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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 5, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, may 5, happy pi cinco de mayo. >> feeling like i went away for two days and the world changed. a lot to get to this morning. and we start here, the biden administration and democrats in congress scrambling right now for ways to protect abortion rights in america. president biden vows his administration will be ready if the supreme court sticks to that draft opinion that leaked, viking down roe v. wade. the way the opinion is written leading many including the president to question what other rights are now in jeopjeopardy. >> what happens if you have state changes the law saying that children who are lgbtq can't be in classrooms can other children? is that legit under the way that the decision is written? what are the next things that are going to be attacked? >> cnn has learned biden's team
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is preparing option which is could involve the justice department, fda. senate democrats are searching for their own path plotting a vote to codity guy abortion rights under federal law, but right now they don't have the votes but they want members on the record. lawmakers and advocates on the state level are also gearing up for a fight here. many republican-led states have enacted so-called trigger laws which bans abortion as soon as roe is overturned. at the same time neighboring blue states are getting ready to fill the gap this abortion care. >> and at the supreme court, workers put up a taller fence bracing for more protests there with the court set to deliver the most consequential abortion decision in decades in just a matter of weeks. we have two reports this morning, first, good morning, kevin. the administration has not formally announced what they will do if and when it seems roe
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is overturned. so what are you hearing about possible action that the administration might actually take? >> this has really prompted a scramble behind the scenes at the white house as officials really try to map out what they are going to do. and really what they are looking at is the reality that there will be a patchwork of state laws should roe v. wade be overturned. and there is a reality that there is not a lot that they can do to get around that overriding reality that roe v. wade would be overturned, but they are looking at other options that would maybe mitigate some of the effects. and so some of the options that are being discussed internally and externally would be trying to look at some of the abortion pills, medication abortion, try to make that more accessible to people in states where abortion becomes illegal. so things like removing certain fda restrictions on those pills. and then challenging state laws that require people to go in
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person to get the pills prescribed. they want to make it easier for people to receive these pills by mail, that is one of the options that is under discussion. another sort of broad area that officials are looking at is trying to make it easier and maybe even paying for women to travel from states where abortion becomes illegal to states where it is legal. so an option could be allowing medicaid to cover that travel, also allowing medicaid to cover the abortions themselves. and then also contesting state bans on leaving the states to go get an abortion and that would be through the department of justice. and other options some considered potentially less likely but still on the table, things like drafting a department of defense rule that would pay for abortions for service members, and then also removing a rule that would exclude birth control on insurance, sort of challenging that in court. so these are some of the options that have been raised.
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but in the end officials are sort of clear-eyed in all of this, that there is not a lot that they could do to challenge a court ruling that is this sweeping, this draft order really hit the white house with a thud when it landed on tuesday. now officials are scrambling to come up with options. >> so we're not expecting this opinion to be formally reduced until june. any chance biden acts before then? >> no. and press secretary jen psaki was clear on that yesterday. these options are reserved for when the supreme court actually rules. they would not come down before then. and this would not necessarily be an unexpected outcome for the white house. they have been preparing behind the scenes for months for this to kind of come into effect. but when they saw that ruling, that draft ruling yesterday, there was sort of a sense of panic that their options are so limited. and one thing that the president is saying is that congress could codify roe v. wade, that would require lifting the filibuster and that is considered highly
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unlikely. and one thing white house officials are concerned about if they do lift the filibuster, if republicans take the senate back in november, that they could just pass their own law banning abortion and that could be -- have a much more dire effect as well. so that is one of the on positions that the president is raising but certainly not a likely option. >> kevin, you have a great piece up that kind of lays out how the president's own personal and really sort of political views on abortion have evolved over the years. in fact he hadn't even used the word abortion since he had become president until recently, until that draft leaked out. tell us more about how he's changed his views. >> yeah, when you look at the span of president biden's political career, it kind of tracks this issue from start to finish. and he was elected senator a year before roe v. wade was passed and he said then that he thought the ruling went too far. and he always remained sort of one of the most moderate figures in the democratic party on
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abortion. and of course he is a practicing catholic, that has always played a large part in his views on this issue. but he has evolved over the years. he has shifted more towards the left of the democratic party on this issue when he was running for president in 2019, he changed his view on a key -- the key issue of the hyde amendment which bans federal funding for abortions. he dropped his support for that. that came after pressing from his campaign advisers who said that that stance was really kind of untenable for a democratic candidate in 2020. now, as you said, the president now faces this sort of defining issue on this in the last 30 years. it will be up to him to kind of get around this ruling and do these executive orders, regulatory actions. and that is not necessarily comfortable position for him. as you say, he had not used the word abortion -- not said it out
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loud until tuesday. so it will really be interesting how this plays out over the next couple of months. >> kevin liptak, thanks so much for getting up early with us. and in the meantime senate democrats are making their own plans to take action in response to the supreme court draft opinion. and daniella diaz is live on capitol hill with that angle. it seems like democrats' best action to preserve abortion rights is not going to work if they are trying to codify it in law at least in the senate at least for now. >> reporter: at least for now. but that is not going to stop them from trying anyway. senate majority leader chuck schumer has committed to putting a bill on the floor before the 2022 midterms that would codify roe versus wade depending whatever happens of course if the supreme court ends up issuing a foormal opinion that e expect in june. remember this is just a draft of the ruling that meant that they
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would overturn roe v. wade. it is not permanent, we don't know if that will happen. but of course senate democrats are preparing. they are also rallying around this issue of abortion rights, of women's reproductive health, head of t ahead of the midterms hoping that they can get more democrats in the house and senate. and it is not just senate democrats that are planning to vote in support of course of codifying roe v. wade. there are two moderate republican senators that plan to support this, susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska, they both support roe v. wade and said that they plan to vote in favor of codifying roe v. wade should the bill bill be put on of course being senator joe manchin, a moderate democrat from west virginia who is a pro-life, he's said it again and again, he is against abortion. and also senator bob casey of
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pennsylvania, he has voted against democrats on this issue. so really it is all up in the air. but a lot could change between now and june when we expect that formal opinion to drop from the supreme court, whether they plan to overturn roe v. wade or not. >> daniella, thank you for your reporting. and if you have a credit card, if you are shopping for a car, you are trying to buy a house, big news, folks. the federal reserve cranked up interest rates wednesday, a rare 50 basis point hike in the benchmark rate. this is the biggest increase in 22 years. it is the fed's job of course to fight inflation with prices rising faster than they have in 40 years. the fed is getting more aggressive. here is jerome powell. >> the economy in the country has been through a lot and proved resilient. it is essential that we bring inflation down if we are to have a sustained period of strong labor market conditions that benefit all. >> this is only the second rate hike since 2018, the fed raised
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rates by a quarter percentage point back in march. they will also start shrinking its enormous $9 trillion balance sheet that will begin in june. the fed has a big job here, inflation already a problem coming out of a recession and now the raging russia/ukraine conflict makes it worse, so shutdowns in china also making inflation worse. high prices for food and energy persist. so the more common pace of slow, you know, quarter percentage point increases is not doing the job here. higher rates raise the cost of borrowing hone. credit cards, auto loans, student loans, mortgage rates already above 5%. will likely go higher. fed chief did not say something bigger was on the table. and stocks rose after those comments. this is one of those people/fed -- the fed chief i think that most americans don't know who probably has more control over your personal
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finances right now than anyone else in the world. >> interesting that it was already sort of baked in. and you give us a realty check on actually how consumer behavior sometimes doesn't match the reality of all of the hoopla around these things. >> people are complaining about rising inflation, about rising interest rates. but when you look at the numbers, people are spending like crazy. on vacations, on goods, on services. people are complaining about i call it the sourpuss economy. they are complaining about it, but they are spending like mad. >> because there is so much pent up demand. coming up, how the gop was already pushing for its own federal law on abortion before even that supreme court leak. and plus bloody fighting as ukrainian troops make a desperate last stand inside that steel plant. and amber heard in her own words, hear her chilling testimony about johnny depp, next.
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it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? welcome back. ukrainian forces making a desperate last stand at that steel plant in mariupol. isa soares is live for us in lviv. the commander at the plant says that thereare heavy bloody battles under way. what do we know that is happening there? >> reporter: it has been relentless and brutal the last 24 hours of course inside mariupol steel plant there, the azovstal steel plant, that last line of defense for ukrainian soldiers. many civilians of course holed up inside, but we're hearing from mariupol officials that shelling has been nonstop, it has intensified and the attacks
2:17 am
also intensified supported by aircraft and supported by drones. mariupol officials telling cnn if there is hell in this world, it is in azovstal. just shocking when you look at these images that we're seeing and a reminder to people, this is not a video grain, this is not special effects in the movie. this is happening in azovstal steel plant in mariupol right now with people still inside. we heard from a commander just yesterday, have a listen to what he said. >> translator: for two days now, the enemy has broken into the territory of the plant. these are heavy bloody battles. i'm proud of my soldiers who are making super human efforts to contain the enemy's onslaught. >> reporter: as you heard from the commander, russian troops entered the part of the azovstal plant for a while, ukrainian officials having a line of
2:18 am
communication with those inside, we've been told that has been reconnected. but there are still civilians inside that plant. according to ukrainian officials, there are hundreds of civilians still inside, including 30 children. it is just incredible to wrap your head around this. 30 children according to ukrainian officials. we have heard from -- really from russia promise of a humanitarian corridor expected to happen today between 8:00 to 6:00. i can tell you it has been almost three hours and still no word of that happening. we did see evacuations yesterday from mar pal, president zelenskyy saying that 344 people were evacuated, but that is just from the city of mar pal, not from inside the azovstal steel plant. we also know that president zelenskyy had a private phone call with u.n. secretary-general antonio guterres where he urged help to facilitate evacuation for those inside the azovstal
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steel plant. >> isa, thank you so much for that update. and meantime the european union has proposed banning all russian oil imports by the end of this year, but not all eu members are happy with the proposal or plan to go along with it. melissa bell is joining us live from paris on this. hungary, czech republic, slovakia, they are seeking a much longer transition period on this. why is that? >> reporter: that's right. you are talking about countries that are hugely dependent on russian oil, where their oil imports from outside the eu, more than 75% of them come from russia. that gives you an idea of just how dependent they are. and it is also of course the cost to industry, and it is not just about the supplies of the oil itself that will dry up progressively, but also the infrastructure that goes with that. so these are economies that will be taking a huge hit. what they are looking for is exemptions. and as we've been hearing from
2:20 am
moscow from the kremlin spokesman dimitry peskov, look, these sanctions are always double edge weapons. and the more we go, this is the sixth round of sanctions announced by the european union, the tougher they become for the countries trying to impose them. the difference really for the eu is it is not just a measure of their resolve, it is also a measure of their unity. you are talking about 27 countries having to agree unanimously to impose these sanctions that affect some member states more than they affect other member states. now, that is why it has been so difficult to come to this particular point. what we expect is happening, we've been hearing from the french energy ministers, the europeans are confident that by giving some exemptions for some european countries, they will come to an agreement by the end of the week and that will be a massive hit to russian coffers. >> melissa bell, thank you. let's bring in kimberly dozier. so nice to see you thoerng.
2:21 am
they this morning. what is the russian end game there with the heavy shelling? >> to try to stop what is for them not just a public relations embarrassment, but also to free up some of their troops that are still fighting to get the ukrainians out of that steel plant so that those troops can join the fight for the rest of donbas. i've already heard from military experts who use open source intelligence to examine troop movements every day. and they say that you can see that the russian troops haven't done what you are classically supposed to do if you are going to take a lot of territory, and that is mass their forces. so instead, you've got this sort of piece meal attack of the eastern donbas region, and that means that they are behind schedule, and they also present a target for the ukrainian forces to pick off and those
2:22 am
ukrainian forces meanwhile are every single day getting more and more of the weaponry that the u.s. and other western nations are sending to them. >> so can we know that u.s. intelligence has helped ukrainians by sharing information on troop movements? we know that the russians have obviously suffered heavy losses when it comes to troops and generals in the field have been killed. what are you hearing on this? >> i just spoke to a senior u.s. official who was a little bit frustrated at some of the criticism of the biden administration early on from capitol hill saying that the u.s. wasn't sharing enough intelligence. this person said that from the beginning, they have been sharing crucial battlefield intelligence with the ukrainians and once the battle for kyiv was won and the russian troops withdrew with this new flow of u.s. weaponry, has also come stepped up data that has helped
2:23 am
ukrainians be more targeted. and also helped -- ukrainians will gather their own intelligence, but to really trust it, it helps to have another set of eyes confirming, yes, that is what the u.s. is seeing too. so that is a legitimate target worth committing your forces to. and this u.s. official explained to me that they got this intelligence, ukrainians im impressively got the intelligence from the u.s. all the way down to the forward troops at the front of the battlefield. in a way that it takes sophisticated armies a long time to sort of develop. so since this flow is working, the u.s. has stepped up and continued it. >> maybe you can see some of benefits of years of the ukrainian military working with u.s. military officials, right? and with -- you know -- >> yeah, having those relationships. >> very interesting. kim, thanks so much. and coming up, abortion rights advocates prepare for a post-roe america. and first amber heard's
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dramatic testimony about johnny d depp. >> i just laughed because i thought he was joking. and he slapped me across the face. ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring fromom me.♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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family members that have met with the committee. more emotional testimony expected today when amber heard returns to the stand at johnny depp's defamation trial. she testified for nearly three hours describing her tumultuous relationship with depp. >> i felt like when i was around johnny, i felt like the most beautiful person in the whole world. you know, he made me feel seen, made me feel like a million dollars. it just felt very intense. but we weren't doing normal life stuff. we weren't like stuck in traffic with each other. we weren't going to the grocery store and doing life. we were like hiding in these places around the world. we were staying in this little hallway area outside of the bathroom and he starts, you know, what feels like patting me down or saying that he was patting me down.
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i can't remember. but he ripped my dress. the strap top part of my dress. and then he -- he -- he proceeds to do a cavity search. >> depp is suing heard over an op-ed that she wrote. depp was not named in that article but he claims that it cost him lucrative roles. depp testified that he has never hit a woman including heard and he accused heard of abuse. each denies the other's accusations. >> really disturbing case all around. just ahead for you, president biden's new move to try to tackle inflation. and first people in red states and blue states brace for the supreme court court to overturn roe v. wade. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all threree.
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2:36 am
this. way before that explosive draft even leaked. one of the things that i've been interested that you have been following is how the clinics in blue states are gearing up to meet the need. tell us about that. >> i mean, we see this playing out all over the country. in connecticut, in california, in illinois. i spent some time at an illinois clinic that is preparing for 14,000 patients from other states if roe isover jover over which is looks likely to be. they are opening call centers, expanding operations in every way that they can think to in order to accommodate the surge which they expect to come one to two weeks after roe was overturned. >> you've been doing reporting on how lawmakers don't want to stop at roe, some have their eyes set on a nationwide ban. >> absolutely. i think up until now, this really played out in the states. that is where we have seen all of the legislation. but when you talk to the anti-abortion lawmakers, i mean,
2:37 am
they truly believe that abortion is murder. and they are not content with it being just being banned in texas or oklahoma. they want to see it banned in california and new york as well. so we are seeing now in washington anti-abortion activists, very top leaders in the movement are starting to meet with senators, they are talking about a potential six week abortion ban on a national level. which of course would be very, very difficult to pass. but that conversation is happening in washington right now. >> almost impossible to pass as long as president biden is president and as long as congress looks the way it does. but seats may change this coming november. and speaking of november, you know, this is not historically been an issue that has been a galvanizing force on the left the same way it has been on the right. and it is interesting that even after that texas decision, you don't see women just in the
2:38 am
streets every day over this. and part of the reason i wonder is because people are busy, people are busy with jobs and their lives. and taking care of the children that they already have. what do you hear from women across the country that you speak to, are they confused about this ruling, are they angry and exhausted? what do you hear? >> we did actually just published a "washington post" abc news poll that showed that 6 in 10 people that live in states where abortion restrictions have recently been implemented don't know that they have been implemented. so the big question now is, now that this is everywhere, all over the national news with this big explosive news that roe is very likely to fall, is that going to change, are people going to wake up and realize -- are democrats going to wake up and realize that this is happening and how much are they going to care about it. i think that that is a big, big
2:39 am
question on everybody's mind leading up to november. >> and i think you captured the shock on both sides that this is happening. people who have been working for 50 years to try to overturn roe are shocked and energized. and people on the other side can't imagine a post-roe world. just a lot here. carolyn, thank you so much. nice to see you this morning. all right. coming up, the american workers who would say they would rather quit than come back to the office. and he quit his job and then changed his mind. tom brady tells cnn why he decided to come back. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of m magic in all that chaos. ♪ so different and so new ♪ ♪ was like any other... ♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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looking at markets, asian shares have closed mixed, europe has opened higher. and on wall street, futures are leading down a little bit after a big rally yesterday.
2:44 am
investors really liked what they heard from the federal reserve chair jerome powell. a 900 point relief rally on wall street. the market's best day in two years. it followed word of another half point short term interest rate hike, interest rates are rising, mark me words here, they will keep rising. the central bank is attempting to rein in inflation. and more half rate hikes are coming. right now, a check on s&p 500 futures, we showed you that before, they are leaning down a little bit after that big rally in the morning. or yesterday, rather. president biden says his administration's efforts to reduce the deficit appear to be working. speaking in the roosevelt room at the white house, he anticipates a $1.5 trillion cut in the federal deficit by the end of the year. >> i don't want to hear republicans talk about deficits and their ultra maga agenda.
2:45 am
i want to hear about fairness, decency, about help for ordinary people. the bottom line is that for decades the trickle down economics has failed. >> this as a new cnn poll finds americans are very pessimistic about the economy. only 23% rate conditions as even somewhat good. only 23% in by the way a booming economy, so much that the fed has to stop into cool it off, that is down from 37% in december and 54% last april. the federal reserve says the united states is moving closer to maximum employment, meaning everyone who want as job has one and the lowest unemployment rate without spinning off unwelcome inflation, maximum employment, the government's official jobs numbers come friday, but a sneak preview shows america's private employers added 247,000 jobs in april. economists expected more than that. let's bring in a chief economist from adp. what is going on with workers? all i keep hearing from employers is that there is a war
2:46 am
for talent, a record number of unfilled positions and still all this job hopping. what do workers want? >> good morning, christine. that is a great question. one thing we know, they want more flexibility. so let's go back a little bit about what the jobs are that are really in high demand. they tend to be in leisure and hospitality, which is historically a lower paying industry. and as you noted, inflation is a concern. and so even though we've seen a big jump in wages in this industry, it is not necessarily keeping up with inflation. it is also an industry where you have to go into the workplace. you actually have to be customer-facing for a lot of these jobs. and what our survey showed at adp, people want flexibility. they want flexibility on their hours, to some extent on their location so that this is one industry that is not particularly in this moment giving workers exactly what they want post-pandemic.
2:47 am
>> and you've written 64% of the workforce would consider looking for a new job if asked to return to the office full-time. i wonder if that is what is driving some of the quits we saw, people quitting their jobs in march, right, because they were asked to return to in-person work and they said no, i'll try something else. >> you know, workers have this option of plentiful jobs. 11.5 million job openings in march, a record high. and it has been at that near record high for a while. so there are more options and you really can have this kind of a la carte career where you can pick and choose. do i enjoy this job, is it flexible, can i set the hours, to the extent that we haven't seen in a really long time if ever. and so that gives optionality. what we need though from a macro standpoint is for more people to come back into the labor market. and they are trickling back in and probably not fast enough to meet the demand that companies have right now.
2:48 am
>> i've heard so many economists talk about the incentives for returning to work, they might have to be higher, which might mean higher pay, better working conditions. some companies are trying to help start paying off student loan debt of their employees. but i just -- the economy is so strong and we have this poll that shows that 66% of americans disapprove of the way biden is handling the economy. what is the disconnect here? you have a fed that has to step in and cool off a roaring american economy. right? but people just feel so bad about it. what is the disconnect here? is it all inflation? >> inflation distorts even good news. a pay raise isn't a pay raise if you see that you have to buy more milk and the gas prices are higher and everything is higher and you can't find child care because child care industry is still lower than it was in 2019.
2:49 am
so inflation is distorting what is good fundamentals, that is why it is so important to get inflation down. even in our survey though, money isn't everything. it is -- and i think that is why you are seeing companies offer this buffet of different ways to entice. on the one hand, they can't really just keep increasing wages up and up. a lot of companies have thin margins, they can't do that. but enticing workers with other things that they care about like we show in our survey that the average pay cut people are willing to cut is 11% to have more flexibility. that is a big deal when inflation is around 8%. so this is a real big way to get people back into the office, or at least have some dominance competitively with other companies. >> and you always put so much great context and contour around this so-called great resignation. so much going on here, it is just fascinating. come back again soon. >> i'd love to.
2:50 am
thank you so much. just ahead, ukrainian troops make a bloody final stand in the face of a bloody russian onslaught at a steel plant. and plenty of planes but not enough pilots. wait until you hear how the airlines want to fix that. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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the suns used a fourth
2:55 am
quarter surge to take command in their series. coy wire has more in the "bleacher report." >> suns just have the mavs number. heading into last night's game, phoenix had beaten then ten straight times dating back to november of 2019. down six heading into the fourth, it looks like dallas might finally break that losing streak. luka doncic dropping 35 points, still not enough, like his 45 performance in fame one. chris paul turning it into a runaway win. look at him telling the bench call time-out, getting too hot for you. he scored 14 in the fourth including six shots in a row. suns win 129-109, taking the series lead. game three tomorrow night. can't take the eat, get out of the kitchen. james harden playing game two short handed again without joel embiid due to an orbital fracture and concussion. but the one-two punch in the
2:56 am
miami win. and history says this series is over, and the heat have been up 2-0 in 18 previous series and won the match-up every time. dwyane wade and gabrielle union approve. billy is 0-19 all-time after droppi dropping one and two. and to hockey, the worst game one loss by a reigning champ ever monday in toronto. they got the revenge on the maple leafs last night though. a goal and three assists in the 5-3 win. 16th straight time that they have won a playoff game after suffering a loss. series tied at one a piece heading to tampa for game three tomorrow. and nhl playoff hockey making its turner sports debut tonight, two games on both tnt and tbs beginning with the rangers/penguins at 7:00. took pittsburgh three overtimes
2:57 am
to win game one. diamondbacks pitcher bumgarner was ejected after just one inning. umpire turning a hand check into what looked more like a hand massage. furious bumgarner needs to be held back by teammates. arizona ended up winning the game 8-7. and nfl announcing that tom brady and the buccs will play their first ever game in germany. i talked with tom and another g.o.a.t., lewis hamilton, at miami beach golf club yesterday and they teamed up to raise money for local community programs. and brady tells us what keeps him coming back as he enters now his 23rd nfl season. >> when people make the commitment to you, in the end you want to fulfill that -- you know, what they are coming to see. people want to come see me do
2:58 am
great, they want to see lewis do great. they follow their sports heros because they want to see you, the thrill of victory. and i feel like when i make that commitment to play, it is kind of all-encompassing commitment and i want to go out there and i want to perform at my best and that requires really at this point in my life a year round effort do that. >> and so it is the fans, christine. he always talks about the love of the game and the passion he has for that. but he says i love playing in front of the fans and he is enjoying it at 45, a lot different than 35. he turns 45 very soon. but incredible to see him out there ahead of the first ever f-1 race in miami. >> great assignment. thanks, coy. all right. the spacex endurance dragon crew is homeward bound right now undocking just a few hours ago. there was no sign of international conflict when the astronauts handed over the keys to a russian cosmonaut.
2:59 am
>> and the crew dragon has undocked from the international space station. four astronauts aboard the orbital outpost completing their six month mission. undocking did occur at 12:20 a.m. central time, 1:20 a.m. eastern time while the international space station was flying southeast over australia. >> splashdown should be early tomorrow morning and i'm sure cnn will be all over it with our amazing space team. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. ♪ good morning to viewers in the u.s. and around th


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