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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  August 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to inside politics. i'm john king in washington. thank you for spending your da with us. right now, nancy pelosi is in taiwan, and china is warning for them to think closely about what it does next. the united states missile strike in afghanistan kills al sa ra zawahiri. >> this terrorist leader is no more. >> and another midterm test of donald trump's brand. five states hold primaries today. three republicans who voted to impeach trump include 2020 deniers with trump's stamp of approval.
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we begin this hour with a very public and defiant show of force by the speaker of the house. speaker nancy pelosi walking down in taiwan. you can see the american flag on the tail of pelosi's air force jet lit up moments after touching down. her trip is both high stakes and high danger. she say this is trip reaffirms the unwavering commitment to taiwan's democracy. this moments after pelosi landed, this new threat from beijing, quote, these moves like playing with fire are extremely dangerous. those who play with fire will perish from it. we have been waiting for this. speaker landed, she stepped off the plane defiantly. >> and china has now respond defiantly with what they're
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saying are going to be various military exercises happening around the area of taiwan in the coming ho you ares. you're talking about overnight military exercises. we're not exactly sure how it's going to look or sound. will there be anyone in taiwan who can hear echoing booms? this is the dramatic kind of effect they're going for. now we know in addition to propaganda videos and the statement, now that nancy pelosi is on the ground and she arrived safely, that china is going to be assembling some form of military formations. it takes a while to get these things approved, so they must have been working on this when the news leaked out about pelosi's trip. now, in terms of taiwan government perspective, they're finally starting to publicly
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acknowledge she's here and welcome her here. it was radio silence all day long from the government on down. this is one of the quiet transformations i've seen. they were very quiet even saying it was a vip guest he was waiting for. they would not confirm until she was here. we also have just confirmed -- this is brand new cnn reporting -- that the speaker will indeed be going to the presidential office and parliament tomorrow. we have that now officially confirmed just a few minutes ago. >> will keep us posted on this very important development. let's get the perspective of the chinese government on this visit. mr. ambassador, grateful for your time at this important
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moment. china said don't go, she is there now. the biden white house says this should not be a big deal. why? why is the foreign ministry of china says this, it will definitely take all necessary measures to safeguard to integrity in response to the u.s. speaker's visit. they said there will be overnight military exercises. it's the biden white house saying china is making this a big deal. why? >> firstly, speaker pelosi's visit to china is region. the chinese side has affirmed it's strong opposition at various levels through different channels. the speaker's visit is a major visit upgrading the tensions between them. it is a serious violation of the one china principal and the
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provisions in the three u.s. drone communicates. >> she was -- >> it was a foundation -- >> i don't want to -- >> serious infringement on this government and the integrity. >> sir, let me jump in for one second. that is the position of your government. but she says she is there in honor of the taiwan relationship. i understand how difficult this is, but speaker pelosi says it's very important at this time in the world for her as the number three person in the u.s. government to show its support. china could have just said, let it go, played it down, ignored it, instead the white house would say it is china looking for a provocation here. >> well, taiwan is not about democracy. it's about china's national sovereignty and the territorial integrity. and it is the aspiration of the
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more than 1.4 billion chinese people to achieve the reunification of china, and it is on pending wheel of the whole chinese nation to defend our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. nancy pelosi is not a person in straight. as you mentioned, as a speaker, number three in the u.s. government. so her visit in whatever form, at whatever time, carries high political sensitivities, and it will result in the escalation of the tension across taiwan strait and escalation of the tension in the u.s./china relations. so we firmly and strongly condemn and protest against it.
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and you mentioned that this is not the first time of the speaker's visit to china to taiwan. let me say this. 25 years ago, when the speaker visited taiwan, it was completely wrong. the chinese side was affirmly opposed to it from the start. the u.s. should have learned lessons from it instead of repeating the mistake. and the one mistake cannot justify the following mistake in the same nature. >> speaker employee say says you have to look around the world, and she sees china violating its agreement with hong kong about the one government, two systems, and it's extra important for the united states to make publicly clear it stands with taiwan. your government objects. it just condemns it. what will it do about it is the
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big question? are these military exercises to frighten taiwan? what would happen in the u.s./chinese relationship? >> well, people should not confuse the question of taiwan with the ukrainian conflict. on the question of taiwan, it's concerned china's interest, and some people in the united states, the issue of ukraine, they emphasized national sovereignty and integrity. but why? they do whatever they want to damage china's cointerest, infringe china's national sovereignty territory integrity. this is a play of double standards, so we firmly reject that, and china has every right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.
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we are fully justified to do what we must. the current situation is created purely by the u.s. side. so of course it has to bear the responsibilities. >> people can have different opinions about who's responsible for the moment. we are at this moment. and as will riply says, the chinese government has announced these military exercises. the is the government of china so determined to get taiwan that if necessary, he will take it by force? >> well, to achieve a reunification, as i said earlier, is the firm and the strong view of the whole chinese nation. so china's sovereignty cannot be infringed and chinese people cannot be humiliated, and the reunification of china cannot be stopped.
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we said repeatedly in recent times that the poa will not stay idle, and the beauty of the china's military is to define the china's sovereignty territory integrity. so we will take whatever we can to respond and to protect, to safeguard our sofrty territory integrity, and our response will be very firm, strong, and forceful. >> full, strong, and forceful. those are powerful words. i appreciate your time today, and i hope you can stay with us. there's a disagreement about some things, but i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you, sir. joining our conversation now, the deputy director of the wood row wilson's center and the deputy director of national
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intelligence. let me start with you first, you heard the ambassador at the end, very forceful language. the question is will the government in beijing back up strong words with strong actions? >> well, we're already seeing some action before speaker pelosi's arrival. the president's office of taiwan came under cyberattack, and it became dysfunctional for about 20 minutes. we're already seeing this lineup of military aggression and provocation by the chinese already. i think the best case scenario to conclude speaker pelosi's visit to taiwan will be this is as bad as it gets. but with the big challenge is going to be what is going to be taiwan's position in the longer term. will china continue to pressure taiwan and what will the united states do to ensure that taiwan
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can actually withstand the longer term coercion that china is expected to do. >> so one of the questions, beth, on the table is what now, the white house initially opposed this trip by the speaker. once it was clear she was going, they decided to support her. this is jake sullivan, and you're watching the pictures on the stage. she's making a very strong statement here. she's been on this issue for 30-plus year in terms of the chinese government and its abuses. jake sullivan says he's worried now the chinese are going to use this excuse as a pretext. >> a speaker of the house has traveled to taiwan before, and members of congress travel there all the time, including several who have already traveled there this year, so for china to try to turn what is in the historical norm into a crisis or try to use it as a pretext for
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aggression aaround taiwan, that's on them, and they would be the one escalating. >> is there a risk of a serious military escalation in and around taiwan right now? >> there is some. certainly within the next 24-48 hours, there's a significant risk because we are going to see some military action. the exercises are starting, and the last time we had a high-level visit was in 2020, and that was the undersecretary of state for econ. when he went, the chinese flew almost 40 planes across the island and mainland. that was the first time that happened. in the '95-96 crisis, we saw missiles fired near taiwan. i expect we'll see things like that happen, and we're going to see the taiwan air force
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scramble. and mark milley, the chairman of the joint chief of staff just warned about their unsafe behavior. i think there's a risk of that, and china is going to thread the needle. xi has a lot on his place at home and doesn't need a crisis right now. >> you heard the ambassador use the words, china will not be humiliated. when the chinese say that, there's been this theory of the u.s. term, wag the dog, that china is having economic problems at home. when the ambassador says china will not be humiliated, how do you read that as far as how far china is willing to go? >> well, china wants to demonstrate the power it has. it's clear that china does not want to back down, but at the same time, it is -- it also has
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to walk a very fine line of ensuring that it can rally its people, ensure that it comes across as a strong government, and also not have to waste its resources, its credibility amongst its allies in the global south in particular, and so this is going to be one of the challenges that the xi administration is going to have to face. >> it's a fascinating moment. again, as will riply outlined. it is overnight now, so we'll watch this play out, very tense moment in the world. grateful for your time. beth is going to stay with us as we continue another important conversation. next, the world's most wanted terrorist dead in a u.s. drone ststrike. under budget too! and i get seven days to love it or my money back... i love it! [laughs] we'll drive you happy at c carvana.
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top terrorist dead. you see it there updated to say deceased after a drone strike brought two-plus decades on the run to a very sudden close. that picture there, the kabul skyline in the burning aftermath of two missiles finishing a months-long operation to track and kill the chief. this morning, the white house relee leasing new photos of president biden ticking through the operation last month, examining a top secret model of the terrorist safe house. the white house says there's no collateral damage. the operation ends a reign of terror. al zawahiri plotted the deaths of thousands of americans. he was in the 9/11 planning, involved in embassy bombings in africa. barbara, walk us through literally a spy movie playing out. >> let me start right at the
9:21 am
beginning for one second, john. 184 souls lost their lives on the morning of 9/11 here in this very building, and we have yet to hear from any of the pentagon leadership about the killing and add to that the thousands of u.s. troops and military that made such a sacrifice during the war in afghanistan. all that said, back in april, president biden is given exquisite intelligence about zawahiri being in afghanistan, moving into that country. he felt comfortable enough to make the move, his family was there, and they started tracking him. how were they tracking him? the u.s. says it doesn't have people on the ground inside afghanistan, so if they were tracking him by drone, they came to understand exactly where he was, how he e he moved, what his
9:22 am
pattern of life was, and it was just a few days ago president biden gave that final order to move in with a drone and two hell fire missiles. but there is still plenty to learn about all this because they're not saying very much. the mission was carried out by the cia. we know that and we know they say there are no civilian casualties, and they do not have a final dna confirmation evidence. so a lot to learn about exactly how it all went down. >> more drama and questions. let's get some answers from the former white house chief of staff, and beth is back with us as well. leon, to you, you were at the cia for a long time. you understand how these
9:23 am
operations come to go. before we look back, let's look forward. al zawahiri, bad guy for a long time. what does it tell us about al qaeda's capabilities today and tomorrow? are americans safer because of this? >> i don't think there's any question that certainly in the near term, the loss of both bin laden and now zawahiri has removed some of the key leadership of al qaeda. al qaeda will still remain a threat. they still have a mission to be able to go after and kill americans and our allies, and i think they'll continue to do that, and i think the danger here now is that with the taliban in control of afghanistan and having provided a safe haven for zawahiri or what they hope was a safe haven, i think the real the i is that the taliban will continue to allow al qaeda to reconstruct itself in the future, so in the
9:24 am
long-term, they're still a threat. >> so that calls into question this from the president of the united states last night saying the united states government has been looking for him for a long time, and everybody should feel better. listen. >> people around the world no longer need to fear the vicious and determined killer. we continue to show our resolve and capacity to those who continue to seek us harm. >> the capacity is what strikes to me. the administration did insist it would have over the horizon capability that if the taliban broke its word, that the administration would have the capability. does this tell you the administration has a robust capability? >> well, when we want to take someone out and it's a high-level target, we can put an
9:25 am
eno enormous amount of resources to track that person. but there are a lot of terrorists running around afghanistan right now, and there are more than since we left. you can't just do one war head or two in this case. you have to bomb camps and find camps in a very, very remote mountainous areas that are hard to track down. so it's kind of a combination. and the taliban certainly is giving safe haven. >> so two very different operations. it was navy seals that had to go into pakistan to get bin laden, but two presidents taking out two top terrorists. listen. >> this death does not mark the end of our effort. there's no doubt that al qaeda will continue to pursue actions against us. we must and will remain vigilant at home and abroad. >> my administration will continue to monitor and address
9:26 am
threats from al qaeda no matter where they emanate from. >> you were in the room as the operation played out. these are very different, but given your understanding at chief of the white house, defense secretary, the level of planning, the details, the question that come to the president about the risk of u.s. forces or risk of civilians, take us inside the spy novel. >> well, i think we have to give tremendous tribute to our intelligence and military officials who were involved in the planning. this takes a lot of work and a lot of reconnaissance. and if the intelligence people were able to follow zawahiri to do reconnaissance through drones to have intelligence to pin down that he was in fact there and then have the ability to target him specifically in a way that didn't involve any collateral damage, that takes a tremendous
9:27 am
amount of planning and work, and it's a tribute to them that they were able to accomplish this. in the end, this is really the completion of the mission restarted on 9/11, which is go after their leadership, bin laden, and now we've gone after zawahiri. that does bring to an end that mission. that doesn't mean they don't reman a threat, but certainly the mission that was established on 9/11 to go after them was completed. >> grateful for your insights on this important story. next for us, it is primary day in five states. kansas taking a vote on abortion rights, and the trump brand in several important contntests. al. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rarate, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right. the thing that's different about a vrbo vacation home.
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today is primary day, and you see the five states voting today, arizona, kansas, michigan, missouri will be and washington. in kansas, the first state-wide vote on abortion rights. some other key dynamics as we watch tonight, remember the ten house republicans who voted to impeach donald trump. five of them are already out of play, if you will, in the sense that they either decided not to run or lost their primaries. three, three of the ten house
9:33 am
republicans who voted to impeach donald trump face primaries today and face candidates endorsed by donald trump. two out of washington state, one in michigan. so we'll know a much better tally by the end of the tonight. also some other fascinating races, i mentioned that kansas vote. everybody is watching that for voter intensity. you've got some key governors primaries and senate primaries. out of the state of arizona, it is possible for a governor, for united states senate. republican candidates in arizona, one of the troubling themes in this election year, election deniers. >> the only way they can win is if they load up the voter roles with dead people, people who have moved, and imaginary friends. >> someone who is not afraid to take on the crowd and tell them, you need to move on. nothing happened. it's okay. donald trump lost.
9:34 am
cheating is not winning. >> what the radical left has done by hijacking our elections is wrong. >> with me to share their reporting and insights, margaret, bloomberg's mary owe parker. too much to talk about. let's start there. i call it troubling. you still have t, even after the big lie, you still have some republican candidates who flat out repeat the 2020 lie, or even more troubling, you heard the republican nominee, if i lose, there's cheating. >> yeah. this is a pretty common theme in the republican races this year. like you said, it's very troubling giving everything we have seen at the january 6th hearings. i think more troubling is the implications heading into 2024 if these governors, secretary of
9:35 am
states, attorney generals are elected because they will be the ones overseeing these elections and the counting of the ballots. >> if you look at the three candidates today, three of the ten voted to impeach president trump. so we get a sense earlier, first you get the michigan race. it's important to watch, number one, does trump get his vengeance against these three, but the democrats have put money into the michigan race trying to help myer's opponent. to which peter myer runs this out on the ride owe. >> nancy pelosi is bumping half a million dollars to try to buy this election and rye to fool conservatives into voting for john gibbs. >> this is not the only race where democrats are trying to put their thumb on the scale by
9:36 am
helping a republican -- the hope is the republican wins a primary who cannot win in november. >> we saw congressman richey torrez saying over the weekend he was displeased with some of these maneuvers. it seeds the moral high ground for democrats. it's a risky strategy. it's a two-pronged strategy. right now, that's an iffy situation. >> that's the polite way to put it. let's look at the arizona governors race where you have the broadcaster saying she's channeling trump. if i losing with someone's cheating. and then you have karen robson. where are we as we get deeper
9:37 am
inventory primary season? who's winning? >> so far, trump's winning, and arizona will be a big test to that. i think liz cheney is going to be an even bigger test. nobody is hiding how many different money streams there are after republicans as well as democrats trying to left her up. i think when you really zoom out, democracy is hugely on the ballot today. i just can't miss the position of nancy pelosi landing and saying in her public comments and writings, this is about elevating a democracy, this crucial democracy, and look at the tests at home on the ballot. this is not about p bipartisanship. >> and i mentioned it's just about -- it's a possibility that republicans in arizona will have a state-wide slate of people who are election deniers. >> i do think that can hurt the
9:38 am
republicans chances on the pivotal. it could all come down to who controls the senate. that race will be so pivotal, and if arizona gets a slate of candidates who could help mark kelly's chances of holding on to that seat. >> arizona will be crucial this year and in 2024. trump very belatedly endorsed the candidate on the left. you have ryan kelly there as well in washington, d.c. you have in a major state in the middle of america, critical this year, critical again in 2024. election lies are still a dominant theme. >> absolutely. this race is really interesting. i think this race is probably the most important for trump and in a lot of ways, democrats today because michigan is much a pivotal state in 2024, you need it to win the white house. what we saw here was trump and
9:39 am
the devos family have been at war with each other and so many other races down in the ballot, and she wrote him this letter that made no mention of january 6th and said, you should endorse this candidate, and they came together on this race. so it's such an interesting dynamic in that state. on the democratic side, if they cannot win the governorship, what does that say about their chances in 2024? >> and if we can put on the screen again, you see five or who decided not to run for election or not to run in their primary. the chieny primary this month, three today. do we see any evidence that the january 6th hearings and trump's reemergence have changed? can cheney survive? are republicans having second
9:40 am
thoughts about one of this is the question? >> that's the thing. we have all been writing about trump's grip on the party with this primary. so now is where the rubber hits the road now that we've had the public january 6th hearings. we saw some damage to trump's reputation and brand with some of those damning heavy lagss that came out. we'll see whether or not there's a future. >> candidates in washington state may be very poised. >> that's a tough district. it's a conservative district. it's not been good for liz cheney so far. that's why we count votes. next, donald trump makes a mess in missouri. two candidates say, thank you. bath fitter doesn't just fit your bath.
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one of the states holding primaries today, missouri. all eyes there on the state's crowded republican senate race. all eyes even more on it after a very confusing endorsement from donald trump. eric has his complete and total endorsement. there's a problem, there's more than one eric in that race. the missouri candidates were quick to tweet the endorsement, whether it was meant for them or not. number one, it shows you donald trump is not a serious person. this is a very important race. we should not be talking about missouri in an election year that should be favorable to republicans.
9:46 am
>> absolutely. we've seen trump essentially become or inject this chaos that we're all very familiar with. the one cloud hanging over republicans this year and otherwise what should be a red wave is just the uncertainty with the senate, and a lot of that has to do with trump's elevation of candidates who are flawed. we're seeing some of that play out right now as he flirts with endorsing eric grightons. >> if we could put the two erics back up there, the two tweets after. explain. is there an explanation? >> well, that's a great question. politico had a great article this morning that said trump called them and said, you'll be pleased with my decision. so i will say, i asked senator john thune about this race last night, the number two republican in the senate and he was very
9:47 am
blunt in saying if eric grighton wins, we are going to have to spend millions of dollars because this man has a record we cannot defend if establishment does not want this man to win. they thought he was going to lose. so the question is does this trump endorsement fuel him to the top of the pile sm. >> as we have been talking about democracy throughout the show, what difference would it make if either eric were the nominee and then elected in the state of missouri? these are both election deniers. it's not like they have different views at least publicly in how he demonstrates the results of 2020 election. he took an active role in trying to bolster trump's efforts to undo the election results and is proud of that and talks about it publicly. the truth is this nominating contest, the reason why it's important in the republican
9:48 am
party is about republican politics, can republicans jeopardize their ability to hold on to a seat? but in terms of the implications for the public and how it impacts americans, these two candidates both have gone out of their way to show trump they're loyal to him. >> right. both loyal to trump. but eric grighton says i'm the only trump candidate. eric schmidt says if you nominate eric grighton, you zbluz they're running a very dishonest campaign, and it's not just me who said that. president trump came in last night and said eric smitd is running a very dishonest campaign. >> are you going to vote for him? he will lose the seat. he's abused his wife and kid and
9:49 am
quit on the people of the state. >> if you don't follow missouri politics closely, he was the governor, and he resigned after implications of misconduct. they believe it's much more likely the democrats might be able to win that seat. >> absolutely. this is a race -- the republican establishment tried to win this off. you had two call for him to drop out of the race. and like mario said a minute ago, this is just the latest in a string of races where the trump-backed candidate has given democrats a really chance at holding on to the senate. hugely consequential. >> that's why we count them. going to be fun counting the votes tonight. ahead for us, new details out of the white house on
9:50 am
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lead the response torte monkeypox outbreak. dr. fauci praising these appointments stating there's still a lot to learn about the virus. the u.s. saw its first monkeypox case back in may and . griner and her legal team were hopeful after the biden administration recently proposed a prison swap to bring her and paul weylen back to the united states. russia has appeared to be open to a deal, but griner pleaded guilty to the drug charge back in july hoping that would bring ser some leniency. thank you for watching. it's so easy. and more customers today are relying on their cars advanced safety features, like automatic emergency breaking and lane departure warning.
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for too long, big pharma has been squeezing americans for every penny, and inflation has only added to the pain. but congress has a historic opportunity to deliver relief, by passing a bill to let medicare negotiate lower drug prices and put money back in the pockets of seniors. 87% of americans support the plan, and applaud the senators who are standing up to big pharma. let's make history. vote yes to let medicare negotiate lower drug prices.
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♪ ♪ hello and thank you for joining us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. to counteract house speaker nancy pelosi's arrival on the island, she's now the first house speaker to visit taiwan in 25 years. china has call thd move major political provocation and has warned that those who play with fire shall per


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