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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. welcome to our viewers j joining us here from all around the world, i am rosemary church. a week after the deadly texas school shooting funerals begin as troubling new video revealed what police knew while they waited outside the classroom. the eu toughest sanctions on moscow since the invasion of ukraine three months ago, 90% of
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russian oil import. plus, a history making hurricane agatha slams into mexico as a category two storm. ♪ live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom with rosemary church. thank you for being with us. today marks one week since 21 innocent lives were cut short by a gunman who opened fire inside an elementary school in uvalde, texas. the first funeral will be held in the devastated community one day after grieving families gathered for visitations. more visitations and funerals are planned in the week ahead. 19 students and two teachers killed in the horrific shooting. ? the unimaginable heartbreak and
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grieving now mixed with growing anger as new details continue to emerge. lucy kavanof has more. >> reporter: a chaotic scene as police rushed to evacuate children. dispatch audio were aware that kids were still trapped inside. >> i am here. he's in a room. >> more devastating details from officials of at least two children calling 911 multiple times, pleading for help as the gunman is still inside the school for more than an hour before police enter a classroom and killed him. >> the border patrol decides to go in without orders from the police chief and command. >> at that point the cp team that went in in frustration says we are going in. at the end of the day, everybody
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fail here. we failed these children. >> i am filled with anger but i i am filled with no hatred. >> president biden visited uvalde on sunday to offer support for the victims. the second time he visited a community devastated by a mass shooting the the last two weeks. >> the wounded were brought to san antonio university. >> cnn got exclusive access inside. this is one of the teams that we formed . patric
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>> some of the doctors and nurses say respondsing to these kinds of mass shootings is taking a personal toll. >> i thought back to when i was 10-year-old, my family immigrated to this country and my giggest chbiggest challenge g how to speak english. you can't imagine what these children are going through. >> it is really unfair. it is really unfair. >> crystal flores recalled the agonizing weight for patients and the realization it was too much. >> i wish they were able toll get to them quicker, soon. >> she teared up when thinking about her little one. >> there is a lot o crying that day. nurse davis says she keeps on
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thinking of the pain suffered by the victim's parents. >> most of them have children. let's try imagine them and calling around and pray that their child is there than us having to tell them. we don't have the patient here. this is somebody trained to deal with their worst moments. these doctors worry about the invisible emotional scars that many of these children will carry. >> lucy kavanof, cnn, uvalde, texas. inside the mission to start mass shootings in america. he joins us now from california bay area. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> we are of course all distressed and sicken by news of another deadly mand shooting in
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this country. an 18-year-old man was able to legally purchase pweapons of wa and murdered young children. we want to say some progress on gun control. in your article, you state that the ent how do we stop it from happening again. >> i made it last week. it is important for the american public to recognize that there is a lot more we can do to deal with this epidemic of mask shootings. there is incredibly start disconnect between the majority of the american public and what do our political leaders even do? >> what do you suggest? >> my focus is on community
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based violent. it is more of seeing warning signs, we had big myths about mass shooters. that's just wrong when you look at these cases. every single case, there is a long process leading up to them with wanting something. looking to eat proactively, there is a lot we can do to prevent these kinds of attacks including the ones we just seen in buffalo new york and texas. >> in in addition to this, discussing red flag laws to deny guns deemed to a threat to themselves or others. expanded background checks. >> more money for menial health and school security. >> senators are meeting virtually this week and will have a bill ready to vote on next week. >> but, you know, people are
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cynical. >> they have seen some movement before and nothing has happened. >> how likely is it? >> i think the skepticism is very well wor arranted. >> it is as tough as every and extremely political environment. it is more of our do it at the state's level. building up community base, violent pr vevention. >> we kacan't rely on the political fight if we go forward if we want to see more changes in this country. >> most people are shocked of an 18-year-old had access to legally purchase these sorts of
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weapons. that's ex ttraordinary. >> i want to get to the media here. i does have a role to play to cover these and talk about the lives of the victims because that's important so people understand who has been lost here to this gun violence and not toll talk abouts the gunman. >> the pressure those ten case something. news outlets are getting better of covering these do yo, do you? >> it is a big challenge with these cases. it is very important to avoid excessive attention from the perpetrator from these attack. >> they want notarity, and
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reporting from this event is k. really through the country and look at where we are now. >> so it is very important that journalists dig into what happens in these cases and sport the circumstances. in uvalde, the law enforcement response is catastrophic. >> that's important do this in a way that's not sensationallize of this kind of violence and does not buy into the idea that it will never end. >> we are resigned to this going on and on. >> in of itself is feeding into the problem in my view at this point. >> sadly, there are so many parts to this story, it is tragic. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> good talking with you, thank you. a bipartisan group of
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senators met virtually in the hour ahead to discuss gun reforms in the u.s. >> talks won't in t-- u.s. president biden is optimistic that lawmakers on both sides of the isle will agree to new gun restrictions. >> canadian prime minister, ju justin trudeau. he introduced legislation that would place a national freeze on handgun ownership across canada. >> the build would kept sales, transfers and import. >> the feel of guns in the
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community. the new legislation will also require long gun mag seens be limited to five rounds. after weeks of back and forth negotiations, the eu struck a deal of russian oil. >> eu leaders agreed to a partial ban on hrussia cease oi import. >> the deal had some exceptions or all eu leaders saying to agree on its principles according to the european president. >> thanks to this. a ban of russian oil by the end of the year. >> cnn's ivan watson is joining
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me now live from hong kong with more on this. >> despite this being a partial ban, it is significance. how will it work and how long will it likely take to have an impact on russia's economy? >> as officials put it, they say rosemary, around two-thirds of russian oil exports are in europe and be impacted. t it is going to take longer for the remainder oil reaches ships by pipelines for it to be wound down. they say they have agreement from germany and poland who received it through the pipeline. by the end of the year, that'll stop completely. the big exemption is hungary which is gets and they basically
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kick the can down the road and discuss it in the fuc. if you want to know why it is important and have considerable impact on russia's economy. >> fusraush the most valuable s export in its economy. these crude oil as of 2020, about $75 billion worth of export. >> here are the top destinations for russian crude oil exports. >> china, but then the next countries, this is as recently as january of this year. all european countries either going to stop buying russian oil or according to the green statement, by the end of the year. >> the european council president is calling this
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important. >> the recrcent days, a dak of unity. >> it is very important to show. the three hours will be fun and you are right, defense defend our spinterests. >> this is part of a larger shift of moving away from fossil from russia. >> the kremlin is demanding being paid back in ruble which many european and energy companies don't want to do. also, days after russia invaded ukraine, germany announcing the suspension of the north stream. >> the pipeline and all of this should be at its conservative to russian policymakers whether you are going to make your money.
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>> if most of it comes from exporting oil and thatcnatural economies china will fill the gooef. and also, those other alternative markets can bargain and negotiate power with russia. all of this is big concerns for russia in the long-term raising the questions of a cost of t and. time for a short break now. ukrainian fighters say the worse is yet to come. as russia gaining more territory in the donbas reregion. >> we are back in just a moment.
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u.s. president joe biden says he'll not send long range
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missile. without them military victory against russia is unlikely. russian forces are gaining ground in the eastern donbas region and moving into the city of donetsk. ukraine's defense ministry reports battle along much of the front line. the russians are trying to encircle ukrainian troops in donetsk and luhanks. russian forces are closing in on another key city in the region. nick patton walsh has our report. >> reporter: the focus here that may encircle the two cities on a river we are driving into.
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ukrainian forces we saw here, mobile and tense and at times edgy. >> this is why. across the river here, the besieged city of donetsk enc increasingly more in russian's hands who ever you are. we can hear the crackle of gunfire down towards the. >> referee:er. we were told the russians haves tried to get into town already. looks like we may be witnessing another attempt. >> the remaining bridges enter the city. a police escort shouts "drones." we are on high dpround and exposed and scattered. >> it is a terrible two of desperation here. that's what makes people stay
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and that's what makes them finall fin finally flee. some who say increasingly angry of what's in the ukraine. a young woman was killed here a day earlier. locals told us not to film. cameras attracted shelling. russia's bloody persistent is bringing the kind of victory in the ruins they see to cherish. this cinema was a bomb shelter local officials said. it is unclear if when the huge airstrike hits, the russian military is aware it had been
11:24 pm
empty days earlier. >> a whole chunk of this cinema had been thrown into it. >> it is the velocity we see. >> many, many people, there is no gas or power or anything. we asked an aid worker says they won't come back. the aid workers have left here. >> laydia is pakiicking up the pieces of the airstrikes. there is an old lady on the force floor with my disabled son. he does not understand the war is happening. >> retreat lingers in the empty air. if putin takes here, he may plam
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the company makes one of the guns used in the texas elementary school shooting is promising to cooperate with investigators. it is facing scrutiny over history of controversial ads. cnn's tom foreman reports. >> reporter: look at the contrast. >> we love to build great guns. >> that's marty daniels, founder of daniels defense. which authorities made one of the weapons used with the uvalde shooter around his birthday. >> it is morally unconscionable. i am shocked but somebody is
11:31 pm
doing this. of course they are and they can make money doing it. they really need toe stop. >> they need to either like shame nem into stopping or regulate them into stopping. >> the company took that image down, georgia base daniel defense is a small firearm company with a big nisan ak for headlines. >> my family's safety is my highest priorities. >> when the nfl received this annual ads, marty turned the ejection into an achverage of o advantage. >> we believe in protecting our families. >> reporter: the company is going after young customers with pods and video games.
11:32 pm
>> marty keeps on railing of gol for th for the center sense. >> second maemt, moment, the company pulled out this year's nra convention. snoost replaced with a popcorn stand. >> we are deeply sadden by the tragic event. we'll cooperate all federal state and local law enforcement authorities in their investigation. >> that pledge may be tested. >> congress is asking daniel for details how he operates noting your company cons to manufacture large quantities and aggre aggressively mark them to the public. the impact of your product is by design. >> companies keep on leaving his message on the sport and the why it grows. >> pay attention to every details.
11:33 pm
>> we reached out to dan jell defense for further comments and that's snoonothing yet. tom foreman, cnn, washington. a former firearm executive and the author of "gunfight" against the industry that rat c radicalized monetary. >> we appreciate you being with us. >> you were born with a shotgun in one hand and a rifle in the others. >> wu went marketing bhen you saw the nra refused to and gun control and you decided to write a book about. safety and afear.
11:34 pm
how did the gun ministry become so powerful? >> it is not unlikely of our national politics. much like our national politics in america, used to be. there were norms across which you did not step. a good example that i cite is tactical gear warn by the uvalde shooter or up until textbooks they could used. it could be deline on the show. there were certain things you had to have credentials to get in there. today you can guess what it looks like. it is like presh person shooter game. the shell is just ripe it. hundreds and hundreds of companies.
11:35 pm
>> that all responsibility putting on decency was cast off in politics. i find it troubling. >> understandabliable. >> is there any wound. is the gunman will be able to do her thing. >> that age dprup tendingroup so be responsible for schools shootings. >> after pork land, the nra predicted after stopping that bill. i don't think there is going to be any assistance for coming to kpons sense from the gun lobby. i do fienld rays of hopes. the response to my book tells me there are a million of responsible gun owners who had what they now see as insanity.
11:36 pm
>> she some very, very horrific anything to do that. >> this elementary school is horrifying for so many people watching this play out. >> kpaps to someone within the gun industry like you were who decides to speak up and call for gun reform. >> is that consider one of the consequences is in this strange secret society, it is almost like holt-like. where did it come from. >> why i was inside the ministry, i do it. now, since it happened to the sandy hook massacre.
11:37 pm
>> industry is ruthless. >> i noted in my book of several examples of people lithoet instantly. >> my company and what i helped build powerful enough that i can walk the edge for 15 years. there was not a day i was worried about getting fired or my wife or kids getting attack physically or online, from trolls. >> very, disturbing. >> and you have said your book is a valuable perspective as the nation struggles to choose between the violence. or healing. >> does does it do that? >> well, i think the first step for us and i have gotten after the blast 15 or 17 days here. so many people calling and e-mails and direct messaging
11:38 pm
asking how did we get here? and how did we come here at a time where kids grew up in ta lan ch like i did. >> where we had armed and intimidation and proliferation of these guns. the days before the shooing yauld depoposted a picture of t m. i hope it is useful if we are going to unwounds this. we have to know how it was wound. >> rain busse, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. nearly a week after the
11:39 pm
uvalde school shootings, victims are being laid to rest. 18 children and one teacher will be made in custom kas debts donated by the company's so shy nirge. the owner met to discuss serious designs and the authority planted to appear on the casket psych softball and spider-man. the casket would finish after working nearly three days straight of the memorial day weekend. >> still ahead, tracking agatha, the tomorrow is nong low.
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weather in the u.s. midwest, you are looking at the aftermath of a possible tornado in douglas county minnesota. it hit nearly a small town of less than 200 people. the storm took down power lines and damaged as many as 100 homes. mexico, hurricane agatha remains a threat after becoming a tropical storm. it made landfall on monday on the pacific coast. there is still more rain and heavy wind to come. >> let's go to cnn's meteorologist, what are you seeing? >> don't be misled when we say the week, take a look at this, this is the air area escondido along the south coast of mexico. you can see strong winds and
11:45 pm
hes heavy surf. those will be o kerring because of the substantial rainfall associated with this. right now t information 60 miles per hour or just about 100 miles per hour. looks like most of it is where the strongest thunderstorms are along that eastern edge of this particular tropical storm. >> there is still tropical storm warnings which had been issued along the coastline but this is kp execed to move. it is going to be remanence and these remanence and going to be able to introduce significant rainfall. already, so we'll continue to monitor this tropical storm. looks like it. it has a fairly good chance of developing possibly into
11:46 pm
something tropical, about a 60% likelihood according to the national hurricane center. looks like a broad area of conf confection, maybe some moisture aimed at the florida peninsula. >> it is still far out, we have to still continue monitoring. >> absolutely, i know you will do that, karen mcbeginis, many thanks. at least 91 people with confirmed dead. dozens of others are still missing. >> emergency crews had been working around clock and nearly 4,000 people lost their home. since the downpours began last week. people in the region are bracing for more rain in the coming day. a disaster start of the summer. airlines across the united states, we'll explain why more than 200,000 flights were canceled over the holiday
11:47 pm
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we are following a positive development in the baby formula shortage threatening the health and well-being of infants across the united states. nestle says part of a shipment of how pinto baby formula from europe has passed through equality clearance process and into the system. that formula is intended for hospitals, doctors offices, home health care facilities, and pharmacies. 40% of the job are good start expensive ha formula was
11:52 pm
reportedly stopped for the weekend. that product is designed for babies with milk allergies. officials say this is just the beginning of the rollout. but relief will not come immediately to families, meaning parents will continue to struggle to find formula for the time being. we are now to another consumer crisis. plaguing america. more than 2000 flights were canceled over the memorial day weekend causing tremendous frustration for travelers. cnn's pete muntean explains why there was so many issues. >> travelers and the airlines are facing a huge test right now. not only is this the first major travel rush since the end of the transportation mask mandate. but airlines are being forced to cancel flights because they do not have enough workers. flight aware says airlines in the u.s. canceled hundreds more flights on monday. more than 2000 flights in total counseled in the u.s. since friday.
11:53 pm
as so many people are coming back to traveling the, tsa screened 2.5 million people across airports across the country on sunday. the dispute was all said and done screening more than 2.2 million people on monday. these numbers about 90%. where we were back in 2019 before the pandemic and the tsa said as summer travel ramps up we could see those numbers actually exceed pre-pandemic levels. i want to listen now to an interview idol transportation secretary, pete buttigieg, where i asked them whether or not her lines are up for his big challenge. >> we saw a lot of airlines during the pandemic cleaning up their schedules and thinning out their workforce. not knowing when demand was going to return. now, boston expected, the demand has come roaring back and they are struggling to keep up. that is true whether we're talking about flight and then cruise, when we talk about pilots, and so we gotta make sure that we have short-term and long-term purchase. >> one of the short term solutions airlines proactively canceling flights. there are light is one of the latest make such announcement thing will shed about 100
11:54 pm
flights a day from its schedule during the month of july. memorial day is so much about driving that triple anticipated 34% 0.9% of people who would drive 50 miles or more over the five-day surrounding memorial day when gas prices are so sky-high. when you adjust those for inflation the last time we saw gas prices this high was during memorial day 2012 in a ten-year high. pete muntean, cnn, reagan national airport. >> so let's take a closer look now at u.s. gas prices. the national average for regular gasoline rose to a new record of $4.62 a gallon on monday. according to the american or the movies association that is 44 cents higher than a month ago. and $1.57 higher than a year ago. seven states are now averaging $5 a gallon. and in the coming hours, u.s. president joe biden plans to discuss soaring inflation with
11:55 pm
federal reserve chairman, gerard pow. the meeting comes as the u.s. battles its highest rates of rising prices in decades. the federal reserve is under pressure to combat inflation and call down the economy. without pushing the country into a recession. in an op-ed for the wall street journal president biden promises not to meddle with the fed. but he called fighting inflation his number one economic priority and outlined a three pronged strategy. first, he says, the federal reserve has a primary responsibility to control inflation. next, mr. biden says we need to take every practical step to make things more affordable for families during this moment of economic uncertainty. and to boost the productive capacity of our economy at the time. finally, the president says we the to keep reducing the federal deficit, which will help ease price pressures.
11:56 pm
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hello and welcome >> hello and welcome to our to our viewers joining viewers joining us here in the us here in the united states and all around the united states. and all around the world. you are world, watching cnn newsroom. and i'm rosemary church. just ahead a week after the deadly texas school shooting. funerals begin as troubling you video reveals what police knew was they waited outside the classroom. the eu's toughest sanctions on moscow since the invasion of ukraine three months ago is said to ban 90% of russian oil imports. plus, a history-making hurricane, agatha slams into mexico as a category two storm


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