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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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england. right? >> do you ride -- >> this is what happens when you don't elect the head of state. you have things like mockeries of lawn care. >> i think it's a cognitive leap. how do you do it? what is the lawnmower like? >> i cut it with tweezers. >> very serious. >> much more on this because cnn's coverage continues right now. ♪ good morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim sciutto. the gunman charged at the highland park parade is expected to make a court appearance. the 21-year-old charged with seven counts of first-degree
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murder. as he heads to court officials released more details about him and missed warnings prior. >> among those new details to learn authorities say the suspect fired more than 70 high velocity rounds from a weapon similar to ar-15. legally purchased. four background whchecks that needed to be cleared. there were run-ins with police but would not come up in the background checks and something people question this morning. one encounters after a family member called police saying that he had said he wanted to kill everyone. last night vice president kamala harris making an unexpected visit to highland park. >> got to be smarter as a country in terms of who has
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access to what and in particular assault weapons. we have to take it seriously. you have been forced to take it seriously. >> authorities identified six of the seven sikts in the shooting. two a couple, parents whose 2-year-old toddler found alive after the shooting stopped. i want to get to josh campbell where that bail hearing will happen later this morning. what more do we know about the alleged gunman and legally obtaining the firearms despite two encounters with law enforcement. >> reporter: yeah. we learned a lot over the last 24 hours. he's charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and the suspect was able over the course
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of a year to legally obtain five finals including rifle allegedly used in the attack. police say as they have looked into the shooter's past they believe the planning went back weeks. the suspect allegedly dressing in women's clothing they believe in an effort to conceal himself among the crowd and then was able to make the way of escape there and saying that they believe it's planned and plotted for weeks in advance. there is troubling information about the past encounters with law enforcement. police said yesterday there's two encounters. one in april of 2019 when a family member called police saying the suspect attempted to commit suicide. police responded and ultimately determined it was not a policing issue. the suspect was being treated by a mental health official and
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then a relative said that the suspect had threatened to kill every member of his family and said there's a collection of knives in the house with a dagger and a sword and confiscated by police. the local law enforcement said they notified state police to determine if the suspect had a firearms license. they determined he didn't. months after that, three months in december we are told by state police the suspect applied for a firearms license and it was his father that sponsored him. troubling questions for the father. why the suspect if he allegedly had the ideas of self harm or harm on others why would the father sponsor an application to get a firearm. where i am here at lake county courthouse.
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the suspect will have a first appearance in court. prosecutors say it is a waive the first charges and could be more to come. >> there will be more charges. we anticipate dozens of more charges centering each of the victims. psychological victims, physical victims, attempt murder charges, aggravated battery charges, dozens of more charges against him. >> so efforts the prosecute the suspect under way. first appearance in a short period of time but the investigation continues. authorities have so many ques questions about motive. why he went to the parade allegedly conducting this mass
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slaughter. >> lots of charges. what was missed before the fact? thank you. joining us is former deputy director mccabe. the two encounters in 2019 and concerns. illinois state police put out a statement saying no firearms restraining order. no protection order issued. when you look at that i know we deal with hindsight but are the red flag laws working in the way they're intended? >> erica, you have highlighted the point. right? this is the challenge with red flag laws. we have essentially taken the responsibility for determining who can and can't have a firearm and shifted it to the general public. largely because the government is incapable of regulating
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firearms in an effective way. so now the critical decision are left in the hands of family members and people that observe things. great when it works and people contact the authorities but you have a lot of situations like this. first, the highland park police when they responded to the knife incident in september they could have gone in front of a judge and submitted a restraining order application which they have in illinois and that would have prevented him from purchasing a firearm for a time. may have been a miss there and then attention on the father. remember that the same day 16 knives, dagger and sword seized from the residence the father reclaimed the weapons from the police. so he can't now say he didn't
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know what was happening, whether it was in his residence or somebody else's. he knew what was going on. a few months after that incident he sponsors crimo for the firearms i.d. it's in retrospect hard to imagine how he could have made such a decision. i'm sure it subjects him to scrutiny. maybe criminal liability. who knows? we'll see. >> but you frame it right. it is a shifting of the responsibility on parents, members of the community, police. i have been with police who have to serve as mental health providers themselves. the trouble that seems to be the one area of bipartisan agreement is red flag laws and that was a headline from the most recent legislation coming out. is that a problem in terms of
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addressing that if that's agreement but there are many weaknesses in that red flag law kind of structure. >> absolutely a problem. to be clear i'm not saying that red flag laws are bad. they are a good thing. >> i don't think you are. >> when family members think it's concerning they should go to the authorities and does not, does not replace the effectiveness of controlling access to firearms. we live in a country where 18-year-olds can buy semiautomatic military rifles with 30-round high capacity magazines. the red flag law does not go as far as we need to go to make spaces like july 4th parades, synagogues and middle schools safe. >> andy mccabe, thank you.
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>> thank you. let's go to highland park. i'm joined by illinois state representative morgan. thank you for taking the time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> as i understand it you were there on that parade route with your two children. i can only imagine my own fear and anger if i was there and my children were exposed to this? how are you and they doing? >> i'm not doing great to be honest. it's been very difficult 48 hours for me and my family and neighbors, my community. been really struggling. it is very, very difficult. a lot of grief counseling, trying to shake ourselves out of daze. we were two blocks away. they are asking the normal questions a 7 and 4-year-old would ask.
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my wife is a social worker doing a tremendous job on that. but the community is grieving. we were together for the first time with vigils in the community and it was just very, very therapeutic to get together and to start to grieve together. >> i'm sure. i get the questions when the events are many miles away. my heart goes out to you and your family. one thing i imagine must be supremely frustrating for you is there were warning soons. police and the parents were aware and passed four background checks, purchased five firearms legally. who failed here in your view? who are you holding responsible? >> great question. i get the updates just as much as you are and continuing to learn more.
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i'm immediately going to work on everything i can to tighten up state legislation with flaws or loopholes. going to work at the local level to provide support where necessary. but that question will be asked every single day for weeks and months here in highland park and that's why i'm happy to talk about with you today. >> you tried, the community in one way to address this, by enacting a law banning assault style weapons. you will hear and already hear you had the laws and still didn't prevent this. as often happens the guns come from places outside communities. states, communities with more lax gun laws. do state and local restrictions given that folks get around them by driving a few miles? >> i think the total comprehensive package to address
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this. address the vast majority of millions and millions and millions of guns in our communities, the lack of funding in mental health and why i wanted to talk to you and your viewers. i have a call to action. today wherever you live in the country contact the local elected, state senators, ask them two questions. one, why is an extended firearm clip, why is an assault weapon more valuable and have more rights than my life, my family's life epa community's life? and secondly where will you increase funding for mental health? and then you got to hold everyone accountable. talk about the dialogue and when they ask you who sent you you tell them highland park september you and have the conversation over and over.
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wherever you live in the entire country. >> i have heard the appeals before and it is heart felt and i would make the same one going through this. do you have hope that folks will listen this time? >> we have i assume millions of people watching the show right now. when you have this conversation today with the elected officials, this morning call your local elected official. when you ask how will you increase mental health funding, start that conversation. in my opinion that is how change happens. we have seen that when you have that conversation when you work with people you can effect change and make that change happen. i'm confident and hopeful to change on all of these issues. >> please take care of yourself and the two kids.
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i wish you the best. >> thank you so much, jim, and thank you to the viewers. we are learning more about the seven victims. authorities identified six. two married. 35-year-old and 37-year-old at the parade with 2-year-old son found alive after the shooting stopped. 88-year-old stephen strauss' family saying he loved to get outside and biked into his 80s. we'll be sharing more about the victims with you throughout the morning. >> poor child orphaned. rudy giuliani and lindsey graham get a subpoena from a grand jury. i'll speak to a former u.s. toirn about whether they must
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appear. a plea to president biden to act more urgently. british prime minister johnson hammered again by lawmakers. two top cabinet members stepped down. could this time actually signal an end to his time in office? >> as for those who are left only in office because no one else is prepared to debase themselves any longer the charge of the ligightweight brigade. . that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeahah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling]
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on a comprehensive wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect. a special grand jury investigating the effort to overturn georgia's 2020 election results is now reaching inside donald trump's inner circle. >> they subpoenaed senator graham and rudy giuliani and a handful of key trump allies pictured there signaling a new phase of the probe tied to 2020
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election lies and meddling. simplest question is people ignored subpoenaed in the past. will they have to listen to the subpoenas? >> this is not something to just ignore. whether they agree to cooperate is another question. it's a ride range of people. we reached out to them. most not responding or commenting yesterday. when you look at john eastman he went before the january 6 committee and pleaded the fifth over and over again. he could reach out to the grand jury saying if you make me show up i will plead the fifth. then the district attorney can share that information with the grand jury and keep that in mind when you write the report and tell us if you believe that anyone should be indicted, if
6:22 am
you believe there were any crimes that were committed. this is a criminal case. she is looking at solicitation of election fraud, making false statements. rudy giuliani showed up before georgia lawmakers repeatedly and just gave the conspiracy laden presentations. >> how quickly do we know? weeks, months, years? >> the subpoenas saying to hear from them as soon as next week. we'll see if anyone complies. i expect there's legal wrangling. >> i think that's a good prediction. thank you. >> joining me now is michael moore of georgia. it's it's good to be with you. >> good to be with you. >> the court documents that go with the subpoenas, what does that tell you about the focus of
6:23 am
this grand jury? >> i'm glad to be with you this morning. as i look at the subpoenas i'm not surprised she is starting to move into the inner circle of trump. you had some people before that needed a subpoena to give cover in their own political party that they weren't going to participate unless they got a subpoena and now it's strong factual evidence. she had to file a statement basically stating that these were material witnesses to the investigation and the judge had to make a decision on whether or not they contained information that might be useful. they're out of state. but i do think if you just look at the overall picture and maybe tightening the focus a little bit. we are talking to campaign lawyers, people there in the the
6:24 am
oval office or on the phone at the time. i think we are getting the nuts and bolts. she is trailing this thing for a little while in sort of being the stomping horse out there and taking the shot closer to the inner circle. >> some legal moves are anticipated here. i'm interested in lindsey graham. he could invoke a speech and debate clause but if i understand that correctly he would have to convince a court that the call was part of the legislative work. do you see a path there for him? >> i see a lot of legal maneuvering. i thought that he was probably more in peril than the other vinls because he made a call to raffensperger suggesting the
6:25 am
vote to be manipulated. he was simply a sitting united states senator calling a state that he didn't represent at the time and seemed to me to remove the arguments that i was trying to make sure they counted the vote. he may try to use the clause to allow him to not testify. there are two going on right now. ark. s -- arguments from georgia lawmakers. saying i'm immune. and the lieutenant governor and another legislator made that argument before the court. he is crafting a way and told the lawyers i will craft a way
6:26 am
to testify that won't get into matters of privilege. i will sort of narrow the approach or the broad stroke of the subpoena to things that i think are appropriate. you may see that with graham, too. he may well try to delay it. i think next week is optimistic. if she is hoping to hear from him next week with court battles and may go to the state apell l appellate courts. >> there could be a certain type of immunity to be afforded. when and how would it apply? is that something that's perhaps enticing when someone is thinking about complying with the subpoena? >> yeah. there is an able of the prosecutor to basically give some immunity to get the
6:27 am
testimony. keep somebody just from coming in with pending criminal charges. i take the fifth. if the prosecutor has a different target and needs that information you can offer immunity for the testimony. for a big drug conspiracy and the big drug deeper that the prosecutor is after you bring in the guy on the street and i'll give you immunity to hear about the guy at the top of the ladder. the fifth is an ironic situation. the former president saying anybody who took the fifth is clearly guilty. so i expect we'll see that and i think the judge will work through those things. the d.a. is an experienced prosecutor. not something that she will let
6:28 am
go without a good fight. >> i think i can predict confidently to be talking about this again in the coming days. thank you. >> great to be with you. thank you. still ahead a crisis in child care. cnn speaks to parents forced to make difficult decisions. we are just moments away from the opening bell on wall street. where do we stand? dow futures down slightly. investigators waiting for the minutes from the latest federal reserve meeting. there's a concern of a slowdown. oil prices have stabilize after the biggest drop since march.
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6:34 am
rocky u.s. economy. heading to cleveland today to highlight the economic agenda and announce new protections for american workers with pension plans. katelyn collins joins us now. the white house knows this is an issue for them. what's the president's message in response today? >> reporter: he'll be there to talk about shoring up the pension plans that faced insolvency amid the pandemic. but this trip to ohio one that president biden has made pretty frequently since taking office comes faces head winds at this moment. inflation is a concern in ohio as anywhere in the nation where people there are pessimistic about the economy and they have concerns how high prices are and will come down and how long that will take. that's been a backdrop of almost every stop president biden made in recent months and there are
6:35 am
some major concerns inside the party about the overturning of roe versus wade. there are limits obviously to what the president can do unilatly on abortion and abortion rights. there's a concern in fact party that they should be doing more and where he is today in cleveland is an hour flight from highland park, illinois, where the parade killed seven. you saw vice president harris there last night renewing the call and the call that president biden made about banning assault weapons and frustration in the country i think over this. the spree of mass shootings continuing at elementary schools, parades. yes, the president touted the
6:36 am
bipartisan gun legislation that he recently signed and big questions about what it looks like going forward and democrats are doing enough to stop this and what the midterm elections look like come november. >> thank you. as the u.s., as we grapple with rising costs, parents face another increase. day care centers. since the pandemic nearly half a million families stranded without reliable day care now. >> it is hard to find a day care and then when you do calculating the costs. parents especially mothers are forced to make tough career decisions. >> reporter: at this child care center in baltimore the cost of food, rent, power and supplies is soaring. >> everything is up. >> she raised wages roughly 40%.
6:37 am
with one classroom closed and her waitlist growing. >> up 30 to 35% for operating costs. that cost has to be passed along. >> reporter: this fall she'll raise tuition at the nonprofit for the third time in 12 months. up 30% in all. for some families thousands of dollars a year. what would happen if you don't raise prices? >> we wouldn't stay open. >> reporter: programs are raising rates. >> it's happening everywhere. this is what has to happen. it will continue to get worse. >> reporter: inflation is just part of it. at least 15,000 programs closed with 11% fewer child care workers than pre-pandemic and a median wage just over $13 an hour. many families face longer
6:38 am
waitlists and tuition hikes. >> we don't have the teachers to get the children we used to have into the buildings. >> reporter: sean toner owns beach babies. he's offsetting tuition and raise teacher wages to roughly $14 an hour. >> i don't want to drive away the parents. >> reporter: jessica is a teacher at beach babies. >> most of the paycheck is going to have him here and that's rough because now food and gas prices going up and up. >> reporter: have you thought about leighing the industry? >> i love what i do. the kids need teachers that love what they do. >> reporter: there's a trend of leighs the workforce. women's jobs 88% of those lost in the pandemic. this woman and her husband
6:39 am
struggled to afford child care in san diego. $370 a week. since the employer cut the hours in half. she flew the sons to taiwan to stay with family as she looks for a second job. >> if i stayed at home and watch the kids maybe it would be easier. i hate to say this but it's true and struggling to pay for child care. that's because i don't want to give up my career. >> reporter: millions of parents are making tough choices. for them a decision not to expand the family. >> we think we are just going to stick with the two. >> how much of that is child care? >> it's a big part. there's no way. i wouldn't be able to do this job. >> build back better stalling in the senate would have pumped millions into the industry and among other things cap the
6:40 am
amount a family could spend at 7% of the income. some states passed child care bills but advocates in the space are worried without more federal investment this problem will only grow and for parents they will be paying more and have more limited options. >> hard to see how that gets through if democrats lose the majority in the house. thank you. still ahead, a father who died shielding his toddler son. a mother who died running away with her 22-year-old daughter. seven lives taken in illinois and how the injured are trying to recover.
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it's easy to make your home an a check out today. angi... and done. this morning as the 21-year-old man suspected of killing seven and wounding dozens more is expected to make the first court appearance we learn more about the victims of the high land park mass shooting on july 4th. >> this is a hardest part covering this story because the victims are real people and will be missed by so many. adrian joins us now. what can you tell us about the folks that lost their lives here? >> reporter: jim, of course. they were real people who were loved by so many. among the deceased were irina and kevin mccarthy. they were at the parade on monday with their 2-year-old son aidan. we also learned kevin died
6:46 am
trying to shield his son from gun fire. that is according to irina's father who spoke with the chicago tribune and sun times. her father telling the local paper he had aidan under his body when he was shot and after the shooting aidan his grandson was walking alone. that's a 2-year-old who was present when his parents died and not the only child who was present. cassy gold stein was there when her mom died. >> i looked up and i saw the shooter shooting down at the kids. and i told her that it was a shooter and that she had to run so i started running with her. and we were next to each other and he shot her in the chest and she fell down and i knew she was
6:47 am
dead. i told her that i loved her but i couldn't stop. she was just a good mom and i got 22 years with her. i got to have 22 years with the best mom in the world. >> reporter: the last thing cassie said she told her mother was that she loved her. we are also hearing from the familiar of eduardo uvaldo. this is what the family shared saying in part we received news there is nothing left to do for our papi why thank you for the donations. all further donations will go to assisting my grandma's needs. this as the family decided to take their loved one off of life
6:48 am
support. jim and erica? >> thank you. so important to remind people about the lives and the families. british prime minister johnson clinging to his job after a wave of recognize inspector general nations in his cabinet. we'll take you live to outside parliament in london for this dramatic turn of events. ththere has to be someone here making sure everythihing is saf. secure. consistent. so log in from here. or here. assured that someone is here ready to fix anything. anytime. anywhere. even here. that's because nobody... and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better. like any family, the auburns all have... individual priorities. some like strategic diversification.
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this morning, the british prime minister boris johnson is fighting to keep his job and political career after a wave of resignations from within his own inner circle and left the government in chaos.
6:53 am
survived some close calls before but this is getting real close. >> yeah, certainly has, but big question mark. the current tally here, 14 year cabinet members, more than 30 junior ministers now quit and the demands for his resignation are growing. >> in the middle of a crisis, doesn't the country deserve better than a z list cast of nodding dogs? >> we're going to get through with the prime minister. >> the difference between this government and that opposition is we have a plan and they do not. they want to focus about this type of issue, we'll get on with our job. >> not exactly sure what a zed list cast of nodding dogs is but i don't think it's a compliment. cnn's max foster is live in
6:54 am
london outside of parliament. the proipime minister is facing serious questioning. is there a sense of how this is going to play out? >> with more than 20 members of the government with the 30, i mean, losing a member of government per hour. ever since last night, when the two senior figures, the finance secretary and the health secretary both walked out. it's been an absolute collapse in support, and everyone saying he has to go, apart from his cabinet at this point. waiting to see how long the cabinet lasts effectively. difficult to see how the government can continue in its role, but from boris johnson, he says he's not going anywhere. got a war in ukraine to deal with, he's got a cost of living crisis to deal with. i think we're really looking at the downing street back door to see whether or not the chief whip goes in there and people
6:55 am
like michael, perhaps someone who worked closely with him in the past, going in there and saying, enough is enough. you're not going to be able to survive any longer. it's very difficult to see how he can rebuild the support as a prime minister at this point, and then it will be too doom and gloom about this but the support collapsed in an extraordinary way. i think, frankly, any other leader in the past would have gone by now. >> the charge from the labor leader, of the lightweight brigade is how he characterized the prime minister's cabinet. max foster there in london, thank you so much. still ahead, for us, the suspect charged in the deadly horrifying fourth of july parade shooting. he heads to court this morning. we are learning he legally obtained the gun used in that attack despite multiple encounters with law enforcement, multiple warnings missed. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensnsure high protein.
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top of the hour, good morning, i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm erica hill. one hour from now, the suspect now charged with seven counts of first-degree murder following the highland park mass shooting expected in court for the first time. authorities promising though, dozens more charges to come against the 21-year-old. we're also learning new details about the alleged gunman's past and there were plenty of red flags, including two encounters with police, one coming after a family member reported he threatened to, quote, kill everyone in 2019. >> missed warning signs. also this morning, new information from the ongoing investigation. police say the suspect fired more than 70 high velocity rounds similar to an ar-15 which we've seen used in so many of these mass shootings. that was one of five firearms he legally purchased in just the last two years.


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