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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hello, welcome, to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause, we begin this hour in ukraine, a country which today marks 31 years of independence from the soviet union. and six months of brutal war with russia. the streets were quiet overnight in ukraine's second largest city, kharkiv, where a strict curfew is in place amid warnings moscow may be planning major strikes on civilian
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government targets. ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy urging extra caution on this holiday. >> [interpreter] we are sure to retaliate against any former russian tara. but please tomorrow be sure to follow security rules. please respect the curve. you act on the air right sirens. pay attention to official announcements, and remember, we altogether have to get to our victory. >> a lot more from ukraine in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ but first, one of most powerful democrats in the u.s. congress will not be heading back to capitol hill next year. newly-drawn new york congressional map created a contentious matchup between jerry nadler and carolyn maloney. cnn projecting nadler, the chair the judicial committee, will be the democratic nominee in new york's 12th district. bring into and maloney's three decade long time in congress. and now florida projects val demings will win the florida
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primary and will challenge republican incumbent marco rubio. demings, a former police chief, served in the house since 2018. staying in florida, cnn projects charlie chris will be the democratic nominee in the governor race. he will face ron desantis in the coming race in november, just 11 weeks away. coming once again from washington, republican commentator alice stewart, and chris -- . great if you could stick around and stay with us. and we'll have a softspoken -- charlie crist, republican turned democrat, up against ron desantis, republican governor, who many believe will believe will try to run for the presidential nomination in 2020. four and on that, is charlie crist. >> make no mistake about it, this guy wants to be president of the united states of america, and everyone knows it. however, when we defeat him on november 8th that show is over.
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>> so, christine, you get first go this hour. in so many ways, these two candidates cannot be more different if they tried. it seems though that chris is trying to get motivate the bays, trying to stop desantis from making this run for the white house. is that a strategy that's going to work? >> well, i mean, here's what i think the reality is. midterm elections are different and save presidential year election. it really is a base turnout, you have to turn out a lot of people who either self identify as democrats or republicans. for him, he's got to have that mass -- among democrats. and then try to win over as many of those independents as he can. it is a tough state to be really brutally frank about it. florida is not what i would consider kind of a purplish swing state. it's definitely trending more and more conservative. and desantis has you know, advantages. the current governor obviously,
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enormous war chest. and so the real, i think, challenge for crist is kenny somehow tap into something? you know, whether it's motivating women who maybe are feeling alienated because of the supreme court's decision on abortion, or something, you know, related to desantis's politics or leadership. that is probably going to be, you know, a bit of a challenge. so, he's got to tap into something in order to excite people. but and then in the day, it's a pretty uphill battle. >> let's listen to desantis addressing supporters after the results came in. here he is. >> this state is worth fighting for. our country is worth fighting for. so put on the full armor of god and take a stand against the last names. >> alice is, that sort of fiery top, they're god and country and fighting the left, is that with this country needs right now? >> what the country needs, and what people in florida need, is
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what ron desantis is delivering. and that is strong economic numbers. look, florida right now had the booming economy, they had more people moving to the state than any other state. they have the tourism doing tremendously well. the unemployment rate in florida is at 2.7%. that is the kind of agenda and message that ron desantis can continue to deliver and convey to the people of florida that will help him. i happen to think he would be best served if he sort of dialed back a little bit of his woke agenda, and focus more on the jobs and economic agenda as more of a successful message. but if all that charlie crist is going to do is say that desantis is a bully taking away your freedom, and has no viable contrast of the strong economic success that desantis has deliver to the people of florida it is going to be an open shot victory for desantis. because i work on rick scott's campaign, running for governor
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in 2010. he ran on jobs, jobs, job. desantis is delivering on that, and as white people in the sunshine state. want >> alice, very quickly, what is desantis's chance of actually running for the republican primary for 2024, and winning it, defeating donald trump, if he should run. >> a lot of it has to boil down to whether or not donald trump actually gets in, which is still, you know, the 10,000 dollar question. if he does not, certainly, ron desantis is clearly the front runner. i have donald trump does run, this is going to be a very tough decision. i think what happens with the january 6th commission and the mar-a-lago search is going to have a huge impact on donald trump. but right now, talking with the desantis campaign, their number one agenda, number one goal right now, is running for reelection using these last 11 weeks to really galvanize, not just the base, but the independents and undecided voters of florida.
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win reelection, and really work hard for the people of florida. >> chris, how do you see it all playing out? >> well, in terms of his presidential ambitions, there is no question. if it's trump versus desantis, i think it is really hard for desantis to be trump, given the amount of support that, you know, trump clearly has amongst the base. the part that i find interesting, kind of dials it back to the current midterms, you know, even in the special elections, even in some of the other ones, how few of these candidates seem to be talking about the issues that actually matter to most voters. they seem to be attacking each other, whether it's on personal style, or ideology, or a cultural issues. you, know if you look at, you know, all the research, the key thing for most american voters, republican, democrat, independent, is issues like inflation. and how few of the candidates out there are talking about that. so it is interesting to me, you know, which of these candidates,
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whether it's, you know, it's a crist, or a desantis, or whether it's someone else. but finally realizes maybe the way you start winning elections and start putting yourself in a better position, whether it's for the midterms, or for higher ambitions, actually start speaking to the everyday issues that actually matter to voters instead of smoking two issues that maybe matter to you or those around you. >> it's interesting, because it's one of those issues that have already been in play in the primaries, it's roe v. wade. and a decision in roe v. wade. so, alice, you had a -- about the congressional district 19th in new york's. and how roe v. wade played into that. >> that's a great testing case, or battleground, to really give us a litmus test on what we can expect in the general election. what we had in cd 19 in new york was a special election runoff. and the winner was the, the democrat won in that specific race.
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it is pat ryan winning in that. he really made this about the overturning of roe v. wade, and dialing back of women's health care choices, and the situation that is putting a lot of women health care in. that is really when he focused on and campaigned on. this is one case, while it is a primary election day, this is a republican versus a democrat. the democrat ran on roe v. wade, and he won. granted, this is a blue district, a blue area. but it is a good way to gauge what we might possibly can expect in the general election in november, when we have again, republicans versus democrats. and i expect more democrats now to make roe v. wade on abortion a cornerstone of their campaign, saying that it paid off in cd 19 in new york. >> just very quickly, we're almost out of time, chris, very quickly, do you see that as being a democratic strategy moving forward? >> i mean, there's no question that, you know, a lot of candidates are going to use the abortion issue, with the
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supreme court did to motivate women voters to come out. see, i don't see it as, it's not an either or. you focus only on that issue, don't focus on another, bread and butter issues. you have to marry the two, in order to, you know, kind of present an alternative to what republicans offer. and i think the candidates that do that are actually going to be in a stronger position than ones that just focus on only abortion. i don't think you're gonna see a lot of candidates do. that by think there is a tendency, with an issue like, that because it's so passionate, you know, it causes so much energy, almost to overcorrect, and only focus on that, or speak to that too much. i think you've got to balance it out. by also speaking to the other kind of economic, -- if shoes that are impacting americans. >> we'll see what happens. chris and alice, thank you so much for being with us, we appreciate your time. >> thank you, john. >> we're learning more about the classified documents recovered from the florida home of florida president donald trump.
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a letter for the national archives from trump's legal team was published online by trump ally, confirming hundreds of pages marked classified and special access retired in january. the nature of the classified information was raising concerns among federal investigators about the potential damage to national security. cnn's erin press has more now, reporting from washington. more than 100 documents mark classified, more than 700 pages in total. that is how much sensitive information the national archives says was found when examined 15 boxes of documents retrieved from donald trump's palm beach estate. that information all comes from a letter that the archives sent to the former presidents legal team back in may, made public on tuesday. the letter was sent to form the former presidents team that after more than a month of delay that was requested by trump the archives was allowing the fbi to do a damage. assessment some of the documents were labeled as special access programs. some of the most closely guarded u.s. government secrets,
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and they had been stored in an unsecure room at trump's beast house. the letter makes clear that despite trump's claim that he's being mistreated by the justice department and he's a victim of political prosecution, the biden administration has given trump a great deal of differential treatment. for weeks, trump asserted that he may want to assert executive privilege over some of these documents. finally, concerns from the intelligence community and the fbi prompted the archives to let the fbi examine the documents. and that led to the criminal investigation, and the unprecedented search of mar-a-lago just over two weeks ago. evan perez, cnn, washington. the u.s. military says it carried out precision airstrikes in syria, targeting groups linked to iran's revolutionary guard. president biden joined the strikes on bunkers in syria. u.s. central command says no one was killed. the strikes are meant to defend and protect american forces to protect against attacks on august 15th, drone strikes
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against syrian opposition -- we go now to ukraine as a marked as a mark independence day in the u s -- lot of adversity, packers around three billion dollars. u.s. officials tell cnn it will include western air defense systems, as well stockpiles of ammunitions also earmarks money for training and maintenance on tuesday, u.s. secretary of state continued u.s. support for ukraine enters other allies to do the same. we must keep raising the, cause international pressure on president putin and his enablers, until the rights of the ukrainian people and their sovereign country are respected. and we must continue to provide humanitarian, security and, diplomatic support for ukraine bravely defend their rights, as the united states has done and will continue to do. >> ukraine resistance has lasted more than, expected and
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-- weary longer goes on it will eat away support. we spoke with cnn's sam kiley. . >> and we need more sophisticated my furry, and we, i would say in march, it was tectonic changing. because our partners have decided to make a transformation for the soviet systems, military systems, weaponry systems, to -- >> president zelenskyy said ukraine was losing 200 men and women a day, dead, another four or 500 wounded. that's a whole battle, group a nato battle group. >> it is a really lot of killed in actions in one group. but when we get artillery,. and systems like himars, this will go down. low and you are, right we are paying by the blood and lives are people. and i hope that our partners
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understand it. >> you, know are you not afraid that the international community your partners, may begin to tire of this war? >> i call it fatigue syndrome, yeah for me, it's one of the main threats. we need to reckon with this threat. because we need to speak like with you, to communicate, to ask people, don't on this fatigue. because this is a very, very, dangerous for us. >> is it drifting into stalemate? >> the worst scenario was behind us. a little behind. us and we are in a stage of stabilizing of the battlefield, the battle line, with a small moving of the units. and we made a lot of deterrent of them. and i think we are on the urge of a new stage, because we have
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to go forward to start our counter offensive campaign in different direction. >> so who did attack and blow up those aircraft in crimea? was it missiles are special forces? >> i think it was a break in rules, gun smoke in the danger is places. >> the russians blew them out themself? >> it was like -- , lucky strike enabling game. >> yeah, but who threw the ball? >> probably russian soldiers. >> if they continue to get fired from, or there is an escalation that comes from belarus, will ukraine attack belarus? >> it's a good question, because the official part of belarus playing their game, trying to balance between russia. and i absolutely sure that belarusian people, they do not want to get involved with the war with ukraine. >> could it spread across
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europe, this war? >> no, i think that this war started in ukraine and will finish in ukraine. >> six months of war has forced millions of ukrainians to leave their homes, seeking safety on the country's borders. 6.6 million have been internally displaced inside ukraine. another 6.7 million are now refugees in countries across europe. more than 1 million ukrainians alone are living in poland, and there, one woman says she hopes to return home soon. >> [interpreter] i want to go home. i wish i could go home today. if only they would say that's it, we're safe there, you can go back. if only i was told that we can safely return, i would leave on foot now. it's almost half a year, it's half a year of my life, ripped off from, ripped out of my life simply.
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i had no life for the six months. it's not a life, it's not a life. [end of translation] >> many aid groups, humanitarian groups are on the ground, helping ukrainians suffering from this war. find out how you can help, please visit slash impact. just ahead here on cnn, a whistle blower going public with explosive allegations against twitter. he speaks exclusively to cnn, with security vulnerabilities he says the tech companies hiding. that is next. lysol is donating 28 million wipes to schools in need, so they can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. keeping kids together here, at places like the luncnch table. where they can share who they truly are. chicken nugget man. because when kids are together, they thrive. lysol. here for healthy schools. new astepro allergy.
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22 minutes past. they are welcome back. twitter is facing accusations of security vulnerabilities, executive cover-ups, and potential foreign spies working as employees. the allegations come from someone who should know, twitter's former security cheese. peter zatko is expected to take place in capitol hill hearings this week, but before he speaks to, lawmakers spoke exclusively to cnn's joni o'sullivan. >> why are you coming forward? >> all my life, i've been about finding places i can go and make a difference. >> this is peter zatko. until january this year, he was
10:23 pm
head of security at twitter, but now he is a whistleblower, and he says twitter's security problems are so grave that they are a risk to national security and democracy. >> i think twitter is a critical resource to the entire world. it is an important platform. >> he's handed over information about the company to u.s. law enforcement agencies, including the fcc, sec, and the department of justice. >> can i ask your name a number. >> zak kuo is ever known in the hacking community as much. he's been a renowned cybersecurity expert for decades. >> his roots are in hacking, figuring out how computers and software work. that expertise might be why jack dorsey, then ceo of twitter, hired zatko after the company was hit by massive attack in 2020, when hackers took over the account of some of the world's most famous people. >> mudge as one of the top five or six executives at the company.
10:24 pm
>> zatko those represented by -- whistleblower, aid the same company that represented facebook whistleblower -- >> we are in touch with whistleblower agencies, we are taking it seriously. >> twitter is pushing back, saying that zatko is pushing a narrative of -- that is riddled with -- and lacks important context. when we spoke to zak cohen's lawyer, he said that the lawful whistleblower disclosure process only allow them to talk about these issues in general terms. for specific allegations about twitter, they referred us to zatko disclosure. i'm >> not going to go into details, but i will say that mudge stands by the disclosure in the allegations in their. >> cnn the washington post obtained a copy of the disclosure from a senior democratic official on capitol hill. in it, zatko claims nearly half of twitters employees have access to some of the platforms made critical controls. >> there is an analogy of an airplane. so, you get on an airplane, and every passenger and the attendant crew all have access
10:25 pm
to the cockpit, to the controls. you know, that is entirely unnecessary. it might be easy, but there, it is too easy to accidentally or intentionally turn an engine off. >> twitter accounts belonging to a whole lot of famous people -- >> that kind of access contributed to the massive attack in the summer of 2020, when the hackers, two of them teenagers, tricked a couple of twitter employees into letting them into twitter systems. that gave him access to accounts, including that of presidential candidate joe biden. >> i don't tell you the significance of being able to breach the twitter accounts with many millions of followers, including leading politicians, three months from a presidential election. >> in the disclosure, you quote from a wired magazine article that says, if a teenager had access to administration panel can bring the company to its knees, just imagine what vladimir putin can do. >> foreign intelligence agencies have the resources to identify vulnerabilities that
10:26 pm
could have systemic effects across entire platforms, across the whole internet. >> twitter told cnn that since the 2020 hack, it had improve these access systems, and had trained staff to protect themselves against hacking. >> if you're running any system, the more people that have access to the main switches, that's a very risky situation. >> yes, absolutely, i'm talking in generalities, just large tech companies need to know what the risks are. and they also need to have an appetite to go fix it. >> zatko also claims twitter has been misleading about how many fake accounts and bots are on its platform. that is a issue elon musk has made central to his attempt to get out of a deal to buy the company. >> i guess, right now, i and sort of debating the number of bots on twitter. >> there will be suspicions of the timing of this. are you guys carrying water for elon musk? >> absolutely not. we have been following the news just like everyone else.
10:27 pm
that has nothing to do with his decisions, or with the content of what was sent into u.s. law enforcement agencies. >> much has not been talking to musky or anything in the background? >> no, not at all. >> zatko says he was fired by twitter in january of the year after he tried to raise the alarms internally. he points the finger at twitter ceo, who has worked to hide twitters security vulnerabilities from the board. >> i suspect that twitter might try to paint it like this. mudge got fired, and he's trying to retaliate against the company. >> absolutely, not this is not any kind of personal issue for him. he was eventually fired in january of this year, but he has not given up on trying to do this job. >> in response to the allegations, twitter had told cnn security and privacy had long been a priority at twitter. as for zatko, they said he quote, was fired from the senior executive role from twitter more than six ago for par four forms and leadership. he now appears to be
10:28 pm
opportunistically seeking to inflict harm on twitter, its customers, and its shareholders. >> your whole perception of the world is made from what you are seeing, reading, and consuming online. and if you do not have an understanding of what's real and what is not, yeah, i think this is pretty scary. >> are you nervous? >> yeah, yeah, this was not my first choice. yeah, i want to make the world a better place, a safer, placed the levers that i have to do it are through security information and privacy. >> that whistleblower disclosure in the hands of multiple u.s. law enforcement agencies. outside of the u.s., twitter is headquartered in its european headquarters, are in dublin, in ireland. and so to comply with european data and privacy laws, it is actually the irish data protection commissioner who is in charge of overseeing that for twitter. they tell cnn that since this
10:29 pm
whistleblower has come to light, they have asked twitter for information asking what is all of this about. so, issues for twitter both in the u.s., but around the world as well. back to you. >> thank you, donie o'sullivan for that report. three more states have chose their nominees for the midterm elections just 11 weeks away. when we come back the big takeaways from tuesday's primaries. also, why a trump ally may have thrown the former president under the bus.
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just 33 minutes past the hour.
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welcome to our viewers back here in the united states around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause. well -- the defining features of the latest democratic primaries. a new york, house senate jerry had their decidedly defeated carolyn maloney in the states while congressional district. these democrats both were pitted against each other due to new york's municipality. and florida, val demings, has secured the democratic nomination in a landslide win. she will face marco rubio in the november midterms. but florida's most closely watched battle which the democratic nomination for battle. with representative charlie crist has won. chris, once served as the republican governor florida, defeated nicu free. he now takes on the mets task of challenging republican governor, ron desantis, come this november. jessica levinson is a law professor at loyola university law school. she is with us again from los angeles. thanks for coming back. she is a returning champion.
10:35 pm
>> what is your take away from the primaries tonight? i was the highlight for you? what was the big o encompassing overall headline if you'd like. >> so, for me, the headline is that the republican party as we saw so clearly when liz cheney lost her seat. which i believe she won in a primary just two years ago by 73%. that this is trump's party. and i think we see that really up and down the board. with maybe some exceptions. and for democrats i think they're finding a way to try and be competitive in places like florida. where they haven't really won statewide in quite a while and where they have now a registration disadvantage. i think you're going to hear more from democrats about the importance of access to reproductive care. i think you're gonna hear more from democrats about biden's legislative achievements. because he's racked up some significant winds lately. and i think you're gonna hear more from democrats about the economy. to the extent that the current
10:36 pm
economy holds for the next 11 weeks. >> the big race was the governor's race in florida. we know have charlie crist, a centrist, probe russian, former republican running against might consider to be the biggest threat to donald trump's chances of winning the republican of. nation is a very trumpian road desantis. he is part of this campaign. it listen to this. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen. this is your governor speaking. today's training evolution. dogfight. taking on the corporate media. >> the rules of engagement are as follows. number one, don't fire less fired upon. when they fire, you fire back. with overwhelming force. >> apparent the soft goes down with republican voters. this campaign is a return to political decency. flying after health experts during the pandemic. is there something democrats should be watching this race come november for the implications for 2024. >> well, i think democrats have
10:37 pm
been looking for, obviously, points of weakness. because, as you laid out, this isn't just about gubernatorial race and even though this is a such a port in gubernatorial race. it's also trying to stop desantis in his tracks. because he really is, i think, the air apparent to the trump throne. in some ways, trump without the drama. he's trump without being so erratic. and so, i think, for democrats. but they have to do is try and find where is the foothold for independent voters. and how can they get the democrat base energized, and of course, can they try and pick up some dissatisfied republican voters. what are they looking at here? >> always, always, it comes down to the economy. people vote with their pocketbook. so they're going to have to make inroads into showing why these legislative achievements matter for peoples pocketbooks. and again, i think it's back to reproductive. choice because it is something that really deeply effects a lot of people on a daily basis. >> we also know now that speak with trump in all the drama.
10:38 pm
100 documents mark classified and over 700 pages were recovered from trump's mar-a-lago residents. that was in january. we know this because one of trump's minions, who was dealing with the national archives, sent a letter from the monosyllabic site. was legal experts have been left gobsmacked at this. and revelation to contains. this is what chuck sullivan says he did it. >> we have new evidence, the news has obtained correspondence between various parties. during the lead up to the right. showing that the biden white house, that's right, the biden white house. the one that said they had nothing to do this. they were deeply involved in early instigation of criminal probe against president trump. >> kind of, not quite, i went through it. how trying to work out of sight. but they're crispy like an arms length involvement of the white house. when it comes to the fbi and the decision to look for subpoena here. but if i couldn't see any direct involvement there by biden. what is your take? >> my take, i think gobsmacked
10:39 pm
is the right word to use here. this does so much more harm to the extent that people are actually watching and listening with an open mind. it has so much more harm to trump. it really shows that department of justice, the national archives, they tried so many times to get these documents. frankly, i think really treated him very softly and carefully. they said -- the idea that it shows involvement by biden administration, when i believe what it actually shows, is the biden ministration saying. we would like to delegate this decision to the national archives. really, if people only believed weather being told and don't actually check to see what is stated in this letter. it is a letter that i think, in so many ways, as damning to the former president. it outlines the really important information that he kept that should be kept by any private individual. even a former president. and why does it matter?
10:40 pm
because it puts all of us at risk. again, if people are watching this. with an open mind. which is a big gift, it is a damning letter for the former president. >> jessica, thanks much for being with us we appreciate you. >> thank you. >> come appearance in, and election day and angola. can a onetime rebel group topple party that's around the country for nearly half a century? we will take a look in just a moment. also, our part by -- anna semiconductors. we speak to a congressman who just returned from the south governing islet. and this and the knicks tie between beijing and i want. and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprarays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. when you're tired of looking at your tired old bath, we fit your style, with hundreds of design options. bath fitter. it just fits. visit to book your free consultion.
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a house visit by nancy pelosi, triggered -- the u.s. delegation signed multiple investments on trade investment, specifically on the development of semiconductors. once again, it's congressman don beyer, he's part of the u.s. congressional delegation to. taiwan it could have a. back >> hundred a review, supply chains by the supply chain, in regards to semiconductors and computer chips, the united states is highly dependent on a single company, taiwan csx, e to produce its leading ships. and that puts at risk the ability to supply -- u.s. national security and critical infrastructure needs. you know, historically the u.s. support for taipei's been based on opposition to a communist takeover of a free democracy, right. but is taiwan's autonomy now more important, because of the role it plays in the world semiconductors? >> oh, very much. so i think it's really interesting to see team and see was the result of intentional government policy, where we
10:46 pm
actually decided that they were going to be dominant in the semiconductor business. , tsmc is our largest supplier of chips, which is essential for everything from car sales, refrigerators, to our phones. you, know it's interesting. one of the questions i asked the parliamentarians when we were there in taipei, is do you feel threatened by the recent chips and science act that would pass through congress? 52 billion dollars friendships investment in the united states. and they said absolutely not, they intend to be part of that. the tsmc will expand to arizona, ohio, i'm not sure where. but i think they will see this as an ever greater partnership with us. >> while, despite the semiconductor chips act and the billions of dollars in subsidies, taiwan is expected to donate the world supply of semiconductors for some time. the leader of taiwan calls it democracy chips. this is him speaking on monday. >> [interpreter] economic security is an important pillar of national
10:47 pm
and regional security. taiwan is willing and able to strengthen cooperation with democratic partners in building sustainable supply chains for democracy chips. [end of translation] >> is present tsai essentially saying that if you want microchips, semiconductors, protect them and taiwan, and prevent a communist takeover by the mainland? >>, well i think someone, one of the scary things is if the mainland were to attack right away, that would have an enormously negative impact on technology throughout the world. you know, but not just technology. china is our eighth largest trading partner. president biden has revised the old president obama notion of neo-pacific economic framework. we call it tpp eight years ago. and taiwan, while not formally part of this framework, because we do not recognize it as a country, nevertheless, catherine dire, our trade representative, she's over there talking about ever
10:48 pm
improved trade relations between the island of taiwan in the united states. they are a really important economic partner. >> congressman, thanks for being with us. we really appreciate your. time >> thanks, john. >> we'll be right back after very short break, you're watching cnn newsroom. hes, you could be using the wrong detergent. and you're wasting up to 20 gallons of water every time. let's end ththis habit. skip the rinse... with finish quantum. its activelift technology has the power to tackle 24 hour dried on food stains-- without pre-rinsing- for an unbeatable clean. together we can help save america 150 billion gallons of water in just one year. skip the rinse with finish to save our water.
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10:53 pm
lorenzo, leader of the ruling and pla party campaigned last weekend, hoping for a second term in office. >> there have been exactly five years since the moment we started this mandate that is starting now we work during this mandate to make angela a new angela an angler that is better accepted by the angolans but also by the international community. >> joão lourenço was the handpicked successor took a long time angolan leader dos santos who ruled the country for 38 years. upon taking office in 2017, joão lourenço pledged to fight corruption and improve the economy. but the world bank says that in world rule parts of the country more than half the population live in poverty. angela's main opposition party, unita, is trying to appeal to the large number of voters in the country who are young and unemployed. unita leader adalberto costa júnior says the mpla grip on
10:54 pm
power is to blame for many of the nation's problems. >> there is a single party in power a one party regime. a big cancer this country needs to get rid of. a cancer that feeds on everything that continues to govern. today,, we can see everywhere that everyone is tired of this party, this single party that holds angela hostage to its interests, the single party that does not allow angela to be a democracy. >> the mpla and unita were on opposite sides of a 27 year civil war which began shortly after angela became independent from portugal in 1975 and ended in 2002. analysts say this election is less about the country's history, and more about the people who are struggling to get by, and feel let down by the leaders. >> we are not content or happy with the government actions. we are way more from them. >> so if you ask me to vote, i have no one to vote for because even if i vote no one will help my son in life.
10:55 pm
>> election experts say they expect the vote to be a tight race and many will be watching to see if it is a free and fair one. as the country's ruling party faces one of its biggest challenges, for many of its citizens who have no money, no, job but still have a vote. zain asher, cnn. >> around the world droughts are revealing hidden treasures and four on pieces of history. china's largest freshwater lake dry and faster than usual revealing a temple. seven blocks nearly normal, normally it's only opposite of october. in eastern syria, more than 20 warships have been exposed on the danube. experts say the ships were scuttle by nazi forces in world war ii, still contain ammunition, and explosives. and in texas, dinosaur tracks are expected to be more than 100 million years old after revert dried up experts say the plants could've been left by acrocanthosaurus, i very big 17
10:56 pm
dinosaur. thank you for watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause. cnn newsroom becomes with rosemary church, we'll see right back here tomorrow.
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all of our viewers joining us here in the united states. and all around the world. i'm rosemary church, this is cnn newsroom. we begin this hour with the end of a three decade career. and the u.s. congress for new york democrat, carolyn maloney. cnn protects her colleague, joey nadler, will win the democratic primary for states nearly drawn 12 congressional district. now they're and maloney are both part for the regrets. she is the chair of the hous


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