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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 16, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hello, and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church, and this is cnn newsroom. a crushing but not unexpected defeat for the toughest republican congressional critic of u.s. president donald trump. tuesday was primary night in wyoming, where house republican liz cheney conceded to hurt backed opponent. harriet hageman netted some two
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thirds of the vote, and this was a seat cheney won by more than 70% two years ago during her concession speech, cheney, who is vice chair of the january six committee, said she could have easily won a gain, but that would've meant embracing trump's lie about the 2020 election. and that was a path she could not take. wyoming voters punished her for that stance. >> this is a fight for all of us together. i am a conservative republican. i believe deeply in the principles and ideals upon which my party was founded. i love it's. history and i love what our party has stood for. but i love my country more. >> wyoming has drawn a line in the sand, that if we put you in power, you will be accountable to us. you will answer to us. and you will do what is in our best interest. and if you don't, we will fire you. >> cheney warned freedom must
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and cannot die, and we must be very clear eyed about the threat we face. direct words there. cnn's jeff zeleny was there, and has this report from jackson. >> congressman woman liz cheney concedes defeat in her primary race, but now looking ahead, the real work begins. in a sweeping speech outside of, jackson, wyoming on tuesday night, the congresswoman talked about the threats to democracy. she talked directly about former president donald trump, saying she could have won reelection, had she followed the path of election lies. she said she was simply not willing to do that. >> two years ago, i won this primary with 73% of the vote. i could easily have done the same again. the path was clear. but it would have required that i go along with president trump's lie about the 2020 election. it would've required that i enable his ongoing efforts to
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on ravel our democratic system. and attack the foundations of our republic. that was a path i could not and would not take. >> the speech from cheney was infused with history. she is a student of history, a historian in her own right, talking about the young and fragile democracy that the united states indeed has. she talked about the need to bring americans together, republicans, democrats, independents, she urged them to join her. but she did not say is join her for what, exactly. she tiptoed to the line, clearly making the case that she will be involved in the fight ahead for democracy did not say in one form that would take. she did not talk about a presidential run of her own, as many supporters at her event certainly would like her to do. but she did talk about the urgency facing the country and the imperative nature of republicans and democrats and independents to come together against a trump. she said her greatest school is still keeping him from the oval office. jeff zeleny, cnn, jackson, wyoming.
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>> well, democratic strategist and professor caroline heldman is with us from sacramento. and cnn political commentator and former house republican charlie dent joins us from outlaw, new jersey. welcome to you both. >> good to see you, rosemary. >> so, let's start with liz cheney's loss in the wyoming gop primary. not a surprise outcome, of course, by any stretch of the imagination, given cheney's bold stand against donald trump in a state that's very pro trump. the big question now, of course, did cheney receive enough support to give her the credibility she needs to confront trump, and keep him out of office, as she has vowed to do, and how much he do that? charlie, do you first. >> rosemary, first, we have to be very clear about something. donald trump has invaded a number of primaries throughout the country. not only in wyoming, but in states, swing states like
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pennsylvania, arizona, georgia, the and the president, he has helped nominate some candidates, many of whom are unelectable or unfit. so, okay, winning a primary is one. think about winning a general election in a swing state is quite another. so, republicans underperform in the general election in the fall. i think donald trump will receive a lot of backlash for this. i think that will help liz cheney's case. because right now, there is great concern that there are a number of candidates out there who simply are just too extreme for the states in which they are running. and again, we are not going to know that answer tonight. but we are going to find out in the fall. and i suspect there is going to be a growing movement, led by people like liz cheney, adam kinzinger, maybe peter meijer and others, who are standing up for the rule of law, constitutional order, and want this republican party to move in a different and better direction. i would estimate there were
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somewhere between 20 to 30% of republicans right now who want this party to move in a different direction, want to reject trump and trump-ism. but those numbers need to grow. >> yeah, and if they do, that they are remaining very quiet for now. caroline, in her concession speech, liz cheney said our work is far from over. so, what is our likely next move? and if she were to run for president in 2024, we don't know, she hasn't said she will or won't, what level of support might she receive across the country? and could she steal independent and democratic votes? is there worry about that possibility? >> well, i think she is dead in the water for a presidential run because who in the republican party, she just doesn't have enough support there. she can't run as a democrat. remember, liz cheney is a hawkish, war, neo-calm. she is incredibly conservative. she is not trump conservative. because trump is not a conservative. republican opportunist.
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she is a staunch conservative. where should she go? presidential contests are all about the primaries. and it is interesting to note that she -- lost her seat, even though she voted with donald trump 93% of the time when he was in office his first term, his only term. and the moment when she shifted, is when he started promoting the big lie. so she has incredible character. she put her oath to the constitution and commitment to democracy above the party. she lost her seat for it. she quotes lincoln, while she hasn't quote, but she references lincoln, saying that he lost to elections as well, suggesting he went on to win the president. it is clear that is what she is aiming at. i just do not see the past forward there. >> and charlie, janey says the u.s. is the greatest hope for democracy. but she also says the nation's survival is not guaranteed. and on january 6th, 2020, we learn just how fragile
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democracy is in this country. since then, donald trump keeps repeating his big election lie, casting doubt on the voting system. how much do you worry that this country is in a very dangerous place right now? >> i do share liz's concerned that our democratic institutions are under assault by some you liberal authoritarian elements. you know, who simply do not accept the rule of law. and they do not accept the constitutional order. they do not accept free and fair election outcomes. this is an enormous existential threat to our system of governance. and frankly, most of us thought our institutions were so solid they could never break. i think many of us are starting to bend a bit now. but i think what is really happening, but i learned, and when i continue to say, is there needs to be a movement in the united states of the center left or the center right of this country, which is in many respects, significantly
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underrepresented in the u.s. congress, particularly in the house of representatives. there needs to be some type of movement, i'm not saying a new party, but some type of movement to try and move both parties back closer to the center. while the republican party has this trumpian illiberal element, it's not a conservative element, it's an illiberal element, the democratic party seems in many respects being pulled farther to the left, considering the standards of the party, the justice democrat wing. there is a lot of concern that this country needs to find a better, more centrist path. and i think the big problem is there is not enough ideological diversity within both of our political parties today. there used to be that diversity, which had a moderating influence in our party. that is not the case anymore. and it is making governing that much more difficult. >> and caroline, cheney knows why she lost. as she points out, so, she won wyoming by 73% just two years ago. but donald trump's election lie
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is a path she could not and would not take. but that is not the case for most republicans, is it? they are totally on board with trump's election lie. why do the majority of republicans lack the courage that liz cheney? shows >> i think they want to hold their office, rosemary. i don't think a lot of republican leaders who look at the evidence, look at all the court cases donald trump was believed the big lie. but they are promoting it because he has promoted it so much that millions of republicans in the united states to believe it. in fact, it's about two thirds of the republican party. so, denying, pointing out the reality, if you have an affinity for the truth, it's not likely to get you reelected. and just look at what happened with the impeachment, the second impeachment. the ten republicans who voted, there's only a left. four of them have decided not to run. for them lost primaries. it's a very potent powerful lie.
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and i share -- and i wish the republican party that has been, you know, cleaved into, the much larger piece being this authoritarianism, populist, party of trump. i really wish that that one third of republicans who care more about democracy and the constitution then their party would speak up. but frankly, they would lose their seats. >> i want you both to stand by, because we are getting some new information coming in on alaska. let's go through this. because all the polls are now closed. they're in alaska, where we have been closely watching two key nonpartisan races. the latest results in the senate primary show incumbent republican senator lisa murkowski and republican rival kelly tshibaka, who is endorsed by the former president will both advance to the general election, along with democrat patricia chesbro, and former republican vice presidential
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nominee sarah palin is running for alaska's at large house seat. that's a special election. she will advance to the general election, along with fellow republican nick begich and democrat mary peltola. a fourth spot is too early to call for both races. so, let's bring our panel back. charlie, i want to get reaction from you to those very early results. so, what do you think? >> well, it's not at all surprising that senator lisa murkowski has advanced. that was expected. but no one should underestimate senator murkowski's political skills. you may remember several years ago, she was defeated in a primary by a tea party candidate. he defeated her, and then she turned around and beat him in the general election with a write in candidate. now, alaska is not wyoming. yes, alaska leans republican. but not to the extent that wyoming does. and so, in a general election, i think lisa murkowski is more
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centrist, center right politics, is a better fit for alaska than somebody who is running as a very trumpian candidate. so, i think lisa murkowski is well positioned to win in the fall election. so, i have great confidence in that. and so, again, i have a rank choice voting system there. so she didn't have the same type of primary pressure that liz cheney had, and some of the other candidates had, who voted for impeachment, and the house and lost. so i think, in many respects, alaska will keep a close eye on lisa murkowski. i think she will be able to prevail. but there is a long time between now and the fall. but don't estimate her skillfulness. >> absolutely, and caroline, you get the final word, and reaction on what we are learning on about alaska. >> gotta talk about sarah palin. that was a crowded field. obviously, trumpism is helping sarah palin with the reemergence of her political career. if you recall, she ran as a vice presidential candidate and
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really lost a lot of credibility, mostly because she was simply unprepared. i would also argue that there was a lot of sexism in that pit campaign. but it is interesting that the most porn fide candidate is the most that we've ever had in u.s. politics. and it's interesting to see her coming back. and our years on fox news, her reality show, perhaps paying off a name recognition. >> all, right caroline heldman, charlie dent, many thanks to you both. we will talk again next hour. so we'll speak then. still to come, more members of donald trump's inner circle are questioned by the fbi over the possible mishandling of classified information, as the mar-a-lago investigation heats up. plus, democrat sweeping climate and health care package signed into law. we will take a look at what's inside the inflation reduction act. we will be back with that in just a moment. 50% on the sleep number 360
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wyoming republican liz cheney has lost her house primary, but she is not backing down from the greater battle to keep former u.s. president donald trump out of the white house. she said going along with his lies about the 2020 election being stolen was a path she could not take. cheney lost her house seat to trump backed challenger harriet hageman, who earn some 66% of the vote. cheney is the vice chair of the january six house committee investigating the presidents role in the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol. and we have learned two of the
11:20 pm
most senior former aides to donald trump were questions in what is now a criminal investigation into his handling of classified documents at his florida home. cnn's jessica schneider has the details. >> tonight, new revelations that former president trump's two top white house lawyers interviewed with the fbi about classified documents at mar-a-lago. white house counsel pat cipollone and his deputy, pat philbin, were trump's designated representatives to the national archive when trump left office. they could have insight about what was taken to mar-a-lago, and why 11 sets of classified documents remain there until last monday, when fda gents searched trump's palm beach home. those details come as a court fight for more information about the search is looming. a federal judge announcing he
11:21 pm
will hold a hearing thursday afternoon on whether to publicly release the affidavit that provided the basis for last monday search. the justice department is seeking to keep it secret, saying any release would reveal highly sensitive information about witnesses, plus specific. so the doj is asking to keep it under wraps, because if it were released, it would provide too much of a road map onto the governments ongoing investigation. so the arguments are coming from all sides, the justice department, trump's team that needs to file a response on wednesday morning, and also media outlets who wants this affidavit released, including cnn. all these arguments will play out in court, in federal court in florida on thursday afternoon. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. >> team trump's legal troubles don't and with the surge of mar-a-lago. the investigation into donald trump's efforts to flip georgia election results in 2020 is
11:22 pm
ramping up. his former attorney rudy giuliani is expected to appear before a special grand jury later today here in atlanta. prosecutors informed giuliani on monday he is now a target of their wide ranging investigation. they are examining whether team trump violated the laws in their efforts to flick the 2020 election results in georgia, after trump lost to joe biden. well, the white house and democrats are celebrating a major legislative victory. president joe biden signed his sweeping health care tax and climate bill into law on tuesday. he calls the 750 billion dollar inflation reduction act one of the most significant laws in u.s. history. >> too often, we confuse noise with substance. too often, we confuse setbacks with the feet. too often, we hand the biggest microphones to the critics and the cynics, who delight in
11:23 pm
declaring failure. while those committed to real progress to the hard work of governing. making progress in this country as big as complicated as ours is clearly not easy. it has never been easy. but with unwavering conviction, commitment, and patience, progress does come. >> the legislation includes nearly 700 -- 370 billion dollars, i should say to fight climate change. it also gives medicare the power to negotiate some drug prices. a cat's out of pocket medicare drug costs at $2,000. extends affordable care act some of these for another three years, and imposes a 15% minimum corporate tax on the largest u.s. companies. still to come, election results out of alaska. and cnn projects liz cheney will lose her seat in the u.s. congress. what's next for one of donald
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i have said since january 6th, that i will do whatever it takes to ensure donald trump is never again anywhere near the oval office. and i mean us. this is a fight for all of us together. >> in a surprise to absolutely no, one liz cheney's days in the u.s. congress are coming to an end. cnn projects she will lose the wyoming republican house primary to trump back attorney harriet hageman. cheney has been one of the most outspoken critics of the former
11:29 pm
president and his false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. she currently served as the vice chair of the house select committee investigating january 6th. despite her primary loss, cheney says she will not stop fighting to keep trump out of the white house. and in alaska, incumbent republican senator lisa murkowski, who also voted to impeach trump, will advance to the november election. her main challenger is kelly tshibaka, who has been endorsed by the former president. alaska's former republican governor sarah palin is hoping to fill a vacant house seat. cnn projects no candidate will get the majority of the vote, meaning the race will head to a ranked choice tabulation later this month. ron brownstein is cnn senior political analysis, and senior editor for the atlantic. he joins me now from los angeles. always great to have you with
11:30 pm
us. >> hi, rosemary. >> as expected, republican liz cheney lost her republican primary race. but is vowing to keep donald trump to keep out of office, she didn't say exactly how to do that. what do you think she wants to do here? >> well, first, i think that the magnitude of her defeat, over 2 to 1, the fact that lisa murkowski is basically running even with a trump backed challenger. it just puts an explanation point on what we've seen all summer, in states like -- michigan, kansas, other states. this is donald trump's party. it remains very much in thrall to him. the georgia example, in may, where the candidates depose, survived, was very much the exception. and republicans are rolling into the midterm election. sending a very clear signal to voters that they are a party that is committed to restoring trump to power. cheney, obviously signaled
11:31 pm
tonight that she is determined to do everything she can to prevent that from happening. and you know, the biggest kind of hint or -- she drop is when she compared herself to abraham lincoln, who of course, lost elections for the house and senate, before winning the presidency in 1860 as the second republican nominee ever. there are a lot of, the defending band of trump quit it's in the republican party. i think would be a logical step for her to do it. but she did not firmly commit to that course or any other course in her speech tonight. >> and you mention alaska. we are learning that trump critic senator lisa murkowski will advance to the november election. and former republican governor endorsed by trump's hoping to fill a vacant house seat. what is your overall reaction to what you are seeing there in alaska? well first of all, you can hardly be more complicated in alaska. because they have two unusual features there in their elections. one is this joint where they
11:32 pm
used to call jungle primary. where candidates from both parties run at the same election at the top four go on to the next round. and then you have the rank choice voting. if you look at where it stands right now. lisa murkowski will be the favorite in the general election. largely because the few votes for a democrat or more likely to go her way then to combat the challenger. but the strength of a trump challenger is our mind of this way has no party. the house races really interesting. sarah palin, is a very polarizing figure, it is possible that some of the voters or most of the voters of the other republican in the top three. might pick the democrat. as their second choice. even those because she ran reasonable well in this round, it is not all guaranteed that she's going to survive the rank choice voting out of this.
11:33 pm
and then make it even more complicated, this is a special action for the rest of the term. there's also an election going on for next year. the two year term. so we're gonna have a while to know exactly what happens in alaska. but again, the overall story of the night is trump's continuing goal on the republican party. >> meantime, donald trump has repeatedly railed against the fbi search and seizure of classified documents stored at his mar-a-lago home. within a dizzying array of explanations for having the sensitive documents. and now i'm hearing a set for thursday on whether to unseal the affidavit that triggered that search. but expect the outcome will likely be? >> while the justice department cannot be more clear that unsealing affidavit will threaten what they call an ongoing investigation, i think will be kind of remarkable for the court to go against that. it is usually pretty differential to prosecutors.
11:34 pm
the entire reaction to the raid really fits into this larger in terms of the outcomes of these primaries. on the republican side this year. because what we have seen his republicans rushing to defend trump and condemn the investigation. really before they had any information about. it markarova was tweeting within minutes, it seems, of the announcement that this is the kind of thing you see and third world countries. and marxist countries. i think that is where defending the same kind of signals the primaries. which is that, if trump's return to power, the republican congressman laid impose fewer constraints. on the way he exercises his power. then they did when he was in the white house. and the first case. and that is becoming part of the election dialogue in the west, where the midterm and the midterm elections as we mentioned many times are usually a referendum on the
11:35 pm
incumbent. which is not good news for democrats giving biden's approval rating is stuck somewhere around 40%. but the visibility of trump, and his leadership of the party, the republican party and their deference to him, and the clear signals they are sending about how they would behave around him. it is kind of making almost a dual incumbent situation. in which there is the prospect that the democratic coalition may feel particularly energized and urgent to vote as the republican coalition. creating a very different dynamic that is impossible to interpret even three months ago. >> all right, rob brownstein joining us live from los angeles, many thanks, we're gonna talk again in the next hour. appreciate it. >> and you clear deals with iran could be close just ahead. we what tehran is asking for, just in case the future president polls. out of the agreement. we'll be back with that in a moment. like getting a real offer in two minutetes really make roger happy. so does carvana's s customer advocate caitlin picking up his car at promptly y 10am.
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welcome back, everyone. north korea has apparently fired two cruise missiles towards the sea of its western coast. that is according to an official with south korea's defense ministry. cnn has not independently verified the launch. it is just the latest provocation by pyongyang in recent days. a un report revealed north korea had taken steps to prepare for a nuclear test in the last six months.
11:41 pm
well, for the second time in a week, explosions have rocked a russian military site in crimea. local officials say tuesday's blast at an ammunition depot wounded at least two people and the russian defense ministry is blaming it sabotage. ukraine is not claiming responsibility for the incident, but president volodymyr zelenskyy urge ukrainians to steer clear of russian military sites. >> [interpreter] i am asking now all of our people in crimea, in other areas, in the south of the country, and the occupied areas of donbas and kharkiv regions, to be very careful. please do not go near the military facilities of the russian army, and all those places where they store ammunition and equipment, where they keep their headquarters. >> to the east, ukrainian officials are acknowledging
11:42 pm
some russian gains in the donbas region. the commander of ukraine armed forces said russian forces shell their position up to eight times a day, describing the situation on the ground as intense but fully controlled. iran is apparently worried about getting trump again if it resumes its nuclear deal with the u.s. and other world powers. a diplomatic source tells cnn tehran wants compensation if the u.s. pulls out of the agreement, like donald trump did back in 2018. the revived deal, like the 2015 original, would limit iran's ability to produce a nuclear weapon in exchange for sanctions relief. cnn's clare sebastian is following developments for us. she joins us now live in london. good to see you. so, clare, what more do we know about iran's conditions to the deal, and what is the likely response from the united states? >> yeah, rosemary, we have not
11:43 pm
seen the final tax, as the european union is calling. it and we have not seen iran's written response that came on monday night. but it is clear, certainly according to regional diplomats, that president trump and his withdrawal from the deal in 2018 does loom large over this. this regional diplomat telling us that iran is seeking compensation should a future administration pull out of the deal again. they want sanctions relief to be real. they wanted not to be subject to any kind of u.s. interference in feature, clearly bruised by what happened in 2018. we don't know how exactly this would work. the regional diplomat saying there is no real real solution on the table. as for the u.s., they are not getting much weight either. and not really going very far to strike a conciliatory tone. what we heard from the state department spokesperson ned price, who is there today, calling on iran to stop bringing in what he called extremist demands. a reference to another iranian requests that the revolutionary guard be removed from a list of
11:44 pm
foreign terrorist organizations. so, there are clearly some sticking points remaining. as to the next steps, the eu and u.s. are studying iran's response to this. we know from iran's foreign minister, that if the u.s. comes back with a realistic and flexible approach, they could be at the point of a deal. and russia has negotiated through these talks in vienna, told cnn on tuesday that that could lead to a ministerial meeting either this week or next. so, it looks like they are edging closer. but they are still fairly significant sticking point. and clearly, not a lot of trust between the two sides as we've seen, because of the withdrawal. of the u.s. and the various issues that have emerged as over join us live from london, many. thanks. while parts of the southwestern u.s. are facing a potentially catastrophic collapse of their water supply. unless they take drastic
11:45 pm
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welcome back everyone, republican voters in wyoming have sent a clear signal of support to former u.s. president, donald trump. rejecting whether his most outspoken gop critics in congress. cnn projects liz cheney will lose the house primary race to trump backed attorney, harriet hageman. and in the last incumbent republican senator, lisa murkowski, who also voted to impeach trump will advance to the november election. her main tell under is kelly ciabatta, who has been endorsed
11:50 pm
by the former president. alaska's former republican governor, sarah palin, is hoping to fill a vacant house seat. cnn projects no candidate will get a majority of the vote. meaning the race will head to a ranked choice tabulation later this month. the drought in the southwest of u.s. has reached a new tier of crisis for the first time specifically, a federally does unaided tear to water shortage. the definition is arizona, nevada, as well as moscow will have to further cut back on water's from colorado river starting in january. now it is not use force reduces water intake officials say the cuts are needed to avoid a catastrophic collapse of collateral colorado river system. he was officials point to shrinking water levels for their decision on the colorado river cuts. water levels at lake mead and
11:51 pm
lake powell are also a dangerously low levels. and in the states can't come up with the plan the federal government says it will make one for him. but, as cnn's bill weir reports, finding a agreement on water use has been a challenge going back to the days of the old west. >> whiskey is for drinking. water, is for fighting. >> that's a postmark twain quote has been a western slogan since the first settlers. but now the worst drought in 1200 years. as water managers in seven states 30 travel nations and mexico are fighting over every precious drop. >> but today, the states collectively had not identified, and adopted, specific actions of sufficient magnitude that would stabilize the system. >> that was the commissioner in charge of dams aggressive ours admitting that upper and lower basement states have failed to agree on ways to cut their water use by up to 25%.
11:52 pm
>> i think, ultimately, the states are going to realized that they are playing russian roulette. and they're going to have to come to their senses. >> for almost 30 years, pat was in charge of sergeant the baddest water. and lead and aggressive conservation campaign to tear up lawns, we use wastewater, and scold waterway stores. >> can't water in the middle of the day mom? you have to change watering clock. >> all measures you'd like to see happened downstream. >> i think the kind of kicking the can down the road past election if you want. i want to be very frank about it. i don't think anybody wants to make a public announcement about measures they may have to take. prior to the elections. >> rather than enforce new actions, the feds will let the states keep talking, while the next round of automatic cuts will lower water delivery by 7% to mexico, 8% to nevada, and 21% hit to arizona. >> you can hear this country. it is starting to dry up.
11:53 pm
>> here, i'll thoughtful farmers already being paid to let their fields go fallow. >> while some are switching the crops, like wiley, a rubber plant that grows in the desert. >> trump switching, looking at lower water use crops like wiley, it is one of the solutions we need to be looking at in a drier future. to allow communities to sustain themselves. >> thanks to some creative water counting. california will not face mandatory cuts next year. but, their governor has already warming of a future with a lot more people and a lot less water. >> science and the debt that leads us to understand that we will lose 10% of our water supply by 2040. all things are equal. we will lose an additional 10% of our supply by 2040 >> we have the very real possibility, this coming year, if we have another lousy winner, all things being equal. that we will have to drive this like down to elevation 1000. that is 100 feet above that
11:54 pm
pool. and you're at the bottom of the martini glass. so it doesn't take much to tip that over and get to the point where nothing can go downstream. if you don't take it seriously, now, if you think that you're going to avoid this and do a rain dance or go pray. do whatever. that we have a great winter. you are insane. >> on the same day this new report, president biden also signed new legislation. the most ambitious climate legislation in american history. which includes, thanks to western senators, four billion dollars for dropped relief. electrical to farmers, paying them not to grow cotton, or alpha off and does it for the coming weeks. maybe homeowners painted to tear up their lawns or shrink the footprint of their swimming pools. the big ideas, desalination plants, or reviving the salt and see, or even piping water from the east in water. these have been bandied about for decades. but it takes time and money and in the meantime, all anybody
11:55 pm
can do, is conserve every precious drop. bill weir, cnn, lake mead, nevada. >> and california is urging residents to conserve electricity on wednesday, due to high temperatures. residents are being asked to voluntarily qatar city use between the hours of 4 and 9 pm local time. california officials recommend avoiding using appliances during that time. and turning off all unnecessary lights. the u.s. national weather service, issued several heat advisories across the state, as temperatures are expected to peak in different areas throughout the week. i thank you so much for joining us, i'm rosemary, church i'll be back with much more coverage of the primary election wyoming and outlast guy after the short break. you're watching cnn. don't co-anywhere.
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hello. welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. a crushing but not shocking defeat for the most forceful republican critic of former u.s. president donald trump. tuesday was primary night in wyoming, warehouse republican liz cheney conceded to her trump-backed opponent. harriet hagerman


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