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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 6, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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through zero emissions fleets. best of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. this is cnn breaking news. hello, and a warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and right around the world, we are live in ukraine. evacuations for the lucky few in mariupol, and hope for safe passage for those still there. they must survive russia's shelling as the kremlin looks for victory in the days ahead. >> i will have the day's other top stories, including a deadly explosion in cuba, leaving an iconic five-star hotel in ruins.
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you are watching cnn newsroom. ♪ ♪ welcome to the show everyone, it's 9:00 a.m. here in lyiv in ukraine. the russian military was seen as sporting two buses said to be carrying several evacuees to a town east of mariupol as you can see in the video there. the factory has been under bombardment, president zelenskyy is hoping to negotiate the safe evacuation of the soldiers still inside. >> translator: we are also working on diplomatic options to save our military who remain. mediators are involved,
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including influential states. >> meanwhile, russia is hastily putting its stand wherever it can in mariupol ahead of the victory day. a russian flag flies over a hospital, and signs have been changed to russian and they are saying, soviet statues are popping up across the city. victory day, appears this year that he may want to make a show of mariupol, or what is left of it as some sort of prize. we are in southern ukraine with the latest for you. >> reporter: escorted by armor, curtains closed, inside, said to be some of the latest civilians to evacuate the hell of azovstal plant in mariupol, yet, they are
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russian troops escorting them out. not the you -- while ukraine sat began a new operation to get people out from under this, the savagery of russian bombardment at the factory. the u.n. said friday, a total of 500 people had got out since their efforts began this weekend. many, many more desperate to flee. battered and uninhabitable, ahead of monday's victory day, it appears that city's drama theater, the basement packed with children after russia bombed and killed them by hundreds is being excavated, the vehicles lined up on the ground around the theater cleared, to
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make it more presentable. it's not clear why they are tidying the scene of what many called a war crime. the warped world of what russia called lib ragz is here on the images filmed inside a camp, where ukrainians are being held before going to russia. passports taken, and sleeping on the floor and on chairs, illness from the cold, all part of the experience of liberation, according to a woman who's father was dead. this stage visit, evidence of russia's rush to assimilate what it has torn off, this is the first city it captured and the man in the beard is dennis. separatist leader, in a visit suggesting that the city, under the russian occupation where protests are crushed will also be declared a tin pot people's republic soon. it has the whiff of empire.
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he talks about transferring food. and water melons and tomatoes, he may call it trade, ukraine a food heist. but moscow is far from having its way and the costs are heavy. the images, that were confirmed, are filmed in a graveyard. the flags for the paratroop division, the elite, just in this city. these are the dead behind the propaganda, with so much rubble in russia's tiny victories. well, about one out of three ukrainians had to leave their homes because of the war. and that is an estimate from the u.n. which has more than 5.7 million ukrainians that have fled across the borders, you see more escaped the fighting are still in the country, bhiel 30 million others are not able to
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escape in stranded war zones. some war refuges inside the ukraine will get help from britain. the uk is sending power equipments for refuge centers and hospitals. the world food program is calling for the reopening of the odessa port. with us from san francisco to discuss the humanitarian relief needed. thank you very much for staying us for us, give us a sense of what you and your teams on the ground have been hearing from the millions refuges leaving ukraine, what stories have they been telling you? >> well, it's absolutely unbelievable. it's a staggering amount of displacement that we are seeing. what we know now is that over 13 million people have been
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displaced. it's 7.5 internally that are displaced. families have had their lives ripped apart. so, often times it's women and children. elderly, and disability who are fleeing to neighboring countries. shelter box is a humanitarian aid organization that brings emergency shelter and household items to people that have been displaced in the worst conflict zones with. we are working in places like moldova. they have the highest number of refuges and they have the poorest exhip poor -- poorest former country in europe. it's still basic things. food, water, shelter. pits livelihood assistance. and so, people really right now, just need the basic things for
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survival and that's why shelter box has been committed to helping refuges, but also we have turned our attention to this massive displace postpment within ukraine, and finding a place to sleep for many has been staggering and difficult. and the displacement, we have focused on the refuges and the -- and the challenges of that. there's 7.7 million internally. let's talk about the immediate needs and long-term needs here. >> well, the short-term needs are one, places to sleep. so, what we have been focusing on are collective centers. churches, schools, evacuation centers where people are sleeping on the floor. so, it's basic things. like mattresses. it's blankets. it's hygiene kits and also, in places like central ukraine where shelter box is providing
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emergency shelter kits. tarps, ropes tools to repair homes, it's the same things, again, it's things like hygiene packs. so, access to personal care items. soap. sanitary packages. as well as basic things like solar lanterns. you have lost power. containers to store water. thermal blankets. so, right now, we are really focused on how can we just help meet some of the immediate shelter needs and immediate household needs for the millions people who have been internally displaced. and what the situation is complex. it's changing all the time. and we know that there's been a massive displacement moving from southern and eastern ukraine to western ukraine. so, really shelter box has tried to stage ourselves in the west, where we are doing distribution and eastern ukraine. >> skpm you know, i have report
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of ukrainians returning home. have you heard the stories and why people are doing that? like you said, the situation here is still quite worrying, entering the third month of the war. >> so we have actually heard reports of that. some people have actually returned to ukraine. the reasons that we are hearing. they are saying they miss their families. their families have been torn apart. so, often we heard that. that they have left their adult children behind. 18 and over if you are male, you have to stay. their husbands. they are returning for families. they are returning because they need supplies. and they are also returning because they have not found adequate shelter. >> yeah. they have not found shelter. some of them, many of them thought perhaps they would not last long, this war. but clearly it has and obviously the basic needs and the long-term needs are a huge concern for so many of them. great to have you on the show, thanks so much, appreciate it.
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>> well, for the first time since the war began, the u.n. security council has managed to get on the same page on ukraine. on friday, the council released the first joint statement on the matter saying it's deeply concerned about peace and security in the ukraine and supports efforts to find a peaceful solution. the council has been unable to speak in one voice or do anything to stop the war, partly because russia has veto power back in the chamber. >> we will check in with you a bit later. thanks for that, we will update you that on the developing story we brought you last hour, japan's defense ministry believes a projectile, fired in the sea by north korea, could be a ballistic missile. the mimp was fired in to the east coast of the eastern peninsula, they have repeated
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their missile tests. the latest on wednesday. let's talk to will coming from taipei, they keep coming. speak to what this missile could mean in terms of significance and also, why so many? >> you are right, microhe will, they do keep coming. the fact that they have had a launch. normally within 24 hours there's some sort of announcement about this launch and that didn't happen this week. even though it was potentially an intercontinental ballistic missile. this new launch is interesting because of where it was launched from. a coastal city in north korea. and now, that, that along with the missile trajectory has led the south korean, the united states and japanese intelligence agencies to assess that it's likely a submarine launched ballistic missile. why is that significant? because submarine launched ballistic missiles can be used
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to conduct a surprise attack on adversaries, any country that has a coast, could theoretically be vulnerable. now, granted their fleet is noisy and older and can be detected. the fact that they are perfecting and demonstrating submarine launch ballistic technology is noteworthy. there's been 14 launches this year. and it comes a matter of weeks after kim jong-un gave a speech on the 25th to mark the military foundation day. in that speech, he pledged to grow his nuclear arsenal at the fastest speed. this is all happening as there's a major development on the horizon. satellite images and united states military intelligence assessment p according to three u.s. officials speaking to cnn, is that there's been activity in
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a test site that was shuddered. they have been rebuilding the command site, and that leads the united states no believe there could be a 7th north korean nuclear test. that would be a challenge for u.s. president joe biden. >> a lot of great information there. and significant if it's submarine launched. wow. that is a development. will in taipei, thank you for the update, we will check in with you later. all right, nearly two dozen people are dead after an explosion rips through a hotel inc cxuba, now, rescue workers are searching through the rubble and looking for survivors. the latest from havana coming up. queen elizabeth will celebrate her very special platinum
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jubilee, we will have it as well after the break bas pass pnchlths at pleeft 22
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people are dead. police and firefighters are combing through what is left of the destroyed building, trying to find survivors, cnn's with the latest. >> rescue workers are continuing their task of sifting through rubble, what used to be the iconic five-star hotel saratoga, after an explosion ripped through the hotel early on friday. what we are told by cuban officials is that a gas truck had arrived. the gas for the hotel for cooking as the hotel workers were ready to reopen the hotel to tourists next week. as the gas was being delivered, a leak caused the hotel to fill up full of gas and that led to a massive explosion that gutted this hotel. we arrived moments after dthe
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explosion and saw people injured. one woman being taken in a stretcher and we saw rescue workers using bare hands to claw away the rubble and see if there was anyone inside. the cuban president visited the site and said it was an accident but there's no sign of any kind of intentional terrorism that took place here. but, that investigation will be carried out to see exactly what went wrong here, and as the light goes out here as the day ends, the rescue workers say that they will continue the difficulty task of trying to look for any survivors trying to recover the bodies, there's concern that the building has been damaged so terribly that it could give way. so they are proceeding ka cautiously and they say they will not stop until they are sure everyone is out.
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president emanuel macron is soon to be inaugurated for a second term. he will sign the official inauguration documents and recognized as the grand master at the legion on of honor and have a speech. he had a close call in the run-off election last month, and defeated the far right candidate. the uk has been gearing up to celebrate queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee, we are hearing that some family member will not join other royals on the famous balcony. >> reporter: well, preparations are under way for the queen's platinum jubilee that will see members of the royal family to mark the 70th year on the thrown nor the queen. we have learned that prince harry and megaghan markle have
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been said to be traveling. harry and me megan are no longe working members of the royal family. they no longer take part in royal duties and since have relocated their family to california. the decision has raised some eyebrows. because prince andrew has also not been invited to join the queen on the balcony at buckingham palace. prince andrew has of course faced sexual assault allegations laid against him and while the civil lawsuit was settled, and prince andrew has consistently denied those allegations, he did have his royal title removed as well as his royal duties. so, he too, is no longer a working member of the royal family. now, while harry and megan are
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not invited on the balcony, they are expected to take part in other events and celebrations around the jubilee, we can see them take part of the church services. and sther traveling to the uk with their two children, and that sort of of cmarked the fir time that the queen will meet her granddaughter. so it will come as a welcome first meeting on the very special occasion for the queen. but the queen herself has not yet been confirmed to be attending at the jubilee celebration. according do a royal source, the queen is looking forward to the jubilee and hopes to take part in the celebrations. but she will not be there until closer to the event or perhaps on the day of the celebrations and we know the queen has faced health concerns in recent weeks and months. she suffered from mobility
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issues and tested positive for coronavirus in february and has since expressed feeling tired since testing positive. and she has been forced to take a step back from some royal engagements and has of course recently celebrated the 96th birthday. she is marking 70 years on the throne. so there's health concerns for the queen. of course that royal source saying she is looking forward to taking part in the jubilee celebration. and many royal fans will still be hoping to catch a glimpse of the british monarch on that occasion. cnn, london. >> sri lanka, the latest punres is being sparked by the mishandling of the country's economic crisis. they will have a measure that allows for the arrest of protesters blocking the roads. the finance minister admits that
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financial reserves are close to empty and has appealed for emergency financing. and with those coffers empty, prices for food, fuel, and other necessities are skyrocketing all across sri lanka, inside africa is next for our international viewers if you are joining us from north america, however, the news continues after the break. ♪ life can be a lot to handle. ♪ this magigic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's pleneny of magic in all that chaos. ♪ so different t and so new ♪ ♪ was like any other... ♪
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from the most innovative company. get a great deal on this limited time price with internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2-year price guarantee. call today. we are tracking efforts to evacuate civilians from the steel plant in mariupol, more evacuation attempts are planned for today. ukrainian fighters and civilians are sheltering inside the sprawling complex, have endured heavy russian shelling. ukrainian president zelenskyy is working on diplomatic options to
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get them out. russian forces have started to blow up bridges to slow counter offenses. cnn cannot verify the claim. but ukrainian troops have retaken a number of areas in the region recently. joe biden said an additional $150 million in aid will be on the way to ukraine. and he warns that the u.s. is running low to what can be sent without congress approval. >> another aide package, to the tune of $150 million that will include artillery, anti-artillery radar systems and radar equipment and the things they need on the battlefield, president biden issuing a warning along with the aide package saying the white house is nearly exhausted what congress has authorized for them to send to ukraine and calling on congress to quickly approve
11:32 pm
that $33 billion request that he made in recent weeks. of course that was a request that the white house believes would get ukraine through the end of the fiscal year, supply them for in next five months or so. but it's something that congress has not come close to passing yet. they have been talking about it on capitol hill, you have heard lawmakers use urgency when talking about this, it has not been passed from president biden yet. while it's the talk in washington, first lady jill biden is making a trip overseas, visiting romania, going to see u.s. forces who were there serving of course since biden sent them to reinforce nato allies. and she will be visiting with ukrainian mothers who have been forced from their homes, and millions other citizens. well, on top of that military aid package the u.s. is
11:33 pm
funneling more money for military drones in ukraine. the u.s. defense department will spend close to $18 million to spend more switch blade drones to kyiv. they are known as kamikaze drones because they can deliver bombs on impact. well, we can now show you how crucial drones have become for both sides in ukraine. we are about to see really a ground battle reported in real time by a russian military drone. the footage was released by pro kremlin media outlets. moscow is trying show it's not falling behind in the use of drone technology. >> reporter: this is drone warfare as russia wants you to see it. moscow's troops hunting down ukrainian defenders. backed by surveillance from the skies. we sat down with the military
11:34 pm
expert to parse through the 22 minutes of footage released by pro kremlin channels. what am i looking at here? >> the russian forces there, the first soldiers moved in to the trench and clear the trench. >> we see the ukrainian soldier popping out of the shed over and over again. don't we? >> yes, he is pinned in that location. whoever is on the drone will be speaking to those soldiers on the ground. >> this is close and intense combat. with limit ed visibility, the russian fighters depend on the drone operator for a bird's eye view and real time intelligence. you see another grenade, he has done it properly this time. if that grenade did not kill him, i would be surprised if he survived. >> now, watch this part carefully, the video cuts, we are still looking at the same location, but now, there are at least six captured men on the
11:35 pm
ground. p proportedly, ukrainian defenders. you see the russian mill itary marked with the white arm bands. we don't know where the soldiers came from. >> what's the plan here once never got these guys. they have been told to take off of their body armor. so they have been stripped of their fighting capability immediately. we have here a russian soldier which looks like he is giving physical abuse to a prisoner of war just out-of-sight. they are looking for individuals of interest. individuals of intelligence interest and they will get taken away for tactical questioning. >> see that soldier kicking that man. >> yes, quite normal. but it's interesting where they are going to next. they will get put in a prisoner of war pen. and within that pen, they will get starched in more detail, questioned and moved to a
11:36 pm
centalized prize on system. >> the effective use of drones helped it beat back russian troops around kyiv and other areas. now the kremlin wants the world to think that they are capable of the same success. >> the russians are being slower to pick up the use of tactical drones than ukrainians are. >> you are saying the message is we are good at using drones too? >> i believe it is. but what hewe have is propagand. >> it's unclear when the footage was shot, but the russian troops are largely in control of this area. and that's the other tactic on display, scorched earth, ukrainian troops have largely stood their ground, retreating if possible. surrendering when no options are left. cnn, london.
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> the future of abortion rights in the united states appears to be up in the air. how do americans feel about possibly overturning roe versus wade. and storms are threatening parts of the u.s. we will hear it from the cnn weather center about the dangers and damage the system is bringing to the southeast. you are watching cnn. and that your new car ought to come with newfound happiness and zero surprises.. and all of us wiwill stop at nothing to drive you happy. we'll drive you happy at carvana. go with simparica trio it's triple protection made simple! simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm sease, ticks and fls, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders.
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11:42 pm
v. wade case? turns out most are against the idea. following the leak of the draft opinion, 66% of americans say roe v. wade should not be struck down. but many states are preparing anti-abortion legislation to be ready if and probably when the ruling is overturned. cnn's jessica schneider reports. >> we want to outlaw abortion in the state of oklahoma. >> reporter: more than two dozen states are on the brink of banning abortion. and it will happen immediately if roe v. wade is overturned. nine states have so-called zombie laws, abortion bans that were never repealed when roe took effect and they will go back in to effect if roe v. wade is overturned. >> prosecutors around the state
11:43 pm
could begin prosecuting doctors and i would argue potentially women as well. >> michigan's law makes no exception for rape or incest would allow abortions for saving the mother's life, one candidate said that he would still pros cute if it was to save the life of the mother. he said, you have an exception for that? and i said, i do not. because there's no literal sdieg that says if the mother's life was in danger abort the baby. >> that's just how uncertain the enforcement of criminal abortion statutes could be. in wisconsin the attorney general said he will refuse to prosecute and leave it to local district attorneys. >> it's my view that we have problems for law enforcement to deal with, like violent crime
11:44 pm
and drug dratrafficking, we don need to shift their efforts to go after allegedly violating a ban that nobody understood to be enforceable for almost 50 years. >> the wide ranging prosecution reflects how uncertain and uneven the legal landscape will be in a post roe world. >> the most important and difficult question will be whether states reach out of their own borders to prosecute people. or whether states are going to prosecute patients for having abortions as louisiana seems to be doing. >> reporter: louisiana lay makers passed a bill that classifies abortions as homicides, and there's the question of how officials would find out about illegal privacy advocates are saying that google searches and cell phones can be used against them. they point out that third
11:45 pm
parties can buy data from google, and perform reverse searches that could enable law enforcement to track who was at an abortion clinic and when. >> a prosecutor goes and get as court order to get this type of data, or they go and try to buy the data on the open market, for example, which is another thing that happens. then, they would know information about the devices that were there. the i.d. of your device. >> legal experts are now scrambling to fully understand all of the implications of a post roe america and many say rather than the supreme court's likely decision being the final word, it could instead spur a state by state legal fights in the years ahead. the u.s. department of health and human services is launching a maternal health hot line for new and expecting mothers experiencing mental health challenges. it's confidential and toll free, and it's available by phone and text. that launches this sunday on
11:46 pm
mother's day. around 100 undocumented immigrants were discovered inside a broken down semitruck on a texas highway on friday. those who were apprehended were transferred in to u.s. border patrol custody. police are searching for dozens who ran from the truck. nine people were treated for dehydration at a local hospital. and we are learning more information about the man hunt for an alabama inmate and corrections officer who disappeared more than a week ago. the u.s. marshal service said this suv was found in a tow lot in tennessee a couple of hours north of florence, alabama, where the investigation began. investigators believe it was the get-away car used by vicki white. and they released these photographs of the suspects showing what they might look like with altered appearances. they say, casey white has easily identifiable tattoo, you can see one of them there. in the u.s., rising covid cases
11:47 pm
are not the only worry for health experts. the centers for disease control is investigating more than 100 cases of severe unexplained hepatitis in children. authorities say the cases seem to be rare and they have not seen an increase in liver inflammation of children coming to emergency rooms. it appears to be linked to a virus that is not known to cause hepatitis in otherwise health children. they are considering a range of causes, including an exposure to animals. this week's mother's day celebration will be met with a record breaking heat wave. the latest from the cnn weather center. after ththe break. find more ways to grow with miracle-gro. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be hehere.
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well, mother nature is cooking up a heat wave, in new mexico, the governor telling people to heed evacuation orders as the heat could fuel active wildfires. a red flag warning will go in to affect in the coming hours. experts say as many as 120 record high temperatures in at least 13 states are forecast to be tied or broken in the next several days. this paired with an alarming drought and water crisis in the west, causing major reservoirs in some states to be at critically low levels. joining me now, cnn meteorologist, derek vandam, worrying for what is coming ahead. >> we are talking about what is happening in the colorado river basin, let's go to the state of
11:53 pm
california, one of the most populous and larger states in the western u.s. and the two reservoirs, they are at critically low levels where it should be at the highest. we are coming off the winter season where snow pack should be high, we should be getting the melting runoffs and it's not happening. lake shasta is only at 40% capacity, this is some of the lowest levels that they should see typically since the start of may at the lowest level. 40% capacity compared to what they should see in the month of may. let's go to lake oriville, we have drone footage coming out of that particular reservoir there and you can see that bath tub ring around the edge of the reservoir, that indicates the water levels that have been depleting over time. that is right now, 70% of where
11:54 pm
it should be around this time. on average. so, really only 55% capacity. just look at the level of that reservoir there with the boats basically at its lowest point ever seen. so getting back to the graphics. we have the ongoing drought over the western u.s., 91% of the western parts of the country under drought conditions. and this is fueling the wild fire concerns across much of the great basin, including new mexico let's take you there. this is incredible to see the second largest wild fire in new mexico co's history, still burning out of control. 168,000 acres have been scorched so far, only 20% containment, unfortunately we have the ingre ingredients for more fire conditions. we have a heat wave building over the cental u.s. 170 plus record high temperatures should be shattered from saturday, today, right through the middle of the work week, we are talking triple digit heat and it's only early may, this is very abnormal
11:55 pm
for this time of year. texas really the hot spot, that's where we are anticipating the above average temperatures to continue. and then that starts to build in to the lower plains and in the midwest as well. this is a more of an immediate threat that is happening across the midwest or mid atlantic. we have flash flood warnings, warnings across much of the mid atlantic at the moment, including washington, d.c. intereand baltimore. an additional 3 inches of rain forecast for the region. we are looking out for the potential flash flooding fthrouh the early morning hours. a wide spectrum from wires from the west coast to floods to the east coast. >> you are the man to cover it for us, thank you for that. and thank you for spending part of your day with me. i'm michael holmes, you can follow me on twitter. we will be back with more news after a short break.
11:56 pm
i will see you tomorrow. bas pass
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11:58 pm
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless".
11:59 pm
really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
12:00 am
. this is cn nn breaking news. hello and a warm welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm live in ukraine. eevacuations for the lucky few in mariupol offer hope for safe passage for those still there. they must survive the relentless shelling from russia as the kremlin looks for victory in the day ahead. >> in atlanta following the other top stories we are learning north korea has fired what appears to be a


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