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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  August 12, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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good morning, welcome to our viewers in united states and around the world. it is friday, august 12, i'm christine romans. donald trump says he will not abandon to unsealing that search warrant the fbi served on his mar-a-lago residence this week. the former president posting on truth social last night not only will i not oppose the release of documents related to the unamerican, unwarranted and unnecessary raid and kre break-f mar-a-lago, i will encourage the immediate release. for the record of course it was not a break-in, it was a legal
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search under a warrant signed by a judge. merrick garland says the doj will ask the judge to unseal the warrant and property seized. >> the department filed the motion to make public the warrant and receipt in light of the public's confirmation of the search, surrounding circumstances and the substantial public interest in this matter. >> "washington post" now reports the fbi was looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons. the post sources did not say whether those documents related to u.s. nukes or those of another nation, nor whether any such documents were recovered. want to bring in former federal prosecutor and author of a spy in plain sight. so nice to have you on the program. "washington post" reporting is that the fbi was looking for classified nuclear weapons-related documents. if this is true, does it change
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the legal risk for president trump, what i might be charged with here? >> potentially. i mean, we know looking at the affidavit even the application for the release of the information in the affidavit that they are looking for sensitive documents. we know there has been a dialogue back and fort with wite justice department about the release. we know they were important and sensitive and this just adds to, you know, the onerous basically on mr. trump to turn these over before it became this big of a mess. >> yeah, a conversation that had been going on with the government and trump team since back in january to try to secure documents. trump's legal team now has less than 12 hours to object to the doj request to unseal the warrant. former president trump says he does not oppose it. if they were to object, what
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grounds could he object? >> well, he kind of painted his lawyers into a bit of a box with that, with that public utterance of i don't mind, turn it all over, because what the lawyers have to argue is that he has a privacy concern, he is a private citizen now as a former president and he has a privacy concern as any citizen would. the problem for his lawyers, mr. trump said this was a persecution, this was a conspiracy by the government. and so heightened it, the government wasn't out there talking about the execution of the search warrant, mr. trump was. so he himself put him in the position of, you know, sort of saying hey, privacy, that is out of window, i'm going on the offensive here. his tweet last night about that makes it even more so the case. but that is not to say that the lawyers can't come in today and argue that we can't control our client but this is the legal standard and he has a privacy
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interest. my guess is at this point that the judge, you know, will look at all that, look at what trump has been saying to the public and say you can't have it both ways. it is too late to order a gag order. so what is the solution? the solution is unsealing at least part of the document which is what the government is asking for and very important is releasing the receipt or the return of inventory that was given to mr. trump. and that lists everything that the government took out of that search. that is critical. even if it is redacted, we want to know not just what their allegations were to get the search warrant, but what did they find when they executed that warrant. >> we know that they had asked for surveillance video too to see i guess who is moving around where and whether those documents were secured and who could have had access to them.
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the attorney general giving this speech after days of silence, pressure from even inside the department of justice to kind of give some clarity. just because of how remarkable this whole series of events is. what are your takeaways from merrick garland's speech yesterday? >> he did what he had to do. look, they had source or sources, i would say more than one, to get that search warrant. a judge signed off on it. so it is not like the maverick department of justice doing what they wanted to do. the judge had to sign off. so let's say that they had probable cause for that search warrant. and then mr. trump and his team have been relentlessly attacking saying this was all a setup, a witch hunt and all of that. the department really had to respond because it has become -- because mr. trump has made it such a volatile political issue that has gotten -- violence has occurred because of it. and so he put himself now in this position. if the department had gone out on the offensive, that would
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have been wrong. they didn't do that, they were responding defensively. >> i'm told your father was an fbi agent. thinking how remarkable this whole thing has been, the agents in car go ntpants, not wearing e fbi jackets trying to execute the search and it was the ex-president position who confirmed it. >> exactly. you make my point. they went this trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. they had tried to negotiate with him before. they had fallen down. they think that there could be nuclear secret information kept by this shall we say volatile ex-president, they have to do something so that they don't want to make it a public event. that is why they go in there the way they did. they could have did unit very differently as my father back this the day would have
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differently as my father back this the day would have differently as my father back this the day would have done. so they were trying to protect the former president's privacy. it was he who made it a public issue and created the outcry. >> and we had the florida state attorney on the other day who, you know, was talking about -- reminding us that there had been a suspected chinese spy who had tried to gain access to mar-a-lago. so real world consequences here when you are talking about potentially very serious and secret information. a lot we don't know. >> exactly. >> the new ew book is spy in pl sight. thank you. and monday's certainly was not the first time the investigators came away with documents from mar-a-lago. investigators brought a grand jury subpoena to a june meeting
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at the president's florida meeting. during the meeting they were shown where documents were held in a basement room. the accident shows how the investigation had escalated, become confrontational long before monday's search contrary to claims by trump and his supporters. other major news outlets and cnn are asking the judge to unseal the entire court record. "washington post," nbc news, scripps all join cnn filing the request which seeks all the sworn statements from investigators laying out probable cause for that search. just ahead, new revelations about the armed suspect who tried to storm an fbi office. plus new guidance from the cdc figure naturaling a new phase of the pandemic. and joe biden's climate and health care bill just hours away from clearing a big hurdle.
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merrick garland and chris wray are responding to the criticism and threats both their agencies have faced following the raid on donald trump's mar-a-lago residence. >> men and women of the fbi and justice department are dedicated, patriotic public servants. every day they protect the measure people from violent crime, terrorism and other threats to their safety while safe guarding our civil rights. they do so at great personal sacrifice and risk to themselves. >> and wray said violence and threats against law enforcement including the fbi are dangerous and should be deeply concerning to all americans. wray also sent out a note to ffbi
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employees. within hours after the search on monday, extremists were calling for civil war, for the attorney general's assassination. and yesterday a man armed with an ar-15 rifle with possible links to the january 6 attack tried to break into an fbi office in cincinnati. he was shot and killed. brian todd has more. >> reporter: local officials and law enforcement sources tell cnn the suspect tried to breach the visitors screening facility at the fbi's cincinnati field office on thursday morning wearing body armor and carrying an ar-15 style rifle and nail gun. an alarm went off and according to a source an altercation occurred. >> he was unsuccessful and he fled the area. the fbi contacted us, let us know what had occurred and what type of vehicle he had left the scene in. >> reporter: officials say the suspect a male traveled north on interstate 71 in a white ford crown victoria. state troopers engaged in a
2:15 am
pursuit that turned dangerous. >> throughout the pursuit it continued northbound on 71, the suspect vehicle did fire shots during that pursuit. >> reporter: the suspect vehicle then exited to another state road and made at least one other turn before coming to a stop. >> once the vehicle came to a stop, gunfire was exchanged between officers on scene and the suspect. >> reporter: a stand oven sued for hours. they attempted to negotiate with the suspect.oven sued for hours. they attempted to negotiate with the suspect. >> less than lethal tactics were utilized and they were unsuccessful. the suspect then did raise a firearm toward law enforcement and shots were fired by law enforcement officers on the scene. at that point the suspect was deceased, he succumbed to his
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injuries at the scene. >> reporter: lieutenant dennis says no law enforcement officers were injured. and this fbi office which opened in 1913 does counterterrorism work and investigates white collar crime and child pornography. it is not clear what the motive for the attack was. it comes just a few days after the fbi's search of former president donald trump's mar-a-lago home and since that raid threats of violence against the fbi have increased which director wray addressed. >> any threats made against law enforcement including men and women of the fbi are deplorable akd and dangerous. >> reporter: the suspect is identified as ricky shiffer, an account bearing the name of the suspect made a post on former president donald trump's social media platform referencing an attempt to storm an fbi office and encouraged others online to prepare for for a revolutionary type war. on the truth social account the
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user claimed that he was present in washington on january 6 but he did not say whether he entered capitol hill. authorities have not yet confirmed that the account is the suspect's. brian todd, cnn, washington. former virginia police officer sentenced to more than seven years in prison for his role in the capitol riot, thomas robert son was fired from his police department after breaching the capitol on january 6. he received the same sentence, 87 months, as the first right on the rioter convicted by a jury. more than a dozen have opted to take their case to trial instead of entering a plea agreement. first on cnn, sources say former transportation secretary elaine chao recently met with the january 6 committee, also said to be in talks with education secretary betsy devos, robert o'brwe bring is expected appear before the panel today. chao and devos resigned the day after the capitol attack.
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cdc revising its covid-19 guidelines. the agency no longer recommends social distancing and has lifted the requirement to quarantine if exposed to the virus. officials also updating covid-19 protocols in schools eliminating the need for a test to stay
2:23 am
after potential exposure. dr. jha says is this a game changer for students. >> we should look forward to a school year where every child is in school, in person full-time the whole year. i think that we have the whole ability do that and that should be the only acceptable standard. >> let's bring in elizabeth murray, pediatric emergency physician. someone who has been with us for this whole ride giving us great guidance here especially for us parents who are trying to gaffe na navigate all this. this would end some disruptions at workplaces and schools. seems to put the responsibility to individuals to take care of themselves and be safe here. how do you interpret all this? >> yeah, i think that if our goal is to keep kids in cool which i think it definitely is, we must acknowledge that having schools open because there are no rules is very, very different than having schools remain open
2:24 am
because of robust safety rules being put in place. i think these new guidelines will limit school board's abilities to flex and adjust as need be depending on what is happening in their community and i'm concerned that this will further marginalize populations that have already suffered greatly during the paendemic. putting the burden on the person means putting the burden on the 6-year-old in school to navigate when is best for them to wear a mask or make sure that they are eating their meals outside. we need kids to be in school, we need them to be safe and we need adults to make good smart decisions. >> the cdc says only 37% of children between 5 and 11 are varks n vaccinated. so we're talking about a population that doesn't have robust protection from vaccination. >> correct. and only less than a million children under five have been vaccinated so far. so a whole new batch of
2:25 am
kindergartens coming in, many of them may not be vaccinated. vaccination still remains incredibly powerful in preventing severe disease and death. kids are not supposed to be hospitalized. children are not supposed to could die from diseases. while we wish vaccine would completely eliminate all transmission, it is not doing that but it is preventing severe cases and side effects down the road. so i think that if we're going to reduce some of the mitigation factors in school, this is a clear reminder and a clear call to parents if you are in the northeast or the northern part of the country, you've got about four weeks before school starts. now is the time to vaccinate your child. >> so what are your recommendations for parents who will be sending their kids to school soon with the updated guidelines? >> there is going to have to be a lot of thought and a lot of decision making about what is your family's risk, how is the health of your family and close
2:26 am
loved ones, does your child do well with wearing a mask, can they navigate situations. i have a 13-year-old and she can look at a situation and say all right, we're pretty crowded in here, i have a track meet later this week, let me throw on a mask because i want to make sure i'm doing everything i can to keep myself protected because i have big activities i'm looking forward to. younger children can't necessarily do that. so keeping an eye on the disease prevalence in the community which unfortunately is becoming harder and harder to do for many people, but keeping a close eye on that and a lot of flexing to decide what is the safest thing for your family. but again, all childhood vaccinations are critically important and i did not have polio coming back on my bingo card this year, so let's get all our vaccinations. >> dr. murray, thank you so much. great advice as always. have a nice weekend. still to come, a grim prognosis for the actress anne heche after the fiery crash left her in critical condition. and big day ahead for the
2:27 am
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"inflation reduction act" exacted to move closer to the finish line day. nancy pelosi says that the house will pass the bill later today sending it to the president's desk. daniella diaz is live on capitol hill.
2:32 am
do the democrats think that they have the votes? >> reporter: they do. they just need a simple majority to pass legislation. if all democrats support the bill, which is expected to happen, this bill will pass and then of course go to president biden's desk for signature and if that were to happen, i have to emphasize it would be a huge victory for the biden administration. refresher of what is in the bill, it is $750 billion in health care, tax and climate provisions and if passed by the house today, it would reduce the deficit, be paid for by new taxes including a 15% minimum tax on large corporations, huge victory for democrats who wanted to see something like this in legislation and it also is expected to boost the irs' ability to collect taxes, that is how it will be paid for. not only will it do that, the bill would also empower medicare to negotiate rises of certainly costly medications. and separate from that, climate
2:33 am
activists are celebrating this bill and the fact that it will be passed because it includes nearly $370 billion for clean energy making it the largest climate investment in u.s. history. if it is signed in to law, this bill would reduce u.s. carbon emissions up to 40% by 2030. and so of course just always explainer of what will happen in a few hours, the house will meet and debate the legislation.alwa explainer of what will happen in a few hours, the house will meet and debate the legislation. at vote and we're expecting to pass and then it will go to president biden's desk for signature making it a huge victory for him dids that they were able to do this. >> daniella, thank you so much. and that climate, tax and health care bill just one of president biden's victories. he also signed the chips act into law to energize more chip making to compete with china and the p.a.c.t. act will help millions of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits and two inflation reports show the worst
2:34 am
may be over when it comes to soaring prices. gas national average now $3.98. nasdaq is finally out of its worst bear market in more than a decade, a busy seven days that began with the blockbuster jobs report a week ago that blew away expectations. you've heard me say they get too much credit when the economy is good and too much blame when it is bad, but this has been a good week for this white house by any definition. the challenge thousand, can the democrats sell the wins to voters as the midterms draw closer or is this another missed tunts. want to bring in the chief u.s. strategy at agf investments. after months of rock bottom poll numbers and consumer confidence numbers that are just terrible, things finally breaking joe biden's way. >> yeah, good morning, christine. i think that the outlook has shifted a bit for the congressional races on november 8. i think the senate now is doable for the democrats. they may just barely hold on.
2:35 am
a lot of republican candidates aren't doing that well in states like pennsylvania and georgia. the house probably will stay -- will go to the republicans. >> is it because much of legisl wins, the gas prices, what is moving the needle? >> and i'd donald trump. trump has tremendous support among his base. but i think moderate voters are probably thinking if this is going to be an election that is a referendum on trump, and a relitigation of the 2020 election, i think that lot of moderates might say we'll stay with the democrats. >> interesting. furor and headlines this week, i'm wondering if it takes some of the energy out of the white house's message on progress on
2:36 am
the economy what is happening with mar-a-lago and the president's legal troubles. >> great point. as usual donald trump can clear the room. he can make himself the biggest issue. and i thought earlier this week and i still think that the indictment, the search weren't ac -- warrant helped trump, it got him on the front pages. let him reinforce the image of that he was victimized. unfortunately for the republicans who are now united, that is not enough to win in november. you've got to do well with moderates and i'm not sure they will. >> talk to me about the importance of the white house selling this legislative wins that they have had here, explaining to people what is in all of this. for example prescription drug caps for medicare recipients and insulin caps for people on medicare. and extending those obama care subsidies. there is so much in here. will they be able to show
2:37 am
americans what it means for their pocketbooks by november? >> yeah, that is the key. timing is everything as we know. and it may take longer for this to sink in. so i would argue that the really key factors will be what people see at the gas pump, a little under $4 as you mentioned, and maybe food. food hasn't dropped by quite as much at the retail level, although it has dropped quite a bit at the wholesale level. if food prices start to come down, if the stock market does well, if energy prices come down, i think that that will make a difference. >> the president still has time running out really for him to make a decision on student loan payment clause. democrats and young voters really want biden to extend the pause. even canceling up to $50,000 of debt per borrower. where do you expect that he will come down on that, what is the wager there? >> i think that it will be modest. i certainly don't see 50,000, anything that elizabeth warren or bernie sanders might want.
2:38 am
but there will probably be something. it will be enough for him to cover himself on the issue. but it won't be a blockbuster. >> they point out that they have already for given student loan debt billions of it actually for students who had debt from some of these places that defrauded them quite frankly. so they have been trying to work around those kinds of edge. but you think that he could actually give just a blanket some kind of a student loan forgiveness? >> yes, but again, not $50,000. i mean, that is a key demographic. young people who are kind of luke warm about biden i think could become more energized if he does something. anything. on student loans. >> after this week, last seven days, you heard me tick through it, all the things that have happened the past seven days. i would start with that jobs report just seven days ago, 528,000 jobs added, really showed some real energy in the job market. then you had a couple inflation reports this week that show peaking. we need to see a couple more months like that, but at least
2:39 am
on the factory floor and consumer prices peaking here a little bit. is this whole recession obsession behind us, where do you sit on whether the u.s. is in a recession right now? >> i sure don't see it right now. it is awfully hard to see a recession with the unemployment rate at 3.5%. maybe later this year we'll still be talking about an economic slowdown. but i think that we've peaked on inflation. i think that we've bottomed on the economy. i think things still look pretty good. >> you say we went from a hot economy to a warm economy. that is the metaphor you use. >> yeah, i think so. you have to say that the labor market is still red hot. the fed certainly worries about it, that is why the fed will have to raise rates on september 21 by at least 50 basis points. so there still is a need to cool off the economy. but this is an economy that is not close to recession. >> greg, always nice to have
2:40 am
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ukrainian authorities say a town opposite zaporizhzhia power plant was again hit by russian rockets overnight, this as the u.n. calls for immediate inspection of the plant after damage to the facility this week. but there are residents who remain in their homes in the donbas region despite the pressure to leave. nic robertson has more.
2:45 am
>> reporter: inside a sweltering train station families wait for a journey to the unknown. a government offered to escape the war in eastern ukraine. this man saying good-bye to his wife and his son. the situation is getting worse, he says. her son is scared, sophia adds. the shelling was so bad, we decided we had to go. the old and confused helped and heaved aboard. the free train ride westward ramping up efforts to relocate civilians before winter. and this woman leaving with her family. we don't want to go, she says, but the missiles are flying. i've had no salary for five months. i don't even know where we're going. officials here are telling us that there are far fewer people on the trains right now, just a few months ago they say there
2:46 am
were hundreds of people crammed in to these carriages. it is much emptier now. hampering evacuation efforts, some who left months ago are coming back. i spent all my money on rent, valu value teen know says, i'm broke. i have to come back even though we're told there will be no heating and no water.teen know . i have to come back even though we're told there will be no heating and no water. >> we're asking the remaining people to leave as much as possible the. >> reporter: the mayor of kramatorsk is struggling, 65,000 civilians here he says, even as soldiers dig new trenches and rockets regularly impact. >> it is difficult to protect the cities by our army if we have a lot of citizens. >> reporter: even closer to the creeping russian advance where officials say seven civilians died in shelling wednesday,
2:47 am
there is resistance to leaving. the russians are already on the edge of the city. if there was ever a moment for these people to leave, it would be now. i know the government wants us to leave, sergei says, but i can't. i've got three houses. who will look after them. he has rigged his basement to be a shelter. this is where they are living in here. it is just dust, dirt, corridors. he is not sure if the walls will hold a heavy blast. but says that he's got a whistle if the worst happens. in ukraine's east, it is clear it will take more than an offer of a free train ride to get citizens to safety. nic robertson, cnn, eastern ukraine. anne heche's family says they don't expect her to survive her injuries from that fiery car
2:48 am
crash last week. they released a statement saying the actress suffered a severe brain injury and is being kept a o. on life support. they she crashed her cash and set off a fire. police say a woman inside the home suffered minor injuries. the lapd announced that it is investigating heche for felony dui. in the matter of hours, trump's lawyers will weigh in about unsealing that search warrant used by fbi arguments at mar-a-lago. and house lawmakers will vote on key parts of the biden agenda. the white house joining us live. what do you want to leave behind? that's your why. it's your purposose, and we w will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. i grew up an athlete, i rode horses... i really do take care of myself. i try to stay in shape. that's really important, i noticedy as after kids that my body totally changed.
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some dramatic video in california, firenado, look at that, swirling flames erupted from a wildfire burning near los angeles. more than 200 firefighters were called to tackle the wildfire as it spread across 150 acres. the fire department says that the fire is 100% contained, no injuries or homes damaged. let's get a check on cnn business this friday morning. looking at markets around the world, asia is closed now for the week and closed mixed. europe has opened hiregher and wall street, stock index futures are also moving higher. yesterday the nasdaq finishing flat despite an encouraging investor report. investors relieved at signs that inflation may be peaking. you can see here runaway price increases for both consumer and producer prices appear to have
2:54 am
slowed. but anyone shopping for groceries is still feeling the pinch for every day oig items at the supermarket. that same data shows eggs cost 38% more this year than last year. flour is up nearly 23%. chicken, 17.6%. milk, 15.6% more expensive. severe drought and the war in ukraine playing a factor. but relief again at the pump, gas prices fell another penny overnight to $3.98 a gallon, more than 18 states now have. >> as below $3.75. and mortgage rates rising back above 5% after dropping below there last week. 30 year fixed rate mortgage averaged 5.22% for the weekending yesterday, up from 4.99% the week before. quite a bit higher than last year, last year you could have the loan for 2.87%. walgreens needs more pharmacists and one source tells cnn the company is offering up
2:55 am
to $75,000 in signing bonuses, well north of the usual amount. the source says pharmacists who take the deal, they are required to stay in their positions for at least a year. walgreen's says it is relying on bonuses to help deal with staff shortages. major league baseball returned to the cornfields in the great state of iowa for the field of dreams game. andy scholes oig hhas the "blea report." it is gorgeous that game. >> scenes are incredible. of all the ideas major league baseball has ever come up with, this is at the top of the list. second year for the game. and kevin costner didn't wander around the field this year before the game, but arguably the sports most famous father/son duo led things off. >> want to have a catch? >> i'd like that. >> yeah, ken griffey jr. and his dad playing catch pregame. others joined them before the reds and cubs players emerged
2:56 am
from the cornstalks. and the hollogram of harry cara led the 7th inning stretch. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ >> as for the game, the cubs jumping out early scoring three runs in the first inning on the way to a 4-2 win. that may be it for the worn fiel cornfields for a while. they don't plans to play it next season. controversy in the little league northwest regional. oregon and washington tied at two in the bottom of the seventh, a grounds ball by washington was called foul by the you were at third base. oregon's player stopped by washington's don'ted a runner at first comes around to score the game winning run. the home plate umpire had called it fair. after review, they say the run counts. game over, washington heads to williamsport.
2:57 am
as you can imagine, oregon's players just crushed as their season comes to an end that way. the nfl preseason is ramping up this weekend, but tom brady won't be around for the bucs for the time being. tom brady is temporarily stepping away for what is being called a personal matter. new coach todd bowles saying his 45-year-old quarterback asked about taking a leave before the start of training camp. brady is expected to miss about the next week or so, but bowles is confident brady will be ready for the season opener against the cowboys on september 11. titans and ravens were playing and malik willis getting the start and showing a few flashes in the game. former liberty quarterback, well, he ran for a seven yard touchdown but get this, the ravens won the game and they have one of the strangest streaks, they won 21 straight preseason games dating back to 2015. 21 straight. finally the nba is retiring the number 6 league-wide in honor of the late celtics legend
2:58 am
billrous is he will. t bill russell, he died last month at the age of 88. first time the nba has retired a number league-wide. lebron james already wearing the number six, he is fwrandgrandfa in, but no one else will use it moving forward. so like jackie robinson with the number 42 in baseball, we now have bill russell the number 6 in basketball. pretty cool for the league. >> listening to all the tributes to him has been amazing, what a giant in that sport. >> yeah, certainly was. everyone has their favorite bill russell story. and now, you know -- we'll wait and see, maybe the nba will do like a bill russell day like they do in baseball where everyone wears the number 6. >> all right. number 6. thanks so much for that, andy. have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. "new day" picks it up right now.
2:59 am
♪ good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world it's friday august 12th. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman. after a day of extraordinary developments, former president trump says overnight he will not oppose the release of documents related to the fbi's search of his mar-a-lago home. in a late night post trump says he is, quote, encouraging the me immediate release of those documents. his attorney says it doesn't appear they will object to the release. trump's legal team has until 3:00 p.m. today to formally respond in court. attorney general merrick garland says he personally approved that decision to seek the mar-a-lago search


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