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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 11, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is monday, july 11th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. explosives, death lists, warfare training, new details coming out about how the oath keepers operated, allegedly, from doj. plus, more on the oath keepers' alleged plan to attack the capitol and overturn the election on january 6th. and tomorrow an oath keepers insider, a former insider, the former spokesperson for the far right militia group is set to testify about the group's inner workings and the role it played in the attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. >> just to give a historical precedence to this group and how they have kind of radicalized. i was the propagandist for the
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oath keepers. >> so january 6th committee members have made claims that they can link members of trump's inner circle to the oath keepers. and new this morning the justice department firing back at steve bannon's sudden about face that he's willing to testify before the january 6th committee just days before his contempt trial begins. trump is waiving executive privilege as he said -- as bannon has said and waiving should certainly be used loosely here, perhaps in quotation marks so that bannon can testify, but the doj says that doesn't matter even one bit. more on that in a moment. experts obviously believe that never applied in the first place. we do begin with sunlen serfaty who is on capitol hill with more on tomorrow's big hearing. what are we expecting? >> reporter: certainly a big week up here on capitol hill with two big hearings from the january 6th committee starting with tomorrow. now, tomorrow's hearing will be largely focused on the mob who participated, how did it get
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organized, how did it come together and the connections with the trump white house. the committee really wants to dig into these far right extremist groups, those folks that showed up here in washington like the proud boys, like the oath keepers and certainly the connection with the trump white house. now, the committee has not yet released the full witness list but we do know that a former spokesperson for the oath keepers will be testifying up here on capitol hill. he has said that he has inside information on the inner workings of the group. now, the committee also making it clear they will be zeroing in on two dates, december 18th, that was a key white house meeting that trump had with his inner circle, some of the largest election deniers in the white house, and then the day after, the day after -- excuse me, december 19th when he sent this tweet out calling his supporters to come to d.c. on january 6 saying, quote, be there, it will be wild. now, one of the committee members congresswoman stephanie
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murphy talking about the importance they were placing not only on that tweet of course but that white house meeting. >> we will lay out the body of evidence that we have that talks about how the president's tweet on the wee hours of december 19th, be there, be wild, was a siren call to these folks. and we will talk in detail about what that caused them to do, how that caused them to organize, as well as who else was amplifying that message. >> reporter: now, one other potentially huge moment this week, we will likely hear video of the testimony of trump's white house counsel pat cipollone, he of course was up here on capitol hill on friday and he spoke with the committee behind closed doors for nearly eight hours. he was, as you know, brianna, by trump's side for a majority of january 6, so certainly potentially huge and explosive moments this week up here on capitol hill. >> we will be watching. sunlen serfaty live for us on
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capitol hill, thanks. here with me now cnn's senior legal analyst, former state and federal prosecutor ellie honing. let's talk about steve bannon who faces a trial for criminal contempt and all of a sudden says he's willing to testify before the january 6th committee. in a world where bannon were to testify, and let's stipulate that could very well be an imaginary world, but in a world where he did appear before the committee what would the committee want fwr him? >> he always seems to end up right in the middle of these messes. if he were to testify we know the committee would have questions for him. here is what liz cheney said in october, it appears that mr. bannon has substantial advanced knowledge of the plans for january 6 and likely had an important role in formulating those plans. now, that's pretty general but i think there's two things the committee would like to ask steve bannon about, first of all, bannon along with other trump advisers, rudy giuliani, john eastman and others they were part of that war room that was meeting over in the willard hotel in the days leading up to
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january 6, i think the committee would want to know who was there, what was discussed and most important were there links to the white house. we learned last week there could be a link to mark meadows. the other thing is steve bannon's boastful claim in his podcast where he said all hell is going to break loose tomorrow, it's going to be moving, it's going to be quick and all i can say is strap in. the war room, a posse, you have made this happen and tomorrow it's game day. steve bannon has a history of exaggerating, was he just sort of talking smack here or was he basing that on for fore knowledge? if steve bannon were to testify they would have pointed questions for him. >> what is the history between steve bannon and the committee? ? >> they first subpoenaed steve bannon in september, one of their% batches of subpoenas. bannon defied that subpoena, he claimed executive privilege. i want to explain how weak that claim is legally. first of all, we're talking about executive privilege as applied to a former president,
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trump was out of office by this point. second of all, bannon was not even in the government at that point and third the substance of these communications are probably not even what executive privilege is about, it's supposed to be about legitimate policy considerations. it's a weak argument on defense on executive privilege. the committee, full house, rejected it, held him in contempt, doj rejected that argument, they indicted him. bannon has been indicted, facing a criminal trial that's supposed to start for criminal contempt of congress. if he's convicted he has to go to jail for at least 30 days. steve bannon has been desperately trying at the last moment to postpone that. this happens all the time, john. defendants more often than not at the last minute say, judge, we need more time and doj said this is just a last minute ploy to avoid accountability. >> experts say it didn't exist. there are department of justice lawyers sigg that trump never even exerted it to begin with.
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we will have more on that in a little bit. okay. so steve bannon, will he appear before the committee and what will happen with this trial? >> there were some pretty dramatic turn arpds late last week. donald trump sent a will err to steve bannon and said i did invoke executive privilege, but i take t you can go ahead and testify. bannon sends a letter into the committee saying circumstances have changed, mr. bannon is willing to and indeed prefers to testify at your public hearing. now, here is what i think is going on here. this is important. he says i want to testify at your public hearing. during the committee is going to give steve bannon a microphone and camera and said go ahead. i doubt it. if the committee does that watch for bannon and trump to say they won't even let trump's people come in and defend him. i think they will say come in behind closed doors. >> they've deposed everyone first as far as we know. what about the trial itself?
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>> i do want to make this clear. even if steve bannon were to walk in there and testify about everything it does not make the criminal charges go away. the crime was committed back in october when he defied the committee. you can't walk the jewelry back into the jewelry store that you robbed and say here you go i'm returning it i'd like to undo the charges. these charges will proceed. it could be that steve bannon is trying to soften up a jury here if it's known out in the world he was willing to testify the hope could go maybe that will influence somebody but this trial will go ahead, this ploy will not impact it. >> ellie honing, thank you very much. and in this bannon filing, again, we were just talking about it right there there is a new revelation. the fbi has been interviewing a former attorney for donald trump. we will have much more on that ahead. new this morning, top democrats say they are not running against president biden in a 2024 democratic primary and that includes california governor gavin newsom who has been airing attack ads in
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florida against governor ron desantis a potential republican presidential contender. newsom insists he isn't running and he tells isaac dovere that democrats need need to be united. ro khanna says he would never do anything to weaken biden. let's talk about it with nina turner and democratic strategist and host of the that trippy show podcast joe trippi. okay. so, joe, i'm very curious to hear what you both think about this. the white house might be reassured by isaac's reporting and i think that's part of the point of what some of these democrats are telling him, but let's just ask the question should joe biden -- should he be running? should he be challenged in your opinion? >> first, thanks for having me. no, he shouldn't be challenged. that's crazy talk. there's been no president that's ever been challenged -- i mean,
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this is going back to reagan taking on ford, kennedy who i was part of that campaign taking on carter. it's never ended well. it's always ended with the other side with that split party and the other side winning. that's crazy, particularly given the stakes today. this isn't -- i don't believe we are in elections right now that are about right versus left or democrat versus republican. it's a pro democracy coalition against this authoritarian movement that we're seeing out there with maga and other folks. it's a real threat and those stakes are too high to even contemplate dividing the party or worrying about anything but the november '22 election which i think gavin newsom and others are doing everything they can to help strengthen the party and unify it. >> nina, senator, you are a democrat who has been critical of joe biden over the years. this news reported by isaac this morning is that democrats are
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not at this point going to primary joe biden and they're warning others to not do the same. in other words, stay out of this. do you think that's the right path? >> well, this is, john and brianna, this is about life and death. so if the democrats, my party, wants to push back the neo fascist tidal wave that is happening from the courts to the streets, then it is going to have to deliver and change material conditions for the people. yes, people should come out to vote as if their lives depend on it in november, this november, next november and every november after that, but what my party must do, since it controls all of the levers of power in both chambers of the united states congress and the presidency is they need to contort themselves through public policy as if their lives depend on t people need relief in this country and one way to back off any primary challenge should there be one is to deliver for the people. its to give them something that
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they can feel. it is to cancel student debt. it is to go ham on this extremist supreme court. it is to embody the spirit and tradition of president fdr. one of my fears, john and brianna, in this particular moment, since people are so desperate and the pain is so deep is that this congress and this president are not bold enough for the moment. so we should not be basing the whole measure on what is best for the democratic party, we should measure based on what is best for big mama and big daddy in hoods where people are misunderstood, whether it's the rural hood, the urban hood or the suburban hood. that is how you settle whether or not there will be a primary, deliver for the people. >> nina, you have heard, you know, the outgoing coms director for the white house pushing back on some of this criticism saying that what president biden is doing is not trying to be with
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out of step liberals as she put it. so i wonder obviously that flies in the face of what you were talking b i wonder what you say to that. >> she's wrong, brianna. she's wrong. see, these people they live in a bubble they are not living in the real streets. a journalist who appeared on our network many times was just in cleveland interviewing two black women, one woman has decided she is not going to vote for tim ryan she's going to vote for the other guy who is extreme and another is concerned about this tough on crime and the impact that it will have on the black community especially black men. you have the black community that is the loyalist base of the democratic party voting over 90% of the time come hell or high water for democrats and things not being delivered. even though this is just a sampling, it is very much a clue to how the voters are feeling and what anxieties are. so somebody that is in the bubble talking about, you know,
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what the people are demanding is too much, to have somebody be quoted while the women's march is marches on the white house to say do more to preserve -- not preserve abortion rights torques beat back against this extremist court and to call them out of touch there's something wrong. what the neo liberal branch of the democratic party should not declare war on the progressive side of the democratic party bus survey after survey shows that the progressive wing with the democratic party is more in line with what the american people want in general. they have to act like their hair is on fire and deliver for the people and we as democrats won't have to worry about who wins. >> go ahead, joe. >> look, i just think the threat to our denl krademocracy is at stake here. i've lived through having fights within the party, it's not -- it never works, right? it just doesn't happen.
4:15 am
you put the progressive movement back further. what we got for ted kennedy challenging carter and i was part of that was eight years of ronald reagan and four years of herbert walker bush. so right now -- that's the reason i joined the rinken project, by the way, i am a progressive democrat, we need to be republicans, independence, democrats, forget about wings of parties, forget about right versus left, republicans versus democrat. we have to pull together a pro-democracy coalition and motivate people to stand up for their democracy and that's what the november 22 election is about. and further i think the big thing here is, look, in the wake of roe v. wade, in the wake of what the court has done, of the hearings that have happened on january 6th and the committee and, you know, the people have come forward, what's happened is
4:16 am
the energy with democrats is 92% of democrats are strongly engaged in this election. it's the first time this cycle that democratic interest in the race, in the elections, has surfaced the republicans. so people are coming together, that's what we need to do and, yes, the house -- democrats in the house are acting like -- reacting like the house is on fire. it's republicans in the senate, that's where we have to train our fire on. it's the republicans that are holding up everything that we want to do for the american people on the kitchen table issues, on health care, on insulin, just capping it at $35. no, the republicans all voted against that. there were plenty of democratic votes to do that. >> joe, could i just ask because this article from -- >> hang on one second, senator,
4:17 am
if i can. what's truly interesting is democrats going out of their way to send messages that they are not going to primary joe biden. sigh sack said gavin newsom specifically told him talk to the white house, i will telling you i'm not going to run. so what is gavin newsom doing as he tries to raise his national profile and gets aggressive around the country? >> well, look, one thing -- >> go ahead. >> i think democrats have to be aggressive in taking on this threat. and i think that's the problem. obama has got -- excuse me, biden has to govern and he needs two for three votes to get anything done from the republicans. i think that that's still what he needs to do, but i think the lincoln project, i think gavin newsom, i think others out there, yes, need to be
4:18 am
aggressive and take the fight to these people and to these -- and you've seen the president get much more aggressive in his rhetoric about it. i think he was resisting in that because he wanted to try to get things done, but it's clear who the obstructionists are, it's clear where the threat is and i think -- welcome gavin newsom, pritzker, a bunch of voices have come out and have recognized i think what the threat really is and how hard we need to fight against it. >> nina? >> john and brianna, let's take this to the streets. the american people don't have time for folks to sit up here and upon if i have kate. we know exactly where those governors are dipping their toe in the water because it's just in case. they're sending a little signal that if indeed the president runs for reelection we won't run against you but just in case something happens let's go ahead and tell the truth about this. so mr. t trippy has been the luxury of being cool, calm and collected about what is
4:19 am
happening in this country while people's lives are being destroyed. we understand that the republicans are recalcitrant. they are no good. today's republicans are no good and they are a clear and present danger to democracy as we know it. so if we do know that then let's act like we know it. my party has control of the congress and the presidency and they should wield that power as if they have that power. they should wield as if it if the neo fascists trying to take over the country starting with the supreme court is a danger and use the power on behalf of the people. don't play with it, don't be timid with it, use. one of the ways you can use it is to expand the court. the united states congress there is a bill to expand the court. they should use federaif feder for abortion country, they should ensure the abortion drugs are available in my states, even
4:20 am
my state where you can no longer get an abortion six weeks. we should use that power in a way that give people a way they can feel. this is an emotional time for this country. yes, the republicans are dangerous and my party needs to act like t it's just like vgs firefighters come to your house and they have all the equipment and the fire chief says we can't come in yet because we have to wait for a few more firefighters answer though they have all the tools at that i remember disposal to put out the fire. we have all the tools at our disposal to put out the fire and we need to get at it so that people are more motivated to come out not just because of clear and present danger to our democracy, but that we have elected leaders who feel their pain and who will ameliorate their pain. i want my party to stop playing games and let's get to business. >> this is the discussion happening right now in the democratic party. joe, senator, we thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. right now much more on the
4:21 am
january 6th hearings including the new revelations from a court filing overnight that the fbi has interviewed a former attorney for donald trump. and the father of the gunman in the highland park parade attack is facing intense scrutiny this morning. the lead prosecutor in the case is going to join "new day." and we're going to be joined by the pilot who somehow managed to dodge traffic and land his plane on the highway. pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurancece, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. l liberty. ♪ the world is full of make or break moments. especially if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, it's time to make your move to help reduce your risk of fractu with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help stngthen and protect bones om fracture with 1 shot every 6 months.
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but that was an epic fail. with xfi we can stream, share, swipe, like... impress your mom with super-sonic wifi. it's unbeatable internet for a more unbeatable gru. i mean, you. new this morning 20 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of a rocket attack at an apartment building in donetsk. in kharkiv russia carried out strike overnight culling at least three people and injuring 20 others. this is where alex marquardt is joining us live. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a very loud few hours here in kharkiv, really few days, overnight as you mentioned there were a number of strikes at least three in the overnight hours that woke us up.
4:26 am
those sirens going off. in morning there was another barrage of at least three russian rocket attacks, those attacks killing at least three people and wounding almost 30. but i want to show you the aftermath of one of those overnight strikes. this happened right in central kharkiv at around 3:30 in the morning. you can see the immense damage that that russian missile go on this residential building. it is a six-floor residential building at the bottom you have two different businesses and that rocket going in the roof of this building, collapsing that roof and every floor below it causing everything in those six apartments to cascade down to the bottom. i can see a kitchen from here where i'm standing, we understand thankfully that no one was killed in this attack. there's a huge crater at the bottom with city workers getting to work. they clean up remarkably fast after these blasts. this is the second time that we have been on this block in the
4:27 am
past 48 hours. two days ago at exactly this time on "new day" we were right here because there was another russian strike inside a residential area in a courtyard over there. it's clear that the russians are targeting this area for some reason, we are not sure why, whether there is some military presence they believe but it is another reason that we are not going to stay around here for too long. as we've seen this uptick in these strikes in kharkiv we've also seen the russians push far to the west to the eastern donbas region in the donetsk region. there was a vicious strike in the donetsk region on saturday. that death toll has risen to 20. there were almost two dozen people beneath the wreckage, beneath the rubble. emergency workers working furiously to try to get them out. there is, brianna, a huge russian offensive expected to renew in the donbas region to try to take that area and as that happens as that escalation
4:28 am
happens there is also a sense here that the russians may try to push back towards kharkiv after having been pushed out by the ukrainians, really trying to capture this city not just one of the biggest cities closest to the russian border, but ukraine's second biggest and therefore a major prize. >> alex, we know that you are in a vulnerable area there so we want you to head on out and stay safe. alex marquardt live in kharkiv. >> remarkable perspective. today marks a week since the mass shooting at a july 4th parade in highland park, illinois ultimately killing seven and injuring 12 more. adds the investigation unfolds the shooter's father is facing scrutiny because he sponsored a permit allowing his son to purchase firearms before he turned 21 including the gun he ultimately used in the shooting. joining us now state attorney eric line heart, the lead prosecutor in the case. counselor, thank you for being with us.
4:29 am
can you give us an update on the status of the investigation? >> good morning, thank you for having me on. we have to continue to express our condolences and support for those who lost loved ones and those who were injured and those who have been psychologically hurt by this calculated attack. so many people are hurting in highland park, we are working on long-term support for those individuals this morning and my office is continuing to support them as well as the attorney general's office, the fbi and red cross. there is a lot of work to be done just to help people heal. regarding the investigation, i don't want to get too much into details but we're continuing to scour mountains of evidence with respect to -- with respect to the offender to try to understand what he was doing in the days and weeks before this premeditated attack. >> you have said that the father signing the document vouching for his son in and of itself doesn't produce any criminal liability. again, i don't want you to tell
4:30 am
me inside workings of the case that you can't, but in theory are there other forms of criminal liability possible for a parent here? >> yeah, so by itself there's not something that says if something happens terrible like this then the signer of that document is directly in trouble, but we're looking at a lot of different -- we're looking at a lot of different ways to understand what was going on in the days, weeks and months before this attack, what everyone's knowledge was. not just family members, but beyond. so there is a lot of work still to be done. there are lots of ways to look and think about what people knew and should have done or could have done. i was looking at some of the terrible -- the terrible list of mass shootings this morning. so many of these are committed by people that are 21 or under, atlanta and the racist attacks there on asians, the el paso shooting in 2019 was committed by a 21-year-old with an assault rifle against latinos.
4:31 am
and obviously the buffalo shooting that was an 18-year-old with an assault rifle. we have to work together as a country and as a community to just look at some common sense rules and some common sense reforms that would say don't let young people or anyone get these assault weapons. >> are you looking at possible charges for anyone decides the shooter himself? >> i don't want to comment on that directly. >> you know, there is the case in michigan where michigan officials did charge the parents of the suspect accused of killing four at the oxford high school, the apartments have been charged for issues relating to that. how is that case different? >> well, right now we're still investigating everything so that case is at a different point in terms of understanding it. i understand they were charged -- i understand they were charged relatively close to the attack. that is certainly something to consider. we are looking at all options and all possibilities. i don't want to comment on the difference between the two cases
4:32 am
because we haven't concluded our investigation. >> have you learned anything new about what drove this shooter to do this? >> i wish i could say more about that. i wish i could tell you that there was something sort of definite that we had seen similar to the el paso, buffalo or atlanta shootings and i can't really comment on it too much. i don't want to comment on his motivations but we are where we are in terms of trying to understand everything he did. >> eric rinehart, thank you for being with us, we appreciate of the update. >> thank you so much. so a former spokesperson for the oath keepers is set to testify before the january 6th committee. this as we learn more about their alleged plot. plus -- >> horrible. what the hell? why aren't they letting us out? >> a frightening scene for passengers aboard a spirit airlines flight as the landing gear caught fire. we are going to tell you what happened next.
4:33 am
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ just revealed, former president trump's attorney justin clark was interviewed by
4:37 am
fbi investigators two weeks ago according to a department of justice court filing released overnight. this involving the doj's response to steve bannon's sudden about-face that he's willing to testify before the january 6th committee. justin clark says that trump never invoked privilege over information from bannon. joining us now is jeffrey toobin, who is our cnn, of course, chief legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. in effect, jeffrey, it's interesting because you have trump's lawyer here basically throwing bannon's lawyer under the bus because it seems like bannon's lawyer was not forthcoming with the committee -- or with the doj. >> what a shock that steve bannon's associates are not cooperating with the justice department in a good faith way. this is all part of steve bannon's last ditch effort to avoid trial or throw his trial into chaos because he's about to go on trial for criminal contempt for failing to
4:38 am
cooperate with the january 6th committee and so he's saying that the president has now -- former president has now allowed him to testify, but what trump's lawyer is saying is that trump never stopped him in the first place, which means that this whole charade is nothing more than that, just an attempt to throw sand in the gears of this trial, which is coming very soon. >> it's hard to wrap your head around this because there are plenty, including the committee, who argues there was no executive privilege here to begin with, it doesn't apply. add to that the fact that trump's lawyer is now saying we didn't even invoke it, so they didn't invoke something that others say doesn't apply. could bannon be on the hook for perjury now also by saying -- i mean, what's going on there? >> i don't think there will be additional charges, but, i mean, i do think it's important to focus on the difference here.
4:39 am
i hope this isn't too nerdy, between civil contempt and criminal contempt. because civil contempt is basically when they lock you up until you agree to do something. you know, lock you up until you agree to do something and once you agree, let is, let's say, agree to testify when the civil contempt is over. that's not what this case is about. this case is criminal contempt which means he is being charged for defying the grand jury -- the congressional subpoena he received earlier this year. when he refused to testify, he had committed the crime. if he later agrees to testify, that's irrelevant. that's the difference between civil contempt and criminal contempt. it doesn't matter if he agrees to testify now. now, the fact is he's not agreeing to testify. he's not agreeing to produce all the documents he was called on to produce, but bannon is trying to use this as -- as a way of
4:40 am
saying, look, why are they charging me when i'm agreeing to testify? when, in fangt, that's legally irrelevant. >> jeffrey toobin, thank you so much for explaining it to us. so the biden white house fending off criticism for the pace of its response to the abortion battle taking aim at, quote, out of step liberal activists. an incredible video, a plane dodging on coming cars to make this insane emergency landing on a highway. we will speak to the pilot ahead. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ens. ost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune sport. boost® high protein. only two things e forever:
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4:45 am
the pilot avoided power lines, all kinds of cars and incoming traffic and landed this thing on the highway in western north carolina. not even a perfectly straight part of the highway. joining us now is the man who flew and most importantly landed that planes. pilot vincent frazier. thank you so much for being with us. i should add you were in that plane with your father-in-law, flying your father-in-law there, the engine fails three times. what's going through your head? >> correct. yes. i was just -- really going through my head was i needed to keep my father-in-law safe and i needed to keep the people on the ground safe. i was just trying to do it the best that i can without hurting anybody. >> so how did you pick where you were going to land? did you have options? i mean, what did you see as you're looking around? >> so originally there were no
4:46 am
options. you know, when we began to have some engine failure we were over fontana lake, there aren't any roads around there, it is rural, if there are roads it's blocked by the trees, mountains and valleys, but we did see a bridge in the distance and i told my father-in-law that is our best and only chance besides a water ditching. by the time i got to the bridge we were too low to make the bridge and there was too many vehicles on the bridge to attempt it without possibly hurting or killing somebody. our next option was the river right in front of the bridge and i don't know that i told my father-in-law this, but i was committing to putting her down in the river just because i knew that that bridge would probably have killed us. when i started to overfly the bridge to go into the river by some miracle that highway,
4:47 am
highway 19 showed up to my left. you couldn't see it before because of the mountains or valleys or trees and there was highway 19 over to my left. i had enough altitude to turn the plane towards the highway at the last second. >> you see the oncoming cars coming right at you, even as you're landing the plane. what do you think must have been going through those drivers' minds when they see you coming down? >> they had to have been terrified. they had to have been so terrified. you don't know what that person is doing, with everything going on in the world they had to have been terrified, yeah. >> so you dodged -- you're flying in between power lines, we see one passing over in this video just here. >> yeah. >> we see shrapnel from truck tires. >> correct. >> in the end after a mechanic fixes your plane you have to take off to get it out of there. we have video of that as well. what was that like? >> correct. >> and is that your last flight?
4:48 am
>> honestly that was terrifying, the takeoff part. but, yeah, i had amp come out and checked the plane out. they towed it up the mountain to a higher and longer road. at that time i just kind of made it into a marine objective. i went back into when i was in the marine corps and made it my mission to get off that mountain. i knew the plane was safe, i knew the plane has been checked out, i knew i had the training but honestly when i got in that aircraft and i taxied -- there is a video of me taxying up the mountain to the top of the hill to take off. i sat there, turned the aircraft, did my run up and was getting ready to take my short field takeoff. if you watch that video i held the brake for a good ten seconds, i wanted to turn it off, get out, throw up. you can't believe this is actually happening. i knew i had to do it and i knew i was going to be safe and had
4:49 am
the training so i launched the brake and launched off. >> i feel like someone was punking you, make you go fly the plane after it broke on you before. we are glad you and your father-in-law are doing well and it turned out well for you and we wish you the best going forward. >> thank you. i appreciate it. a new book says that former republican speaker paul ryan sobbed as he watched the capitol attack unfold. plus polls show the governor's race in texas is tightening and harry enten is here with the numbers. [ sfx: submarine rising out of water ] miminions are bitin' today. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ minions: the rise of gru, only in theaters.
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so we fit your standards, and it's guaranteed for life. when you can trust the people who create your new bath, it just fits. bath fitter. visit to book your free consultation. bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles there are bubbles everywhere! as an expedia member you earn points on top of your airline miles. so you can go see even more of all the world's bubbles. it's been 2 1/2 weeks since the supreme court overturned roe versus wade. has there been a perceivable impact already? what do the numbers say? >> so, this is, perhaps, not the easiest answer to try to get across. there's been some some movement.
4:54 am
not a ton, some. so, the choice for congress by when the supreme court overturned roe post-decision on the generic ballot, republicans are still ahead. up by a point. if you look pre-decision, republicans were up by three points. that for those at home is a two-point movement. it's small but it is noticeable. why has there been, perhaps, a small but noticeable move? so, take a look here. this is the percentage of americans who disapprove or oppose the overturning of roe v. wade, according to the pew research center. back in july 2019, 70% of americans opposed the overturning of roe v. wade. now that percentage is lower, 57%. you still see the clear majority disapproving of the decision but not as much as you might have expected before the supreme court ruling came down. i think this jogs with the idea there's been small movement but not a ton of movement. >> you averaged a ton of polls
4:55 am
so the movement is happening. let's talk about texas, the governor's race. greg abbott running for re-election. there's been some slippage. >> there has been. another major event. the idea is has this event changed the governor race. post-y post uvalde shooting. abbott's still ahead but that margin has shrunk by half. another event in which we've seen some movement but republicans still ahead. why has there been that movement? the university of texas poll gun laws, should they be more strict or should they be less strict or no change? before the shooting, texans said it should be less strict or more changed and now 50% say they should be less strict or
4:56 am
changed. o'rourke is gaining because texas voters want gun laws to be more strict. >> overall, what are the important issues? >> this gives you an idea of why both in texas and nationally we've seen some movement but not a ton. the most important urgent issues to voters nationally, inflation, not abortion. in texas, what's the most important problem facing the state of texas? it's, in fact, the situation at the u.s./mexico border. it's not gun control. who do voters trust on these issues? on inflation, nationally, republicans with the runaway. they're trusted by a margin of 19 points. the border situation, texas voters trust greg abbott. >> harry, thank you. >> thank you. president biden facing criticism from some in his own party for not acting more urgently on abortion rights. the white house is pushing back on those critics.
4:57 am
white house communications director kate bedingfield telling "the washington post," biden isn't to satisfy some activists who have been consistently out of step with the mainstream of the democratic party. it's to deliver help to women who are in danger and assem by a broad-based coalition to defend a woman's right to choose. joining me is washington post journalist behind some of this reporting. tell us why the white house, and let's start at the beginning with this, is took the white house a while to come up with a response. they were not expecting this ruling when it came out. why were they unprepared initially? >> like you said, they believed the ruling would come at the end of the term. they believed the supreme court would be one of the final decisions so president biden was getting ready to leave for europe, g7 and nato. his speech was signed off and they they would he would deliver that speech upon returning from
4:58 am
madrid. the day of the ruling, people were want prepared for it to come down. they thought they would have an extra week to prepare. you saw some scrambling that day. the president did deliver the remarks they had settled on, but then they took a few days for other policy proposals and oe proposals coming from the different wings of the democratic party, like the president biden's filibuster to codify roe v. wade, and they don't have the votes for, and now president biden says he wants his administration to look at the idea of a public health emergency. >> how has that statement about liberals, out of step liberals, being received by those liberals who are out of step, according to this white house official? >> it's not been received well. i think there are a lot of liberals who feel they make up a big part of the base of the democratic party and the administration has fallen short on responding to this historic ruling that they say they had two months to prepare for since it leaked in early may.
4:59 am
they want to see more bold action, more creative actions in response to this. there was a bit more support and some democrats were cheered by president biden's tone on friday when he signed this executive order, bolstering some abortion access and abortion rights. he had a more forceful tone in his speech, a more fighting spirit democrats have been fighting for. they say it's not enough. this is such an historic overturning of rights. while they appreciate and recognize the fact that the executive branch is limited in what it can do and only congress can reverse the ruling, i think they just want to see more of the visceral anger they feel reflected in the president's statements and some of their actions and to think outside of the box in terms of what else the administration could do to help protect women, especially in states where these bans have already gone into place. >> thank you for sharing your reporting with us. we appreciate it.
5:00 am
"new day" continues right now. good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it's monday, july 11th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. tomorrow the spokesman for the oath keepers will testify before the january 6th committee. the panel says we can expect new details from jason van tatton however about how far the far right militia group operated and how it planned the attack on the capitol in the bid to overturn the election. >> just to give a historical precedence to this group and how they have kind of radicalized, i was the propagandist for the oath keepers. >> committee members say they can establish' link between trump's inner circle and the oath keepers. >> a


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