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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 14, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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thank you, my friend 6789. >> when i was a little girl my house was hit by a tornado. i'm not kidding. >> midwest girl for you. >> i remember that -- just how odd it was. china cabinet. everything still in the china cabinet yet other things were destroyed. all of the punc insulation sucked out of the attic and all over the neighborhood. >> how old were you? >> i was 10 or 11. it sounds like a train. when they say it sounds like a train, it sounds like a train. >> roar. >> >> stay safe out there, everyone. we are thinking about you. stay safe. i'm laura jarrett. >> "new day" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. good morning to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. it is thursday april 14th. ukraine and the world are
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bracing for a large-scale russian attack on the donbas region. the kremlin making it clear that the goal is to conquer. they are expecting the offensive to begin within days. the russian military threatening to strike decision-making centers, including those in the capital. there is so much devastation and heartache in ukraine. this next video is a prime example. it is so hard to watch. a ukrainian mother near kyiv discovering the body of her missing son, dumped in a shallow well by retreating russian forces . we are told the woman was able to identify her son by his
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shoes. >> there are contradicting reports this morning about a russian warship in the black sea that had to be evacuated. we're not talking about any ship. we believe this is the flagship of the black sea fleet. it has been able to wreak havoc on ukraine. the kremlin said there was some kind of fire on the ship. ukrainians say they hit it in a missile attack, which would be a major development. russia has also released this video. that's a caveat right there. take it for what it's worth. this aired on russian state tv showing 1,000 ukrainians marines surrendering in mariupol. cnn cannot verify the claim. ahead of russia's anticipated attack on the donbas region, president biden unveiled an 800 million security package for ukraine. they are sending a high-ranking
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official to ukraine. president biden and vice president harris are unlikely choice. but maybe the secretary of defense. i want to bring in cnn's matt rivers with me now. let's talk about this warship. differing stories from russia and ukraine. >> it's a big deal no matter what happened here. i think it's very significant that russian state media can't ignore this. they can't ignore the damage and the fire on board the ship is big enough that even if they don't want to admit that it was a ukrainian missile, the fact that they are willing to talk about the fact that their sailors had to be evacuated off the ship is a very big deal. this is a flagship of the black sea fleet they have been using in the fight with ukraine. 500 sailors from anti-ship,
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naval guns. an enormous amount of ordinance. some of which has been detonated as a result of this fire. what the ukraine side is saying they actually used a ukrainian-developed missile, the neptune missile. they are saying it was that kind of a cruise missile that struck the ship causing this damage. if that were to be the case, it's not only a big deal because of what it means for this particular ship, it's also maybe going to alter the behavior of russia's navy all around. this is a capability that the ukrainian military has to effectively strike ships from shore-based cruise missiles, it's a big deal that could start to change the way this conflict plays out. a zelenskyy aide said this is one of the ships involved in the snake island incident where you saw ukrainian i think
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naval -- a ukrainian sailor telling off the warship. . >> our viewers will probably remember that. it gave people a real mind-set that they weren't just going to roll over. this was the ukrainian military members were on snake island. the russian warship said they should surrender. they told them to, using some choice language, basically get out of there. in talking about the symbolism, yes there is military implications, without question. for ukraine, if they can say that they were able to effectively destroy one of the most important ships in russia's military involved in that famous worldwide incident, it is a big symbolic victory. >> just to be clear, i was going down the highway yesterday and on one of the overhead signs it
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says, russian warship, go f yourself. it is the rallying cry for the war here incident to bring in barbara starr. barbara, president biden told president zelenskyy that the u.s. is sending an $800 million security package. what all is the pentagon sending? >> reporter: well, brianna, these are the heavy weapons that the ukrainians have been asking for. the u.s. had been nervous about sending heavy weapons, worried that it might appear escalatory. let's look at part of the list you have up there. how witsers, helicopters, early warning radars. hundreds also of heavy vehicles. this is a package that is specifically tailored for the fight in the donbas that we have all been talking about. because the terrain out there is flat, open. it is going to be a fight against thousands, if not tens
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of thousands of russian forces across open areas at long range. these weapons are tailored for that. when we say heavy weapons, hard to get them there. you have to pack them up, ship them across ukraine. and i asked the press secretary john kirby given all the challenges, is it too late to get it all there? >> we're aware of the clock. we know time is not our friend. and that's why, even before this was announced today, we had been moving at very, very fast speed. all the other security assistance that we have been providing, frankly at an unprecedented rate. . >> look, russian troops have been in the donbas for many years already. but they have taken the trips in northern ukraine, moved them around, refitted them, resupplied them.
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those russian troops, it is widely expected, the will start moving back in the donbas. the fighting there is expected to intensify significantly in the coming days. brianna. . >> all right. barbara starr, thank you for that. live from the pentagon. >> coming up on "new day", we will speak to john kirby in the 58 hour. now more about the damage to the flagship in the black sea. this is the flagship of the russian fleet. it has been operating in the black sea with impunity. ukrainians claim they hit it with missiles. it had to be evacuated. the russians say somehow a fire just happened to be on board. former assistant secretary of state for political military affairs under george w. bush. general, this is an important vessel. >> this is not simply a command shape with a lot of electronic gear and radios on it.
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it's also a warship. if you take a look, this is one of the most heavily armed ships they have in the black sea. down here you can see s-300 air defense missiles. you can see ship-to-ship missiles. this is like a very large american warship, as well as having all the command and control. look at this compared to the other ships they have in dock. . >> if they can strike, the ships that are operating here and here, how significant would it be? . >> one of the russian tack eubgs, one of the russian objectives is to get all the way to odesa. if you get to odesa, you have the entire country landlocked. they understand that the russians not only want to work in the donbas but they want to take odesa and landlock ukraine. . >> the unverified claims from the russians that there has been
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a surrender of ukrainian forces in mariupol. if the russians are able to take complete control of this city, which they have been pounding for a month now, what would that do strategically in don pass? . >> we talked about it before. it's not just strategically in donbas. it would give a connection town to crimea, which they have wanted for a long time. sadly, these are the last forces they have in mariupol. i would be surprised if they were able to hold out much longer given the work that's been done the last few weeks. >> what a full-scale war would look like is what i asked you. you can tell me a little bit of something that happened in the persian gulf. >> people are looking at the donbas and think the russians will just attack east to west. >> full frontal attack. . >> full frontal attack. there's another way they can do
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it. we held the nose, as we say, of the enemy there. and then we had that lightning strike, the development of the iraqi forces there. by holding them in place, we essentially captured and surrounded and caused the entire force to surrender and try the get theplss back into iraq. . >> can you show me what that would look like in donbas right here. . >> if they do it that way, you have significant trench lines. this has been fought between the russian separatists and ukrainian forces for eight years. so it's pretty dug in. people talk approximate this great tank assault. that's a hard place to assault against. you have to break through dug-in lines. could well be they attack from izium here and either up here or down to here and basically surround and envelope and cut off the ukrainian forces
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>> and the ukrainians would be trapped right here. . >> exactly. . >> thank you for helping us understand this. appreciate it. russian propaganda dividing families, including one whose teenager just escaped from the war zone. we will speak with him live. >> plus, strange dramatic ending for the suspected shooter in the brooklyn subway attack. what the suspect did moments before he was captured. we have the details next. if you used shipgo this whole thing wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i d don't want to deal with thisis. oh, you brought your luluggage to the airport. that's adorable. with shipgo shipping your luggage before you fly you'll never have to wait around here again. like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions?
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the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews. and when you book and pay throug you're covered by our happiness check out today. angi... and done. in just a few hours, the suspect in the new york city subway shooting will make his first appearance in court. the 62-year-old was raved aftereffectively turning himself in. he called a police tip line to tell investigators where they could find him. cnn's jason carroll live from
3:16 am
where the subway station is in brooklyn. this is not the end any of us thought was coming. >> reporter: no. just let me tell you, this is where the search for james came to an end, right here on this street in lower manhattan. he was spotted just a few feet behind me. police took him into custody with very little resistance. we were able to say we got him. >> reporter: arrested following a 30-hour manhunt. >> he was taken into custody and has been transported into an nypd facility. there was nowhere left for him to run. >> reporter: it seems there was
3:17 am
a tip from james himself that led to his arrest. james called into crime stoppers telling the operator that he was at a mcdonald's restaurant on the lower east side of manhattan. when law enforcement law enforcement arrived, he was nowhere to be found until a bystander flagged him to a nearby corner. . >> suddenly, i see a gentleman getting handcuffed. and i thought this can't be him. but it seems like something out of a movie. >> reporter: alexei was one of the witnesses that saw james being taken into custody. . >> what shocked me is somebody committed such a horrific act was casually strolling around new york. >> reporter: he is suspected of setting off smoke grenades and firing a handgun 33 times and shooting 10 people on a crowded subway train in brooklyn. authorities believe james had visited a storage unit in
3:18 am
philadelphia the night before the attack where more ammunition and weapons were found. the rented u-haul was seen crossing into brooklyn early tuesday morning. hours later, he left the u-haul on foot. wnbc obtained this video showing the man authorities, believed to be james, entering the subway system two hours before it began. >> a gas mask was traced back to an ebay account. investigators are looking into his social media and his repeated chilling rants on youtube. his latest video posted monday, just one day before the attack, he talked about the consequences of committing violence. >> i've been through a lot of [ bleep ]. i can say i wanted to kill people. i wanted to watch people die
3:19 am
right in front of my [bleep] face immediately. but i thought about the fact that i don't want to go to prison. >> reporter: he is charged with a federal crime. >> he has been charged by complete in brooklyn federal court with one count of violating sections 1992, a-7 and b-1 which prohibits terrorists and other violent attacks against mass transportation systems. >> reporter: if convicted, he is looking at life in prison. >> i think the question everyone has this morning is how unusual is it for a suspect like this to call the cops on himself?
3:20 am
>> good morning, john. it is unusual but it's not unheard of. it's happened in the past. many times a person who plans an extreme event like this, they may be very organized in the planning, putting together the weapons and the timing and the rental vehicles and everything. but after the culmination of all of that and the incident happens, they don't really have a plan. and that what appears to be the case here. he thought maybe he would get arrested immediately and didn't have a plan for escape or further attacks, thank god. and he's basically saying, all right, i'm done with this. let's face the music, so to speak. >> did anything that law enforcement did in the process, you know, releasing his photo, releasing his name, influence
3:21 am
his decision to turn himself in? >> you know, john, the importance of video can be understated in these case. as in the boston marathon, once we released the photographs on the suspects, it put enormous pressure on them to do something. it caused them to move and to attempt another act. it caused the suspect to understand he was not going to get very far because of the widespread use of his photograph out there. and he just started to wander around hoping he would get arrested. when he didn't get arrested immediately, he called himself in and basically started the process. . >> it really shrinks a suspect's world if the video is released. one thing -- i don't know if luck is the right word here. he was not armed, as far as we know. he had no more weapons at his disposal after the shooting,
3:22 am
which makes a big difference, right? . >> there's no question. these individuals nine years ago wanted to do another attack. they had bombs, guns, ammunition. and they wanted to hurt and kill more people to continue the statement that they were making against society. this guy seemed to be not satisfied but maybe he had done what he had always fantasized about and now he was facing life in prison. he knows that. as the commissioner of new york city said, they gave him no place to go. this was the only option for him. >> clearly this guy had left a long trail, which maybe should have raised some concern. the mayor of new york city told me he wished social media companies did more policing on
3:23 am
their end to spot this and point it out. how can we keep events like this from happening? . >> well, the social media companies do pay attention to it. we investigate these cases all year long. the problem with it is people have a first amendment right to express their anger and upset. it's a very delicate balance between expressing your feelings with the first amendment but also not crossing that line of threats to commit a crime. our criminal justice system is set up for people who do something, not for people who think something. in a case like this when you see real evidence of mental illness, there should be some type of intervention that can happen. there needs to be some type of mental health team teaming up with police to take a look at these things, i think. this happens more and more, especially after covid, which and it's very dangerous. great to see you a week
3:24 am
before the boston marathon. you played such a role in making sure that is an event everyone can look forward to again. thank you. . >> thank you, john. it's my pleasure. >> new intelligence shows russia's new assault could begin within days. we're live on the ground. plus, despite the president of belarus being one of putin's allies, they are taking up arms for ukraine. we'll hear from them next. we got the house! you did! pods handles the driving. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country pods, yo personal moving and storage team.
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before russia invaded ukraine, thousands of belarusian
3:30 am
men tried to escape land anything ukraine where they hope to volunteer as part of the ukrainian forces, alongside the ukrainian force there's. salma abdelaziz is covering the story from poland. >> reporter: brianna, if preside president putin loses, one other could be affected and that is belarus. they have cracked down on a mass opposition mission against them. dissidents want to join the fight for ukraine because they feel the fate of belarus might be determined on the battlefield. take a look. with pristine uniforms and clean boots, they say they want to join the battle for ukraine. we followed the men to their training at an undisclosed location in poland.
3:31 am
they call themselves the about hone yann. . >> a professional poker player, ex businessmen. >> reporter: vadim is the organizer. they can only carry replicas. but they hope they will be entered into the legion. . >> why fight for ukraine? >> that is step one. >> most fled belarus when a popular unrising threatened lukashenko's 26-year-old regime. now they say they must fight president putin. . >> belarus will have zero chance
3:32 am
to get free. if ukraine wins this war, that means putin is too weakened. >> reporter: this is a tiny group. none have frontline experience. they say it is about the symbolism of belarusians standing by in their battle against president putin. four were killed, said opposition leader. . >> the belarusians are part of the wider resistance movement? . >> absolutely. absolutely. without a free ukraine, there will be no free belarus. >> reporter: and there are signs of defiance inside belarus. activists cut a rail line used to support russian forces. but these are small measures. what threat do you all actually pose? . >> a long journey starts somewhere. we build a small force, to build
3:33 am
a bigger force, to change the game in belarus. >> reporter: the fate of two nations tied. they believe the belt on putin may be loosened if he is defeat indeed ukraine. you can see how president putin's web of allies sort of spreads out across the region. and belarus is key among those. it has been used as a satellite base for russian troops who invaded from there, fired cruise missiles from kyiv from there. that is why everyone is watching on the battlefield so closely. a weakened putin and they could try to push against europe's last dictator. . >> that was an incredible report, salma. thank you so much for that. salma abdelaziz live from poland. we have more on our breaking news ahead. a key russian warship, the pride of the russian fleet in the black sea severely damaged. ukraine said it hit the ship.
3:34 am
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new thorpbgs a protest from governor abbott against president biden's immigration policies. he loaded a group of migrants onto a bus and sent them on a 30-hour ride to washington, d.c. priscilla alvarez has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. this boils down to texas for picking up the tab for migrants interested in coming to washington, d.c. this is a step that governor abbott in rebuke of biden's
3:39 am
border policies and the terminating of title 42 that will happen next month. but the migrants said they were quite happy. it was a long trek. over 30 hours. they were provided food and water. a local ngo was there to help them to get to their next destination in the united states. greg abbott said texas should not have to bear the burden of the biden administration's failure to secure the border. but it is texas taxpayers who are paying for the transport of these migrants from texas to washington, d.c. and that is something the white house nodded to just yesterday. take a listen. >> these are all migrants who have been processed and free to travel. it is nice the state of texas is helping them to get to their final destination as they await the on you can of their immigration proceedings. >> the white house slammed the
3:40 am
biden administration for disrupting train and supply chains, another directive from the texas governor. all part of an ongoing feud in the biden administration and texas over immigration as the state digs in. john. . >> priscilla alvarez, thank you very much. we're getting new information that the biden administration is in talks to send a cabinet-level official to ukraine to kyiv. plus, a mother and daughter join us live after the 12-year-old escaped from the war zone with her family is still hostage for russian propaganda. e but susan from carvana, she had all the answerers. it was so easy. [laughs] we'll drive you happy at cararvana. cal: our confidedent forever pn is possible wiwith a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find ur cfp® professional.
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as vladimir putin continues
3:45 am
his onshrault of ukraine, the kremlin managed to convince many russians that it is all fake or staged. that's the case with our next guest, whose 12-year-old daughter eva was staying with her parents as she was finishing her degree. even as bombs fell in ukraine, her parents could not be convinced of the reality, of the danger. she had to find a way to rescue her daughter from the war zone. both are joining us from newton, massachusetts. thank you both for being with us. this is such an important story to tell. she has been with your parents, her grandparents in crimea. she loves her grandparents, loves her family there. that was the arrangement you had for the time being until you could finish. when did you start to worry that she needed to get out of ukraine? >> hi, brianna. thank you for having us today.
3:46 am
yeah, that was an instant decision once i heard about invasion, i was terrified. just a few weeks before the invasion, i brought her to my parents. and the first second i heard about invasion, i knew i should get her out of there. >> her father, your ex-husband, a russian citizen who lives in the u.s., he got her out of ukraine? how did he do that? . >> well, that was big trip. it was a 10-day trip for him. he had to fly from logan airport in boston with qatar airlines. he flew to qatar. from qatar he flew blissy. he went from the georgian border
3:47 am
to russia. and he was hitch hiking and taking buses and trains to get to crimea. . >> and he was able to get her out through russia, then through armenia, as i understand it, and eventually home -- home safe to you. both your parents and your ex-husband's parents don't believe what's happening. they believe russian propaganda. can you tell us about that? . >> yes. and this is devastating. because the moment i spoke to my parents, it felt like they were different people. and i have great relationships with my parents. we were always on the same page. and once i spoke to them, i could hear such weird things from them that we were completely apart in our opinions.
3:48 am
so they were aware that military actions were happening in ukraine. however, they called russian troops as liberators. and we have family -- my aunt and my cousins are in ukraine. and it was like devastating to hear from my parents and trying to convince them they're in danger while my parents just brush it off and were thinking that russia is helping ukraine to get rid of nazi groups. and this is not a war. this is a special operation of liberation. and this was scary to hear when we all know that propaganda is huge. but it was devastating to hear it from your own parents. >> yeah. i mean, it's dividing your
3:49 am
family. and i should have asked you this from the beginning, olesya, but how is ava doing? . >> she's doing great. it's been a month since she arrived in the u.s. i'm so glad that i made this decision. incident was the right decision. and it was the right time to get her out of there. even though planning was difficult, i'm thankful for -- to my school, mghihp and faculty basically stepped in at that point. and altogether we decided how to make a safe evacuation plan for my daughter. >> i know that eva is learning english. maybe i can ask her a question about how she's doing.
3:50 am
how is she feeling? >> hi. >> eva, how are you doing? >> good. i am comfortable here. >> yeah. she has already started school. >> that's wonderful. she's already started school. i'm sorry. go on. >> yeah. i think it was a smooth transition for her. when she arrived, she was quite stressed and nervous. and she was very quiet. so i gave her a few days to adjust. because that was a difficult trip. she was taking these crazy trip overland through a couple countries. and she was very tired.
3:51 am
and i just decided that she needed a break. and a few days later i started talking about what has happened, and she was very confused as well. while staying with my family, she was thinking that russia is helping ukraine and was very confused about that as well. >> i mean, i can't even imagine. her grandparents and her parents are on completely different pages, and one is not obviously living in reality. that must be incredibly traumatic. it is so beautiful to see you two together. we're so glad you're safe, eva. we thank you both for coming on to talk about what you've been through. thank you so much. . >> thank you. >> thank you for having us today. >> best of luck, eva, as you adjust to life there. we know the community around you helped so much.
3:52 am
russia is reportedly preparing for a large-scale offensive to conquer the donbas region in the east in the coming days just as moscow is claiming more than 1,000 marines surrendered in mariupol, something they are denying. we will speak to an adviser to the chief of staff nexext. [light bulb breaks] hey! i saidid get a pro. i did get a prpro. an orkin pro. [mosquitoes buzzing] i got you. got mosquitoes? don't call any pro, call the orkin proro. ororkin. the best in pests. it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tireess. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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the charlotte hornets had a rough night in atlanta even before their game against the hawks. andy scholes with more on the "bleacher report". >> reporter: last night the biggest game of the season for the hornets. win or go home for the tournament. it just wasn't charlotte's night. the team bus got stuck behind a stalled train behind the arena.
3:57 am
so they had to get out and walk a quarter mile. the hawks blowing this one open in the third quarter. they go on to beat the hornets by 29 points. charlotte getting frustrated in the fourth quarter. miles bridges gets ejected as a fan yells at him, he threw his mouth guard hitting a girl in the stands. he went on twitter to see if he could contact that young lady to make up for what he did. the pelicans hosted the spurs. he was on the court during warm-ups doing a casual "360" dunk. pelicans had control of this game before they rallied in the fourth to cut the lead to six. ingram wins it for new orleans, 113-103. head coach gregg popovich possibly walking off the court for the final time after 26 seasons. he would not comment about his future after the game. seven perfect innings
3:58 am
yesterday in his season debut against the twins but pulled after 21 pitches. this was only the second time ever a pitcher went seven perfect innings and got pulled. the other was rich hill, also for the dodgers, in 2016. the bullpen ended up giving up a hit and the 7-0 win. a big debate on social media yesterday, john. i understand kershaw is coming off an elbow injury and it's very early in the season, his first start. i think you have to go out there and just throw it, throw anything, and see if you can get six more outs. >> he has had so many injuries. you would think somebody kidnapped a puppy, the outrage. andy scholes, thank you so much. just in, news about kids and vaccines. a third dose of coronavirus vaccine raises antibody levels against the omicron variant 36 times. the company plans to ask for emergency use authorization in the coming days.
3:59 am
dr. sanjay gupta joins us with the latest. >> good morning, john. when they did in children age 5 to 11, they gave another small dose of the vaccine. so this is the 10 micro gram dose, a third of the adult dose. they did this six months after the first two doses. what they found is what you see on the screen. now, as you look at these numbers, keep in mind what they're looking for is they're looking at safety and basically in the lab to see how many antibodies are created. they're not so much looking at overall effectiveness of this because they are trying to do what is called an immuno logical study. trying to see does this additional dose create more antibodies. at least in a month, because that's how long they followed the participants in the study out, they found a significant increase in the antibodies against omicron, 36-fold
4:00 am
increase. that is sort of the data. that's the data they feel is necessary to submit for this emergency use authorization. 12 and overruled, john, if you are that age group, getting the booster is part of being upto date with convenience. obviously the same with adults. we'll see what the fda says. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. "new day" continues right now. good morning to viewers in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, april 14th. i'm brianna keilar in lviv, ukraine, with john berman in new york. sit day 50 of russia's war on ukraine. and a large-scale assault on the donbas region could be


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