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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 13, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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she took over in the third inning after the giants regular first base coach was ejected. the 31-year-old habg on san francisco staff since january 2020. the giants went on to beat the padres, 13-2. pretty humble after the game. she said she was just doing her job. pretty cool for a lot of young fans to be able to see her out there doing her job. >> love to see that representation. all right. thanks so much, andy. >> reporter: all right. an april blizzard dumping dozens of inches of snow on montana and north dakota and closing 500 miles of an interstate. and two twisters, downed power appliance, trees. heavy rain and a tornado touched down in iowa use. flooding and wide stpraed damage. millions of americans remain under a severe weather threat again today. look at that. kcci. thank you for those pictures.
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thanks, everybody, for watching. i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. all right. good morning to viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, april 13th. i'm john berman in brooklyn, new york. brianna keilar is in lviv in western ukraine. there is a manhunt under way for a gunman who terrored rush-hour commuters at a train station behind me yesterday morning. he fired 33 shots, hitting at least 10 people. five of the victims children on their way to school. this was mayhem. people rushing from the train. some wounded. the floor of the platform covered in blood. many of the victims gasping for air because smoke canisters were used by the gunman, two of them. police have not named a suspect yet. they are, however, looking for 62-year-old frank james who they say is a person of interest.
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investigators believe he repeated this u-haul van found a few miles from the scene. police are investigating whether james has any connection to the shooting. we know he has recorded dozens of hours of videos ranting about new york city mayor eric adams, homelessness. he says a quiet tuesday morning commute on the n train turned into a war zone. authorities offering $50,000 reward leading to the rest of a suspect. we will have more in just a moment. >> reporter: here in ukraine, president zelenskyy is thanking president biden for calling actions in his country a genocide. the worst, though, may still be coming ahead. russian forces deploying in
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eastern ukraine in preparation of a large-scale assault. and what appears to be cluster munitions in a civilian area in the kharkiv region. at least four explosions seconds apart. the use against civilian targets may amount to war crimes according to the u.n. the military reports a five-hour battle overnight in the central zaporizhzhia recently. they are offering to turn over an oligarch in exchange for captured ukrainian prisoners of wars. >> i want to begin with the latest on the manhunt in brooklyn and new york city for whoever was responsible for opening fire on the subway behind me. jason carroll. jason, give us the latest. >> reporter: the bulk of the investigation is focused on
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exactly where frank james is .
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to release the details as they come forward. >> reporter: evidence recovered
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at the scene includes 15 bullets, two detonated smoke grenades, two nondetonated smoke grenades, hatchet, gasoline, and u-haul key. the u-haul appears to have been rented by rick james with addresses in wisconsin and philadelphia. investigators are also looking at social media posts linked to james which include complaints about new york, homelessness, and the city's mayor eric adams. >> we're not calling them threats. he made concerning posts, or someone made concerning posts. but we will tighten the security detail. >> reporter: shaking new yorkers, already reeling from an increase in violent crime throughout the city. >> in my heart, this is a terrorizing action to put fear in the hearts of new yorkers. but they don't know who they're messing it. they do not know we will bow down to an individual with a
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depraved heart to try to strike terror. subways are back operating normally once again. >> reporter: investigators say frank james may have posted youtube videos where he talked about violence and mass shootings, including one he may have posted on monday where he talked about killing people. john. >> jason carroll in brooklyn. thank you so much. alexandra field was in the hospital where 21 people were injured and taken there. >> reporter: there were 30 people rushed to various brooklyn hospitals, but the majority taken here. amazingly none have life threat tenning injuries. the horror of the morning brought into focus when you consider who was aboard the
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train. five children among those injured. they range in age from 12 to 18. they were in that car when 33 shots rang out and when the train filled with smoke. ten injured by bullet, 7 male, 3 female. other injuries caused by smoke inhalation. we heard from a 27-year-old man who was hospitalized. he said he was sitting next to the shooter. i'm not really paying attention to that. i walk in, sit down. the guy next to me, i got a glimpse of his face. all you see is black smoke going off and people bum rushing to the back. this pregnant woman was in front of me. i was trying to help her. i don't know there were shots at first. she said i'm pregnant with a baby. i hugged her.
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then the bum rush continued. i got pushed and that's when i got shot in the back of my knee. this makes me not want to ride a train ever in my life. >> reporter: he said it was the worst pain of his life. the people inside the subway car estimate 40 to 50 passengers. they said when the gunfire finally stopped, passengers rushed to triage one another, using coats and jackets as makeshift tourniquets. john. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in conrad. he witnessed the aftermath of the shooting. thank you so much for being with us. i understand you were walking into the station with your children. tell me what happened. >> i wasn't actually with my children. i had just dropped them off at school at the next station
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coming off 25th street. they were not with me. i was then heading towards -- to work to manhattan. but, yes, i saw -- >> el the me what you saw. >> yeah. i was part way down. i was like on what you would call the mezzanine level where the station booth is. i was pausing because i was texting my wife. we were trying to figure out. and then i saw a young man come to the station booth. his legs pants were bloody. he was trying to manage whatever wound he had. he was very distraught. he was lucid but he was of course very distraught and
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telling the station agent there was many people injured, bleeding around the platform. and that is what i remember he said. i thought he said something about a smooth. i wasn't so sure right after that. that's what i saw. he had come up from the station. now, something i have learned something then is this apparently happened towards the front of the train. and the thing about 36th street is there's only one exit from the tracks. it's a little unusual. there is no stairways until the very back of the train. apparently he came all the way -- the whole length of the platform and then came out there with his wounded leg or legs and everything. that kind of explains what he did in order to warn people. as far as i know, he was the
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first person who emerged from the track after that train pulled in and the people had been attacked. >> what did you think of this, which is an unusual sight in the morning? what was going through your head when you saw him? >> well, it was -- it's very h hard. everything was pretty normal up to then. people were just going to the subway. none of the ripples of this had happened yet. it was a person completely in a different reality coming into this normal scene. it was just him giving this news. it was this very first moment. and i was just really alarmed.
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i couldn't understand every detail what he was talking about. i didn't know whether there was a shooting, some kind of accident or what it was. i just knew he was saying a lot of people were injured. you know, his voice was telling you there's really great danger and i'm warning everybody. >> let me ask you this, konrad. you take the subway every day, no doubt, and you ride it with your children. this morning, as we all wake up, whoever did this is on the loose. and there's a hunt for whoever did this at this point. how do you feel about that? >> well, you know, i have to take my kids again to school this morning.
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out here in brooklyn, even though there's a lot of people, a lot of activity around rush hour, you don't -- you think of yourself than a different place of manhattan. you feel you're remote from things that you typically don't worry about but think about while commuting, attacks and things like that. it makes everything different. every decision you make living a normal life just different. >> i'm glad you're doing okay this morning. >> we're still going to go. yeah. >> you've got to live your life. be safe, you and your family. we appreciate you being here, sharing what you saw. be well.
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>> thank you. >> we'll be back here to brooklyn with much more on the manhunt in a moment. brianna. ukrainian president zelenskyy is making a proposal for a prisoner swap with russia and a friend of vladimir putin is on the table. >> plus, we are getting new video of cluster munitions. the latest in an attack. this is cnn special coverage, live in ukraine and brooooklyn. as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars support underserved communities... ...helping us all mo forward financially. pnc bank: see w we can make a difference for you. it's my 4:05, the-show-must-go-on,
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only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. ukraine is bracing for a russian offensive in the east. president zelenskyy is making an offer to vladimir putin for a prisoner swap. he will turn over a pro-russian ukrainian politician in exchange for captured ukrainian prisoners of war.
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ed lavandera is joining us live from odesa. has the kremlin responded in this trade offer? and tell us about this man. >> reporter: he is someone who is an oligarch, pro-russian politician in ukraine. it is believed to be he would have been the person that vladimir putin would have put in charge of a puppet government had russian forces been able to take over the country in the initial days. president zelenskyy here in ukraine says that he was detained and arrested late last night in an operation by the security service here in ukraine. it's interesting. he was actually detained before the invasion, the russian invasion of ukraine. he was under house arrest. after the invasion, he disappeared. so it has taken about a month and a half for ukrainian forces to find this oligarch and
3:20 am
pro-putin ally. and now zelenskyy is saying and offering to the russian government that we will trade him for your guy for our boys and girls who are now in russian captivity. we are waiting for what he will respond to that. there have been swaps the last few weeks. we'll see how this pans out. >> cluster bombs seems undeniably being used in kharkiv. what can you tell us? >> this is the first time we have seen video evidence of this. there have been accusations for several weeks now that these kinds of explosions and bombs being used in ukraine. you can see there is an initial explosion. that fires off other little bombs that fall in the area around it. it is designed to inflict the
3:21 am
maximum amount of pain on civilian populations. the united nations has been investigating this. so far they have had two dozen incidents and reports, credible reports of this kind of ammunition being used on the ground in ukraine. this is the first glimpse we have been able to see of this weaponry being used on the ground in ukraine. brianna. >> it's horrific. you can see how confused and scared all the drivers in the cars are there. ed, thank you so much for that report from odesa. we do appreciate it. all of this is coming as vladimir putin claims talks with ukraine hit a dead end and new evidence showing his forces are amassing in the east. in the east, the manhunt intensifying after the subway attack in new york city. we are live on the ground next.
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i'm john berman live in brooklyn. intense manhunt under way for the gunman who opened fire inside a subway car. it happened right behind me. police are looking for this man, frank james. they are calling him a person of interest. if you have any information call 1-800-577-tips. they're looking for him because they found identification for him in a u-haul key at the location of the shooting. joining me now is the former director of intelligence analysis for the new york police department mitch silver. a former secret service agent. mitch, i want to start with you. as i watch the straoelts get more crowded, how much of a risk is it there is a guy out there on the loose who opened fire on a subway? >> it's a real risk, john. we have students going to school.
3:27 am
we have commuters coming in. essentially you have this man on the run who at this point we don't have a lot of information on. so i think at this point, you know, commuters are weary about getting on the subway. and nypd is doing their best effort and fbi. >> what are they doing right now? >> we know the name of the person of interest. investigators are looking at all the digital evidence we have on this individual. there's been social media postings that have telegraphed potential violent tendencies of this person. they will do a link analysis of everyone in his known network. detectives are making outreach to all of them. we are just shy of 24 hours from this incident. we have an unmitigated threat out there right now. this is priority number one for the nypd is to find this individual and take them into custody. . >> mitch, what do you think the biggest clues are right now? >> look, i think the fact that we've got this information about
3:28 am
the u-haul. in many terrorism type on investigations, the vehicle and the person who rented it has been killed. in 2005, tpaoeuz el that dad. and the world trade center, vin number brought us back to the person who went to get their deposit. if it is frank james who carried out the attack, this information is critical. however, if it's not, if he rented the vehicle and it's a secondary individual who carried out the attack, we have a lot more work to do. >> how far, given it happened 24 hours ago, 12 hours since the name and picture were released, how far could a person of interest like this go? >> he's mobile. we know he was able to get away from this site in a moment of
3:29 am
confusion yesterday. you look at the environment. new york city is a great place to hide in plain sight. this individual has the nypd after him. this is closing in very fast. this is priority number one. >> he talks about homelessness. there's racially charged statements on this. he talks about potential violence. i mean, how much of a clue or how can investigators use this? >> it's critical information. intelligence analysts at nypd, at the fbi are poring over this information. they're trying to identify if the individual who posted this information appears other places on the internet. at this point, you've got different mediums. you could be in facebook, youtube, in other locations and
3:30 am
does that give away what his plans were before this attack and what his plans were after the attack? if you look at this, he came into this very well prepared. multiple clips, fireworks, gas mask, grenades. it looks like he planned more than just this one attack. >> clearly, this was planned. he had a hatchet. he had gas. fireworks. multiple magazines. >> just to follow-up on what mitch was saying, the secret service has done a study on mass shooting attackers. 75% of the time in their study they had seen somebody had telegraphed or concerning communication in advance of an attack. and we are seeing this. we are seeing this violent tendency online, his posts. your comment was very important. we need the public's help. you see something, say something. call crime stoppers. don't be ashamed to call at all
3:31 am
if you just see a clue, something you want to raise. because that will be the one place that may get this person into custody. >> in your experience, mitch, given there was clearly a plan going into it, whether or not it was executed the way he thought. but given there was a plan going into it, what are the chances there was a plan for this point and beyond? >> i think highly likely. i mean, the fact that he used the smoke grenades could have been his way to literally create a cloud into which he could disappear and make his escape. it looks like he prepared and wore this orange transit looking vest. people didn't look at his face. there is an orange transit vest. looks like an mta worker. he clearly planned this out. why he left his bag behind, we don't know. maybe in the frenzy.
3:32 am
fortunate for us. >> thank you. we understand what's going on much better. there is a man hunt under way. as you look at the streets, there is someone on the loose who fired a gun 33 times on the subway right below us yesterday. thank you, gentlemen. the subway attack does raise concerns about mass transit in the united states. how vulnerable is it? cluster munitions. a major escalation in the war. this is cnn special coverage. live in brooklyn and ukraine.
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i'm john berman live in brooklyn this morning. and right behind me, new yorkers are boarding subway trains to go to work, go to school. this all happening in the wake
3:37 am
of the shooting inside this station. it took place right behind me. the attack is every rider's worst nightmare. cnn's pete muntean joins us with the latest. this is obviously something no one wants to think about ever. right now it's in the forefront. >> reporter: so true, john. the question is now, how do you protect a mass transit system from an attack like this and what could have been done differently? we are hearing from the biggest transit systems in the united states. they all have been monitoring the new york subway attack. we know pete buttigieg was briefed on this attack and is offering d.o.t. support to the mta. they are stepping up police patrols, doing extra canine sweeps. they are facing no credible that's right now. surface transportation is very hard to secure.
3:38 am
it's not like beefing up airport security. 140,000 miles of track nationwide. before the pandemic, people were taking 10 billion each year. this notion that it is a soft target is backed up by this 2020 government accountability. it told the tsa to accept up w ways . the former police transit offer
3:39 am
himself called for more police sweeps of the subway system. >> this attack could not have happened at a worst time. pete muntean, thank you for that. just ahead, a victim who said he was sitting next to a shooter on the subway. i had a chance to talk to him from his hospital bed. plus, vladimir putin vowing not to stop in ukraine until russia succeeds. we will tell you his plans for the next move. y or lit. may i? we're definitely not lit. i mean seriously, we named ourselves which is kind of lit if w we are talking... literal... ha ha. it's why we're planet earth's number one site for bookoking accommodation. we love booking stuff! and we're j just here to help you make the best of your vacation.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! i'm brianna keilar live in western ukraine. russian president vladimir putin is saying peace talks with
3:44 am
ukraine are at a dead end and that he refuses to stop military operations as he puts it, in ukraine until russia is successful. our next guest is familiar with putin's mind-set thanks to tracking down his activity and human rights violations. he is also the ceo of hermitage capital and author of "freezing order" bill, incredible time for this book here. do you think vladimir putin is acting rationally. can you explain that? >> well, so, in my opinion, this war that he's executing in ukraine is not human. we have seen it happen in kazakhstan and belarus almost
3:45 am
happened. what does a dictator do if being afraid of being over, start a war. he's acting in his own interests rationally. he may be a psychopath or killer, but in his own method, this is a rational course of action. >> i've heard local officials say the nato thing is just an excuse. i wonder if you think that is the case. they think it's about, you know, seizing part of an economy to bolster russia and to bolster his personal position. >> that's exactly right. so basically if you're a dictator and you want to get everybody to rally around you, you need to come up with some narrative. he comes up with a talk about nato and all these other things. in reality, it has worked very successfully. he is trying to create a fervor,
3:46 am
rally around the leader, we're at war. if you look at his approval ratings, he's well into 80%. they are not fake approval ratings. they are all worked up into a lather. they're all angry, angry at the ukrainians. they have somehow convinced they are different than them, they are sub human, and need to be attacked. when a dictator has been around for 22 years and has stolen all the money in the country, the dictator needs something to get everybody riled up. and he has got that something now. >> so, bill, what's his achilles' heel financially speaking. what would make him stop? >> there's nothing that would make him stop per se. in other words, when putin decides to do something, he can never then reverse. he is not a guy who will compromise. peace treaties are complete folly.
3:47 am
what will make him stop, though, is if he is seen to be a loser. so if he loses the war in ukraine and the russian people see they have a loser. not a winner, not a strong man, they won't tolerate him anymore. they have to make sure the ukrainians are winners. we have to give them whatever they are asking for. in terms of economic blockade of russia, we have to do it for them. at the end of the day, we don't want to be fighting a war with putin. we have to let the brave ukrainians fight this war. and they have to win the war. that is the one thing that will cause the russians to get rid of vladimir putin, a loser. >> they want a no-fly zone, ukrainians do. many americans and allies pushing back. they said it will spiral out to world war iii. you say what to that? >> i say that the time that we
3:48 am
say something like that. we're worried about spiraling into world war iii. we're giving vladimir putin the green light to go and kill more ukrainian civilians. we were saying the same exact thing when it came to the ukrainians asking for any defensive weapons to help them in the future. we don't want to do that because we don't want world war iii. vladimir putin has to look at this from his perspective. we set up a no-fly zone. we say don't send jets into ukrainian airspace. he sends it in and we shoot it down. what happens then? does he declare war on the west? i don't think so. he can barely win a war in a remote war in ukraine. the last thing he can do is win a war against nato. he won't do that. what that will do is show strength. vladimir putin is a man who only understands strength. if you share a real hard barrier, that's the one thing he respects. >> what needs to be done?
3:49 am
because, you know, you talk to ukrainian officials, they say sanction all russian financial institutions, embargo all russian energy. >> that's correct. every day that goes by, the aour means, for the most part, send russia, vladimir putin a billion dollars in the form of payments for oil and gas. just think about this. the war in ukraine cost a billion dollars a day. and every day the europeans send vladimir putin a billion dollars. it's pretty much break even for him. we sanctioned s.w.i.f.t., oligarchs. but that's all for naught if we send him a billion dollars a day to pay for his oil. to get this right, we need to stop giving him money totally. we're a long way away from that. this is pretty much on the backs of the europeans right now.
3:50 am
they need to stop, particularly germany, italy, austria need to stop buying russian oil and gas. it's not easy. it will hurt their economies. but it will hurt a lot more if this explodes into something where we are facing vladimir putin with our own tanks and planes and so on. >> bill, you yourself have a harrowing story of escaping russian captivity. m magnitsky died in a prison. what is your worry? >> vladimir putin care more zsa is one of the last remaining activists in russia. he has lobbied for the magnitsky
3:51 am
act. he's been poisoned twice, nearing dying twice in an assassination attempt by the putin regime. and i had dinner with him in london two weeks ago. he was on miss way to moscow. and i begged him not to go. i said they tried to kill you twice. you just can't go right now. he said how can i ask the russian people to stand up to vladimir putin if i'm afraid to go? he went and he gave an interview on your channel calling him a murderer. an hour later he was arrested and is jail right now. and i'm terrified what they might do to him while he's in custody. . >> we are going to keep an eye on his story. bill browder author of "freezing order." thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we are getting new video of
3:52 am
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now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at this morning, nearly 100 million americans bracing for severe weather from the gulf coast to the great lakes. let's get to meteorologist chad myers for the latest. chad. >> reporter: this is the third day of a three-day streak of tornados, wind damage and hail, john. and this could be the worst day of the three. already 14 tornados on the ground in the past 48 hours. things have calmed down, and they normally do in the morning
3:57 am
hours. things aren't bad right now. by 10:00 a.m., this weather is really going to get going. there is the significant risk of severe weather from chicago to the gulf coast. we will have tornados on the ground, absolutely. watches and warnings will be posted by noon. and then there's also significant risk of wind damage. some could be 70 to 80 miles per hour. let me take you through the day. this is what the computer simulates the radar is going to look like. 10:30. let me move you ahead into the afternoon. the air gets warmer, more buoyant. by 4:00, things really get rolling. it goes on until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight by some people. by midnight, it's about over. you need to have a way to get your watches and warnings either on your phone, noaa weather radio, keep your local tv station on. this will be a significant, severe weather day. john. all right. pay attention, stay alert. chad myers, thank you so much.
3:58 am
brianna. the unforgettable comedian with the unforgettable voice. that is how gilbert gottfried is being remembered. he had a rare genetic muscle disorder. he was known for his signature voice and penchant for dirty jokes. he is the latest comedy legend we have lost with louie anderson, bob saget, norm macdonald, betty white. this one shortly after anderson and saget passed away in january. gottfried was a guest on "new day" and talked about getting the news that his good friend bob saget was gone. >> i found out yesterday, last night, jeff ross called me, and he said, sad news. bob saget has died. you know, i always enjoy a sick
3:59 am
joke. so i was waiting for the punch line. and then ta didn't come. and now i feel like it's a day later, i'm still waiting for the punch line to happen to say, no, it was all a joke. because, yeah, everybody liked bob. >> gottfried is survived by his wife and two children. he was 67. and "new day" continues right now. this is cnn breaking news. good morning to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, april 13th. i'm john berman in brooklyn, new york. brianna keilar is in lviv in western ukraine. we are learning more this morning about a person of interest police are trying to find in connection with yesterday's mass shooting at a brooklyn train station. let me be clear, this is a
4:00 am
manhunt at this moment for whoever fired 33 shots in a subway right below me. at least 10 people were hurt, 20 injured. five of the victims children heading to school. at the moment, people -- at the time people were rushing from the train, some of them wounded. the floor of the platform covered in blood. a lot of the victims gasping for air because of smoke canisters used. police have not named a suspect. as i noted, there is a manhunt this morning. there is a person of interest, police have named. 62-year-old frank james. police are asking the public to call 1-800-577-tips if they have any information. investigators believe he rented the u-haul van which was found a few miles from the scene. the keys to the u-haul were discovered at the scene. police are investigating whether james has any connection to the shooting. we know he has recorded dozens of hours of videos


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