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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. we see with our own eyes of so many ukrainians enduring the last two months. >> an incredible information that a russian military operating in the vicinity, executed ukrainians who were attempted to surrender rather than taken them in custody.
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if true, a violation of the law. execution of civilians and comb combatants. these images and reports suggest that atrocities are not the results of rogue units or individuals. they rather reveal a deeply disturbing pattern of systematic abuse across all areas where russia's forces are engaged. >> simple message from russia's military leadership. she says is this, the world is watching. nick peyatton walwalsh. his story is very hard to stomach. a warning. >> reporter: a renewed russian offenses pushing north.
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some of them were held earlier by russia by the ukrainian military and one story we heard of the behavior of one particular russian unit in the village, not far from where i am standing. this is a graphic story of quite horrifying content involving an assault by a 16-year-old girl. this report does contains some disturbing content. >> reporter: it is from these gentle shrugs of the villages of the greens. some of this war's ugliest crimes are being dragged to the light. this is dasher and she's 16 and
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was 6 months pregnant a month ago. russian forces came to her village here. her family were in the basement sheltering from bombs. they brought the children out to the kitchen to eat where there were two soldiers, one drunk . >> his sober colleague came in and told the drunk attacker to stop and left.
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by then night had fallen in the cold house. she heard the russian said her attacker name is blue. he tried to attack again until russian sniper came to help her. some of the russian soldiers were disgusted by what happened and triied to move her and part of her family away to safety. a process which russian soldiers seemed to cry to get her to go back on the claim she made.
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two days later, she was taken to a russian command who shouted at her like her attacker had. >> it seems they did believe her but the fate of her rapist remains unclear. while we can't verify her harrowing story, ukrainian prosecutors told us they have investigated the case and confirmed this attack which they said was a war crime. like so much here, the question why is the one without a humane palatable answer.
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>> there are lives here that you can see russia has changed forever but also those whose traumas sit beneath the surface lives on. >> nick is joining us now. it is a horrible story, i know you reached out the military defense about this is allegation, what did they say? >> reporter: they have not responded. in the past, they suggested such claims are patterns trying to paint russian force in a bad light. the systematic nature of so many of the claims we have been hearing are similar to suggest that, the conversations we had with ukrainian officers, of victims' testimonies have
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essentially confirmed her story and as you heard in the report believed of a war crime, anderson. >> nick paton walsh. horrifying and given everything we have all seen and heard ourselves here. american assessment of russians culpability. we are joined by fareed zakaria. places like bucha where we saw citizens on the street day after day being shot to death, they had the effect of terrorizing the local population, they're galvanizing much of the world of ru russia. will global outrage have any
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impact on vladimir putin? it certainly thus far. >> it won't have an impact on his course of action. the only thing putin understands is power and military defeat in the south, not even economic pressure or sanctions, particularly not while we are sending $350 billion euro to vladimir putin to pay for oil, gas and coal. it does have an effect in setting a standard of outrage bearing witness, holding testimonies for a possible prosecution at some point. there has to be standards or norms even when they can't be enforced. the reason this jars all of us is it reminds us something we needed to be reminded which was this can happen anywhere. human beings can be brutal and
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motorists and bar baric. a lot of people outside the west, why are you so surprised this is happening in yemen or syria or places like afgh afghanistan. the reason is europe was founded on the idea that it had overcome these pathologies and murderous paths. it went through the worst of it in world war ii then we were reminded that we can have an advance and so-called civilized country like german which led the world in science and industry and yet murderous acts. we are seeing it again. russia is a modern country. it is a relatively wealthy country. in some senses part of europe. you are seeing a kind of level
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of brutality and mayhem and really sheer evil that should remind us all that you know being rich and powerful does not mean that you are someho somehow -- that you can still be very evil. we lost the language. they don't want to conf confront -- he may not be rational or ill. he's evil. evil still exists in the world. >> the news of russia today cutting off its natural gas to poland and bulgaria. it is a warning to other countries which are vulnerable to this. are you surprised this has not happened soon? >> actually, no, anderson. it is a dramatic move and it suggest to me that the russians are feeling the heat.
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russia has been very careful through all its turmoil, we have 2014 invasion of ukraine and 2008 invasion of georgia. they always kept the gas lines running because they understood that their money, what finances putin's ckleptocrattic machine s the war. the fact they are now withholding using energy as a weapon, tells you they are in tough shape and they understand the next stage may be, perhaps not a full embargo on russian energy but some reductions. they're trying to punish the polls and send a signal to the european union. it is not a sign of strength. they have never done this before. it tells you that this ises the
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weapon we should be thinking about more and more. it is gas revenue s and coal revenues. that's what's flowing to putin. stop take all these yachts from billionaires. it has no effect on putin. putin does not depend on these people for power. they depend on him. we have the casual where the casualty runs. stop the money going directly to putin where he funds his machines. >> fareed zakaria, thank you. what went on behind the scene in the prisoner swap that brought trevor reed home. later, my conversation with our photographer capturing images of the war ahead. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now.
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. the fact that it happened at all at a moment of a powerful war is a story itself. officials from both inside and outside the u.s. government had been working to get reed released for years. what details have you learned? >> yes, this was a problem for years because trevor reed was detained in 2019. it has been a few years u.s. officials have been focused on this case. over the last few months that's really when the wheel started turning on this. when u.s. officials say they really started working on something they could see an end,
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this is happening and release is happening. i think it is significant to note as you said, anderson, this comes as the ukraine war is raging on. there was not no momentum or talk about this release happening. it was quite surprising when-announced. biden administration was very clear, they pulled this off because they had limited conversations with russia of the specific channel about the release of trevor reed, those conversations did not include anything having to do with the war in ukraine. this will release is not going to change their position when it comes to being critical of russia for that invasion of ukraine. we should also note that trevor reed's health is the key factor. over the last year or so, he had deteriorating health as you mentioned and he had covid-19 last year. he was experiencing symptoms of tuber tuberculosis.
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they were quite concerned about that. that's one of the things that drove the urgency of getting h him released. >> clearly his family iso is overjoyed. >> overjoyed, every time they got a phone call, they were on pins and needles, hoping it was the call they finally got this morning. one interesting thing here is there is another american who's also wrongfully detained in russia. he was not released today. that's paul wheelen, the family of trevor reed feels really connected. listen to what reed's parents said today about the fact they were so connected to paul wheelen. they didn't know if trevor would leave if wheelen was by his
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side. >> we believe at one point before the government started considering this trade, which i think the russians said basically been suggesting a year or two that if they were to take our son and not paul wheelen that our son may refuse to come home. >> he didn't want to leave another marine there. >> paul wheelen's family welcoming trevor reed coming back to the united states but concerned about their son and also of course brittney griner, the wnba star, she's still wrongfully detained in russia. anderson. >> appreciate it. i want to get our perspective on this of this complication between the u.s. and russia. joining us now is cnn's analyst, john clapper.
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i appreciate you joining us. what's the significance if any people draw from the fact that a prisoner exchange was negotiated now when relations between the united states and russia are at their worse? >> it is significant. somehow we were able to -- we insulate the animosity and bad ones signature rounding the russia's invasion of ukraine and still get on the business. it is like a start agreement which is the one remaining arms control agreement which we had with russia. so i think it is on balance is a good thing and hopefully this will at some point lead to full releases. it i think trevor reed's declining
10:25 pm
health had a lot to do with their decision to make the choice. it is a good thing that we can still get on with some business apart from the invasion. >> vladimir putin made another threat saying if someone intends to interfere of what's going on from the outside, they must know a threat to russia and a counter strike will be lightning fast. what's your reaction to that? >> you know, we used pick up on point that fareed zakaria made. it is almost like putin needs a rhetorical security blanket making threats like this. the frequency which they are occurring, tells me they are
10:26 pm
kind of in a jam. i think it is not in the same category as suspending the gas shipments to poland and bulgaria. they're in dire strikes. to me more and more and the frequency of these, lavrov or whomever these threats to me are kind of hollow. we are seeing it many times over. i think it has more to do with psychology of putin and russia. they need to assure his own people, parliamentary he was talking to and reminding everyone else that russia is still in great power, and he's reminding everyone else and certainly the united states.
10:27 pm
>> this morning inside the russian border, about 50 miles away from ukraine. lavrov reported two other sites around the same time, ukrainian officials have not claimed responsibility for the incidents or similar ones over the past few weeks. one official did mention ab something about karma, being tough. >> well, i think the question is how much of that can russia tolerate? i also think -- why should russia got a pass because they have troops over the border who are being supplied from a logistical complex for the war. ukrainians see that and understand that and understand the impact of doing that has on the pressure along the battle
10:28 pm
line. so, -- i thought the kind of whimsical statement from the ukrainians, actually kind of cool. >> director clapper, i appreciate your time tonight. thank you very much. up next, i will speak with the father who took risks, showing the harsh reality of many ukrainians now face in this war. here's to real flavors... real meals. real good. all of knorr's high quality pasta and rice sides are now made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good.
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many putting their lives on the line to defend their country and their family. a soldier standing over his twin brother in a coffin. the brothers volunteered to fight in just two weeks after the invasion began and leaving their family. the twins were just 21 years
10:33 pm
old. our photographer took pictures, showing us the reality of this war. >> the photos you took is really haunting. these twins, young men, born and now one of them is gone. can you tell us what you saw and how you came about the funeral? >> yes, sure. as this war goes on its third month. there is a steady flow of funerals here in western ukraine on base. i have been covering them the last couple weeks. this one is as little different than the other ones in the sense that the family was from a different region. it was smaller than the other funerals which often gathered hundreds of people in one of the larger cathedrals here. this one was no church ceremony,
10:34 pm
it was striaight to the secemet. this is a cemetery that's now starting to overflown. the cemetery is a place where parents are burying their children rather than the other way around. it was a open-casket funeral. you don't really see that. as the casket was placed on the pedestal in front of the open grave, the lid was removed and one by one family members stepped forward to pay their final respects. one of the final members who did that was his twin brother. he was very stoic during the whole thing. he didn't show any emotions. he just stood there for a moment and place his palm on his brother's forehead and stepped
10:35 pm
away and kind of moved in the bro background. his mom was the opposite, she came up to me and began to talk to me about her son, who she said during the first two weeks in the war hidden and liverd in the metro station in kyiv and followed here to the west, the whole family was from central ukraine. they didn't have a lot of people here. but it seems like by telling me much of his story and now initially no, we only need people who are experienced and he brought up his skills with the weapons. okay, may he can be of use. she went onto tell me -- his
10:36 pm
response to her was well, if not him than who? she did not want to stop talking about her son throughout the funeral. she came towards me and embraced me and as a journalist you often maintain a little bit of distance. i embraced her back and she let her tears fall off her shoulder for that moment. >> you never know how people are going to react and when a mother loses their son, often they want the world to know about their child, about who that person was that they're not just a statistic or a casualty of war. they want you to know and want us all to know about who they were. do you think his brother will
10:37 pm
return to combat? >> i would imagine, yes. he didn't want to talk. he was very quiet and he kind of waved me off a little bit as i was taking pictures. you have to respect that distance. he didn't want to talk. i didn't have the chance to ask him that question. i would expect, yes, he'll continue to fight and he'll do whatever he can to contribute to world and perhaps this is country. >> i am so glad his mom saw you and wanted you there and wanted you to know about her son so that you can tell us about him as well. i appreciate your work, really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you as well. >> there is the struck reality of the war that we can all see and the conspiracy theory of vladimir putin trying to convince people to see. how much as he's starting to buy his own disinformation.
10:38 pm
ra ra russia's media is joining me with his assessment, next. only from discover.
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it is impossible to tell president putin. the russian invasion is again a violation. this war must end as quickly as possible. at the same time, all the violations of the international laws and human rights law and war crimes. >> vladimir putin for his part denied the russian troops committed any war crimes in ukraine. in an essay for the new york times, russian media makes the
10:43 pm
case since the war began, any gap between the propaganda and kremlin policies at a vanishing point. the author of fortres"fortress russia." i spoke to him yesterday. putin's words changed following what happened in bucha. does it come to you as any surprise of putin denying responsibility of what's happening to bucha? >> not at all. it is a clear war inside russia that's pushing putin to deliver certain reports and certain
10:44 pm
information so he can make a decision and certainly the massacre in bucha really changed the rules of the game. well, first of all, it is pretty hard to deny what's been done by the russian army and the narratives of what happened in bucha on the side of kremlin. it is constantly changing. the family's spokesperson were saying, it is fake and there were bodies on the footage. now they changed the narrative again. >> it examines conspiracy theories that vladimir putin has essentially weaponized that existed in russia that putin didn't himself embrace or promote that was left to others but now you write conspiratual
10:45 pm
theories -- can you talk about these ctheories? >> 2004 and 2005, that's the start of the kremlin's conspiracy theories. they are the main ally and enemies of the u.s. that expressed to what lbgtq
10:46 pm
community that he portrays and we know all these rhetoric is coming in a way. and, again it comes back in the period after annexation of crimea as the main of the ideology. there was nothing left. there was one that comes from the soviet's ideology. it turns to paranoia of the west after 2014. we see is really creeping into legislation and into the amendment of the russians in 2020. it shows in to the textbooks of
10:47 pm
russian officers who all say of these guide books, russian officers are defending russia, from the world's order. that phrase relates to american audience. it is in grained into the russian's ideology. >> and these conspiracy theories, they are believed by many in russia. i saw some polls on attitudes towards gay people after putin started pushing them and they worked. >> yes, they are very powerful. it is not just about the gay people, it is about the hate towards the u.k. and the hate towards the u.s.
10:48 pm
it is a general enemy and a very abstract one. you can see today putin gave a speech and he repeated again and again. russia is fighting the global conspiracy. russians are hated around the world and we are doing the right thing by attacking ukraine because now we are in war with the west. it is the initial ideology. >> ilya, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, we'll turn to the ba battle of the future of gop. kevin mccarthy has been criticizing some of his folks and january 6. the audio is next.
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tonight, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is facing backlash following a new audio leak first reported by the new
10:53 pm
york times. in the wake of the january 6th attack, he was worried his far right colleagues would incite more violence. gop internal struggles as they try to focus on the midterm. >> reporter: critical words about congressman matt gaetz and others caught on tape. >> he's putting people in jeopardy. we saw what people were doing in the capitol. these people came prepared. we don't want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hurt. >> reporter: this morning republicans huddled behind closed doors. he said he was offering up ideas. he never acted on much of what was discussed. his speech led to a standing ovation. publicly, most members of the conference say they are ready to move on. >> i am more concerned not about the past but about the future. >> reporter: even those he criticized.
10:54 pm
>> are you going to talk to him about it? >> i don't see any need to. >> reporter: the party is not in universal agreement. some members of the far right are raising concerns like gaetz who refused to weigh in. >> i haven't heard the tapes. >> reporter: then unleashed on mccarthy on twitter saying this is the behavior of weak men, not leaders. the former chair of the freedom caucus who said mccarthy's words caught on tape could lead to bigger rifts between various wings of the gop. >> we have our leader that's negotiating with liz cheney on whether he should encourage president trump to resign or not. it becomes a huge trust issue for me. >> reporter: while mccarthy attempts to hold his membership together, democrats arguing that this whole episode demonstrates that mccarthy has a problem with
10:55 pm
the truth. >> it's a 5 point play book. number one, lie. number two, lie. number three, lie. number four, lie. number five, lie again. >> reporter: mccarthy critics like adam kinsinger claims the audio reveal who is the leader. >> he defends people pushing false narratives. >> reporter: this will put mccarthy, bring his attention to the january 6th select me. committee. they already sent him letter asking him to cooperate with their investigation. he turned them down.
10:56 pm
chairman they have not ruled out a bennie thompson telling me subpoena for kevin mccarthy. we have learned that rudy guiliani former mayor of new york city who serves as donald trump's personal lawyer has agreed to appear before the committee. that meeting could happen as soon as next month. anderson. >> appreciate it. we'll be right back. en stress-rf body wash... with a plant-based adaptogen, helps alleviate stress on skin. so you can get back in sync. new dove men. a restorative shower for body and mind.
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the news continues right now. with the latest from ukraine. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining from the united states and all around the world, we're live in ukraine where vladimir putin is warning against western intervention in his unprovoked war while the u.s. has creditable evidence of russia's barbaric tactics on the battle field. >> now from cnn headquarters