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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  April 17, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. it is easter sunday, april 17th. i'm alex marquardt. >> hello, everyone. i'm amara walker. thank you so much for joining us. and we begin with ukrainian officials defying a russian demand to leave the battered city of mariupol. >> that's right. russia is ordering ukrainian fighters still defending that southern city to lay down their weapons and leave by today.
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now, what is left of mariupol and the surrounding areas is reported to already be under russian control. the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy has called the situation in that city inhuman. he says that the unrelenting russian assault makes any negotiations with russia unlikely. take a listen. >> the situation in mariupol remains as severe as possible, just inhuman. this is what the russian federation did, deliberately did, and deliberately continues to destroy cities. russia is deliberately trying to destroy everyone who is there in mariupol. >> now, russian forces have stepped up their attacks in eastern ukraine ahead of what is expected to be a major offensive. officials say two civilians were killed and 18 injured in a cruise missile strike in the north eastern city of kharkiv. we're also hearing reports of constant shelling in the region.
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the strikes follow the sinking of that russian warship in the black sea. now, the latest shipment of military aid from the u.s. has begun arriving in ukraine. for the first time the aid includes helicopters, drones, canons and other heavy-duty weapons. it is part of an $800 million package of security assistance to ukraine. >> russian forces are also hitting the uranian capital kyiv once again after a recent lull in attacks around kyiv. cnn correspondent matt rivers joins us now from lviv. matt, there has been a recent lull. we have seen those russian troops retreat from around the capital. and yet they continue to strike the outskirts. >> as we watch this offensive begin to really gear up in earnest in the eastern part of the country what we're seeing some russians do is continue to really make more isolated attacks in other parts of the country like kyiv as you mention and also targeting areas where i am in lviv.
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air-raid sirens once again ring out across kyiv saturday, a city that has endured so much damage and destruction from russian bombs once again hit. early saturday a russian missile slamming into a south eastern district of kyiv killing at least one person and injuring several others. the latest attack coming as more ukrainians are returning home. state border guard officials saying on saturday that roughly 32,000 ukrainians crossed back into the country in the previous hours, something that makes the mayor nervous. he says if you be the opportunity to stay a little longer in places that are safer, do so. i understand there is no place like home. nevertheless, the city of kyiv was and does remain the
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aggressor. air defense systems managed to shoot down missiles that were headed to one or more targets in this region. they didn't say exactly what those were, but said the missiles were fired by war planes that had taken off from neighboring belarus. this as ukraine's military says it's watching the ramp up. the sooner we get all the weapons we've requested, the stronger our opposition will be and the sooner there will be peace. peace, though, elusive in the city of kharkiv. ukraine's second largest city has been under constant bombardment in recent days including here. at least two people were killed and 18 injured, a scene likely to be repeated many times over
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in the coming weeks as russia's renewed offensive in the east ramps up. and today all eyes will be on what is going on in mariupol. the russians as you reported off the top had laid down an ultimatum saying as of 4 minutes ago all resistance fighters, ukrainian resistance fighters in mariupol needed to lay down their arms and surrender. the defense was going to continue and the russians acknowledging now that they heard the ukrainian's rejection of that ultimatum with the russian ministry of defense putting outa statement that said in part, quote, in case of further resistance which it seems there will be, all of them so it does appear the siege of mariupol is going on and we should note there remains some tens of thousands of just ordinary civilians in mariupol that have not been able to leave as of today. no evacuation corridors were
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agreed upon between ukrainians and russians meaning there is no way to leave mariupol in a way that could be of any scale, which means all these civilians continue to be trapped in some of the worst conditions imaginable. >> yeah, the russians on the cusp there taking that key strategic city in the south. matt rivers, thanks so much for that report. now, tens of thousands of refugees are trying to escape the fighting in ukraine, and they have fled to estonia. >> cnn correspondent scott mcclain joins us now from estonia. we spend a lot of time focusing on refugees fleeing into poland by the millions, but now estonia is playing a role. what do you see? >> that's right, alex. they've taken in more than 30,000 refugees. that may not sound like a whole lot but remember the population of this country is only 1.3 million so it's actually more than 2% of the population right now is a ukrainian refugee. of course, estonians want to
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help ukraine just like many other countries around the world want to help, but they also have plenty in common. they both have large russian speaking populations, and they've also lived for decades now with the constant threat of russian aggression looming over their heads. of course the big difference now is that estonia is a member of the european union and also a member of nato, and so now it defts from those protections. estonia now, though, despite being a small country is pushing other european countries, other nato countries to beef up their own military spending and aid to ukraine. he was with the president of poland and the president's other baltic states as well, he went to kyiv and came back with plenty of ideas how to best support ukraine going forward. the challenge, of course, is where to put all of these ukrainian refugees who have come here. a good number, a large
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percentage of those coming here have places to stay, family or friends or had their homes opened up to them by ordinary estonian strangers. many others have been put up at hotels at government expense, and some of them people have been moved actually onto a large cruise ship just to save the government a bit of money. they're braced to potentially take in 2 1/2 times the number they've already taken in. and the reason why, though, is because estonia is attractive because of its large russian speaking population and also attractive for a lot of people because they had 30,000 ukrainian working here even before the war began. >> all right, scott mcclain in the estonian capital, thank you very much. all right, let's bring in a reporter for politico in europe. thanks so much for joining us this morning. so we heard from matt rivers at the top of our show regarding russia's ultimatum, that that u
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ultimatum has been rejected by ukraine. we know there's about 100,000 people who remain in mariupol and that there are no evacuation corridors right now so there are many people who are trap. what's the expectation as to what is going to happen next? >> the ukrainians are preparing for an all out assault of mariupol. at this point for vladimir putin, the russian president basically to stay safe and be able to claim a win at home, he's going to need to take maur yo mariupol. this is the last city standing in the way of a land bridge between crimea and donbas. it's really important. so if putin is able to take it, he's able to effectively stop a lot of exports leaving ukraine, a lot of imports coming into ukraine by sea and means he's able to claim a win at home. so the expectation on all counts is that it's going to be a siege. and certainly what the russians have said is that they'll take that city regardless of who
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stands in their way. >> so you just talked about the significance of the capture of mariupol. i mean, putin -- i guess a big question is will he stop there, right? >> at this point that is the real question. i think that is the minimum he needs in order to be able to claim a win at home. but certainly if we do see some sort of cease-fire, my expectation and the expectation when you talk to people who are kremlin watchers who understand the situation on the ground in russia as well as in the region, they know that any sort of cease-fire would be temporary. so my expectation would be if putin is able to take mariupol perhaps we might see some short-term cessation of some of those intense bombings, of some of that intense civilian casualties we're seeing in ukraine, but that would just be leaving time for putin to regroup and come back in, and do some of the rest of the job he's been wanting to finish. >> and that leads me to the next
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question because we heard in the most recent address from the ukrainian president, president volodymyr zelenskyy, that they need heavy weaponry and pushing the west for more. how would that help especially when it comes to pushing russia towards peace? >> it's basically what the ukrainians need in order to be able to defend some of their cities and particularly when you look at some of the cities like kharkiv, which is another one the russians want to take when you look at mariupol, basically mariupol is effectively surrounded. the ukrainians are saying what we need is heavy weaponry. if you won't give us jets, if you won't create a no-fly zone, let us create a no-fly zone of our own in order to protect our civilians and in order to protect some of these really vulnerable cities. so certainly that heavy weaponry would be effective, and in terms of negotiations, peace talks. i think what everyone needs to realize, what the west needs to realize, what many in eastern europe have known all along is
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that any peace talks you have with vladimir putin are worthless effectively because he doesn't stick to the sorts of agreements he makes. it's not the sort of negotiation you have in good faith where you've got two sides willing to make concessions and to stick to the sorts of terms they sign-in those agreements. so any sort of weakness or perceived weakness from ukraine or from the west will be usualized by putin and any sort of perceived strength will help ukrainians defend their territory and their people. >> you're right, there is no good faith coming from russia even the way the war started with putin continually denying an invasion was imminent right before it happened. and lastly, we know finland and sweden they're likely to join nato, and it's important to point out these are two historically neutral countries. they were not on track to join nato three months ago, and we know this is exactly the opposite of what putin demanded
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before the war began, before he started the war which was a nato expansion. so obviously it would be a major strategic blunder for putin if that indeed happens. how would putin respond to the possibility of two nato -- two new nato nations right at his doorstep? >> this is a seismic shift. i think it's really worth highlighting the fact that -- the fact that finland and sweden are entering into these sorts of talks, the fact they're saying they may be making their application in weeks this is really an earthquake in terms of the geopolitical landscape. finland and sweden have been neutral for a long time. in part for finland at least it's largely because of the fact it shares a giant border with russia, so up until very recently the thinking was we best not antagonize russia, let's stay neutral, let's stay out of nato. this is exactly what he said he
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was trying to prevent. he said the reason he wanted to go into ukraine was because nato was moving its border closer to him. ukraine really didn't have a choice of joining nato and still probably doesn't. finland has a very good chance of joining nato and shares a big border with putin directly. it's a huge loss and in terms of what sort of reaction we might see for putin, this is going to be a really difficult thing for him to explain to the public. luckily for him he has a very pliant media landscape so he's able to spin it in the way he likes. he's already threatened finland directly and said if anyone joins nato we'll have to respond to that, but the bottom line is once again putin is not the sort of person whose word you can count on, and the only thing he's responded to in the past is might. so the fact finland and sweden
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might join is -- >> we'll leave it there. thank you so much. and be sure to watch "state of the union" this morning at 9:00 for jake tapper's full interview with the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. and coming up next, north korea says it is boosting its nuclear capabilities. we'll be bringing you more on the pyeongyang test of a new weapon that has put south korea on edge. and later, executives in the twitter boardroom are taking extreme measures to block elon musk's potential take over of the company. we'll explain that. ® hydro boost lightweight. fragrancnce-free. 48 hour hydration. for that healthy s skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skinin.
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50 rounds were fired inside that home. many of the injured were hurt while jumping out of the windows to escape. and of course we'll continue to follow this story andbri you any updates as they become available. north korea has test fired what it describes as a new type of missile. south korea says pyeongyang launched two projectiles saturday that fell east of the korean peninsula. >> north korean state media has released these photos of the country's leader, kim jong-un, who observed the missile test, which it has called a new type of guided weapon that will help boost north korea's nuclear capabilities. cnn's senior international correspondent, will rippley, is live in the capital of taiwan, taipei. this is the 12th nuclear test from north korea this career. >> reporter: look, they've been testing a lot of weapons at an
3:21 am
unprecedented pace really starting in january. when gym kung unsaid he was going to walk away from this moratorium. so now you have u.s. and south korean joint military exercises due to kick off tomorrow. north korea often will launch weapons to let their displeasure be known when the u.s. and south korean militaries are working together, but this launch when they're talking about potentially a nuclear capable tactical guided weapon it could indicate a nuclear test could be coming on the horizon. in fact, the united states has indicated such as looking at satellite images of activity at the nuclear test site. this launch also comes on the heels of a major week of celebrations inside north korea. the grand finale of north korea's biggest holiday celebration. the country launched a new tactical guided weapon observed by its leader kim jong-un a show of force to mark the 110th
3:22 am
birthday of the country's founder and kim's grandfather. the show in the sky followed an extravagant parade on the ground. on friday his top aides including his sister watched columns of performers pass by. this latest launch not entirely unexpected by experts after the country conducted a powerful intercontinental ballistic missile test in march, though some experts now question north korea's claim the launch in march was a new missile saying it was actually an older model. the pentagon has also expressed concern pyeongyang is preparing for a possible underground nuclear test for the first time since 2017. in a new year's speech kim praised military advances but mainly spoke about domestic issues like food shortages which have been made worse by the country's self-isolation during
3:23 am
the covid-19 pandemic. last month the unite nations warned more than 40% of north koreans are food insecure. the new launch, an old tactic by the rogue nation trying to deflect from the problems that have persisted in the country even before kim came to power. and in another made for tv moment kim bestowed the gift of a luxury apartment earlier this week to a long time news reader who was given a vip tour of the flat. kim has a development plan to build 50,000 new apartments in pyeongyang over the next five years. this building like so much else in north korea is reserved for the elite. actually announced that video of her getting the tour from kim jong-un saying her new house was kind of like a hotel. can you believe she's going to be 80 next year, guys. and while she doesn't do the news bulletin for north korea anymore she still comes up for major events. when she appears on-screen
3:24 am
people in north korea stand at attention and certainly journalists covering north korea also stand at attention. so if pops up over the next few days or weeks and starts to talk we're going to be listening very carefully because she may be talking about -- the united states is worried about potential more provocative testing from north korea including that potential nuclear test. >> for sure a familiar face and voice to many around the world. coming up rising shortages -- i'm sorry, rising costs i should say, labor shortages and supply chain issues are impacting just about every american. and if you own a home the items you'll most likely be paying more foror next. neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brbrain performan. more brain performance?? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid.
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inflation in the united states is the highest that it has been in the past 40 years, and that makes many parts of our
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daily lives much more expensive, whether it's going to the grocery store or renovating your house. >> cnn's camilla bernall has more now on the skyrocketing construction costs and the impact inflation is having on the housing market. >> reporter: when he started his home renovation project in april 2021 he estimated the cost to be $600,000. but with the increase in costs in almost everything related to homes -- >> new floors, new base boards, new doors -- >> reporter: this general contractor is now dealing with very different numbers. >> we're looking at 120 to $150,000 more. so we would be at 720 to 750 now just a year apart. >> reporter: according to the bureau of labor statistics inflation for construction
3:30 am
materials has increased more than 20%. metal products 26%, lumber 721.8% and plastic 35.2%. >> plywood it used to be like 20, $25. now you pay almost $50. >> reporter: these price hikes are impacting new construction and existing homes. >> if the cost of producing housing goes up, in order for that housing production to be possible, you need to charge higher rent or else you're going to lose money, and that's an important source of where our inflation efforts are coming from. >> reporter: richard green, an economist and expert on housing markets believes house prices will fall next year and thinks rent will continue to increase but not as rapidly. and in terms of materials -- >> jgeopolitical issues have an enormous impact on supply chain
3:31 am
which has a big impact on the cost of materials. so you need to be able to do a forecast how the world is interacting with itself in order to do a forecast on what's going to happen to materials prices. >> reporter: to deal with the unknown he says he's had to adjust his budget, take loss or pass it onto his customers. >> we have to adjust it because otherwise, you know, i'm not going to make money. >> reporter: and i also spoke to the ceo of the national association of home builders and he told me that most of all it's the first time home buyers who are most impacted by these increases. the contractor i spoke to told me, look, i just want things to stabilize. he says i understand if things don't go down but he's not wanting it to continue to go up day by day. eve everyone that i talked to telling me at the end of the day it's the customer who ends up paying for these increases. >> our thanks for that story.
3:32 am
this inflation, these higher prices across the board are several of the many challenges that president joe biden is facing as democrats go into the mid-term elections hoping to hold onto the majorities in both houses of congress. now, cnn political commentator erroll lewis is here with me now. thanks so much for joining us early this morning. let's talk about on president biden's approval rating. 39% of americans approve of president joe biden's performance. that's according to the latest cnn poll. that number has been steadily below 50% all yearlong, and it matches a low point he faced last muntd. now, we've got high gas prices. we've got skyrocketing home prices we just talked about. we've got the war in ukraine. several of these things are going to be going on for quite some time. several of them are out of the
3:33 am
control of president biden. what can he do? what is he working onto try to get those approval ratings out of the basement? >> yeah, well he's got a number of different problems. good morning, alex. among other things he's got even within those numbers some problems within those problems. his standing with latino voters is very, very low, down in 24% i think was the number i last saw. that's not going to be good, and there's not a lot he can do to turn that around either. the other big factor he's fighting against is history itself because the president's party tends to lose a number of seats in the mid-terms. with all of that working against him what can he do? look, he can go back to his program. the pieces of the build back better legislation he failed to get passed, he might be able to do some of it by executive order. and certainly members of the
3:34 am
democratic party have been urging him to do just that, to show it means something to have him in the white house as opposed to someone else. that's one way trying to to stop the bleeding. of course when it comes to international affairs we've given lots of coverage to what's going on with russia. the reality is those are entirely beyond his control. showing the kind of strength and leadership of a nato reliance he has over the last few months at least shows this is somebody who can occupy the office and do some of the basics needed. will that turn around inflation, no. will that turn around his numbers? perhaps it might turn around some of the erosion. make no mistake the president is in a difficult political position. >> let's talk about republicans running for senate in november. the consensus seems to be the republicans have a much better chance of taking back the house than the senate. we've got a number of races in pennsylvania and ohio. one of the key things the
3:35 am
republicans want is that maga stamp of approval from president trump. and now we have president trump backing jd vance in the ohio senate race and memit ozotherwise known as dr. oz to americans in the pennsylvania senate race. why is he backing these two men? >> well, what they've mostly done is been media stars, honestly. there's no program you can point to, no philosophy they have in common you can point to. memit oz appears to be pro-abortion as far as i can tell. it's not much more complicated than that to be honest with you, same with jd vance. if you're a media star donald trump tends to like you and thinks you have a chance to win. this is not necessarily going to
3:36 am
work out i should say for all of these candidates. to the extent they want donald trump's support in order to win the republican primary in those states, that's one thing. winning in the general is going to be a whole other kettle of fish. and the reality is the president is somewhat controversial to say the least and may not be as much help to them as they imagine once november rolls around. if you want to make donald trump the main issue in your race in a general election in these mid-terms, i think you're doing it sort of at your own peril. >> some of the key moments if we look ahead to the presidential race in 2024 some of the key moments of course come during the debates between the candidates not just in the primaries, of course, but then in the general election. and those debates are put on by a bipartisan group called the commission on presidential debates. now we have the republican national committee voting unanimously last week to withdraw from this commission. what kind of impact do you think
3:37 am
that has on the next presidential race? >> well, look, it's an okay outcome, frankly. the group the presidential debates have needed some kind of renovation both structurally and in terms of content for a long, long time. it's not being done necessarily for the right reason. this is almost entirely at the behest of those who want to support donald trump who believe that the debates were biased against him in 2020 and that contributed to his loss. that's not necessarily true, but it is believed to be true. and so they're trying to undermine the participation with the existing debate committee. i think what's going to happen, though, is if donald trump for some reason does not become the candidate of the republican party in 2024, it's his to lose or give away. but he might not run. and if he doesn't it's possible they may come crawling back and saying you know what, we'd like to be part of these very large televised debates.
3:38 am
it's also worth noting just as a matter of history that we haven't always had presidential debates. you know, the first one was in 1960, and then we went a couple of cycles without them. there was no johnson versus gold water debate in '64. and nixon never debated many of his candidates in '72. so the republic will survive. i think, though, what donald trump is trying to avoid ironically which is the supposed bias of this commission, if he wants to leave it up to the media to provide all the coverage in 2024, he may not get the kind of coverage he's looking for. >> thanks for your expertise. thanks for joining us. well, twitter's board has spoken and it doesn't want elon musk to buy the social media site, so what does this mean for twitter's future?
3:39 am
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or here. assured that someone is here ready to fix anything. anytime. anywhere. even here. that's because nobody... and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better. the attempt by elon musk to take over twitter has stalled for now. the company's board has adopted a limited term shareholder rights plan. they did that on friday. it's called a poison pill, which would make it harder for musk to buy twitter. >> the provision allows twitter shareholders to acquire more shares of the company at a cheaper price if musk or any other investor owns more than 15% of the company's shares. cnn's chief media correspondent
3:44 am
brian stelter joining us now. hi there, brian. great to see you. so what does this mean this poison pill for musk's ambitions? >> well, happy easter. this is not a very calm weekend for the bankers that stand to make a lot of money from this deal. they are working very actively as is the twitter board of directors. and as for elon musk i don't think we ever really know what his next step is, that he is famously unpredictable, he may double down, triple down on his plan, do whatever it takes to buy twitter or he might just move onto the next thing and find some other toy to play with. that is what makes him so combustible and unpredictable and so beloved by his fans and so criticized by other detractors. but, look, i think right now we're in a wait and see mode. we might only be in the second or third inning of this where musk has made his bid. the twitter board has not officially rejected it yet.
3:45 am
they may insert this poison pill but that doesn't necessarily stop him, it may slow him down. what we're going to find out in this coming week how serious musk is in buying twitter. >> you say he could double down or triple down. is this a case he could offer a much higher price if the board rejected it would be a dereliction of their duty? >> right, oftentimes a poison pill is a negotiating tactic. it's an anti-hostile takeover move that a board and businesses frequently go ahead and do, but it doesn't always stop the bidder. it just slows them down. it might force them to the negotiating table, and that might be the strategy here to get a conversation going between musk and the twitter board to come up with some sort of resolution. we really don't know because we really don't know what was driving musk here. he was on twitter this weekend thanking his fans and suggesting he really is committed to this. with elon musk it could all just be a joke.
3:46 am
that's the wild thing about this. investors don't seem to believe he's all that into this. the stock did not move on thursday that suggests it's going to go through. i think we're in a wait and see mode. but knowing elon musk he may very well watch all this news coverage, read comments from his fans on twitter and decide hoomust go through with this or walk away. >> he clearly loves twitter and really believes it has such a critical part in our dialogue, which many of us do. brian stelter, thanks so much for joining us this morning. and be sure to tune in later this morning. brian is going to have a lot more on all of this and more on his show, reliable sources, that's at 11:00 a.m. eastern time right here on cnn. well, the nba playoffs are here, and so much for experience meaning anything. the biggest stars of the day were guys making their playoff debuts. inging] oven roasted
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! the nba playoffs are now under way. the warriors, the golden state warriors got a big lift with the return of their superstar, steph curry. >> but it was the guy who's been filling in for him that stole the spotlight last night. coy wire here with us now with more. what happened? >> hey, what's up, amber and
3:52 am
alex. it was a scary sight. that's what warriors star said afterwards. laback in the playoffs for the first time in three years, can you believe it. curry back one month to the day since injuring his foot. jordan poole, self-proclaimed cat lover making his playoff debut like a young steph curry out there. game high 33 points and warriors hosted the playoffs for the first time in their new arena, pool party. now curry here just 22 minutes of playtime 123-107. and old pool says he's shining because of those bets lifting him up. >> having a guy behind you who has already been through the fight. they've been through it at the highest level, and knowing if you make any mistakes you've got those guys there to pick you up. and there's no better feeling.
3:53 am
i'm thankful to be out there on the court with those guys and trying to learn as much as possible. >> more youngsters stealing the show early in this playoff a action. minnesota's guard anthony edwards making his playoff debut. edwards delivers a rejection letter. durant denied by last year's top pick, getting hurled to the floor. he'd be okay, though. edwards feeling like a linebacker but he scored like a quarterback. game one advancing edwards and the timberwolves who win 130-117. and four more games today including a triple-header on our sister network tnt. let's go to nhl now. between his own legs leaving red wings defenders flailing and the
3:54 am
ability to roof it backhand for the score, last year's number one overall pick coming to play after being benched on thursday. he nets two goals for a win. in tennis now some of the top women's players from the u.s. and yie crane meeting for a qualifier in the billy jean king cup this weekend in asheville, north carolina. winning their double match yesterday giving the u.s. a 3-2 victory advancing to the tournament in november. cnn was there to speak to some of the ukrainian team and they had to admit it was tough to be out there on the court with family and friends still in danger. >> cri'm trying to pretend i'm pretty strong and i can play and stuff, but it's not true. it's very hard. i really want to go back home. i want to see my parents. but i know that because i am a professional tennis player, i have more opportunities to talk about it. i have more opportunities to help. >> it's inspiring they're able
3:55 am
to have the strength to be out there, you know, despite so much going on back home, so good-looking out for those women out there being strong for their country back home. >> cory, nice to see jordan there paying respect to his elders, but what happens in the playoff, does he get to keep his spot or curry come back in and say i'm back. >> but they have said they're going to keep putting curry back out there, a little more playing time. it was just 22 minutes and looked pretty good, alex, though. poole has certainly put his name out there for like, hey, watch out for me. i'm coming to -- put me in the splash brothers conversation now. they've got three of them. >> that he did. coy wire, thanks so much. lots of action there. the next hour of "new day" coming up right after a quick break. and i get seveven days to love it or my momoney back... i love it! i thought online meant no one to o help me, but susan from carvana had all the answerers.
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hi, everyone. it is sunday, april 17th. happy easter to you if you are celebrating. welcome to your "new day." i'm amara walker. >> boris and christy have this easter morning off. we begin with ukrainian officials who are defying the russian demand to leave the battered city of mariupol in ukraine's south. russia ordered ukrainian fighters still defending the city to lay down their weapons and leave by today. what is left of mariupol and surrounding areas is


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