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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 26, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm christina macfarlane in for max foster here in london. just ahead -- >> we have much work yet to do. and we will see you all in september. >> i can confirm that i did receive a subpoena for the federal grand jury and i complied with that subpoena. >> you mean like besides that attack at the capitol? >> you really believe that happened? >> i was there. >> it has taken us a little
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longer to go in, get after it, put it out. >> aerial bombers between the flames and myself and it saved the house. >> these strikes actually did hit the port of odesa, we have indications that they certainly got close to some grain terminals. >> translator: this is an overgas war that russia is waging against united europe. it is tuesday, july 26, 9:00 a.m. in london, 4:00 a.m. in washington where congressional hearings on the january 6 u.s. capitol riot are on hold until september. but the investigation is taking a new turn. cnn has learned two former trump administration officials testified before a federal grand jury in washington. marc short on the right served as chief of staff to vice president mike pence, and greg
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jacob was another top aide. evan perez explains why their testimony is a big deal. >> reporter: the justice department investigation into the efforts to overturn the 2020 election has taken a major step forward with the former vice president's chief of staff appearing before a federal grand jury in washington. marc short, a close aide to former vice president mike pence, testified friday for several hours before the federal grand jury that is examining efforts to block certification of joe biden's election and instead offer a set of fake electors that could keep former president donald trump in officer in officer. short and his attorney friday were seen leaving the federal courthouse. he is the highest profile witness known to testify and this shows that prosecutors have now reached into the trump white house as part of their investigation which has expanded beyond the rioters who breeched the capitol. short was in a meeting on
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january 4, 2021 at the white house two days before the capitol attack where trump and his lawyer john eastman tried to persuade pence that he had the power to stop certification of the election results. pence refused. we know the prosecutors have also been investigating fundraising and organizing for the political rally that served to instigate the riot as well as efforts to subvert the electoral college vote count. evan perez, cnn, washington. >> this is not the first time investigators have heard from marc short and greg jacob. they spoke previously with the house committee. ryan nobles has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: both jacobs and marc short were really kind of the first big witnesses that the january 6 select committee were able to cooperate that were inside that orbit of the white house, the oval office, the west
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wing and days leading up to january 6. and what their testimony revealed to the committee at that time was the intense pressure campaign that was put on vice president mike pence during that period of time and the steps that pence stood to resist that. it also really shed a light on things like the fake elector plot that was going on around the country. these were all things that we didn't previously know until the committee was able to really crack the core of mike pence and his inner circle. and it shows that they are very much interested in the plot to subvert the will of the american people beyond just the violence that took place here on january 6. >> cnn's ryan nobles there on capitol hill. marc short spoke to cnn late monday and shared his thoughts on the people who attacked the u.s. capitol on january 6. >> i think that on that day certainly there were probably some people who foolishly got caught up in the events that war happening on the 6th.
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but i think it is unfair to describe the rioters as patriots or merely expressing their first amendment rights. and i think, you know, as conservatives i think just a couple months before, we were very clearly calling for the prosecution of those in "black lives matter" protests who had destroyed businesses and taken lives. and i think that if we're consistent, then i think it applies in both cases and i think that if you heard vice president pence's remarks when the senate recoulnvened that night, he called that all involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> and donald trump clearly had a different view of those who stormed the capitol. new individvideo released showse was reluctant to strongly condemn the violence, it shows the text of his speech with several lines crossed out including one that said those who broke the law belong in jail and another in which trump was supposed to say the rioters who stormed the capitol did not represent him. >> he was very deliberate, he
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says what he means to. and taking that out was because he believes that they are very special people. he had said that the day prior. he wants them to stay with him. he knew what he was doing by eliminating it. >> and meanwhile in georgia, a grand jury could hear soon from republican congressman jody hice, a federal judge has denied his request to avoid a subpoena. the grand jury is investigating efforts by trump and his allies to overturn the state's 2020 election results. their strategy included submitting a slate of fake electors who would back trump rather than joe biden who won in georgia. and the white house continues to downplay fears of a recession in the u.s. as it braces for a highly anticipated report that could show the economy shrinking for a second straight quarter. here was president biden on monday. >> we're not going to be in a recession in my view. the employment rate is still one
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of the lowest we've had in history. it is in the 3.6 area. we still find ourselves people investing. my hope is that we go from this rapid growth to a steady growth and so we'll see some coming down. but i don't think that we'll god willing i don't think that we'll see a recession. >> we'll be waiting to see how the president reacts to a number of new reports coming this week giving a real glimpse into how the u.s. is faring. wednesday the federal reserve will meet to discuss interest rates and thursday second quarter gdp numbers will be published. meantime as a sign inflation may begin waning in the u.s., retailer walmart is set to majorly slash prices in an effort to move large amounts of big ticket inventory. the company is acting to avoid a slump in customer spending expected in the second half of the year. inflation fears haven't slowed summer travel, but u.s. storms
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certainly have. they contributed to the cancellation of more than 3,000 flights on monday according to the flight aware website. and the chaos continues, more than 1800 cancellations have been recorded already today. the airports most faenktaffecte laguardia and newark and reagan national. well, another day of scorching temperatures is expected across parts of the u.s., including the southern plains and lower mississippi valley where it could feel as hot as 115 degrees farenheit. and in the pacific northwest, cities are eaching cooling centers to help residents stay safe as temperatures climb toward the double digits. extreme heat in texas likely helped fuel this grass fire outside dallas on monday.
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at least 26 buildings were damaged and nine are a total loss. a local fire marshal says that the fires have all been put out. and in california, a wildfire raging they're yosemite national park has now burned more than 17,000 acres. the fast moving oak fire is only 16 16% contained. adrienne broaddus has more. >> reporter: and here in mariposa county, firefighters are attacking the oak fire from above using aircrafts like helicopters to dump water. this is a rural area and it is also rugged. leading to some of the challenges firefighters have experienced. but here is a little more about that challenge. strictly dealing with topography. listen in. >> i come from the flat lands down in the city of sacramento. and as you are coming up here, you start to see the change in the topography, rolling hills and mountains and available fuel load is trees and light fuels on
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the forest bed. there is so much fuel out here to burn and everything is so dry. california is huge. the footprint, acreage of available fuels to burn when a fire gets going, along with the topography, canyons, drainages, the wind that floeflees throu th throws flows through. >> reporter: and they have attacked with numerous resources because currently california in his words doesn't have that many big fires. meanwhile california is also dealing with a year's long drought on top of the heat which is impacting the current situation. adrienne broaddus, mariposa county, cnn. for more, let's bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri. and we're hearing just there, acres of wildfires really no way of containing or controlling them except perhaps if there is some rain. do we know if there is any relief for california? >> not in the areas that they
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need it most. there is monsoonal moisture in place in arizona, but across the western united states, this is the heart of the dry season, excessive heat certainly not helping out. temperatures across portions of washington state into oregon, 108 degrees. towards portions of central and southern oregon, as hot as 107 degrees. and in areas of california, in the century mark all of these tying or breaking records. and notice heat indices in spots getting up to 109 here. seattle, portland, all portions of western oregon, into areas of northern california, under the heat alerts. and this is an impressive multiyear event. 15 to almost 20 years average for this time of year and finallile coming back down to the 70s where they belong this time next week. but again, when you have an immediate fire concern across the region, you have temperatures as such here that are incredibly hot and in fact just a couple years ago maybe when you cite a four day
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forecast with four consecutive days of 90 degrees, would almost raise an alarm but it is becoming so routine here. and you will notice across california, there is the oak fire, 16% containment, and your question as far as rain, notice portions of california nearly the entirety of the western half of california remains out of the threat here for any monsoonal moisture. really the bulk of it falls across new mexico and arizona, everyone portions of southern utah where flood alerts are in place here. really beneficial rainfall has come down. and this has been the case a couple weeks. but both the states of new mexico and arizona nearly 100% in drought even with all the beneficial rainfall coming down and the next couple days additional rainfall forecasts to come down as well. notice looking forward into the next week or so, still seeing rainfall potential increase there across areas of the southwest. it does keep most of california especially the areas that need it most out of the zone here. but the heat really stays in place over the next several days
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where we get multiple shots of cooler air for our friends around the northeast. this is an area that we saw plenty of records in recent days and finally seeing boston cool down from what was 90 yesterday to around 82 by this afternoon, new york city also from the upper and mid-80s yesterday down to 81 degrees. so there is some changes on the horizon that is for the better across a large area of the northeastern united states. but back around parts of the west, that is where the heat is on and again anytime you see a forecast in portland 10 degrees warmer than las vegas and even warmer than phoenix, you know the heat is very serious across the northwest. and that is what we have here the next couple of days. >> not a pretty picture, is it. pedram javaheri, many thanks for that. it is not just the u.s. dealing with extreme weather. in greece, scorching heat is fueling several wildfires raging across the country. parts of spain, portugal and italy are also under very extreme danger fire warnings. similar scene in the czech republic. dozens had to be evacuated as a
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forest fire ripped through a park near the czech/german bo border. just ahead, a new hearing in the trial of the american basketball star detained in russia. we're expecting to hear from brittney griner's defense team. and russia slows down its gas deliveries to europe. we'll have the kremlin's explanation and reaction from germany. through the endless reasons to stop... through the challenges, the e hurt, ththe doubt, the pain. no matter what, we go o on. biofofreeze. shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free
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welcome back. the fifth hearing is now under way in the criminal trial of wnba star brittney griner. the olympic gold medalist has been found in russia since february over allegations of attempted drug smuggling. the previous hearing ended without a verdict and we're not ñ cross over to fred pleitgen who is tracking the case. this is an important week for griner as we understand that she will attempt to plea for leniency. what are we expecting today, however? >> reporter: yeah, first of all, you're right, it is an extremely important week for brittney
1:19 am
griner wherq she is going to plea for leniency. and i think that the defense three pronged approach. first of all we know that brittney griner is already inside the courtroom, the hearing is already under way. essentially what she's done, she's pled guilty saying, yes, she made a mistake, but what the defense is now doing, they are calling into question the original toxicology of those cartridges that contained thc oil saying that those measurements might not have been correct. and they also have an expert witness saying in other countries of course medical marijuana is used for people who have extreme pain. brittney griner has already put forward a note from a doctor saying that this was prescribed for her for medical purposes. so that is sort of the second part of that approach that the defense has. and then there is the character approach i think which is really interesting as well, that the defense has called witnesses who have simply said brittney griner is someone who is not only an important model athlete but also someone who did a lot for basketball in russia.
1:20 am
and so therefore is someone who should be viewed favorably. so the trial right now is going on as sort of in an expert phase, right now the defense is calling on the witnesses. they asked for the delay in the last hearing and are calling experts again today. tomorrow is also going to be a really important day as well. we expect brittney griner herself to take the stand and be cross-examined. so really important. but you very correctly pointed out that no weird is expected today, probably also no verdict expected tomorrow as the trial obviously is going on for a very long time. that is so important for brittney griner as of course she is seeking freedom to then return to the united states. >> yeah, big two days ahead and i know you'll be tracking it for us. for now, thanks very much. now to new russian attacks on key parts of ukraine. local leaders say there has been another missile strike on the odesa region and it hit a
1:21 am
coa coastal village and set off fires and there is a major rocket attack on the southern city of r(t&háhp &hc% missiles targeted the outskirts of the city. meanwhile the u.n. says the first shipment of the needed ukrainian grain is expected to set sail this week. the turkish president who helped broker the initiative is urging russia and ukraine to act responsibly and stick to the deal. but these russian sites on the key port of odesa and wider region have not said whether the agreement will hold. ukrainian president zelenskyy said that they are ready to start exporting so it can prove that ukraine is not the one blocking the exports. but he warns turkey and the u.n. must guarantee the security of the shipment. meanwhile russia is planning deeper cuts on a key pipeline to germany. nord stream 1 had just reopened after being shut down for ten days for maintenance, but now
1:22 am
they say they are reducing gas flow by half. the kremlin insists the cut has nothing to do with politics but europe is only making things worse for itself with sanctions on moscow. germany is warning that it won't be able to meet its needs for the winter if deliveries continue at these levels. and claire sebastian is joining me here in london. the news of gas cuts, exactly what the eu was fearing, that russia is weaponizing gas. >> exactly it. shocking but not unexpected. even president putin warned about this in a speech in a press conference he gave on a visit to iran. he said there is another turbine that may need maintenance, where do we get a replacement. clearly it is coming to pass now. so nord stream pipeline is town to 20% capacity at this level and they say at this level europe should be able to have
1:23 am
gas storage for about 75% to 80% going into the winter which should mean at the end of the winter still some in storage except if it is a very cold winter. so a bit of a critical position and this is what president zelenskyy had to say about it, he really is piling on the rhetoric about how russia is weapon izing its energy supplie. >> translator: this is done to make it as difficult as possible for europeans to prepare for winter. and this is an overgas war that russia is waging against the united europe. this is exactly how it should be perceived and they don't care what will happen to the people, how they will suffer from hunger due to the blocking of ports or from winter, cold, and poverty. or from occupation. these are just different forms of terror. >> it does raise the odds of a potential recession in europe if
1:24 am
germany has to move to the next stage of its gas emergency plan that could mean rationing. and the other thing, it could mean another test of unity in europe. the energy ministers are meeting today, and there are already signs that they will have t demand the cuts a little bit because some countries are claiming the blanket 15% is unfair. >> yeah, a real test. meanwhile we've been talking about grain. the u.n. claiming -- or saying that they still think that this xwra grain will set sail in days regardless of what is occurring. this morning we're seeing more attacks on the odesa region, mykolaiv. it doesn't bode well right now. >> it does not. you have to have trust for this agreement to work. the way it works is that ukraine is expected to de-mine this corridor so the ships can pass through and they have been reluctant to de-mine any areas around the ports because they are worried that that could give russia sort of an opening to attack, and we've seen that they are willing do. and ships would have to be
1:25 am
supported by others and it relies heavily on trust. and ukraine is saying that they want to push ahead, he wants to prove to the world that this is not ukraine's fault, that they are willing to export their grain, just that russia is locating it. but still looks like that they will push ahead despite the attacks, but it will be hard. >> that is an understatement. clare, thank you very much. so you are watching cnn news "room" live from london. still ahead -- >> former president watched it all happen as he sat in the comfort of his private dining room next to the oval office. >> harsh criticism from u.s. president joe biden for donald trump's inaction during the january 6 riot. plus on the eve of compeñing events from the former u.s. president and vice president, x h voter still choosing to believe the most outlandish conspiracy theories. >> you have both sides, or are
1:26 am
you getting one side of the story? >> you mean like the side that attacked the capitol? >> you really believe that happened? >> i was there. >> okay. i have a lot of people that were there too. >> and? >> and saw things that it wasn't what they say it was. i've searched online, but it wasn't until that i actually felt relieved. their live professioionals helped me find the right product. and hey, with momore sleep, i've got more energy and i'm sharper throughout my day. don't believe me? check out thier reviews. use code "tv20" for 20% off of your order. visit today. i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about life insurance through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and loing to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the thr ps. what are the three ps? the three ps of le insurance on a fixed budget
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i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." if you are just joining us, let me bring you up-to-date with our top stories this hour. hearing for u.s. back star brittney griner is under way in russia, her defense team expected to present evidence today. u.s. officials say griner will
1:30 am
also have someone from the u.s. embassy staff in the courtroom with her. and cnn has learned two top aides to former vice president mike pence have testified to a grand jury in washington. marc short, former white house chief of staff for pence, one of the highest profile officials from the trump administration to offer insights into what was happening inside the oval office before and on the day that the january 6 riots happened. u.s. president joe biden called out his predecessor for failing to act on january 6 while addressing a conference of black law enforcement officials. he praised the bravery of u.s. capitol police but said that donald trump didn't share their courage. >> for three hours, the defeatest former president of the united states watched it all happen as he sat in the comfort of the private dining room next to the oval office. while he was doing that, brave law enforcement officers were
1:31 am
subject to the medieval hell for three hours. face-to-face with the no be made that believes the lies of the defeated president. the police were heros that day. president trump lacked the courage to act. >> in one week republican voters in arizona will decide who they wanij)q ballot for the governor's race this fall. hinges on whether they can accept the 2020 election results and what happened on january 6. donie o'sullivan went to ozariza to speak with them. some of the language may be offensive. >> he didn't move. >> do you believe the election was stolen? >> yes. >> do you have faith in elections now? >> no. >> do you believe the 2020 election was stolen? >> no, i don't believe the 2020 election was stolen. i believe that there are aspects
1:32 am
of the 2020 election that were unfair. >> in arizona republican party at odds with itself, trump and pence holding competing events. >> we need a landslide so big that the radical left cannot rig it or steal it. even if they try. >> at trump's rally a bonfire of conspiracy theories. have you been watching the january 6 hearing? >> i have. >> what do you think? >> i think that they are auu of bullshit. >> why? >> because you have both sides or are you getting one side of the story? >> you mean like the side that attacked the capitol? >> yáu really believe that happened? >> i was there. >> okay. i have a lot of people that were there too. >> and? >> and saw things that it wasn't what they say it was. >> but there have been hundreds of trump supporters now charged. a lot have said guilty. >> so do you think it is right
1:33 am
for those people to have those people in jail and not getting justice in our american system? are you kidding me? >> do you think it was right that they attacked the capitol? >> i don't -- they didn't. that was an inside job, buddy. theories that those who stormed the capitol were not trump supporters is widespread here. have you been watching the january 6 hearings at all? >> no. >> no, we saw when it all went down and then we saw a lot of the blm and antifa people in the building as well. and it is just nonsense. >> reporter: but i think like 800 people now have been charged, right? some aren't "black lives matter" or antifa. >> doesn't mean anything. >> and they have not been brought in to court for their due process. >> hunter biden hasn't been arrested. >> reporter: trump has told lies about the election in that he said that he didn't really lose. do you think that all the lies about the election are damaging
1:34 am
for american democracy? >> you believed he lied? >> reporter: you don't? >> no, i do not. >> reporter: and a majority of republicans do not believe biden legitimately won the election. any of you want to talk to us? the proud boys who trump once infamously told to stand back and stand by now a regular fixture outside his events. anyone want to talk to us? no? are you watching the january 6 hearings? >> no. >> you're with cnn? >> yeah. not fans? okay. >> reporter: the former here to campaign for a ticket of conspiracy theories who say that they would have overturned the ruts of the 2020 election in arizona like kerry lake, candidate for governor. >> i know for a fact we will no longer accept rigged elections. who is with me? >> reporter: pence campaigning for the republican rival. >> arizona needs robinson in the
1:35 am
statehouse. >> reporter: and we met some republicans who are done with trump. >> i voted for trump twice. if mike pence runs, i'm voting for mike pence. >> reporter: so why is that? >> i just think that, you know, everyone has seen the january 6 committee. he stood up for democracy that day. you know, he is like i'm not leaving the capitol because i need to be here. and he was the one that was making phone calls to the military and trying to fix the situation while trump was crying in the dining room. >> reporter: even among will crowd, there is sympathy for trump's election lies and support for a 2024 run. you're about to see pence speak here. trump is not a big fan of him right now. >> i understand that. i hear that he could have not certified those results pending all the claims of the fraud. and i wish he would have done that. >> reporter: pence had no legal basis to do that. also among those here, rusty bowers a life long republican and speaker of the arizona
1:36 am
statehouse. you're talking to a lot of people here today who said that they are not even -- they are not watching the january 6 hearings, they still believe the lies about the 2020 election. what would be your message to them? >> i have no message for them. i can't h1añthem. you don't want to look, you don't want to see, then you won't see. i've seen enough to know. and i know that all the people right in this room have done their best to count everything and do it all right. >> reporter: he testified before the january 6 committee about trump's efforts to get in him to overturn the 2020 results in his state. what is these conspiracy theories, these lies about the election, about democracy, what is that doing to trump in this of -- to trust in this state? >> it destroys it. we need to let things go. >> reporter: what would need to change for us to have faith in u.s. democracy? >> i don't trust our government, first of all, period. and if you don't have fair elections, what good are they?
1:37 am
>> reporter: do you ever worry that you are wrong, do you -- >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you ever worry that trump has told you a lie? >> yes. and you start resear(rr'g and believe that you are the one who is wrong and that you are crazy, which i did do. thinking maybe@)rz wrong and maybe i'm being brainwashed. but then you go in and look the other direction and you find lies after lies after lies. >> reporter: >> doesn't matter if it was stolen or not. if republicans want to take back the house and senate and eventually the white house, they need to move on. >> reporter: almost two years since the 2020 election, more than a year since the attack on the capitol and you see how pervasive those conspiracy theories are, many people going down very dark rabbit holes of disinformation o'sull. indiana has become the first state to hold a special session aimed at restricting abortion rights since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade last
1:38 am
month. [ chanting ] protestors chanting as lawmakers met to discuss the bill that would prohibit abortion unless it was necessary to save the mother's life. the bill would also include exceptions in case of rape or incest only if the pregnant person signs an affidavit attesting to the crime. attesting to the crime. the abortion law has been in the ) átu since a 10-year-old rape victim crossed the state line from ohio to get an abortion. state law currently allows abortions up to 20 weeks of preg nance pregnancy. we're learning more about how long it took police to arrive at the scene of the texas school shooting. new body cam video shows a law enforcement officer was on the scene nearly five minutes earlier than previously known. the county commissioners have voted to hire an outside consulting firm to investigate the county sheriff's response to the shooting and schools will increase security for the coming
1:39 am
academic year. uvalde officials say ten additional police officers will be stationed across schools and metal dedid tectors and bulletp lining on windows will be installed. election just two weeks away and two former allies are facing off for the top job. a live report from nairobi next. plus the pope addresses indigenous canadians asking for forgiveness after decades of abuse. the latest on his tour coming up. t take anything for their pain. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recocommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor. blendjet's summer sale is on now! cool off with this hot deal on blendjet 2. it packs the power of big blender on the go, and it crushes right through ice. just drop in your favorite ingredients, even frozen fruit, and make a smoothie any time, anywhere.
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we're following two developing political stories in africa. a top to be kenya's next president has pulled out of the scheduled debates against his main rival, this is just two weeks ahead of the election. and meanwhile a new constitution granting tunisia president vast
1:43 am
new powers is set to pass. and cnn correspondents are standing by to bring you the latest developments. david mckenzie was just in tunisia but is joining me from johannesburg. and we begin with larry madowo in my row w nairobi. how much is it shaping up to a infrastructure on president ken yet take and his legacy? >> reporter: quite a lot. one of qut questions i put to the former minister, would a win be a third term and he said nothing is further from the truth even though he has been working with khis government wih just a hand shake. he is going ahead with the deputy president who expects to be the next president of kenya,
1:44 am
he calls it a nod to his humble beginnings. but there is supposed to be a presidential debate tonight, but the opposition leader has said that he will not show up for that because he will share a platform with the deputy president who he considers has no morals or shame and he will not -- he will not give him the opportunity for them to be on the same platform. instead he is promising to do a televised town hall in a different part of nairobi if that happens. and then he would have 90 minutes in front of the whole nation. so interesting development there. but big thing in some this entire season has been about five corruptions. last year the president claimed had about $16 million was stolen from the kenyan government every
1:45 am
day and promising to close the loopholes and making sure that money is available for use for kenyans. the big election is august 9 and both candidates have told cnn that they will a((q(t the outcome of the election if they lose as long as the process is free and fair. >> and we hope that the elections proceed peacefully. larry, thank you. i want to turn to david. tunisia had been voting on a new constitution put forward by their president which as we mentioned many fear will be a you were return to us a autocra. what powers would it give the president if it passes? >> reporter: they have spent many years developing a democratic constitution after the arab spring. the famous jasmine resolution. and this will do much of that, it would give the president sweeping powers, allow him to extend term limits if there is an emergency, and that is
1:46 am
dictated by the president, he will be able to rule over parliament, not as a co-equal branch, he will be more powerful than the judiciary. and really the critics of the president say this is the power grab which started exactly a year ago. his supporters though did come out in some numbers in the very early hours of tuesday morning, there was low turnout as expected, but one exit poll suggests very resounding success for the president which is what we expected. here is one supporter of the president. >> translator: today the good news is that despite the heat and even with no political money people went and participated in the infrastructure. i did not vote for siyad but today i support him because i support the presidential regime.
1:47 am
>> reporter: the president said he wants to fight krumgscorrupt. and because of the power of the presidency in the new constitution, people fear that this will be a slide back to autocracy. and if that is the case, the final country of the arab spring more than ten years ago to return to some kind of autocracy and power amongst the supreme -- to a supreme leader, the coming days and months will tell whether that is the case. but when we were in tunisia a few days ago, there was worry from activists about the democratic space about to drastically shrink. >ñ thanks very much, david. pope francis set to hold mass in edmonton, canada after his historic apolog"ur @r(t&háh% indigenous people. the latest on his tour and analysis coming up.
1:48 am
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in the coming hours pope francis will hold a mass before tens of thousands of people in
1:52 am
edmonton, canada. monday the pontiff formally apologized for what he calls the evil committed by so many christians against the indigenous peoples. he was speaking to a largely indigenous audience in alberta. the community was the site of one of the now infamous residential schools, many of which were run by the catholic church. children there were abused sexually and physically, separated from their families and forced to adopt white culture. for more, we go to john allen in rome. he is also the editor of an independent site focusing on news related to the catholic church. john, thank you for joining us. this was a long awaited apology on a very emotional day for survivors who had endured so much of these abuses at these state-run schools. how was that apology received and was it seen as being enough?
1:53 am
>> you know, christina, since the era of phone paul 6, now st. paul 6, popes have apologized literally hundreds of times for various sins of the church in the past and the present. but even by those standards, the pope's language yesterñay in that session with the indigenous leaders in canada was remarkably forceful, almost unprecedented. let's give a quick listen to what the pope had to say. >> translator: the memory of those children is indeed painful. that every child is treated with love, honor and respect. we want to walk together, to pray together, and to work pray together, and to work togq) so that the suffering of the past can lead to a future of justice, healing and reconciliation. i humbly beg forgiveness for the
1:54 am
evil committed by so many christians against the indigenous people. >> so you heard the pope unambiguously use the word evil to describe what happened in those residential schools. my sense is that that apology was well received by the i'digenous community in canada, but by itself, frankly,t is not enough. they also want action. >> yeah, and some are calling for reparations from the catholic church, you know. are those steps likely to happen and what reparations would there be? >> well, first of all, i think what the indigenous are asking for is transparency. they want the church to open its archives both this canada and in the vatican to try to get to the bottom of what happened to these roughly 150,000 children from indigenous families who in many
1:55 am
cases were forcibly removed and placed in to these residential schools. the problem there is that these archives are not centralized, they are scattered, often the records are missing but they want a commitment from the xlurnl church to do what it can to get to the truth. in terms of the reparation, canadian bishops had pledged to raise intabout $30 million and y want a commitment from the pope that they are serious. >> all right, john allen, thank you very much, for that analysis. american football fans now have a new way to catch their favorite games. the nfl has launched a streaming service at about $5 a. the league has been the outlier among the four major leagues as the only one without a direct consumer subscription streaming option. the new nfl plus is only co cf1o available on phones and tablets and users won't be able to stream games to it tv through the service. after nearly four decades on
1:56 am
the market, the beloved klondike bar has been discontinued. the company told cnn that they had to slim down their portfolio to help meet demand for their most popular items. that is not stopping some fans from trying to survive it. one offered to buy the rights on twitter. financial planners have some advice for anyone who wins the next mega millions jackpot. they say keep quiet about it. it is at least until after you've hired an attorney, accountant and a financial adviser. the jackpot for tuesday night's mega millions drawing now stands $810 million. that is the third largest in the game's history. so keep quiet. that does it for this edition of
1:57 am
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it is tuesday, july 26, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. the criminal investigation of the capitol riot is reaching closer than ever to the top. marc short, the former chief of staff to vice president mike pence, testifying last week before a federal grand jury. and talking about it ocn


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