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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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or you're not sufficiently moderate enough or whatever, i never saw that on the republican side. never. we never talked about politics on the republican side. there was no need to research candidates. you simply showed up on election day, and ryou voted for all the r's. >> i think that what biden could do more than anything is use his bully pulpit and say this is insane what we're seeing from conservatism, and from republicans. this is outrageous. >> isn't he saying that? >> isn't he sounding the alarm? >> he isn't doing it forcefully enough! okay. so show of hands, how many of you wish that president biden would be angrier and just show more anger -- >> i wouldn't say angry. >> i was going to say, i don't know that anger, fire in the belly. >> joe biden needs to step up his game and be a little bit stronger and lead his party. the buck stops with him. >> fascinating. the point that no one thought
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they were being too fickle. for us to question every element, no, we're not doing that. >> she made a great point that when she was a republican she did not see that. they did fall in line more, she said. they showed up and they just voted for an r. democrats, you know, dissect and analyze. >> there's a color coded chart of where you fit. >> a flow chart and figure how it can be better. tomorrow when you tune in, you're going to hear who they would like to run in 2024 instead of joe biden. so tune in for that. it's the top of the hour with cnn newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. flashing red warning signs suggest the risk of federal prosecution may be increasing for former president donald trump. the department of justice has escalated its probe into january 6th. "the washington post" reports that the doj is directly investigating trump's actions. federal prosecutors are now targeting high profile players
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in trump's inner circle. they've questioned two top aides to former vice president mike pence in front of a grand jury. >> mark short and greg jacob were in the room for key trump meetings, part of a pressure campaign to convince pence to stop the certification of president biden's electoral win. a source tells cnn that federal prosecutors asked them also about the fake elector scheme and the role of trump lawyers john eastman and rudy giuliani. and just last night, attorney general merrick garland refused to rule out the possibility of bringing criminal charges against the former president. >> we intend to hold everyone, anyone, who is criminally responsible for events surrounding january 6th for any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer of power from one administration to another accountable. >> so if donald trump were to become a candidate for president again, that would not change your schedule or how you move forward or don't move forward?
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>> i'll say again, we will hold accountable anyone who is criminally responsible. >> let's go to cnn's carakara scannell, what more do we know about the justice department's focus on former president donald trump. >> reporter: this investigation has clearly been intensifying and from what we learned, the focus is turning to the white house. as you mentioned, mark short and greg jacob, two of mike pence's aides, two people that were in the room with him, two people that were in meetings that know about the pressure campaign from trump and his allies trying to get pence to not certify the election and certify joe biden's win. they went before a federal grand jury in recent weeks. that's one step that the department of justice has taken that brings you into the white house. they have also, according to to alyssa farah griffin, she was on "new day this morning," she was trump's communication adviser. she's aware that doj has reached out to other former white house
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officials wanting to have interviews with them, and then "the washington post" had new reporting and details abts what they learned about doj's conversations with witnesses. prosecutors have asked hours of detailed questions about meetings trump led in december 2020, and january 2021. his pressure campaign on pence to overturn the election, and what instructions trump gave his lawyers and advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states. this fake elector piece of the investigation is very significant. the department of justice just last month had subpoenaed electors and people associated with this alleged plot in seven of the battleground states. they want communications that they've had with the trump campaign, the trump white house, congress, as well as some of the former president's top attorneys including rudy giuliani and john eastman. of course eastman and jeffrey clark, a department of justice official were also contacted by the fbi and the department of justice, so this investigation really beginning to coalesce
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around what was going on in the white house and between the former president and his advisers. victor, alisyn. >> kara scannell, stek around, you're going to think we're brilliant in the next booking. dave aaronburg, the state attorney for palm beach, and alyssa farah griffin, the communications director who kara was talking about. alyssa, you were mentioning that you know there were even other white house officials that have been spoken to by the doj. beyond mark short and greg j jacob. >> and reached out to by the doj. i don't know about the extent of their cooperation. the grand jury investigation, the doj investigation is very different than the january 6th one which is all in the public eye. we kind of see it play out in realtime, and i think there's been a bit of a false sense that doj is moving too slowly and hasn't been working behind the scenes. from what i understand, that isn't the case, and as evidenced frankly by the fact that mark
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short is probably the most senior official they're going to get without having to really compel someone like a mark meadows or a pat cipollone to testify. i know they have made outreach to at least one individual who was in the broader trump orbit. >> and you had told us before about you're friends with cassidy hutchinson, is that who it is? >> it was not cassidy. i have not spoken to her about if she's been reached out to by doj, or cooperating. that would be a question for her. it was someone else in the broader network who i would consider mid level, that could support some of what they're looking into specifically around similar questions to what short was asked about, which is the pressure campaign on mike pence in the days leading up to january 6th, the schemes of things like fake electors, and even some of these creative ways that certain officials at the department of justice wanted to bypass the law to try to hold on to victor. >> and one more question, would that person be willing to become public and talk about it? >> that, i don't want to speak
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for them so i don't want to get ahead of that, and honestly i want to be deferential to doj's investigation, they have done this largely behind closed doors. we probably wouldn't know about mark short's testimony had a camera not caught him leaving, and there's brilliance to that. they have been very good about not letting leaks out, not showing their hand in what they have, and that can be very helpful because this could be a criminal case. >> dave, the committee just punctuated eight hearings with this block buster in prime time. would it be overly cynical to question the timing of these revelations of the interview with nbc news, do you believe that doj is feeling the pressure or do they even care about the criticisms of the pacing of its investigation? >> i think that merrick garland hears the critics, and i think this is his way of pushing back. i mean, how can you not? he has been the object of derision by the left. they are saying that he doesn't have the stomach for this fight, that he, coming from the world of the judiciary cares too much
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about what people think of him, and i have to admit, i have said some of these things too, and i have noticed in his interview yesterday that he had a more aggressive tone than before. he seems to be pushing back against his criticism, and good for him for doing that. also, it's the language in that interview that's revealing. he also said this wasn't just about january 6th but also about the broader attempts to disturb the lawful transfer of power, and that spells bad news for donald trump, especially when it comes to the pressure campaign on mike pence because who has the stature to pressure a sitting vice president. the only person who can do that is the then president of the united states, donald trump. >> dave, the committee released another element, they're dropping these nuggets now, that they're on a break until potentially they come back in september with more hearings. i want you to listen here to a bit of the testimony from the former acting defense secretary, chris miller. >> to be crystal clear, there was no direct order for president trump to put 10,000
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troops to be on the ready for january 6th, correct? >> no. that's correct, there was no order from the president. >> is this a legal problem or just a political problem for the former president? >> both, victor. because liz cheney said, hey, the then secretary of defense said there was no national guard amassed to protect the capitol. because this goes against what donald trump is saying. that's his big defense. blame nancy pelosi, blame the capitol police. well, this blows that argument out of the water. from a legal standpoint, it also matters. there is the potential charge of obstruction of an official proceeding, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison, and when you show that the former president assembled, unleashed and enabled the mob, refusing to do anything about it when he could have, that takes prosecutors down the line to possibly charging him with this serious crime. this matters in the court of
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public opinion and also perhaps in a court of law. >> dave, it has to be so helpful when one of the ring leaders of the fake elector plot spells out the plot in an e-mail, such as what this pro trump attorney jack willenchek did in this e-mail to boris epstein. we would be sending in fake electoral votes to pence so someone in congress can make an objection when they start counting votes and start arguing that the fake votes should be counted, and ps, alternative votes is probably a better term than fake votes, smiley emoji. do you know jack? was that a name that was around? >> i don't. i do know boris epstein, i was not familiar with the other gentleman. >> so that's got to be really helpful, dave. >> how dumb can you be, right, this guy's a lawyer, or maybe not for long after those statements, i mean, he's saying the quiet part out loud, about,
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yeah, fake electors. if only their competence matched their nefariousness, we would have been in a lot more trouble. as a cherry on top, they have a demonstration of consciousness of guilt because this lawyer said that he and the republican party chair in arizona, kelly ward, wanted to keep this plan a secret until january 6th to surprise the democrats and the media. so if this was just a contingency plan for alternate electors in case things go haywire legitimately, then why keep it a secret, right, so this shows criminal intent, and it's also a problem for donald trump because rnc chair row na mcdaniel has testified according to reports that trump was personally involved in this effort. this could get you to conspiracy to defraud the united states under 18 usc 371, punishable of up to five years in prison. >> dave aironberg, alyssa farah griffin.
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the federal reserve will raise interest rates another 3/4 of a poercentage point. it's the first time the central bank has raised rates it by that much twice in a row. jerome powell answered questions about taming inflation without tipping into a recession. >> joining us now, cnn's matt egan who is at the federal reserve, and cnn economics and political commentator, catherine rampell, what did jerome powell say about the fed's decision? >> jerome powell is acknowledging that inflation remains way too high, and more work is needed to get it back under control. powell even said that the fed quote wouldn't hesitate to make an even bigger move if one is necessary, but the next fed meeting isn't for eight weeks, and that is an eternity in today's economy. powell left himself plenty of wiggle room to see how the economy e voefls, what happens
12:13 pm
to johns and inflation. the fed is conceding they are ramping up interest rates at a time when the economic environment is darkening. the fed in their statement downgraded their view of the economy. they pointed to softening indicators, and during the press conference, powell weighed in on the question that's on everyone's minds right now, is a recession coming or are we already in one. listen to what he said. >> i do not think the u.s. is currently in a recession. and the reason is there are just too many areas of the economy that are performing, you know, too well, and of course i would point to the labor market in particular. as i mentioned, it's true that growth is slowing, and for reasons that we understand really the growth was extraordinarily high last year, 5 1/2%. we would have expected growth to slow. >> so powell stressed that they're not trying to start a recession. and he expressed continued
12:14 pm
confidence that they could pull this off, they could tame inflation without sinking the economy, but he also conceded that that job has gotten harder and it may continue to get harder. >> catherine, what do you think about what you just heard there from jerome powell? >> i think the fed is stuck between a rock and a hard place. on the one hand, they could let inflation continue to be uncomfortably high, and not raise rates as aggressively as some people are calling them to. on the other hand, they can try to kill inflation but potentially in doing so also kill the economy. i.e., tip us into a recession, and so they have this very narrow path between those two really regrettableo outcomes an you can hear in chair powell's voice and his remarks that he has to project confidence that they can get us to the soft landing, that's the term of art that they use. but there is some nervousness because, as matt just pointed
12:15 pm
out, the fed acknowledges that there is softening and spending, softening and production, and yet, inflation is really high. so chair powell said that they're going to take the data as it comes, and respond as it comes. but it's a really really challenging situation that the fed is in, and i don't envy them. >> but catherine, do you think that there was a different alternative to the 3/4% hike, i mean, in order to slow down demand? >> some people were calling for the fed to raise rates by even higher in this one meeting. some people were calling for a 1 percentage point hike which would be extremely aggressive, and something that, you know, americans would probably not be ready for given how we've experienced fed policy over the past few decades. there are other people, i mean, you look at what democratic lawmakers are calling for. they're saying that they think the fed is raising rates too
12:16 pm
aggressively. i think they're wrong on that. this is a medicine that has to be delivered, even if it's a painful, a bitter pill that we have to swallow. it's not fun to have tightening financial conditions. it's not fun to be potentially on the verge of a recession, but given where inflation is, i don't think the fed had any choice except to raise rates aggressively, again, you know, as matt pointed out, for two months in a row, two meetings in a row. so as i said, i think they had a lot of bad options at their disposal now. they chose the best of the bad options. >> okay. matt egan, katrincatherine ramp thank you. some democratic leaders think it's time to switch up their midterm messaging. what they think could help stem the losses and keep control of congress. and survivors of family members from mass shooting delivers emotional messages to gun manufacturers, their pleas for change. you'll hear them, next.
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blinken said the u.s. has put a substantial deal on the table for the release of brittney griner and paul whelan from russia. the biden administration offered the exchange of victor boot for the wrongly detained americans. boot is an arms trafficker serving a 25 year prison sentence. >> in response to the reporting, the whelan family appreciates our biden administration seeking paul's release using the resources available. we hope the russian government responds to the u.s. government and accepts this or some other concession that enables paul to come home to his family.
12:22 pm
hopefully no other american will be wrongfully held by the russian government in the future. executives from major gun manufacturers faced some tough questions from lawmakers. the house oversight committee released new findings that gun companies made more than a billion dollars from assault weapons over the last decade as america's gun violence crisis exploded. some of the survivors testified to the horror they've lived through. >> my name is nicole, and nearly ten years ago, i survived the sandy hook shooting in my elementary school when i was just 7 years old. still to this day, i struggle through the horrible aftermath in ptsd. >> as we ran, clutching hands, not knowing if someone was going to shoot us and if we were going to live or die, my son lost a huge part of his innocence. he is not the same person. he is broken. >> my fiance was shot and killed on may 14th by a white
12:23 pm
supremacist mass shooter, when he went to tops to buy our son a birthday cake. what are you going to do? >> it's okay. >> to make sure that your products don't get into the hands of a white supremacist mass shooter ever again who will take a child's father away. >> look at that. i mean, look at how heartbreaking those testimonials are, just three families and so many have been affected. cnn's jessica dean is covering this for us. jessica, what else happened at this hearing. >> reporter: it's heart wrenching testimony that we heard from those victims, victims' family members, and gun manufacturers. executives from gun companies were there to listen to that, to also take questions from the house oversight committee. we saw a video that featured survivors as well. that they saw and focused on during this hearing and that testimony interestingly, too, we heard from the chairwoman of
12:24 pm
that committee caroline maloney, she says she intends to subpoena smith & wesson, specifically on documents related to the sale of ar-15 style semiautomatic weapons. smith and wessen executive was invited to this hearing but did not attend. you mentioned that the findings of the committee, finding a billion dollars in revenue in the sale of these military style assault weapons, and also they found aggressive marketing, they said, especially toward young men. that is something they also wanted to talk to these executives about earlier today. here's carlolyn maloney. >> the time for dodging accountability is over. today i'm announcing my intent to issue a subpoena for documents from smith & wesson's ceo, and other top executives so that we can finally get answers about why this company is selling assault weapons to mass murders. >> reporter: and we also know now that the house will not be
12:25 pm
voting on a series of policing and gun bills that they were originally going to try to tackle this week. that will slide until later. they're indicating that perhaps they will come back in august recess to deal with some business that they could deal with it then. but of course, victor, and alisyn, anything that passes the house is going to have a very very up hill battle in the senate where it will need 60 votes. >> jessica dean, thank you. well, there was just a major bipartisan deal reached on capitol hill. the senate voted to invest $52 billion in u.s. semiconductor production. we're live on capitol hill with the news next. my dental healthearchoi, was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missining teet, struggling with pain, with d dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry.
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these people are out of their minds and we need to say so. that's the quote that some democrats want to say about republicans heading into the midterm elections. >> cnn's isaac joins us now on the democrats' strategy to paint republicans as extremists. isaac, tell us about it. >> what the democrats are hoping for here is that they can increase and intensify the conversation about what would actually happen if republicans
12:31 pm
were in power. things like a federal ban on abortion being pursued in congress if republicans take the majority there. lots of abortion restrictions on the state levels, as well as threats to democratic elections, whether that's at the state level or in washington. things that could have meaning in a lot of ways, all across the country, but also leading up to the presidential election. also things like gun control and what democrats say is republicans putting school children in danger by not passing more aggressive gun control measures. >> all right. isaac dovere, thank you. >> thank you. today the senate passed the bipartisan chips bill, this pumps $52 billion into the tj tech industry to boost research and production of computer chips. now it has to go to the house where it's expected to pass, and president biden is expected to eventually sign it into law. >> from computer chips to prescription drug prices, democrats are closing in on several legislative victories before the midterms.
12:32 pm
cnn's manu raju is on capitol hill for us, so manu, can democrats claim these as wins or are these bipartisan wins. >> reporter: these are bipartisan wins, the bill that passed the senate today has the support of key republicans, including mitch mcconnell, another key republican in the leadership is john cornyn who backed this measure, todd young, another republican, but more than half of the senate republicans did vote against this over concerns that the government should not be incentivizing these industries going forward, and only one member of the democratic caucus voted against it, that is bernie sanders, but nevertheless, this bill is significant. more than $280 billion to deal with science funding and research, as well as $52 billion included as part of that to deal with the shortfall in semiconductor chip production, concerns that the money would go overseas if it was not approved, eventually approved by the house in a matter of days. there are other issues that the senate is trying to deal with, namely dealing with prescription drug prices, a bill to give
12:33 pm
medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices. that has not been sorted out. it's unclear if they could get that done before an august research. and the issue of gay marriage, growing support among a handsful of republicans at least to back codification of same-sex marriage. proponents of this measure believe eventually they will get the 60 votes needed to pass this into law. >> how close to 60 votes do you think you are on the same-sex marriage bill at this point? >> i think we're making progress. i'm not going to get into specific numbers. >> reporter: do you have more than five republicans, do you think? >> oh, yes. >> the republicans are in a dilemma on this and many other issues. their base demands they take a position that is not popular with the american people. >> reporter: it's possible this does not come to the floor before the august recess, would that disappoint you? >> yes. >> reporter: so that last point was critical because it is uncertain the timing of this. democrats may not have the floor time to put this -- to get this bill through the senate, and
12:34 pm
they may have to punt on this issue until september at which point they hope the ten republican votes will be there. guys. >> understood, manu, you caught up with republican senator josh hawley, who was highlighted during this last january 6th hearing for being caught on camera scurrying off after giving in fist pump of solidarity. what did he say? >> reporter: he was defiant. he said he had no regrets for anything that he did, even though the january 6th committee said that a police officer said that he riled up the crowd before the riot began by that fist pump, and then later showing that video of him fleeing when the rioters had breached the capitol. he said he doesn't regret anything he did and he contended that the committee has helped with his fundraising. the january 6th committee said that they talked to a capitol police officer who said when you made that fist pump, you riled up the crowd, do you regret that
12:35 pm
fist pump because of that. >> i don't regret anything that i did on that day, and you know, it's a privilege to be attacked by the january 6th committee, and i want to say thank you for all the help with my fundraising, it's been tremendous. >> reporter: what about the video, the fact that they released the video showing you running, what's your reaction to that. >> this is an attempt to troll, and listen, i don't regret anything i did on that day, and the reason i'm being attacked by the january 6th committee is because i'm in their way and the stand i took is one i don't regret, and one i won't back down from. >> a big reason why he was criticized that day is he became the first senator to say that he would vote to object to the certification of pennsylvania's electoral votes. that led to a debate in each chamber of commerce about whether to overturn pennsylvania, ultimately there was an objection to arizona as well. the criticism is he gave false hope to the rioters who came into the capitol that day, but as you can see if hawley there, no regrets for what he did, saying he did nothing wrong. >> thank you very much for catching up with him and bringing that to us. okay. so monkeypox cases are
12:36 pm
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just, straight up great cars. right from your phone to your driveway. go to and pick your favorite. wooo. oh yeah, she digs it. buy your car on vroom. get in. case of monkeypox has been diagnosed in a pregnant woman in the u.s. now, she is one of more than 3,500 people across this country who have contracted the virus. >> today the fda cleared the way for additional vaccines to be distributed in an effort to contain the spread.
12:41 pm
and the white house is considering appointing a monkeypox czar. a growing number of medical experts warn that this virus may quickly spread outside of its current risk group of gay and bisexual men. let's talk about this with dr. ally khan the former director of public health and preparedness and response at the cdc. he's very qualified is what i'm trying to say, folks. dr. khan, great to see you as always. i'm still confused about the warnings coming from public health experts because just this weekend, the deputy director of the cdc's pathogens and pathology department said 99% of our cases still report male-to-male sexual contact. so is that still the primary risk group, or is it spreading to, as we've heard, you know, h heterosexual women, children, et cetera. >> yes, alisyn, spot on, that's those current numbers but please
12:42 pm
recognize that's a reflection of where testing is happening, and we do know, for example, we've had two kids infected. you just report ed a pregnant woman who is infected and fortunately the infant did well. we have women who are infected. what needs to happen, clinicians as they see patients with the appropriate history and rash, they need to be asking the question and make sure they're tested if they suspect that it may be monkeypox, and we're in a much better position now, and i think we can do about 10,000 tests a day now. >> should people other than men who have sex with men get the vaccine at this point? >> victor, no, the only people who should get the vaccine at this point should be those who have obviously had contact, have been contacted by the health department that they have been exposed, those who are at high risk. anybody else does not need to be vaccinated. remember, this is not spread by casual contact. >> so is there a particular concern for pregnant women?
12:43 pm
>> yes, there is a particular concern for pregnant women because from data that we've seen in africa, the fetus can be severely affected. so there is particular concern. there's also particular concern for very young children and for individuals who don't have in tact immune responses. >> the health and human services secretary described his concern as a ten out of ten. we know that tee pox, approved for treatment of smallpox is being used on a compassionate basis. doctors say it is hard to find for people with monkeypox. where are the trials to determine if this is most effective or if there's something else that would be more effective if this is at a 10 out of 10 scale? >> so this is actually the good news part of this story, that thanks to the investments that the u.s. has made in preparedness, specifically for smallpox, we have this vaccines
12:44 pm
that we've talked about, and we have these drugs that can be used. fortunately cdc has done a lot of work to make it more available for individuals who need it, and now we're getting more data that shows that it does work. there was lots of animal data. there was some human data that shows that this works, and now we're collecting additional data. good news is that this is available and we have a lot of it. >> but, doctor, what should the general public be doing right now to avoid getting monkeypox. >> the general public, what they need to be doing is making sure if they have suspicious rash and they have a concern that they make sure their let their clinician know. otherwise they should probably be making sure that they're protecting themselves from covid these days. >> president biden has now tested negative for covid, he says he feels great, he's getting back to work. he will wear a mask for the next ten days. he's completed the course of paxlovid, but we know there is this phenomenon of the paxlovid
12:45 pm
rebound, where you test negative and then test positive again. is that significant enough of a concern that his doctors should be doing anything special? >> there's only a 5% risk of a rebound from paxlovid, and that rebound tends to be very mild, and the president's story is the story i'd like to see for every american, which is the vaccines are up to date. if they think that they're infected, they immediately get tested and they immediately get treated if they're at high risk, and that they use a mask in the right circumstances. >> dr. ali khan, always great to see you, thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> thanks. the indiana doctor who helped a 10-year-old rape victim seek an abortion says that she feels threatened since the story gained national attention, as she is facing an investigation from the state's attorney general. nager isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his daily lunch delivery and an 8:15 call with san francisco..
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a doctor who provided abortion services for a 10-year-old alleged rape victim is now being investigated by the indiana attorney general according to a lawyer for the doctor. >> dr. bernard denies any wrongdoing and last night, she talked about how quickly things have changed since roe was overturned. >> i think we're at a time in our country where people are starting to realize the impact of these anti-abortion laws. and now, when it's finally become impossible for some people, i think people realize that that is actually not what they intended. we're hearing stories all across the country of people who are in dire circumstances,
12:51 pm
complications of their pregnancies or traumatic situations, and are needing abortion care and not able to get it. >> is it worse than you imagined? >> it's worse faster. >> cnn's alexandra field has more. does the attorney general have any case against this doctor? >> well, he certainly says that he does. he's been saying it in the press. he announced it earlier this month, he would investigate, and in a new statement today, he's saying he very much continues pursuing that investigation. he says this, my heart breaks for this little girl, talking about the 10-year-old, of course, as the attorney general, i'm duty bound to investigate issues brought to my attention over which i have authority. especially when they involve children. and as i said originally, we will see this duty through to verify that all of the relevant reporting and privacy laws were followed by all relevant parties. initially, earlier this month, the republican attorney general said he was investigating dr. bernard to see whether she had properly reported the abortion.
12:52 pm
cnn and others obtained documents from the state health department showing that she did report the abortion according to the state's timeframe. her attorneys at the time said she acted fully in accordance with the law in providing medical care. they wnt on to send a cease and desist letter to the attorney general, citing defamation, and now while the attorney general has been speaking publicly about the investigation, dr. bernard's attorneys say they have now received their first communication from the attorney general's office about that investigation. the statement from that attorney saying it is unclear to us what is the nature of the investigation and what authority he has to investigate dr. bernard. so this all continues, and we should point out, it continues at a time when indiana's lawmakers are in a special session debating a bill that is likely to enact a widespread ban on abortion in indiana with very limited exceptions for cases of rape. >> very high stakes in all of this. thank you very much. now to this, the nypd is
12:53 pm
searching for three unidentified individuals seen in surveillance video as it investigates the alleged robbery of a flashy brooklyn pastor. the incident was caught on a live stream of the service last sunday. >> yo, yo. all right, all right, all right. >> bishop whitehead says the thieves also stole his wife's jewelry and he's offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those thieves. >> i want justice. i want these men arrested. and i know somebody knows something. and i just want to make sure that y'all know that i'm invested into this. >> once again, did you see the person, the man sitting on the left of the screen there, who is very impassive? maybe he was just frozen and
12:54 pm
shocked. >> that happens sometimes in crisis. >> but people have noted that this -- so the bishop is reacting, the pastor is reacting as you would expect. scared, and then the person on the left is not reacting as you would expect. >> the whole story is bizarre. that this even happened and he's wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry. but we know no one was hurt, so that's important, but hopefully they get to the bottom of this. >> if you know anything about this case, the new york police would like to hear from you. call 911. >> okay, meanwhile, after months of internal debate, the u.s. has a potential plan to trade a convicted russian armed dealer for brittney griner and paul whelan. we have details on this offer straight ahead. (young woman) three? (grandmother) didid you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) ninety-six percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last
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the mega millions jackpot is now above $1 billion after no winner was called last night. third largest mega millions jackpot in the game's history. lump sum cash payout, $602.5 million. >> you can buy your own private island, 133 lamborghinis if you needed that many, or you could take more than 1,000 trips to space abortion virgin galactic's space ship 2. you would be richer than beyonce, taylor swift, and jennifer lopez, but probably not all together. and you would be more than twice
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as rich as leonardo dicaprio, tom brady, and serena williams. the next drawing will be held on friday. back to the quick mart i go. >> so we're not counting the spouses here right? this is the stat that blows my mind. a million seconds is 12 days. a billion seconds is almost 32 years. >> "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> so the solution to prices being so high is to raise your credit card bills. "the lead" starts right now. this just in, interest rates hiked. raising the price to borrow on everything from bank loans to credit cards. the difficult spot this puts so many americans as the federal reserve aims for the larger goal of bringing down skyrocketing prices. plus, first on cnn, a former trump white house in


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