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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  August 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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queen elizabeth's secret to longevity has finally been revealed by her former chef. it's a jam sandwich. it's such a staple, it made an appearance at tea with paddington bear. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich. i always eat one for emergencies. >> so do i. >> i keep mine in here. for later. >> the queen has apparently been enjoying her so-called jam penny every day since she was 5 years old. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. i'm phil mattingly in for pamela brown. tonight's top stories, the toll from a terrorist attack at a hotel in somalia now rising to
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20 dead. security forces are still trying to take control of the situation at this hour. also tonight, new data on long term covid and the increased risk of brain disorders. dr. leana wen is here to discuss. and actor gary busey in trouble with the law again. you're in "the cnn newsroom." it is 2:00 a.m. in the capital of somalia and a terrorist attack is still playing out, more than 24 hours later. [ screaming ] harrowing images. at least 20 people are confirmed dead in the attack on the upscale hotel. dozens more injured. and an unknown number of people are being held hostage. [ sound of gunfire ] the al qaeda linked terrorist
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group al shabaab is claiming responsibility for the siege. cnn has not been able to verify that claim. police say the attackers and their hostages are now trapped in the middle two floors of the hotel. and they warn the death toll is likely to rise. a short time ago, this statement from the u.s. embassy there. the united states strongly condemns the al shabaab hotel attack in mogadishu. we extend condolences to the families of those killed and pledge continued support to hold those responsible accountable and build when others destroy, end quote. fears this saturday night in the current presidential administration about the impact of confidential documents recovered from donald trump's home in florida. we go to arlette saenz. we haven't heard much from the biden white house about this
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search but we are hearing from mike pence. fill us in. >> reporter: phil, former president mike pence revealed he took a different approach to classified documents from his former boss, president donald trump. in an interview with the associated press, pence was directly asked whether he retained any classified documents after leaving office and he said, quote, no, not to my knowledge. as for that fbi search at mar-a-lago, pence refrained from weighing in directly and said, quote, i honestly don't want to prejudge it before, until we know all the facts. meanwhile, the current administration has really taken this tight-lipped strategy when it comes to addressing that fbi search, trying to maintain some distance from the justice department's probe. but privately, officials have started to express concern over these classified documents that were taken by the former president, specifically they are concerned about any implications
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it could have for the intelligence community as they work to gather information. now, the white house does not have a window into what exactly this material was that the former president took. but they are concerned that it could put sources and methods of the intelligence community at risk. president biden himself has yet to weigh in directly on this probe. but it's clear that officials within his white house are keeping tabs on this closely and what implications it could have for the future, especially when it comes to the intelligence community. >> potential major implications. arlette saenz, great reporting as always, thanks so much. the u.s., which accounts for less than 5% of the world's population, is now recording 35% of global monkeypox cases, with well over 14,000 cases across 49 states. this week, the united states announced new efforts to accelerate its response, including an additional 1.8 million doses of the monkeypox vaccine along with steps to
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boost testing and treatment. the health and human services department also launching a new program to be at large events tracking lgbtq plus communities who are mostly at risk. the government insists it is not falling behind. in rough numbers, the u.s. is still seeing around 100,000 cases of covid-19 every day. the virus is still killing about 400 people every day. and even as the cdc enacts sweeping changes to help it respond more quickly to public health crises, polio, polio, has made an unwelcome return. one case of paralytic polio was diagnosed last month in rockland county, new york. wastewater analysis in the region including new york city indicates that that one case is just the, quote, very, very tip of the iceberg, and that the polio virus is circulating. >> we are always at risk of new infectious agents or infectious
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agents that we thought were in our history, of them coming back to our country. and what it says to me as a pediatrician and a parent is it's so important to ensure that our children are vaccinated fully and on time, so that if and when things like polio are reintroduced to our country, our children are safe and protected. there are a lot of children out there who are not fully vaccinated. >> cnn medical analyst dr. leana wen joins me now with more. dr. wen, this is very troubling. that's probably an understatement to some degree. how much of it, how much of the vaccine rates, how much is polio starting to reemerge, even in a minor way right now, is due to covid? we're told the disruption of the pandemic has caused the worst back slide in immunization rates in decades. >> right. first of all, the reemergence of
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polio in the u.s. is a public health emergency. this is a virus that used to lead to permanent disabilities, incurable disabilities for tens of thousands of children every year, that killed thousands of kids in the u.s. every year. when i went to medical school we learned about polio as a disease of history, as something that doesn't affect people in the u.s. acutely anymore. but now it's reemerging. and what you are saying is exactly right, even one case of paralytic polio is a public health emergency because one case illustrates that there may be hundreds of other cases that are out there, that are spreading without our knowledge. so it is believed that there were disruptions due to the pandemic, disruptions to health care services, disruptions to education. the real emergency, we're seeing diseases that were otherwise
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preventible and were otherwise eliminated in the u.s., now coming back because of lack of vaccination. >> i had to reread those rockland county numbers several times. i didn't believe they were actually true. your "washington post" piece on this issue ended up being a learning experience on what polio actually is because we haven't had to think about it in the u.s. it's a really scary time. i do want to shift, though, to covid. as we talked about, plenty of the virus is still out there as we approach flu season. the biden administration is planning to stop paying for covid shots and other treatments, shifting those costs to consumers. what are your thoughts about how this process is starting to roll out or at least be discussed in the administration? >> well, my understanding is that the biden administration is recognizing, as i think a lot of scientists are, that covid is going to be with us. there is a gradual shift that covid has to switch from being a pandemic to being endemic.
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that shift to being endemic does not in any way mean that covid is over. in fact it means that covid is here to stay in the same way that influenza is here, in the same way we have many other endemic diseases. saying that something is endemic doesn't mean it's not an emergency or not something that we have to deal with. we still don't want to get covid. we don't want people to become severely ill from covid. we still have to invest a lot more in treatments and also vaccines and boosters and other medications that could help people, especially the most vu vulnerable. but i think there is this recognition that we need to treat covid like other diseases, things that unfortunately are not covered by free by the government. >> it's something we'll absolutely watch play out. i think it underscores the reality when you underline here. there is a study in "the lancet" which shows increased risk of brain disorders two years after a covid infection. this means possible increased risks for dementia, epilepsy,
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psychosis, brain fog, which has been a common complaint from some covid survivors. there's just so much we don't know about covid and what it means going forward. what does this tell you based on what you've seen from the study? >> there's no question that long covid is real, that there are people suffering from long term consequences, both mild and severe. to your point, there's a lot more that we don't know about what that looks like, what the cardiovascular effects can be, what the effects on the brain might be. we have to balance the price we have to pay to avoid getting covid. many people are deciding that, yes, covid is real, it's something that may have long term consequences, but i also can't put my life or my kids' lives and other people's lives on hold just to avoid this. so that's a very difficult
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balancing act. >> no question about it. as every parent knows who has dealt with school in the last several years. dr. leana wen, i know you're one of those parents. thanks so much for your time as always. coming up next, mexico now calling the disappearance of 43 students presumed murdered by a drug gang a crime of the state, as a former top prosecutor is arrested. also ahead, modern politics embracing me-mores. and alec baldwin is adamant he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed cinematographer helena hutchens. >> i always said i pulled the hammer back and i pulled it back as far as i could. ♪
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it first caught the world's attention eight years ago, the disappearance of 43 students in mexico. now one of the country's former attorney generals is under arrest just as a truth commission labeled the disappearance as a, quote, crime of the state. a court in mexico issued 83 arrest warrants. the targets ranging from officials to police officers. rafael, you think eight years, i can't believe it's been that long, are we getting any closer right now to the truth of what actually happened to these children? >> reporter: hi, phil. there are new and shocking revelations in the report issued by the truth commission, including that mexican security forces followed the students and knew at all times where they were, and what they were up to and didn't move a finger when they were attacked. phil, the report doesn't answer the main question the parents have been asking for for nearly eight years, even after the
4:17 pm
arrest of the man who served as mexico's attorney general when the students were kidnapped. "where are our children?" the question has been asked thousands of times. but the answer remains elusive. for the last eight years the answers of 43 missing college students have been asking the same question. they have marched around mexico. they have met with top mexican government officials. even with president lobrador who welcomed them at the presidential mansion. they reminded a forgetting nation that their children were still missing. it's been almost eight years since 43 students from a rural
4:18 pm
teachers' college went missing. the whereabouts of most of them remains a mystery except for three whose bone fragments were identified thanks to dna interrogate. a report unveiled by mexico's undersecretary for human rights, who led a truth commission on the case, provided more details, but no definitive answer. he said the disappearance constitutes a crime of the state, in which members of a criminal gang and mexican security forces were involved and complicit. he also said that federal and state authorities at the highest level looked the other way and were negligent even when they had knowledge of what was happening. yet no answer for the only question that matters to the parents. where are our children? through a human rights group, the parents only said they have decided to deeply analyze the commission's report before making their reaction public. a month after the students went
4:19 pm
missing, one man told us his son called him the night he disappeared to let him know the students were being shot at by police. by a year later, the government's version that the students had been killed and their bodies burned on a landfill had been discredited by a group of forensic experts. when we met again, he was still clinging to the hope of finding his son alive. "believe me, i will bring him back," he said. other parents tell us they aren't even hoping for justice to be done anymore. a parent told me, we just want to be able to give our children a proper burial. there is a new bombshell in the case, phil, we were talking about it at the beginning. late last night the court in the state of mexico issued arrest warrants for 83 people in connection with the disappearance of the students including, imagine this, 20 military officers and soldiers
4:20 pm
station incoed in the city wher students went missing, including police officers and 14 alleged members of a local criminal gang. phil? >> quite a turn in a remarkable tragedy. rafael romo, you've been covering it all the way through. thanks so much for your time. from having to explain how many homes he really owns to what he puts in a veggie tray, what he calls a veggie tray. the pennsylvania senate campaign of dr. mehmet oz is one race stirring concerns among republicans over the quality of key candidates in battleground states. coming up next. real meals. real good. all of k knorr's high quality pasta and rice sides are now made with no artificial flavors or prereservatives. knorr. taste for good. i don't hydrate like everyone else. because i'm not everyone else. they drink what they're told to drink. i drink what helps me rehydrate and recover: pedialyte® sport. because it works...
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the country waits to see how much of the mar-a-lago search affidavit could be made public on thursday. other documents now publicly sharpen the focus on donald trump as the possible subject of a criminal code. that's what legal experts are telling cnn. a procedural document unsealed thursday talks about will ful interference with a criminal investigation. with me to talk about that, daniel litman, cnn political analyst, and laura lopez, white house correspondent for the pbs news hour. guys, thank you for coming in on a saturday night. daniel, there are signs the former president will try and use the mar-a-lago search as a starting point for a potential
4:26 pm
2024 campaign. do you expect the timing of that announcement or an announcement if he does run, which has been a hot button issue, everybody is talking about it in town, do you expect it to move up, to move back? >> what we're hearing is it's probably going to be moved to after the midterm elections. if he announces before and then republicans do horribly in terms of not taking over the senate, then republicans could cast blame at trump and say, hey, you messed it up, you really rallied democrats in terms of making sure that there's a kind of a rally round biden effect. trump is a bete noir in the democrat party. >> republican leaders have asked him to wait. laura, some of my colleagues had a really good story about how republicans who are running in tight races, particularly in the house, kind of avoid mentioning trump altogether as the mid-terms get closer. one republican lawmaker telling
4:27 pm
cnn, quote, i don't say his name ever. if trump does jump into the 2024 race sooner rather than later as gop leaders have asked him not to do, will wearepublicans have make this all about trump? >> i think a lot of the raices already are all about trump. so many of the new republican candidates who won their primaries who are now the gop nominees won because they tethered themselves to trump, because they parroted the 2020 election lies. we've had those anonymous quotes like was in the cnn article, because again, people who want to distance themselves from him so far are not putting really their names to it, other than the ones that we know already, which is liz cheney and adam kinzinger. >> we're on year seven of the terror of going on the record to criticize the president.
4:28 pm
daniel, you talk about folks that trump has backed. here is what mitch mcconnell said in april about the midterms. quote, obviously the atmosphere could not be better. i think it is an overwhelming likelihood the wind will be at our back and that's obviously very important. i want to share what mcconnell said this week. >> i think there is probably a greater likelihood the house flips than the senate. candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome. >> the first part is just a fact, right? there is a greater likelihood the house flips than the senate. the candidate quality comment, mitch mcconnell watches his words very closely. he's not loose with what he's saying there. and what he was alluding to i think has a lot of truth to some degree. is he lowering expectations there, kind of embracing a reality right now for republican candidates in the senate? >> i think it's a combination of both. he's kind of throwing those herschel walkers, mehmet ozes,
4:29 pm
under the bus. these are not candidates he necessarily wanted, in terms of entertainment and sports stars, those are not the types of pima connell likes to surround himself with in the senate. they're untested. particularly in georgia, you look at the negative ads from his ex-wife accusing him of domestic violence, and in pennsylvania, where you have dr. oz committing gaffe after gaffe. you wonder who on the campaign is saying, yes, it's a good idea to post videos of him talking about french, you know, cuisine platters. >> crudites. >> crudites. >> a got an email from merriam-webster saying that was one of the top-searched words this week. that's probably not a good -- when you're going viral for that, you're probably not doing that well in your campaign. >> it's interesting issue, it's fascinating because of trump and mcconnell's ability to come in and dominate who is running and who the party gets behind has been shifted to some degree in
4:30 pm
this cycle. but the idea that you're getting at there in terms of midterm races, one we've been watching a ton for a good reason is pennsylvania. a tossup state, republicans thought they had a chance to hold it, democrats saw a pickup opportunity. dr. mehmet oz, who trump endorsed, democrat john fetterman, oz is catching grief for the very campaign video you're talking about which taught everybody what crudite actually was. >> i'm doing grocery shopping at wegner's and my wife wants some vegetables for crudite. there's broccoli, a ton of broccoli there, two bucks. asparagus, $4. carrots, that's $4 more. that's $10 of vegetables there. then we need some guacamole, that's $4 more. >> now, oz was doing the ad to highlight inflation, which every
4:31 pm
poll you look at right now says it's the number one concern for americans. crudite seems to be the issue that has caused a lot of angst. with fetterman capitalizing, patrolling oz on anything from saying "crudite," instead of "veggie tray," confusing the name of two supermarket chains in pennsylvania, and there's even a report in "rolling stone" that trump thinks oz will bleeping lose without some drastic changes. you look at the polling coming out, things are kicking into gear. is oz in real trouble right now? >> i think that's blindingly obvious. if you look at pennsylvania, john fetterman has not been able to campaign for the last few months because he is recovering from his stroke. and dr. oz has been campaigning a bunch throughout the state but has not been able to have that real man, everyday touch.
4:32 pm
he has a tv star. and with trump's election in 2016, a lot of people who were on tv are saying, hey, i want to do that too. dr. oz is close to the former president. but this week he also had issues in terms of the number of houses he has, the number of residences. that harkens back to, most americans can say, they have one house, maybe a beach house they go to for a timeshare at best. and so it kind of comes into the mitt romney territory of -- and john mccain, where they got in trouble for their wealth. >> laura, i want to kind of ride off that a little bit to the place we generally are most days, which is the white house. not an institution, not a team known for the memes, digital is not their focus in the campaign, they embrace that to some
4:33 pm
degree. but biden has caught a lot of breaks after a difficult year, his team is embracing this whole dark brandon meme, which basically takes an insult used against him by conservatives, a rather crude one, and turns it around on his critics. look it up, it takes a lot of time to discuss. he's got a style section article about this. this seems trivial and kind of weird "inside the beltway" but it reflects a feeling in the white house that i've picked up, a team that was having a tough time and felt like things weren't ever going to break their way and there's almost, dare i say, a swagger about how they're approaching things. >> the white house staff is feeling themselves, they're pretty happy about what's been happening, because of course biden just got one of the biggest wins he had been pushing for for over a year, which was actually passing some of the things that were in that build back better plan, the climate
4:34 pm
change, the prescription drug reform, which democrats have actually been trying to get for some 20-odd years. so those are things that he now gets to say, look, when i was president, we were able to do this in addition to the infrastructure bills. but to your point, phil, this white house, throughout president biden, when he was a candidate, throughout his campaign, they always, you know, were happy about the fact and prided themselves on the fact that twitter is not the real world and we don't engage in twitter. and now they're actually using these viral memes to show, look, we have a pep in our step and we're going on offense. and they are about to really hit the gas on, they say the president is about to finally actually make a lot of tour trips around the country to push what he's accomplished and to try to get out there ahead of the midterms. so we'll see if they actually do that now, especially since he's coming off of covid. but this is something that i think, yeah, could potentially be good for democrats. they're starting to embrace the internet of things more. you see it with fetterman who
4:35 pm
has really capitalized on that and the white house is starting to learn a bit. >> vibe shift, is that -- cool. i'm hip. you guys can lower a sign on me on that one. laura lopez, daniel lippman, thanks so much, as always. you're in "the cnn newsroom." stunning images show how the world's images are drying up before our eyes, as concern grows in the southwest over the state of the largest man made reservoir and the tough choices government leaders will have to make. >> they have some really tough choice to make. no elected official wants to be the person saying who gets water and who doesn't. they only cover select cities with 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interststate highway miles, ththey've got us covered. if you have age-related macular degeneration, there's only so much time before it can lead to blindness. but the areds 2 clinical study showed that a specific nutrient
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that might be why most of our clients come from other money managers. at fisher investments, we're clearly different. climate change is having a dramatic effect on the earth's natural resources. water is disappearing quicker than ever. this is one stretch of the colorado river. in 22 years, its banks have
4:40 pm
dried up and it's thinning out fast. it's suffering from extreme drought out west, one that shows no sign of easing anytime soon. one of the reservoirs it fills is lake mead, shown here. water levels have been steadily falling since 2000 and started to drop even faster in 2020. and to be clear, this isn't just a north america problem. here is a river in china. these dramatic images are just from the past year as china faces its longest heat wave in six decades. europe's largest rivers aren't immune either. ships are struggling to navigate the rhine river because water levels have fallen so much. here is the river po in italy. nearby residents used to worry about floods. now it's drying up. and fast. a river in france, looking a lot smaller. the colorado river perhaps is the most striking example of climate change in the u.s. it supplies water to 40 million people in seven states and
4:41 pm
mexico. this week, the federal government announced more mandatory cuts to water usage. arizona will face the largest cut, about 21% of its annual allotment. cnn's bill weir reports. >> reporter: summer monsoons are adding a few precious inches to the lake mead water line, but not nearly enough. america's largest reservoir is still 25 feet lower than last summer. this fall, parts of phoenix will see unprecedented tier 2 cuts of their share of the colorado river, joining arizona farmers at the end of the water rights line. do you foresee a day when it's tier 3, tier 4, mandatory cuts that will get really severe? >> so, absolutely. i am genuinely worried about the possibility of the system hitting deadpool. >> reporter: deadpool is when mead gets low enough to crash the whole colorado system. and when catherine sorenson was running water departments in phoenix and mesa, it was the
4:42 pm
biggest worry. but now it's worse. and the feds are begging western states to cut up to one out of every four gallons consumed. >> i know from our reporting there was some western water managers that were frustrated that the bureau of reclamation wasn't tougher. they said you guys work it out or we'll work it out for you, but we didn't do that. >> it is disappointing, because the longer that we have to endure the uncertainty, the more at risk the entire system is. and i don't envy the federal government. you know, the biden administration, they have some really tough choices to make. no elected official wants to be the person saying who gets water and who doesn't. i'm sure they are desperately searching for the least worst option. but in the meantime, water levels continue to fall. >> reporter: and we will invest heavily in conservation, efficiency, reuse, and advanced water technologies like de
4:43 pm
de-salination. meantime, the call to use less puts fresh scrutiny on thirsty industries like goff, especially after an "arizona republic" investigation found 30 to 50% of courses here use more than their share of water with little oversight. state records show that the water cops of arizona have issued punishment against a golf course exactly twice in the last 20 years. so it's pretty obvious that from the feds down to the locals, people aren't exactly lining up to be the tough sheriff desperately needed to tame water use in the wild west. >> i don't golf. so i don't feel a need to defend golf. but i will say this, people focus on it because it's visible. but there are lot of things about what we do, what we consume, what we eat, what we wear, that are also very water
4:44 pm
incentive. so i don't like to think of it in terms of we don't have enough water. i like to think of it in terms of what do we have enough water for, do we want to build semiconductor factories or do we want to grow cotton? do we want to grow subdivisions or do we want high density development that is more water efficient? those are the conversations we need to have. >> reporter: bill weir, cnn, phoenix. up next in "the cnn newsroom," gary busey, the actor, facing sex offense charges after an alleged incident at a movie convention. and adam baldwin deflects blame for last year's fatal movie set shooting and says the tragedy has taken, quote, years off his life, in a new interview with cnn. we'll be right back. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonasese daily stos your body from overreacting to o allergens al season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. age is just a number.
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new tonight, actor gary busey is facing sex offense charges after an incident that allegedly happened during the annual monster mania convention in new jersey. police say they were called out to the hotel hosting the convention last weekend. the 78-year-old now faces two counts of criminal sexual contact and two other counts including harassment. a law firm representing monster mania told cnn in a statement, quote, immediately upon receiving a complaint from the attendee, the celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed not to return. cnn has reached out to representatives of gary busey for comment. police say the investigation is ongoing. ten months after the movie set shooting that killed
4:50 pm
cinematographer halyna hutchins, alec baldwin maintains he never pulled the trig anger and at on point was afraid former president trump would cause sequenceo of events that led to deadly shooting on the set of rust. this week a report concluded this gun could not be fired without the trigger being pulled while the gun was caught and malfunctioned after internal parts fractured. alec baldwin denies pulling the trigger. >> i never once said never that the gun went off in my hand automatically. i always said i pulled the hammer back and i pulled it back as far as i could. i never took a gun and pointed it as somebody. >> reporter: while awaiting results of the investigation baldwin said he hired his own
4:51 pm
investigator. >> that private investigator as you probably know did not have a difficult time accessing the staff of the sheriff's department and that person told us quote-unquote we've known in the department since january that alec would not be charged with a crime. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by his attorney. do you think that there is a possibility, though, that he could face charges at all? >> it would be a huge miscarriage of justice. >> reporter: but the then president fanned flames against him. >> the former president of the united states said he probably shot her on purpose to me was really the only time i thought that i needed to -- that i was worried about what was going to happen because here was trump who instructed people to commit acts of violence, and he was pointing the finger at me and saying i was responsible for the death. >> reporter: no one has been charged for the tragedy on set, but baldwin said there are two people responsible, armorer hannah gutierrez reed, and assistant director dave halls. through their attorneys they accuse baldwin of deflecting
4:52 pm
blame, but baldwin points to the findings of an occupational safety report. >> hannah reed handed the gun to halls and said don't give it to alec until i get back to the set, i've got to do something else. and he proceeded to the set, and "a," handed me the gun. >> reporter: baldwin said gutierrez reed should have known the difference between dummy rounds which make a rattling sound and live ammunition. >> anybody on earth who works in that business can determine that. >> reporter: baldwin raised questions about the supplier of guns in ammunition for the film, seth kenny, who's being sued by the armorer. >> what was the prove nonce of all the bullets. >> reporter: according to the fbi report as i'm aware the bullets were commingled? >> if that's the case, who commingled them? did seth kenny commingle live rounds with blank rounds? >> reporter: questions baldwin says kept him up at night as he
4:53 pm
replayed the final days of a friend and cinematographer. >> she was great at her job and she died. that hurts me every day. you know, every day of my life i think about that. it's horrible. >> an attorney for the props supplier said kenny filed an answer last month denying the allegations and asking the court to dismiss the case. you're in the cnn newsroom. and as kids start heading back to school districts are dealing with a shortage of bus drivers to actually get them there. how they're making up for the thousands of unfilled jobs across the country. real meals. real good. all of knorr's high quality pasta and rice sideses are now made with no artificial flflavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good. power e*trade's easy-to-use tools make complex trading less complicated custom scans help you find s while an earnings tool hes you plan your trades and stay on top ofhe market
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. as school systems across the country struggle to find enough teachers to fill all the classrooms this year, many districts have another major problem, hiring enough bus drivers to get those kids to school. cnn's nadia romero has more. naddia? >> reporter: phil, this is a problem we're seeing all across the nation. let's start with fulton county schools in the atlanta area. they're experiencing a shortage of 200 bus drivers. take a look at the numbers. just this morning there were two recruitment fairs to lure in more people to be bus drivers. they're offering more than $20 an hour paid training and 6-hour
4:59 pm
workday. i want you to listen to one school bus driver complain how it's been so challenging being a bus driver during the staff shortages. >> we work longer and harder and double back and try our best to get them all home safely and fast as we can. it's an important job and people don't realize we need you out there. >> reporter: in tempe, arizona, one school district is telling parents there could be a 15 to 20-minutes delay in to pick up schools. and in connecticut one organization says they're short about 1,000 bus drivers. and in st. louis the superintendent thereof the public school district says they've had to suspend 35 bus routes, that's impacting nearly 3,400 students in elementary school and high school. so the district is giving $75 gas cards weekly and metro passes to parents and students affected. the superintendent says they hope to have that issue fixed in the next two weeks. phil? >> critical story.
5:00 pm
nadia, romero, thanks so much. and the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. russia and ukraine accusing each other of bringing the world to the brink of a nuclear disaster. >> it's unacceptable that russia puts all of us on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe of a global scale. the west coast bakes under sizzling hot conditions. >> we're going for periods of long time without rainfall. >> we're experiencing unprecedented challenges across the entire region as it relates to drought, in california the worst drought in 1,200 years. >> we'll drive this lake down to elevation 1,000. that is 100 feet above dead pool, and you're at the bottom of the martini glass. prosecutors now have less than one week to submit proposed redactions to the judge so he can decide what might be released publicly. >> i think judge rinehart is going to protect the identity of confidential informants.


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