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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening we, have some breaking news to bring you now involving one of the most dramatic moments of testimony in the january 6th investigation. just a short time ago, a source
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told cnn, that a witness has no corroborated details of a story, first related by cassidy hutchinson about a confrontation between the former president and his security detail the day of the attack. here's how cassidy hutchinson retired recounted the details to the committee. >> the president said something to the effect of, i am the effing president, take me up to the capitol now. to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel, mr. engel grabbed his arm and said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby engle and mr. grenada had recounted the story to me, he motioned towards his clavicle's. >> it was mr. engle in the room
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as mr. renato told you the story? >> he was. >> did mr. engle correct or disagree with any part of the story for mr. renato? >> mr. engle did not correct or disagree with any part of the story. >> did mr. engle or mr. ornado ever after that tell you that with mr. ornado had just said was untrue? >> neither mr. or renato or mr. engle told me ever that it was untrue. >> we're joined now as cnn congressional correspondent ryan angles with the new reporting. do we know who this witnesses and what exactly they're saying that allegedly backs up cast the hutchinson's testimony? >> we don't have a lot of specifics right now, anderson, but our reporters jamie angle and andy greer were able to learn that there was a metropolitan police department police officer, this is someone working for the washington d.c. police force, that was part of the motorcade that did speak to the january 6th select committee, and was able to corroborate at least a little
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bit about donald trump's position and his attitude on that day of january 6th. specifically, that he was angry and had the desire to go to the capitol on that day. this wouldn't have been an officer that would've been specifically in the presidential suv that was in dispute right now, but someone that was part of that group of vehicles that would've taken the president from -- back to the white house. it's just another example of someone who is testified to the committee, you cannot lie to congress, about what they saw on that day. versus the secret service, which is pushed back on cassidy hutchinson's account, but has done throw so through the door for the most part,, not statements that were put out under oath and in a public setting. >> so, to that point, are there plans by the committee to get the secret service agents who are in the presidential vehicle that day to testify under oath? because it does seem pretty weird that an unnamed person supposedly with the secret service put out the word that
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oh, secret service agents agreed about would cassidy hutchinson said, yet, no one is on the record even with their names disagreeing, and no one is actually under oath disagreeing. >> so, the secret service made spokesperson did say on the record, did dispute on some level capacity hutchinson's testimony, but not in a fulsome way, and not beyond -- they did even more with the anonymous sources as you point to. but to your point, about whether or not bobby angle and tony renato, who are essentially the two people aside from the driver of the limousine itself who could actually and fully be able to counter or confirmed cassidy hutchinson's testimony, we know it they already spoke to the committee. members said that recollection of that event was more murky than the recollection of cassidy hutchinson. and the secret service has said that they are willing to come forward and testify again. but it's also important to point out, anderson, from the committees perspective, whether or not donald trump actually grabbed the steering wheel, whether not he lunged at a
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secret service agent that is not as important as the fact that he was angry and that he wanted to go to the capitol. as we've said, time and time again no one, including the secret service agents, both on the record and talking anonymously, have ever disputed that fact. >> there's also reporting that we have tonight regarding the secret service that i find incredibly kind of impossible to understand. there is word of deleted text messages from on and around january 6th. can you explain what you know about this? >> yeah, and what's interesting about this, anderson, and jamie gangel and zachary cohen and i were able to put the story together, this comes from a letter that was sent to the department -- to the committees dealing with homeland security and both the house and senate, from the inspector general of the department of homeland security, department of homeland security is a special secret service is a subsidiary of department of homeland security. and what the ig is saying, is that they had asked the secret service to not only preserve
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but hand over text messages from agents on both january 5th and january 6th, and according to the ig, after that request was made, that the secret service underwent what they said a device replacement program, and over the course of that replacement program, all of these text messages were deleted. now, the committee finds that to be problem, the homeland security committee of which benny thompson is the chairman of and in addition to the january six committee chairmen, we have a stamp from gary peters who is the senate chairman of the homeland security committee who is also concerned about it, secret service has pushed back on it a little bit. they have said not completely on the record, that the ig's perception of this is not 100% right, but they have yet to back up the claims as to why. the issue though, anderson, this is information that these committees have been looking for for more than a year and a half. they're just now finding out that this information doesn't exist. that is a big problem among many other problems associated with this, and it just makes
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trying to figure out the information that these committees, these various different organizations, that are investigating what happened here on january 6th, it just makes that job that much more difficult. >> yeah, it raises all sorts of questions about the credibility of the secret service which is, you know, stunning. i don't understand, on such a consequential day in history, how anybody in the secret service or anywhere in a national security establishment thinks it's a good idea to delete the text messages detailing what was going on in the inner circle of the white house that they. that boggles the mind, doesn't it? >> yeah, i think it does. and secret service, you know, they have begun the process of reaching out to the media to respond to this letter, we are told that it came as a surprise to them that they did not expect to see it. and that they do believe that they have an explanation for exactly what you're talking about, anderson. we have not been given an explanation yet. but they say that there's an
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easy way to allow us to understand exactly what happened here. so we should give them the benefit of the doubt, they haven't had the chance to completely respond to this, but, you're right. and in total, there's been a lot of questions about the secret service, the role they played, in terms of what happened on january 6th with the former president and the former vice president, and so, all of these things are questions that the committee has that they want answers to. again, when you don't have all the information, it makes it that much harder to paint the entire picture that they want to paint for the american people. >> ryan nobles, really for your reporting as always. joining us now is -- cnn national security analyst julia time, former u.s. 60 -- four to oversee the secret service cnn senior law enforcement analyst and -- former -- cnn jonathan macron, a former >> jonathan are gonna start with you, first of all, just on the text messages, again i guess, ryan nobles says we have the secret service they have some sort of explanation, i
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don't think that explanation is owed to text messages were erased, it seems like they were. but they have an explanation why. is this normal? does that make sense to? you >> know. it doesn't. first of all, this is a big embarrassment for the secret service. one, they were caught off guard that this letter was being sent. and the fact that they didn't have the ability to quickly respond to it. but i have a lot of questions for both dhs the inspector general and the secret service. first, the inspector general stated that many text messages were erased as part of this technology upgrade. and what's the word many quantified, from what i'm hearing from sources at the secret service, was that the request for information and text messages from 20 key agents that were involved in january 6th were received by the dhs inspector general. i want to actually know, is missing text messages part of a material fact in their investigation. if the answer is yes, the secret service really has to
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come out very strongly and articulate exactly what happened, why those text messages were missing and again, it also leads to a second order of consequence which is, were they in violation of the federal records act? if you are going through a technology upgrade, you need to have safeguards that have information that is critical in terms of preserving data and information. is it here too and that is the law. >> andrew, again, i guess i should point out again, we don't have all the response from the secret service, so with that caveat, does this make sense to you? >> no. it doesn't make sentinel. i think what jonathan said is absolutely right. and let's remember here, back up one step, the secret service is an investigative organization. they don't just do protection for the for the president other dignitaries, they investigate cases. a part of investigating cases, you have an obligation to preserve information, both good and bad. and turn that information over to defendants in the course of criminal prosecutions. you have discovery obligations.
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and text messages between agents come within the scope of those discovery obligations. if this is a pattern or a practice to routinely lose text messages, that is not consistent with efficient and lawful running of an investigative organization. so there are many, many questions that need to be answered here. i agree with jonathan, there's a lot more that we don't know here. there may be some non nefarious answers to some of those questions. boy there's a lot of information. >> julia, the idea that messages are deleted as part of what's called a device replacement program after they were sought by oversight officials, again, if that is the case, does that make sense to you? >> no. it doesn't sound credible. so if there is a credible explanation, the secret service needs to provide it. the sort of normal upgrade that they're talking about, would certainly retain their text
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because they're part of the retention services let's be serious secret service, you know what happened on january 6th. and this is the moment in which your not protecting the evidence that you know might be relevant. also, there's also another problem here, which is the course department of homeland security also exists. and oversees the secret service. it really needs to get out in front of this. this is their component agency. and so, the secret service is now, this is now the second or third time when the secret service simply says, their story isn't true. whoever's complaining, cassidy hutchinson, whoever. we know the truth. well, that's not good enough anymore. and this was an insurrection, they serve, you know, they may have a job, a mission, but they actually take an oath of office to protect the constitution. john dean, if it does turn out that the text messages were deleted, intentionally, for whatever reason, and the secret
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service strongly denies but again has not offered any real explanation here, do you think that creates any legal jeopardy for those involved? >> it certainly could, if they intentionally did it, if there was some nefarious reason that they did it. anderson, i would also put this in the context, this is in the first time information from the secret services has gone missing on the sixth. the presidents daily diary for that day has a seven hour gap, the secret service is one of the principal and 80s that feeds the diarist that keeps the record of the presidential record for that day and apparently the secret service couldn't supply information about that. they said there are seven hours missing their two, we've never had a good explanation of that. so this is a pattern and it is troubling. >> thanks everyone, obviously there's more to be reported on this, the former president seems to be looking ahead not back, coming back the report singling is 2024 run, the
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with all those bubbles. without ever wondering if you're getting the most out of your trip. because you are. >> the former president is planning -- he spoke to new york magazine headline reads of already made that decision, the only question left in the former presidents minors when she will announce. the question is will it be before or after the november midterm elections? the comments come from obviously -- in the deliberation, washington post also on the story today with a headline he looks to fall launch for 2024, potentially up ending midterms. the sub headline quote some republicans fear an announcement will undercut them at a time when they have a strong chance of retaking the house and senate. the washington post writing quote one confident put the odds at 70 30 he announces before the midterm, another said he may still decide to
9:19 pm
announce sooner than september. they quote to people familiar with the matter said quote trump has been -- has begun talking with advisers about who should run the campaign and his team has instructed others to have an online apparatus for campaign should he announced. joining us for more perspective, abby philip, also to cnn commentators, charlie dent and a former campaign strategist for the former president david urban. abby, on the surface it seems like he will run, is anything with him that simple? >> i mean this is probably maybe the worst kept secret in washington and in politics. i think it has always been more likely than not that trump would run again for president, he has been teasing it for many many months. pretty munch since he left the white house. so it is a question of when he announces it, and how he runs for president. i think the big undercurrent of
9:20 pm
a lot of the hemming and hawing on the part of his advisors is how much is he going to be fixated and upset on his lost to joe biden. so far he hasn't given any indication that he is any less fixated on that, even though many of his allies want him to turn to more substantive issues, it doesn't seem like that is what is motivating him. >> david, you talked about that, him not looking forward but re-litigating the past. as a former campaign strategist, do you think announcing a bid by the former president before the midterms is a good idea for republican candidates? >> listen, the democratic party is going to run against donald trump whether he's announce or not announced. it does put candidates in a particular pickle, they asked question about do you support what occurred on january six, they will be dragged through a myriad of questions about that, whether they believe that joe biden was the duly elected president, and will have to be on the record about that and
9:21 pm
debate otherwise. i would think that it would be behooved the president for the party if he were to run after the general elections were ran here in the fall, but as we all know the president will do what he wants to do. >> congressman dent, if you announces before the midterms, how do you think republicans who will be on the ballot this november deal with him? do they embrace him, keep their distance while campaigning, i guess it depends state by state? >> well, yes, certainly for those who represent swing districts they will want to keep their distance from donald trump. the democrats will be thrilled if donald trump announces before the midterm. republicans want to make this midterm election a referendum on joe biden and the democrats, to the extent that donald trump insert himself into the midterms by announcing he turns this into a choice that turns right into the democrats hands. i've heard some voices on the republican side saying trump will join up the base, that's what they need, these are people who have never run in
9:22 pm
swing districts or states we need to persuade independent voters as well as some democrats in order to win. they don't have enough of a base, so i would think that kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell want nothing more than for donald trump not to announce before the midterms, it will make it much more difficult for them to capture majorities in both chambers. very quickly, david urban, if he announces before the thing, before midterms, and republicans do well then he gets to claim credit, if they do badly, -- >> he'll blame kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell. >> there you go. it works either way for him. >> congressman denton has a point, charlie is running a swing district, right. this year could easily go for republican. i've always said that charlie dent was the only person who can hold that seat forever, and now we're in a year where republicans could take back that seat, theoretically, it's gonna be a tough race. with the president jumping in beforehand and make it even
9:23 pm
more tough. >> abby, on his over seas trip biden was asked about a former rematch with the former president i want that free. >> are you predicting a biden trump rematch in 2024? >> i'm not predicting, but i would not be disappointed. >> you would not be disappointed? so you look forward to that? >> no, look. the one thing i know about politics in american politics in particular, there's no way to predict what's going to happen. i'm not even halfway through my term yet. there's a lot of room to figure out what's gonna happen. >> abby, would you make of the presidents response? >> look, i think both of these are men who think that they're the best guys to go up against the other guy. but joe biden is the only one of the two who actually has the ability to say that he actually beat trump. and that has been his message to his own party. and it certainly going to be his message to the electorate going forward.
9:24 pm
i think biden sees this matchup as just probably the best-case scenario for him. a flawed candidate on the republican side, who he has already beaten. there's already a playbook for how to do it. so, of the scenarios here, and let's say hypothetically, a biden ron desantis matchup for something to that effect biden is looking at a biden trump matchup and saying, this looks pretty good. in part, because i've already done it. trump, the problem with trump, is that he still in denial about the fact that he lost to biden. so i think that colors how he views would a matchup would be like for him. >> anderson, really quickly, i would just add that, i think that a lot of voters have buyers remorse. they voted for joe biden think that he would govern in a completely different way, they thought he was gonna be a centrist, a uniter, and he's really tacked hard left. so i think, crime, inflation and gas prices. all really translate into
9:25 pm
historically low numbers. 85% wrong track in america. i think donald trump would beat joe biden head to head come 2024. >> very quickly go ahead >> remember, donald trump is going to announce for one reason. he wants to freeze the gop republican field for 2024. he wants to keep ron desantis and pompeo and all these other candidates, affective republican candidates, from running. that's where this is about. that's what he's trying doing this, he wants to keep him out as far as you can. >> do you think it's gonna work? >> i think it will work with some of them. i don't think they're gonna want to challenge him immediately. that he's not doing this to help the republicans, he's doing this to help himself in the presidential race. >> coming up, the horrific case of the ten year old girl in ohio who is raped and how her story played out during a congressional hearing today, as an anti abortion activists tried to -- call disinformation. we'll also discuss with congressman jim jordan said about this story and why it stands apart from so many
9:26 pm
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9:30 pm
detected. the headline, patients had to indiana for abortion services as other states restrict cares. a doctor, an ob/gyn is quoted as saying she was contacted by a colleague in ohio regarding the ten-year-old girl situation, and the paper said quote the girl soon was on her way to indiana to bernard's care. it was unclear whether the child had the abortion when the story was published. we do know the girl has had the abortion. that doctor in indiana is now under investigation by state officials. the child saga was cited by biden in a speech to protect abortion rights. a number of politicians in the right wing media outlets began to cast doubt that a ten year old girl had been raped and was seeking an abortion. ohio congressman jim jordan was the most prominent to do that. he tweeted out a headline it reads quote, ohio attorney general says his office has not
9:31 pm
found any evidence of a ten-year-old rape victim in the state who according to reports cited by president joe biden was six weeks pregnant, travel to indiana to receive an abortion. the congressman as you see added his own comment above the quote, it read, another lie anyone surprised? yesterday authorities in ohio said the man they have charged with rape has confessed and it turns out the rape of the girl was reported to police in ohio, two months ago. congressman jordan or his staff has since deleted his tweet and a number of news organizations that cast out on the story have corrected themselves, or published updates as well. congressman jordan, however, an elected leader from ohio has not. this is what he told cnn's manu raju today. >> why did you delete the tweet? >> well because we learned that the illegal alien to this crime. so we deleted the tweet. >> do you apologize to the girl and the family for suggesting
9:32 pm
that they lied? >> i never doubted the child. i was responding to a headline from your profession, news profession which happens all the time on twitter. doubted joe biden, which is a smart thing to do based on all the things he says that are inaccurate. but, you know, the washington post said that there was a story that they had no evidence, they hadn't seen the evidence. our attorney general said the same thing, so that's why -- >> your tweet came across as you were questioning her story that she was raped, that she had to go across state lines to get an abortion? >> not at all, it was what others had talked about. we would never question a child. >> congressman jordan could have just said look, i made a mistake, and i regret it. that is not something many politicians do today, and not something politicians who want to stay in the good graces of the former president do, they have to pretend to be tough guys, it is a persona jim jordan likes to adopt. you may notice he focuses on the immigration status of the suspect, that is something of
9:33 pm
the republican's playbook. it's a dodge, and we can add that, for an alleged tough guy. as for his logic, it is also dodged, he very much did doubt this child. here is the tweet again, another lie, anyone surprised? the focus of the headline he is responding to in the paper that he had tweeted out was saying that the attorney general had not found any evidence of the rape of a ten year old girl. jordan was saying another lie. jordan saying the girl, her parents, the doctor who performed the abortion, the president saying they were all lying. one of the news organizations he cites to defend his stance is the wall street journal, the editorial is instructive here, congressman journal should re-read it, or his staff should read it to him. not only did they upend and editors note to the original op-ed, it also pointed readers to this, it publish a separate editorial call correcting the record on rape case. in it they state quote we appreciate our obligation to
9:34 pm
correct the record on the case which is a terrible one. they published a correction and they called it an obligation. jim jordan is an elected public official who helped fuel a lie about a ten-year-old girl who was raped and went to a state to have an abortion, and a public official who does that should have the same obligation to correct the record and maybe, just maybe even apologize. maybe that simple act of decency is too tough for a guy who works really hard to pretend to be tough. tonight the story of that little girl is also playing out on capitol hill, we are joined now by jessica dean, there was a moment between democratic congressman eric swalwell and an antiabortion advocate today on the hill, can you talk about what happened? >> yes, anderson, we are now seeing lawmakers on both sides of the aisle walking forward and moving forward in this post roe world. what that looks like today in this case is a house judiciary committee hearing on individual freedoms in the post-roe world, that's what we saw this exchange between swalwell and this woman, take a listen.
9:35 pm
>> do you think a ten year old should choose to carry a baby? >> i believe it will probably impact her life and so therefore, it would fall under any exception, and it will not be an abortion. >> wait, it would not be an abortion if a ten year olds with her parents made the decision not to have a baby that was the result of a rape? >> if a ten year old became pregnant as a result of rape and it was threatening her life, then that is not an abortion. so it would not fault any under abortion restrictions in our nation. >> miss, are you familiar with this information? >> yes, i am. >> did you hear some disinformation? >> yes, i heard some very significant disinformation -- >> why don't you tell me about? that >> an abortion is a procedure, a medical procedure that individuals undergo for wide ranges of circumstances, including because they have been sexually assaulted. raped in the case of the ten year old. it doesn't matter whether or not there is statutory
9:36 pm
exemption, it is still a medical procedure that is understood to be an abortion. beyond that i think it is also important to note that there is no exception for the life or the health of the mother in the ohio law. that is why the ten-year-old had to cross state lines in order to receive an abortion. >> disinformation there. it's also worth noting, anderson, that jim jordan is the ranking member on the house judiciary committee, that's a powerful committee over in the house, if republicans win the midterms and take back the house which it is expected they will at this point, he would most likely become the chairman of that committee. >> some democratic senators also introduced a bill this week creating protection for abortion providers. >> that is right. we saw a group of democratic senators, women, who introduced this bill, it would guarantee a constitutional right for women to cross state lines, to get abortion care. it would also, as you mentioned, provide additional protection
9:37 pm
for administrators, doctors providers, who provide that care for out of state patients. now, a lot of bills get introduced in the senate all the time, and as we've talked about many times, they run into the 60 vote filibuster, this one is certainly not going anywhere 50/50 senate, but again, an example of how the discussions are moving forward here in this post roe world, we saw some very emotional comments and speeches from republican senators today who are very much against bills, they called them radical. they said that they are just there to inflame people. in the meantime the sponsors of the bills say that they are very afraid that some states are going to essentially hold women captive in their states and not allow them to seek cares along state lines. >> thank you. a grand jury indicted's disgraced south carolina attorney alex murdaugh, for the murder of his wife and son, what the lawyers are saying about the new accusations next. problem so lve together,
9:38 pm
and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose.
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>> an update on a story brought to you last night, attorney general alex murdaugh is charged with killing his wife maggie and young assault, paul.
9:42 pm
back in june of last year you may remember they were shot to death on the grounds of the family estate. alex murdoch called 9-1-1 saying he had found them bleeding and has denied he was there at the time of the murder. his lawyer said he had a strong alibi. now, in addition to dozens of charges for financial crimes that he is facing is charged with the murders of his two family members. that is not all, randi kaye tonight has been covering the story from the start she joins us from charleston. randy, this is nuts. >> yeah, anderson, today the grand jury here in south carolina indicted alex murdoch for two counts of murder and two counts possession of a murder. the indictment alleges that he shot his wife maggie, with a rifle and his youngest soul paul with a shotgun. the indictment doesn't mention anything about a motive, what's interesting is that these two deaths are not the only deaths that appear to be related or connected to alex murdoch and his family, here is what we know about the others. >> on the road, or on the side
9:43 pm
of the road? >> seven years ago this month, stephen smith was found dead in the middle of a south carolina road. >> seven years, with no answers. in terms of what happened to your son, what does that feel like? >> heartbreaking. he was a human, and he deserves justice. >> sandy smith is steven's mother, she says he was a bright blue eyed 19 year old with dreams of becoming a doctor. steven smith body was found in the middle of this road, a pathologist says it appears to be a hit and run, but the highway patrols incident report noted that they didn't find any vehicle debris, skid marks or injuries on stephen's body. consistent with someone being struck by a vehicle. according to the case notes, stephen died from blunt force trauma to the head. what do you believe happened here? >> i believe he was beaten to death. being hit by a car is a brutal and violent act, you would have
9:44 pm
lots of injuries, all over your body. i've never seen a hit and run where the shoes remained on the feet. >> evidence from the scene showed stevens loosely tied shoes were still on his feet. steven's mysterious death may be connected to alex murdaugh and his family. the disgraced south carolina lawyer is now charged with a double murder of his wife and son. in fact, lead the south carolina law enforcement division said they reopened the investigation into stephen smith's death based on information gathered at the double murder scene of maggie and paul murdaugh. there are others connected to the murdaugh family who have died mysteriously. i >> don't know anybody in my 60 years of life that had five people die like that. >> this attorney represents the family of gloria, she was the murdaugh's longtime life keeper who died in 2018 after falling down the stairs in their home. >> his wife was still alive at the time and called 9-1-1.
9:45 pm
>> my housekeeper has fallen in her head is bleeding, i cannot get her up. >> she later died in the hospital. >> according to her coroner, an autopsy was never done, and her manner of death was listed as natural. the coroner noted there was inconsistencies between injuries sustained in a trip and fall accident. they announced plans to exhumed the woman's body as a criminal investigation into her death. >> everything around alex is a live, or deception or half answers, it is a family that is cloaked in secrecy. >> and the truth about what happened to 19-year-old mallory beach may have died with alex murdaugh sun paul, she was killed in february 2019 while boating with paul murdaugh and friends. >> we're in a boat crash. there are six of us and one is missing. >> paul was facing charges of voting under the influence and causing her death when he was suddenly murdered. the investigation is ongoing.
9:46 pm
now, all these years later these victims families are still hoping for answers, and alex murdaugh isn't talking. >> has he had any response today? >> anderson, his lawyers issued a statement today on his behalf saying that he wants his family, friends and everybody to know that he did not have anything to do with the murders of maggie and paul, it goes on to say he loved them more than anything in the world. it's worth noting, anderson, that last year after these murders, it was alex murdaugh himself who offered up $100,000 in reward money for anyone who has information about the murders of his wife and son. >> i'm not sure how much family or friends he has left after all the things he has done. randi, we appreciate it. the number of monkeypox cases is rising across the nation's most of the pan for the vaccine, despite efforts to distribute more doses the rollout has been sporadic at best. coming up next the story of one
9:47 pm
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9:50 pm
>> new data just released from
9:51 pm
the cdc shows there nearly 1500 confirmed monkey pox cases, this comes one day after the probable confirmed -- as cases grows, so does demand for the vaccine. 1.1 million vaccine doses may be available relatively soon. according to the department of health and human services the number of vaccines distributed across the country has tripled since last week. that is not saying much, there are reports of people frustrated because they can't find the vaccine. websites are crashing when they are portman's put online, and the supplies fall short. our chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta reports on one man who contracted the virus and wants to sound the alarm. here's the report. >> it started off with a few legions, i got intense flu-like symptoms, at the flu symptoms evaded, the legions became apparent, and they became a cruciate initially painful and at best mildly irritating.
9:52 pm
>> knowing exactly what it feels like to have monkeypox, matt ford has taken to social media to warn people about the virus. >> it's sucks, you don't want it. i have these on my arms. >> now his frustration is that even as awareness grows, those who need it might have a hard time finding a vaccine. >> supplies so low, there's not that much to go around. >> since may, the number of cases in the united states has continue to grow quickly. but the two dose monkeypox vaccine has been rolling out slowly. >> we have 200 vaccines, the appointments for that went in about an hour and a half. >> new york city mayor eric adams has reached out to the white house to underscore his states unmet demands. the two doses are usually given four weeks apart. mayor adams wants the white house to consider a longer interval in between the doses. some more focused doses can be administered immediately.
9:53 pm
right now, the cdc recommends the vaccine for high risk individuals, people who have been diagnosed with or exposed to monkeypox, and people who are at a higher risk of being exposed to monkeypox, that means not for the general populations prevention. >> the problem is we simply don't have enough vaccines, so we are trying to play catch up, we need to get vaccination to people because we know that vaccinating people may not necessarily prevent infection, but will decrease the severity of the disease. >> the cdc estimates this vaccine is at least 85% effective, giving it within four days of exposure is best to prevent the onset of disease, and even if given within 14 days of exposure it may still reduce the symptoms. >> i'm looking at something that i've never seen before as a doctor, i want to introduce you to cory she's 22 years old, what's she has is an active case of monkeypox. but this is not necessarily what monkeypox always looks like. for matt ford, the lesions
9:54 pm
started smaller, and not as obvious. >> i maybe would've sixpack that they were herpes simple ex virus, or some other skin condition. >> there are sounding the largest alarm in the lgbtq community, that is due to most cases being reported in men who have sex with men, but experts warn the outbreak could still expand. >> very reminiscent of the early days of hiv in which it was infecting, you know, men having sex with men, the gay community in the united states, almost like the general public was not paying attention and then hiv became a disease that affected other people, affected everyone and then people got interested. >> sanjay joins me now, even the testing is an issue, it's very difficult to get testing for doctors, at least in new york from what i've heard. the idea that the new york's mayor eric adams is proposing postponing a second shot, would that still offer some protection? >> yes, this is actually pretty
9:55 pm
scientifically sound. we looked into this. this is typically a two dose vaccine but increasing the interval makes a lot of sense. the first dose gives you a lot of protection and with the second dose it lengthens the time that you have the protection, the durability, talk to the ceo about the company who makes the vaccine, they say you could wait up to two years to get the second shot, so taking 135,000 or so doses that are out there right now and using them all as for shots as opposed to holding some back for a second shots, make sense. >> some people are trying to get appointments but the websites or crashing, it's amazing we haven't learned a lot about the early lessons from the coronavirus in terms of how we need to be ready for the next pandemic. are there any other treatment options for those who have monkeypox? >> well, for someone like matt, for example, you can treat the -- you can treat it symptomatic ali, this can be painful
9:56 pm
lesions, there are antivirals up there, an anti viral who is used for smallpox that could potentially be used for this, but that is on a compassionate use point at this point in the outbreak. really it is about these vaccines. as you mentioned, they expect to have some 2 million doses by the end of the year, but it does sound like what we went through in the early days of covid. the outbreak is happening now, it's important to have those doses out there now. >> sanjay, really appreciated. up next the latest details on the passing of the former president's first wife even trump. there are bubbles everywhere! as an expedia member you earn points on top of your airline miles. so you can go see even more of all the world's bubbles. ♪ is this where your grandparents cut a rug, with a jitterbug? or returned from war, dreaming of the possibilities ahead. ♪ where your dad waited for his dad to come home from the factory.
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the ex-wife of the former president ivana trump passed away further today. he shared this on social media platform, quote, i'm very and saddened to informed those who love her of course there are many, that even a trump's passed away at her home in new york city. the fire department said they responded to a report of someone suffering cardiac arrest at the home, where ivana trump died. according to a statement, police found her unresponsive in and dead at the scene. the new york police department says there's no criminality related to her death. ivana trump is the mother the former presidents eldest children, the two divorced in 1992 after his affair with marla maples who became the former president's second wife. even a trump with 73 years old. news continues, gonna handed over to laura coates and cnn tonight. >> thank you, anderson. i am laura coats and this is cnn tonight. it will be three weeks tomorrow since the suprem