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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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call today. the news continues here on cnn with the latest from ukraine. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello and a warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares live in ukraine where we have new evidence of russia's brutality. photos of the dead in bucha now being used to build a war crimes case. >> and i'm rosemary church at cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i'll have all our other top stories, including a dire warning from a wall street bank. why it says a major u.s. recession is coming, and how that news is affecting the stock
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market. atrocities committed against civilians in the key suburb of bucha at the chart of investigations into russian war crimes. the ukrainian prosecutor leading the country's probe has exclusively shared photos with cnn's anderson cooper, and the warning they are graphic indeed. and they were taken in early march and show bodies strewn in the street. there are evidence in the investigation into war crimes. cnn's anderson cooper will have a full report on this later today so do stay tuned for that. cnn has exclusively obtained drone footage highlighted in the middle of your screen is a russian military vehicle sitting at an intersection in bucha. and right up the street are the
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bodies of several dead civilians. and it was filmed on march 13th. and this video from march 12th shows russian soldiers around a military vehicle parked outside a house down the street from the same killed civilians. cnn has been able to geolocate as well as authenticate both those videos. despite evidence like this, russia continues to insist videos are being faked and that the bodies were staged. here's what an international criminal court prosecutor had to say about that. have a listen. >> he said it was much greater honor for him being president. i find that a little hard to believe. you know how politicians lie, so -- but he's called old man. he rose every day to speak of the evils of slavery. they got so sick they changed the rules to keep him from doing that. but that rule was really
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important. he was elected president. he didn't get up -- >> well, on top of denials, russian president vladimir putin now claims talk of bucha derailed peace talks with ukraine. have a listen. >> translator: unfortunately, after reaching agreements and after our clearly demonstrated intentions to create conditions for favorable conditions for the continuation of negotiations, we encountered a provocation in the village of bucha for which the russian army has nothing to do. >> well, mr. putin's comments came during a meeting with u.n. secretary-general antonio guterres tuesday. at that meeting the russian president agreed in principle to involve the u.n. as well as red cross for evacuations from the besieged city of mariupol. he said russia won't sign a peace deal with ukraine until
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the issues with crimea are settled. according to polish and bulgarian authorities, russia is cutting off natural gas supplies to their countries after they refused to pay in rubles. the pipeline we were able to show you in green on this map. but the move could signal trouble, of course, for european economies, more broadly which are still heavily reliant on russian energy. let's bring in claire sebastian in london for more on this. claire, let me start this hour with the disturbing images, yet more disturbing images out of bucha that are used as evidence for prosecuting war crimes. what did they say about this and other mass graves found in mariupol here? >> reporter: isa, president putin continues to deny that russia was responsible for any of the killings in bucha.
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the kremlin has said that the images that we've seen emerging over the past few weeks since ukraine re-took that town are fake. this is the line they continue to take. meanwhile, the drone images that are obtained exclusively by cnn really provide the first evidence that we've seen of russian military vehicles operating on the same street where those bodies were found by ukrainian forces. so this will bolster the case, not only for ukrainian prosecutors, but the international criminal court as well which is reviewing this evidence. but i think it's clear that bucha was a turning point in this war. president putin saying it himself in that comment that it essentially had derailed peace talks up until he calls the provocation in bucha. ukraine and russia was reaching some kind of breakthrough that they might have some kind of basis for continuing future talks. he says after that ukraine simply gave up. that is, of course, not the side
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of the story we're getting from ukraine. but again, this was really a critical point. this is what sparked the fifth round of sanctions from the e.u. which considered a coal embargo. more evidence emerges, we are going see more of these economic weapons in play. >> let's talk about those economic weapons because, of course, e.u. did not sanction oil and gas which has been criticized somewhat. we are hearing now russia putting pressure on poland and bulgaria with gazprom warning it will cut off supplies if they pay in rubles. i remember when that warning came out, claire. you and i, i was on set with you. we were talking about this decision. will these countries pay in rubles? >> reporter: very unlikely that they will, isa. in terms of europe as a hole, there is really only one outlier in this, hungary says it will pay in rubles. others say they won't. their contracts essentially don't allow it.
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they are to pay norfor gas in euros. the e.u. warned paying for russian gas in rubles would cause sanctions. two accounts for gazprom, one in euros, they say one could involve the russian central bank. the lag time between the depositing of the euros and the conversion into rubles could essentially mean, you know, europe's gas importers are loaning the money to gazprom which would be in violation of sanctions. the other thing they say, we don't know enough about the system russia has put in place to really know what is going on here and know how to deal with it. very unclear at the moment, but it doesn't seem like european countries are going to pay for gas, most of them, in rubles. and that means we could see more of these potential cutoffs of gas, very damaging to european
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economies. >> indeed. and keep an eye on that, claire. if there are more developments, do let us know. meanwhile, a spate of attacks in moldova raise fear of russia's, a plume of smoke outside odessa. authorities say they hit a critical bridge in the odessa region. we are hearing from ukrainian officials another missile hit the sale rail and road bridge hours ago. the damage essentially cuts the far southwest corner of ukraine which borders moldova off from the rest of the country. on the same day, radio towers were damaged by explosions, a russian-backed break away region in moldova. as well as a rocket attack prompted moldova's president call an emergency meeting of the security council. ukraine's president said they are trying to sow tensions between his country and mull
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2k0e -- moldova. have ace listen. >> translator: this is happening to destabilize the region and threaten moldova. if moldova helps ukraine, this is what's going to happen. >> meanwhile, heavy fighting continued tuesday in the eastern regions of donetsk and luhansk. an adviser to president zelenskyy said russia remains focused on encircling ukrainian forces. it repelled several attacks, although shelling as well as air-strikes continuing on the front lines with fighting in the streets in some areas. kharkiv in the northeast is among the hardest city cities from russian bombardments. clarissa gives us an up close look. >> reporter: there is no rest at night for the people of kharkiv.
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flares light up the sky as artillery thunders. ukraine's second largest city has been shelled relentlessly. only by day can you see the full scale of the destruction. the neighborhood of pavlova was hit repeatedly last month, as russian forces tried to push into the city. no site was spared, not even the local nursery school. so it looks like this was some kind of dormitory. you can see children's beds here all around. and the next door room over there was their classroom. their shoes still litter the locker room. mercifully, the school had been evacuated so no children were killed in the strikes. the mayor of kharkiv says 67 schools and 54 kindergartens had
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been hit here since the war began. and what's so striking when you look around is that it's so clearly not a military target. this is a residential neighborhood. just a few blocks away, the bare skeleton of an apartment building. authorities say more than 2,000 houses have been hit here. sounds of war are never far away. you can see this is what's left of the bedroom here. it's just astonishing. two doors down, we see a figure peeking out. 73-year-old marisa karina is still living there alone. she's saying she does have a sister who she could stay with, but she also lives in an area that's being heavily hit and she's living in a shelter at the moment.
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it's from all sides, she says. from there and there they can shell. with her fresh lipstick, she is a picture of pride and resilience. much like this city, still standing tall in the face of a ruthless enemy. clarissa ward, cnn, kharkiv. >> well, military leaders are more than 40 nations met in germany tuesday to get more weapons and other support to ukraine really as quickly as possible. at the conference, germany announced it would have aircraft and tanks. it's a policy shift from germany which previously rejected providing that type of heavy weaponry. america's top general spoke with jim sciutto. mark milley warned what will be the consequences if russia isn't held accountable for invading
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ukraine. list tone what he had to say. >> global international security order that was put in place in 1945. that international order has lasted 78 years. it's prevented great power war. there is no answer to this aggression. if russia gets away with this cost free, then so goes the so-called international order. and if that happens, then we're entering into an era of seriously increased instability. >> well, general milley also criticized the russian foreign minister over his recent comments about the danger of a nuclear war saying, quote, it was completely irresponsible and any time a senior leader of a nation state starts rattling a saber, everyone takes it seriously. live from strassburg in france, thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us. let me start off with really our top story. we're seeing yet again more atrocities being committed in
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mariupol with another mass grave being found. an adviser to president zelenskyy told me just a couple days ago, in fact, we could be looking at 20,000 people being killed in mariupol. your thoughts this morning? >> absolutely the numbers are devastating. it's not just mariupol. it's many towns, cities, villages, all across ukraine, in particular, concentrated in the east down through donetsk region and over to the south which was occupied yesterday. the impact on odessa means there are more severe casualties to come. my heart goes out to the people in the occupied territories as
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the crimes we have seen committed, they are repeating themselves in those areas and the people are just suffering day in, day out, hour by hour at the hands of the russian soldiers. >> yeah, we showed some of the images from bucha as well, exclusive images coming in to cnn from -- shared with ukraine's prosecutor with our anderson cooper. let me get your thoughts on what we heard from president putin. he met with u.n. secretary-general antonio guterres. he promised in principle to let the u.n. and red cross get involved in evacuating citizens for mariupol. do you trust this can be achieved given so many promises have been broken? >> the in principle clause was stated. you either let the evacuation corridors operate properly or you do not.
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it's as simple as that. it's not about military objectives or military targets. it's about saving the lives of innocent civilians, women and children. when it comes to bucha, we can expect absolutely anything. he can say one thing one day and change his word as easy as that. he has zero value for human life. i think that anybody who is sitting down at a table in bucha needs to use that at the baseline for all decision making in the future. the u.n. and red cross having a robust presence -- they are represented as operating in ukraine and it is high time that the red cross and u.n. started doing their job properly with helping ukrainian civilians. they should be providing --
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getting those people out of the conflict zone as possible. at the same time, i have to warn they need to be prepared for russian attacks and be prepared to protect civilians from russian soldiers shooting them in their back -- >> thank you very much for taking the time to speak. we'll leave it there. unfortunately your audio is not very clear, so apologies to our viewers there. let's reconnect in the coming days and keep in touch. i appreciate it, lesia. still ahead right here, a stark warning from deutsche bank, a major u.s. recession is coming. why they said the federal reserve could be making things worse. that's next. ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blblowfish]
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welcome back, everyone. well, fears of a coming u.s. economic recession are taking a toll on wall street. the dow fell more than 800 points on tuesday, and the tech-heavy nasdaq sank to a 52-week low. trading is winding down for the day in the asia-pacific region. you can look at the numbers there. shanghai composite is up there. when you look at the nikkei, that's down more than 1%.
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australia's s&p as x200 down nearly 1%, and the hang seng is up, but only slightly. meanwhile, a new report from deutsche bank predicts a major u.s. recession is coming and inflation will likely stay high for longer than expected. the bank says aggressive rate hikes by the federal reserve made to keep inflation in check could actually make things worse. ryan patel is a senior fellow at the school of management at clairmont graduate university and he joins me now from denver, colorado. always good to have you with us. >> thanks, rosemary. >> so, deutsche bank has global markets on a knife edge with this prediction of a major u.s. recession on the way, blaming the federal reserve's plan to control inflation with the aggressive rate hikes. but are there other factors at play here? and do you agree with this dire forecast? >> i feel like when you and i
11:23 pm
get together, we're breaking down this news, it's not always great. deutsche bank was really aggressive to the fed. they went further in the report saying how the last 40 years has failed, hasn't done its job in these type of sessions. in my view deutsche bank was also saying the recession was going to be minor. really, this report is really strictly focusing on the fed's ability to not control inflation. they believe, and they're putting in the report, that they won't be able to get it under control. i also think there's other factors in play here, not just inflation, but also the global economy and the labor rate. there is obviously more at play with this. this is more about the lack of trust that the bank has for the federal reserve. >> so, if deutsche bank is sending a direct warning to the federal reserve to change course immediately in the way it responds to high inflation with
11:24 pm
these aggressive rate hikes, how likely is it that the fed will listen and ease off to perhaps calm global market nerves? >> well, i'm hoping the fed will understand. i think they do, but they need a balance, like, i think it's gotten out of control on either side. and i think part of the recession, rosemary, isn't so much about -- it's okay -- i mean, it's never okay to go in recession. i'd rather have a minor recession than a major recession. there's a difference between the two. we're seeing inflation rising, prices rising, the pandemic, it's clear on all sides a recession will possibly occur. we saw this the last recession. it could be minor. it could be a blip and we could be back on the road to recovery. i don't want to make it seem like there isn't a path that isn't all doom. but deutsche bank is stating that the recession or the recovery is not going to happen until 2024, which is obviously two years from now versus we are
11:25 pm
thinking hopefully by next year we'll be back to somewhat normal. >> you mentioned that deutsche bank saying the economy rebounding by mid 2024. a lot of damage will have been done by then. so how do we avoid a recession, or at least avoid a major recession? is that even possible at this juncture? >> yeah, i mean, everything is on the table. i think there's a lot possible when it comes to this economy and ensuring that, you know, there is -- maybe there's the interest rate doesn't get cut as much. there is a flip side of, one, ensure there is cash on hand and being able to have goods. really the global recovery is the x factor in all of this. if we didn't have the pandemic looming still and be able to meet the demand for consumers and goods, rosemary, we should be able to recover to some of that. but because of the pressure that is being put on companies and others into the economy, it's
11:26 pm
all solely focused on what the worth is for the dollar and can the consumer pay for what's the prices are increasing. i think that's where, if you can ensure the citizens and consumers can have not as bad as being able to be expensive and paying for things, it will be great. but that takes a lot of different policy. it takes coordination between the government, the banks, the consumers and the companies -- everybody involved in this. >> so, ryan, how does china play into all of this with its zero covid policy, forcing the critical core city of shanghai into a draconian lockdown along with other parts of the country as well? what's its role here? >> i'm glad that you asked me that. i think it's been an underestimated conversation when we talk about one aspect of the recovery, the economy. shanghai is the biggest port in the world. we did see over the last two
11:27 pm
years because of covid, when we start today see some kind of recovery, this definitely will stunt the growth. there's no doubt about that. and when we're already -- especially when you talk about telecom and automobile side, you're going to see some demand, even further drop because of the pricing going to increase. and that does have an effect. it always goes back to my question, how long can you stay closed and being able to have the goods? this will have an effect, rosemary, on the outlook am some of these industries. they will have a higher price point and you and i will be talking in a couple months, saying, can people afford these and can these companies stay in business with the nimbleness they did the last few years, can they do that the next six months. >> no doubt. ryan patel, thank you for joining us and sharing your analysis. appreciate it. and our coverage of russia's war on ukraine continues in just a moment. coming up, hundreds of families are sheltering from russia's onslaught underground deep
11:28 pm
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welcome back, everyone. we are following the worsening situation in ukraine's mariupol. british intelligence says the majority of russian air-strikes in mariupol are likely being conducted using unguided free-falling bombs. and those weapons greatly increase the risk of civilian casualties as you see there from the ministry of defense. and this comes as mariupol's mayor says a third mass gravesite has been discovered. new satellite images purportedly shows freshly dug sites which have grown in size over time. the mayor says russian troops are forcing ukrainians to bury bodies in exchange for food. all this amid reports of increasingly dire conditions inside the steel plant. cnn's alex marquart has more. >> reporter: it's all that stands in vladimir putin's way from fully conquering mariupol. a key prize for the russians.
11:34 pm
the sprawling steel plant operating on this site for nearly a century, covering four square miles, ten square kilometers right on the sea of azov. it's a towering complex that normally employs 10,000 people with a maze of tunnels, pipes and shelters built to withstand a nuclear blast all below ground and so vast that a pro russian commentator called it a city below a city. it is now a fortress for ukrainian fighters and the civilians they're defending. >> as far as we know, about 1,000 civilians still at the shelters at the plant. >> reporter: since the russians launched on the city in earlier march, the noose has tightened. this video before the war shows how difficult a close quarters fight would be in the plant full of manufacturing facilities, offices and operations rooms. putin has ordered his military to abandon plans to take the facility. instead telling his defense minister to seal it off so tightly, he said, that a fly
11:35 pm
cannot pass through. >> this is a statement of convenience by president putin. his forces were unable to really go in and take the steel plant, to take all of mariupol without suffering even worse casualties and even more damage to the force. >> reporter: ukrainian forces inside have said there are hundreds of wounded soldiers and civilians. they have pleaded with the international community to find them a way out. sheltering below ground with no natural light and little news. the children here are crying all the time. they want to play. they want to live, this woman said. they haven't even seen daylight for weeks. she said supplies are running low. the c.e.o. of the company that owns the plant said that the underground shelters which can hold 4,000 people had been stocked with two to three weeks of food and water. but the war started two months ago. >> i'm surprised they have food and water in the shelters. we couldn't get any help into
11:36 pm
mariupol because the russians did not allow us to do this humanitarian convoys into the city. >> reporter: the prospects of holding the plant and mariupol look grim. controlling it means putin would control land stretching all the way from crimea to western russia, a long-held goal. >> even if mariupol falls and these poor people are killed and transported away, it doesn't mean russia will hold it. the ukrainians are getting better and better organized, better and better equipped, and they are going to continue fighting. >> reporter: today the mayor of mariupol called the situation at the plant a humanitarian catastrophe. he accused the russian military of continuing to shell the factory which he did praise as a fortress for the soldiers and the civilians inside. now, the united nations secretary-general was also in moscow today meeting with the russian president vladimir putin. he said putin agreed in principle for the u.n. and the red cross to help coordinate an evacuation from the steel plant. of course, we have seen countless past russian
11:37 pm
agreements about evacuations fall apart. alex marquart, cnn, washington. we have some breaking news just to bring you in the last few minutes. we have been hearing from a spokesman for the ukrainian military who has acknowledged that ukraine has been losing towns in the east of the country, of course, as russia's offensive intensifies, day 63 of this war. they are saying amid heavy fighting on the three fronts we've been seeing, russian forces were being reinforced and resupplied from based in russia. coming from the ukrainian spokesperson the the greatest activity according to the ukrainian official, the ukrainian spokesperson, is in the south in the kharkiv region we've been bringing to you, as well as the west from donetsk. that's where ukraine is seeing the biggest onslaught of russian air-strikes and activity.
11:38 pm
also in the north -- in the south also expanding hostilities there. russian forces, the spokesperson said, are trying to consolidate a land bridge to crimea and occupy ukrainian coastal regions. so they are regrouping and conducting air reconnaissance as they try -- as the russians try to improve and optimize their tactical positions. so we'll stay on top of this breaking news story, but this is really the first time we are hearing from ukrainian officials acknowledging that ukraine is losing towns in the east as, of course, russia pushes on with that offensive. as soon as we have more details, of course, we shall bring it to you. still to come in the meantime here on the show, u.s. vice president kamala harris has tested positive for covid-19. we'll have the latest on how she is doing and the potential risk for president joe biden. plus, residents in beijing fear a city wide lockdown is
11:39 pm
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welcome back, everyone. the deposed leader suu kyi has been found guilty and issentenc to five years in prison. she is accused of accepting gold and cash payments from another official. it is the first of 11 corruption charges against the nobel prize winner. we are told she was not able to meet with her lawyers before the verdict was announced. suu kyi denies all of the allegations. in singapore, authorities executed a malaysian man whose lawyer says was intellectually disabled. the family confirmed the execution.
11:44 pm
the 34-year-old was sentenced to death for smuggling heroin into singapore in 2009. last month a singapore court rejected a final appeal to spare his life. the case received international attention from activists who believe the malaysian man's life should have been spared due to his disability. u.s. vice president kamala harris is in isolation and will be working from home after testing positive for covid-19. in a tweet, harris said she does not have any symptoms and is grateful to be vaccinated and boosted. she tested positive after returning from california and is taking pfizer's paxlovid drug as part of her treatment. contact tracing is now underway to determine if others around her are infected. the white house says harris has not been near president joe biden due to their recent travel schedules. in china, 1 million people are now under lockdown in a city
11:45 pm
east of beijing after just one person tested positive for covid-19. residents can only leave their homes to get a covid test. meantime, panic is growing in beijing as the city conducts mass covid tests there. residents fear a city wide lockdown may be imminent as cases rise. and cnn's selena wang joins me from china. good to see you, selena. 1 million people under lockdown in the city of beijing after only one person tested positive for covid, and this coming after we've already seen draconian covid measures in shanghai. what is the latest on this and the reaction in the country to these tough lockdowns? >> reporter: it's remarkable, rosemary. but this is the reality in china under its zero covid policy where you have a million people under full lockdown after just one single positive covid-19 case. but it is of special concern to
11:46 pm
officials because this is the city we are talking about. it is only 50 kilometers from beijing, the capital, and a lot of people commute between the two cities. and in beijing, meanwhile, officials there are trying to quash this outbreak as early as possible in order to avoid the failure and the chaos that we saw in shanghai. already beijing is in a partial lockdown. and whether or not that becomes a city-wide full lockdown depends on how many cases are reported as a result of the mass testing. right now 20 million residents are getting tested in several rounds over the coming days, and so far 114 covid-19 cases have been reported since friday. and officials right now in beijing, they're trying to reassure residents that they have enough food for everybody, that supplies are going to remain stocked. they're trying to make sure people understand they are not going to repeat what happened in shanghai. but still, rosemary, people in beijing are concerned. we've seen some panic buying at the super markets. people are trying to prepare for
11:47 pm
the worst because they have seen on chinese social media the horrors that people went through in shanghai. the lack of food, medical care, the extreme difficulty to get just the most basic necessities. and that type of anger is still continuing to boil over. we've seen protests and even clashes between residents and police. and i want you to take a listen to this video on chinese social media of people banging pots and pans in protest of these lockdown bes. take a quick listen. so, rosemary, while a lot of attention has been paid to shanghai, these lockdowns are happening all across china. dozens of cities have gone into lockdown and china have rolled out some sort of restrictions. people in year three of the pandemic, rosemary, are getting fatigued. >> understandably. of course, losing trust in their leadership, no doubt. selena wang joining us from
11:48 pm
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welcome back, everyone. new audio is revealing concerns shared by u.s. house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, following the january 6th capitol insurrection. in the audio, mccarthy worried the erhetoric from far right house republicans could insight violence against other lawmakers. here's part of what he had to
11:53 pm
say. >> the tension is too high, the country is too crazy. i do not want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hurt. i dent want to play politics with any of that. >> and new revelations are emerging from text messages showing the role one republican congress areman played in efforts to overturn the 2020 election. here's the details. >> reporter: congressman scott perry of pennsylvania has been steadfast in pushing the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen. >> the president's going to win north carolina. all going to come down the keystone state. >> reporter: but a new batch of text messages illuminate how active he was behind the scenes as well. new messages showing he had a role at almost every turn in
11:54 pm
scheming to return or reverse the 2020 election. on november 12th, five days after the election was called for joe biden, perry texted chief of staff, mark meadows. dni needs to task nsa to looking for international calms relating to dominion. is china malware involved? and this shows perry encouraging meadows to get john rad cliff, then the director of national intelligence, to look into conspiracies of dominion plots. and that cia director was, quote, covering for them. he texted dni needs to be tasked to audit their national endowment for democracy.
11:55 pm
perry was insistent that he put doj official, jeffrey clark in a position . perry did not respond to
11:56 pm
multiple are requests from cnn to respond to our report. and did catch up with him outside the capitol tuesday to ask if he had any explanation for his communication with mark meadows. he only responded heck no. brian noble, cnn, capitol hill. and thanks for joining us. rosemary church. more of ththe breaking news coverage live from ukraine right after the break. ( ♪ ) ( ♪ )
11:57 pm
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this is cnn breaking news. hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. coming to you live from ukraine. where new images further substantiate the atrocities russia continues to deny. these images now being used to build a war crimes case. and i'm rosemary church at cnn world headquarters in


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