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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 16, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. you are watching cnn "newsroom." i am rosemary church. happening this hour, debate in finland's parliament ahead of a vote on joining nato. we are live in h.
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and north korea is battling its first reported covid outbreak. we will look at what south korea is offering. >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is cnn "newsroom" with rosemary church. good to have you with us. we begin with a seismic shift for european security. on sunday finland's government f formally announced it would join nato. parliament is widely expected to endorse the decision, and from there nato leaders said the approval process could move quickly.
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sunday's announcement mark a historic policy change for two countries that remained neutral for decades and it's likely to anger russian president, vladimir putin, who long considered nato expansion a threat to russia. claire sebastian is standing by with reaction. and first, let's go to nic robertson live in helsinki. a vote will come on whether to join nato, and probably that's a forgone conclusion. how does the process move on from here? >> reporter: it is a forgone conclusion, and the president yesterday, when he spoke at a joint press conference with the prime minister noted not only that this is a historic moment in finnish politics and finnish
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life, and the politicians have had debate. really, what we will see unfold in parliament is the completion of the democratic process and the conversations in parliament are expected to last as long in essence there are politicians that want to debate it. it is very much expected to be a yes vote, possibly today, possibly tomorrow. more than 100 members -- more than 180 members of the parliament, and 200 total are expected to jvote in favor of joining nato, and the conclusion, as you say, is a forgone conclusion at this time, as well. here outside the finnish president's residence, he will meet with senate minority
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leader, mitch mcconnell and other senators as well, and they were in sweden yesterday and we know president biden had a conversation with the president recently outlining the united states' support with finland's succession to nato. perhaps furthering those discussions there in a few minutes here. we know sweden is following very much a similar process at the moment. the social democrat party said they are in favor of the country joining nato, and the parliament there will be discussing it as well. these votes very much expected in the coming days very shortly, and not quite possible to say precisely, but very soon. >> clear, you are there in london. we want you to look at russian reaction to this, because vladimir putin has threatened retaliation.
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what might that look like? >> it's pretty unclear, rosemary, what type of retaliation he could be talking about. the foreign ministry said it could be some type of retaliation, and he has cut off electricity and that shows the economical hybrid retaliation we could be talking about. the finnish emergency preparedness committee is preparing for a gas cut off. they talked about the economist costs to finland and sweden if they joined nato, not only ramping up defense spending and russian tv says that will take away from social spending, and it's interesting to note that the president of finland and president putin held a phone
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call on saturday, and putin was fairly calm, and he said rejecting the neutrality would be a mistake, and we don't know what kind of decisions are being made under the calm exterior. one of the reasons on the face of it that he launched this conflict in ukraine was that. >> that's the irony in all of this. many thanks to both of you to bring us up-to-date. we will continue to watch that. many nato countries have voiced support for finnish and swedish bids, and turkish officials have accused those countries of aiding kurdish groups and terrorists, and they want export bans on turkey lifted. take a listen.
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>> turkey indicated it's not their intention to block membership and i am confident we will be able to address their concerns that turkey expressed in a way that doesn't delay the membership or succession process. >> for the latest on turkey's reaction, we're live in eastonbull. >> rosemary, i think everybody was really surprised, and many of turkey's allies were shocked, and erdogan said, look, they don't view sweden and finland joining nato as something positive, and over the weekend,
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i think we got a bit more clarity on turkey's position, rosemary, and where this might be headed. turkish officials verify this is not closing the door and it's not a firm no but they have concerns they need to have addressed and want security guarantees. as you mentioned earlier, this is about several issues relating to turkish militant tkpgroups, they accused them of harboring members of the pkk, that the terrorists organization according to the u.s., the eu and turkey. another issue that turkey has, rosemary, is arming and supporting the wpg, and that's the syrian kurdish militia in northeastern syria, which this has been a contentious issue between nato countries and turkey for a very long time.
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it's strained relations between these countries because of the support they gave to the syrian turkish fighters, and so what they are saying is they want to see an end to the support to these groups, and also, as you mentioned on the ban on military experts, and amid the restrictions put in place on turkey's defense industry, and we know the turkish foreign minister met with his swedish and finnish counterparts over the weekend and discussions are taking place and they are trying to work through this. and there seems to be a consensus, and as you heard there from the secretary general of nato, they are saying they believe they can work through this and turkey is not going to at the end of the day block the membership of sweden and finland, but interestingly, rosemary, some analysts say
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while turkey might have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed, and it's also about turkey and its president asserting itself wanting a seat at the table when decisions are made and don't want to be taken for granted. >> we will, of course, continue to watch this. appreciate it. new video appears to show russia using incendiary weapons at the besieged steel plan pt in mariupol. now, the date isn't clear, and incendiary musicians are made to ignite ammunition, fuel and wood on fire. it's reported hundreds of ukrainian troops are still
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holding out in azovstal. a ukrainian official said sunday the russians fired at a hospital there. there are reports the ukrainians pulled back from a nearby town, but ukraine's military said the russians suffered significant losses in their assault on the east. and ukrainian forces reached the border with russia near kharkiv, and putting down a blue and yellow stake. sam wiley has more on the fighting in the east. >> as the third month of the russian invasion, the war created here in ukraine by vladimir putin approaches, the fighting continues to be intense here in the east with a particular concentration of action around the northern city
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of donetsk. with the increasing focus on events here with the strong sense that the russians may be trying to concentrate their efforts on one or two axis of advance, and down in the far south of the operational area, there's no sign at all of the russian reducing their efforts there, and that's why it sits on a canal system, and clearly the pressure is continuing from russia, and there's an increasing sense among ukrainians particularly with the new weapons coming in from nato allies, they will be able to get more on the front foot, and then
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where do they stop? as far as president zelenskyy's concerned, they will not stop until they have driven the russians out of their country entirely. i want to bring up these live images coming from finland's capitol. the measure is expected to pass despite threats from russia. vladimir putin said joining the block would be a, quote, mistake. and joining the alliance would more than double the border russia shares with its members. again, lawmakers in finland are voting on whether to apply to join nato, and they are debating now and will vote later and we will bring you those results as soon as they are in. coming up next, we are
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deadly gun violence erupted again in the u.s. sunday, a day after a mass shooting in buffalo, new york, california authorities say one person is dead and four others critically wounded after a gunman open fire at a church in laguna woods. the suspect believed to be an asian man in his 60s is in custody. authorities say he was stopped before law enforcement arrived thanks to extraordinary actions by churchgoers. take a listen. >> we believe a group of churchgoers detained him and hogtied his legs and confiscated two weapons from him. that group of churchgoers displayed bravery in intervening to stop the suspect. >> the shooting took place
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during a lunch reception honoring the former pastor of the taiwanese congregation that uses the church for his services. and in buffalo, new york, authorities believe the mass shooting at a supermarket was motivated by hate. investigators are reviewing a 180-page manifesto posted on social media that lays out the attack. >> i held in my arms a young lady who worked at tops, and she was so afraid she was about to die. >> we're haueartbroken. many people with tears in their
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eyes, and families that lost loved ones. i am telling the community to grieve, but let's stay strong, let's stay together and let's get through this as a community. >> we're also learning more about the ten people killed in saturday's shooting, including 77-year-old pearl young. the long-time substitute teacher is being described as a true pillar in the community. and details are emerging about the buffalo, new york, shooter's background. >> police and fbi officials have been at the home of peyton's parents on the street in new york behind me collecting items they will need in the investigation in the case, as we put together new information on the background of the shooter, and we know from the police commissioner of buffalo that
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last june, june of 2021, that this suspect, 18-year-old payton jen drum made a centralized threat when he attended a high school not far from here. the police commissioner said that threat was not racial in nature but state police then took the suspect in for a mental health evaluation and he was held for a day and a half and then released, and that was about a year ago, in june of 2021. state police confirming at that time he took a 17-year-old person in for a mental health evaluation but did not give details other than that. i talked to the owner of a place called the reliable market here who confirmed to me the suspect worked there for three or four months and left there three months ago on his own accord and on good terms giving two weeks
12:22 am
notice, and he was known as a quiet young man by the owner and the owner did not have much more to say about him, and that's the picture we are getting from the neighborhood, they are shocked because they believe the parents are responsible people and nice, and the mom is known to take walks and be a friendly person, and they describe payton as being a quiet young man, and one neighbor said if you spoke to him, you could get one or two words out of him, and he would on occasion help an older lady next door take out her trash every week. the owner of the store where he worked did tell me, quote, he'll probably pay a huge price for this, as he should.
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>> earlier i spoke with the executive director of 97%, a group working to reduce gun violence and i asked him about the latest deadly shootings in the u.s. >> it is scary. i think what is happening here, r rosemary, we have gun sales in the united states, they were huge in the pandemic. so we have hundreds of millions of guns in this country, and as you talked about and your correspondent talked about before, we have the conspiracy theories and hate propping up, and the combination of who maybe should not have a gun and all of this hatred is what we are seeing in the rise in gun violence, and that's not to mention two-thirds of the gun deaths are those who commit suicide, and most of the gun deaths in the country are suicides, and the numbers are going up and not down. >> it's just a tragic situation,
12:24 am
isn't it, to watch unfold? the buffalo shooting suspect, only 18 years old, and allegedly a white supremacists radicalized online, and casing out that su supermarket attacking a predominantly black neighborhood, and he allegedly posted a 180-page manifesto online. how should the u.s. be dealing with this type of online radicalization. what more needs to be done to take some of this material down? is that even possible? >> rosemary, that's not my area. my area that we focus on is is gun violence and what to do about gun violence and we spoke specifically about bringing people together, and gun owners and non gun owners feel the same way about some of the issues. last year, this person
12:25 am
threatened to shoot up his school, right? what could have happened in buffalo is they have what is called the red flag law in new york. are you familiar with that term? >> yeah. >> that means the police or the school could have petitioned the court to take away this person's gun and they did not. that's a law that exist that people don't use enough. gun owners favor red flag laws, and non gun owners favor red flag laws, and we need to use laws that we have in place that prevent people from having a gun and doing something like this. there's a law in new york that could have helped in a case like this and was not used. >> why do you think it was not used? >> glad you asked. people don't know these laws are on the books in many states. last year there was a shooting, i believe it was in indiana, and they changed the laws in indiana and made it so more people know they exist. in new york, often, and in california, where i am, people
12:26 am
don't know that these laws exist, and red flag laws are favored by two-thirds of gun owners, and in many cases that would be helpful. >> that was matthew littman, the director of 97% joining me last hour. and north korea won't say how many citizens have covid-19, but kim jong-un is sending the military to help with a soaring number of so-called favor cases. those details in a live report from the region after the break.
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china is planning for life to return to normal in shanghai next month. local officials declare the city's outbreak under control a short time ago. shanghai's millions of residents are frustrated after more than six weeks of lockdown, and state media says kim jong-un has ordered the military to help stabilize the medicine supply. and let's start with blake who is monitoring north korea from tokyo. blake, what more are you learning about the covid situation in north korea? what sort of numbers are we talking about here? >> you know, the covid crisis in north korea is getting worse by the day, since the country identified or admitted its first
12:31 am
ever case of covid last week. and there were 400,000 new cases reported yesterday, and the outbreak started in late april and resulted in more than 1.2 million cases of the so-called fever cases, and more than 560,000 people are still being isolated with symptoms, and 50 people, so far, have died, although it's unclear if the favor cases or deaths were caused by covid-19, and the reason for that, the uncertainty -- and the reason we are calling it fever cases instead of covid, is because testing is extremely low and the vast majority of those showing symptoms in all likelihood have not been tested. only 64,000 people had been tested out of a population of more than 25 million people, and to make matters worse, experts are saying the country lacks
12:32 am
significant health care infrastructure and is unlikely to treat large numbers of patients, and it's also likely that none of the country's 25 million people have been vaccinated, and north korea has not secured vaccinations despite being eligible. south korea offered medical supplies and vaccinations to help the outbreak, and it's unclear whether north korea will take south korea up on its offer to provide aid, and kim jong-un has been visiting pharmacies while wearing a mask, and he k declared a emergency and for a lockdown nationwide. >> we will, of course, continue to watch this. i want to bring in anna carr
12:33 am
from hong ckong for more on china's situation. shanghai residents are looking forward to getting back to some form of normalcy next month. >> that's what the government is telling people, they have the three stages that they are boeing to get to shanghai back to some level of normalcy. people are not buying it. i spoke to residents in shanghai that have been locked up for more than seven weeks, and 25 million have been locked up for seven weeks, and others locked up before that official lockdown. they say we don't trust the government and we certainly don't trust their timeline, and the shanghai authorities have said they have the three-stage plan, which will allow for super markets, for restaurants, for shopping malls to reopen, but as i say, people are very
12:34 am
skeptical, rosemary. i should add that on sunday they recorded 938 cases in shanghai, and that's the first time it dropped below 1,000 since late march. it's not just shanghai that is under lockdown. there are dozens of cities around china that are in either full lockdown or partial lockdown. beijing has managed to escape that being the capital. it recorded 54 cases on sunday and yet restrictions seem to be tightening there. people are speaking of soft lockdowns in certain districts where public transport has been stopped there and encouraging people to work from home. we have to remember that beijing has really been through so many rounds of mass testing and authorities have only just announced another three rounds of mass testing this week for about 20 million people. those people have already gone through 15 tests in just the last few weeks, so really this
12:35 am
is just taking an enormous toll. i should mention that the asian football federation cup which is due to be hosted by china in june and july of next year has been canceled by the chinese government, and they have given up rights to host it, and that's how long they think the pandemic is going to affect china, rosemary. >> that's extraordinary. thank you both for joining us with those live updates. appreciate it. just ahead, voters in lebanon went to the polls in parliamentary elections for the first time since the country's economic collapse. we will have a report from beirut. we're back in just a moment. inspired by the scents of nature you love. air wick. connect to nature.
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voters in lebanon went to the polls on sunday in a high-stakes parliamentary election, the first since the popular up rising against the ruling elite, and several groups
12:39 am
rose out to compete with the establishment, and some fear voter turnout was still too low. cnn's ben wedeman reports. >> the lines were long at the school as women waited to vote in lebanon's parliamentary elections. we have hit rock bottom, she says. like so many here, she hopes the voters will somehow be able to throw off the political elite that mismanaged and looted lebanon for decades, depriving its people of the most basic opportunities. all of our children have immigrated, she tells me, after voting. only my husband and i are still here, yet the elite still have the money and resources to win the votes in a system described by one analysts as a procedural
12:40 am
look on one hand. >> it's going to take time, and it's not going to happen this year, and it's not going to happen, probably, in four years, but we need to show a model that beirut can change, and if beirut can change, everybody else can vote as well. >> voting as evened in the parliamentary elections, and they are now preparing to count the votes. it's still early, but the expectations are the turnout would be lower than what it was in 2018. why? many of the people we spoke to attributed it to the fact that the lebanese economy effectively collapsed, and the gdp is half of what it was three years ago. inflation is running at more than 200%. the lebanese leader, many people
12:41 am
are angry at the fact that not far from here on the 4th of august, 2020, the beirut port blast happened wounding thousands and killing 200, but still nobody within the government has been held accountable. the feeling of many lebanese is that not only have the political elite, the people that ruled this country for decades, failed them, but the entire political system failed them as well. i am ben wedeman, reporting from beirut. >> thank you for joining us. for our international viewers, "voice changers"s" is next, and we'll be back in just a minute.
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mother. the biggest stars of country and southern gospel music performed tributes to the icon. fans filled the ryman auditorium in nashville. wynona judd announced she plans to go on the road and performing this year what was meant to be a reunion tour with her mother. and then a senator was hospitalized on friday and was forced to cancel events. he released this statement on
12:47 am
social media. >> as you can see we hit a little bump on the campaign trail. >> i was on friday and not feeling very well, so i decided i needed to get checked out -- >> i made you get checked out, because i was right, as always. >> if fetterman wins, he will face-off in november. and then vaccine misinformation is what got people killed in the united states, and better vaccination rates could have prevented half the deaths since the vaccinations became available between january 2021 and april 2022 if peak vaccination rates were sustained across the country. dr. anthony fauci warns the u.s. needs to keep alert and that the pandemic is not over yet. >> we're starting to see surges
12:48 am
of cases, so protection against initial infection, we know wanes and the variant of omicron is surging in multiple states. we need to make sure we don't make a decision, which would be a wrong decision, that we are completely finished with covid-19. we are not. >> a cardiologist and professor of molecular medicine in scripps research in california. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. according to the website for johns hopkins university, the u.s. is approaching 1 million covid deaths and as we just heard from dr. fauci, covid is not over yet with surges in cases in many u.s. states waning immunity, and dr. fauci said
12:49 am
that's why more americans need to be vaccinated and boosted. how do you achieve that when there's still misinformation out there that is stopping people from getting their shots, especially the critical boosters. >> critical is the word. as a country, we needed to make this clear back last fall when the booster campaign got its start. for people who have not had a booster and are just relying on their infection immunity, it will do nothing to protect them from the omicron variants that we face today. there are accounting for a major new wave. we have to make a much stronger effort to convince the people that the boosters are essential. of course, as dr. fauci pointed out, too, that even the primary vaccination, we are only at two-thirds of americans, and we
12:50 am
should be far greater. especially in those people who are of advanced age. >> yeah, and i mean, that's the problem, and then trying to convince people they need to do this. of course, these surges in covid cases result in a rising in hospitalizations. is it inevitable the mortality will rise, too, if people don't get their shots? >> as you mentioned the $1 million, to think a few hundred thousand of these were fully preventible, and so we're going to see a rise in deaths because right now we are seeing a 20% or greater hospitalization increase. it's nothing like what we have seen with omicron variant, and we may well get to 40 or 50,000 hospitalizations before the current ba.2 wave is fin heishe
12:51 am
with us, and that doesn't mean it's finished at that point. >> and then the u.s. is seeing 100,000 reported covid cases today, and many are taking the home tests and not getting counted in the tally, so could the infections be significantly higher, do you think? >> not only significant, but i would say we are at least 500,000 new cases a day, because of what you said, rosemary, and that means we are at the biggest wave of the whole pandemic in terms of spread, infectiousness, and accept for the omicron wave in january. this is under the radar wave, and if you talked to people, the transmission rates are exceptionally high. >> the problem is, and certainly
12:52 am
from where i live, you say that people are much more relaxed and people are not wearing their masks anymore, and people are not as worried and don't feel threatened by omicron and the sub variants, so how do you convince people that we are in a dangerous stage again. >> i write about capitulation, and the cdc says we need to live with covid and that's the case in many other countries around the world, and in fact we don't have to live with it because it's inducing a lot of harm. instead of the idea that we should, as you said, stop with all of our mitigation measures that do have an affect, that do help us, and also invest in the things that we need to come up with vaccines that are far more protective, and nasal vaccines that will drop transmission, and
12:53 am
much better pills and a host of vaccinations other than relying on paxlovid. >> always a pleasure to talk with you and get your perspective on these matters. appreciate it. >> thanks so much. well, a cold front moving across the u.s. is causing severe thunderstorm conditions for the northeast, and damaging winds, hail and even tornadoes are a risk as the system moves east. about 90 million americans could be impacted by this severe weather. let's turn to our meteorologist who joins me with more. that's a lot coming towards people. talk to us about what you are seeing? >> it's the most densely populated in the u.s., and that's the northeast front and the front is slated to arrive in the next 12 hours, and once it
12:54 am
does, it will make its presence felt in new york, boston and philadelphia as well, and the main threat along the line of storms will be straight line winds kicking up to 65 and 70 miles per hour at times. large hail and possible flooding. on a scale of 1 to 5, it's a level 3. in this area, about a 5% chance of any area within 25 miles of a point you could see a tornado possible. again, small enough risks but placed in a very densely populated region. last couple of weeks, five tornadoes scattered across the eastern united states, and you will notice the wide coverage of wind and that's what we expect in the next 24 hours. the big story beyond this is the
12:55 am
significant ramp up of temperatures around the large area of the southern united states. monday through saturday, upwards of 150 temperatures will be excessive. we do expect the temperatures to climb up again to more in line of what you would see in july and august, and closinging in on the triple digit mark later this week. across the state of colorado, a new fire to tell you about. the entirety of the state here dealing with dry conditions, drought conditions, and this fire is 10% contained. >> unbelievable, isn't it? thank you for bringing us up-to-date on it. appreciate it. and djokovic received
12:56 am
another career milestone. he did it by beating norway's player in the italian semifinals on saturday. for good measure, he went on to win the tournament on sunday, not dropping a single set along the way. it's the first time for djokovic since winning the masters in november. and then set for the nba playoffs. the celtics crushed the bucks on sunday. 109-81. grant williams put up a career high 27 points as the celtics advanced to the eastern conference finals. second seed boston will face the top seed, miami heat, for game one set for tuesday in miami, and the dallas mavericks shutdown the phoenix suns with a dominant victory, and the mavs
12:57 am
led by as many as 46 points as they advanced to the western conference finals. dallas will take on the golden state warriors on wednesday in san francisco. thank you so much for spending part of your day with pea. i am rosemary church. cnn "newsroom" is next. that detergents can't. of a cleaean is good, sanitized is better. ♪
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hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world, i'm isa suarez in london and we are following two major stories just ahead right here on "cnn newsroom." >> this event will not define buffalo. >> this is an absolute racist hate crime. >> we must all work together to


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