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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 3, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm christine romans. laura jarrett has the morning off. we begin with a major story, politico has obtained what it calls a draft of a supreme court opinion that would strike down roe vs. wade overturning the right to abortion in america. protestors began gathering in front of the supreme court building minutes after politico dropped this bombshell leak. the final opinion of course has not been released, but if it
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matches this draft, it would be by far the most consequential abortion decision in decades and would transform women's reproductive health in the u.s. want to get straight to jessica schneider, she is live at the supreme court for us bright and early this morning. what does this apparent draft opinion say? >> reporter: 34r5iplain and sim it eliminates the constitutional right to have an abortion that existed since 1973 when i the court at that time issued its opinion in roe v. wade. politico is reporting that this is a 98 page draft opinion written by justice alito and says in part that we hold roe and casey must be overruled, the constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision. this is just a draft, it has not been authenticated by cnn and the court has's fu refused to t
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on this. but if it has been leaked to politico, this would be an unprecedented development. these opinions by these nine justices are always tightly held. we never get any indication of what these justices have decided at any point before decision day. as for this decision, we are expecting at anytime in the next eight weeks, most likely expecting it in june. but the fact that this has leaked already is really a stunning development. now, what politico is reporting is that right after the arguments were held on december 1, remember this is a case involving mississippi's law, mississippi's law bans abortion at 15 weeks. now, the justices weren't only considering if that law was constitutional, which if you look to precedent, it would not be, but mississippi also asked the justices to completely overturn roe v. wade. political reporting that after the arguments were made on december 1, five of the justices agreed with mississippi, agreed
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that roe v. wade should be overturned. those justices, alito, clarence thomas, nkneel gorsuch, amy cony barrett we've learned john roberts would be in the dissent. after that point, a dlaft was written, this draft that political company obtained politically was written on february 10, at least the process began on february 10 by justice alito. this would mark a monumental shift in abortion rights, it would completely eliminate the constitutional right to have an abortion and we would see states take swift action. in fact some states are already moving with their republican-led states moving to at this point ban abortion already. we've seen oklahoma probably act the most swiftly. they recently passed a complete abortion ban, that is set to go into effect in august.
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so states are already on the move. we saw the governor of south dakota tweet last night that if this is in fact true, she will move swiftly to get the legislature in her state to also ban abortion. so again, this is a draft opinion. no final opinion is expected to be released until likely late june. and we're still waiting to hear any word from the court about this. and the factd to politico. >> all right, keep on your toes there. i know that there will be a lot to talk about today. let's bring in legal analyst and civil rights attorney areva martin. a leak overnight that could up end a generation of established law. the supreme court draft opinion says roe was egregiously wrong from the state, its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences. talk to me about your initial reaction to this bombshell news
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overnight. >> shock, christine, absolute utter shock, dismay, disappointment and even anger. when you read what politico reported about this draft opinion, what alito says essentially is that the word abortion is not mentioned in the u.s. constitution. and although that is accurate, there are many rights that are protected that we as citizens enjoy, many freedoms and rights that are not explicitly mentioned in the constitution. and my biggest fear is that this is not the end, this is the beginning of the evisceration of many of the rights we enjoy such as the right to privacy, the right to contraception. my big fear is that this opinion affirms that women don't have control or agency over their reproductive health, over the rights to make choices about their bodies and thereby regulating women to second class citizens, giving men more power, more control over their bodies,
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more freedoms than what would be afforded to women. very, very disturbed by this draft opinion. >> and a very different laws around the country, very different conditions for women and their reproductive health to live under. i want you to listen to what the recent appointed justices said at their confirmation hearings on row v wade. >> is roe a super precedent? >> how do you define that? i'm answering a lot of questions about roe which i think indicates that roe doesn't fall in that category and scholars say it doesn't mean that roe should be overruled, but differencely it means that it is not a case that everyone has acceptedage doesn't call for its overruling. >> as a judge, it is an important precedence of the supreme court. by it i mean roe v. wade and
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planned parenthood versus case, precedence upon precedent. >> the book explains supreme court of the united states is held in roe vs. wade that fetus is not a person for purposes of the 14th amendment. and the book explains that. >> do you accept that? >> that is the law of the land. i accept the law of the land, senator, yes. >> so what do you make of that and where we are now? >> utter deception. that is the only way that you can describe what we heard from those three trump appointed u.s. supreme court justices. all the answering questions suggesting that they would acknowledge roe as established precedent. remember susan collins said that she was thering to give her vote to brett kavanaugh because she was of a sured assured by him td not vote to overturn roe v.
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wade. and now this report from politico says that all three trump appointees voted along with alito and clarence thomas to overturn roe v. wade. >> and this is the first major like to come out of the nation's highest court. i mean, the leak itself is just stunning. the contents of the leak equally stunning. does this scar you think the reputation of the supreme court, what happened here? >> i think when you look at this, in addition to what we've seen by clarence thomas, the comments and statements made by clarence thomas, his wife, the treatment of justice ketanji brown jackson, it is hard to imagine that the u.s. public has any confidence or trust in the supreme court. and also it is important to note that the court represents a viewpoint that is radically different than most americans. the majority of americans believe that women should have the absolute right and control
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over their reproductive health, the decision to have or not have an abortion. so here we have thhave nine jus is -- here in this case five according to this article who are voting in a way that is completely inconsistent where most americans are on an issue as fundamental as the rights that women have to control their own health. >> some polling earlier this year showed 69% of people said you should not overturn roe v. wade. but here in this opinion, this line, the inescapable conclusion is that right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation's history and traditions. on the contrary, there is an unbroken tradition of prohibiting abortion it goes on. so this is definitely -- this is definitely a remarkable shift and we will continue to follow it. areva martin, thank you so much for your analysis there. coming up, vladimir putin's plan to reframe his invasion of uk. plus what ivanka trump has been telling the january 6 committee and america's job market, this
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try biotrue for back pain, i've always been a take two and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach, i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine. ukraine's military now says that its forces have won back control of several settlements to the north and east of kharkiv. isa soares is joining us from lviv. so nice to see you. ukraine's counter offensive could make it harder for russia to launch missile and artillery attacks against kharkiv itself, so this is notable. >> indeed. the reason kharkiv and the russians are so keen on taking kharkiv, because you imagine the
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man, kharkiv is at the very top northwestern point of the donbas region. that is why kharkiv is critical. but what we have seen in the last 24 to 48 hours, hearing from u.s. defense officials, is really that ukrainians have been able to push the russians further out of east of kharkiv, even taking some of the settlements. one defense official calling the efforts an incredible effort from really the ukrainian side. we've seen that push and ukrainians really standing their ground overnight as well in other parts of the country, in the east of the country in particular, with ukrainians attacks, repulsing about 12 attacks across this. and this is important given what you said before you came to me, what we heard from u.s. as well as western officials, that of course president putin could formally declare war on declare on may 9. of course the concern is from these officials that perhaps the hostilities could escalate as putin tries to create a
2:16 am
propaganda value, give more significance to this state. but it doesn't end there. have a listen to the u.s. ambassador to the ose, what he had to say. >> according to the most recent reports, we believe that russia will try to annex the donetsk people's republic and luhansk people's republic in quotes so called to russia. the reports state that russia has planned to year referendum russia sometime in mid may and that moscow has a similar plan for herkherson. >> a huge concern of course, trying to create that independence referendum of kherson in the last few weeks. and so that is on the battlefield. quickly if we have a look at the evacuation efforts that we've been keeping an eye on mariupol,
2:17 am
we know that further evacuations are expected today. these are expected for the city of mariupol. remember, about 100,000 people have been sheltering in mariupol looking for a safe passage. we know that is expected today for mariupol. in terms of azovstal steel plant that you say have been talking about at great length, more than 1,000 or so people holed up inside for 60 days, 100 people evacuated, we know that on sunday. on monday they tried again to do an evacuation for the civilians inside, that didn't work out simply because the shelling, the constant shelling a commander inside says that didn't make it happen. but we've heard that several buses from that sunday evacuation is making their way to ukraine-held territory, to zaporizhzhia, about four, five hours away. so we'll keep on top of the news from the evacuation and bring you more as soon as we have it. >> thank you so much, isa
2:18 am
soares. germany says it is on board ready to participate in any european ban on russian energy imports. and germany's finance minister saying his country will not be blackmailed by the kremlin into paying for natural gas in rubles. >> it takes time to reduce the dependency. it is a mistake to be dependent in this way, but we are making progress. in the end, we will be completely independent from russia. >> a mistake. a mistake to be this dependent on russia. clare sebastian is joining us live from london. how long will germany need to wean itself off of russian energy and how are they going to do it? >> yeah, i think that we can safely say the time lines are accelerating. oil they previously said that they could wean themselves off by the end of this year. now the economy and climate ministry is saying by late summer they will be ready to end all imports of russian oil.
2:19 am
that is because a lot of that work has already been done. germany says it has cut back from 35% of its oil imports coming from russia before the war in ukraine, now it is down to 12%. so not a huge amount left. they say it is a local problem, just one refinery near berlin. but they can find alternative suppliers when it docomes to oi but more difficult when it comes to gas. this there is not enough truck. but they have cut back in terms of how much gas they import from russia, but they say with gas it could take longer. the previous deadline was around 2024. but they are very clear they are ready for go for an oil embargo. they are drawing up a package of sanctions as we speak. >> clare sebastian, keep us posted. the u.s. economy approaching a milestone. the labor market will fully recapture all the jobs lost during the pandemic by the end of august, an estimate from
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fitch ratings. if that happens, payrolls would have returned to pre-crisis levels in barely two years. it took nearly 6 in of1/2 years recover from the great recession. right now the u.s. is only 1.6 million jobs short of february 2020 levels. 13 states already back to pre-covid employment, among them florida, georgia, colorado and arizona. just ahead, a leaked draft of an opinion shows the supreme court may have already struck down roe vs. wade. first exclusive details on what ivanka trump is talking about with the january 6 committee. aru in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward rerelief after the first dose... with injections every two montnths. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths,
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welcome back. head of the january 6 committee telling cnn that ivanka trump talked to them about what was happening inside the white house as that capitol riot unfolded. bennie thompson says she answered questions about her activities and her awareness of what president trump was doing at the time. thompson says the testimony wasn't against trump himself but it did help corroborate testimony from others who said that trump was reluctant to call off the rioters despite being asked to do so. meantime the january 6 committee is sending letters to three republican congressmen asking for their voluntary cooperation with the investigation. zachary cohen is live in washington for us. who are these gop lawmakers and what is the committee hoping to learn? >> yeah, good morning. so these three gop lawmakers are congressman andy biggs of arizona, mo brooks of alabama, ronny jackson of texas. and that brings our total to six
2:26 am
republican lawmakers in total including kevin mccarthy who the january 6 committee wants to talk to. unfortunately for the committee, almost all of those requests have been refused by the individuals. now, that is pretty remarkable considering the fact that some members of trump's own family have come in voluntarily and provided information. but these lawmakers making it clear that they view the committee's investigation as a witch hunt and they have no interest in participating in the investigation itself. now, what is interesting about these letters though, they do reveal new information about where the committee is in the course of its investigation. it mentions recent testimony that was provided by white house personnel where congressman bibig s bigss oig' name was mentioned. and so we're getting a sense of how far along the committee is in its investigation and how much trump's influence is really impacting the potential cooperation from these members of congress. commitity has left the door open for subpoenas. they are looking
2:27 am
forward to public hearings starting on june 9. so they are running out of time. but these letters are remarkable in the sense that the committee is widening its net, inviting more lawmakers to come in and the expectation is that they will also send more letters to potentially senators. >> more than a year on and yesterday a jury found a former new york police officer guilty in his trial for what happened on january 6. so the justice marches on here even as washington tries to get more answers. thank you so much, zachary cohen. just ahead, joe biden's first chance to say something about the draft opinion from supreme court overturning roe vs. wade. and a major declaration about t ukraine. helps alleleviate stress on skin. so you can get b back in sync. new dove menen. a restorative shower for body and m mind. finding my way forward with node-positive breast c cancer felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it.
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(heartbeats) introducing icy hot pro. with 2 max-strength pain relievers. ice works fast... to freeze your pain and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with pro-level contrast therapy. rise from pain. our breaking news this morning, the supreme court
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appears poised to strike down roe v. wade. the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion across the country. in california, leaders have already announced a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would protect the right to abortion in that state. governor gavin newsom reacting on twitter saying our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers will not be silenced. the world is about to hear their fury. california will not sit back, we are going to fight like hell. and then this from south dakota governor, if this report is true and roe v. wade is overturned, i will immediately call for a special session to save lives and guarantee every unborn child as a right to life in south dakota. this a bombshell this morning. so play this out for me, what will it looks like? abortion rights essentially will depend on what state you live in? >> that's right. if this report is true, and if the supreme court does sometime
2:34 am
likely in june or early july strike down roe v. wade, it would be the most extreme decision that they could make on this case that they looked at in december, a 15 week mississippi ban. but it is looking like that is programs more possible than not. so if they go ahead and do that, what you will have is a patchwork of abortion laws left up to the states. and that is because there is no federal law saying when someone can or when they can't get an abortion. so it has been entirely up to the states and the supreme court roe v. wade protection put in place in the 1970s has been the only thing federally keeping abortion laws intact and specifically protection for someone to have an abortion up until about that 24 weeks of preg pregnancy. states are sharply divided and they definitely lean right. about half of states in america have some kind of law, whether it is a trigger law or something like in south dakota their
2:35 am
governor promising to do which would almost immediately ban almost all abortions. so about in about half of america, it is possible that almost all abortions could be banned. and about 16 states and the district of columbia have protections in place. so it will depend on where you live. and in the south and midwest if you are close enough to a blue state border to make it to a clinic. >> and we know opinion polls earlier this year showed that majority of americans don't think that you should be overturning roe v. wade. but what you see on this -- in this draft opinion, roe was egregiously wrong from the state, the inescapable conclusion is that right to abortion is not rooted in the nation's history and traditions. the verbiage here from justice alito is very strong. and there were immediate calls from senate dems to lim
2:36 am
eliminh eliminate the filibuster after this leak. is there any chance that that happens? >> never say never in politics, but i have a hard time seeing that happen. because the same senator that we've been talking about since biden became president, specifically joe manchin, democrats have fallen short in the past to try to eliminate the filibuster from voting rights. they have fallen short on even having the votes to try to protect abortion. house democrats tried to pass a law protecting abortion, that made it up to the senate and senate democrats fell short on the votes. and senator joe manchin from west virginia is a big reason why. he does not support codifying into law abortion rights. there are a couple republican senators like susan collins or even lisa murkowski who might, but i have a hard time seeing them crossing party lines for something as big as this. the reverse, i could see as even more possible. let's say in november democrats lose control of the senate, republicans gain control of the
2:37 am
senate and house. the house quickly passes a nationwide anti-abortion ban. the senate, it would be blocked by a democratic filibuster. but it just takes one party to want one issue badly enough to end the filibuster for that. and i could see republicans being this close to this holy grail of conservatism wanting to do that and we would have our first federal plan to ban abortions in most cases. >> i wonder how this scrambles the calculus for the november midterms overall here, this clearly will energize some democrats, right? but it could really energize republicans too who like you say are very, very close to this holy grail. amber, thank you very much. come back soon. no doubt president biden will be asked about the supreme court abortion bombshell when he travels to alabama today. deep red alabama. and jasmine wright is live in washington. the president is touring a factory that makes javelin missiles to send to ukraine. that was the optics on the books
2:38 am
here for the white house. but the supreme court ruling really could end up being the big story for the president to react to today. >> reporter: yeah, i think big story could even be an understatement here. we know that this trip to alabama was planned quite a few days before this stunning leak that politico is now reporting. but that does not change the optics at all because this is going to be something that president biden will be asked about repeatedly today. and of course we know that this will be his first trip since he's taken office to alabama, a deep red state that overwhelmingly in 2020 voted for former president biden over president biden. of c -- voted for former president trump over president biden. and of course he got two conservative justices on his tenure after declaring that he would overturn the constitutional right for women to being assess access abortion. and this document is not and you tenity indicated, but if it
2:39 am
turns out to be true, that is what is happening right now. so a lot for the president to contend with today on a trip that was meant to be about his response to the war in ukraine. and now president biden has his own history with abortion rights, right? we know that it was this 2019 that he announced that he no longer supported the hyde amendment, the rule that would provide federal funding for abortions. a lot of democrats in the past supported it. but president biden said he no longer did. and just recently for the second time he was praised by abortion advocates for not including the hyde amendment language in his latest buncdget proposal. so folks will be looking for president biden to chart out his path forward what he wants to see in case this leak from politico turns out to be true. but also from the vice president who returns to the white house today after that covid diagnosis last week, folks are looking for her to be a party leader on this subject and she has an event today. >> i just have to reiterate what
2:40 am
a bombshell this is. it just doesn't happen that you get a draft opinion like this leaked. just amazing. jasmine, so nice to see you. and let's get a check on cnn business. looking at markets around the world, asian shares have closed narrowly mixed, shanghai had a pop there. europe opened mixed as well. and on wall street, stock index futures looking down. yesterday was a wild day of trading. dow ended up 0.03% after falling 3 5 2 525 points earlier in the day. this has been a tough year for investors. the s&p 500 having its worst start to the year since 1939. dow down 9%. tech heavy nasdaq down 21% from january to april. and what you are looking at are the tech stocks. netflix down a stunning 68%. wow.
2:41 am
and making it the worst performer on the s&p 500 so far this year. amazon, its workers at a warehouse in staten island voted against a bid to unionize. 62% of the employees rejected had attempt, a major setback for the new union comprised of current and former amazon workers. last week another warehouse voted in favor of unionizing. a first for amazon in the u.s. 41 past the hour. on the date we thought vladimir putin might declare victory, he could instead declare war. we'll explain next. hot tub, why not? and d of course, puppy-friendly. we don't lilike to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect., booking.y.yeah.
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u.s. and western officials say vladimir putin may move to formally declare war on ukraine as soon as may 9. cnn's natasha bertran is joining
2:46 am
us live. the russian president is already at war if not in name. what could he gain on this declaration on this important day for russian citizens? >> so may 9 is a very important day for russia, it is known as victory day. it commemorates the day that the russian forces defeated the nazis. and u.s. and western officials have long believed that may 9 could be a day when the russian president either announces some kind of major victory in ukraine or a significant escalation. and they are honing in on one scenario which is that he formally declares war on that day which would then allow him to mobilize his reserve forces, the russian forces in eastern ukraine have been suffering a massive manpower shortage. so this would allow the president to essentially conscript more forces into the fight and mobilize the general population there in russia. this is also of course a major day of propaganda, so they could also galvanize public opinion for the war by formally
2:47 am
declaring that they are launching a war against the nazis in ukraine. of course this is a lie that we've heard russia state repeatedly, that they are fighting a special military operation against naziism in ukraine. so this could be a moment when vladimir putin seizes on this and takes this opportunity to declare a formal war on ukraine, kind of mobilize the reserve forces there that he needs in order to successfully fight this war in eastern ukraine. now, there are a number of other scenarios including that he could annex certain territories in eastern ukraine including the luhansk and donetsk regions. but so far western officials are watching that formal declaration of war which could be very significant. >> all right, natasha, thank you so much for setting that up for us. let's brif in national security reporter for the "wall street journal." nice to see you. obviously this is a war. it has been a war since russia invaded. but what would it mean for ukraine if putin formally
2:48 am
declares war? >> for ukrainians it won't make that huge of a difference because of the fact that in their opinion not only have they been at war for the last almost three months, they have been at war for the last eight years with russia. so they would tell you that it does not necessarily make that big of a difference as far as operations go. but as far as their campaign, their ongoing campaign to rally countries around the world to continue pouring aid into the country, to continue to convince those countries that this is a sustained threat, it will be a protracted war and vladimir putin is not backing down anytime soon, obviously that goes to really support that argument that they have been making all along. and so obviously president putin pretty relentless in his campaign. he has been honing in on certain areas in eastern europe and ukrainians say that this war has only just begun. so whatever rhetoric president putin will be using on may 9, it
2:49 am
really does not change dynamics of the war. >> yeah, putin said that we're just having exercises, the west is crazy for thinking that there would be an invasion and here we are. let's talk about that big steel plant in far mariupol. despite the partial evacuation of civilians, the state department says it is racing to get more people out. listen to what ned price had to say about the conditions there. >> we want to make sure that the limited you humanitarian access we've seen is not fleeting. doing so would demonstrate that there may be a genuine humanitarian intent behind this evacuation and not just another craven attempt on the part of the kremlin to change the narrative to achieve a pr victory. >> what are you expecting here in terms of a partial cease fire in the region or to get more people out? i know some russian officials
2:50 am
have complained had they think that they are mercenaries or something, you know, hiding amongst civilians and they have been loath to allow people to get out. what is happening? >> ned price was just answering my question there yesterday in the briefing. and i asked him really, and i've been pushing u.s. officials to tell us, you know, is this a real attempt by the russians to show that civilians are not going to be casualties of the war. of course we know that they have been extremely -- that they have been targeted all over the country. and so that is not the case. but specifically with regard to this steel plant, whether or not they will attempt to save whatever civilians are trapped inside. u.s. officials are very sceptical obviously. and we saw about 100 who were freed allowed to escape in the past few days. but unfortunately, it has been tough going and of course access and the number of other logistical challenges are playing part too, the russians
2:51 am
seem to say that they are committed to trying to get civilians out and they claim they are not targeting civilians. of course we've seen the exact opposite around the country. but they -- the u.n. and other ngos who have been working to try to pull off this very challenging evacuation are facing a slew of challenges because of the logistics, because of the fact that the russians have not been amenable to allowing them through. all the while u.s. officials are talking about operations that are ongoing in eastern europe saying that russia could annex parts of eastern europe by mid may as part of the operation that natasha was just talking about. and they are concerned that this will come with a host of challenges. everything from kidnapping local officials and forced disappearances and forcing local populations to use the rubble and the sham referendum. and so so many challenges all
2:52 am
around the eastern part of ukraine in this third honesty of the war. >> replacing mayors and schoolteachers and teaching in russian and using rubles. thank you so much. we'll talk again soon. the most konsconsequential abortion opinion in decades leaked from the supreme court. full coverage ahead. mission control, we are go for launch. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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the suns opened their second round playoff series by dominating the mavericks in game one. andy scholes has more in this morning's "bleacher report." >> so chris paul has the suns offense playing so well. they have shot 50% or better in all seven playoff games. it is the second longest streak in nba history. and phoenix just pouncing on dallas from the start in this game. devin booker moving much better in his second game back from
2:57 am
that hamstring injury. he scored 23. luka doncic has 25 points but it wasn't enough. the suns win 121-114. phoenix has now beaten dallas ten straight times. 76ers meanwhile playing without joel embiid who is out indefinitely with a concussion. but the bench was on fire. miami wins game one easily 106-92. philadelphia going to play game two tomorrow night again without enbead. nba playoffs continue tonight, cell tics will look to even the series and bucks will look to get the 2-0 lead against the grizzlies. it is all on tnt. the u.s. olympic committee is lending it support to try to get brittney griner released from a russian prison.
2:58 am
christine brennan, and also the ceo says that her organizations that been working with the state department, nba and wnba to try to bring griner home. she is scheduled to have a hearing in russian court may 19. and the nhl playoffs are under way and it was rough night for the two-time stanley cup champions, lightning getting blown out by the maple leafs 5-0. au austin maon matthews scored twid adding an assist. it is the worst loss as they had to begin their title defense. frustrations were boiling over late in the game, several fights breaking out over the ice. four players were went out with game misconduct. maple leafs trying to win their first series since 2004. and christine, a team from canada hasn't won the stanley cup since 1993. we'll see if this is finally the year. >> all right, andy, nice to see you. thank you, sir.
2:59 am
thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. ♪ good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is tuesday, may 3rd. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. stunning news, the nation's highest court poised to strike down a law nearly 50 years old that would result in a staggering change in american life. politico obtaining and publishing a draft of the supreme court opinion indicating the landmark 1983 decision that legalized abortion nationwide could be overturned. the leak of the document striking the modern history of the high court. >> what do


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