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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  August 10, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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and isaiah's coach said it was the most remarkable thing he's ever witnessed. >> there is crying in baseball. good crying. and those two will be on "new day" later, so we'll hear more about that story. coy, nice to see you. thanks for joining me thong, ever this morning, everybody, i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. new revelations this morning about the unprecedented fbi search of a former president's home and what was found inside. good morning to our viewers here in the uts and around the world, it is wednesday, august 10th. i'm brianna keilar in washington with john berman in new york. sources are telling cnn the fbi was so concerned that donald trump and his lawyers were not being honest with them about classified documents at mar-a-lago that's what sparked the search warrant.
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we are learning the fbi seized the cellphone of a republican congressman in relation to the january 6th investigation. more on that in a moment. but first, just in, the former president is about to be deposed. sometime in the next few hours donald trump will face prosecutors from the new york attorney general's office. this is the culmination of a civil investigation into the trump organization's finances that has lasted for more than three years. investigators are probing whether the trump organization used false or misleading asset valuations in its financial statements to obtain loans, insurance benefits, also tax benefits. kara scannell who has been all over this story for years joins us now. great to see you. so the former president being deposed. what can we expect today? >> it's a big day and a long time coming. sources tell us that donald trump will be deposed today, will face off with the lawyers from the new york attorney general's office and, you know, this is something that he had fought, he was subpoenaed late last year, lost multiple battles
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in court and today is the day. the big question of the day is will he answer questions. some advisers have told him that he should because in the past he has -- in civil litigation he has already testified under oath about these very topics, these exact financial statements, how they came to be, what his role in that was. now, other advisers are saying he should assert the fifth amendment and not answer any questions. not only for this investigation, but there is still a looming criminal investigation by the manhattan district attorney's office. that has been more quiet, but it is still open. when i interviewed the manhattan da alvin bragg in april he told me if there is a civil parallel investigation and there's testimony, they will look at it. so certainly the stakes are high for him there. another consideration we're learning from sources is that how will this play politically if he were to take the fifth amendment. you might remember when campaigning in 2016 he had said if you are innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? so a couple of different factors that play. i think no one knows how it's going to go until he is in the room.
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his son donald trump jr. and his daughter ivanka trump recently were deposed as part of this investigation. they both answered questions. so a lot at stake here. and it really comes amid an extraordinary legal week for the former president. and this investigation, atz you say, has been going on for three years. this is in the home stretch so we might see a decision on whether there's going to be an enforcement action pretty soon. >> in a civil case if you take the fifth it can be used as an adverse incident, it can count against you sort of. we know that he was in new york, the reason he was in new york while the feds were searching his mar-a-lago estate was because he was talking to his lawyers about this. >> preparing for this very moment. >> kara scannell, thank you so much. keep us posted. the investigation of the trump organization's finances is just one of many involving the former president. there is the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol, the justice department is examining trump's conduct as part of its criminal
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investigation into january 6th. there's also a criminal investigation by the da in fulton county, georgia, into efforts by trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election results in the state. a federal appeals court just gave a house committee access to trump's tax returns, something he has fought for years in court to prevent. and the doj is also looking at the potential mishandling of classified documents. that investigation of course just ramped up with the unprecedented search of trump's home at mar-a-lago. that search coming after authorities believed trump and his team did not return some materials to the national archives. let's bring in cnn's katelyn polantz for the very latest on this. >> two days after this search we're learning more from our sources about why federal authorities had to go to mar-a-lago to collect these boxes, this what we should call evidence in this criminal investigation of handling of classified records. so our sources tell us that law
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enforcement believed that even after the national archives went to florida to reclaim 15 boxes of records in january, trump still had records that weren't his on the property, including documents with national security implications. on top of that sources tell pamela brown, kaitlan collins and i that investigators were thinking trump's team wasn't being entirely truthful with them. on the trump side we understand that the advisers around donald trump thought that this investigation had stalled out in recent months and their argument will be that trump didn't keep documents with national security secrets at mar-a-lago after the presidency because when he was president he declassified them, but, remember, brianna, we still don't know fully what happened behind the scenes to merritt this investigation and specifically these steps from the justice department this week. that is just how these sorts of things work. a judge did have to sign off on the details here backing up this search warrant under seal, keeping it secret, and specifically sign off on
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investigators' reasoning to allow them to search the mar-a-lago beach club and to take back those boxes this week. >> and, katelyn, a republican congressman, a trump ally, had his cellphone seized by the fbi. tell us what we're learning about this case with congressman scott perry. >> that's right. so scott perry, republican congressman from pennsylvania, he did have his phone imaged by fbi agents on tuesday morning. he announced that in a statement last night. he didn't say why he believes he's being investigated but i was able to learn from a source last night that there's a mention of the work of the justice department inspector general on his search warrant. so that's the office that is looking at wrongdoing of justice department employees pretty frequently, and we know that they're also involved right now in the recent searches of trump's election attorney john eastman and also jeffrey clark. remember, jeffrey clark is that doj employee that trump wanted to put as attorney general in january 2021 as he was trying to fight this election loss. and scott perry knows jeff clark
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and was around after the election in 2020. he was, in fact, brianna, the person who introduced clark and trump right around that time. >> all right. katelyn polantz, great reporting. thank you. let's go back to the search at mar-a-lago. joining me now joey jackson and former federal prosecutor jessica roth. joey, reporting this morning that the fbi took 12 boxes of stuff out of mar-a-lago when they searched it monday. does that seem like a lot? >> look, anything, right, would seem like a lot when it furthers a criminal investigation. we don't know how large the boxes are, how many documents are within those boxes. i think, though, to be misled by the notion that it simply dealt with declassified documents i think would be misleading. i think there is a lot more here that we have to connect the dots to. is there any information in there with respect to january 6th that would further the notion of what he was doing, who he was communicating with, any
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documents centered around that. so, you know, the fact is that we are in unchartered waters here, right? who goes to a president's residence to take documents? in my view, john, i think the issue here is that indictment -- and i will say it -- i think it's imminent as it relates to the president. look at the timing and everything else. i think he is in trouble, i think jeffrey clark, john eastman, perhaps mr. giuliani, it's going down as they say. >> just to be clear, our reporting as of now is this has to do with the issue of archives and documents, it is not directly related to january 6th is our reporting. it doesn't mean if they find something connected to january 6th they can't take it if it's in plain sight. the reporting we did get oversight, jessica, is that the fbi and investigators were concerned that the president and his staff weren't being straight with them about these documents. is that the type of aggravating circumstance here that would make executing a search warrant necessary? talk to me about that. >> it's important to emphasize there is still a lot we don't
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know including exactly what crimes the fbi was there to collect evidence of and to which they had sworn out an affidavit establishing probable cause to a judge's satisfaction that a crime had been committed and that evidence of it would be found on the premises. but with that caveat if the reporting is accurate that this concerned classified information and that it was in furtherance of the national archives' efforts to recover information from the president that belonged in the national archives and that was based on review by the national archives of previous documents classified it would make sense that the fbi would proceed by search warrant rather than waiting for consent or pursuing consent with the president, especially, again, in the context of what appears to be ongoing discussions with the president and his aides that were not productive of all the information that the national archives said was missing. in that context you would move in as quickly as you could, especially if they thought it was important to seize it imminently. >> talk to me about that. there to be a national security reason here separate and aside from a criminal reason. you want to get these documents
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in a safe place as fast as you can, period, and that might not necessarily mean you ultimately press charges. >> absolutely. and it's important to make a distinction between the legal standard that's necessary to obtain a search warrant which is probable cause and the legal standard necessary to convict somebody at trial, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. it's the same standard to seek an indictment, but prosecutors, especially in these circumstances, would not pursue an indictment unless they were confident that they had proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. so it's important to distinguish those stages of an investigation and prosecution. >> joey, i'd hire you as my defense attorney, not that i need one here, but one of the things that has been said by allies of donald trump is, oh, merrick garland needs to come forward and explain why this search happened. give us the information. the flip side of that is there is someone who could come forward and produce the search warrant because he presumably has a copy of it and a receipt for what was taken from his residence and that's donald trump. so why would or wouldn't donald
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trump release that warrant? >> what would be the upside with respect to his defense of providing that information? let's talk about what search warrants contain. information which is sometimes damning with respect to allegations of criminality. do i want that narrative out there about my client with regard to what was taken, with regard to what is alleged that he has done, when i have a narrative of the left is out to get me. i'm running for president, i'm being persecuted, there's nothing to see here, this is an outrage, how could they. so when you get a search warrant that would give credibility and credence to a judge evaluating specific facts which have been delineated as to wrongdoing, why would i want a narrative out there ever? i think the defense attorney has buried that and let's go along with garland is an outrage, this is the left out to get me and let's gin up more votes and energize the people who support. >> is joey suggesting possibly
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the people calling for the public release of this information might be disingenuous, they might not like what they hear ultimately. >> i would agree it's easier to attack the fbi in broad strokes without the specifics out in the public domain and the documents that identify the crimes that the fbi was there to investigate and that a judge had signed off on as there being probable cause to believe it had been committed and that there would be evidence at the former president's residence. once it's out there what crimes specifically are alleged, then the pressure is on the defense to answer hard questions, did the president or anyone close to him commit those crimes and was there evidence there. >> is it easier for all these calls to make public what is going on here, would it be easier for trump to do it than merrick garland to do it right now, joey? >> the bottom line is there is an election looming in the background and let's talk about this in that context with respect to why the department of justice would act now, not within the zone of danger as it relates to the election. we can't talk about this divorce
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from politics. you have people out there who believe -- we've seen the violent rhetoric on social media sites, extremists talking about things that we shouldn't repeat now in terms of assassinating people because of this and so i think the political narrative does the president some good. i think getting into the weeds and the details about his criminality does him no good and i think a search warrant would not be signed off on by a neutral magistrate unless, again, there was probable cause to believe that crimes were committed and the subject of the investigation potentially committed. >> scott perry, the congressman who had his phone taken by the fbi, that's not something that happens every day. investigators are typically careful with politicians in this type of thing. what does that tell you? >> it tells me as with respect to the search warrant at the former president's home that the fbi is investigating what it considers to be very serious crimes that would warrant taking these actions that clearly have political consequences and that these matters -- these processes were signed off on the highest
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levels of department of justice and that every i was dotted and t was crossed. >> seems to be a consistent theme here. thank you both so much for being with us this morning. so top republicans suddenly trying to rush donald trump into announcing that he is running into 2024. plus, primaries in four states, a trump-backed candidate wins in the pivotal swing state of wisconsin. and gas prices are down again and it comes on a big morning for the state of inflation. (vo) get business internet from verizon, the network businesses rely on. ditch cable and switch to verizon business internet, with fast, reliable e solution, nationwide. find t the perfect solution for your business. from the network businesses rely on. want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? try downy light in-wash freshness boosters. it has long-lasting light scent, no hvy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, light scent that lasts all day. downy light!
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3:18 am
the american people and must do so immediately. let's bring in cnn reporter fabby orr and melanie zanona with their reporting on this. gabby, let's start with whether it's realistic or not what mcconnell is calling for because as unsatisfying as it is, not having a thorough and immediate explanation of this search and seizure that he's calling for, he knows that's not how it works. >> right, brianna. i can tell you that my colleagues and i have spent the past 48 hours trying to get these exact answers, trying to figure out what this warrant might have contained, what statutes it referenced, what laws the justice department believes donald trump may have violated in his recordkeeping of previous white house records at his mar-a-lago estate. so, you know, digging into the reasoning behind this fbi search warrant that was executed at his palm beach residence, getting answers on what exactly was contained in the boxes that were
3:19 am
carried a away from the resi residence, these are questions we might never have answers to until this investigation was fully sort of borne out. i do think it's unrealistic, not just the call from mcconnell, but calls that we've seen from other potential 2024 republican hopefuls as well who have echoed that same sentiment and said that the justice department, onus is now on the justice department, to prove why they took such a drastic step here. >> and, mel, let's talk about why mcconnell and why mike pence for that matter he's saying this, yesterday's action undermines public confidence in our system of justice and attorney general garland must give a full can get to the american people as to why this action was taken and he must do so immediately. you know y? what are the pressures on them that they have had to come out and say these things in defense of former president trump? >> brianna, i think you're right to point out how interesting it is to see how some of trump's critics like mcconnell and potential 2024 rivals like pence feel the need to come out and
3:20 am
defend him here. i think what they're responding to and trying to channel, frankly, is the anger they're seeing in the base who is really fired up, who just see this as another political witch-hunt against donald trump. i talked to one house republican yesterday who said they're hearing from their constituents who are angry and want their members to do something. mitch mcconnell's response and a lot of senate republicans' responses have been a lot more measured than what we've seen in the house republican conference. house minority leader kevin mccarthy has made clear if they win the house they are planning to investigate the department of justice over this. i'm told it came up in a private conference call yesterday morning and also came up at a dinner between trump and a group of house republicans last night. clearly this is something on the minds of not only trump but some of his allies in the house. i do think we can expect to see investigations and hearings if they recapture the majority this fall. >> it is a stark contrast. all of these republican statements they are not all equal if you start dissecting them for sure. >> right. >> gabby, this search and
3:21 am
seizure at mar-a-lago it does have republicans -- some republicans -- urging trump to move up his 2024 reelection announcement. >> that's right. i'm told that there are a number of advisers inside donald trump's orbit who had previously been telling him you should wait until after the midterms to announce, you don't want to take the focus away from republicans or even put -- take the focus away from vulnerable democratic candidates in announcing before the midterms, but that thinking has now shifted in the wake of this search at mar-a-lago. we are told that a number of people in donald trump's ear have been encouraging him to actually launch his 2024 campaign sooner rather than later. and one of the reasons for this is the fundraising possibilities here, brianna. trump has been long concerned that the moment he announces the 2024 campaign he will essentially be cut off from that $121 million war chest that he has raised since leaving the white house. there's campaign finance laws that would prevent him from accessing a lot of that cash.
3:22 am
i want to read to you what michael caputo a long time trump adviser told me in terms of the fundraising opportunity here for the former president. here is what he said. most of the down sides of announcing early are regulatory or financial, but the democrats just guaranteed that trump will raise three times the money he was going to and probably in the immediate future. so there seems to be a thought going on here inside trump's orbit and among house republicans as melanie just mentioned that trump should move up his announcement, he should do it soon and that if he does he can capitalize on frustration among republican voters and use that to sort of fund raise the amount of money that he would otherwise be cut off from when he announces. >> melanie, what does that mean for ron desantis who is eyeing a run, you know, in 2024, but now he finds himself in this position of bemoaning, quote, the weaponization of federal -- federal agencies against biden
3:23 am
opponents. now, in defense of trump. >> desantis just like pence felt the need to jump in and defend him. i think there was this initial thought that if trump was indicted or faced legal woes that it would make him a damaged candidate and would benefit potential 2024 rivals, instead we're seeing the opposite. what i've heard from a number of republicans is they're as gby said encouraging him to run before the midterms now and part of the calculation here is they think that this could help inoculate trump at least from a pr and political standpoint from a potential indictment. now, if trump does get into the race does this freeze the field? that remains to be seen. i think it certainly makes it more difficult. he becomes the instant front runner but we've heard from some candidates who said that is correct you know -- potential candidates that said even if trump get into the race they are not going to make their decision based on that. we will have to wait and see but certainly over the last 24, 48 hours the landscape has rapidly shifted in terms of the thinking
3:24 am
among trump and his allies. >> it's staggering. thanks to you both. so more new cnn reporting, violent threats circulating on pro-trump forums online, this is following the fbi's search of mar-a-lago, and that includes talk of civil war and assassinations. another republican who voted to impeach donald trump losing a primary race, the brand-new results this morning. better skin from your body wash? try olay body wash with skincare super ingredient collagen! olay bodywash hydrates for healthier-looking skin in just 14ays, from dry and dull to fm and radiant. with olay dy, i feel fearless in my skin.
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my cholesterol is borderline. so i take garlique to help maintain healthy cholesterol safely and naturally. and it's odor free. i'm taking charge of my cholesterol with garlique. a trump-backed candidate winning the republican primary for governor in wisconsin. businessman tim michaels defeating rebecca kleefisch who was endorsed by mike pence and the republican establishment. michaels will take on tony evers in november.
3:29 am
ilhan omar won a surprisingly close race for his house seat. cnn projecting the brad if i know stad will win the election holding that seat for the gop. in vermont becca ball plant winning her house primary race, on a path to become the first woman to represent the state in congress. jaime herrera beutler one of the ten impeachment republicans who voted to remove trump conceded in her bid for reelection. let's bring in kristen holmes live in milwaukee with the latest on all of these moves. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. from wisconsin which will be home to two of the most consequential and competitive races this fall and now the table is set for november. let's start with that governors primary because this was a resounding gut punch to the republican establishment. there was a time and it was a lengthy period of time where
3:30 am
former lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch was considered the heir apparent, she is worked alongside walker and was supported entirely by the gop establishment. tim michaels the businessman with the help of former president trump and millions of dollars which he poured into the campaign was able to secure a win. he would not take decertifying the 2020 election results off the table were he could become governor. the candidate that won last night will not say fell work to overturn the 2020 election results should he win. of course, we will watch his rhetoric as we move forward here, see if it shifts now that we are out of the primary and into the general election against the democratic incumbent tony evers. last night democratic lieutenant governor mandela barnes won his primary, he will cake on ron johnson.
3:31 am
this is going to be a critical race to watch. we have heard from republicans saying that johnson is vulnerable. democrats believe this could be an opportunity to help them hold on to their majority or even potentially grow their majority in the fall. i want to point out one other race here, this was a little bit of a smaller race but it was very important, had a lot of significance and that was of the wisconsin assembly speaker. incumbent republican robin vas was able to hold on to his seat. he was the subject of a pressure campaign by the president receiving calls even just a few weeks ago to try to decertify the election when he didn't trump endorsed his little known opponent but vas was able to pull that out. >> fascinating races and watching some republicans give themselves that wiggle him for the general election. keeping an eye to see where they
3:32 am
go. thank you so much for that that. joining us now cnn's senior political analyst john avalon here with me in new york. let's talk about a few of these races that have national implications or maybe signs of things to come. wisconsin, this was one of those races where there was a trump proxy against a mike pence proxy and the guy who won, tom michels has flinted with some of the most ee treatment notions. >> that's right, he really got trump's backing and was flirting with stuff like decertifying an election which is as far out as you can get. he was pin ponging between trump's position and trying to hedge his positions. rebecca kleefisch had been lieutenant governor for walker, she's losing by not a considerable margin. that's a win if you are keeping track at home in the trump column v. pence. >> pence backed candidate in georgia, arizona, wisconsin, going for the trump backed candidate.
3:33 am
i want to talk about washington. washington didn't vote yesterday but jaime herrera beutler an incumbent member of congress, six terms. >> since 2010. >> voted to impeach donald trump, conceded that she has lost. >> crucially washington state is one of these top two primaries. the top vote getter in the primary is a democrat. it was herrera beutler versus joe kent. this was her colleague in washington state, knew house got in, in the top two, he survived. they were the top two trump impeachers who survived. this was a heartbreaker but herrera beutler represented her district, called out kevin mccarthy what he was really saying on the house floor on january 6th, narrow loss, less than 1,000 votes, but kent will go to the general. >> it may end up being only two out of the ten republicans who voted to impeach donald trump survive. i want to look at two races in
3:34 am
minnesota that may have been under the radar but are interesting. ilhan omar running for reelection she only barely won. >> this is a squeaker and the second time she has face add very competitive primary challenge in the democratic primary. you take a look at that, don samuels had the backing of a lot of the business community, the incumbent mayor for minneapolis, omar squeak tg out but that is a close race for a democrat incumbent. it speaks to the fact how polarizing she is even within the democratic base of her district. >> the other race is a special election for minnesota's first congressional district to replace a republican who has died. this was a district that was a plus 10 trump district. in the special election which is a republican against a democrat the republican won but only by about four points. democrats are looking at this saying here is another race where democrats might be overperforming post dobbs where abortion might be a factor. >> this is the so you're saying there is a chance result. but it is significant because
3:35 am
typically these sort of special election toss replace a seat that was opened up when the incumbent died of cancer back in february, this is a much closer race than democrats had any right to believe. this is a heavily trump district. the fact it's this close in a special election that is off cycle gives democrats a reason to think that maybe that energy post roe we saw in kansas might continue. >> they have kansas and minnesota to look at with their fingers crossed. thank you very much. so gas prices down for the 56th straight day. what does this mean going forward? how much lower will it go? plus an arrest in the murders of four muslim men in albuquerque police now have a possible motive. and -- >> oh, look out. >> a little leaguer beaned and he winds up consoling the pitcher. both players coming up on "new
3:36 am
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new in morning, gas prices are down. this is the 57th straight day. this is according to the aaa national average. just one cent over $4 per gallon, 70 cents less than a month ago, about a dollar off the high. so gas prices have dropped a lot. let's go to cnn's pete muntean, he is outside a gas station in washington, d.c. oh, i see the number 3 up there, pete. >> reporter: i know, isn't that wild, john? $3.89 at this citgo station in northeast d.c. emblematic of what's going on in the rest of the country, half of the u.s. seeing gas less than $4 a gallon. we have not seen prices this low since march. $4.01 is the national average for a gallon of regular according to aaa. we are down 67 cents over this time last month, but think about where we were back on june 14th,
3:41 am
that's where we saw the all time record for a gallon of regular gasoline, $5.02. so we've gone down a full dollar since then. patrick de haan of gasbuddy said all amounts to a collective savings of drivers in the u.s. is $400 million, spending $400 million less on gas than they were back 57 days ago. 57 straight days of decline. likely that the next milestone according to gasbuddy is $3.69. we will see when we hit that, although this trend could keep up, there is a bit of a wrinkle here. patrick de haan of gasbuddy says mother nature could throw a bit of a wrench into things. listen. >> we're not in the clear yet. the peak of hurricane season starts in mid to late august and i think my anxiety will be pretty elevated because if we see any major storm, i would say category 3 or stronger, targeting an area between new
3:42 am
orleans and houston, buckle up. >> reporter: a bit of cautious optimism here. one little extra piece of optimism could come later today with the consumer price index coming out, it will tell us how much inflation went up in the front of july. inflation may have gone up a little bit less aggressively because these gas price right side so low, that means businesses are passing less of that cost on to consumers. good news for everybody, john. >> pete muntean, gas a dollar cheaper than it was off its high. thank you so much. learning new details this morning about the unprecedented search of donald trump's home. what investigators found inside. we have reaction from a congressman next. also ahead, we have new cnn reporting on what fox boss lock land murdoch really thinks about donald trump and why he isn't saying it publicly. with 37 grams of protein, you get a smile on your plate.
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source that the fbi search of donald trump's mar-a-lago resort came after authorities were suspicious that the former president or his team had not
3:47 am
returned all documents that were property of the government. joining us now is democratic congressman gregory neece of new york. thank you for being with us this morning. >> good to be with you. >> so you've heard republicans, they are down playing the potential reasons for the search and seizure of this material from mar-a-lago. how confident are you that it was a national security threat to have some of these documents even behind a padlock hanging out there? >> look, what i'm concerned about is why would the republicans think that donald trump is above the law? you know, clearly when you look at our system and how it's set up there's checks and balances in that system and we always talk about a democracy. clearly back when nixon was the president democrats and republicans came together when the investigation was done, evidence came in and everybody came together for the benefit of
3:48 am
the president -- benefit of the country and said the president had to go. so i'm puzzled why the republicans are -- you know, think that donald trump is above the law. we have always talked about no one is above the law. and so i have faith and confidence in our system. that's what a democracy is all about. our system and our way of justice is what we talk to people about around the world and we see their system of justice is not working, we condemn it. and we talk about how good ours are. so i would hope that my republican colleagues for the good of the country will say nobody is above the law and allow the process and the system to work because there has to be a grand jury and people coming up with probable cause. they see the evidence, we don't, but in the end all will come out. so we should have faith and confidence in the system of justice that we have.
3:49 am
>> they're raising the -- you know, they're raising the spectre of maybe this was just a clerical error as they put t was this an issue of just getting the columns to match up with documents that, yes, should be national archives, or was this actually an issue of classified information that posed a national security threat? there are distinctions, both could be corrected, obviously, trying to get those documents. are you sure that it's -- are you confident there was a national security threat having those documents there? >> i'm confident that there had been an investigation, i'm confident that there have been witnesses or others that have talked to the attorney general's office, to the fbi, i'm confident that it was presented to a judge, i'm confident that it was presented to a grand jury and i'm confident that they thought that there was probable cause to get a search warrant which caused them to go into the
3:50 am
president's residence to look for the information that they were looking at. that's what i'm confident about. i'm confident they did what they were supposed to do and it was a check and balance to make that happen so we are all where we are now. we will find out with the process at the appropriate time because when you have these kind of procedures -- i used to be a prosecutor myself -- they are supposed to be secret until such time that they are not. i'm confident what they are doing is not corrupt, many -- you know, the person that was appointed to the fbi was a donald trump appointee. many of the judges that are looking at that are donald trump appointees. so it's not just a democratic forum, a democratic individual that is put in place, there are people from both parties that are looking and moving at this. i'm sure members of the grand jury are both democrats and republicans. and so i want the people that are in charge that are looking at it and if, in fact, there is nothing there, then you will see that and they will tell that and
3:51 am
if in fact there is something there then we will see and hear that, too. i think what we should be doing is not making the presumption that donald trump is above the law. >> i want to ask you about your recent trip to taiwan with speaker pelosi because the trip gave china an excuse to basically carry out this dry run of an attack on taiwan. that is how they responded. that is what they used it for. did that benefit china, having that opportunity? >> no, it didn't benefit china. look, what we have at stake here is, number one, is democracy and whether or not the united states of america will stand with its friends and allies. clearly taiwan has been a friend and -- and a democracy and that's at stake. people around the world, particularly in that region because not only did we visit taiwan, we went to malaysia, japan, south korea, singapore,
3:52 am
they are all concerned about china also. the south china sea as well as the taiwan strait, and they want to know whether or not those individuals -- those countries like us will stand by taiwan as we have said and the president has said in the past. so it was tremendously important for us to make that trip, for us to visit the entire region and let them know that they're friends of the united states of america, we are going to stand and work with them as we have and let me tell you something, the taiwanese were very happy to see us there. you should have seen the crowds that were there when our plane landed, they were lined up across the street, buildings we love you, nancy. when we spoke with the president, thank you for being here. they wanted to see us. they are not afraid of what's taking place right now. they wanted to see us and it was the right thing, the right message and tells xi that he can't tell us where to go and what to do. >> we certainly saw that, they were very welcoming and very
3:53 am
happy to have you as representation at that level there. congressman meeks, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. more legal woes for former president trump. he is just hours from being deposed by the new york attorney general's office. russian officials getting trained in iran on how to use new drones. what does this mean for the russian invasion of ukraine? a f. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank k is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec o otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fafast. ubrelvy helps fight migraine attacks. u rise to the challenge. u won't clock out. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine
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3:58 am
of the flood-ravaged areas across parts of west virginia and kentucky this. weather brought to you by safe light, why you are vehicle glass and recalibration experts. let's get to it. that's the happy front right there, the cold front moving through the great lakes, it will push all of the rain away and eventually today we could see some of that heavy rain move into washington, d.c., but it would be the last day. this will be the last day for the potential for flooding across these areas that have been hit so hard. by 4:00 there are big storms. certainly they're going to be most of the day. showers and thunderstorms are going to be here, but look at this, boston you are 98, today 74. how about that, brianna? >> all right. chad myers, thank you so much. and "new day" continues right now. ♪ ♪ 12 boxes carried out of
3:59 am
mar-a-lago, that is according to new reports this morning. i'm john berman in new york, brianna keilar in washington. cnn has also learned the fbi executed the search warrant at donald trump's home because they suspected the former president and his team were not being honest with them about the materials he took from the white house after leaving office. materials the investigators believe have national security implications. also this morning, presumably separate from this, we learn that the fbi seized the cellphone of a republican congressman and trump ally scott perry in relation to the january 6th investigation. >> there is still, of course, so much that we do not know about the search of the former president's home. what exactly was taken by investigators, what probable cause evidence was presented to get the search warrant here and exactly what did trump take home with him when he left the white house. >> again, there's so much we know and so much we don't know. here with me now cnn's senior
4:00 am
legal analyst and former federal prosecutor ellie honing. again, what we know and what we don't know, both very important. >> let me start with the easy part of this quiz, what we do know, john, three things that we know for sure, prosecutors first of all established probable cause that a specific federal crime was committed, they established that it was likely that they would find evidence at the location at mar-a-lago and we know that that was approved by a federal judge. okay. we have that in place. the rest of this is unanswered. one of the biggest questions, what evidence did prosecutors use to establish that probable cause? now, the way do you this as a prosecutor is you have to write out what we call an affidavit in support of a search warrant. these documents can be dozens of pages, this is actually the one from the michael cohen case which was over 200 pages long. this is the rosetta stone, this will tell us everything we need to know. who has it? prosecutors have it, the judge has it but it is under seal not available to us in the public. donald trump does not have this


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