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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  August 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ten to 20 shots, and at that time i went inside and told my dad to get away from the window. >> it was loud enough to make me and three other employees run into a walk in refrigerator, and close the door and stay there. we stayed hidden until the authorities arrived. such a chaotic scene. police say they did not fire any shots. when they went inside, that's where they found the apparent shooter dead and close by was an ar-15 style rifle as well as a shotgun. at least two people were killed in this shooting. one person remains in the hospital. police have yet to release any details about the shooter or a possible motive, but we expect to learn more from the police department later this afternoon. victor and alisyn. >> chris nguyen, thank you. it's the top of the hour on cnn newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. we begin this hour with the court debate over who will get to handle the documents
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retrieved from donald trump's florida home three weeks ago today. as sources say, trump's lawyers still want a neutral third party to go through those records, which included top secret files and information received from spies. today the justice department said its own filter team has done that job already. in a new filing, the justice department revealed its privilege review team as it's called, separate from investigators, identified a limited set of material that may be subject to attorney/client privilege. >> on thursday a judge will hold a hearing as to whether to assign the special master. the doj also confirmed that it and other intelligence officials are now conducting a damage assessment of those highly sensitive documents that were being improperly stored in mar-a-lago. the director of national intelligence avril haines told congress about this friday, writing in a letter to some house members that her office quote will also lead an intelligence community assessment of the potential risk
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to national security that will result from the disclosure. >> the growing doubt of donald trump's party, republicans are becoming more pessimistic. ot majority may not be as big as they once had hoped. remember last year kevin mccarthy, the house republican leaders bullishly predicted that they could pick up up to 60 seats in a chamber where they net just five in order to take back the majority. in the after math of the decision to overturn roe v. wade, we see an energized democratic electorate, and democrats win in key special election races, those expectations are changing. top republicans telling me and my colleague that perhaps they're looking at potentially a 15 to 30 seat pickup in the fall, and potentially even as low as a single digit pickup.
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if they have a joimajority but slim one, that could present challenges to mccarthy as well. he needs 230 votes to secure the speaker gavel. there are a handful of republicans who will not support him for the speakership. that raises questions about that issue. also passing an agenda. a major question going forward, whether they can keep their conference united and deal with essential matters last year, including raising the national debt ceiling to avoid the cataclysmic debt that's looming next year. those are the big questions that the republicans are now facing. while they do expect a house majority, it could be slimmer and on the senate side, the map is difficult for them to retake the chamber, so despite joe biden's problems, concerns over inflation, the republicans see november could be beneficial to them but may not be as great as they had hoped. and then manu, tell us about senator graham who, you know, has this ominous warning if
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somehow president trump is held responsible for mishandling all of these classified documents. >> reporter: yeah, come eyebrow raising remarks from lindsey graham who was a donald trump critic during the 2016 campaign, but emerged as one of his staunchest defenders during the trump administration and has defended donald trump through the course of the search at mar-a-lago, even though graham himself, like everyone else did not know the exact contents of the classified documents that were kept at mar-a-lago, but also suggested potential violence could happen if donald trump is prosecuted. >> if there's a prosecution of donald trump for mishandling classified information, after the clinton debacle, which you presided over and did a hell of a good job, there will be riots in the streets. >> reporter: also what's surprising about that is lindsey graham was in this building when there was a riot on capitol hill on january 6th and at the time said he was done with all of this, but defending donald trump
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in the aftermath of the search at mar-a-lago as we've seen a number of republicans do, even though they still want to get information about exactly what donald trump was storing, why he was storing it, and they still have questions about whether he broke the law, guys! manu raju with the reporting for us on capitol hill. thank you, let's bring in ron brownstein, cnn senior political analyst, and senior editor at the atlantic. joe walsh a former republican congressman from illinois who hosts the white flag podcast. gentlemen, welcome back. we know your history, you tweeted ahead of 2016 that if trump didn't win the election, you were grabbing a musket, you've apologized from those comments. from that perspective, how do you view what you're hearing from senator graham as this investigation goes on? >> yeah, victor, look, to predict violence and/or to warn about violence but not condemn it is terribly irresponsible and
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dangerous: and lindsey graham knows that. lindsey graham knows what he said last night will inflame people and is dangerous. i hear threats of violence every single day, and i will say victor, if donald trump is indicted, there will be violence. i mean, look what happened on january 6th. but those threats of violence should never stop the pursuit of justice. that's what a country who believes in the rule of law does. lindsey graham knows that and it's shameful he didn't acknowledge that. >> ron, i want your quick thoughts on that. we have all seen this horror movie before as the congressman says. if you have to be worried about violence, and of course we are after seeing the foaming at the mouth mob that came out on january 6th, then that means donald trump can never be held responsible for the things that he's done wrong like the gross
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mishandling of these classified documents. >> the comments from lindsey graham are really, alisyn, another measure of how much political and social life in america is changing in the trump era. i mean, you know, it happens day by day, in a way that sometimes it's easy to lose sight of. think about how common threats of violence have become throughout the political system against election workers, against public health workers, education meetings, members of congress who voted to impeach donald trump. we are seeing an ob absorbs of threats of violence, and too few party leaders explicitly and unreservedly saying this is unacceptable, instead you get the kinds of things lindsey graham said, he doesn't call for it, but doesn't condemn it. by predicting without condemning, you are basically
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inviting it. >> congressman t, to this expectation that the win in november for republicans may not be above 60 seats as mccarthy talked about back in november, the president has some legislative wins, gas prices are down. oswari is dead, how much of this is on the republicans that they win won't be as broad as they predicted earlier? >> a whole bunch. i would say most of it. look, we're talking about a party, my former political party that nominated a bunch of crazy, nutty, election denying candidates. and as we've discussed before, that plays really well in a republican primary. it doesn't play as well in a general election. the other thing is trump, trump, trump, trump, i mean, what have we all been talking about for the past month. donald trump classified documents down at mar-a-lago. trump energizes the republican base, but he gets independents
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and all the rest of america to get out and vote as well, which is what happened in 2018 and 2020, and could happen again this year. >> i think it's interesting what we're hearing from some republicans, mainstream republicans which really take umbrage at something president biden said behind closed doors at this fundraiser. this wasn't on the record, but he said it out loud to this group, and so what the reporting is that he said at this fundraising event on thursday was quote, what we're seeing now is the beginning or the death nail of an extreme maga philosophy. it's not just trump. it's the entire philosophy that under pins the, i'm just going to say something, like semifascism. what you're hearing from some republicans including governor sonunu in new hampshire, they're taking the deplorables, they're taking great personal offense at this, ron, but don't they distinguish between the maga wing and themselves?
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>> right. i think the president biden was on stronger ground because he attributed this to the maga philosophy or maga movement. you always want to be careful when characterizing large groups of people obviously as a leader of the country. the president is not as far from alone in viewing the maga faction, which is now clearly the dominant faction in the republican party, fthat is the dominant faction in the republican party. there are many experts in authoritarianism, daniel seablat, who will tell you that movement in the republican party has more in common with what we have seen in authoritarian parties in country like hungary and turkey. 2/3 of republican attorney general filed a lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election. 2/3 of house republicans voted to overturn the 20/20 election.
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in most of the polls a majority of republicans have said the american way of life is disappearing, traditional way of life is disappearing fast. you talk about the nomination of election deniers, it's uncomfortable for people lto dpt they're in a coalition that includes antidemocratic forces but it's hard to ignore the evidence they are. >> we've only got 15 seconds, your thoughts on the outrage and the comment from the president? >> victor, it's ridiculous, look, i come from the maga cult. i escaped the maga cult. president biden was talking about the philosophy behind maga. he wasn't calling out specific voters. i don't think he went far enough in what he said. >> all right. former congressman joe walsh, ron brownstein, thank you. now to the moon mission. 50 years in the making scrubbed today after an engine malfunction. artemis 1 is the first in a series of complex missions that would enable human exploration
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of the moon and mars. >> it was scheduled for lift off this morning, but the launch team discovered a bleed in one of the rocket's four engines. let's go to cnn space and innovation correspondent, rachel crane live from the kennedy space center in florida. so what exactly happened? >> reporter: so victor, and alisyn, nasa just held a press conference about an hour ago giving us a little bit more insight into exactly what went wrong here. they're saying it doesn't actually look as though there was a problem with the engine itself. it was engine number 3. there's four of these rs-25 engines on the core of the sls rocket. actually, those engines were used during the shuttle program. they've all been flight proven, but what they think the problem is here is with the cooling system of the engines, before they put the very very cold liquid, hydrogen and liquid oxygen through those engines,
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they need to cool them down, and they weren't seeing the right temperatures, the temperatures that they wanted to see, but exactly why that happened, exactly what the issue is, they didn't give anymore insight other than that. nasa will be holding another press conference tomorrow where hopefully we'll learn whether or not the back up window for friday is feasible at this point. now, there was a back up to the back up also scheduled for monday. but if this is a more technically difficult issue to troubleshoot here, victor, and alisyn, they may have to wield that gigantic rocket behind me back to the vehicle assembly building to help get to the bottom of this issue, and just that journey alone is 3 1/2 days. so, you know, you build in the time to, then, deal with this problem, and then the journey back, so it could be a substantial delay if this does prove to be a more serious issue, but of course i just want to point out, today was a test launch, and, you know, these
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scrubs are typical when it comes to space flight. space flight is hard. so this isn't anything out of the ordinary here. especially when you're talking about a never before flown rocket here. >> okay. great context, rachel crane, thank you. and stick around, everybody, we're going to be speaking to astro physicist neil degrasse tyson about what went wrong today, and he's going to answer your big space questions. a duke volleyball player said she faced racist slurs at brigham young, and officials did not act quick enough to stop the harassment. we'll speak with byu's athletic department ahead. ly pay for wha. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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nasa's long awaited artemis 1 mission was postponed after an engine cooling issue was discovered. this was supposed to be the first in a series of missions that would return humans to the moon for the first time since 1972. they will try to launch again as early as friday, but here's what the artemis 1 manager thinks went wrong. >> the combination of not being able to get the engine 3 chilled down, and then the event valve issue that they saw at the inner tank caused us to pause today, and we felt like we needed a little more time. there was also a series of weather issues throughout the window. we would have been no go for weather at the beginning of the window due to precipitation, and later on in the window, we would have been no go for lightning within the launch pad area. >> let's bring in astro physicist neil degrasse tyson.
12:20 pm
he joins us live, also the director of the haden planetarium. great to see you as always. i'm no rocket scientist, just a tv journalist, which is obviously much harder, but an engine bleed sounds bad to me. are you surprised when these things crop up at like the 11th hour right before takeoff? >> no, i mean, it is rocket science, and it's hard and it requires a lot of people and a lot of things to happen correctly. all things that have to work, and so we shouldn't be surprised. engineering is hard. science is hard. and these are just reminders of that. better that it gets scrubbed than it explodes on the launch pad, so to consider the alternatives. >> certainly. listen, we have asked our viewers on twitter and instagram and i don't know how many platforms you have. that's all i have to submit questions that they had like you to answer. i'm going to start with one i received, besides executing a
12:21 pm
safe mission, obviously, what's the top priority scientifically of the mission. what took so long to go back to the moon. are we in a moon race. i'll let you choose which of those questions you want to answer. >> i think we are in a little bit of a moon race, even if no one admits it publicly. china has met good on every one of their promises, when they said we're going to put a astronaut into orbit, they did that. they're going to build a space station. they're doing that. and so they want to say -- declare they want to go to the moon, we should really take them seriously. if we feel threatened by that in any way, this is the kind of response that that triggers. that's why we went to the moon in the first place. you know, our cleansed memory of that period is, oh, we're americans, and we're explorers. we were in the middle of a cold war, and we got scared when russia and the soviet union launched sputnik and we had to
12:22 pm
respond in some way for our own dignity, our own place in the world. a lot of things drive space exploration beyond just scientific motives. >> this comes from joseph on my instagram who says does neil think we'll ever colonize the moon? >> yeah, so colonies imply that you're going to go there and just hang out and never come back. but there's the little problem of, there's like the no air problem. okay. i don't mind going there for a visit. okay, and there's this old joke, you know, they have restaurants there, and they might have good food but there would be no atmosphere in the restaurant, so you can imagine visiting the moon, but the idea that we'd have a permanent colony, who would do that? i'd just stay here in on earth, personally. >> all right. so this next question came in through twitter. how long will the mission to the moon take and will the astronauts eventually stay, reside on the moon for research
12:23 pm
purposes. i think you answered the second half of that. what do you think? >> so a straight shot to the moon where you sort of launch -- you set off your engines to exit earth's orbit and coast to the moon. that takes three days, and it's three days back, and you stay on the moon however long your mission requires of you. this one, artemis 1, and i think also two, but certainly this one, it has no plans on landing. it would just go into an orbit around the moon, and testing the hardware and the software, and all the things that you want to make sure work before you put people inside the orion capsule, and so this is a -- these are important tests. by the way, during apollo, we did the same thing, except we had people on board because we didn't have the robotic remote control abilities that we do today. that's why we're sending an entire mission that in the future we'll have people but
12:24 pm
right now it does not. so how long you spend there is up to whatever are your goals, and like i said, geopolitics is some of the strongest drivers while nations go into space, not science, unfortunately. >> neil, this comes from my alex on my instagram who says what measures are taken to stop rockets from colliding with space junk? >> yeah, so space is getting junkier by the moment, okay. and so often they don't typically tell you this, but often a launch window is set for many reasons, but including the risk of what you want to avoid some known space junk that -- through which it could collide, and so the military at nasa, as well as the military tracks space junk. and you don't want to run into a piece of space junk moving 5
12:25 pm
miles per second on an orbital intersection. this is a problem. it's going to get worse before it gets better, and i joke that maybe aliens have come to try to visit, and they see all the space junk in our -- around in our -- surrounding the earth, and they said forget it, we're going back home. we don't want to risk landing there. so i think about what aliens think all the time. it's a thing with me. >> that's something to consider, thinking about what aliens think all the time. astro physicist, neil degrasse tyson, the man with the best background on television. thank you so much for being with us. >> all right. thanks for having me. >> thank you. major developments on the battlefield in ukraine. forces there have now launched a counter offensive in the south to drive russian forces out. we've got t new reporting ahead. . like nike, jordan, hoka, the north h face, and more.
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a military source tells cnn that ukrainian troops have now retaken four villages from russian control. the source said the villages are in the southern part of the
12:31 pm
country near kherson. >> this is part of a counter offensive by ukraine to claw back russian gains. russia claimed today the counter offensive quote failed miserably. let's bring in cnn's jim sciutto, he broke the news of this offensive. we know you've been talking to senior u.s. and ukrainian officials, including former ukrainian president, so tell us about this counter offensive, why now? >> so first, why now i suppose is that the ukrainians believe in the simplest terms that they have the capability here, they have the forces and they have the opportunity when they believe that russian forces are not as well manned, well armed as they had been in the past. u.s. intelligence assessments have shown that a lot of those russian front line units are going to the front lines, first of all, in fewer numbers than have been expected, but also without the same manpower, the same weaponry. there's also a bit of a seasonal aspect here that the fighting window was assessed to be now and the middle of october.
12:32 pm
it will get colder then, this is the opportunity, the end of the fighting season, some might say or the peak fighting season. really it's a judgment where ukraine believes it can do this now, and they have been citing, as part of their assessment of their own capability the arrival of key western supplied weapons system, including this hymars artillery system which has allowed the ukrainians to hit russian targets far away with great accuracy and cause a lot of damage, so this counter offensive had been talked about for a number of weeks, you've heard ukrainian officials up to president zelenskyy say we're not going to live with the territory taken by russia. we're going to fight, get it back, and what the u.s. is seeing now, and what we're seeing ukrainian officials now acknowledge is that this is the beginning of that. i did, as you mentioned, alisyn, speak to the former ukrainian president, petro poroshenko this
12:33 pm
morning, and here's what he had to say. >> it was started today at 7:00 a.m. with missiles attack, and this is first time since february 2022 when such a concentrated of ukrainian troops with their western artillery, and with the western hymers, and western missile was collected together for these counter attacks. putin understands only one language, language of strength. >> so the big test now alisyn and victor is how much territory can ukrainian forces credibly gain, and can they hold that territory because, yes, russian forces may be weaker than expected in these areas, but still a significant capable force on the russian side. >> so, jim, there's this iaea team of inspectors on their way now to the zaporizhzhia nuclear plant where russian shells have
12:34 pm
fallen 300 feet from nuclear reactor buildings. what's behind this shell something. >> well, listen, there is fighting close to what was until recently an active nuclear power plant, the largest in europe. it's the first time we've seen war really in world history shut down a nuclear power plant, so everyone is alarmed by this. certainly the ukrainians, western officials as well. i spoke to john kirby yesterday who said there is still a danger of a nuclear accident. this mission seen as crucial, it does appear there's some indications that russia does not want a major accident here either. although, it was the suspicion of u.s. and other western officials that russia did -- was conducting something of a game. you might call it chicken here or extortion, right, you know, all of this fighting around there to scare ukrainian forces into some sort of concession, but listen, we've seen activity in recent days that got so close that it seems the level of alarm
12:35 pm
rose, and there's frankly a concern that russia wanted to steal the power from this plant, cut off from the grid, and redirect the power back towards russia, which would be yet another alarming development in this war as to what russia is willing to do to carry it out. this iaea team going in there, an essential step now to judge the risk to that plant, its current operations, and hopefully to avoid a more serious disaster. >> all right. jim sciutto, thank you. >> thanks. towards the end of an era in tennis, serena williams is hitting the court after the u.s. open, just weeks after announcing her retirement. we have more on all of that ahead. it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360® smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because proven quality sleep is vital
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a duke volleyball player says that brigham young university officials failed to stop racist heckling during a game on friday. the university has since issued an apology and said because of the incident, one fan is now banned from its athletic venue. >> sophomore rachel richardson heard more than one person using racial slurs toward the black players. my teammates and i had to struggle to get through the game instead of focusing on the game so we could compete at the highest level possible. byu officials failed to adequately address the situation immediately following the game when it was brought to their attention again. no athlete, regardless of their
12:41 pm
race, should ever be subject to such hostile conditions. and byu's athletic director tom homo joins us now. thank you so much for being here. we really appreciate being able to talk to you. why didn't byu officials do something during the game to intervene and stop the racist slurs and threats? >> well, i think it's a good question that has a lot of answers that start now and continue into the future. we did take action, but obviously it wasn't sufficient at the time. at the time when this went down and what we had heard, we didn't have any people that we noticed or had evaluated, hadn't scoped out, but still, at that time, we placed four uniformed police officer or one uniformed police officers and four ushers in that area. we, looking back at that time, there's a number of things we could have done different, and that's what we're focusing on now is how to move forward. >> you placed the police
12:42 pm
officers there because you heard the racist slurs. >> no, it was reported by a duke university volleyball player after the end of one of the matches. >> yes, but if the officers are there, posted and rachel richardson said they continued, did those officers hear any additional slurs and any additional heckling. >> that's what we're going through right now in this investigation. that's one of the things that we believe that there was slurs that came and were directed at rachel. one of the things that we're looking at now is we would invite anyone to be able to send. we would think with the technology that we have and the people that were there, that if there was someone that has video or a photo, we want to be able to find these people, whoever they are, and be able to take care of them as far as putting them out. they'd be out of the game, they'd be out of school if they're students at byu. >> they will be expelled. in other words, she says it was
12:43 pm
more than just one student. has that one student been expelled from the university? >> that student wasn't a byu student, but that student has been banned m t, that's what we do, from any of our games. >> she says there was more than one, so you're saying -- do you know of any other students yet? >> they haven't been identified by any of the duke players. there was one, the person that was banned was identified after the game, and that is the person that has been banned. they were identified by the duke university. we don't have any reports from any of the duke people specifically for people. so we have spent a lot of time in the last three days pouring over our video. the game was on byu broadcasting. we have a lot of opportunities to get in and see those views. but we haven't seen those views yet of anything like that. >> let me ask you about the investigation. this game was friday night. the statement posted on twitter was on sunday afternoon.
12:44 pm
did anyone inform you between the friday night game and the sunday posting? >> oh, yes. so i was out of town in utah, but i was not at the game, and from the time that it happened, we went right to work about that. it was important that we tried to find out first and foremost how rachel was. we knew and as soon as i heard that, i contacted the coach from duke volleyball, and i was able to meet with rachel the next morning. i felt that that was the most important thing that i could do regardless of what was happening on the peripheral to make sure that he was okay. we had a great conversation. she was gracious. she was kind. we had a very personal conversation. i trust her, i feel like she was harmed. i know she was. everybody can see that. but one of the things that was very important for me coming out of that is that i was able to
12:45 pm
say to her, and she to me that we're both in this fight together. at byu, i and our leadership, we want to route out racism. we think it's disgusting. there's no room for it. the fact that it happened here in our gym is very disturbing to us. but we will continue to do everything we can from the time that it happened, from the time that we were notified at the end of the second game, there were steps that were taken and were still into it to see if there were other people that may be perpetrators that we can take care of and get them out. >> and very i diquickly, what d it say about the byu community and culture that this happened is this. >> i don't believe that this is a culture that is at byu. i don't believe that. what i really feel is that we have people in the society that are wrong. they're egregious, they're hateful.
12:46 pm
they're harmful and that occurred. i saw rachel. i met with her. i could see it in her eyes. i could feel it in her voice. i could feel it in her emotion. that should never happen. it shouldn't happen to anybody, let alone a student athlete from another team at our facility. so i think that when rachel and i talked about it, we talked about going forward. we're in the same battle. what she is asking for right now in her very beautiful statement, where she's calling for an end to racism. we're on her side. we're in that battle with her. >> it was a gracious statement. i think the question still stands, if this happened throughout the game, and there are people that have been posted there, and they are surrounded by byu students and others, how are they allowed to continue to heckle and call out the slurs would would you tell that being an interruption with that person being escorted out. tom, thank you so much for being with us. we're follow up. you're still in this fight with
12:47 pm
rachel, we will check back in. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. after 13 years under conservatorship, britney spears is speaking out. she says a lot in this 22-minute audio clip. we'll explain. and it's natural. treat it that way with aveeno® daily moisture. formulated with nourishing, prebiotic oat. it'slinically proven to moisturize dry skin for 24 hou. aveeno®
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12:51 pm
britney spears is accusing her family of abuse during her 13-year curvonservatorship. >> she opened up. here's part of it. >> i'm sharing this because i want people to know i'm only human.
12:52 pm
i feel victimized after these experiences and how can i mend this if i don't talk about it. if you're a weird introvert oddball like me who feels alone a lot of the time and you need to feel a story like this today so you don't feel alone, know this. my life has been far from easy, and you're not alone. >> elizabeth wag meister is a chief correspondent for variety and co-host of variety's the take. this is sad and fascinating to hear britney speak so openly. she clearly is trying to heal, and she's sort of processing out loud, but then she deletes these things after she posts them on youtube, and so it seems as though she's really ambivmbival. i don't understand why she posts them and deletes them. do you understand what's going on behind the scenes? >> we're not sure obviously
12:53 pm
britney's thought process with posting this and then quickly making it private so that the public couldn't see. i did reach out to a representative for her. they didn't comment, but i think that the takeaway here is exactly what you said, britney is trying to heal, and she's reconciling with what she's been through for the past 13-plus years in a very public forum. obviously, this conservatorship that she went through is abnormal to say the least for anyone, certainly someone at her age being this young and also at her level of fame. so dealing with that on one hand is highly atypical, and then dealing with it in front of the entire world with hundreds of millions of fans across the globe waiting to hear what you have to say. i think you're exactly right that she is in the mode of healing, and probably the only way that she knows how do that is in public in front of her fans. >> you know, she said that the part that hurt most was her
12:54 pm
family, her mother, her sister, not coming to her rescue. does she have any communications with her siblings, with her mother? >> you know, we have seen this play out quite frankly on instagram. that britney spears has been taking aim at, of course, her father, james spears, who was her conservator, but also her mother, lynne spears, and her sister, jamie lynn. all of them have denied any wrongdoing, whether it's through lawyers or whether through their own social media, and actually, last night, after britney posted this 22-minute message, her mother did post and say that this breaks her heart. she feels helpless, and she claims that she has tried to get in contact with britney. she said that she's tried to call her, she's tried to get on a plane. but obviously, there is a huge rift in between britney and her family, and as she says, not just on this audio message, but also in her testimony last year
12:55 pm
in court, she blames her family for putting her through this conservatorship. >> elizabeth, i want to take a few seconds here and play her new music. she has this collaboration with elton john for the first song she's put out since her conservatorship ended and it's getting a lot of attention. here's a snippet. ♪ hold me closer tiny dancer ♪ ♪ count the headlights on the highway ♪ >> i love it because i think it's cool how they meld their voices together. it's a really interesting effect, but it's also sweeping the globe. what do we know? >> it is, yes. britney, this is her first music to come from the conservatorship. and as you said, it's sweeping the globe. it's topping the charts. was number one on itunes last night during the vmas. you know, a lot of people throughout this entire free britney movement and when britney spears was free from
12:56 pm
this conservatorship, they were asking what's next for her. and of course, we know that she got married and now she's out with a new song. i think there's no way better than to collaborate with elton john, who of course, is just legendary. so bringing him together with britney really successful. >> thank you very much for all of that. and "the lead" with jake tapper starts after this short break. ("this little light of mine") - [narrator] in the world's poorest places, they're shunned, outcast, living in pain.
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artemis failed to launch. pumpkin spice lattes are going to cost more, and it's only monday. "the lead" starts right now. >> the justice department takes the lead on reviewing documents seized from mar-a-lago as team trump keeps up its fight to get in on the process. might this set up yet another legal fight? >> plus, wild scenes of violence. a grocery store shot up in oregon, an apartment set


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