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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 30, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the news continues next right here on cnn. hello and welcome to our viewers joining us from the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton and we begin this hour in the united states where post tropical cyclone ian is barrelling through the
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carolinas at this hour with high winds, heavy rain and the threat of floods. now, officials say the storm thankfully has been downgraded from a hurricane, but it still poses a threat as it makes its way inland. it has already caused considerable damage in south carolina where it made landfall friday. now, you see that video there. it's the storm ripping through a pier in north myrtle beach causing part of it to collapse. now, it also submerged this neighborhood with a storm surge that was several feet high. so far, thankfully again there have been no reported deaths in south carolina. it's not the case in florida. at least 45 people have lost their lives, and we're getting a clearer picture of the extraordinary damage this storm left behind. entire neighborhoods that were once brimming with life -- i mean look at it. they're now flattened fields littered with debris. this is footage from fort myers beach where one woman's struggle to survive was captured in a
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phone call. >> i am up to my neck in water. >> okay, all right. >> i am so cold. >> i'm losing you. i can't hear you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> oh, my gosh, isn't that so distressing? thankfully the woman you heard there was later rescued, and so far the coast guard says it has saved more than 275 people in florida, and the u.s. president is offering more help. >> i've directed that every possible action be taken to save lives and get help to survivors because every single minute counts. it's not just a crisis for florida. it's an american crisis. my message to the people of south carolina is simple. please listen to all the warnings and directions from local officials and follow their instructions. >> now, at this hour about 2
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million customers in four states are still without power. in florida some areas are slowly starting to restore electricity, but the process has been challenging. >> i would say that the biggest challenge with power restoration is going to be in those areas that bore the brunt of that category 4-plus, almost category 5 impact where it may have uprooted some of the existing infrastructure. >> and we get more details now from cnn's brian todd on the ground in florida. >> nothing left, zero. >> reporter: the full extent of hurricane ian's destruction coming fully into view. aerial damage assessments showing house after house either flooded or wiped out, some buildings with nothing left but the concrete slab. remote locations like pine island and sanibelisland cut off
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from the mainland. these before and after images showing just how hard sanibel was hit. >> so the only place to access that is either by sea or air. >> reporter: so far more than 700 people rescued, the governor says. this car in orange county was filled with water up to the seats when the passengers were rescued. the coast guard making rescues by air from flooded communities along the coast. here a rescuer is lowered into the water, finds a woman in a house surrounded by water. >> make sure you have a bag with a dry pair of clothes with i.d., cellphone, wallets. >> reporter: a basket is lowered, she climbs, holds her pet crate. volunteers pitching in as well, using boats to evacuate survivors stranded by the flood waters. >> the surge was higher than 9 feet. >> reporter: harrowing stories from the deluge still emerging including from the survivor who tooked this video. >> initially the water pushed me up the stairs and sucked me back down as well.
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i got completely submerged by the water all above my head. >> reporter: among the residents returning to survey the damage, distress and determination. how do you feel about all this? >> i feel it was time for a remodel. >> reporter: good outlook. can you rebuild? >> yes. >> reporter: even inland in places like orlando floodwater was still high on friday. >> what we saw in central florida was more standing water than what we saw in southwest florida where more storm surge came in. >> reporter: what's it biggest danger the community is facing right now? >> multiple dangers out there, down power lines that might be reenergized. just try to stay home, try to stay safe and the call us if you need us. >> reporter: the death toll now over 40. more than a million customers still without power. some could take days and weeks to restore. and the figures on property losses remain staggering. hurricane ian could have caused as much as $47 billion in
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insured losses. that could make it the most expensive hurricane in the history of the state of florida. brian todd, cnn, naples, florida. >> now, ian, made its second u.s. landfall near georgetown, south carolina, friday as a category 1 hurricane. yes, it was still a hurricane with destructive winds and life threatening storm surges. power is being restored to impacted areas as officials assess the damage in shelters where people took refuge from the storm in charleston county are set to close saturday afternoon. while the storm is weakened as it moves further inland the governors of south and north carolina say risks remain. >> it's not as bad as it could have been. a lot of prayers have been answered, but i would ask people don't quit yet because it's still coming. >> flash floods are a concern,
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and that's why we want people to go ahead and stay off the roads, to also listen to their local officials. they would be the ones to make a determination whether someone needed to evacuate an area. >> cnn's nick valencia is in myrtle beach, south carolina, and filed this report for us. >> reporter: the worst of the hurricane appears to have come and gone here in myrtle beach. and though hurricane ian made landfall just south of us, it brought significant damage here in and around the area, particularly in north myrtle beach to the cherry grove pier, which was just wrecked by the heavy rain and significant wind that came with hurricane ian. portions of of that pier floating into the atlantic. now, there was concerns here from local officials for localized flooding especially along the coast. some residents did get water inside their homes, and there was at least one rescue in the county. here along the coast where we were standing just hours ago was under water. all of that water has receded back into the ocean, but the wind here continues to be a
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factor. and perhaps the most dramatic scene that we saw throughout the day on friday there was a shrimp boat that seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the atlantic just getting hammered by those choppy waves. and initially it wasn't clear if there was anyone on that boat. they said it was yesterday or rather thursday the crew was evacuated by the coast guard. it was anchored down but because of that severe weather it drifted ashore here. actually one person was arrested trying to climb into that boat. the cleanup begins now here and there's going to be a lot to cleanup in the coming days. nick valencia, cnn, myrtle beach, south carolina. >> for more let's bring in the myrtle beach emergency management director. and thanks for joining us on what has been i'm sure an incredi incredibly busy day. i mean, bring us up to speed here.
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is the worst over, and what have been the lasting effects so far? >> so right before i came on-air with you, i just received the initial damage assessment reports that our city personnel have been out doing, and, you know, it seems like we fared out pretty well. there's obviously some damages to properties alongside our beach side community. the closer you get to the ocean, the more severe the damage is. inland we were able to escape the majority of the problems. there were some power issues, utility issues. but for the most part the majority of myrtle beach survived pretty well, i thought. >> yeah, and it's incredible you say that when we, you know, just showed pictures of homes that are on stilts but still they have been inundated with water. what was the main issue today? was it the flooding? was it power? is it still power? how's the water situation coming together in the community? >> so from basically the beginning of the week when we
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found out whether it was the tropical storm or hurricane coming at us our biggest concern was coastal flooding and the storm surge. unfortunately, that became a reality. i believe our storm surge actually got all the way up to 6 feet, which is some of the highest in recorded history for myrtle beach. when you put that in with the heavy rain, high tide was at 11:00 this morning, the storm hit us at 2:00. just the way timing worked out, you know, the coastal flooding really became our major issue. obviously the power and utilities throughout myrtle beach was always a concern, but those companies i've got to give it to them, they were on it. so we expect to be close to 100% probably by midnight today so -- >> incredible. one of the pictures we're looking at now is the apache pier, which did not survive i take it. has that happened before? >> yeah, we have a history with
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our piers, not just myrtle beach but north and south of us, they sustained damage every hurricane. but, you know, the more severe damage that comes from hurricanes like this where you get that tropical storm surge, that flooding, you know, and unfortunately, it's the cost of doing business, of having a pier all the way out there in the ocean without any protection around it. >> well, i've walked that pier. it is lovely and hopefully to be rebuilt very soon. i did not realize it was at historic levels today the storm surge. and having said that you've been working on plans for years in your career in terms of mitigation, right? >> yes. >> i'm going to lean on your experience here. what have you learned about what has been this unprecedented menace that has been hurricane ian? >> so the big thing for us is, you know, every year starting in march our department is out there, community reach, public
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education because a lot of people aren't familiar with hurricanes. so we have basically six, seven months dedicated specifically to hurricanes, trying to educate people. throughout the week leading up to this out there making sure drainage was working. our beach side coordinators were making sure the beach was protected as much as possible. you know, as great as it is living on the beach sometimes, you know, bad things happen. so we're working on it. >> and in terms of the plans being in place, though, do you think this kind of a hurricane was a game changer? i mean we've already got one historic marker on it. i mean, is it a bit unsettling to think what might happen to storms over the next decade? >> yeah, i mean, a majority of the flooding happened in areas that we have previously identified flood easier than others throughout the years. but i think we do need to look more into our plans and
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mitigation efforts for those specific areas. you know, when some of it unfortunately is human error. we had a lot of water rescues today just from people driving through water in the roadways. and as much as we preach and put on signage and everything, you know, don't drive through water, turn around don't drown, unfortunately some people didn't listen. so a lot of our emergency calls today had to deal with rescuing people from their vehicle. >> that's incredible because as you said we -- everyone tries to warn people ahead of time. i guess it is hard at times to judge exactly where those water levels are. travis, listen, we'll wish you the best on getting through cleanup and good to hear you're through the worst. >> appreciate it. >> bringing us right up to speed now cnn meteorologist karen maginnis joins us. and i hope you can tell us we've seen the backside of this. i don't want to see any side of
9:14 pm
this thing, but i'm hoping it is breaking up. >> it is. and now the reference to ian is now post-tropical ian. and that may sound a bit confusing but there are two ingredients that make it post-tropical. and that is no center of circulation, that very typically we see with hurricanes. although, this one on its second entrance into the north american coast along the central coast of south carolina and georgetown we didn't really so a clearly defined eye, but it still had tropical characteristics because it was a warm core. now it's called a cold core, and it doesn't have a clearly defined eye. so having said all that, we still have some problems. yes, i think the worst is behind us, but i don't want anyone to let their guard down because still the potential for flooding is still here. all the way from north carolina into virginia, that peninsula, there could be substantial
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rainfall here on the order of 3 to 6 inches. and that may not sound a lot compared to what we saw in the florida peninsula, also south carolina where some of these areas that have become developedthadeveloped that is going to be substantial and enough for flooding. the this is what we can expect with that broad shield of rainfall that was about 600 miles wide yesterday at this hour. take a look at some of these wind gusts. in boom, north carolina, 46 miles an hour. the post-tropical ian reporting winds 50 miles an hour. this rain shield across the carolinas, into north carolina, also into virginia, that delmar peninsula, and also going to be a rather heavy surf. and don't think about going swimming. i know the temptation is there. it is part of human nature when you see something like this to want to venture into the water and experience that. it's a really bad idea because this rip current is going to be
9:16 pm
very substantial. but even going into sunday across portions of of pennsylvania also into west virginia and maryland, this is where we could see substantial rainfall. and into virginia and the tidewater area, substantial rainfall and definitely, paula, by sunday we're looking at a much different picture here, a much lesser threat. >> yeah, and still, though, some tense hours ahead. karen, thanks. we really appreciate the update and the warnings. the warnings are significant. russia, meantime is pushing ahead to annex nearly a fifth of ukrainine but as soon as the annexation ceremony in moscow is done widespread condemnation is quick to follow. plus continuing coverage on ian's s impact on florida and elsewhere in the eastern u.s. stay with us. we'll have more after a quick break.
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russia is moving ahead with
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its plan to carry out the largest forced annexation in europe since world war ii. a large ceremony in moscow friday. president vladimir putin announced the annexation of close to one fifth of ukraine. the move follows the so-called referenda in previously four occupied regions which the west dismissed as shams. as soon as mr. putin signed annexation documents western nations made it clear the move will not be recognized. the u.s. and britain along with other g7 members are already pushing sanctions on moscow. moscow vetoed the resolution that condemned the referenda and called for russian forces to leave ukraine. now, no other country voted against the measure. in response u.s. president joe biden is giving the russian leader a stern warning, addressing him directly. listen. >> well, the united states is never going to recognize this.
9:22 pm
and quite frankly the world's not going to recognize it either. he can't seize his neighbor's territory and get away with it. it's as simple as that. america's fully prepared with our nato allies to defend every single inch of nato territory. every single inch. so mr. putin, don't misunderstand what i'm saying. every inch. >> ukraine responded to mr. putin's announcement by doing one of the last things he wanted, applying to join nato. now, president zelenskyy signed an application on friday next to ukraine's prime minister and parliament speaker. mr. putin has said he sees nato's expansion in eastern europe as an existential threat to russia. nato's secretary-general says the alliance supports ukraine's right to choose its own path. it says the decision is ultimately up to all 30 members. mr. zelenskyy says the membership bid will benefit more than just ukraine.
9:23 pm
>> translator: today here in kyiv in the heart of our country we are taking a decisive step for the security of the entire community of free nations. security has no alternatives but determination is needed to guarantee it. we are taking our decisive step by signing ukraine's application for accelerated accession to nato. >> cnn's matthew chance joins me now from new york with the latest. and matthew, even by the standards of the last few months, this really was an astonishing speech. i mean, what did you make of it including the optics that went along with it, right? >> yeah, pretty incredible. i mean, you thought vladimir putin was going to back down. i don't know why you would and he would have been wrong because he doubles down in situations like this, and it's exactly what we saw. it was a speech full of, you know, vitriol against the west.
9:24 pm
he talks about how the west wanted to break up russia because it couldn't stand the idea it was a powerful country with vast resources that didn't obey western commands. and he made it quite clear, of course, that there were four new regions of the russian federation, the areas in ukraine that he was announcing the annexation of. and he also made it absolutely clear that there was not going to be in any negotiations they were not going to be on the table in the future. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i want the kyiv authorities and their real masters in the west to hear me and remember those people that live in those four regions are becoming our citizens forever. >> yeah, forever, right. and the response to that from the ukrainians has been, like, well, we want to have peace talks as well but not with vladimir putin, not now. >> yeah, and you hardly blame them for that.
9:25 pm
the response from the west has been fairly forceful, and that includes from ukraine saying they want an accelerated path to nato. but this is fairly delicate still, isn't it, especially with that threat of nuclear weapons is still on the table. >> i think it's really frightening, actually, because vladimir putin has tied his fate very much to the fortunes of the future of these four regions in ukraine that has now announced this annexation of. and that puts us in a very, very difficult and dangerous position. he's also made it quite clear that he regards these territories as part of mother russia. and if mother russia is attacked or as they define it as so, he reserves the right to use nuclear weapons. and vladimir putin, as you know very well, is a very unpredictable character. he's made strategic mistakes in this conflict so far, and there's a possibility, of
9:26 pm
course, that has to be considered that he could make another one even though the united states and others are saying they're not seeing any sign of nuclear weapons being prepared at this stage. no one seriously is ruling out that possibility. and the fact we're even talking about it is in itself, you know, kind of unprecedented, really, in its danger. >> it is chilling, isn't it, matthew? i want to thank you for your analysis. really appreciate it. now, remnants of hurricane ian no longer posing major threat to life and property, but it's still caused problems for south carolina. our reports coming up after the break. also ahead how volunteers are saving lives in hard hit florida. >> when americans are in trouble in bad spots usually woo do water zones and conflict zones, but hurricane ian qualifies. >> you're named after churchill's operation. >> correct. and now w here we are.
9:27 pm
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and welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and in canada. i'm paula newton. you are watching "cnn newsroom." now, the losses of life and property from hurricane ian are so staggering along florida's gulf coast that no one can yet quantify just how devastating its truly been. now, countless vacation homes, hotels, businesses, boats, vehicles, you can see there simply vanished after the category 4 storm made landfall wednesday. and now one analysis predicts the insured losses in the state
9:32 pm
will be nearly $50 billion. tragically florida's death toll continues to climb as search and rescue teams comb through mountains of debris for more victims. ian is now a post-tropical cyclone, and that was after making landfall again in south carolina. so far at least 45 storm related fatalities have been confirm but officials fear the final tally could be in the hundreds. the u.s. coast guard says many people are still stranded by deep water. listen to this. >> what we're finding is that many of the people are -- are not critically injured and they're not in immediate distress, but they're stranded. they're stuck on, you know, islands either man made islands that have been there for some time that are surrounded by water, but more importantly those areas that weren't islands before and now they are surrounded by water. >> yeah, and remember they're stranded there without power, without any way to get in touch with anyone. it's quite a situation. authorities are especially
9:33 pm
concerned as you were just hearing there about the barrier islands near fort myers, which took the brunt of the hurricane. many residents apparently chose not to evacuate and are now cut off from the mainland. cnn's bill weir joined volunteers as they went to sanibel island to find survivors. >> reporter: the shock and anguish really begins for so many people as they assess their losses, but in that moment i like to go back to the best tip. it came from mr. rogers who taught my kids in these horrifying moments look for the helpers. after ian's violent visit this is what's left of the causeway bridge. and this is the now unpassable bridge to pine island. so for residents of both, boats
9:34 pm
and helicopters are the only exit options. and while coast guard black hawks and shinooks buzzed over in the day after, two of the only boats on this part of the gulf carried civilian volunteers from the cajun navy. those good old boys with bass boats and big hearts. >> tell us somebody to go pick up, we'll try to go get them. >> reporter: and a newer outfit known as project dynamo. >> when americans are in trouble in bad spots usually woo do water zones and conflict zones, but hurricane ian qualifies. >> and you're named after churchill's operation. >> correct. and out here we are going to rescue some people off of sandibel which is cut off right
9:35 pm
now. so it's very apprupro. we find a gentleman eager to accept the boat lift but unable to convince his better half. >> we're going. >> to where? >> fort myers. >> the bridge is out. the bridge is knocked out. >> i'm not ready to go. >> reporter: a cursory storm around this part of sanibel reveals plenty of hazards. in one of the most coveted zip codes in florida the construction held up which is in stark contrast to pine island. look at this one, absolutely flattened. especially the mobile homes of the working class and retirees living in st. james city. >> hey, man, are you okay?
9:36 pm
your daughter called us. >> reporter: when their phone cut out early in it storm the grandchildren of nancy and robert sharon were so scared they called the cajun navy and project dynamo and begged them to go check for proof of life. >> they weren't going to do anything after the bridge closed down, but my grand daughters are in ohio and she was crying terrible when i talked to her. we were thinking that you hadn't heard -- and i said there's no service. >> reporter: that's the thing the uncertainty brings so much fear and stress. >> i knew it. and that had me more worried than what was going on at the time because i knew my family was worried. >> it's terrible what we're going through. the destruction is unbelievable. the suffering is going to be bad. hundreds of people are dead right now. we just haven't found them yet, so this is true carnage. it's a war zone.
9:37 pm
>> one, two, three. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> but at the same time i'm really happy we could be here to help. >> reporter: it was also so lovely to see brian and the rest of the guys there show such empathy for the woman who's not ready to leave. he told me he thought she might be in shock. so they'll go back and try and get her again the next day. project or are the ways you might throw them a couple bucks to help them gas those boats, but they'll be out there, and we'll keep looking for the helpers. let me send it back to you. >> our thanks to bill weir there. as you mentioned the storm left florida and moved up the east coast and now inland over south carolina. it was not nearly devastating as in florida but still left its mark on local communities. cnn's miguel marquez is on south carolina's polly's island and filed this report. >> reporter: this was a fishing
9:38 pm
pier that had been here for many, many years, sort of beloved in the community. lots of fish caught off this pier. we can show you the remnants now. you can see part of the pier still, but it's too dark to show you. but we can show you a bit of what's left of this pier. look, it's a pile of rubble but what's important to keep in mind this came on as a category 1 just south of here it made landfall. and it just pummelled the coastline here. not just this pier but the dunes along the coast here, and then pushing tons of debris back into the town as well and further inland. just a massive amount of debris was pushed in destroying this pier along the way. amazingly no one was injured, no one was killed in this area that we have heard of so far. there were several rescues that were done. no one injured, no one killed, which is great. because of what happened in florida, because it was so bad
9:39 pm
in florida people really paid attention here. there were no mass evacuations here. there were no evacuation orders. they asked people to stay home, stay off the streets and to watch the weather very carefully, and it seems here in the carolinas at least people did just that. >> thanks to miguel marquez there. orange county, florida, sent a message to people worried about their dogs and cats in the wake of hurricane ian. it said simply, pets are family, period. the county showed photos of animals being rescued from flooded streets, apartments, and assisted living facilities. it recommends owners prepare pet disaster kits in advance with vital information such as rabys certificates as well as extra collars and leashes in sealed bags. and also don't forget toys and treats to help ease pets anxiety during an emergency. now, if you would like to safely and securely help people affected by hurricane ian who may be in need of shelter, food
9:40 pm
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the death toll from friday's suicide bomb attack an education center in kabul, afghanistan, has risen to 25. local hospitals say at least 56 others were wounded. police say the blast happened while students were taking a practice university entrance exam. witnesses say most of the victims were young women. there has been no claim of responsibility for the attack. so for the second time this year the government has been overthrown in a coup. the military announced a dismissal of the previous chief. now, the new leader is army
9:45 pm
captain who has suspended the constitution, closed the borders and declared, in fact, a nightly curfew. the announcement caps a day that began with gunfire in the capital, an explosion near the presidential palace and interruptions during state tv programming. larry, of course a troubling situation, right, especially given the kind of year it's been already in burkina faso. what more are you learning about this new leadership? >> we don't know about the new president that is the military grouping of people who are in charge of the country. they already carried out one coup in january in burkino faso and now a second coup. the reason this group opposed because he fails to deal according to them with the
9:46 pm
islamist insurgency in the country. and the reason they've now deposed their own military leader is for the same failure, according to them, to handle that growing insecurity in the country. in fact, just a week ago this former leader, military lead defended the coup saying it is a matter of survival for them. it's an absolute necessity to bring some stability to the country. and yesterday after the initial men in military fatigues around the state's broadcasted some explosions, heavy military equipment in the country he said they had negotiations to bring normality to the country, but it didn't happen because on friday night this is what they tell the international community about what's happening in the country. >> translator: dear citizens, aware of our historic responsibility, mpsr commits to
9:47 pm
the entire combat forces to focus on the issue of security and the re-establishing of our territorial integrity. the seizing of power right now signifies the unwavering will to npsr to include all the social strata without any distinction of the transition in our shared fight. >> the government, the constitution, the transition charter all suspended in burkina faso, they've closed the land area borders and really a step back for the country, democratic backsliding if you call it. it's had a really difficult democratic past. it's had eight successful coups since its in independence its 1964. this takes the country all it way back as it tries to deal with insecurity in the country. >> it has to be an unnerving few days at least for those in the country. i know you'll continue following the story for us. south korea is accusing
9:48 pm
pyeongyang of serious provocations of threatening the security of the peninsula and the world after north korea test fired two short range ballistic missiles early saturday. japan's coast guard said at least one had fallen into the sea. u.s. military officials say there's no immediate threat to u.s. territory. north korea has conducted similar tests in just the past couple of days. pyeongyang launched missiles before and after u.s. vice president kamamala harris visit the korean demilititarized zonen thurursday. some new coins have been revealed b by the u.k.'s royal mint, the fifirst to feature th portrait of britain's new king. we get the details straight ahead. too. ♪ ♪ striving to reach the ultimate goal of zero poverty takes more than everyone's hopes and dreams. at citi, it takes a financial commitment to compaes who empower people to lift themselves up.
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u.k.'s royal mint has just
9:53 pm
unveiled the portrait of king charles that will be imprinted on british coins. his new image will appear on the commonwealth 5 pound coin as well as a 50 pence coin which will also honor the life of his mother, the late queen elizabeth. cnn's ana stewart in london with the latest. >> reporter: a new coin for a newly minted monarch. here in london, britain's official coin maker is moving full steam ahead with the country's new legal tender, just one of several changes taking place following the death of britain's longest reigning monarch queen elizabeth ii. although it will be a while before britain's bid a permanent good-bye to the image of their beloved queen. >> for the next 20 years we will see continues that have the queen's portrait on and also the king's currently there were about 37 billion coins that have the queen's effigy on.
9:54 pm
they'll continue to circulate. >> reporter: the proclamation of king charles iii has presented coin makers with a fresh challenge. >> it is quite a moment in british history. it's a personal moment for king charles iii, and personal because we're representing his likeness. the way it's been modeled, the way it's been sculpted creates an accessibility. >> reporter: great pains have been taken to pay tribute to the queen's 70-year reign through a 5 pound continue available to collectors featuring a portrait of her majesty at the beginning of her reign and one portrait capturing the monarch in her later years. whereas the one to enter later circulation is the 5 pence coin. >> he faces in opposite direction to the queen. and that's a 300-year-old tradition. we have no idea actually why.
9:55 pm
>> reporter: coin makers hope this new 50 p coin will enter circulation just before christmas. it's all part of a 1,000 year tradition of british royals being depicted on coins. >> historically there's always been a portrait of the monarch. for the greater part of anglo-saxon, early medieval period it wasn't a recognized individual. at the end of the 15th century there was a recognizable subtlety on the coins for the people of britain that suddenly could see the features of their king. >> reporter: the british people will not only need to equate themselves with new coins but also bank notes and stamps, which will all change to reflect the new head of state. as britain edges closer to a cashless society, coin makers hope these designs will spark a renewed interest in coins. >> there's no question people will want to mark this occasion,
9:56 pm
this moment in british history. coins have that relationship. people nickname them. it's such a familiar object in peoples lives that the king is there staring back at them, as it were, it makes that connection between monarch and people. >> reporter: and allow members of the public to feel part of this new chapter in british history. anna stewart, cnn, london. >> so that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm paula newton. i'll be right back in just a moment with more of our coverage of the impact of hurricane ian. bebecause it penetrates deep into the tooth to help actitively repair acid-weakened enamel. i recommend pronamel repair to my patitients.
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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us from the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton. in this hour thousands of americans in the carolinas are braving the wrath of a very powerful storm. yes, it is still powerful. post-tropical cyclone ian is making its way inland at this hour after slamming into south carolina as a hurricane. even though the storm has been downgraded, officials warn it still threatens the area with storm surges, heavy rain, and strong winds. in fact, it has already caused


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