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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 20, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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welcome to all of you watching us here in the yurngd can united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. just ahead -- >> quite often north korea has carried out some kind of test just before or just after any kind of presidential trip, but for it to happen while u.s. president biden is here would be quite surprising. >> ukrainians have achieved remarkable success pushing russian forces closer to the
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border now away from ukraine. >> there is no question nato is relevant. it is effective. finland and sweden make nato stronger. >> the january 6 select committee once again has in its sights a republican member of congress. and republicans are now asking for the capitol police to release the video in question here. >> live from atlanta, this is "cnn newsroom" with kim brunhuber. minutes from now, u.s. president joe biden is expected to land in south korea to begin his very first az i sia trip as president, he will spend most of the weekend holding talks with the now south korea president and then heading to japan where he will meet with their prime minister and indian and australian leaders. this comes later in his presidency than he might have
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liked, but he says he hopes to, quote, confirm the importance of our indo-pacific alliances. paula hancock is live in seoul for us. so an unwelcome/welcome gifts of sorts with some kind of weapons tests expected to be conducted during or just after his visit? what more do we know? >> well, this is what we're hearing both from the u.s. and south korean side that potentially there is an icbm, intercontinental ballistic missile, or some kind of long range missile that is be prepared. this is according to both sides saying that they are looking at satellite images and what they have seen before just before -- just prior to launches, that is what they are seeing now. if it does happen, it would be remarkable. there hasn't been a weapons test missile launch while a u.s. president has been in the
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country before. just before and just after is when pyongyang usually does it. but the white house has had to think about this. we heard from national security adviser jake sullivan saying that they are preparing for all contingencies should there be a launch or even anunder ground nuclear test. clearly north korea was going to be high up on the agenda anyway when it came to the meeting between the u.s. president and the new south korean president. north korea has a way of making sure that it is top of the agenda. they have had a remarkable year, 15 missile launches so far. kim. >> thanks so much, paula. apologize the audio was a bit off there. so kevin, let's go to you now. it has taken president biden a while as we said to make his first asian trip of his presidency. so take us through what you are
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expecting to see and hear. >> reporter: yeah, i think president biden would have liked to travel to asia a little sooner in his presidency just like his most predecessors did. but he was hampered by the restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic. and he was hampered by the crisis in ukraine which is consuming so much of his time and attention. but now the president really wants to come here to reaffirm the importance of these key personal lie answers in japan and south korea and sort of demonstrate that he is still focused on this region. what u.s. officials say is that of course they can focus on two things at the same time and in fact the president's ability to rally allies behind a sanctions regime against russia is actually very reassuring to american allies in asia who are looking at the situation here and wondering what might happen in the next several years or decades. and so certainly north korea is high on the agenda as paula laid out, u.s. officials sort of bracing for a potential provocation should that happen
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while the president is here on the peninsula. but of course the other major issue that is looming over this trip sort of unspoken but certainly a major factor is china. and the president has really sort of made it a central facet of his foreign policy to counter china and sort of compete in the same military and economic space as china does in asia. and so when you see the president arrive, first thing that he will do is go to this samsung factory that is manufacturing semiconductors, those critical microchips that are essential for vehicles. there has been a global shortage of those because of shutdowns at chinese factories. and what the president wants to do is reiterate that the u.s. can sort of wean itself off of its reliance on chinese supply chains, get those microchips from other allies like south korea and potentially make them back at home. so this is sort of the economic message that the president hopes to drive while he is in asia.
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but certainly security issues will all be the focus of the bilateral talks that the president will hold with the new south korean president tomorrow and then tomorrow the new prime minister in japan as well. these are new leaders, the u.s. has taken them as sort of a positive sign, both have been very vocally pro united states. and so the president's aides certainly feel confident that they can get a lot out of this trip. but when we see them touchdown in a few minutes, we'll see that demonstration that the president is focusing on asia, committed to making this a key facet of his foreign policy. >> and we'll come back to you live when the president touches down in maybe 10 minutes or so. kevin liptak, thank you so much. president biden says finland and sweden have the full and complete backing of the united states for their formal applications to join nato. he welcomed the leaders of the two nations to the white house
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on thursday as a show of support and solidarity. finland and sweden say their bids to join nato are a direct result of russia's war on ukraine which sparked security concerns across the region. biden says the nordic countries will bring new strength to the alliance. >> today there is no question nato is relevant. it is effective. and it is more needed now than ever. bottom line is simple. quite straightforward. finland and sweden make nato stronger. >> but all 30 nato members have to agree on admitting any new nation to the alliance and on thursday turkey's president again reiterated his objection to the bids by finland and sweden. >> translator: if we are turkey with a population of 85 million, this country has made such a mistake in the past. it will not happen again. because of that, we will continue our policy in a
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determined way. we have told allies that we will say no to finland and sweden's nato membership. >> meanwhile an enormous aid bill for ukraine is on its way to south korea to be signed into law by president biden. thursday the senate voted to pass the nearly $40 billion package, it would provide money for both military and humanitarian assistance to the war-torn nation. that same day the white house announced another security package worth $100 million for ukraine. and that includes additional artillery, radar and other equipment. ukraine's military is upbeat about the success of its recent counter offenses, russian seizes of kharkiv and mykolaiv have been broken and ukrainian forces are pressing on toward herkhers. but russian airstrikes and shelling killed at least a dozen
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cities in severdonetsk. and ukraine's president says there is no military justification for russia's brut brutality. here he is. >> translator: the armed forces of ukraine continue thehe khark region. but there is hell and that is not an exaggeration. constant strikes at the odesa region, at the cities of central ukraine donbas is completely destroyed. all this doesn't and cannot have any military explanation for russia. >> and in mariupol, an unknown number of ukrainian soldiers are vowing to keep fighting from inside the azovstal steel plant, hundreds have surrendered in recent days. suzanne malveaux is standing by in lviv. so let's start with the strikes which killed so many civilians. what more are we learning?
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>> reporter: it really is devastating that the civilians taking the brunt of so many of these missile and artillery attacks as we had heard from president zelenskyy noting just the devastation and the toll that it is taking on ukrainians just north of kyiv in a village that is just 40 miles from the border with belarus. he mentioned that there were many, many dead. we don't know the numbers. but they are still trying to sort out the damage and carnage there. and as you and the president did as well, the donbas, donetsk and luhansk regions, that has been particularly hard hit over the last couple days, we are talking about civilian targets. there have been photos of high rise apartment buildings and as well as the aftermath of this, but punishing, punishing missile attacks, twifl 12 civilians kil0
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properties destroyed. and within the city of severdonetsk, we're told by an official 70% of the housing has been destroyed in that city. nevertheless, the ukrainian military are saying that the russians have not been able to penetrate the defense line that the ukrainians have been holding up, they have not been able to get to a key town which ukrainians are using to resupply their defense efforts. but president zelenskyy quite upset and really trying to just make sure that the civilian population knows that he is there for them in the fight. >> translator: the bombing and shelling of other cities, strikes of the russian army, all this is not just hostilities during the war. this is a deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many ukrainians as possible, destroy as many houses, social facilities as possible.
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>> reporter: kim, this is part of what the nato military intelligence officer really called it a stall in this, or a standstill, where just both sides with the attacks, you know, pummelling trying to make some head way. and not doing so. >> yeah, and with the azovstal steel plant in mariupol, just bring us up to speed on the situation there. >> reporter: well, last numbers that we heard, this is from russians, that there were 1700 that have been evacuated. we do know now that there are some top military commanders from ukrainian's military inside the steel plant and they are among the hundreds that still remain. and we have heard from them, one of those officials yesterday on social media, instagram, sending out a message that the war is not over, that the big war has
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just gbegun. and we also heard from a deputy inside of the steel plant who issued an ominous video message about what they are potentially planning what's next. >> translator: my command and i are on the territory of the azovstal plant, an operation is under way. i will not give any details. i'm grateful to the whole world and ukraine for the support. see you. >> reporter: so all eyes are on that steel plant. what comes of that, what happens, whether or not there is some sort of breakout or some sort of move afoot, potentially more carnage to come. >> we'll keep our eyes on that situation. suzanne malveaux live in lviv for us, thank you so much. and pennsylvania officials have been counting ballots all day but the state's republican primary race remains too close to call. trump endorsed tv personality
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mehmet oz is hanging on to a slim lead over former hedge fund executive david mccormick. mccormick told a local radio show that he expects counting to be done in another day or two and he thinks the margin will be so small that an automatic recount will be triggered. select committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot is looking into a tour given by a republican lawmaker the day before the insurrectio insurrection. ryan nobles has the details. >> reporter: the committee once again has in its sights a republican member of congress, looking for more information that they believe is a key part of their investigation. this time it is congressman barry louaudermilk of georgia, they want to know about a tour he gave the day before the insurrection. and this tracks back to an accusation made in the days after january 6 where she
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alleged had she saw members of congress, republican members of congress, giving tours at the capitol and she described those tours as recognizance tours. now, she has never provided evidence to back up that claim and republicans have been very critical of her calling them out. and laudermilk is being identified as someone who may have been giving one of those tours. he pushed back on the accusation. he said as a constituent family with young children, meeting with their member of congress in house office buildings is not a suspicious group or, quote, recognizance tour. the family never entered the capitol building. it is a false narrative being pushed. and republicans are now asking for the capitol police to release the video in question here, something that the republicans asked several weeks ago go as well. capitol police say they don't have the authorization do so, but it is clear that the
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question is do they make it a part of their public hearings and then will they also provide more evidence to suggest that there may have been something questionable about this tour and it is not as innocent as laudermilk claims to be. still many unanswered questions, but it has bob another important pimportant -- become another important part of the investigation. ryan nobles, cnn, on capitol hill. and bill barr has tentatively agreed to testify to the select committee. barr talked informally to the committee late last year, a two hour meeting focusing on his interactions with donald trump before and after the election. the biden administration is preparing to fly in the first batch of baby formula from overseas. the white house came to an agreement with nestle to transfer the equivalent of 1.5
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million 8 ounce bottles of formula. the first plane is anticipated to leave switzerland land in the coming days and this is part of the new fly formula program in response to the alarming shortage in the u.s. meanwhile the senate approved a bill that will help improve access to baby formula for low income families. in the meantime parents are worried for their babies. >> it has been really difficult. i mean, we've been going to all kinds of different stores, you know, kroger, walmart, target, walgreen's. there is nothing there. >> it is a huge blessing to say the least because again, you just want to cry. you want to stand in the aisle and cry because there is no formula. >> senior administration officials couldn't provide cnn specifics on how they would carry out the latest plan saying that they were in ongoing discussions with manufacturers about how to proceed. just as the world is
1:18 am
starting to put the worst of covid behind it, another threat is beginning to cross borders, ahead, the latest on the spread of the monkeypox virus and plus north korea is dealing with its own outbreak, why the reclusive country has seen an explosion in covid cases over a very short time, that is coming up.
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children in the u.s. aged 5 to 11 are now eligible for a covid booster shot. on thursday the director of the centers for disease control approved the extra inoculation for that age group. right now pfizer is the only one approved for those children. cdc says the additional dose should be given at least five months after the first two doses. north korean state media are reporting that the country's so-called fever cases have surpassed 2 million since late april. this is as several north korean cargo planes have been spotted flying to and from china. we don't know what they were carrying, but beijing has pledged to help the country battle its massive covid outbreak. will ripley has more from taipei.
1:23 am
>> reporter: the mood triumphant, the crowd massive, most not wearing masks. at this military parade last month, kim jung-un promised to protect his people from hostile forces like the u.s. protection from the virus that would soon ravage his unvaccinated population, nonexistent. weeks later, a devastating fever believed to be undiagnoseded covid-19, infecting and killing some of the most privileged citizens. >> military parade was a superspreader event and we know that they flew in citizens from across north korea. >> reporter: some of those citizens from the chinese border region, a play i visited five years ago. north koreans are living a literal stone's throw away from the raging omicron outbreak in china. beijing pledged to help pyongyang battle the outbreak. the mehermetically sealed borde apparently breached. two years of pandemic isolation,
1:24 am
two years of sacrifice gone in one parade. >> that is the perfect petri dish. so i think the parade will go counsel in h-- down in history. >> reporter: and an unprecedented nationwide lockdown skyrocketing infections and deaths, dilapidated health care system on the verge of collapse lacking even the most basic medicines and medical equipment. millions of malnourished north koreans at higher risk of severe infection. >> i think that it is going to test his leadership certainly. and it will create some urgency for very creative story telling in the north korean propaganda. >> reporter: crucial to keeping the kim family in power even during times of crisis like the
1:25 am
1990s where they had to eat tree bark to survive. >> they strengthened social controls because they have the fear that if there is an outbreak, if there is a crisis, that is what happened in the 1990s, that, you know, the police, the secret police, the military. >> reporter: now they are getting sick. state media says around 2 million fever cases in one week, a crisis of kim's own creation, potentially devastating hardship for the north korean people. will ripley, cnn, taipei. dozens of cases of monkeypox are being detected across the globe. they have been identified in several european countries as well as the u.s., uk, australia and canada. this comes as the u.s. centers for disease control is monitoring six people for possible infections. it is believed that they sat near an infected traveler who
1:26 am
had symptoms while on a flight from nigeria to the united kingdom in early may. and while health experts in the united states are urging calm, they are also stressing the need to be vigilant for any symptoms. >> initially the symptoms look like a whole bunch of other things. swollen lymph nodes, fever, but then shortly after though, you get the tell tale rash with lesions all over the body. this is why the contacts are being told to watch out for lymph nodes and fever. transmission is prolonged face-to-face contact and direct or indirect contact with bodily f fluids or those skin lesions. and this has happened before. in 2003, there were 47 cases in the u.s. >> and the cdc says the six people being monitored for monkey pox are healthy with no symptoms and they are considered to be at low risk. in previous outbreaks, about 1% of those of a fliafflicted have.
1:27 am
still ahead here, cries for justice in the courtroom as ukrainian widow confronts the russian soldier who killed her husband in cold blood. we'll have a live report from kyiv coming up.
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first war crimes trial of this conflict is resuming right now in a kyiv courtroom. russian soldier admits killing an unarmed 62-year-old civilian in the early days of the war. prosecutors have asked for life in prison. there was high drama when he was
1:31 am
confronted by the man's widow. this is just getting started now. what are we expecting to hear today, melissa? >> reporter: that's right, those proceedings just inside the courtroom outside of which i'm standing now, back under way, t that 21-year-old who has pled guilty to killing the 62-year-old man on the fourth day of the war up in the north of ukraine in the sumy region. he is now back in that courtroom and he is expected to testify again today. we're expecting to get more information from him and i think that that is important because that has been one of the most interesting as ppects of went wt on, to hear firsthand from the young soldiers. we also heard from another soldier who had been with him that day about the circumstances in which this happened. essentially their tank had hit a
1:32 am
i mean, they got stuck, they escaped in a stolen car. and the chaos that ensued is really what we got a sense of yesterday listening to both young soldiers. there were several soldiers traveling in the car, they saw the unarmed civilian on a bicycle on his phone and sheish marin said they were given the orders to shoot that man which he initially refused and then carried out because the other soldier in the car senior to them gave him the strict order to go ahead and do it. so just fascinating details about what it was like for these young soldiers engaging in a special operation that they didn't understand very much about. there was also as you just said that extraordinary moment when the widow of the man who was killed on that day got to confront vadim and here is what she had to say. >> translator: you can please tell me what did you feel when you killed my husband?
1:33 am
>> translator: shame. >> translator: do you repent? >> translator: yes. i acknowledge my fault. i understand that you will not be able to forgive me but i'm sorry. >> reporter: an extraordinary moment there. and it almost got more interesting still when she said, you know, you came here to protect me, who did you protect me from, did you protect me from my husband? you will remember the justification that vladimir putin had given inside russia for this invasion of ukraine, not calling it a war, calling it a special operation, explaining that it was all about protecting ukrainians themselves from their own government. so it takes us back to the chaos and fear that there would have been amongst these foot soldiers of the russian army. >> lots of emotion there on both sides i guess. melissa bell live for us in kyiv, ukraine.
1:34 am
right now the u.s. president joe biden has just arrived in south korea. so you are looking at live pictures there of the air base where air force one just landed. and this is president biden's very first asia trip as president. and he is expected to meet south korea's new president to reaffirm america's support. so as we await the president coming down those steps, let's bring back kevin liptak. he a live in seoul. kevin, first the logistics. take us through the time line of his visit. >> reporter: it is almost a 15 flight from washington, certainly the longest journey that the president has taken. there is a refueling stop in alaska. but it is interesting when you look at the course of the president's day, he started the day thursday meeting with the
1:35 am
leaders of sweden and finland at the white house to talk about their desire to join nato. and so you really see the president's quote/unquote pivot to asia happening sort of in real time. he is focused on ukraine in the morning and then he turns to get on the plane and come here to south korea. and that sort of demonstrative of the president's whole foreign policy really, the president has said that he wants to make asia a center dipiece of his global outlook, mainly in the military and economic space. but again these other foreign hot spots have bubbled up and consumed so much of the president's time and the latest is russia's invasion of ukraine. and what white house officials say is that of course the president can focus on two things at once and that the president's ability to rally allies against the sanctions regime against russia are reassuring to his partners in asia who wonder what might be
1:36 am
coming down the pike here. so the president is here, he is about to come out of air force one. first thing that he will do is be met on the ground, we're told that the korean foreign minister is here to meet him as is the commander, the army commander of u.s. forces korea. obviously a major military, american military, presence here in south korea. so certainly that is a focus of the president's while he is here. from here he will drive over to a samsung plant that is manufacturing microchips, is this a critical message that the president wants to bring first thing here is the importance of these very critical technology for cars. there has been a short average them globally that has faaffect car manufacturing in the united states and the president is working to wean the united states off its reliance on
1:37 am
chinese semiconductors, hopefully to make more of them at home and of course make them in south korea as well. so you really start to see the economic component of the trip materializing as well. so the president has just landed, taking his time of course, freshening up maybe to get off the plane and really make his first step on asian soil as president. >> we're just waiting as that door of air force one is open. it is taking him a while to make this first trip to asia, but he is here just outside of seoul. and there we have president biden striding down the steps. >> reporter: and it is interesting, he is wearing a mask. of course the president and his aides have gone back and forth about mask mandates on airplanes. here in south korea, mask wearing is very prominent. it is required indoors and most people still wear them outdoors
1:38 am
as well. so the president clearly adhering to the local custom. he has taken it off as he is greeting these folks on the tarmac. i believe that is the korean foreign minister, sort of the highest ranking official to greet the president on the tarmac and then he will make his way down these other officials, some other u.s. military officials who are here to greet him, there is the top american diplomat in south korea. there is not a confirmed ambassador in south korea yet. the president has nominated a career diplomat to that post, but he hasn't been confirmed yesterday. so the top american diplomat here to greet the president as well. and this is an interesting moment. this is the first time the president has been in asia since taking office, certainly probably would have liked to have come a little earlier in his presidency. his predecessors both came to asia within their first years in office. but of course the coronavirus
1:39 am
pandemic restrictions have hampered the president's ability to travel, as have these other crises that have popped up. as i said, the war in ukraine that has consumed so much of the president's time, but now the president at last has come to asia and he has been building up to this trip in the past several weeks. he hosted the leaders of the southeast asian collective called acean. and now the president greeting the american military members as well. that is something that the president's aides say that he does want to focus on while he is here in south korea. he is opting not to go to the korean demilitarized zone unlike his predecessors. he has been there before. he went as vice president. but the national security adviser jake sullivan told reporters on the way over to south korea that they thought it was more important to meet american service men and women who are on the ground here, that
1:40 am
is something that the president likes to do in nearly every foreign -- i think he's met with servicemen in every foreign trip that he's taken so far. so that is something that he will also do over the course of his visit in the next two days. >> kevin, let me ask you, hanging over all of this visit, we're expecting some sort of weapons test by the north koreans, which i believe is a first while a u.s. president is visiting. so first off, concretely, are they taking any extra sort of security precautions or special protocols? and more broadly, how are the u.s. and south korea going to respond to this, what are the on pos position -- options? >> reporter: in terms of the securities protocol, i don't think that the white house would lay them out ahead of time. but certainly whenever the president travels anywhere in the world, there is a massive security contingent that accompanies him. so i'm not sure that they are necessarily worried about that so much for the security co
1:41 am
comp component, but certainly the optics would be very troubling and what the white house says is that they have prepared contingencies with their allies, they have consulted with leaders in japan and south korea should one of these tests take place, whether it is north korea's seventh underground nuclear test or a test of a long range intercontinental ballistic missile, they say that they are prepared for that and that they believe that north korea could be doing it. they have seen signs that north korea is actually fueling up one of their long range missiles. so clearly an indication that they may be considered something. now, what we would see when that happens, we haven't gotten a concrete outline, but i think that you can expect the president to immediately confer with his south korean counterpart and maybe come together in some sort of show of resolve. and what jake sullivan said on the plane today, that it would of course force the united states and south korea to reconsider forced postures on
1:42 am
the ground, the various deterrent effects that the u.s. and south korea have in place. and so that would be quite a striking demonstration of the threat that north korea still poed poses to this region even as the world is sort of focused elsewhere in ukraine, that would be as clearest sign as any that north korea's nuclear him a businesses have not faded, that it wants to thrust itself back into the collective global consciousness after sort of a period of quiet for the last several years. so the president knows that is a possibility going forward. but as you said, that has never happened while a president is in asia. it has happened -- you know, when i was covering president obama, there was an underground nuclear test shortly after the president departed a conference in laos, north koreans had threatened it shortly before. so it is not necessarily unheard
1:43 am
of that they would use these kind of visits for that sort of test. but certainly that is something that the president is thinking a lot about. and just to note, i think that we also saw there on the tarmac the u.s. commerce sent gina raimondo really focusing on the economic and trade aspects of this trip, that is a big component of what the president will be talking about here in asia as well. >> and we just saw him get into his limo here as he heads off as you outlined his schedule. he will eventually go and meet with south korea's president and then continue on to japan eventually to talk with the leaders of the quad of australia, india and japan. so we'll continue covering his trip here. thank you so much, kevin liptak, reporting for us from seoul. really appreciate that. we'll have more news after this short break.
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the suspect in saturday's mass shooting in buffalo, new york appeared in court on thursday as investigators focus on a private social media chat he created just before the rampage. aggendron so far faces first-degree murder. 15 people were part of the "discord" chat he started before the shooting spree which left ten dead and wounded three others in what is believed to be a racially motivated attack. one victim's daughter couldn't hold back tears. here she is.
1:48 am
>> that racist young man took my mother away. i annual the eldest daughter of ruth whitfield. she was my best friend. what am i to do? what am i supposed to do now? >> first funerals to the victims will be held later today. parts of the u.s. are experiencing above normal high temperatures and making the wildfire season even worse. we'll have details from the weather center ahead. stay with us.
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new mexico is seeing the largest fire in the nation this year. in just a month hermits peak and calf canyon fires have burned through more than 300,000 acres and is just 30% contained. and in texas mesquite heat fire has burned 10,000 acres and only around 5% contained. officials say nearly 30 structures have been destroyed and steps of homes lost. joining me now is derek van dam. so much fire and destruction.
1:53 am
>> it has been a grueling fire season so far and we're talking about only middle of may. so let's try to put it into context for you at home because we have burned nearly twice the year to date average acres so far this fire season. and again, it is only may 20th as we speak. so incredible to look at these statistics. through the course of the year already, we've had 26,000 wildfires across the u.s. bushib burning just shy of 1.5 million acres. ten year average, we should only see about 800,000 acres burned up to this date. so really saying something about our season so far. there are currently 17 large active fires across the u.s. seven states being impacted by the wildfires, here is one of those wildfires out of central texas. mesquite heat fire billowing smoke into the upper levels of the atmosphere. and think about what that does to the quality of the air across that immediate area as well. central and western texas, all
1:54 am
of new mexico and parts of arizona under critical fire dangers today once again, we start to sound like a broken record here because it has been day in and day out of similar weather conditions and unfortunately long standing drought impacting these conditions as well. hermits peak now at 40% containment, so slight improvements there. that is good news. but still we're talking about a wildfire that has scorched over 300,000 acres and that has put it at the largest wildfire in new mexico's history. kim already mentioned that, but as sounding to see some of the footage. the firefighters battling such difficult circumstances, changing winds and weather patterns and that complicates things on the ground. and you can see how dangerous that can be. i just wish that we could bring some of the moisture just to the north, a couple hundred miles north of that fire, there is a full-fledged winter storm taking place across the colorado rockies.
1:55 am
they will be duchmped on with or 2 feet in some higher locations. if only we could take some of made moisture and help extinguish some of the fires just to its sort. >> i wish it worked that way. derek, thanks so much. tiger woods had a disappointing first round at the pga championship. the 15-time major golf champ shot 4 over par appearing to grimace several times. woods had a horrific car accident last february. he joked his leg has felt better before. here he is. >> i drove it well, but i didn't get the ball very close. got off to a great start and didn't keep it going. and i really didn't give myself any looks for birdie. you know, i was struggling trying to get the ball on the green and missed quite a few iron shots both ways. so it was a frustrating day. >> tiger and the rest of the
1:56 am
field tee off for the second round in a few hours. rory mcilroy has the first round lead. in the u.s. basketball playoffs, the celtics have earned their eastern conference final series against the heat. they easily defeated the heat 127-102 as marcus smart had 24 points to go along with 12 assists. best of seven series now shifts to boston for game three on saturday. that wraps this hour of cnn newsroom. "early start" is next.
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here we go, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is friday, may 20th. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. we begin this morning with president biden just landing a short time ago in south korea on the first leg of a trip to asia that will also include a stop in japan. in the next few minutes we'll see the president arrive at a samsung chip plant where he will meet with south korea's new president and take a factory tour. this all taking place under the shadow of china flexing it


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