all these port cities, you could potentially sale in with a lot more supplies, equipment, troops. the russianing gs getting aroun the black sea, these ports are vital. it seems to have been taken yesterday in the sea.
2:27 am
it is utterly vital. it is enormously important role in the maritime access for ukraine to the rest of the world. someone like mikalayiv. to go into a place that big, that populated, the russian convoy on the outskirts of town are trying to break in. you don't know what they're going to do when they get there unless they come in with enormous numbers. when we see this erratic urge, they push back. they fought all the time. it doesn't seem they have decisive moments of victories. they just try something and get picked back. in that attempt, explosive power is being used. it haunts me froonkly we were able to pick something like this up in the super market.
2:28 am
>> terrorism all along the black sea coast. nick payton waslsh, thank you fr being there. we'll come back to you in a second. in kyiv, major implications with the sanctions being in place against russia right now. the currency there crashing. we have a live update next. r. strypaper? luckily, t there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses natururally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue! okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete wi 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no two dreams are e same. but there is one van equipped to handle them all.
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from $89 per person, per night. restrictions apply. russia's invasion of ukraine pushing foreign policy front and center for president biden's state of the union speech tomorrow night, along with the president's nomination of ketanji brown jackson to be the
2:33 am
first african american woman on the supreme court. cnn's jeremy diamond is joining us now on this. on ukraine, do we have an idea what he's going to be saying in his speech? >> it's certainly going to be a central part of the speech just given the moment we are facing in this country. president biden i'm told is expected to talk about this crisis and about what he has been doing to kind of buildup this coalition of u.s. and european allies in order to stand up to putin. the sanctions we've seen are largely because of the leadership on this topic, what ukrainians and other allies are willing to do, these swift sanctions, removing russian banks from the global messaging service. we heard the white house jen psaki talk about how this fits in the theme of democracy standing up to autocracy.
2:34 am
that's something president biden talked about last year during his first joicnt address to congress. and now has more forceful meaning. beyond that this is going to be president biden's first and really the biggest opportunity yet for him to talk to the american people and to level with them about the costs of what the u.s. is doing here and standing up to russia and also the reasons for why. we have heard president biden talk about this before, but this is going to be his biggest audience yet to talk to the american public at large about why the u.s. is doing what it's doing as it relates to ukraine. the possibilities of higher gas prices and other prices at a time when there is already inflation. and it's not like he doesn't have other things to talk about. inflation already is a problem. gas prices are already a problem. you know, the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic that president biden wants to prepare the american public for. and he has some wins to talk about, too, as you just referenced. the supreme court is something the president is going to want
2:35 am
to talk about, the history-making pick he has selected. no shortage of topics. it's already difficult for advisers at the white house to get one line or two lines in the president's speech, but there's going to be a lot of things for him to discuss tomorrow. >> it's going to be really interesting to see how he divides talking about challenges touting successes. we'll stay tuned for that. jeremy, thank you so much. berman? this is satellite imagery of the russian convoy seen in the last 24 hours moving towards kyiv, three miles long with troops and supplies just to give people a sense of how close it is. you can see here on this map, it is in the kharkiv, kyiv right there. joining me is a ukrainian member of parliament in kyiv. thank you so much for being with us. talk to me about what the 12 hours have been like in kyiv. >> it continues, unleashed by
2:36 am
president putin and his huge million people army which is invading -- no, infesting ukraine from every single site. they are just moving in closer and closer on kyiv with their tanks, with their armoured vehicles. they are hitting us from the sky everywhere. around the country we have simultaneous air-strike attacks. basically all our children are in constant stress, sleeping on the stairs in cellars in metro stations we would wake up, we are happy to see the sun, to know we are alive, and an independent ukraine is still standing. >> now, you tweeted out a photo of your daughter this morning. what has this been like? >> my daughter, seriously? >> i see a picture hereof a
2:37 am
child reading. what's it been like -- >> that's just -- okay, that's fine. i was concerned. i wouldn't tweet my children at the moment. i think it is really, really high security risk for anyone to be posting their kids. >> my question, though, what has this been like for the children living through the long nights of aerial bombardment? >> you know, we will know the consequences in the years that come after the war is gone. the children as the adults are standing strong, are standing confident that the world will end and that ukraine will win. children always ask the same question. when will this end, mommy? how many days of war? when can i go back to my home? when can we go out and buy a croissant on sunday and eat it in the park, feed the pigeons? that's just the reality, which
2:38 am
i'm not able to offer my children, and which ukrainian mothers do not know when they will be able to go back with their kids. >> again, i want to show people right now where we saw pictures of the russian convoy moving in. it's 20, 30 miles north of kyiv. are you conscious of the approach of russian troops? yes, we are conscious, especially myself, other members of parliament. we are conscious of russian troops. like i said, they are likever. they are infesting everywhere. the tanks, the russians are keeping on the move. they don't stop to pick up dead bodies. we have over 5,000 russian soldiers dead within the five days of war, and the fifth day
2:39 am
is started. they are not picking up dead bodies. they aren't sending them home. this is another liability on ukraine. as if we don't have residential areas. civilians are walking in the streets. and now we have to deal with -- their death. this is insane. it's like they are completely in human pushing in to destroy kyiv and to destroy ukraine. >> please stay safe. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy asking for help, restricting russia from his nation's skies. he wants to set up a no-fly zone
2:40 am
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welcome back. this is cnn special live coverage of the russian invasion of ukraine. we have seen reports over the last several hours that russian forces have been turned back in several places, including here, the city of kharkiv, down here, the city of mykalayiv.
2:45 am
there was a russian convoy moving toward kyiv right now. what is u.s. intelligence saying about what's happening on the ground? i'm joined by cnn's katy bow lillis. katy, what are you hearing? >> reporter: all eyes on kyiv, how long can kyiv withstand this russian advance. you know, look, just on friday, sources were telling myself and our colleague jim sciutto that nothing had happened to change the long-standing u.s. intelligence assessment kyiv was only likely to hold out one to four days in the event of a russian full-scale invasion. we are outside of that window at this point. i spoke to a senior western intelligence official over the weekend who said part of that accounts for the fact that the ukrainians know they have to hold kyiv. they don't have a choice. it's the seat of their national government is. that's where their president is. it's the symbol of the identity and existence of the nation that they are trying to save. now, that said, we don't want to
2:46 am
be too optimistic here even as the ukrainians have performed better than expected. none of the sources that i think we are speaking to have forgotten the fact that the ukrainians are still massively out gunned, a sense of inevitability hanging over kyiv. one of the big wild card questions for u.s. intelligence officials, if this becomes a kind of grinding campaign for kyiv as sort of seems to be the case right now, how does russian president vladimir putin respond? you know, if he's watching rolling footage of the glorious russian military being turned back by this kind of rag-tag band of ukrainian military forces that he doesn't even believe has the right to exist, how does he respond? this sort of at a moment we are starting to see signals leaking from behind the scenes the u.s. intelligence community is beginning to have, possibly have some questions about putin's
2:47 am
rationality here. how rational of an actor is he. officials trying to predict what's next and how putin responds. >> that is something we're going to discuss in-depth. please keep us posted. thank you. >> my pleasure. the russian central bank this morning more than doubling its key interest rate to 20%, doubling it. joining us is seen your white house correspondent john harwood. that is something. this is the effect the biden administration wanted to see. how significant was this, john, with the biden administration deciding to pull some of these russian banks from s.w.i.f.t.? >> reporter: it's extremely significant, brianna. what happened was not just the united states, but european leaders were shocked both by the extent of the russian invasion of ukrainians, including
2:48 am
volodymyr zelenskyy, the ukrainian president. against that backdrop, when zelenskyy began saying, i don't need a ride, i need ammo, i need you to take stronger economic action, at that point leaders discarded their concerns about blow back on domestic constituents. he they tried to construct the sanctions package so it doesn't blow back on people in the united states and in europe. but they set aside that risk and went forward. and it's a dramatic step. you mentioned that the stock market is going to be closed. the ruble is down 30%. the sanction on the bank are designed to prevent russia from protecting the ruble. we're in a situation where we're going to have to watch this unfold over the next several days. but we're seeing the russian
2:49 am
economy potentially being brought to its knees. now, what is the effect of that on vladimir putin's calculations? we don't know the answer, as katy bow was just saying. don't know how rational he is, whether he would react in a harsher way in response to those sanctions. but the unity of european countries and the united states, nato countries and allies in other parts of the world is remarkable at this moment, tr trying, knowing that we're not poised to send troops on the ground. those allies are doing what they can and it's having an effect on russia. >> the pain is real. we're watching the numbers. john harwood, thank you for joining us live from washington. the neighborhood has been a battle of its own. we'll look at that next. (woman) wow, that's something.g.
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welcome back. this is cnn special live coverage of the russian invasion of ukraine. at this moment there are actually talks underway between russian and ukrainian delegations. those talks happening near the city of gomel up here in belarus. we are waiting for a reporting of what's going on in those talks. ukraine is demanding an immediate cease-fire. meanwhile, over the last several hours, we have heard reports of russian forces being turned back, blocked by the ukrainians, and the port city of mykalayiv, kharkiv up here. the russian assault continues. we have seen satellite images of large convoys of troops and materiel headed toward kharkiv. this is happening not far from kyiv about 20 miles away. let me see if i can show you here. this is up here in the city 20,
2:55 am
30 miles north of kyiv heading toward the city. right now a great deal of focus on the city of kyiv. right here, you can see again, with troops moving toward it, we're going to have a live report from the ground there in just a minute. cnn's special live coverage continues right after this. cien. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendlyly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's prettyty perfect., booking.yeah. (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever. (vo) feel the sand between your toes, and the gentle waves of the a on your skin. feel the warm jamaican breeze lifyour spirits andannourish your soul. the a on your skin. escape to exactly what makes your heart beat. ..
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