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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 4, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside boris sanchez this morning, john berman is off. on this new day, happy fourth of july, boris. >> happy fourth, brianna. >> after a two-year hiatus in many parts of the country, the fireworks, festivities are back in full swing, but the fireworks and the family barbecue could
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come with a higher price tag unfortunately as the white house is struggling to rein in inflation. and a significant loss for ukraine as russia claims a key city in the eastern part of that country. and we also have the latest on the january 6th committee. liz cheney indicating multiple criminal referrals could be in the works against former president donald trump . good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world, it's monday, july 4th, the independence day celebrations kicking off on july 3rd in some parts of america where they just couldn't wait to get the party started here, like in milwaukee where this video is from. thousands of people on hand for a just spectacular fireworks show and a head start on all of the celebration. america's airports -- okay, not to festive there. thousands of flights canceled or
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delayed, passengers have been stranded. if you are flying, chances are you are not having a happy fourth because you are at the mercy of overwhelmed, understaffed airlines. >> more than 1,500 flights were canceled across the country friday through sunday and saturday was the worst. 653 flights axed. the airlines also blaming the weather, there were thunderstorms in the northeast that delayed thousands of flights and adding to the chaos, the highest travel demand we've seen since the start of the pandemic and those chronic staffing shortages that you just mentioned. let's take you out to the busiest airport in the world, atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international and cnn's nadia romero who has been there live all weekend watching some passengers go through all the stages of grief as their flights get delayed, delayed, then canceled. how are passengers holding up this morning. >> reporter: this morning there's light traffic throughout the airport so that's a good sign if you chose to travel on the actual holiday. the line started way back here
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just over the weekend but this is pretty clear and it's an easy path to make your way all the way through security checkpoint. you really don't have to stop. that's a nice difference in what we saw over the weekend when lines what happened around the airport. it won't take you too long to get through this general boarding process for standard tsa checkpoint to get through this morning. when we look at those cancellations and delays they are already adding up, more than 115 flights canceled and more than 400 flights delayed. it's those delays that really caused problems for travelers. you think, okay, my flight is delayed it's not canceled but if the delay is several hours and if you have two or three more legs of your trip that can ruin everything. listen to this one passenger who was trying to make her way from london to cincinnati and she spent quite a bit of time in the airport. take a listen. >> so i flew in last night from london, i waited an hour to drop off my bag, another hour in security, my flight from orlando was delayed twice, i ended up having to spend the night, for
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free obviously, in atlanta when i'm trying to get home to cincinnati. so i spent 22 hours traveling to have two delayed flights and stay with my final destination is not. >> i fly pretty frequently and i have never seen it so crazy. >> reporter: so that was megan and you could see she had a smile on her face and was pretty optimistic. she said it's because she is a schoolteacher so she knows how to wake up early and put a smile on. she's taking it all in stride. most people are traveling by car, about 88% of americans will be travel by car, many of them going 50 miles or more. if you are doing that gas prices are up about 52% compared to last year so whether you're traveling by air or by car, you're paying more and you're going to see a lot of congestion. boris? >> we're going to dig in on those inflation numbers in just a minute. nadia romero, thank you so much. >> megan packed her patience. that's the most important thing you can pack right now. >> nadia hates that phrase. i was going to mention that.
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>> packing the patience. >> how could you pack patience if you've been stuck in an airport for 24 hours? >> mentally prepare, like megan did. millions of americans are hitting the road this morning for one of the busiest travel days of the year despite historically high gas prices we're experiencing. joining us now is rahel solomon cnn business correspondent. it's not stopping people even though gas is, you know, well over $5 a gallon most places. >> yeah, lots of people still hitting the road, guys, 42 million in fact hitting the roads this weekend according to aaa. filling up your tank will sting a bit less, emphasis on bit less there than it did last week, the average for a gallon of gas is $4.81, lower than last week but higher than last month. andy lip you a tells me two things here, lower demand, investors being spooked by a recession are driving down the price of crude oil. an economic slow down means less
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demand as we travel less and cut back on spending. investors will be watching two things this week, minutes from the federal reserve's last meeting when they hiked have rates by three-quarter of a percent, the most in one meeting since 1994. that comes out wednesday. some are concerned the feds will overdo it with higher rates and bring the economy -- after a year of job growth of more than 400,000 each month we saw a slight slowdown last month and the expectation is even more slowing in friday's report. the unemployment rate to hold steady at 3.6% with about 350,000 jobs added but, guys, it is a delicate balance here because while the fed would like to see some slowing in jobs growth a significant pull back would be alarming. if you're wondering how to make sense of all of these recession warnings, well, here are a few bright spots, bank of america says most households right now still have more in their
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checking and savings accounts than before the pandemic and of course the job market still red hot. mark zandi the chief economist of moody's also sharing this advice with me recently, be cautious, obviously inflation is very high and interest rates are rising and that is going to have an impact. the job market isn't going to be what it was a few months ago, so keep your head up at work, but there is no reason to panic. guys? >> all right. rahel, thank you so much for that. republican congresswoman liz cheney says that the january 6th committee could make several criminal referrals to the justice department based on their findings. here is what she said. >> so the committee will or will not make a criminal referral? >> we will make a decision as a committee about it. >> so it's possible there will be a criminal referral? >> yes. >> which will be effectively the committee saying that he should be prosecuted and this is the evidence that we've uncovered. >> the justice department doesn't have to wait for the committee to make a criminal referral and there could be more than one criminal referral. >> joining us now axios managing
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editor margaret talev as well as elliot williams. you know, margaret, obviously like she said congress doesn't have to make a criminal referral. that's not a necessary part of the process when it comes to doj deciding to investigate or to prosecute here. but i wonder what you are hearing if this is about the committee or members of the committee worried that maybe doj isn't going to do what they think doj needs to do and they're trying to send a signal of what they think should be the accountability process. >> well, good morning, brianna. happy fourth. yes, you know, i hear many of the same subtexts that you do. i think it's important not just that liz cheney but that several members of the committee were actually out there over the weekend, you know, pushing this idea that -- that some action on that front is important and that, you know, essentially that
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they don't think the doj has moved far enough fast enough at this -- at this point. so that is part of what's going on. another part of what's going on is that you remember the chair bennie thompson within the last couple of weeks sort of suggesting that there might not be sort of a formal process, and this sounds to me like, again, liz cheney pushing back and saying, look, the committee -- the committee thinks that there should be a doj process and would in some fashion move towards that. i think this is important on all of those fronts, but you are looking at a time calendar where it's already july and the midterms are coming up and there is sort of a doj tradition of backing off around elections and what the members of the committee seem to be saying is there's too much here for the justice department not to act and there's too much of a consequence heading into 2024 if nothing comes out of this from the doj end.
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>> elliott, to a point that margaret just made our reporting indicates that officials at the department of justice were caught offguard by cassidy hutchinson's testimony, the moments inside the motorcade which she heard at the white house, specifically discussions about the president's -- former president's reaction to hang mike pence chants. does it surprise you that the department of justice hadn't talked to her about her experience in the white house before the committee did? >> well, here is the thing, boris, it's not clear that the department of justice didn't talk to her because they won't confirm or deny whether they did. look, congress and the justice department are two different organizations that do different things, one of them operates completely in public as a political body, one is not. you know, we're never really going to know what's happening in justice department grand juries or in interviews or communications they're having with witnesses. look, if a witness is that important as cassidy hutchinson was and everybody knew she was from reading the newspapers, you know, leading up to this and they had not talked to her,
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certainly it's alarming, you know, they have the resources to be finding witnesses, but at the end of the day we just don't know and frankly doesn't know what the justice department is doing until they come forward with some action which won't happen on the timeline that congress works on. >> okay. elliott, how problematic is it, though, if, you know, according to testimony donald trump, the president at the time, knows that a mob of people, a crowd of people that they're armed and he encourages them to go up to the capitol, actually planning to go with them, and then there's no accountability for that. how problematic is that if there really are no consequences for that behavior? >> now, look, the request he is how do you define accountability and consequences? he was impeached twice, one time being his role in that conduct. i guess the question is what if there's no criminal accountability for that, and something we've talked about, you know, at length on this problem as sometimes the challenges you get into with
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charging a crime. now, an interesting thing that has emerged over the last week or two is this question of witness tampering which quite frankly is far easier to prove than a lot of these other lofty constitutional crimes we've talked about like sedition and conspiracy against the government. witness tampering is very straightforward, did you intend to influence the testimony of another person? and it looks like based on what's been reported that that's happened here. so, you know, yes, there's been a form of accountability and a form of impeachment even if the president wasn't removed, but there could still be crimes that are charged and it wouldn't be completely out to lunch or off base to charge one of these things here. >> i want to play a quick sound bite from adam kinzinger, one of the committee members, he was on "state of the union" with dana bash this weekend talking about one specific potential witness the committee wants to hear from. here he is. >> -- that the president didn't
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want to go to the capitol. nobody has argued that he didn't know there were guns. they're trying to argue did he really grab for the beast. that's where tony ornato will have to come in and tell us more about his position on that. >> will he do that? >> there's information i can't say yet but we certainly would say that cassidy hutchinson has testified under oath, we find her credible and anybody that wants to cast asparages should come through that and not anonymous quotes. >> ornato disputed the claims that he supposedly made to cassidy hutchinson that she claims he told her about trump's behavior in the motorcade after the rally on january 6th. tony ornato still works for the federal government. >> that is important. tony ornato had once been the head of the presidential protective detail for secret service, former president trump
4:15 am
in a very unusual move pulled him in to be his deputy chief of staff for operations and of course after the end of his service in that capacity he has remained as the secret service now as the assistant director for training. secret service is housed within the department of homeland security and if dhs decides that they want individuals employed by the secret service to make themselves available to the committee under oath, those individuals would be instructed to do that. so i think this is different than someone who is still like a satellite to trump world, involved in the campaign or legal work and kind of making decisions like that on their own or in that private sector context. that's part of what makes his testimony interesting or important, another part is just how much he would have seen and heard and the fact that he's already communicated with the committee before cassidy hutchinson's testimony and we're getting several indications both from the committee and former
4:16 am
officials in the trump administration that, to put it nicely, his recollections aren't as clear or distinct and to put it another way that he's given a lot of mixed signals with that testimony. they're going to be interested in inconsistencies and under oath in any more detail that he can provide. >> stay tuned, we will see what happens there. margaret and elliott, guys, thank you so much. happy fourth to you both. >> happy fourth. president biden calling out gas companies demanding that they bring down their prices, but are they listening and is this their fault? and protests overnight in ohio over the police shooting of an unarmed black man who suffered 60 wounds. the newly released body cam video ahead. plus a norweigian sun cruise ship on its way to an alaskan glacier forced to cut its trip short after slamming into an iceberg. >> my god, titanic 2.0. oh, my god.
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comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. we could call boris, call boris johnson. >> boris always talks to me all the time. >> does he?
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>> i wish i had his hair, i could have gotten elected sooner. >> you wish you had boris johnson's hair? >> yeah, look at this, man. >> nobody has ever said that in the history of talking about hair. >> the president has used the strategic petroleum reserve, is he watching gas prices and will he tap the spro again? >> i don't think it's for me or you, jenny, to -- to talk about who or what the president is tapping, okay? >> have you thought about mixing up the look when you are out there? you are a big fan of the aviators. i'm just wondering you might want to mix it up a little bit. i mean, i think if you came out, a couple of ice creams, no malarkey. >> i'm worried about you. i have something for you, too. >> no. >> yeah. >> try those. >> mr. president.
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♪ >> all right. president biden returns to the white house today to mark july 4th where he will be celebrating with military families. this comes as the president calls on gas companies to lower their prices. let's go to cnn's jeremy diamond live at the white house. tell us about this latest messaging he's doing. >> reporter: yeah, well, as you said, brianna, president biden is returning from camp david today, he will be celebrating july 4th with military families and a barbecue here before ultimately watching the fireworks from the white house. he and his administration in terms of messaging are very much focused on high gas prices, americans this fourth of july weekend are getting a painful reminder of as they hit the roads with gas prices near record highs. president biden took to at which time there are weekend urging companies, saying my message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple, saying this is a time of war and global peril, urging them to bring down
4:23 am
the price to make it reflect the price that they are paying for the product. this earned the president a fair bit of backlash, this was actually him reiterating a message that he delivered on june 22nd in remarks here at the white house. and so far the white house hasn't actually given any evidence that these gas companies are deceptively charging higher prices than they should, but the white house has made the point that, listen, oil per barrel has fallen $15 over the last month, but the price at the pump has not changed much. many experts say that that's actually more a result of the kind of market volatility and these gas companies, gas station companies are not necessarily the ones reaping high profits because of these prices at the president trump. jeff bezos was one of the people coming after the white house this weekend calling this either straight ahead misdirection or saying it's a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics. the white house, though, is standing firm on this insisting that because of the changes in the price of a barrel of oil that those prices should be
4:24 am
passed on to american consumers and it's not happened yet of course but ultimately, brianna, this is really about the white house trying to show americans that they are doing whatever they can to bring those prices down even as they don't have much control over those gas prices and the president wants to show at least that he's focused and that he understands americans' concerns as they hit the roads this summer. >> maybe also showing that there just isn't much that he can do. jeremy diamond live at the white house, thank you. let's dig deeper with the anchor of "early start" christine romans. christine, it's like there's a bad smell in the room and the president is just pointing to the dog. >> look, this is a real problem for the white house because people put gas in their car all the time and they're feeling -- feeling this pain. look, it's called rockets and feathers, the price goes up like a rocket and falls slowly like a feather. we see that often. over time when you look at gas and oil prices they move toward but in short periods there could be this dislocation and that's what we're feeling right now.
4:25 am
the u.s. gas and oil association said this about the president asking to lower the price of oil, they said we're working on t mr. president. in the meantime happy fourth. please make sure the white house intern who posted this tweet registers for econ 101 in the fall semester. they say there's so many factors at play it's not like you can just lower the price of gas waving a magic wand. the president was talking about the people who sell the gas, the 145,000 gas stations are independently owned, small businesses essentially and they have higher margins on their candy bars than they do their gas. it's a big global complicated picture here. >> so when jeff bezos is sort of also clapping back and taking aim at the president, taking aim at the white house tweet, he's right? >> i mean, put yourself in the position of the white house trying to message this. people feel miserable about prices, they feel terrible about
4:26 am
gas, there is a sour mood in the country in general and you look at it, the president is right that oil prices are down $15 a barrel but gas prices are down only a penny. on the surface it looks like someone is making a killing there and it's not the american consumer. it's just more complicated than that, it really is. >> obviously the midterm elections are only a few months away, so how much support do you think they're going to get from voters who are paying all this money and they're trying to blame the oil companies, does it translate? >> it's putin's price hike he called it, then refiners need to be refining more oil, the long term the strategy of the administration they don't want them refining more oil, want them using other resources. there is a lot of different messaging strategies at play here and some are working at cross purposes. >> christine, thank you so much. happy fourth. we will see you in a little bit. >> oh, yeah, i'm anchoring the 9:00. >> 9:00 a.m. >> they're getting their money's worth out of us today, aren't they? >> we will see you in a little bit. still ahead ukrainian
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control of the last ukrainian held city in the eastern luhansk region. images shared this weekend from the city of lysychansk show crews working to put out fires caused by russia's brutal attack. you can see homes and buildings left charred and destroyed. and this morning ukrainian military officials say that russia is preparing for an assault on the donetsk region. so is this a turning point in the war? joining us to discuss is cnn political and national security analyst david sanger. david, good morning. appreciate you sharing part of your holiday with us. put this into context for us. what does this victory mean for russia? >> well, good morning, and happy fourth, always my favorite -- favorite holiday. it's a big moment for the
4:32 am
russians, you know, after five months in which they were basically the super power that couldn't shoot straight, they have shown that their plan b, which was consolidating power in the territory closest to them, areas where they have fought for the past eight or nine years on and off, has worked, and that basically they were able to seize this territory, move their way on and it seems pretty clear they're going to end up taking the whole area of the donbas, and that means a little more than 20% of the country. so this is an important turning point in the war, as important as the retreat from kyiv was when the russians overstretched. i think it comes at a really critical moment because it's just as fatigue is setting in with many in europe and some here asking the question how long can we afford to keep pouring these kinds of weapons
4:33 am
and pouring this kind of support into the hands of the ukrainians. >> and realistically what's the answer to that question? how long do you think the west's support will last? >> i think it will continue for some time because i think among the eastern europeans this is existential, they think they are next. i think president biden made it pretty clear in his press conference at the end of the nato meeting that he sees this in cold war terms and if the russians win in this region they will come back for the rest of ukraine, but there's also going to be pressure on president zelenskyy to find a way out and that means to enter a real negotiation. of course, you want to enter a real negotiation when you have the upper hand not when you've lost 20% of your country. >> more than a fifth now of ukrainians in the hands of the russians. the armed forces of ukraine had this facebook post where they essentially said that they would return to retake this territory.
4:34 am
there's a chunk of their statement. we've seen the ukrainians retake territory that the russians invaded and took in their possession. do you think it's going to be possible here? >> i think it's possible but it's a lot harder. first of all, this is right on the russian border so the russians don't have the long supply line issues that they had when they were elsewhere in the country. second, this is territory that's been fought over for a long time, there's a lot of russian speakers in this region, the russians know it well. i think they may take back pieces of it, i think they could make this very painful and expensive for the russians but it is making it pretty clear that the only truly effective thing they can do right now is get these very powerful long range weapons that the united states and some others have been offering and really take it out on the russians, but that means a long, grinding war at a moment
4:35 am
that you've already seen the united states focus, understandably, on other things from gun violence to abortion and the rest of the supreme court decisions. you know, the american focus on a war like this, especially when there are not american troops involved, and fortunately right now there are not, it's a hard thing to sustain. >> no shortage of domestic issues for americans to focus on, especially when the economy is in as rough of shape as it's in. that facebook post that i noted moments ago from the ukrainian military, they send a not very subtle message to the west saying that will and patriotism will not be enough against the russians, they need more resources. you touched on this just a moment ago, but exactly what would the ukrainians need for help to limit the russian advances as they look to take more territory in donbas? >> well, they're going to need more of these systems which are
4:36 am
satellite guided, high precision very expensive weapons, i think they have already used those to good effect to take a lot out on the russians. they will need general support for their economy. we have not even gotten to the discussion of what it's going to cost to rebuild and where that money is km to come from. some have suggested it should come from russian assets held abroad, including the central bank assets, but the administration has got some concerns about the legality of doing that. but, you know, this is always the case in wars like this and, you know, we are talking about this on the fourth of july. we needed a lot of support in 1776 all through, you know, the next seven or eight years and got it from the french and others, but this is in for the long haul and i'm not sure that americans have got their heads around yet that very central fact because it's going to alter the way we think about europe, about our commitments in asia, about our commitments here at
4:37 am
home and about our willingness to put up with high gas prices. >> and about the world order in general. david sanger, we appreciate you joining us. hope you get to enjoy some hotdogs and fireworks later. >> thank you. you, too. >> of course. this is like a scene out of a movie, a florida teen is at the beach when she's attacked by a shark. her brother springing into action, fighting it off. you're going to hear from them directly just ahead. and after two years of toned down celebrations, july 4th is making a big come back all across the country. alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtoh. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. libert liberty. ♪
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with a qualifying bundle. after a two-year hiatus some of america's biggest cities are bringing back their fourth of july celebrations, like in milwaukee where they kicked things off a little early, they
4:42 am
began their festivities last night with just this breath-taking five works display. joining us now with more on these celebrations we have milwaukee mayor cavalier johnson and baltimore mayor brandon scott. mayor johnson, you first. i mean, this is pretty exciting just to kind of get back to things being normal. how was it? >> thank you so much. it is so, so exciting to have fireworks back in milwaukee on the lakefront on lake michigan, one of the most spectacular shows in all the midwest and citizens in milwaukee and across the state were thrilled to join us in milwaukee for our fireworks celebration, it was great. >> we're enjoying it, we've showed it five times this morning so everyone else can enjoy it with us. mayor scott, tell us what you have on tap in baltimore. >> yeah, after two years we're going to be back at the world renowned inner harbor. we are doing it with a little spin, too, this year. being a black city we wanted to
4:43 am
honor and being the place where frederick douglass spent so much time we are going to be doing a lot of things, we have music from our bso, a performance of what does the fourth of july mean to a slave as well. a great time for everyone to understand all of the history and have a great time. we have two fireworks displays tonight, one at the inner harbor, one at middle branch at the cherry hill music and cultural festival. i will be at both of them to enjoy having a great time. >> amazing what you have planned there. mayor johnson, i wonder, you know, this year when you are thinking about what your city has been through here over the last couple of years, why is it so important that things are kind of getting back to normal, even as the country, even as your city still has its share of challenges? >> look, in this city and in this state and in this country there are a number of differences, right? so we need to look at things that bring people together and in milwaukee we're fortunate enough to have a lot of great
4:44 am
events like the spectacular run the milwaukee bucks have had that have brought people together in our city. doesn't matter if you are young, old, gay, straight, able bodied, people come together around the celebration of america. everybody loves the united states and the city and it's important that we have events like that to bring people together, including when we have trying times in milwaukee and across the country. >> mayor scott, with the celebration that you have which is so geared towards being inclusive and acknowledging the experience and the different experiences of people, i think that must really be the case in baltimore as well. >> yeah, listen, like we said, we're doing it in a different way, right? so you have to think about all that history here in baltimore and what kind of city would we be if we didn't honor the history of frederick douglass who was here so much and as my brother mayor said, with
4:45 am
everything everyone has been through over the last two years to have everyone come together despite those small differences and know that we still have great things that we have to tackle here in baltimore and our state of maryland and in our country, clearly the pandemic isn't over, we still want people to be safe, we are all seeing the issues around gun violence in this country but we need to allow people the opportunity to just enjoy themselves and be around each other with great company. we did that when we brought our african american heritage festival back a few weeks ago and we will do it again as we celebrate the fourth of july as well. >> i hope that you both enjoy this beautiful weekend and the celebrations in your city and we thank you so much for being with us this morning on "new day." mayor scott, mayor johnson, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. and you can catch coast to coast fireworks, your town it's not enough, you can get them coast to coast and some incredible music from some of the biggest stars tonight on cnn. celebrate the fourth in america live at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
4:46 am
check this ous, a norweigian sun cruise ship on its way to an alaskan glacier had to cut its trip short after it hit a piece of an iceberg. >> my god, titanic 2.0. oh, my god. oh, my -- >> we hit some iceberg. >> we hit some ice. >> we hit some ice. oh, my god. >> the second we sequel is neve as the original. the ship sustaining some damage to its starboard boat last week. it was determined sea worthy enough to return to its home port at seattle at a reduced speed. there passengers were able to disembark, repairs were also being made. fortunately no injuries reported but a cruise that was slated to start on june 30th had to be postponed. no word yet if rose made any room for jack on that plank of wood they were floating. >> and she never will, boris. so on to some serious news. the uvalde school district
4:47 am
police chief is stepping down from the city council. we're going to be joined by a state senator with how the community is now reacting to that news. and newly released body camera video revealing the moment that a man was shot during a police pursuit last week. what we are learning this morning.
4:48 am
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4:52 am
>> cnn's polo sandoval with the latest. >> reporter: there's a recently passed city ordinance that requires apd to release body camera footage at least a week after the incident. that's what was released yesterday. at least a portion of it. the law requires them to release the moment of the incident and the 60 seconds leading up to it. naets why we don't see the subsequent actions of the eight police officers that fired that barrage of bullets that, according to the police chief, saw walker as a threat. taking a firing position after reaching for his waistband. in addition to that body camera
4:53 am
footage, investigators in akron releasing a still shot from a traffic camera. in it they say you can see what appears to be a muzzle flash coming from inside the vehicle driven by jayland walker on monday during the vehicle pursuit of the incident. that together with what sounded like a single gunshot led authorities to believe that at least one shot was fired from inside the vehicle. now, at who or at what, that is still a very big question being asked that ultimately that third-party investigation will have to reveal. in that body camera you see eight officers with an average experience on this force of 2 1/2 years, chase after walker. that is when at least eight of them open fire. now, the police chief who you're about to hear from basically said that investigation was immediately handed over to state officials who will have to reach out to these officers, who have not yet offered statements, though they have cooperated with the investigation, according to the police chief. the police chief making it very
4:54 am
clear they will have to account for every one of the rounds that left their barrels. >> when they made that most critical decision to point their firearm at another human being and pull the trigger, they've got to be ready to explain why they did what they did. they need to be able to articulate what specific threats they were facing, and that goes for every round that goes down the barrel of their gun. and they need to be held to account. the officers have not been able to provide a statement yet. i am reserving any sort of judgment until we hear from them. >> reporter: both akron's police chief, who you just heard from, and also the walker's family attorney told us he was unarmed the moment of the shooting. when you look at that still shooting, it's important to keep in mind they located a pistol
4:55 am
inside the vehicle. a glock pistol, the magazine had been removed, which is a puzzling development as investigators try to figure out why that was. in the meantime, we're hearing more from the family's attorney, who is demanding also accountability. basically saying that the use of force exceeded what the situation potentially called for. this is one of the attorneys representing the walker family. >> the use of guns, the presence of guns, does not give to an officer carte blanche to shoot until the guy stops moving or shoot while he's running away. that's not how it works. you can't drop him and seize his body with bullets. >> reporter: as for the walker family, patience and peace, that's what they've been pleading from the community since the day of the shooting. i had an opportunity to speak to one of the cousins of the victim
4:56 am
to say they've allowed the investigation to run the course. they are satisfied with the amount of information shared with the police department up to this point, including the detail he was unarmed at the moment of the shooting. they are hoping that those officers will be held accountable if the investigation leads in that particular direction and ask for the city of akron, last night we saw another wave of demonstrations, at one point getting tense. according to the police department, no arrests made last night. . >> we know you'll continue to cover this. thanks very much. >> let's dig deeper with an expert, charles ramsey, former philadelphia police commissioner and former police chief of washington, d.c. grateful to have a part of your holiday morning. first and foremost, i want to get your reaction to the video. what did you see that stands out? >> well, first of all, the one video that shows the officers actually pursuing the individual
4:57 am
on foot, mr. walker on foot, it's difficult to really tell exactly what's taking place because of the movement of the camera. but there was a second video shown during the press conference yesterday that really slowed things down and actually had a few still shots included in it. and when you look at that, and start to think about the perception of a threat from the beginning to the end, you know, you do see something that is a flash in the car. they heard a sound, sounds like a gunshot. that would immediately tell you that now you're pursuing an individual that's possibly armed. he gets out of the car. there's another still shot that shows him with a ski mask running. this is july. wearing a ski mask in july is not what people normally do. he takes off running. another still shot shows him turn. all of those things will be part of the investigation that we have to look at to determine whether or not the use of deadly force was justified by each of the officers. the chief is absolutely right. every officer, which means you
4:58 am
probably have eight different body camera angles you need to look at, to determine if that officer actually had a perceived threat that would lead him to use deadly force. now, that's an awful lot of shots fired. because of that, you know, you have to justify at what point in time do you stop firing because the threat is no longer a threat. i mean, you've neutralized the threat. that's all part of the investigation. this is going to be one, i'm very glad the chief turned it over immediately to a third-party. that's the right thing to do. one thing i want to show you about the gun laying on the seat with a magazine out. there's a gold ring that looks like a wedding ring. when you start thinking about the mindset, why would a person do what they're doing. i don't know if he was a domestic or breakup of a girlfriend, breakup with a wife, was there something that made him take those actions that this isn't consistent with his behavior. in other words, he has no history of violent behavior or whatever. i just find that to be very
4:59 am
unusual, to see something like that. getting back to the shooting itself t does boil down to whether or not the officers would justify the use of deadly force at that time. you can't really tell from that video. >> i want to bring up the actual photograph of the gun in the front seat. akron police say that that's the condition they found the gun in. however, the ohio bureau of criminal investigation reported that they found the gun in the backseat. there's a discrepancy there. walker's family attorney is also questioning why there were no bullet holes in the vehicle. the car is intact. what do you make of that discrepancy and what the family is saying? >> well, i mean, looking at that picture, i can't tell if that's backseat or front seat. let's assume it's the front seat and they're saying the gun was found in the backseat. i don't know why that was a discrepancy. some officer could have recovered it and taken the magazine out. that's all part of the investigation. the window could have been down
5:00 am
when the shot was fired. there's a lot that needs to be gone through when trying to recreate the situation that existed throughout the entire event from the time they first attempted to stop him to the time the shooting actually took place. so, there's a lot of work that needs to be done. it's just too early to draw conclusions. my biggest concern is the number of shots fired and whether or not all those shots were justified by every single officer. that's an average of slightly over seven shots per person that took place. that's a lot of -- that's a lot of shots. you have to look at -- when you look at these types of cases, was the use of force necessary? was it proceed poersal? was it objectively reasonable? that's when you take a look at the proportionality of it. was it reasonable to continue firing? those are all questions that have to be answered. >> that question of proportionality is going to be key. charles ramsey, appreciate your time as always, sir. thanks. "new day" continues right now.


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