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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  April 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a will the of waving. being silent and trying not to complain about sweating so much. this is coming back to you, my producer. >> i've never done this. >> i'm saying to bring it on the show. >> retribution. >> 2000 easter bunny. h hustle hard. all right. go to next hour. it is the top of the hour on cnn newsroom. >> good to be with you. ukrainian defense officials now believe russia has completed the regrouping of its troops to launch an offensive in the eastern part of the country. accordi ing to a u.s. defense official, russia has added 11 tactical groups to their forces since the start of the last couple of days. the u.s. believes that russia is learning from their failures in
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northern ukraine and will apply those lessons to the next attacks. wii we're seeing video. >> these strikes caused the first wartime deaths inside lviv. the attack killed 7 people. it injured several others, including a child. many the south, ukraine is still trying to hold onto that port city of mariupol amid intense shelling. ukraine rejected a re ed a russ deadline to surrender. what do we know about those attacks? >> well, four different missile strikes, and as you mentioned,
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this is a city that has really escape any kind of serious warfare in the last two months. it's been a place that has served as a safe haven for many ukrainians who have not fled the country but moved to other safe safer areas. these missile strikes causing the first deaths that we have seen in this war there in that city. cen seven people killed so far and 11 others injured. three of the missile strikes hit warehouses there. a fourth missile strike hit a tire repair shop and damaged residential buildings in the surrounding areas. it doesn't appear to be any kind of strategic military target. once again, part of this campaign that we're seeing over and over again in various parts of ukraine where rockets and missiles are launched into areas that really just basically seem like residential places trying to inflict panic and fear among civilian populations where ever
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those missiles and rockets land. >> let's talk about what's happening in mariupol. the control of that city comes down yto ukrainian forces holdig down to a dozen groups. how can ukrainian fighters do that? >> yeah, the news from mariupol continues to get more grim by the day. there is a steel plant where we're told a deputy city official there says that about a thousands people are holed up in this steel plant holding on for as long as they can. cocomplicate matters even worse today, russians were not allowing -- they closed off the city. no one allowed in or out. there's talk of creating filtration points for the men left in that city.
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this is all indications we're kind of getting as you read into the news that continues to emerge out of there, it feels like it's just -- the last moments of being able to hold on in that city. >> yeah. awful reports coming out of there. th thank you. let's go to the pentagon. >> that's artillery, rotary, aviation, helicopter support, command and control enablers and we do believe that they have reenforced the number of battalion tactical groups in the east and the south of ukraine. we can't say specifically where all these battalions, these tactical groups are going but we have seen over the last few days they've added now more than 10 to what they already had there in that part of the country. separate an distinct from that,
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we have continued to see the concentration of their air strikes and artillery in the donbas and in the south. the fighting continues. the yukrainians are still resisting. they continue to pound it from the air and through long range fires. it's been just over the last several days, you can see -- you can continue to see the russians are doing what we call shaping. they are trying to set the conditions for more aggressive, more overt and larger ground maneuvers in the donbas. this area has seen fighting over the last eight years. it's terrain that both sides understand and know and the ukrainians, it's not like they have only left the donbas and
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racing to get there in the last few days. they have been there throughout there invasion and throughout the last eight years and they continue to fight very, very strongly for places in the donbas. we have seen indications in the last few days that the ukrainians have not only defended bravely but secure certain villages and towns. >> i have a question about ukraine too and u.s. troops training ukrainians on the radar systems. i'm wondering if there's any details. >> i think we're going to -- let me back up.
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we began training. it will be shortly heading over. that training will occur outside of ukraine. it will be more of train the trainers kind of environment. a small number of ukrainians will be trained. i'm not going to get into the locations. it will be outside of ukraine. i'm going to refrain right now from talking about who's going to be doing the training and exactly on what timeline. i think as we get closer to things, we may be able to talk a bit more about it, but there is a plan now that we're beginning to execute. we think that training can happen in next several days. important to remember, while this particular system is new to the ukrainians, they don't use american houlisters in
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artillery. i've been told it's not unlike other artillery piece pps the basic outline is not the same. we have to get them up to speed on the particulars. these are 155. the ukrainians typically use 152. it's a difficult caliber. i think we'll be able to get this training done, at least the first round of it in the next several days. >> if i can just follow up. the battlefield is very fluid with mariupol and what's happening in donbas. is it possible to talk about how this training and this equipment could influence the battle or what capabilities would would
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give ukrainians -- >> it's a specific that they asked for. there's been fighting there for eight kreers. there's fighting there today. we know the russians believe the same thing because we're seeing them move artillery into the donbas as well. we want to give them every bit of advantage that we can. they ask for artillery support and we answered that with this recent draw down package that was just authorized on the 13th. that was wednesday of last week. it's 18, 40 rounds of artillery that will go with the howlisters. there may be additional security assistance that comes on top of what we just announced.
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that authorization from the president was on the 13th. the execute order was on the 14th. and on the 15th, two days later, the first shipment started arriving in the theater of stuff from that 800 million draw down pac package. i'm not going to get into the inventory list but that's unprecedented speed. 48 hours after authorization from the president, first plane was on its way. there's shipments since then. almost half a dozen have already arrived in the region.
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>> they hit targets in lviv and kyiv over the last couple of day pps. we don't have a clear since of what they were targeting and what they hit. we don't have any indication that western aid was targeted and or hit or destroyed. we're still working our way through the battle damage assessment. i don't have more for you than that. >> to follow up on bob's question. you said last week that the russians still had -- they were not ready to launch their new battle. this they had logistic problems. do you assess that they improved their logistic preparation now and they could be able to launch? >> too soon to tell. these are -- these appear to be
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chronic difficulties that the russian military had in terms of logistic, sustain and control, unit cohesion, integration of air to ground. all problems they still suffer from. our assessment is they are still struggling. part of the reason we're talk about shaping operations in the donbas is because the russians are trying to learn from their mistakes. in the last few days we have seen them move in. command and control enablers, aviation support, largely helicopters. moving in artillery units ahead of what would be massive ground movement by troops or larger ground movements by troops. it appears if they are trying to learn from those mistakes. it remains to be seen whether they if i canned their problems. we still assess that on many levels and in many ways they still haven't figured out
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logistics and sustainment and still have command and control problems. again, it remains to be seen. david. >> you say that the russians are conducting shaping operations. i have also said that there's been active operations going on in the donbas since the beginning of this invasion. for the last eight years. we absolutely have seen and we have acknowledged that we have seen offensive and defensive operations by both the russians and the ukrainians in the last several weeks. there's no question. i've said a few minutes ago we
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have seen the ukrainians move against russian positions and we believe they have been able to resecure some of those towns and villages in the donbas. we're not disputing that there's not combat going on in the donbas. what we're saying is we're seeing -- we still consider what we're seeing to be is shaping operations. they continue to set the conditions for what they believe will be eventual success on the ground by putting in more forces, putting in more enablers, putting in more command and control capabilities for operations yet to come. >> do you believe the russian offensive in the east has begun? >> we believe the russians are shaping and setting the conditions for future offensive operations. we also see, david, that there is active combat going on right now in the donbas, as there has been for the last several weeks.
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>> there's been some reports that russians and ukrainians have been using cluster munitions. is that something you have seen or can confirm? >> we're in the the position to verify cluster munitions. we have seen the video that you've seen and looked at. without being on the ground, it's difficult to say that we can confirm that. certainly not refuting the images or what others are saying about it. >> two questions. first, has any u.s. aid not gotten to where it's supposed to go and can we get an update on russia's military capability? >> that second one is a big one, mike. on the first one, just to remind, what we're doing is helping coordinate the shipment of not only u.s. security assistance but security assistance provided by many other nation, more than 30. getting it into ukrainian hands.
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getting it into ukraine using ground methods. that's as far as i'm going to go. we're confident that material continues to get into ukraine. once it gets into ukrainian hands, it's up to them to decide where it goes. what unit gets it, where it's stored. that's for them to decide, not the united states. we're not putting strings on this stuff and saying they have to use it by a certain date. our job, get sbit into the regi. get it into ukraine. that's a very big question. i'll do the best i can. we still assess in general they have the vast majority of their assembled combat power available to them. from what they have assembled oaf over the course of the fall, they still have a lot of the amass combat power available to
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them. they have suffered losses. they have suffered casualties. they have lost platforms and systems whether it's aircraft or tanks or armored personnel. they still have quite a bit of capability. they are concentrating that in a smaller area in the donbas but also the south. they are trying, as i answered earlier. they are trying to overcome some of their logistics and sustainment. they won't have to as far to go in the donbas to resupply, refuel their forces in the donbas. they have a long border with that part of ukraine. they are adding combat capability in that part of ukraine. it's smaller piece of ground than what they have been frying to operate in over the last three to four weeks.
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they still have a lot of combat power to use there. it's also, terrain they are comfortable with. they have been fighting over the donbas area for eight years. their commanders, troop, there's a familiarity with the cities and the towns and the terrain that they didn't necessarily have when they were trying to come at kyiv from the north. >> i know senior defense official has put the estimation around 80% to 85% in the past
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couple of weeks. is that around the same now? >> you mean of the amount of combat power they still have available? >> i don't want to get into percentages and specific data here on their dom bat power from the podium. i would just say we still believe they have the vast majority of their combat power available to them. even with the losses. they had taken times, months to assemble. they still have the majority of that available to them even with the losses they sustained in the last few weeks. go ahead. >> just following up. could you update us a bit, if you have any visibility into the mix of troops available? are they calling on special forces that they used in syria?
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are they calling up new recruits? what the mix is there in terms of -- >> we don't have a fperfect sene of their manpower. we know they have tried to recruit foreign fighters out of syria. they claim they were going to get 16,000. we don't have a number to tell you that they got that many. we know they have tried to recruit foreign fighters out of syria. we seen indications they have tried to reenforce their troop levels from other parts of russia as well as countries outside of russia and outside of ukraine. we know that they are refitting and resupplying and trying to put back into the fight some battalion tactical groups in the north that they have evacuated now or retreated out of ukraine into belarus and russia. we still believe there's a not insignificant number of
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battalion tactical groups that they are trying to refit to come back in. we know that just in the last few days they have added to their battalion tactical groups in the east and south. we don't know where the units are or when they were reintroduced. we know they have added to their levels in the east and the south. >> we have been listening tlher to the press secretary. we'll keep an ear out for anymore news he makes. >> the russians, what he is calling shaping. putting the resources in place for when this full, larger assault comes. >> let's bring in cnn pentagon
12:22 pm
correspondent and military analyst. it was interesting he talked about how they may not know how to operate all this equipment. they will have to be trained outside of ukraine. the ukrainian fighters and it will be a train the trainers type situation. can you just clarify what he means there? >> of course. this is something the pentagon has wrestled with. as the biden administration has gotten to the point where it is ready to send in bigger and heavier equipment. one of the key challenge s how do you make sure you create forces that know how to use this stuff? know how to use more complex equipment. up until now, largely, it was equipment they already had or small arms ammunition or something they already knew how to use. now these are u.s. howitzers and
12:23 pm
other thicngs they have not use before. 0 how to train ukrainian forces on how to use it. they would bring a few forces out of ukraine. train a few forces. he said they have used this sort of equipment, this sort of artillery before. it's just a familiarity with this specific type or this specific make of this equipment. it shouldn't take all that long. that small number of forces will go back in and train other ukrainian forces. that's the idea. it's part of the plan that went with the latest package and latest authorization from the biden administration. that as the howitzers move in, that becomes the focus. >> understandable that kirby did
12:24 pm
not say where this training would happen or who would do it for the obvious security reasons. >> colonel, was there anybody that jumped out at you first? >> a few things. they're going to be training somewhere outside of ukraine. i think what also is important to note is that there are supposedly about ten extra battalion tactical groups that we're adding this to the mix here. if we remember about the number of forces that we had here before. we think about a thousand or so troops per battalion tactical groups. that's an extra 10,000. they had about 190,000 going
12:25 pm
into this. they lost maybe 24% of that. they haven't quite replenished everything that they lost. they are adding to the mix they had. that's one thing that's interest f ing from what admiral kirby said this afternoon. >> does the arrival of these -- our reporting is it's 11 battalion tactical groups. does that give us any timing on when this full assault could start in the shaping? do these groups come in right at the end, right at the beginning? what should we expect when this assault could start? let's go to the donbas map to give an idea because this is the theater of operations. if those 11 groups come in, what they would be doing is they would be there probably at the beginning of this. they are fresh troops, supposedly or reconstituted from some of the remnants of units
12:26 pm
that were affected by significant losses around kyiv. what they would do is they would be coming down perhaps this way into the area. we already know they are coming through here. realready know they are doing there. they will probably go along and access like this. that could mean they are joining up with separatist forces that are here. these guys mr. probably be fairly fresh to fight or will have recuperated enough from what they had been doing earlier in the invasion, if they are rec veterans of the invasion. they will bring them together and move them down this way to capture a portion of the donbas that the ukrainians currently occupy. >> colonel, while you're in that region, let's talk about what's happening in mariupol. it's just in sea of red, sir
12:27 pm
rounded by russian forces. how are they going to get the weapons and equipment they need when that far east there? >> they're not going to be getting any weapons like that. the only forces that are in places like here that are facing the russians in this area. the people, the soldiers and marines in mariupol are out of luck because the russians have blockaded the sea access routes. it's no longer a functioning port from a mill itary perspective. because of that, they are truly surrounded in several different aspects here from the land and the sea. if they were going to do something from the air, that
12:28 pm
would be a stretch very far for the ukrainians to do because they really don't have the assets to do air drops, to resupply forces in very tight area within mariupol itself. >> let me ask you about the black sea and you talked about the russians kind of cutting off the sea access there. there's a senior u.s. defense official who says the russian vs t have the capabilities to launch an amphibious assault on ma mariupol. could they take out those ships. it was about here near snake island.
12:29 pm
they had access to places where they could fire from fairly easily and do what they needed to do to sink that ship. there's no place within easy range that would make that possible. that's why it would be very difficult for them to do something against the sea at this point. >> all right. thank you. president zelenskyy officially submitted key document moving ukraine closer to eu membership. ahead, what that could mean for their fight against russia. pittsburgh public schools are on a modified lock doin today. police are searching for the suspects behind the house party mass shooting there over the weekend. we havave the latest for you, next. ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business...
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it was a violent easter weekend in america. there were shootings at a packed house party, a shopping mall. >> more than 90 shots were fired at that house party from multiple guns. cnn just received video of the start of this shooting. we want to warn you it's disturbing and frightening. [ gunshots ] can you imagine being there, how horrible that was. this is the video that shows these frantic teenagers tripping over each other as they rushed for the door in pittsburgh. at least ten people were shot at this party, including two juveniles who were killed. cnn crime and justice correspondent joins us now with the latest details. what happened? what are police saying here? >> they are trying to figure out the motive. you see from the video the frantic moment. some of the teens there even
12:35 pm
jumped out of windows to try and escape that gunfire. that's how some of them got hurt. this was a party with about 200 people there. mostly teens. as you said, two 17-year-olds, sadly, were shot dead. police don't know yet. what they do know is there were as many as 100 gunshots now, they say. they are basing that off the shell casings that they have recovered. they say several different guns were used. it appears there were multiple shooters and it could be just a fight between groups of people or a cupouple of one person and one person pulled out a gun and another. that's what happened here. that's what police say. there was a modified lockdown at the area schools. they are still looking. there's a man hunt under way as police continue to look for the people behind the shooting. >> every monday we do this. every monday. thank you.
12:36 pm
russia has they may become more aggressive in attempts to stop delivery of weapons from the nato and u.s. recent russia attacks further illustration that the kremlin is undertaking a campaign of terror against the people of ukraine. with us this state department spokesman, ned price. thank you for being with me. let me start with that quote which was yours. undertaking this campaign of terror. cnn is reporting that president zelenskyy zeleasked president b on the declare russia a state of terror. >> number one, we have provided an unprecedented amount of security assistance in such a short time.
12:37 pm
working with 30 countries across four continents to levee an unprecedented set of financial sanctions, export control measures. other steps to have an impact on the russian economy and to bring russia to the negotiating table as well. we are looking at every authority, every tool that's available to us we have pulled many of those levers. if there's another authority, if there's another tool that is available to us and effective, we won't hesitate to use it. >> how about the declaration of a state sponsored list. these tools are stachtorially defined. we -- statutorily defined. we're taking a closer look at it.
12:38 pm
>> let's turn to this note that came from russia to the state department warning unpredictable consequences should the u.s. continue to offer weapon support to ukraine. what's the state department's response to that? >> i'm not in a position to speak to any specific correspondent between russia and the department of state but sheer what i can say. if the allegation on the part of moscow is that we are providing unprecedented amounts of security assistance, $3.2 billion during the doucourse of this administration and that the ukrainians are using this security assistance effectively to defend their country, well, then we're guilty as charged. the russians shouldn't be surprised by this. long before putin's invasion of ukraine began, we made clear we would do three things. i've already mentioned two of
12:39 pm
them. support our ukrainian partners with security assistance, hold moscow to account with sanctions and we would reareassure, reenfe nato on the eastern flank. we have done all three of those things and we will continue to do all three of those things. no amount of bluster, bluffing from moscow or any other country will be ail to dissuade us from undertaking that strategy. >> let me ask you about what we heard from the ukrainian foreign minister who said what happened in mariupol and what continues to happen there may be a red line for negotiations with russia. we also heard president zelenskyy say that moving forward there will be no negotiation of giving away part of the country. is a negotiated end to this war possible? >> this is a question for our ukrainian partners.
12:40 pm
>> what do you believe? what does the state department believe? do you believe that talks can end this war? >> you also heard from foreign minister yesterday that our ukrainian partners continue toe. there's been one party that hasn't engaged in good faith. one party that's gone through the motions in an empty manner. almost the pretense of diplomacy while the party has continued to bombard, strike ukraine's towns and cities. that's russia. in hopes we can do two things. bring about an end to this conflict as quickly as possible and to see to it that however this ends, when ever this ends,
12:41 pm
this is a strategic defeat for the kremlin. >> italy and spain has been added to the list that they will return to embassies in the capital in kyiv. is it time for the u.s. to return? if not, why not? >> we are not going to delay one single second. we have engaged with our partner. even in recent weeks we had an opportunity on several occasions to meet in person with foreign minister of ukraine. we saw him on the margins of a
12:42 pm
nato summit in brussels just the other week. we saw him with that with president biden and secretary of defense austin in warsaw. we saw him a week before that inside sovereign ukrainian territory. whether we have a dip employeematic presence on the ground or not, that cons consultation, that close coordination will continue and as soon as we are able to have our team on the ground, you can bet that we will. >> we heard the call from president zelenskyy toward the symbolism to return to the capital. one ukrainian commander calling it hell on earth in letter to pope francis appealing for help. we have more on what the pope and world can do, next. everybody be cool, alright? with ringcentral we can pull bonnie up on phonone, message, or video, all l in the same app.
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the port city of mariupol continues to suffer relentless bombardment by rusrussia. they are pleading with pope francis for help. he writes you have probably seen a lot in your life but i'm sure you have never seen what is happening in mariupol because that's what hell on earth looks like pm women with children and babies live in bunkers.
12:48 pm
in hunger and cold every day being targeted by the enemy aviation. the wounded die every day because there is no medicine, no water, no food. the time has come when praying is not enough. bring the truth to the world. evacuate people and save their lives from the hands of satan who wants to burn all living things. joinings now is ukrainian parliament member. she's the chair of the committee of ukraine's integration into the european union and a former deputy prime minister of ukraine. thank you so much for being here. what can the pope do to help the people in mariupol? what can the world do? >> thank you very much for having me. i think every single politician and every religious leader can
12:49 pm
do a lot in order to try to get people out of the bombardment and locked mariupol. that would be something that would definitely be much stronger message than the message that was used by the vatican back on good friday when there was a symbol of so-called reconciliation when ukrainian and russian ladies had to bring the cross there, ukrainians were very much dissatisfied with that move because that was hurting our feelings of all religious people of all different reli religions here in ukraine. i think the pope can do more in terms of helping us to get with his russian orthodox counter part.
12:50 pm
specifically with the russian authorities with regard to exchange of innocent several yy -- civilian, paramedics, medics who have been taken hostage by the russians. i think all of this is possible. >> that's really helpful information. president zelenskyy said yesterday he is not willing to give up any territory. vladmir putin seems hell bent on getting we don't want anyone else's territory and we are not going to give up our own. >> if president zelenskyy is not
12:51 pm
willing to give up his territory, and who could blame him, and that's what vladimir putin wants, how does this end? >> well, you have to understand that at this particular moment, i think the only target of negotiations or those talks being held at this particular moment can be threefold. i think it is, the cease fire is the withdrawal of russian troops from our ukrainian territory, and the exchange of hostages. that's probably it. when the ongoing killing and continued occupation of our territories is happening. but it can end only with the victory of ukraine, with a common victory of the free world and ukraine, with the defeat of russian federation. because otherwise, if there is any other development of this war, we ukrainians as a nation, as a state, do not have the chance for survival.
12:52 pm
for us, it is totally existential threat and existential threat and existential war. we either have the country, preserve the nation, or we are going to be erased from the map of the world by russian federation, and that's what we are not going to allow. that's why ukrainian people, ukrainian armed forces, ukrainian territorial defense, ukrainian volunteers, ukrainian society as a whole will not allow that to happen. and so i'm glad that president zelenskyy is feeling this resolve on ukrainian people and is translating it also to the world. >> and are there real talks ongoing? >> my understanding is that russia is using those conversations and those discussions that are being held as a smoke screen in order to prepare for yet another more severe level of attack. and that's what they have been
12:53 pm
already starting today, according to our military officials, our security officials already in luhansk region, and with the continued shelling and pressure on the whole country, starting from mariupol, from kharkiv. today there was attack on lviv. we here in kyiv, we are also living constantly under air alerts and unfortunately, some of the rockets have not been prevented by our air defense from also getting into targets, civilian, and infrastructure targets here in kyiv. so the whole country continues to be attacked. so this particular moment, we do not see the russian federation is getting any easier on its demands and on its actions. and we should not get, expect that. and that's why we are asking for more urgently, having weaponry,
12:54 pm
more sanctions, and support for ukraine. >> we're told that more weapons are arriving in the next 24 hours. thank you very much. we always appreciate talking to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, back here, philadelphia's indoor mask mandate is back. some business owners are not having it. they've filed a lawsuit to end it. we have more ahead. and with a clear plan, rayna can enjoy whereverer she's headed next. thatat's the planning effect, from fidelity. ♪ ♪ agent, you've got a greys problem. new one-twist hair color by l'oreal men expert... to activate twt, shake, apply and rinse. what? you've never seen a man dye his hair before? in five minutes, undetectable grey coverage. boom. new one-twist hairolor by l'oreal men expert. ( ♪ ) the most fun we have on the gator is just ripping around the property. it's a spring time tradition. as much as we've got going on, it's all about... ...the legacy that we're going to leave behind for our... ...500 mother cows.
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. in philadelphia, masks are mandatory again today indoors and public places. this is because of a spike in new covid cases there. and now some business owners and residents are suing. >> paulo is covering this for us from philadelphia. tell us about how people are responding. >> reporter: well, you have to remember, that philadelphia residents have been here before. this is the third masked mandate. in fact, the reprieve only lasted a couple of weeks and here they are again. starting today they will have to
12:58 pm
wear masks in indoor public spaces. museums, restaurants, most public spaces. now there is sort of a way around it according to the city of philadelphia. that's if a business can ensure that all the okay panther in the space are fully vaccinated. they will now have to face, some of the businesses will be faced with a tough decision here. do they basically require the vaccination card at the entrance or do they make everybody wear a mask? in terms of the reaction on the ground, we did see some business owners and several individuals that came together filed suit against the city of philadelphia hoping the commonwealth of philadelphia will overturn this mandate. their argument is that the city is not aligned with cdc guidance. and it is overstepping their authority. in terms of bringing back this masked mandate. they're tired of it. they said it would affect business. so we'll have to see how that plays out. and they're keeping a close eye on the legal fight in florida. it is not just affecting mass transit here in philadelphia.
12:59 pm
we're talking about the judge's decision to strike down the federal mask mandate that requires masking on buses, air planes and mass transit. so two cases they're watching closely here. >> thank you. so this is the greatest story. >> it's fantastic. >> the gift of life from a real cnn heroine. richard roth is receiving this after a successful kidney transplant. >> he is recovering as well. the donor is cnn colleague same ira and they both appeared today to talk about it. >> i was moved by it. i knew he was a cnn original and i had a great admiration for what he did as a journalist and what he does. it felt like something i could do in my life. >> i'm very fortunate. there are 117,000 people looking for kidneys and livers and many
1:00 pm
people die each day. i guess could i only ask people who are like samira or tend to think that way, to donate to a friend or a relative. >> richard is the last cnn original who started with us in 1980. he is still in the hospital. she is resting at home. >> and we look forward to seeing them back here as soon as possible. "the lead" with jake tapper "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- putin's forces are attacking ukraine in a way rarely seen in this invasion. "the lead" starts now. >> now missile strikes have killed at least seven in ukraine's western city of lviv. cnn is on the ground as new video may show one of russia's weapons in action. plus, more of jake's exclusive interview with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyiful he is pushing back on concerns his troops would need months of
1:01 pm
training to us


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