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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 13, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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whoever fired 33 shots in a subway right below me. at least 10 people were hurt, 20 injured. five of the victims children heading to school. at the moment, people -- at the time people were rushing from the train, some of them wounded. the floor of the platform covered in blood. a lot of the victims gasping for air because of smoke canisters used. police have not named a suspect. as i noted, there is a manhunt this morning. there is a person of interest, police have named. 62-year-old frank james. police are asking the public to call 1-800-577-tips if they have any information. investigators believe he rented the u-haul van which was found a few miles from the scene. the keys to the u-haul were discovered at the scene. police are investigating whether james has any connection to the shooting. we know he has recorded dozens of hours of videos ranting about
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new york city mayor eric adams, homeless people in the subway system, and also gun violence. he praised the mta for responding to quickly, the mayor said. president zelenskyy is thanking president biden for calling russia's action in this country genocide. the worst may still be yet to come. russian forces deploying in eastern ukraine in preparation for a large-scale assault. and look at this new video of what appears to be explosions from cluster munitions in a civilian area in kharkiv. you see an explosion of a building there on the left and then you see the scattered explosions that come in the moments afterwards. at least four blasts seconds apart. the use of munitions may amount to war crimes, according to the u.n. ukrainian military reports a
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five-hour battle overnight with russian forces in the central zaporizhzhia region. i want to begin with the latest on the manhunt. jason carroll here. people going about their lives. at the same time, there's a very active manhunt in the city. >> that's right. the train back up and running. as you say, this investigation very much at this point focused on finding that person of interest, frank james. as you know, many items found here at the scene. some of them linked to frank james, including keys to that rental u-haul. the u-haul found just a few miles from where we are now at another n stop subway station. rented in philadelphia. this person has addresses in both philadelphia, also in wisconsin. so police and investigators focus on that. as you mentioned also, focused on some of the social media as well, right? because in his social media post
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he talked about violence, mass shootings. and then on one youtube post that was posted on monday, just a day before the shooting, he talked about wanting to kill people. so you can see why investigators want to talk to him, want to talk to anyone who may know him or know where he is. >> and they are putting out a public plea. they put out a photo of frank james, information about him. they say if you have information, call the tips line. they are calling him a person of interest, not a suspect. >> that's right. i know a lot of viewers are wondering what's going on with that. investigators are being very cautious, careful. they are looking for direct evidence at this point. when they make the announcement, they want to make sure they have all their ducks lined up. >> we know 33 shots were fired. we also know that the suspect or whoever did do the shooting had a whole lot of weapons with him. >> a whole lot of weapons.
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two undetonated smoke grenades. two smoke grenades that were detonated. they found gasoline as well. they found a number of items directly linked to the shooter. investigators do have a lot in their arsenal. again, they want to talk to this man frank james. . >> the gun, they say, not purchased illegally, right? . >> that's right. that's correct. >> in theory they can trace that gun. i'm sure by this point they know who bought it >> look, they have a lot of information they're withholding and for obvious reasons. again, i know for a lot of viewers out there they're wondering why aren't we just calling this person a suspect. we are following the police lead. >> police want to talk to him, which is why they put the photo out there. jason carroll, thank you very much for that. >> so this morning victims are being treated in three nearby hospitals. officials say none of them, this is miraculous, none of them
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suffered life-threatening injuries. alexandra. >> reporter: hey there, john. 21 were taken toe this hospital. eight on other local area hospitals. absolutely extraordinary that all are expected to survive. the scars will stay with them and for this city for so long to come. we're learning five children were injured aboard the train car. they range from 12 to 18 years old, according to the governor who has spent time visiting with victims in the hospital. we know of course from police that 33 shots were fired on that train. ten people were struck by bullets. seven of them male. three female. one man was shot in the knee. he was in what he describes the worst pain of his life. he quickly rushed to help a pregnant woman. he was deeply concerned that she could scramble to safety. the people riding the train said it filled quickly with smoke. that was disorienting.
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they couldn't see. many could hear people crying for help. one person aboard the train said he saw the blood stains on the floor. that's when he was able to put together through the shock what was happening. at first passengers thought these were fireworks. then they realized the full scale, the horror of what was happening. passengers rushed to try to help one another, trying to triage each other. some passengers taking off their coats and jackets to make makeshift tourniquets before emergency responders arrived. john. >> that was a terrifying scene. alexandra field, thank you very much. joining me now is alexa avila couple woman representing sunset park where we are now. i know it's been a long night here.
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and i see people walking on the streets. is there any status on the manhunt? >> sadly, we just know the person is still at large. we're waiting. so, you know, i think, as you can see, new yorkers need to go to work, bring their children to school. life moves on. we're all very much unsettled and nervous, but we have to kind of continue to have our city run. . >> are you surprised to see the crowds out here? people walking right back in the subway one day after a shooting there? . >> we are a working class community. this community supporting fellow new yorkers every day. no, it doesn't surprise me. >> tell me more about this community. who lives here? . >> we are a working class immigrant community. we are health care providers, educators and teachers. people who have to work every single day and have to depend on
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the subway. . >> an attack on the subway is an attack on the heart and soul of the city. >> absolutely. no question. . >> how safe right now are the subways here? >> you know, how safe they are right now, no one can answer. probably the safest they've ever been. there's very few people. i think that's a really difficult question to answer. i think we are rebounding from a very challenging time where we lost over 60,000 new yorkers. we have the highest unemployment. we have the highest food insecurity, people losing jobs and homes. we are in a very critical state of trauma. . >> do you feel like the crime situation in this city is getting worse? which direction do you think it's heading in? . >> i think the crime situation is clearly increasing. it is not just in new york city. it is happening nationwide. we need to take a hard look at
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that. >> do you have any message for the country? >> i think really it is that, you know, we have to get at the root causes of violence. we need to really look at evidence-based practices that really get at the situation. we need to prevent this situ situation, not just respond to it. this is happening all across the country. big cities and suburbs and rural areas. we deserve better. we're thainking about the community. next hour, we will speak to mayor eric adams of new york. he will give us the very latest on the investigation. brianna.
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>> here in ukraine. >> russian forces are amassing in the eastern part of the country. the ukrainian military bracing for a large-scale attack. this is video that we are now seeing. this is new video showing explosions from cluster munitions. you see that very clearly. this is happening in a civilian area in the kharkiv region incident to go live in kyiv and bring in frederick pleitgen. fred, what is the latest? >> reporter: hi there, brianna. here in kyiv, the situation continues to ease up. i'm standing in central kyiv right now. we don't have to wear a flat vest anymore. you have the main checkpoint in the city center. and a lot of traffic. one of the things we have seen about the resilience. people are coming back to the ukrainian capital. at the same time, you have the offensive that seems to be shaping up from the russians in the east. of course especially that video with cluster munitions is
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certainly something that is extremely troubling to see how that street, which appears to be on the outskirts of kharkiv, very much in the east of the country. and several little explosions that take place as that small car is trying to drive off. and cluster munitions have been a huge problem here in this war. i was actually on the ground with some folks in explosive ordinance disposal. they find them very frequently. with those munitions, they have several small charges that don't explode on impact and become extremely dangerous to civilians afterwards. it's one of the weapons the ukrainians are extremely concerned about. we have seen convoys going through the donbas area.
4:12 am
some of the ukrainian defenders managed to consolidate positions. they're holding out. but for them extremely difficult, brianna. >> yeah. dire in mariupol. fred, thank you so much for that. we do appreciate it. a key aid to president zelenskyy sergio joins us. i wanted to ask you about victor medicine sred chuck, who was captured. have you received any response to a proposal from the president who said i want to trade your guy in ukraine for our boys and girls in russian captivity? >> not so far. it is very controversial. a spokesperson of putin said it could be fake.
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a he was caught by ukrainian secret service. he is under investigation on corruption. and for the coal supply at the beginning of the war. he disappeared. he was in some hidden place but was found. they are creating information, he was a member of parliament, leader of a political group in parl parliament, one of the biggest. and this group, one of the
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speakers of biological and chemical weapons laboratories in ukraine. he started to spin false information two or three years ago. so he is a russian proxy. he is not a ukrainian politician. he is a russian politician, integrated and working as an agent undercover in ukrainian politics. and what is also important is -- >> sergii -- >> he's under american sanctions so far. >> sergii, how did you -- how was he captured? >> well, this is information that is very sensitive. it will be provided as much as possible by ukrainian secret service. they will do this soon. this is wartime in ukraine. we cannot share all information around. but it will be provided. his wife left ukraine a few days before the invasion happened.
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he is a relative of putin. his wife left a few days before. i believe she was prepared. putin called them saying it's time to run because i'm going to destroy your country. and she left ukraine. and he was looking for a way to leave ukraine. he was in politics. 25 years ago he was a member of parliament. it was not easy for him to leave ukraine. he had been on house arrest. that's when he was found, as he was on the lam for that. talks are at a dead end. the lead ukrainian negotiator, or one of them says, no, they're ongoing. what's the disconnect here? >> this is -- the negotiation
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process is ongoing. working groups have regular meetings to discuss the point for an agreement which i believe is going to be more or less fine because we have to stop this war. ukraine is not going to give up or pardon any crimes -- for russia. i don't know when the administration is going to finish. alongside russia, with continued attack of ukraine. and they are destroying our citizens. the other part of negotiators continue this work with the ukrainian counterpart. and this is the working group so far. i don't know when it's going to be finished. it's very difficult. they really want us to give up as a legal way to fix this war.
4:17 am
>> i want to ask you. the german president steinmyer made an overture to visit kyiv along with polish president duda. he said it was rejected by president zelenskyy. i think there are many reasons and a lot of speculation about it. can you tell us why, from your perspective, that was rejected. . >> first of all, -- i don't know the source of this information from journal media. they are looking forward to the trip of german chancellor who of invited by the ukrainian president. he is the leader of executive power in germany. the person responsible for such
4:18 am
issues. of course we respect all politicians and it's important to have them at the proper moment. as i understand from my conversation it was a tricky story. frankly, it's not clear how it was trying to arrange. there are four presidents arriving to ukraine today and there was an attempt to have one more. i'm not involved in the negotiation process how it has to be done. it is important that we are looking for german support and in cooperation with the german president. but i believe we can have a separate for him for a specific purpose to help mariupol, to help ukrainians to survive in this war.
4:19 am
it is very controversial, working with who used to be the chancellor of germany, proxy of russia because he is friend of putin. we have to separate i think the current situation with the past and talk to german leadership or german president how his humanitarian mission, diplomatic mission can stop the shelling of ukrainian peaceful citizens and stop the genocide -- >> sergii, i'm afraid -- >> thank you. >> so we've heard from ukrainian officials. they do appreciate that. sergii, thank you so much. we hope to talk to you again very soon in the future. there is new evidence that shows russian forces are a massing in eastern ukraine as
4:20 am
vladimir putin says he's not stopping this war. stkpwhraof here in brooklyn, this intense manhunt under way for the person who attacked a new york city subway at a station, shooting 10 people, hurting many more. new clues of what investigators are zeroing in on. we are live in brooklyn, live in ukraine. stay with us. you never know what opportunities life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, enbrel can help you say i'm in for what's next. ready to create a bigger world? -i'm in. ready to earn that “world's greatest dad” mug? -i'm in. care to play a bigger role in this community? -i'm in enbrel helps relie joint pain, helps stop permanent joint damage, and helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis. with less pain, you're free to join in.
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all right. i'm john berman live in brooklyn this morning. there is a manhunt under way for the person who opened fire on a crowded subway station yesterday, firing 33 times. 29 people injured, including five students. ten people shot. joining me now, jillian snyder, retired nypd officer and former
4:25 am
supervisory special agent for the fbi and former lead tech for the fbi. jillian, i want to start with you. whoever did this, whoever fired a gun 33 times on the subway is still on the loose. what is being done to keep people safe? . >> the nypd launched a massive manhunt in collaboration with the feds and trying to ascertain the location on of this individual. they are talking to anyone who may have known the suspect or person of interest. he doesn't have ties to new york city. so they are trying to find out who he is from. >> frank james is the person listed as person of interested here. keys the a u-haul he was believed to have rented were found at the scene. person of interest. what's being done to find him? . >> what's being done is right now they are combing his social media, interviewing potential friends and family.
4:26 am
what they want to do is they want to corroborate any leanings that he may have told his friends and family anything about his actions. and also looking to eliminate collaborators, facilitators, monetarily and materialistically that may have helped him get with the u-haul van. the biggest thing law enforcement is trying to do, not only piece together his route through cctv but take him from the person of have to a suspect. they will do that via forensics and the interviews they are doing with friends and family or any associates that he may come out and say i know who frank james is. >> it was 7:00 when they released the picture and the name, frank james, as a person of interest. so 12 plus hours at this point. how hard will it be for him to hide if he is trying to hide? . >> in new york city, you're hide anything plain sight. but your world is getting smaller and smaller.
4:27 am
my experience, the attempted time swear bomber of 2010, it took us 240 hours to find him. the chelsea bomber, 2016, he was identified and arrested within 72 hours. mr. james's world is getting smaller and smaller by the hour. >> listed as person of interest at this point, not a suspect. those are the terms police are using for very specific reasons. we are being told this frank james person there are a series of social media videos he posted. he talks about eric adams, homeless people, about perhaps committing acts of violence. so how can that be used as an investigatory tool at this point? >> that could go to establish some sort of motive. to my knowledge, the social media posts have been pulled down from the internet. and law enforcement is now looking into them, seeing when
4:28 am
they were posted, ip addresses, seeing if there's likes from co-conspirators or friends. honestly, it will aid in understanding the psychological behavior behind these acts. >> 62-year-old man, person of interest, not a suspect. not the age of a type of person you think. . >> no. i was quite surprised when i saw 62-year-old gentleman as a person of interest in this thing. behavior alley and criminology, that's not what we are working for. . >> what do you think? >> i agree. it's out of the norm. we'll see what miss motives are. they have two of the three. motive, opportunity and means. they have established opportunity and the means of him -- or this individual committing this act. the whole thing now is motive. right now it is why did he do it, what was his methodology
4:29 am
behind doing this. >> there is a gun tied to the suspect, not necessarily frank james. we were told it wasn't ascertained illegally. there there was a trove of information on that. >> the atf, fbi trying to trace the weapon trying to figure out where it was purchased and by whom. it doesn't could be stolen at the time. >> new york city is a big place. easy place to hide. the flip side is 9 million sets of eyes looking. the police and fbi and everyone asking for help in locating him. thank you so much for helping us out this morning. we are going to hear from someone who was on the subway when this happened, someone who was shot in the leg during these terrifying moments. brianna. new video this morning
4:30 am
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i'm brianna keilar live in western ukraine. a potential new escalation in russia's war on ukraine. new video showing explosions from cluster munitions in a civilian area in the kharkiv region. four blasts seconds apart. you can see how chaotic the scene is after this occurs. this may amount to war crimes,
4:35 am
according to the u.n. let's discuss this video we are getting in. we knew of reports of cluster munitions being used. you are now seeing video of what appears to be this. what do you think? >> thank you, brianna. i think this shows how desperate vladimir putin is. he is trying to terrorize the people. and he is committing war crimes and do that. they love american style democracy and how much they hate the russians. this is only going to infuriate them. >> let's talk about logistics. do you expect this to be playing out similarly in eastern ukraine, or is it a different
4:36 am
situation? >> it is a slightly different situation. but the same emphasis on logistics needs to occur. it will still determine who wins the battle of eastern ukraine. let's talk about that for a minute. first of all, look at billing r -- belgorod. we have seen stockpiling of munitions and supplies to support a move into the east probably from the north. let's look at why that is so important. 40 groups have been a massed. surprises some came from up north. we were able to reconstitute and move down to that area.
4:37 am
it has a huge footprint. 200 trucks a day. why is this important? they have to move 180 miles from belgorod to this key area here, kramatorsk. now, this was hit earlier in the week. the train station was attacked there. if you want to secure this area, you're going to have to have this town. why is that? because it's the gateway to luhansk. it's the gateway to donetsk. and it also provides a pathway to dnipro. russians cannot hope to hold the donbas region without this town. so they are going to be coming from these areas where we just saw pictures of convoys 100 miles to this area to try to take this town. and this is going to be a very, very difficult task because they're going to be exposed on both flanks.
4:38 am
the ukrainians are going to try to do everything they can to interdict those. this is 130 miles. so the logistics challenges will be huge for the russians in the east. >> bigger supply lines all around. general, thank you so much. the parents of trevor reed, the marine detained in russia since 2019, said their son is being used as a pawn by the kremlin. and cnn is on the scene with the latest on the manhunt for yesterday's subway shooter. ten people shot, several others injured when the suspect went on a rampage. we will hear from one of the survivors this morning. >> all i see is black smoke. that's when i got hit. i didn't think it was serious until i got off the train. i don't think i can ever ride a
4:39 am
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all right. i'm john berman live in brooklyn this morning where there is a manhunt under way, intense search for whoever opened fire on a subway. the station right behind me here. it is open. people going in and out. 33 shots fired. ten people hit. miraculously, no one killed. as of now, there is a search for what police are calling a person of interest. a man named frank james. police are searching for him because u-haul keys believed to be connected to him, were found at the scene. now, i had a chance to speak to someone who was injured, shot, in the leg in this mass
4:44 am
shooting. he said he was sit next to the shooter when it happened. i had a chance to speak to him from his hospital bed. first of all, how are you doing tonight? >> extremely in pain. the worst pain i ever felt in my life. >> i can only imagine. and i am so sorry that you went through this. can you walk us through what happened? i understand you actually sat next to the shooter on the train before everything happened. >> our train was transferring. we were the first car. i'm not paying attention. i'm not really paying attention to that. i just walk in and sit down. the guy next to me, i got a glimpse of his face. all you see is black smoke going off. and then people bum rushing to the back. this pregnant woman was in front of me.
4:45 am
i was trying to help her. i didn't know there were shots at first. i thought it was just a black smoke bomb. she said i'm pregnant with a baby. i hugged her. the bum rush continued. i got pushed. that's when i got shot in the back of my knee. >> did you see the shooter open or drop the smoke canister? >> i didn't. i wasn't looking to anybody. i was on my phone with my headphones on, just sitting down. all i see is black smoke. i turned to the right to the guy with a mask on, mta vest. >> there were some reports that the suspect was mumbling to himself before he started shooting. did you notice that or anything else about the behavior beforehand? >> i just had my headphones on my head, minding my own business. this makes me not want to ride a train in my life.
4:46 am
>> do you remember how long it took. >> normally, it takes two minutes. but the train kept stopping in between tunnels in between 45th street. it's an old style train. you can't switch cars. somebody broke the first door down. the second door was really hard to break. i was just focused on the pregnant many woman. that's when i got shot in the leg. i was just on my way to work. >> how long was the shooting happening before people could get out? >> about three to four minutes. the shooting happened, about a minute. about 10 shots went off. i think the gun jammed. i think he had a clip or something. i never heard that many shots come off a handgun. >> so 33 shots were fired. does that sound like what you heard? >> wow. yeah. it did sound like a handgun. but he probably had extended clips or another firearm, you
4:47 am
know. >> can you describe what it did sound like? >> it sounded like the loudest thing i have heard in my life. >> and did you see him or were you aware of him changing the magazine, the cartridge? . >> no. all i see was just black smoke. that's when i got hit. i didn't think it was serious until i got off the train. i pulled my pants down and the size of a quarter is gushing out blood. i lost so much blood. >> where did the bullet hit? >> so, if you see right here -- i'm on a cane but i will demonstrate on my other leg. so the bullet went through the back of the knee, and it came out over here. it's the size of a quarter over here. >> when did you know that you had been hit like that? >> when i got off the train. you know, i looked at all the blood.
4:48 am
and i was like, this ain't right. >> can you stand up? >> i cannot. >> once you realized you were hit and bleeding, how did you get to the hospital? who took care of you? >> i went through the first flight of stairs myself. every cop that went by me, ignored me. i think they were focused on the shooter. i told the guys i needed a lot of napkins. i'm bleeding. the guy at the booth. and then two firefighters helped me on their shoulders. >> hourari benkada, said he never heard a sound like that in his life. 33 shots fired. never felt pain like that in his life as the bullet entered behind his knee and exited the front. we certainly wish him well. in just a moment we will speak with another survivor who did
4:49 am
also tend to a man who was shot in the leg. plus, mayor eric adams joins me live. he was mentioned by name in videos by the person of interest. we're in brooklyn, we're in ukraine. this is cnn special coverage. stay with us. itit followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the e fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consololidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up. break up with bad credit card debt. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. go to to view your rate. sofi. get your money right. ♪ looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?
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that oddly satisfying feeling when you don't do it yourself.
4:53 am
the parents of trevor reed, a former u.s. and who has been detained in russia since 2019, now say they believe their son is being held by russia as a trade. this comes after a russian court remanded reed's case to a lower court for review, according to u.s. ambassador to russia john sullivan, who was present at the proceedings. joining us now are the parents of trevor reed, paula and joey. paula and joey, thank you so much for being with us again. how is he doing? can you give us an update on how trevor is doing, how he looks? >> well, actually, brianna, we
4:54 am
saw a video of him yesterday and he looks terrible. he looks very, very thin. he looks like he has saucers under his eyes and he doesn't look like the same trevor we knew. we're worried about that. >> joey, i know you're worried about what you saw. >> yeah, he looked like we, i guess, like we expected him to look. malnourished, and just his facial expressions, he just looked thin and did not look well. >> those recordings that you saw from court, you were given a chance to -- to see him, to hear him. what did you think about the court remanding his case to a lower court? what are your concerns there? >> we're not really concerned, what it is is he was never given copies of the appeal or the court documents.
4:55 am
we have been through this multiple times, we have been in that particular court and an appeal before for his bail being denied, and so sometimes it takes them months to give him just a simple piece of paper in english with whatever his charge or his appeals are. and they did not do that, as usual. so he used the russian law, one of the few laws they follow, and said i need this before we can go forward, so they withdrew his appeal, and they sent it back to a lower court who will decide whether they send attorneys to him or they send him to moscow to review it with his attorney. >> so, paula, i know, joey, you said you think they're using him as a trade. paula, what do you think they want to trade him for? what do you guys mean by that? >> we believe they want a russian prisoner that is here in america. >> president putin and -- >> do you think they have a
4:56 am
particular person in mind? >> yeah, president putin and foreign minister lavrov have mentioned a couple of prisoners multiple times over the last two years, three years. in relationship to our son and paul weiland, the other former marine that they had for eight months longer than our son. so we don't want to say their names here, but you can look in the news, you can look at any interview with those russian leaders and they'll tell you the names of the two or three people that they want home. >> and now brittney griner, wnba star also imprisoned there. do you think that a trade might happen, and what do you -- what are you saying to the u.s. government about this? >> we're not sure. we have been advocating for a trade for over a year. just based on the fact that it is russia, we believed all along we weren't going to be able to coerce them like we might a small nation without a military,
4:57 am
they're the largest nuclear power in the world. sanctions are from the whole world obviously haven't affected them, so really if you want to get something from russia, you have to trade and that's what both countries do normally. and all of our presidents have done this in the past and we just like for this administration to get with it, go ahead and make these trades. >> yeah, we feel that's the only way he's going to get home is by a trade. and we're worried about his health and we would like to get it done quickly. >> not just our son, but for paul we'lllailand and the dozen other americans around the world that are in the same predicament. >> you met with president biden a couple weeks ago. paula, have you heard anything from the white house or from the biden administration since that meeting? >> yes, we have. obviously we can't discuss it, but we did hear from them. >> okay, well, that is certainly a good development, i would
4:58 am
hope. paula, joey, we always do this, but in the case that trevor can hear you what do you want him to know? >> we're never going to stop trying to bring you home, son. we love you. and we're trying to convince our leaders -- the congress is behind you, both parties. we just need the administration to deal with someone they don't want to make a deal with and get you and other americans home, we love you and we're never going to stop fighting for you. >> i would like to say to him, to just hang in there a little bit longer, we're coming. >> all right, paula and joey, i do hope he gets that message. we always appreciate your time and thank you so much for checking in with us about how trevor is doing. paula and joey reed, thank you. >> thank you, brianna. bye-bye. "new day" continues right now. this is cnn breaking news.
4:59 am
all right, good morning to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, april 13th, i'm john berman in brooklyn, brianna keilar is live this morning in lviv in western ukraine. there is a manhunt under way right now. a search for the gunman who terrorized rush hour commuters at this train station behind me, one day ago. 24 hours ago almost exactly, he fired 33 shots, he hit ten people, he injured 29 people overall. five of the victims were children on their way to school. people scrambling to get out of the train, some of them were wounded, the floor of the platform stained in blood. many people gasping for air because the smoke canisters used by the gunman. now, police have not named a suspect yet. but they have named a person of interest. listen closely. they're looking for 62-year-old frank james. police are asking you to help,
5:00 am
if you have any information about this man, call 1-800-577-tips. investigators believe james rented this u-haul van found a few miles from the scene, the keys to the u-haul were discovered at the scene. police are investigating if james has any connection to the shooting. we do know he recorded dozens of hours of videos ranting about new york city mayor eric adams, homeless people in the subway system, gun violence. mayor adams will join us in just moments. brianna? >> here in ukraine, president zelenskyy thanking president biden for calling russia's actions in this country genocide. and the worst may still be ahead. there is new satellite imagery that shows russian forces deploying in eastern ukraine in preparation for a large scale assault. and this just in, a cnn team in northeastern kharkiv reporting witnessing intense shelling in a residential district. a local ukrainian official says russia appears to


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