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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 9, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is monday, folks, may the. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. how was your mother's day? >> it was nice. how was yours? >> very nice. we have a lot to get to this morning. we begin with vladimir putin delivering a defiant speech a short time ago in moscow's red square right before a military parade marking the soviet union's defeat of nazi germany in world war ii. putin defended russia's invasion of ukraine claiming the west was creating threats next to russia's borders and preparing
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for aggression. >> translator: in kyiv they were talking about the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons. the nato bloc started developing, actively developing territories adjacent to us and, therefore, in a planned way were creating absolutely unacceptable threat immediately next to our borders. everything pointed to a collision with the nazism -- with the nazis and banbanderites that was inevitable and supported by the west. >> joining us from cnn international, nic robertson. you listened to the speech. the pomp and circumstance in the last hour. here's the logic from putin, indiscriminate shelling of ukraine's citizens inside ukraine's borders. putin's logic is this is
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self-defense for russia. >> reporter: it is an inversion of reality, but it's a version of reality that he sells to the russian population. his popularity is riding high. he must sell the huaraz a success. it was interesting that his speech was relatively short. it was interesting that his speech spoke only about donbas and not giving particular clues to its continuation and the fact that he might want to take more of ukraine or potentially the whole of ukraine. no clues there, but it gives a degree of ambiguity that perhaps allows him to stall out this fight in a matter of months or maybe, maybe years, just not clear. but it does give him the ambiguity to say that he was only ever going after donbas. he didn't set himself a higher target, talking about the fighters of donbas and the russian fighters fighting for the motherland.
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but really as you and i and our audience will see, an inversion of reality that's typical of putin and plays on points that he was making about ukraine being a launch pad for nato that go back before the war actually started. the criticisms he had back then. >> nic, he didn't -- he defended the invasion, of course, but he didn't declare war on ukraine as some had speculated he might do. he also didn't declare victory in this war. does it signal sort of where he thinks he might be losing this? >> reporter: it certainly signals that he is not as confident as he was a few months ago going into this, where he thought he had an early -- an easy victory awaiting him and his forces. perhaps because he doesn't talk about getting into a wider war, that's despite the fact that we've heard a lot of his sort of very pro-kremlin commentators
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and anchors on russian state tv talking about time to take the gloves off, time to get out of the special military operation and declare war. he didn't do that. perhaps that speaks to the disconnect and the lack of sort of ground support for young men to become conscripts in a bigger russian war here on the border of finland and russia just a couple days ago, i met a young russian who was fleeing because he told me he did not want to fight the war. he didn't want to get conscripted into war in ukraine. there have been attacks on conscription centers, recruitment centers in russia. perhaps putin recognizes this. while his popularity is high, there perhaps isn't enough support for a war that may not go his way. so if he escalates and loses, that's worse than maintaining what he has. and finding a strategic
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calculated narrative of victory that, of course, isn't. >> this whole like russian media image that is being projected inside russia, but once you start to have more funerals, right, and more soldiers coming home, one wonders if that turns the tide. but this message today wasn't for any of us. this was not for the rest of the world. this was an internal audience he was speaking to, right? >> reporter: hugely so. and best interpreted that way, that he really needs to keep this narrative of we're fighting nazism, this ties him with our history. this is about fighting with the mother land. it wasn't just his speech obviously. this parade is very well choreographed in advance. every shot of the russian generals sort of just stop, their vehicles stopping right where the cameras were, panning off the faces of these russian generals onto the soldiers
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chanting in support, the careful shots behind president putin of a veteran with a whole chest full of medals. it's all designed so play into the narrative of support. look at those people lined up behind putin. look at everyone who wasn't a serviceman on duty on parade there. this is the older generation putin is appealing to. that perhaps tells us a lot of what is going on in russia. that he doesn't have the full and unchallenged support of the younger generation that he appears to have with the majority of the older generation. that's part of i think what we're seeing happening in russia today. >> that generational divide is an interesting context. nic, you're obviously on the ground in finland, a country ha la has a decision to make. if now isn't the time to join nato, when? >> reporter: it is now, and the majority of finns are saying that.
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the latest calculations, these are estimates of what the 200-member parliament is thinking, 122 is the latest figure in some finnish media of those who support joining nato. the people we speak to on the streets here, the vast majority are in favor of supporting. and they really came to that realization very quickly after putin invaded ukraine. they recognized that finland's long history of being non-aligned, being a member of the european union, training with nato troops, but not being a member of nato wasn't going to save them if russia decided to act aggressively against finland. really we've seen that ground as well of change. later this week parliament is expected to really make clear what its decision is going to be, the foreign affair -- the foreign ministry will give its response to parliament. we'll hear from the prime minister, from the president
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later this week. and that will really set the tone and set the course. but i think it's pretty much expected, without doubt, that the government here will say we would like to join nato. that's the broad expectation. >> and so vladimir putin who says the reason he invaded ukraine is because nato got too close to his doorstep, that invasion of ukraine will cause nato to get even closer to his doorstep. so one wonders what the reaction will be. nic robertson, thank you for that great analysis, nic. >> thanks, nic. coming up, the first lady jill biden in europe now. more on her surprise visit to ukraine. plus a surprise concert in a war zone. hear from the u 2 show in a bomb shelter. and the battle over abortion underway this week on capitol hill. but what if you could begin to see the signs of hope all around you? what if you could let in the lyte? discover caplyta. caplyta is a once-daily pill, proven to deliver significant relief
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welcome back. good morning. first lady jill biden is in slovakia right now fresh off of her surprise visit to ukraine where she met with ukraine's first lady. cnn's jasmine wright is live right now for us. jasmine, we haven't seen ukraine's first lady since the war began. a powerful moment. what brought these two first ladies together? >> reporter: that's right, christine. look, it was a mother's day celebration of sorts. first lady dr. jill biden, she said she wanted to cross over the slow vavakian border to shoe people of the united states stands with them. >> i wanted to come on mother's day. i thought it was important to show the ukrainian people that
2:14 am
this war has to stop, and this war has been brutal, and that the people of the united states stand with the people of ukraine. >> reporter: so there we heard from dr. biden giving those important remarks after she spoke, the first lady of ukraine spoke. then commenced a closed door bilateral with them. in ukraine at a former school now turned into a refuge for displaced families and, of course, this visit by dr. biden marks just the latest high profile visit from an official in the biden administration. we know just a few weeks ago we saw secretary of state antony blinken, secretary of defense lloyd austin, of course, nancy pelosi was there also recently. also notably here, laura, this marks the first time since 2008 that a first lady of the united
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states has visited a war-torn country. so very, very important day for dr. biden. and it came about three days in of a four-day eastern european trip to romagna and slovakia where she has been meeting with humanitarian officials, and dozens and dozens of refugees and their families now displaced from ukraine. and so today we will see her continue on the last day of her trip. she's in slovakia. she's going to meet with the president just momentarily there before she returns to d.c. this evening. >> all right, jasmine. thank you so much for that. nice to see you this morning. laura? meantime diplomats returned to kyiv the first time since russia's invasion. cnn's scott mclean joins us live in lviv in western ukraine. scott, good morning. now, this doesn't mean the u.s. embassy is about to reopen. >> reporter: no, but they certainly are working toward that, they say. this visit by the chief of mission there who is a career
2:16 am
diplomat, not a political appointee, is largely symbolic. they will be there for a few days to meet with local officials, meet with their ukrainian counterparts. this is a small contingent, not the full reopening we've seen with some of the other em bay cities in kyiv. it is pretty tough, laura, to be an american diplomat in ukraine these days because, of course, you're working from poland. it was about ten days or so before the war began that the embassy in kyiv was relocated briefly to lviv here for about a week, and then it was just a few days before the war they actually moved and started working permanently out of a hotel in poland. that is where they've been ever since. it was actually last week for the first time that the chief of mission and a small number of staff people were here in lviv for meetings two days out of last week. now they've gone back to kyiv. as i mentioned, largely symbolic, but also you can imagine the amount of planning that goes into this kind of thing because the americans are quite security conscious.
2:17 am
they are getting bolder, though, it seems in their choices. a couple weeks ago, of course, secretary of state, secretary of defense, they were here visiting with president zelenskyy, and then yesterday we had the first lady just going just across into ukrainian territory in uzgrad to meet with the ukrainian first lady. in terms of the may 9 celebration, this is the day we thought that many western officials figured russia would capitalize on the symbolism of it. perhaps to declare war, perhaps to declare victory or announce some kind of escalation, and really it seems like it's been quite quiet for now. there have been some, according to local officials, missile strikes in odessa, but there was not the parade that some predicted to take place in mariupol. in terms of the battle lines right now, according to the ukrainians, they say that the russians continue to keep their powder dry in the eastern part of the country in anticipation of this ukrainian counter
2:18 am
offensive that is taking place as the ukrainians slowly inch by inch take back land. they have thousands of troops, according to the ukrainians, just inside the russian border in belgarad ready to be deployed in the event the ukrainians get close to that border. the most intense fighting it taking place in daneonetsk wher they are not having as much success according to the ukrainians. time and time again, when they don't make progress on the ground, they seem to shell the towns and villages on the other side of the front line. that is what we've seen, especially in luhansk region where, of course, that school was just bombed and officials there say they are not able to fully excavate that site to see if there are survivors still trapped there, laura. >> scott mclean, thank you for your reporting. more on that school believed to be shelled, ukrainian officials say they believe as many as 60 people killed over the weekend in that bombing of a school being used as a shelter in eastern ukraine. it comes in the final hours
2:19 am
before president putin's victory day address. cnn's sam kiley has the story. >> reporter: this for vladimir putin is what a modern russian victory looks like. dozens dead or missing from a russian air-strike on a russian-speaking village as part of a russian campaign that putin says is to protect his kin folk in ukraine. the rescuers are saying the heat is overwhelming. local authorities fear about 60 people died here. this was a school in eastern ukraine. villagers were sheltering in its basement. some had been there for weeks. survivors were left with little but grief. we asked if his family had been with him. his mother didn't survive.
2:20 am
it is not lost on anybody here that on the eve of vladimir putin's celebration of the soviet victory in the second world war over nazi germany, it is civilians who are suffering the most in the name of vladimir putin's de-nazification of ukraine. a country with a jewish president. >> translator: i got slammed down by a slat bent into a bull. then another explosion, darkness. then i looked and the dust settled and a ray of light appeared. sergey crawled out, then he dug me out. dug uncle tulia out. dug uncle ira out. we crawled out in a fog, he said. ukraine has stalled russia's plans for conquest. the kremlin added strategic sites like oil supplies to its target list and stepped up its air-strikes against civilians in eastern ukraine hitting a residential block in the eastern
2:21 am
cit city. a fascist creed they call russism. soon after the latest air-strike, they shoot prisoners, torture women and children, rape, they loot, they go step-by-step towards nazism. such explanations for what is happening here don't really answer the painful question, why? sam kiley, cnn. >> sam, thank you for that report. coming up for you this week, we are going to find out where every u.s. senator stands on abortion. we have all those details just ahead. and gas prices are rising again. we'll find out what joe biden plans to do about inflation. more next.
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the fight over abortion rights heats up on capitol hill this week. a democratic bill to write the essence of roe vs. wade into law is headed for a senate vote on wednesday. but it's going nowhere fast. senate majority leader chuck schumer, nevertheless, says every vote will put every member on the record on abortion. >> this is no longer an abstract exercise. this is the real deal, and everyone's eyes are on them. so we can always hope and we must have this vote, every senator must show where he or she stands. >> two prominent gop supporters of some abortion rights, senators sue an collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska, have signalled they will opposed democrats' bill. they said they will introduce their own narrower abortion
2:27 am
rights bill allowing states to keep some restrictions in place. meantime, police in madison, wisconsin are investigating vandalism and arson at the offices of a political organization that lobbies against abortion rights and same-sex marriage. sorry for the graphic at the beginning there to throw you off. the fire at the wisconsin family action office broke out early on sunday morning. graffiti written on the building's wall reads, if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either. okay, now here comes the graphic. inflation issue number one for the white house and likely for voters heading into the midterm elections. president biden set to layout a plan to fight inflation tuesday. inflation running hot since august. the annual inflation rate well above the normal 2 percent range a full year now. a cnn poll found 8 in 10 american adults said the government wasn't doing mnuchin to curb inflation. the policies have hurt the economy.
2:28 am
the president will also contrast his inflation plan with what it calls republicans' ultra megaplan to raise taxes and phase out popular programs like social security, medicare and medicaid. just ahead, why china's president xi should be careful not to take a page from vladimir putin's playbook. plus bon owe and the edge go underground inside a bomb shelter. ♪ with a p plant-based adaptogen, helps alleviate stress on skin.n. so you can get back in sync. new dove men. a rerestorative shower for body and mind. "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful ideaea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you cane free. do your eyesother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye
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welcome back. the biden administration is now announcing a new round of sanctions in hopes of further stifling russia's economy. this time the target is russia-based media companies. let's bring in cnn's claire sebastian who is live in london for us. claire, why these companies and what is the white house hoping to accomplish with this? >> reporter: laura, this is an effort to sort of stifle funding to the kremlin's propaganda machine. they are some of the biggest networks in russia, if not the biggest. and the media in russia, don't forget, is not independent. and even less so since russia passed a law in march which criminalized any, what they call false information about their so-called special military operation in ukraine. even calling it a war is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. so sanctioning these companies will sort of in theory stifle some of the funding to the broadcast networks that are propounding the kremlin line and
2:34 am
not broadcasting elements of the conflict the kremlin doesn't want the russian public to see. according to a senior administration official, these companies received last year more than $300 million from western countries in terms of advertising rev news. the sanction wills cut them off not only from advertising revenues, but from receiving western broadcast technology. so this in theory should punish them for their role in the provision of propaganda which helps sustain the propaganda in russia. >> a show of solidarity, u2 doing a pop-up concert in kyiv. the invitation actually came from president zelenskyy himself. what else do we know about how this came about? >> reporter: yeah, there was a moment of levity, a lighter moment in these dark days. the tweet from u2 suggests president zelenskyy did invite them, he wanted them to put on a show of solidarity to the ukrainian people. the concert itself took place in a metro station in kyiv that has
2:35 am
been used in the past as a bomb shelter. and some of the choices of songs were particularly appropriate when we're talking about the show of solidarity. take a listen. ♪ ♪ stand by me ♪ ♪ won't you stand, won't you stand ♪ ♪ won't you stand, won't you stand by me ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that's bono singing with a ukrainian rock singer. he said he couldn't believe that had happened. now, bono and the edge went on to tour the towns that have sort of emerged from russian occupation where we've seen some of the major atrocities in the war come to light. the likes of bucha and irpin. have a listen to what bono had to say about his view of the conflict.
2:36 am
>> i think it's one man's war really, and i think there's people in russia will, will -- younger people know what's going on, and i trust in the younger people in russia to throw this man out of his office that was so high and is so low right now. >> reporter: interesting. he says he trusts in the younger people. what many of those in russia in particular are still accessing independent media through things like vpns, whether or not they're going to act on the information they get through that in a climate where even mentioning the word war in the context of ukraine can lead to 15 years in prison, that is a question entirely. >> claire sebastian, appreciate it. let's bring in cnn political analyst from the "washington post," josh. the comment from bono, we've heard this again and again,
2:37 am
maybe younger people are going to know what's really happening and be the change here. but we heard from vladimir putin just two hours ago, he's still, you know, sticking to this line that he is -- >> it's self-defense. >> the victim hood of putin and russia, something that appeals to the older generation. >> right. well, i think we have to be realistic, christine. in russia, no matter if you're older or young, your influence on vladimir putin's decision making is basically zero. inside that information environment, even the most active young people have no voice. and those who insist on raising their voice are quickly jailed. so that's a great long-term aspiration from bono. i think in the near term we have to listen to what vladimir putin says and believe him, that this is a war he in tinds to -- inte to fight to the end whatever that means. he has no intentions of listening to the aspirations of the ukrainian people or his people for that matter for
2:38 am
peace. we better just buckle our seat belts because this is going to get worse before it gets better. >> josh, you have a really interesting piece in the "washington post" that suggests while vladimir putin fumbles the invasion of ukraine, someone else is watching. someone else is president xi in china and he is watching and he's learning from putin's mistakes in case he ever decides to invade in taiwan. of course, he would deny that he has any plans, but explain that a little bit. explain your theory. >> right. well, vladimir putin denied he had plans to attack ukraine until he attacked ukraine. we're seeing a similar scenario play out in china where the leader is preaching to his people about historical grievances with the west, and using that to menace his democratic neighbor taiwan. the terrible part for the taiwanese is that vladimir putin had to go first. so he made a lot of mistakes. xi jinping is learning from those mistakes. and according to u.s. officials i talked to, xi jinping, if he dozen said taiwan, he's going to
2:39 am
be much better at it. in other words, he's going to be quicker and more brutal and more devastating and make sure that he gets that capital city before they have a chance to rally the international community to defend them. and he's going to know what our economic playbook is and he's going to fight the information war better than putin did. what that should tell us in view of u.s. officials i talk to, we should learn from the ukraine war as well when we think about how to defend taiwan. we should give them things they're going to need to fight a's ukraine-style uinsurgency ad invasion. all those things are being poured into ukraine which makes it really hard for the taiwanese to get their hands on them. >> do you think, josh, these historic sanctions against russia will give president xi pause? i mean, is that something that could be a potential deterrent from an invasion of taiwan? >> well, it's definitely causing him to think about how to insulate china from that type of sanctions and that's what he's
2:40 am
doing. he's not pausing. he's speeding up his plans. what we see now is the head of the chinese government meeting with all of the international banks to make sure they know if china attacks taiwan, they're not going to stand for those kinds of sanctions. it's going to be a lot more difficult. the chinese economy is a lot bigger than the russian economy. it's more intertwined with our economy than russia's is. it's going to be harder to bring sanctions on china than on russia. i don't think it gives him pause. it speeds up his plans actually. >> joshua, a fascinating analysis. everyone should check it out on the "washington post" website. thanks so much. coming up, with the tight republican in the senate says about a national abortion ban. and president biden's new messaging for the midterms. the words he's using to tatarge the gop. the world is full of make or break moments.
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president biden is sharpening his message against the gop now focusing on what he calls the extremism and dangers presented by maga republicans. >> senator rick scott of florida, united states senator, who is leading the republican national senatorial campaign committee, released what he calls the ultra maga agenda. it's a maga agenda all right. let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. it's extreme as most maga things are. what are the next things that are going to be attacked? because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> let's bring in cnn white house correspondent john harwood. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> good morning. what is the strategy behind biden's new language, highlighting what he calls the extremism of the maga crowd? it seems to me he wants to focus on that extremism part, believing that most people in
2:46 am
the country fall some where in the middle? >> reporter: that's right. let's step back, laura, the difficulties president biden has been having almost a year really. last fall when joe biden's job approval ratings had fallen down to the 40s, when terry mcauliffe, the democratic candidate was losing the governor's race in virginia by trying to link his opponent to donald trump. democrats said, this isn't working. making donald trump, when he's not president any more, when he's not on the ballot, making him the focus of the campaign isn't going to work. they were exploring other messages, what they came to settle on was the idea that this is much bigger than donald trump. it's about the republican party. he's accelerated some of these changes. and now his legacy is a party that is both extreme in its objectives and they got an illustration last week with the leaked supreme court ruling that would wipe out a 50-year
2:47 am
constitutional right if that is the final ruling. and secondly, that they're willing to do anything for power. they did polling and survey research to try to figure this out, and their proof point there is the january 6th insurrection. so they are trying to say these are wild people. they are coming for things that matter to you. and they'll do anything to get them. and that's something that they think is more relevant than focusing on donald trump now that he's out of office. >> yeah, he's naming some names there, laying into the maga crowd, but he doesn't seem to be zeroing in on donald trump by name. that's on purpose. >> reporter: right. and, you know, the name he focused in on was the head of the republican senate campaign, rick scott. and rick scott reflects the line of attack the democrats previously used. rick scott is a wealthy former health care executive and one of the planks of that ultra maga agenda that president biden referred to was a plank that said, well, we're going to make
2:48 am
sure that everybody pays at least some income taxes. almost half of americans don't make enough money to pay federal income tax. so he is saying with that suggestion that taxes would be applied, federal taxes would be applied to those people who don't make enough money. that's what president biden was attacking, and rick scott is relevant because he's trying to win the senate right now to put mitch mcconnell back in the leader's office. that's why he focused on that. their notion is attacking them simply as the party of the rich, which is something democrats have done for quite a long time, isn't enough. they've got to talk about the radicalism, the extremism in the objectives and in the methods of this republican party, and they hope that that is a message, with all the difficulties they have, inflation, immigration, crime, all the things that republicans are throwing at them. they're trying to get people to focus their attention on bigger picture issues and that is
2:49 am
threat to american values and american democracy. >> you're quoting one of his top advisers going back in the white house saying, making it a choice, not a referendum, is the first step. trying to pivot away from making this about biden and inflation and gas prices, and really about the other side. >> reporter: well, that's right, laura. because as you know, for 100 years, presidents who are newly elected to office almost always, not in every case, but almost always get hammered in the first midterm elections because all of a sudden the problems that got you elected in the first place, going after the other party, those become your problems. and you get blamed for them, and you get asked by people, what are you going to do about inflation, what are you going to do about the border, what are you going to do about crime? whether or not the president has direct control over those things or not, that comes with the job. that's why you get beat. if you're simply being evaluated by voters on the basis of how you're doing with those problems, that is usually a losing game. you've got to set up a contrast
2:50 am
and say, well, this is what i'm doing, but this is what they would do. that's what presidents do when they run for reelection. they have an opponent to focus on. they're trying to do that right now. president biden and the democrats are going to try to do that right now with republicans in a bid to hold the congress. uphill fight, odds are against them, but that's what they think gives them a chance. >> john harwood, nice to see you this morning, cnn correspondent. >> reporter: you bet. russia heard from vladimir putin. victory day parade. more from inside moscow next. and this, a baby formula shortage that has many families just scrambling. or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the startrt... and moveve toward relief after the first dose... with injections everery two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection,
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ all right. happy monday. let's get a check on cnn business to start the week. looking at markets around the world, you can see that asian shares closed lower. shanghai pretty steady there. europe has opened lower as well. it was another rocky week in the stock market last week. here's the friday close. actually here's futures this morning which looks like it's going to be rough. here's the friday close. interest rates are rising, inflation is still a problem. there are covid lockdowns in china. and there's war in europe. a lot to contend with. friday's jobs report was solid still. the dow has fallen six weeks in a row, down more than 9% this year so far. the push to restock baby
2:56 am
formula has hit a new snag. while manufacturers are ramping up production following months and months of baby formula shortages, analysts say supply chain challenges and inflation and product recalls all preventing formula from hitting stores in more than half the country. cvs, walmart and target are limiting purchases. so parents are turning to social media trying to convince strangers to sell formula to them. >> not recommended. all right. the biggest stars in sports were on hand to welcome formula one in miami this weekend. andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher report. hi, andy. >> hi, laura. formula one exploded in popularity in the u.s. thanks in large part to the series. the stars were out for this one. michael jordan and tom brady giving each other a hug in the garage area before the race. then they took this awesome picture with soccer great david beckham and seven-time f-1 champ
2:57 am
louis hamilton. the 3.3 mile track around hard rock stadium, track included a fake marina with yachts on it. defending series champ max verstappen, his third win of the year, he came out to celebrate with a football helmet on when he went to the podium. formula one will hold this race in miami at least the next ten years. to the nba, chris paul not happy at the end of yesterday's game. here he was talking with security. his family was sitting behind the suns bench area. according to espn and fans, they put hands on his wife. condemning the fan's action saying he was swiftly removed. paul tweeted after the game, players stepped to the fans, but fans can put their hands on our families? f that. dorian finney smith on fire. 8-3, mavs win 111-101, two games
2:58 am
apiece. 76ers also tying their series with the heat. thanks to a vintage game from james harden. the beard scoring 16 of the 31 points with the sixers in the fourth quarter. made some huge step back three's down the stretch. 116-108, game five in miami. finally check out the incredible aerial view of rich stripes upset win at the kentucky derby saturday. masterfully weaving his way through traffic before breaking along the rail to outrun epicenter for the win. rich strike had 80-1 odds of winning the largest of 90-1 in 2018. the crowd was stunned. lots of unhappy betters. guys, i was not one of them. i was having a rough day so i decided to try to rally betting on the horses with the worst
2:59 am
odds in the derby, and it worked. came all the way back with a nice 80-1 odds win right there. >> at least you looked the part, very dapper. >> you did look good. >> in your khaki. >> you did look good. >> thanks, andy. >> nice to see you. what a race. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. ♪ good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday, may 9th. i'm brianna keilar with john avlon. john berman is off. vladimir putin defending his unprovoked invasion of ukraine, claiming that the west was preparing to


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