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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  July 26, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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are hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing a busy news day with us. the justice department now looking deep inside the trump west wing. a federal grand jury investigating the insurrection and donald trump's efforts to steal the 2020 election hears from mike pence's former chief of staff.
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plus, more evidence of an economic funk. a new data point shows american consumers are getting even more pessimistic, and it's because of inflation. and a split screen day for republicans. trump in washington. so is pence. competing speeches put their rift in the wrestling match for control of the republican party front and center. up first for us, though, a federal grand jury, its highest profile witness, and what it might mean for donald trump and those who helped him try to steal the 2020 election. a former mike pence cheech of staff, marc short, confirm last night here on cnn, that he did receive and did comply with a grand jury subpoena, his first appearance before the washington, d.c., grand jury. marc would not discuss the content of his testimony. but a witness to a long list of episodes including the senior circle of trump allies who pushed a scheme with the home that vice president pence would then refuse to certify the real biden electors. multiple reports say greg jacob, pence's former chief counsel,
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also appeared before the federal grand jury. he, too, had a close-up view of trump 's effort to get the vice president to go along. the new disclosures tell us the justice department investigation is poking around donald trump's west wing and his inner circle, and they confirm the fake electorate plot is a major focus. straight to our justice correspondent. big, high-profile witnesses. this is a big deal. >> this is a very big deal, john. look, these two men, marc short and greg jacob are, as you pointed out, witnesses to a lot of things. let me point your attention to a couple of meetings, certainly a meeting on january 4th where the former president and his lawyer john eastman, were trying to pressure directly the former vice president, mike pence, that he had the power to set aside the election results and find a way to seat these electors, these fake electors, that could keep the former president, donald trump in power despite the fact that he had lost the
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election. that is a key meeting, there's a key episode. there's also one that greg jacob described in his testimony to the january 6 committee. he said that on january 5 he had another conversation with eastman in which he said, look, we're going to lose 9-0 in the supreme court if we take up this idea of yours. and so these are key conversations that prosecutors would be interested in because we know, again, we know from the attorney general this is the most important investigation in the history of the justice department and it is looking directly at the issue of the effort to overturn the election, to discard the results and to keep the former president in power. this is the closest, as you pointed out, the closest we've heard of criminal prosecutors of the justice department, getting into the trump white house. and it directly, at least indicates they would have been talking to people who had direct conversations with the former
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president. a very big deal. >> a very big deal indeed. evan perez, appreciate the reporting to continue the conversation to share the reporting and insights, jeff zeleny, 'the former federal prosecutor, let me start with you. marc short, greg jacobs in the room with the president, then president of the united states, donald trump, at times, in conversation with the vice president at the time with what donald trump was asking him to do in the room with other people involved in this plot to set up fake electors. is it now without a doubt the justice department is looking at donald trump? >> i don't know we can say that specifically and garland will do his best not to say that. they are looking at these events around him, now these two, notably missing here is what was trump's reaction?
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was he sitting back listening to all of this, taking it in? that's the kind of thing i would like to know. it indicates they are actively looking at this particular issue now in a criminal investigation and these two people are definitely problematic for eastman. >> but they could be problematic for trump they were in the room. what was donald trump's reaction they might have eyewitness accounts, have from separate meetings and additional meetings and phone calls the vice president. >> yes. >> let's just remember this is a justice department investigation now looking inside trump's west wing. the january 6 investigation up on capitol hill has been going through much of the same territory which is how we do know from greg jacob, again, reports say he testified before the grand jury. and listen to this from january 6 talking about mike pence's reaction to one of those meet wgs john eastman, the trump lawyer, saying, hey, when you're up on capitol hill on january 6th, you can just refuse to certify the election. throw it into chaos.
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>> he said that's rubber room stuff. i understood it to mean after having seen play out what happens when you convince people that there is a decision to be made in the capitol legitimately about who is to be the president and the consequences of that, he was still pushing us to do what he had been asking us to do for the previous two days, that was certifiably crazy. >> still pushing it, jeff zeleny. the other testimony includes at that meeting john eastman was told the plan was illegal, and he kept pushing it. >> right. so it clearly seems that is where the question line would be. and if you look at these two gentlemen, marc short and greg jacob, these are two men who do not wish the former president ill. they are not -- they're in the line of republican allies of this administration who simply
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are following the rules of the subpoena, were subpoenaed to testify, and there are others and we'll learn that. the takeaway as evan was saying, this shows the justice department and merrick garland, for all the criticism from the outside, they're not doing enough. they are doing more than we know. we don't know what the next steps are, but we do know there is this investigation going on that might be just behind the january 6th committee but it is actually they have learned a lot. maybe he was appearing in the hearing a month or so ago. maybe they're a month behind, six weeks behind. this program, if you will, is continuing into the fall. so it is significantly a huge development. we don't know exactly what it means. we just have to be patient. that's how investigations are. >> and coming at an interesting time for the justice department, though, as well. so much of the public has been watching these congressional hearings and seeing evidence, evidence that is picked out by members who are on the committee as well to have a narrative, to
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have a point that does say, look, trump was involved with this, we want to have accountability at the very top. that's going on at the same time that you have a separate investigation in georgia also going on. much of the public seeing the fast pace of those two and wondering where is the justice department on this. but it's just two different ways to go about an investigation, one that is very public whereas the attorney general has made it clear he sees the benefit as well to not doing this in public. but we're starting to see that pressure ramp up. this revelation coming at an interesting time. >> you mentioned the georgia investigation, which you track very closely because your newspaper is based there. i want to read some "washington post" reporting about the federal investigation and then connect it to georgia. copies of two subpoenas issued to state senators from arizona were released monday by a public records request confirming what has been reported about the june demands for records related to the signing or mailing of any document purporting to be a certificate certifying elector votes in favor of donald j. trump or michael r. pence.
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you can say donald trump won in a landslide. you can say joe biden is a fraudulent president. but if you sign documents attempt to go defraud the united states government and cheat that's where you get into legal trouble. >> and in the case with the georgia alternate electors, the allegation is they signed a document that was meant to look like an official document for the state electors, which they were not because donald trump did not win in georgia. joe biden did. there's a lot of speculation about what the georgia alternate electors were told. were they told to meet in secret? were they told to mislead people about where they were meeting, when they were meeting and why they were meeting. i think all of that information is what the district attorney in fulton county as well as the january 6th committee in the department of justice want to know as they determine whether there were crimes committed around this entire scheme when it comes to the so-called fake electors. >> how important is it when you have an investigation whether it's the state one in georgia or
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this federal grand jury investigation that's covered and clouded by politics. it just is because it's the former president of the united states. to be pursuing crimes with documents, so you can prove a case as opposed to politics. >> that's really critical because not only do the documents appear to be objective when you are presenting to a jury some day, but they also give you the means to control and test witnesses who, as jeff was saying, may be allies of the republicans, allies of the president. and when they try to shade or spin things, the documents are what you use to keep them in line. >> fascinating to watch this play out. again, we know what's public. we don't know what is behind the curtain. we'll stay on top of it. american consumers are not happy, and you know the answer. inflation is to blame.
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the latest consumer
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confidence index found levels falling to their lowest since february of 2021, one of several data points we are seeing this week, a big week of economic news. to cnn business reporter matt egan covering the story. american consumers are in a funk. tell us more. >> reporter: no doubt about it. the mood on main street continues to darken. consumer confidence declining in july falling to levels unseen since president biden's first full month in office. remember, that was at a time when vaccines were not even widely available. and despite the fact the jobs market is historically strong, just 17% of consumers rate business conditions as good, 24% say conditions are bad. now this is a big deal because consumer spending is the engine of this economy. if consumers stop spending, all bets are off. this is being driven by two powerful and related forces. one, the worst inflation in 40 years and, two, rapidly rising borrowing costs as the federal reserve scrambles to get it
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under control by raising interest rates at a time when gas prices are starting to move in the right direction. the national average is at $4.33 a gallon. that is not cheap but it is down 17 cents in the past week. 69 cents down from the record high. the white house, we know, has been laser focused on the issue. president biden releasing unprecedented amount of emergency oil from stockpiles. this new analysis estimating that the president's moves to release emergency oil combined with moves of other countries has dropped the national average by 20 to 40 cents a gallon. john, clearly consumers are still concerned about inflation not just at the gas station. the grocery store, rent, the car dealership, the mall. it continues to erode confidence right now. >> matt, thanks so much. let's continue the conversation and joining us to help, gina from "the new york times." i mentioned it's a big week for
9:17 am
economic news, one of the big things is the fed meeting coming up tomorrow, right? if you look at the headlines, cnbc, walmart cuts profit outlook. gm earnings fell. cnn business, edge of a global recession, imf slashes world economic forecast. if you're the fed, we have no doubt, right, we're going to get another interest rate hike. how do they see the economy and how far do they go? >> i think the fed is almost completely focused on wrestling inflation under control at this minute. it's important for people to keep in mind when the fed looks around and sees signs it is slowing down and consumers are starting to pull back that is what they are going for here. they are trying to make borrowing more expensive to slow down home buying, bank purchases like cars and business expansions, and the end goal is to wrestle demand down and that will allow supply to catch up and hopefully help prices to moderate. >> so if the fed sees evidence the consumer confidence continues to drop, that means
9:18 am
consumers are more likely to pull back, spend less or spend on the basics as opposed to extravagance. the fed, we all think, oh, my god, americans are in a funk. the fed says it's work. >> which puts them in an uncomfortable position. the fed likes to be the economy's cheerleader. they are very focused on keeping unemployment low and employment very high. at this moment i think their most important job is getting inflation under control and getting people to stop spending so much. >> if you're sitting in the biden white house right now looking at this from an economic perspective but tuesday three weeks to the midterm elections. will gas prices keep going down? will the price of other things like eggs and milk, we can show you that. if gas prices were dropping and everything else were about the same people would feel a lot better than they do. everything is up. so the biden white house, you need that trajectory to start going down. again, when we hit tuesday, we have three months to the election.
9:19 am
jeanna mentioned how the fed would like to be an economic cheerleader. if you're the biden white house you would love to have someone be an economic cheerleader right now. instead you do have americans who are focused on inflation, understandably, when you're leaving your house and basic necessities, prices are going up and outpacing your wage increase of course you will be focused on that. for the white house it's a tricky position because you can tout job growth, tout unemployment numbers, things you are looking at, measure successes. as long as the basic necessities prices are going up, that's what people are seeing first. it's very interesting that an economic indicator for the administration and what you hear from the white house is them touting declining gas prices. it will be interesting to see if that continues to go down. you saw the treasury department this morning release a study attributing some of those declining prices to the releasing of petroleum reserves. if you told me a month ago that the white house would be
9:20 am
celebrating gas prices at this point, that would be a surprise. >> i remember my first presidential campaign, the george h.w. bush white house, had the numbers on its side saying things are getting better but consumers didn't feel it. it takes a while to come out of your funk. you need to see more than one or two data points. >> regardless of where they are, they know this in their vacation habits, their shopping habits. none of this is news to the white house today thx consumer confidence level. they can see that out there. the question is can they just get people feeling slightly better, this sense of unease that is acontributed to many different things. it is at the heart of it pocketbook issues. is the president able to take control? as zolan said, the white house is trying to use gas prices as a metric that things are getting better because they've been getting hammered on it the last couple of months, are trying to see some good news. we'll see by november. none of this is a surprise to the white house, of course, at
9:21 am
all. >> i just realized i was trying to cook the books. that was my second presidential campaign. i was trying to make myself younger. that was 1992. you're seeing this in your state in georgia in the sense you have senator warnock trying to run for re-election. when he came into office he was a big buddy of joe biden. now in the battleground states like georgia a lot of democrats are backing off because they politically think they need distance. >> there's quite a bit of distancing from warnock's campaign from the president, things like he challenges the biden administration on certain things, will put out a letter saying he doesn't agree and, of course, senator warnock called for a temporary moratorium on the federal gas tax. there weren't enough members of congress to do so. president biden seemed to warm up to the idea, but it never happened. that allows warnock back in georgia to say i have called for other measures to lower gas prices and even at the state level the gas tax has been
9:22 am
suspended temporarily. i think gas is hard for the biden administration because it's going down but it's still much higher than it was even a year ago. >> is there anything the fed looks at now, are the gas prices enough to convince, consumer confidence enough, or still around three-quarters of a point? >> i definitely don't think the gas prices are enough. they've signaled it will be a pretty big rate increase and i think what the fed is looking for is a broad-based decline in inflation. we're seeing gas, a big increase in a bunch of prices. it's not just gas -- it's rent, it's food, it's clothing, it's furniture. it's everything consumers are buying and until that broad increase starts to simmer down, i think the fed is going to be on this path to really try to cool off the economy. >> we shall watch and see. up next for us, partners turned republican rivals. donald trump and mike pence deliver competing speeches here in washington. answer a few questions and ouour techno wizardry calculates your car's value
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i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. donald trump and mike pence are giving speeches here in washington today as the partners turned rivals offer competing paths for the republican party. the former president's first time back in washington since he left the white house 17 months ago. his speech is this afternoon. the former vice president spoke to young conservatives this morning. listen, it is not hard to figure out who he is talking about here.
9:28 am
>> in order to win, conservatives need to do more than criticize and complain. we must unite our movement behind a bold, optimistic agenda that offers a clear and compelling choice to the american people. now some people may choose to focus on the past, but elections are about the future. and i believe conservatives must focus on the future to win back america. >> cnn's kristen holmes at the america first summit, set the stage. >> reporter: taking one step back here this is extraordinary when you think about it. these two men served side by side at the white house, just miles from where we are here. today they are giving their view of the future of the republican party and this really is a fight over the future of the republican party. now trump, we'll hear from him momentarily, he is meant to give a policy speech about law and
9:29 am
order. this is what his allies hope he actually sticks to. remember, republicans believe rising crime rates are going to be a driving factor in the november midterms. they want him to stick to this to lay out the policies, take the opportunity to, one, have a republican agenda ahead of the midterms and, two, to really lay the groundwork in a real way for a presidential bid in 2024 instead of just these long rallies in which he gives his grievances about 2020. it remains to be seen whether or not trump can actually focus on the future. you heard that from mike pence. it seems like a thinly veiled reference to the fact every speech trump gives ends up being about 2020 election. he is hung up on the grievances, on the people he believes betrayed him and on these conspiracy theories around the election. so today is really a test to see whether or not he can stay on message. the america first policy, some conservative leaders from across the spectrum, we have ted cruz, kevin mccarthy, lindsey graham,
9:30 am
kelly ann conway, all focused on the future of the republican party t. remains to be seen whether president trump can actually move forward as he mulls a presidential run. >> on the scene of the big speech. glad to have you on the program. we'll see what trump says. let's bring the conversation back into the room. is it irony? help mean with the right word that donald trump is to give a speech on law and order when we know that a federal grand jury is inside the west wing investigating his efforts to steal the country, to steal an election. >> it's just part of the script none of us could have written without it being tossed back, not being realistic enough. the president has obviously been giving a ton of speeches, the former president. he was in arizona over the week, giving another speech on saturday. he is well practiced. one thing he has not done is given a policy speech yet. that's what his aides are teeing up. we'll see if that happens. he will be blocks from the federal courthouse where the
9:31 am
grand jury is deciding what happened on the 6th, if he was complicit in this blocks from the department of justice where the attorney general right now is deciding how to proceed with this. the attorney general, of course, is giving a speech or an interview this afternoon to nbc. we'll see what he says. so a very interesting moment for the former president to return to washington. i think the most interesting thing as kristen was saying the former vice president who is as loyal as the day is long, now trying to chart his own path. i don't get a ton of sense of what the market is for that among republicans but, look, donald trump would be happy to have mike pence in the race as well as many, many other republicans because the key to trump's future is a big republican field. that's his way to victory again. and the ambitious list that kristen was reading off of speakers, that helps donald trump. >> to jeff's point, if you're mike pence, you are trying to figure out is there a path to me. when he says we need to do more
9:32 am
than just criticize and complain it's clear who he is talking about. donald trump is a living grievance. but we have to focus on the future and not the past. isn't it easy to say that, again, whatever you thought of mike pence, if republicans want something new, is it him? >> look, it has come out in the hearings as well that, yes, he did refuse to go along with the plan to stop the certification of the electoral count as well but as you were saying this was one of the more loyal people to the former president during the administration. i thought just as telling as any comment he made during his remarks today, that being the former vice president, was also his first answer in the q&a when somebody asked about kind of the distinction and the growing divide between him and the former president and he actually can go look at the exact quote but kind of played down that there was a big difference between them as well. still trying to play it a little bit both ways here as well. you are right.
9:33 am
if there's any kind of distinction between their rhetoric, pence and trump, you still have the former president focused on promoting the false claims about the election, the 2020 election, whereas vice president, by saying let's move forward from that, that is both criticism of the former president but also trying to now focus on some of the actual issues that are causing issues for the biden administration. >> and there are a lot of republicans who wish donald trump would just go away until after the november elections because they think they have a political climate that works in their favor and they don't want him messing with it. can donald trump give a policy speech? on friday he was in arizona ostensibly campaigning for his choice in the governor's race there but much of the speech was not about her but about him. >> if i renounced my beliefs and if i agreed to stay silent and if i stayed home and took it easy, if i announced that i was not going to run any longer for
9:34 am
political office, the persecution of donald trump would immediately stop. that's not what i do. i can't do that. because i love this country and i love you. >> in his mind or at least in his public presentation he is always the victim. that is the part whether it's the senate race or the governor's race in georgia, whether it's anywhere else, republicans wish, please, not now. >> and i think for republicans, and we saw that with former vice president pence today, they want the good parts of donald trump. they are loathe to quit him completely even if they believe some of the things he does now is unhelpful. pence likes the fact trump remains popular with the base. he likes the fact that conservatives think that a lot of things president trump stood for during his time in office was beneficial, the supreme court justices he appointed, the tax cuts, things like that. so he doesn't want to really quit himself from donald trump.
9:35 am
he wants to quit himself just from those problematic parts particularly when it comes to the 2020 election. and i don't know if you can do that because it's still the same guy all wrapped into one. >> it's a fascinating question. i don't know the answers. please chime in if you think you do, how much has the january 6 committee hearings, how much of the investigations, how much do the american people just want to move on? let's have change in the next election. where are we there? the fascinating thing about trump and his people them say the quiet thing out loud this is steve bannon. he's likely to go to jail soon. he was convicted of contempt of congress. he says we're going to get trump back and this is going to happen. >> put away the cutesy phrase drain the swamp. put away the cutesy phrase swamp creatures. this is not marginally cutting out a program, this is about going to the heart of it, the heart of the beast this is babylon on the potomac. that's what we have here. by the way, we have a plan, ladies and gentlemen, we're at
9:36 am
war. we're at war with the administration. >> look, this is the preview of the second act, i guess, of the trump presidency. it is a long time between now and when that act would start. if the former president actually is going to follow that road map which is what steve bannon was trying to do, trying to get him to focus on really who will owing out the federal government, continuing what he was doing, we will see this afternoon. we will see in mr. trump's speech, which is around 3:00 eastern or so, if he's going to turn the page and start a second act by talking about policy or if it's going to be that grievance from the past. we'll get a sense this afternoon. i have my bets. we'll see. >> we'll see and we'll have that conversation tomorrow. up next for us, you don't want to miss this brand-new fascinating scene on how chief justice john roberts tried but ultimately failed to swing one conservative vote in an effort to save roe. this dad and daughter were driving
9:37 am
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continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. today some fascinating new cnn roaring about chief justice john roberts and his failed campaign to save the federal right to abortion. he spent much of the spring lobbying conservative colleagues hoping to change at least one mind and to protect the foundation of that landmark roe v. wade decision but the sudden and shocking leak of the court's draft decision ending roe hamstrung roberts. this is joan's great reporting. let's start with the period of time before the leak. they've had the draft. everyone on the court knows the math. they know the court is about to overturn roe. roberts tries to stop it.
9:42 am
how? >> essentially 5-1-3. the five conservatives to his hard right all want to do away completely with roe even though, john, as you remember, this case was supposed to be only about whether the mississippi ban on abortion to 15 weeks is constitutional. the five to his right go further. he's by himself, i want to uphold the mississippi law but i don't want to touch roe. so he's trying to pick off someone from that right swing. brett kavanaugh is his most likely target, also newest conservative justice amy coney barrett. he's working them, working them. this has the result of giving liberals some very slim hope maybe all is not lost but it has another effect. it gives the conservatives on the hard right some anxiety. they're thinking can he do this because john roberts himself has switched his vote in the 11th
9:43 am
hour. he famously in the obamacare case in 2012 did that. he's known for being quite canny and able to work these compromises at the very end. so he's doing this trying to make some progress and then suddenly on may 2nd this draft opinion becomes public. and what it does, it makes a very difficult task even harder because it locks in these votes. >> you have this fascinating nugget we found out on may 2 when politico published the draft but they knew for days because reporters were trying to verify it was a legit draft. the justices know this is about to go public. >> they know and, in fact, john, that afternoon of may 2nd, they were on a public stage doing a memorial service for the late justice john paul stevens. the service was being live streamed. they had to have the best poker faces. when i go back and look at that again, oh, my god, how did they hold themselves together knowing
9:44 am
this huge decision was about to be made public? >> it's remarkable reporting. i urge you to go to and read it. joan, thanks for sharing. up next new covid numbers about how many parents still don't want to vaccinate their kids and an important health update from the white house about the president's covid fight. i just always thought, “dog food is dog food” i didn't really piece together that dogs eat food. as soon as we brought the farmer's dog in, her skin was better, she was more active. if i can invest in her health and be proactive, i think it's worth it. visit i'm jonathan lawson
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a health update on president
9:49 am
biden just in from the white house. the president's physician says mr. biden's covid symptoms are now, quote, almost completely resolved. the president is feeling well enough to do his exercise routine and has finished his five-day course of paxlovid. biden will continue to isolate as this is just day five. that news coming from the white house, the same day it is hosting a summit on covid vaccines, and it comes as a third covid school year approaches. and as 13 states report new covid cases are climbing. let's take a quick look at the numbers. this map we haven't used in quite some time. look, 13 states in the red and the orange, reported more covid infections this week than last week. 13 states trending up. the overall national case count it is way down, 122,000 and change yesterday compared to 807,000 back in january. way, way down. it is trickling up a little bit. not a cause of alarm but a cause of maybe concern. concern because hospitalizations also starting to trend up again, well below 50,000, way down from the january peak. you don't want that number
9:50 am
trending back up and it comes as a vaccine conversation as we go back to school as well. the kaiser family foundation asked has your child been vaccinated? 10% said yes, right away. 27% say they want to wait and see. 43% of parents say definitely not when it comes to vaccinating their children and 13% only if required. vaccines are the issue at a big white house conference today. among the questions there are new vaccines in the pipeline a few months away probably that tailor the vaccine or booster to the new variant. so if you still need to be boosted, should you do it tomorrow, do it today or wait a few months? this is dr. fauci's view. >> as a physician, if i had someone at risk and hasn't been vaccinated with the boost in several months, i would not want to wait a few months. i would want to get them covered now and then when you get to the fall, then you're concerned about that boost. you don't want to hold back in a
9:51 am
high-risk person. >> we continue with a cnn medical analyst, former baltimore city health commissioner. do you agree with dr. fauci that somebody who needs to get an additional booster shouldn't say i'm going to wait two or three months, maybe there will be a new one more tailored to the variants? >> i definitely agree that people who need that booster shouldn't wait. and so if you are 50 and older, if you are somebody with an underlying medical condition, if you are immuno suppressed, get the booster now. and that's because there is a high rate of covid-19, that additional booster will protect you now. there's, by the way, no guarantee the booster that's coming out in a few months is necessarily better because that booster is targeting the variants now. the white house has also said that getting a booster now does m not preclude from you getting another booster in the fall. that said if you are under 50
9:52 am
and generally healthy you don't need to get the booster because you are still relatively well protected as long as you have the initial first booster. >> it's hard to believe we're about to turn from july into august which means a return to school is only a few weeks away. when you see the kaiser family foundation numbers and the continued high hesitancy of some parents to get their school aged kids vaccinated, does that trouble you or is about to be expected, worrisome? >> well, it definitely worries me in that i would prefer that we have a much higher vaccination rate. even 5 to 11-year-olds, it is 30%, which is really low considering how long the vaccines have been here. i do think that the wait and see approach for younger kids may be expected because those vaccines are relatively new although i was among those first in line to get my two little kids vaccinated. they are getting their second dose next week. i would urge other parents to do the same.
9:53 am
there is a misconception children don't get sick from covid. they can be ill. the risk for severe illness is lower. if i can reduce that to virtually zero with a safe vaccine, of course i would do that. i would urge parents consider the vaccine, talk to their pediatrician if they have questions and know there could be surges of covid coming this fall or winter. protect your call. >> as we have the covid conversation now, the discussion at the highest levels about monkeypox. we have 3,487 confirm cases in the united states. dr. fauci says he believes the biden administration is doing a good job but it needs to do an even better job. what needs to be done? >> well, vaccines are what needs to be done. we have 300,000 doses distributed of the two dose vaccine. 1.5 million people are eligible so we are pretty far off from the total vaccine dosage.
9:54 am
we also need far better testing. the testing capacity has been ramped up recently. i fear that we are still missing a lot of cases. you can only be tested if you meet a specific case definition. you have to have active lesions. it would be great if we have a broader testing strategy and try to get our hands around monkeypox. >> dr. wen, thank you. up next for us congressman glenn thompson celebrates his gay son's wedding day three days after codifying same-sex marriage. ine. but then somomething amazing happened. hello? carvana worked with my shift manager and got everything sorted out so i didn't miss out on the car. super helpful. i was over the moon, even though i was underground. we'll drive you happy at carvana.
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topping our political radar glenn thompson's mixed message on same-sex marriage. just three days after voting against the federal law that would require states to recognize same-sex marriages congressman thompson attended his son's wedding. his son is gay. the congressman's office said he was thrilled to welcome his new son-in-law in the family but called the bill a stunt by the democrats. thompson one of 57 who voted no on that legislation. the european union today agreeing to an emergency plan to ration natural gas this winter. the deal aims to cut back gas use by at least 15% until next spring. the move comes amid fears russia will continue to further squeeze europe's gas supply because of its invasion in you careen. russia says it will be withdrawing from the international space station project after 2024. the leader of the space agency says it plans to build its own
10:00 am
orbital stations. this came as a surprise to nasa. officials say they have not received any official word from russia about its decision to end what has been a decades long partnership. thanks for your time today on "inside politics." ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. thank you for joining us on this busy day in the newsroom. inflation frustration as americans pay more for just about everything, a new key report finds everyone is fed up. consumer confidence now down to its lowest level in 18 months. what it all means for you as recession fears rise. plus, he fought to the bitter end, stunning new insight into chief justice john roberts' bid to save roe v. wade. why his effort to convince his fellow conservatives ultimately
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