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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. hello, live in lviv, ukraine. coming up a new threat looming here in ukraine. as a atrocities uncovered around the capitol of kyiv. another russian military convoy moving around ukraine's second biggest city. for what could be a more devastating teenage in the kremlin invasion. >> here live at cnn headquarters in atlanta. coming up for us deja vu in the french presidential race. macron taking on far right rival. as they prepare to face off in a second round of voting.
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>> we begin with the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy bracing the country to prepare if for a new phase of the war. russia is expected to shift the offensive to the east. this comes as satellite images show a long military convoy east of kharkiv. appears to be moving south. ukraine president says victory on the battlefield will not be possible without nincreased international support. >> we think the this will be a new wave of this war. we don't know how much russian weapons there will be. but we understand there will be many times more than now. all depends on how fast we will be helped by the united states. to be honest, whether we will be able to survive depends on this. i have 100% confidence in our people and in our armed forces. but unfortunately i don't have the confidence that we will be receiving everything we need.
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>> meantime those tries to escape are increasingly at risk. as we saw with the strike on the train station, ukrainian officials say the death toll has risen at least 57 dead. almost 100 now still hurt. in all it confirmed 1,800 civilian deaths during the war. but warns the actual toll is much higher. national security adviser warning of increase attacks on civilians now that vladimir putin has appointed a new general to lead the war in ukraine. cnn has details about the russian general. >> we all remember the images. men, women and children, screaming. burnt out apartment buildings. devastated cities and towns. and now that russian general responsible for that devastation has been assigned by president vladimir putin with turning the tide of the devastating defeats here in ukraine.
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general has been put in charge of russian forces, pushing to advance through ukrainian cities. and towns. it tells us a number of things. one is that vladimir putin is looking both to disinformation abroad and disinformation at home. this is the man who is believed to have delivered the victories so to speak of russia in sierra and in support of president assad forces. also the man who impunity lives on in the collective global memory. the hope we're told by president putin is he will deliver a victory before may 9 the anniversary of the nazi surrender to soviet forces so there can be a victory parade in russia red square. whether it will be quite that simple given what happened here to russian forces, remains to be seen. ukraine is a very different terrain. not only have ukrainian forces
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been able to push back russia's offensive here in kyiv and the surrounding territory. they are also very differently supported by the international community. they have been given a an arsenal of antiaircraft capability. and that was what helped the general to win in syria. the superior aerial capacity his forces have. whatever happens in the coming days and weeks, the message that president putin is sending to the world is chilling. that the man responsible for what syria human rights organizations believe was the des of over 5,600 men, women and children. is now in charge of what happens here. on the ground in ukraine. >> french voters have narrowed down the presidential candidates and the finalists are incumbent president macron and his far
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right rival. reporting the current president won about 27% of sunday's first round of voting. putting him in first place in the crowded field of about a dozen candidates. meantime pen in second place with 23%. the next round of voting in two weeks is set to be a rematch of the 2017 election. after the polls close the centrist made his pitch while the far right le pen made appeals to the mainstream. >> at this turning point for the future of our nation, nothing will ever be the same. this is why i want to reach out to all those who want to work for france. i'm ready to invent something new. gather different convictions in order to build a common action for the nation. for the coming years. it is our duty. >> the french people have spoken. and gave me the honor to be
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qualified in the selcond round against macron. let me express to the millions of voters who expressed their trust in me. my sincerest gratitude. i acknowledge all the responsibility that comes with it. >> this year was marked by significant voter apathy. that occurred with many voter participation was estimated to be about 73%. final figures aren't in yet. that would be the lowest in the first round in 20 years. we have the election night reaction from the pen campaign celebration in paris. >> supporters were nothing if not inenthusiastic. they stayed long after the votes your announced. and it's a close round for the second round. but as the evening wore on, the other ten candidates who lost in this race started specifying who they thought their voters, their
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supporters should support in the second round. and le pen was not winning much support in that. it's very difficult to see what her path to victory will be. >> on this choice is a great concern for the future of france. this concern between the guys who are -- anywhere against somewhere. the have against the have not. the guys from -- from the small businesses. from companies. l le pen is deeply concerned on the deeply with all the citizen. >> that of course remains to be
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seen. when the voters go to the polls two weeks from now. for the run off election. >> a cnn european affairs kmem at a timer and professor at ucla. live from los angeles. and good to see you to weigh in on everything that's gone on. i want to drill down a little bit more on what happened. with le pen. but first to the contest itself and how it's shaping up. how much of a role do you think so many of the issues that we have seen come to the fore in front will feature and i'm speaking specifically about the culture wars, the issue of immigration, certainly it has grabbed headlines in france. in the last few years. >> they have. they're just indicative of the culture and identity wars that you refer to and le pen has been particularly astute at exploiting those.
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that's why discussions of a policy are secondary. she is somebody who is building on the dissatisfaction that we saw for example with the yellow jacket. building on the idea of the president being disconnected from the simple and demands of the french people. while at the same time appealing to people's fears around immigration. this is a long standing issue that she has around globalization. around the european union. the problem that she has with all of the arguments right now are related to the global context and particularly the conflict in ukraine. and the fact that on domestic policy, she can hurt macron. when it comes to foreign policy issues, she's extraordinary weak and extraordinarily vulnerable. particularly gien her long standing relations and with russia, russian financing and so on. >> i want to talk about that. i still remember the pictures of her going to see vladimir putin. shaking hands. she certainly hasn't done much to denounce him. in recent days. even continuing to say she
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doesn't support sanctions. that doesn't have a measure of discomfort for the french? >> it does. it's an important issue. no doubt about it. the bigger context of course there's so much discussion about the crucial importance of voting. of democracy. of the difference between democracy and autocracy. le pen is a profoundly autocratic character. the fact she wants to withdraw from nato seems like a complete disconnect with the political situation. and the conflict in ukraine right now. the fact she's lukewarm on the european union. that's also a major issue. in that regard, she's opposed to macron. at the same time, that foreign policy aspect his credentials around the european are what weakens him in her kind of campaign. and what she's trying to to show is that the other side of that. the under belly of that are the
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grievances of the and those who feel left behind in french society. as i said before, she doesn't provide solutions. she appears and appeals to people's fears and anxiety. and that's why this election is so incredibly important as we jux to pose these characters again. >> a completely different set of realities really at stake here. than 2017. can you please game this out for us? 27 and 23%. this was against a field of candidates. how do you see this playing especially when we have to factor in the apathy and the fact that we don't know how turn out may go? >> that's the biggest factor. of course the dramatic sort of change in the french political system. we have gone from major parties and getting about well over 50% in the first round. and going against each other to the socialist for example and republicans getting just 6% this
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time around. people are off compass. the big factors are three of them. the first is what happens to the supporters of the father left character. we know that to the right of macron to the left of macron. there are about 30% of voters and the extreme right candidate is supporting le pen. that leaves them roughly the level macron is now. the other factor is ab staining. can the characters appeal to the remarkable 25% of the electorate that didn't vote in the first round and trying to get votes from them. anything, five, six, 10% would be remarkable. although he said to followers not a single vote for le pen. the question is whether not supporting her is sufficient or whether in fact they need to some of those shift over and transfer the votes to macron. if not, there's an uphill struggle for him as well. that's where the
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unpredictability lies into the next round and the debate which i hope will take place between macron and le pen. will allow voters to clarify the issue and the final point is really the issue around personal responsibility. there is a radical difference between macron and le pen. whatever your political views maybe at this particular time in history, whether the people who didn't vote or voted for the -- find is in their hearts to vote for macron in the second round. that's the big question in the two weeks to come. those are the people to who macron must appeal at this stage. >> and it will be interesting as well we see everything going on in europe and how things have been so transformed in six weeks. the first major election -- another major election. we had one in hungary. it will be interesting to see this play out. thanks. really appreciate it. still to come. shanghai officials sticks to the
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zero covid plan as new infections surge. frustrations over the lock down are starting to grow. cnn returns to the site of one of the most horrific massacres yet in russia's war in ukraine as the death kol continues to rise. ♪ life can be a lot to handle. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of magic in all that cos. ♪ so different and so new ♪
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have crossed into neighboring countries since the fighting began. 700,000 fled to romania. most of them women and children. all of them welcomed by volunteers. those who remain especially in the east of the ukraine, in the worst hit areas, described horrific scenes of russian aggression. >> the shelling went through our house. my husband, children and my daughter-in-law were all in the basement. we all ran out of the basement and started running in different directions. to the road. all the while they were shooting at the neighbors houses. >> for every ukrainian fighter on the front line there's usually a family left behind to support them. we speak to the families about the risks and threats to those left behind. >> what is on your mind? >> i feel angry. sometimes i'm angry at him. he rejoined the army again. more often i'm angry at the fact
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that this war is happening. my son was waiting for his dad to come back from the war eight years ago. now my daughter has to wait. back in 2014, after russian forces first invaded eastern ukraine, he held down the home front as well. her husband served for more than a year in the ukrainian military. >> he's a veteran of war. he's on the short list of reserves that goes in the first wave. >> she received a call from his old unit. asking him to join the immediately. she's pregnant with the couples third child, had been hoping she would weather this war with her husband. instead he deployed the day after russia invaded and she moved nine-year-old and 5-year-old out of the home in the center of lviv to her sisters. on the out skirts of the city. where they are safer. >> how are the kids doing? how do they make sense of it? >> my kids they know the war is happening.
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they know their father is in the military. he understands everything. she will sometimes run to me and cry and say she's afraid her dad will be killed. i always explain to her our dad is big and strong. >> she's not just hosting her niece and nephew. she's running supplies to the front lines. to the father's military unit. just like she did in 2014. >> it was a really funny story. i had to bring washing machines to the military unit. they didn't have a way to wash clothes. >> this time, she trekked 1,000 kilometers to deliver night vision goggles. long under wear, and a car and a drone to his unit. she only saw him for a few minutes. long enough to snap pictures. the front line was too dangerous to stay any longer. >> i was very worried when she went the first time. a couple weeks ago. the front line right now is not a clear line.
10:21 pm
the air strikes can happen anywhere. the front line is very blurred. >> even the family dog is a veteran of war. in 2014, she took him a puppy to serve with the ro con sans unit. sleeping with him on a personnel carrier. now he comforts the children while he's away fighting. >> i think our dad is protecting us and they know i think he didn't want to do this. but that's what he had to do. >> when he comes back, i want to buy a big cotton candy and i don't want him to go to the war. i want all of us to stay together. >> it's all they hope for. it's what they fear this war may take from them. >> what do you worry about? >> he will not come back. >> what are your hopes for the future?
10:22 pm
>> first of all, i hope that when it's time for the third child to see this world my husband will be back from the war. that the war will end by that time. and the war will end with our victory. because if we don't win this war, probably in 15 or 20 years, my son will have to go to the next war. and defend our country. >> new york mayor tested positive for covid-19. spokesperson says adams has no major symptoms and isolating. it's unclear where he contracted the virus, but he's attend several public events recently including the gridiron club dinner in washington on april 2. 60 people who were at the dinner have since tested positive for the virus. infectious disease expert dr. fauci says he's not surprised cases are rising. >> obviously there's concern that we are seeing an up tick in cases as i have mentioned over the last couple weeks.
10:23 pm
this is not unexpected that you are going to see an up tick when you pull back on the mitigation. this is not going to be eradicated or eliminated. what will happen is we're going to see that each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk they want to take. >> meantime in china, officials say the best way to fight surging covitd infections is stay the course. with the strict zero covid policy. so far, that's meant multiple round of testing and restrictions on movement for the entire city of shanghai. as well as mandatory quarantine in government centers for anyone testing positive. residents aren't happy with the measures of course. with reports of protests and food shortages, despite this, officials are ordering additional covid testing. >> because of the severity of the out break, we have conducted several rounds of mass testing at this stage. now it's necessary to improve
10:24 pm
our strategy. we have a general over view of the situation. we cannot say it's crystal clear. further testing is needed until the situation gains more clarity. >> cnn joining me from hong kong. with more and we were speaking earlier, assuming perhaps lightening up the restrictions means china might be backing off slightly. clearly not the case. >> no, it's not the case. the chinese government is doubling down on its dynamic zero covid strategy. and that is really troubling residents in shanghai. i got off the phone with one of the residents and she is absolutely exhausted. she says i spend my entire day trying to source food. they haven't had fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, for days now. and she's been under lock down with her family for the past
10:25 pm
month. she said they're having to rely on the we chat community groups to do the bulk buy. it's hit and miss whether the deliveries are made. and initially the government obviously shut down the delivery apps because they thought that it was the delivery drivers spreading covid. now it's a case of these drivers getting covid themselves. and they're being shipped off to quarantine centers. she said it went from shock to anger, to now utter hopelessness. she says there's no end in sight. and as to when this is going to resolve itself. >> we are talking about shanghai. 25 million people. the economic engine of china. that contributes 4% of the country's gdp. officials had been running their own race over the past two years. prior to this wave. they would have the targeted lock downs.
10:26 pm
which meant that the entire city was in lock down only individual places. and commended and proud of the fact this was how they operated, where as other cities were having complete lock downs for weeks on end. now shanghai's turn. people are just in bewilderment. this is actually taking place. her words were this is madness. we know the government is doubling down on this. we heard from xi jinping last friday saying the strategy is a great success. there are common almost daily from the state run news immediate yea saying they have to stay the course. there is no alternative. so for the people in shanghai, at the moment, no end in sight. >> it's so telling. the conversation that you had with the woman. many of us have been in welcome down. to have o to source food. and the toll it takes on mental health. the fact they are scavenging for
10:27 pm
food. extraordinary the scope of the story. thank you for the update. just ahead, the ukrainian president prepares for yet another appeal for international support. this time he'll address the south korea parliament. that will be in the coming hours. we will have a report live from seoul as john vas picks up the coverage live from ukraine. to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off f thr treatment plan. we're on your corner and in youour corner every step o of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. let's go on the open road with a safe stay! now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire,
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welcome back. i'm john vause live in lviv, ukraine. russian forces striking targets in eastern ukraine, ukrainian civilians being warned to evacuate that area ahead of a major assault. a regional military governor says a russian strike has destroyed the airport in the city. where he says the airport and nearby infrastructure have been demolished and rockets continue to fly. latest images show a nearly eight mile long rigs convoy heading towards east of kharkiv. intelligence chief said friday russian troops are regriping for an expected attack on since. chancellor says he'll meet with the russian president vladimir putin in moscow in the coming hours. first european leader to meet with putin since the invasion began. the chancellor organized the trip during his stay in ukraine
10:32 pm
on saturday he visited bucha, dozens of civilian bodies have been discovered after the withdrawal of the russian troops. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy will address south korea parliament in a few hours. the 20th foreign legislative body he addressed since march 8. as he tries to drum up international support and military aid. and tougher sanctions on russia. cnn live for us this hour in seoul. on what we can expect from zelenskyy's speech and a lot of convincing to do. in south korea hasn't been full supporters up until this point. >> i think what many are expecting and probably what lawmakers fear is president zelenskyy will be asking for weapons. now this is something up until now the south koreaen administration said is not possible. we heard from the defense ministry today that when the south koreaen defense minister was speaking to his ukrainian counter part last week, last
10:33 pm
friday, he was asked to send antiaircraft weapons. but said that simply wasn't possible at this point. because of national security reasons. and also because they need to have a state of readiness. it's something that right since february. the blue house here in seoul has said they do not want to be giving any lethal weapons to ukraine. we have seen non-lethal assistance. the $800,000 worth of non-lethal humanitarian aid has been sent to ukraine. the likes of helmets and tents, blankets. and medical aid. also they have pledged $10 million in humanitarian aid. it really seems at this point seoul is drawing the line when it comes to lethal aid. as you mentioned there was some international criticism at the beginning of the invasion. and the run up to the invasion. south korea was not signing up for the sanctions.
10:34 pm
for the support that the u.s. for example and many others were signing up for. they did eventually decide they would also sanction russian banks. they would follow the international sanctions. there was some criticism at the beginning. it will be interesting to hear exactly what president zelenskyy asks for. >> thank you. live in seoul. we'll have more throughout the day. thank you. ukrainian president is asking ukrainians for prepare for a new phase of the war. russia expected to shift its offensive to the east. a long military convoy east of kharkiv appears to be moving south. let's get more on this now. she's a member of the ukrainian parliament joining us from the capitol of kyiv. thank you for being with us. we look at the images we can see a lot of russian hardware. tanks and things being moved
10:35 pm
around. this is ramping up. what are your expectations in terms of timing, when do you expect the full onslaught to begin? >> well, you know the eastern part of ukraine has always been a very hot spot for the exercises and for the advance taking place for more than eight years already. and kharkiv was centered in the way that it first received more than 300 displaced persons. from 2014. when the war started in the east. the occupation of donbas and of course the illegal annexation of crimea. we have been always as a city second largest city in ukraine, two million inhabitants. second largest budget and amazing infrastructure. we were always under a threat. recently we have marked seven
10:36 pm
years after we over throw the occupation when there were russians in the administration. which you have scene the footage bombarded severely. and this is a another example of the war crime. so many people died on that day. i would like to talk right now the shift of the tactic from the recently liberation of the smaller towns and across kyiv, where i am now, the number of the war crimes bound to be still registered and told about this some of the victims were sexual violence. numerous days. and they are just finding power and strength to talk about this crimes. we will be witnessing some difficult possibility in the eastern. the kharkiv.
10:37 pm
there are already small towns which we can't access. they are under occupation for couple weeks. we're trying to get there with humanitarian aid, medication, drinking water, but that's being blocked by the russian soldiers. i'm very definite that we will with stand a not let the russians to proceed through the the southern part. which is still standing strong. even though for instance, the area next to the black sea is blocked. the people are protesting every day. and that's what russians don't understand. why they don't receive support. they will not receive any support, they shouldn't count on it. and all the fake videos they're trying to produce, they do not work. over throw a local powers also don't work. let's put it clear. neither of the tactics they are
10:38 pm
using is working. you have mentioned the very important information the need of ukraine and tank center. antimissile systems. and middle ranges. and everything that can help us stand strong, survive, and look into the bright future. that is what we're call the u.s. and other partners to help us. because the it didn't work. we're standing strong. and we will proceed in this matter further. more over, many many international soldiers are joining us. that's what we also highly appreciate. i would also like to point the issue of the humanitarian corridors. and extra pressure on the national red cross and on the russian side. so that this corridors actually work.
10:39 pm
>> i want to ask you about the corridors. how dangerous is it for ukrainians to use the corridors even though they are meant to be areas which are free of fighting and meant to be safe passage out. the russians continue to shell many of the passages out. in many ways funneling ukrainians into russia. >> it does -- it did sometimes turn into the red kor corridors because of the blood. not only that, i give an example on cnn before. imagine my team in kharkiv is the delivering aid every day. except exceptions are the curfew hours. when there's an emergency they still reach out to the people. imagine people are next to hospitals. next to post offices. and they are being shot. what kind of rule of conduct of war is that?
10:40 pm
the absolutely bloody attitude to the civilians. that is what makes this war disgusting. this didn't happen even during the second world war. there's no comparison in the history within the level of brutality. with which it's done. the corridors only those corridors that are concerned by the authority of ukraine, by the red cross and russia. are working. even though please believe me there's so much more being done behind the scenes. because up until now, russian ukraine are sending different reasons. russia is never happy. russia is trying to send ukrainians, our people to russia. to occupy donbas. to crimea and belarus. what kind of safety place is this? and this is called forcible displacement.
10:41 pm
and for some people it's turning to forcible disappearing. it happened to the mayor. who wasn't released but there are 29 people like him right now. who are searching for. representatives of the local powers. they are civil activists. doctors, and well known people. so there's a number of the breech of human rights which we're facing right now. and who will bring people to be responsible for that? ukraine keeps to the international law. the convention. and everything linked to actually the rule of can you think the. -- conduct. >> we'll leave it there. thank you so much. we appreciate your time and thank you your being with us. from the capitol of kyiv. with that we'll take a short break. you're watching cnn. back in a moment. (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein,
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pope francis is calling for an easter truce in ukraine. in his palm sunday service in st. peters square he condemned the war and the pope appealed for a cease fire. the address came during the vaticans first open air mass since the covid pandemic began. >> put down the weapons.
10:46 pm
start a truce. not then pick up the weapons again. and resuming fighting. no. a truce to reach peace for real negotiations. open to any sacrifice for the good of the people. in fact, what kind of victory will be the one that plants a flag on top of a pile of rubble. >> horrific scenes are still emerging from areas around ukraine's capitol. officials say they found hundreds of victims who appear to be civilians. along with evidence of torture and mass killings in the days since russian forces retreated. that evidence continues to mount. >> as of today we discovered more than 1,200 dead bodies. so it's not about casual deaths. because of the artillery strike or missile of russian army.
10:47 pm
but those people were kept killed by russian soldiers. on purpose. >> earlier i spoke with a senior researcher at the arms division at human rights watch. i asked her about reports that russia has been using weapons of terror. >> the russia has been using a host of weapons that cause the banned by international law. and cause indiscriminate affects. cluster munitions. land mines. and explosive weapons in pop late td areas. bombing sp shelling of cities. causing long term effects on ukraine for years to come. >> and i want to get to the long term implications. because it isn't just the immediate tragedies, what can we expect even if we had a peace deal today? which is certainly not in the
10:48 pm
cards right now. >> right, first of all there's the issue of actually clearing the remnants of the weapons left behind. land mines obviously are intended to linger behind. that's the purpose. that's why they're so dangerous to soldiers as well as civilians. cluster munitions are large weapons that spread hundreds, dozens of hundreds of smaller weapons across the area. and one problem is that they when used in pop late td areas they endanger and can't distinguish soldiers and civilians. large numbers doents explode on impact. they lay around for months and years. decades. both of those will create an unexploded ordnance problem. there's the problem of and create a problem for refugees. returning to their homes. which is another huge issue that ukraine is facing. another issue the bombing and shelling of cities just leveling of communities. is the infrastructure destruction. damage to power plants, to
10:49 pm
bridges, to communications net works. so on and so forth. interfered with basic services like healthcare and school, so forth. and those will take years to rebuild. >> our thanks to bonny. coming up for us the top ranked golfer in the world is masters champion. how scheffler dominated the competition. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacrial shield.
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elon musk will no longer join twitter's board of directors according to a tweet from the company's ceo. musk, who is the ceo of tesla and spacex, sparked a deluge of headlines after disclosing he'd become twitter's largest shareholder. after that announcement, twitter said they would add him to its board of directors for a two-year term. but apparently that no longer is going to happen. the hottest player in golf has his first major victory and his first-evergreen jacket. american scottie sheffler won the masters on sunday. what a great watch this was. the 25-year-old world number one did so in dominant fashion. cnn's "world sports" patrick
10:54 pm
snell was there. >> reporter: it's the stuff that dreams are made of for scottie sheffler. prior to february 13th this year, he didn't even have one single pga tour victory to his name. eight weeks on, after a remarkable run, the world number one has four wins in his last six starts, including his first major title. on the biggest day of his career, if sheffler was feeling any nerves he certainly wasn't showing it. starting sunday with a three-shot lead, she sheffler responding in style after cameron smith had briefly closed to within one shot. then followed a stunning around at 14, setting up another birdie opportunity which sheffler was all too happy to capitalize on. in the end, despite a nervy finish on the final green, it would be victory by three shots as sheffler ended the tournament at 10 under par. the green jacket proudly his. a life-changing moment to savor
10:55 pm
with those who matter most. >> this is such a fun golf course, such a fun piece of property. i mean, it's augusta national. it's about as cool as it gets. it's so fun to play. you know, i just can't believe that i can come back for a lifetime and get to enjoy this golf course. an emotional week for tiger woods ending with a highly emotional sunday. the 15-time major winner given a really poignant standing ovation at the final hole. woods finishing at 13 over par overall after a second consecutive round of 78. and this just 14 months on from suffering serious leg and foot injuries in a california car crash. >> this tournament has meant so much to me and my family. you know, this entire tournament. i mean, a lot of different things could have happened. but 14 months, i'm able to tee it up and play in the masters. >> tiger woods, who says he will play at the 150th open championship at st. andrew's in
10:56 pm
scotland in july, won his first masters in 1997 as a 21-year-old. back then, scottie sheffler was just 9 months old. 25 years on, he can now call himself a major champion too. patrick snell, cnn, augusta, georgia. that does it for me. i'm paula newton. thanks for watching. we will be right back with more breaking news coverage from ukraine right after a break. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure c complete with 30 grams of p protein. ♪ ♪ let's go on n the open road with a safe stay! now get double best wewestern rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at
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this is cnn breaking news. >> united states and around the world, i'm john vause live in lviv, ukraine. ahead, as russia plans a renewed assault, the ukrainian president pleading with the west for more military aid, saying his country's very survival depends on it. i'm rosemary church live at cnn headquarters here in atlanta. coming up, a runoff in france. it's macron versus le pen again for president. but after a volatile first round, polls indicate this may not be a replay of their last contest.


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