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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  July 2, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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what is truly american, is black culture to a large degree. flip on the television set and it's had a profound influence on this entire nation, and it has to be affirmed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ sound of gunfire ]
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as far back as i can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster. >> "goodfellas" is like, fasten your seatbelts, i'm going to kick the shit out of you for two and a half hours, and you're going to love it. >> there have been so many gangster movies, so many mob movies. is it really possible that in 1990 martin scorsese will be able to make a gangster movie that has something to say that hasn't already been said a million times? >> it's gonna be a good summer! >> and you watch the movie and you're like, yeah! >> see you later, thanks. >> what are you doing? you're leaving your car? >> he watches the car for me. >> we tried to capture the exuberance of that world. it's dangerous and threatening, but they're having a wonderful time. >> "goodfellas" was the nuts and bolts of the mob. it was the mob as a job.
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>> what do you do? >> what? >> what do you do? >> i'm in construction. >> and the balance of these two families, of your mob family and your real family, and the way that the two start to bleed into each other. >> are you all right? are you all right? >> yes, yes. >> huh? >> degree. yes. >> "goodfellas" was based on a book called "wiseguys." i said, what if i play this guy, jimmie the chin? >> are you being the [ bleep ] wise guy with me? >> i'm sorry. >> what did i tell you? what did i tell you? what did i tell you? you don't buy anything, you hear me? don't buy anything. >> it's a true story. and it is the nature of that lifestyle. >> just a little taste. >> you have to be clever enough, let alone have the audacity, the discretion. but ultimately not being afraid of the violence. >> hopefully what i just heard. >> this is for you. attaboy.
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>> the dangerous enjoyment of it. where you can be enjoying, then suddenly somebody gets shot in the chest. >> what's the world coming to? >> then it's not funny. and that there is a price for everything you do. >> all right. you all know the drill. >> in the '90s, there's a host of movies in which people operate outside the system. we love the idea of the outlaw. it's one of the reasons we go to the movies. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you, officer. >> you go to the movies to see people violate the mores and the laws of society. >> i'm going to take one of those big envelopes and put as many 100s, 50s, and 20s as you can pack into it. >> in the '90s, we were rooting for criminals to get away with it. >> do you want a cigarette, nick? >> we wanted the bad guys to be the good guys. it was really an era when the anti-hero was on the rise. >> you have something against
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ice cubes? >> i like rough edges. >> "in basic instinct" the character is a sociopath. and sociopaths are as dangerous as that character is. when i played the part, i needed to understand the sociopathic mind. and that is a very scary thing. >> "silence of the lambs," i remember waiting for it with bated breath to come out. nothing prepared me for how jonathan demi shot to meet hannibal lecter. >> dr. lecter, my name is clarice starling. may i speak with you? >> this is a horror film that is also an actors' piece. >> closer. >> told by the close-up master of all time.
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the tension, it just kept rising and rising. >> most serial killers keep some sort of trophies from their victims. >> i didn't. >> no. no, you ate yours. >> "silence of the lambs" is about this eerie dance between clarice starling and hannibal lecter. >> people will say we're in love. >> and manages to take elements of the horror movie and even the gothic iconography and put it into a real-world thriller. >> you still wake up sometimes, don't you, wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs. >> yes. >> "silence of the lambs" becomes one of three films ever to win best picture, best actress, best director, best adapted screenplay, then anthony hopkins wins best actor for playing hannibal lecter with maybe 16 minutes of screen time.
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>> how come they didn't let you go? >> because i didn't ask him. >> shit, thelma. >> the thing i love about "thelma and louise" is it's really a love story between two women. that was one of the great female buddy movies of all time. >> two friends decide to get away and things go off the rails really, really quickly. >> shut the [ bleep ] up, you hear me? shut up! >> please, please don't hurt me! >> you let her go, you [ bleep ] hole or i'm going to splatter your ugly face all over this nice car. >> i was driving home one night, and the idea just hit me. two women go on a crime spree. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery. >> it wasn't just the idea. i kind of saw the whole movie in one flash. >> goddamn, you bitch! >> i don't think he's going to apologize. >> nah, i don't think so. >> it's an odyssey of two women on the last journey.
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they would not know it was the last journey, therefore, the journey had to be magnificent. >> a lot of women looked at this film and thought, i can relate to those women, i know what they're going through, i understand the choices they make. >> let's keep going. >> what do you mean? >> go! >> they looked at each other, and they both knew. >> are you sure? >> it's kind of the culmination of both of our lives, and we have no choice. let's go. i can't imagine the movie would have had any power at all had we not ended it that way. >> i have no enemies here. >> no? wait a while. >> "shawshank redemption" is the perfect prison film. >> for a good prison movie you need a warden who's corrupt.
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>> and i wouldn't worry too much about this contract. >> you need some claustrophobia, you want the audience to feel like they're trapped. and then there has to be hope. >> here. a little parole rejection present. >> the audience has to hope for something better for these characters that they fall for. >> it's a great love story between two men spending 20, 30 years in prison, getting to know each other. >> the funny thing is, on the outside, i was an honest man, straight as an arrow. i had to come to prison to be a crook. >> ha! >> watching them rotate through this system. >> "shawshank redemption" is about seeking justice in an imperfect world. when the convicts win, you have a sense of relief and that somehow justice has been done. ♪ trying to make it real ♪
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>> in vegas, everybody's got to watch everybody else. >> "casino" was the story of the hubris of these two men, joe's character and bob's character. >> look at this place, it's made of money. you know what the best part is, nobody's going to know what we're doing. >> and poor sharon who is thrown in the middle. >> working for marty is a big thing. he was very open, supportive, encouraging, and so present with me. >> can i trust you? answer me. can i trust you? >> sharon stone is in the great tradition of crawford and the great divas. and i had to learn how to bring out what i needed through her. >> no, no, no! >> with marty, because his films are so daring and the violence is so violent, and because everything that you do is so
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♪ we have liftoff. >> "apollo 13" was a real turning point for me and an eye-opener. i learned the power of a true story. >> this is houston. say again, please. >> houston, we have a problem. >> just believing in the story and not theatricalizing it. my mantra was, just show it. >> we're not going to have enough power left to get home. >> we know they're going to be saved. but the thing we care about is, how are they going to be saved? what do these people have to do to save them? that is what's riveting. >> the '90s brought us a new look at some previously thought to be well-known stories. >> when you look at the film "jfk," the movie is about what we can trust and who we can trust.
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>> why was kennedy killed? who benefitted? who has the power to cover it up? >> and what oliver stone is saying, you can't trust anybody. >> back at a time when the nation was captivated by this game show, and it becomes a story about truth and the perversion of truth in the name of entertainment. >> you're young, you're clean-cut, you're from a prominent family -- >> what about herbert stem ple? >> i love him. >> if you were a kid, would you want to be an annoying jewish guy with a sidewall haircut? >> as i kid, i lived through that "quiz show" period. >> i'd die for three, three points. >> i wanted john turturro to play herb stempel, a guy from a lower-class area, and he rose to fame. then certain people were beginning to get tired of him because he wasn't that pleasant to look at. but no one could beat the guy, he was so sharp. that's when they came up with
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the idea, what if we find somebody that looks good and we'll give him the answers. >> yes, i know his name. hallic. jon h.w. hallic. >> you are our new champion for $20,000! >> and that cruelty was something i wanted to show. the power of money and personality. so to me, that was a story that really had to be told. >> we didn't land on plymouth rock. plymouth rock landed on us, landed right on top of us. >> "malcolm x" is spike lee's epic. it really felt like the film that he was made to make. and i think he felt a certain urgency in making it. >> spike had the good fortune of casting denzel washington at the pinnacle of his movie stardom. i think it's his best performance. >> denzel washington is one of the all-time greats. what he does in his artistry, painting a portrait of an individual, it's astounding. >> if the so-called negro in
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america was truly an american citizen, we wouldn't have a racial problem. if the emancipation proclamation was authentic, we wouldn't have a race problem. >> watching a guy like denzel as malcolm x, top of the game, intimidating in many ways. >> mr. becket, come in. >> when we made "philadelphia," he was malcolm x already. that was like starting a movie with marlon brando and having just seen "the godfather" the night before. >> i have aids. >> oh. oh, i'm sorry. >> "philadelphia" was an important film. denzel washington represents the audience's apprehension with people with aids. >> how did they find out you have the aids? >> one of the partners noticed a lesion on my forehead. >> so as his character spends more time with tom hanks, you're starting to see him as more than
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his sexuality or his disease. >> let's get it out of the closet. because this case is not just about aids, is it? so let's talk about what this case is really all about. the general public's hatred, our loathing, our fear of homosexuals. >> he can bring the audience on that journey to say, we don't need to fear those people, we don't need to despise or stigmatize them. >> my name is forrest, forrest gump. >> forrest gump! >> it's a very rare thing for me to read a script and not be able to put it down. >> "forrest gump" is a marvelous look at how history happens. >> forrest gump, john lennon. >> it's a delightful play on the contingency and accident that shapes our world. >> we were the first americans to visit the land of china in like a million years or something like that. somebody said world peace was in our hands. but all i did was play
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ping-pong. >> that film embodies everything that makes tom great. he's fantastic dramatic actor. he's a magnificent comedy actor. i can't think of another actor living or dead who could have ever done that part. you know, that part. >> by the 1990s, the median age of the people who served in world war ii was around 70. they were growing old and they were disappearing. and there was a powerful sense of nostalgia. and we saw a lot of retrospective looks at aspects of world war ii. this was the time when people started talking about the greatest generation. >> "saving private ryan" was a film that i was going to make someday in my life. my dad used to have his band of brothers from the air corps come over to the house every year.
10:21 pm
the first time i ever heard grown men cry was at these reunions. it was all about the trauma they had suffered in world war ii. >> i'll see you on the beach. >> i felt it was necessary for me to tell the experience of veterans and what they had gone through when they were a little bit older than i was at the time. >> what moviegoers saw is the men would disembark, the bullets were going through the water and hitting them in the water. there was a powerful realism to that. it's spielberg saying, what does it feel like to have gone on that beach? your nose is pressed right into the savagery. >> steven did great in "private ryan." in the beginning -- fantastic.
10:22 pm
i was ill for two weeks watching that. i couldn't believe he did that. >> sir, i just -- i don't have a good feeling about this one. >> when was the last time you felt good about anything? >> this ability to entertain and reach audiences more than one way, with the same movie, "saving private ryan" is a great example of that because it's exciting, it's thrilling, it's suspenseful. but it also is a reminder of the price of that kind of warfare. the cost to the soul, and who winds up living and dying and bearing those scars in that kind of a conflict. >> what is that? is that pork? >> of course. >> that's a nice sheen on it. >> thank you. >> very nice. >> i would get you one but the man who made it is probably dead, i don't know.
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>> my family, when i was growing up, talked about the holocaust, although they never used that word, they used to call it the great murders. i shot the whole film very documentary style. it was the first film i'd ever shot like that. and it became less of a film, more of just a life's journey, a living, learning experience, making that film. we all felt we were shooting in a graveyard. and so the amount of reverence of the crew and the cast. i cast liam neeson at the last minute based on a play i saw him in on broadway. i thought he was the best possible schindler i could possibly find. and he was. >> he saved my life. god bless him. god bless you. >> oskar schindler was a dealmaker, and he didn't really care that much for his workers. but there was an inevitable
10:24 pm
metamorphosis based on the encroaching holocaust and what he was personally witnessing that unlocked his empathy. instead of being someone that just gathers wealth for his own pleasure, he started to spend his money to save lives. >> i could have got more out. i could have got more. >> the totality of the meaning of that film, the fact that it created awareness in the world about an era in history that had been forgotten, that it denied the deniers and allowed us to really mean it when we say "never again." "schindler's list" is the greatest experience eye ever had as a filmmaker. when you have technology that's easier to control...
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10:29 pm
>> not a chance. >> ned! >> usually when there's some kind of strange convention, it's explained. >> phil connors, i thought that was you. >> you're in a time machine or somebody cast a spell. >> phil connors! >> but this just happened. and nobody minded. >> phil connors. >> ned? >> the movie is perfect. it's also so obviously for bill. >> bill, like the groundhog bill? >> yeah, like the groundhog bill. >> look out for your shadow there, pal! >> morons, your bus is leaving. >> it's hard to be a likeable dick and then win the audience over by the end. bill is really good at that. >> oh, thank you, young man. >> it's nothing, ma'am. i had the tie, i ran the jack. just be comfortable, all right? >> to me, bill murray is one of the great comedy actors that has
10:30 pm
ever been. >> how long will you be staying with us? >> indefinitely. i'm being sued for divorce. >> he's picky, which is perfect, because then he finds his way into somebody really extraordinary. >> what's the secret, max? >> the secret? >> yeah. you seem to have it pretty figured out. >> secret, i don't know. i think you've just got to find something you love to do and then do it for the rest of your life. >> wes anderson, his films are like opening a jewelry box. and you can take out all the little trinkets and look at them, and they're sparkly and they're joyful. >> what's going on in here? >> it's so rare when someone comes along and actually creates their own athletic. wes is truly unique. ♪ be walking a long and lonely mile ♪ >> i really related to "rushmore" in terms of having bad grades and not being good in school but having like a passion for something. >> all right, next scene. frank, you enter stage right
10:31 pm
with a bag of cocaine. >> when "rushmore" came out, i wrote a fan letter to wes. it was the perfect film, laugh out loud humor with actual pathos. >> i like your nurse's uniform, guy. >> these are o.r. scrubs. >> oh, are they? >> comedy in the '90s will be gigantic. >> shall we shag now or shall we shag later? >> it's going to be over the top, and it's going to fill the frame. >> why don't you just go home? that's your home. are you too good for your home? answer me! >> and you're going to get adam sandler knocking out one movie after the next. >> sidney and scott are newlyweds. whoopi do! >> if you look at the scenes that are memorable from something like "wayne's world," they're big scenes. they're the heads bobbing back and forth. they're not afraid to do something big to get a laugh. and then all of a sudden, one
10:32 pm
day, this guy who is as big as the screen, shows up. and it's jim carrey. and he turned into a top hollywood star because he is unafraid to be big. even as he's doing these over-the-top things where you think, well, he's talking through his behind, i'm not going to watch this. >> excuse me"ass" you a few questions. >> yet there you are, you're watching, and you're laughing. ♪ just like me they long to be ♪ >> oh, no. he's looking at you. >> oh -- oh, no, i -- >> i don't have to be too intellectual about it, i just laugh my ass off. >> ooow! >> part of it was, i can't believe they're doing that. >> what's that bubble there? >> what do you think? it's a -- >> how in the hell did you --
10:33 pm
>> the farrelly brothers pushed the rules so far. you can do that? >> "something about mary" is this kind of anarchic, off-the-wall comedy that has a joyous heart to it. >> you know, maybe you'll have to move down here and marry me. >> introduced cameron deyads as the ultimate cool girl, and that gave us the farrelly brothers. >> i'll have the double decaf cappuccino. >> i'll have a half double decap half caf with a twist of lemon. >> you had lots and lots of really funny, bankable people doing wonderful movies. >> my first day as a woman, i'm getting hot flashes. >> hello, peter. what's happening? >> umm, i'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow. so if you could be here around
10:34 pm
nine, that would be great, okay? >> "office space" is not as acclaimed as it should be. it was not a big hit. but there's so much modern comedy in that movie. it was wonderful. >> just a moment. >> "office space" did such a great job in completely lampooning office life. technology had made these cubicle lands, and "office space" really captured that. >> i think i might take that new chick from logistics. if things go well, i maybe showing her my "oh" face. oh, oh, oh. you know what i'm talking about, oh. >> jennifer aniston was in it and she worked at a place like tgif's. >> we need to taught your flair. >> being someone who had waitressed and that manager, show me what your flair's like, here's my flair.
10:35 pm
>> all right, this is my flair, okay? and this is me expressing myself, okay? ♪ teacher's pet, i want to be teacher's pet ♪ ♪ i want to be huddled and cuddled as close to you as i can get ♪ >> christopher guest is considered the master of the mockumentary. he comes up with characters that are profoundly silly. >> when we were on "snl" together, chris did a movie with marty and harry called "synchronized swimming." >> i've been directing regional theater, shakespeare in the park. if i ever do that again, i'm just going to be, you know, kill myself with a vegematic. >> that's where the character in "waiting for guffin" was born. me right out of the navy, fresh off a destroyer, with a dance belt and a tube of chapstick, basically. not really much to call my own. then basically being slammed
10:36 pm
down for ten or so years, you down for ten or so years, you know, off-off-off-broadway and then enough is enough, okay, i get the joke. >> chris surrounds himself with great, funny people. eugene, fred willard, catherine o'hara. >> i'm so nervous. >> you're going to be great. if there's an empty space, just say a line, that's what i like to do, even if it's from another show. >> chris works in miniature. chris is very much like peter sellers. such fine taste. and when it hits right, it's amazing. >> and that's the -- that's the way it is? then i just hate you, and i hate so she starts a miro to brainstorm. “shoot it?” suggests the scientists. so they shoot it. hmm... back to the miro board. dave says “feed it?” and dave feeds it. just then our hero has a breakthrough. "shoot it, camera, shoot a movie!" and so our humble team saves the day by working together.
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♪ i remember coming out of seeing "do the right thing," and that day i went to my dorm and started writing "boys in the hood." >> my mama say, a bullet don't have no name on it. >> i ain't afraid to get shot. >> some of what i was doing was inspired by what truffaut did with "the 400 blows," what rob reiner did with "stand by me." but those movies didn't speak to where i was calling from. >> we got a call for a burglary here? >> yeah, that was about an hour ago. >> whoa, we didn't ask you that. >> i decided to have a black cop
10:41 pm
be more of them than the white partner in the scenes where he's encountering the black residents. >> something wrong? >> something wrong? yeah. it's just too bad you don't know what it is. >> the same black cop encounters trey years later when he's a teenager and profiles him. >> i didn't do nothing. >> you think you're tough. you think you're tough, huh? oh, you're scared now, huh? i like that. >> singleton was nominated for two academy awards, best original screenplay and the youngest person nominated for best director. >> it was an era when a lot of people were playing attention to black film. there's this famous moment when "the new york times magazine" does this cover story. you really had for the first time a large collection of black filmmakers documenting what was going on in the culture.
10:42 pm
>> you got to be ready to go down, stand up, and die for that shit like blizzard did if you want some juice. >> blizzard ain't sticking up for nothing now. >> that's because we wasn't there to back him up. >> if we was there, there would be five dead niggers instead of one. >> he's a phenomenal actor. we had a similar vision of what we wanted to do as young men coming into this whole entertainment world together. my attitude was, i got my robert de niro, i got the dude i want to do multiple movies with. >> people don't realize how theatrical the gangster rap thing was. >> tupac, ice-t, ice cube. they were also storytellers. so when it came time to go to hollywood, all of them were very convincing on screen. >> craig. craig. >> hold up. i gave him a heartbeat. >> man, that's what it's supposed to do. >> "friday" was one of those films that made me excited about being in the film industry.
10:43 pm
>> hi, you guys. >> hey! >> hey! >> cube at the time transitioning from music into filmmaking. the way it got sold at sundance. >> eew! >> it was just a sort of quintessential independent cinema coming to the mainstream, and then of course it went on to do so well. >> ladies, ladies, i know you'll are going to be in attendance at the super depth throwdown of the year. >> did you hear anything about a party today? >> uh-uh. >> "house party" is just a fun, silly teen comedy. >> ladies. be love's in the house. >> dragon breath. >> who you talking to? >> a musical duo playing two teenagers who were looking to have a fun time. dad's away, let's throw a party. >> oh, scandalous! >> having a movie like that premiere at sundance really showed the possibilities that
10:44 pm
indie black filmmaking can have. >> kristin! >> what? >> don't answer me what. turn that tv off. i don't care what it is, no tv on a school night! >> we talked about the spike lee films, john singleton films, but also it was a period when black female filmmakers are making some really interesting things. you have "daughters of the dust," julie dash's film, examining the gullah culture, black culture that hearkens back several hundred years. and that movie's beautiful. you also have a movie like "just the girl." >> you're too cute to be a gentlemen, right? >> you don't have to be like that. >> whatever, whatever. >> it's a quote, unquote hood movie, but a hood movie from the perspective of a young girl. people think of new black realism as the hood genre. but actually there's a range of socioeconomic experience being shown in black cinema of the '90s.
10:45 pm
♪ bow wow wow ♪ >> whether we're talking about some of the black romantic comedies, family films like "soul food," or films like "waiting to exhale" or "how stella got her groove back," what i think of as companion films that celebrate sisterhood. that's a whole other element that hasn't really made its way into mainstream cinema. >> hello. hello. >> from the early days of will smith's career, he was incredibly smart about figuring out how to become the superstar he wanted to become. and he chose the one role he thought nobody expected him to play, a gay hustler in "six degrees of separation." >> i pick a name, you tell me all about them. where they live, secrets, everything. and for a name, you get a piece of my clothes. >> will smith became a triple threat. there aren't many who can do action, drama, and comedy.
10:46 pm
>> now, back up. put the gun down. and give me a pack of tropical fruit bubbleicious. >> and will smith is that guy. >> i would say that tom cruise is the first person to figure out the power of using the international box office to turn yourself into the biggest star anyone has ever seen. will smith looked at that and said, i'm going to do the same thing. what translates well abroad? movies with sci-fi, aliens. so that is what he did. >> welcome to earth. >> he becomes so successful that the july 4th weekend was blocked out for will smith movies. >> you know what the difference is between you and me? i make this look good. 20 times. up to 2 times more length. a clump resistant, caring formula now infused with floral oil. take your lashes to paradise. new lash paradise mascara from l'oreal paris.
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what's what's your name? >> what do you want it to be? vivian. my name is vivian. >> vivian. >> i remember meeting gary
10:51 pm
marshal for the first time and being so nervous. making this movie with him was hysterical. we didn't really have a complete script. i remember one day looking at richard like what are we doing, what scene are we doing, and he goes i don't know. gary goes be funny, action. did we think it was going to be a huge success? not necessarily. >> hi, hello. do you remember me? >> no, i'm sorry. >> i was in here yesterday. you wouldn't wait on me. >> oh. >> you work on commission, right? >> yes. >> big mistake. big, huge. i have to go shopping now. >> "pretty woman" makes julia roberts a major star. that smile, that interaction with richard gear, that improvised little thing with the jewelry box and the pearls in
10:52 pm
it. >> he said just touch it, it's the most amazing thing you've ever seen. >> we fall for her and we fall-like a ton of bricks. >> oh, my god, it's the bride and the woman she'll never live up to. >> she rises through the decade but then ends with three mega ram coms, my best friends wedding, ron away bride and noting hill. >> can i help you at all? >> no thanks. i'll just look around. >> richard curtis says he wrote it with me in mind, and i love when writers say that. i don't care if it's true. it's hard to find really great original material that hold a real performance and the comedy and physical comedy and some thread of love that you're trying to accomplish. >> i'm also just a girl standing
10:53 pm
in front of a boy asking him to love her. >> romantic comedy is a genre that i love. i think i just was really lucky that they were making a big resurgence at the time when i was at the ready. >> the romantic comedy gets its jump start, and you have a number of people who are especially adept at the form of the romantic comedy. you have sandra bullock, hue grant, meg ryan, and you have tom hanks. >> she made everything beautiful, and it's -- it's just tough this time of year. any kid needs a mother. >> could it be that you need someone just as much as jonah does? >> yes. >> norra effron prepared movies like no other director i'd
10:54 pm
worked with. we would work for weeks prior to beginning of shooting. every line was specifically found or written or perfected. >> magic. >> norra was unafraid to take something that felt familiar but then cover it in unfamiliar territory. >> you get a new wife i guess you'll have sex with her, huh? >> i most certainly hope so. >> will she scratch up your back? >> what? >> in movies women are always scratching up the men's back and screaming and stuff when they're having sex. >> how do you know this? >> jed's got cable. >> well, this movie is about a widower. that i thought was a brave choice. you saw people on-screen work out a problem who weren't necessarily from the traditional american family. >> i left her by the telescope. >> the great thing about nora is
10:55 pm
when she was talking about the dynamics between men and women who were attracted to each other or need each other and are searching for each other and don't really know it, she was a genius. >> i'm the guy you don't usually see. i'm the one behind the scenes. i'm the sports agent. >> i wanted to write a movie that begins where an '80s movie ended. >> what's going on? >> they fired jerry maguire. >> the script went right to tom cruz. he calls in immediately, i love this script, i'll read it with you and you tell me if i'm right for it. >> don't worry. i'm not going to do what you all think i'm going to do. >> and basically i've been geeking out over his performance ever since. >> right, right, jerry maguire, how are you doing? >> how am i doing?
10:56 pm
i'll tell you how i'm doing. i'm sweating, dude. >> cuba and tom deliriously happy actors. >> show me the money. >> they were just like landing blows on each other. >> show me the money! >> and that scene just kind of exploded. >> congratulations, you're still my agent. >> that film really spoke to me so deeply because it's a single mom with this precocious little kid. >> did you know the human head was 8 pounds? >> and bringing a guy into that picture, i loved how much she believes in romance. >> i was so anxious to do one line, you complete me. there are times i read that in a script and thought fantastic. there are other times and i thought is this too cheesy, and i told tom that and he said give
10:57 pm
me a shot at it. and he said if you don't want to use it, don't use it. >> i love you. you complete me. and -- >> shut up. just shut up. you had me at hello. you had me at hello. >> i look around, everybody's crying. the grizzled guys holding cable are like -- and i was like i think it's going to work. side h. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today.
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