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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 6, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm max foster in london. just ahead -- >> if they continue down this road, it will only increase the condemnation. >> we want to see the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. he hasn't shown an inclination to move in that direction. there are worse fears tonight. we have found the vems of the kidnapping. >> we are devastated. we are shocked.
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we are dying every moment. it is the young women and girls of iran who are paying the ultimate price for freedom, their lives. >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with max foster. it is thursday, october 6th. 9 a.m. here in london. 4 a.m. in washington and 5 p.m. in seoul, south korea, where the u.s. is reportedly bringing in more fire power near the peninsula following a string of north korea's missile tests. a u.s. air craft carrier strike group is on its way off the korean peninsula. the move comes after they test fired two more nuclear missiles today. that is 25 this yearment the highest number since kim jong-un came to power.
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on wednesday the u.n. security met to discuss pyongyang's program and the u.s. accused russia and china, without naming them, of enabling north korea. >> as we all know, the dprk has enjoyed blanket protection from this council. they have gone out of their way to justify the dprk's provocations and block every attempt to update the sanctions re regime. in short, two permanent members of the security council have enabled kim jong-un. paula hang cobs is standing by from seoul, south korea. this is an extraordinary number of tests in a very short space of time, paula. >> reporter: it is, max. it's what's a record of missile launches that we're seeing this year. you've seen six in just the last 12 days of missile launches.
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two really is quite remarkable. we heard from pyongyang from state runnemede yeah and they said the reason they're carrying out so many missile launches is because the u.s. and south korea have been carrying out military drills. they said that they had also referred them to the u.n. security council for what they thought was just a just reaction to those military drills. we have heard plenty of condemnation from the region itself, from japan, south korea, and also from the united states calling these drills -- sorry, these missile launches dangerous and reckless. we also heard from the u.s. secretary of state, antony blinken, and he did condemn the launches but also pointed out that north korea should come back to the table and negotiate. >> we believe that north korea would be much better served by not only refraining from these
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actions but actually engaging in -- in dialogue. i think what we're seeing is that if they continue down this road, it will only increase condemnation, increase the isolation, increase the steps that are taken in response to their actions. >> reporter: so the secretary of state mentioned isolation, but what we saw from that u.n. security council hearing is that pyongyang is not isolated, that both russia and china supported them when it came to that hearing and refused to condemn their actions when the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. unnamed russia and china, but basically said they were the two countries who were enabling north korea. they pushed back and said the u.s. was poisoning the u.n.
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security environment. what we noah c-- know according to the council, the u.s.s. regan is heading back. the u.s. navy said we do not comment on future operations. we are now back into this cycle of seeing missile launches from south korea and some kind of response from the u.s. and south ko korea. >> paula hancocks in seoul. thank you. we have breaking news just in to cnn. at least 30 people have been killed including multiple children in a shooting in northern thailand. authorities say it happened at a child care center. the prime minister has expressed his condolences. it's not yet clear whether the 30 dead are all children. we're keeping an eye on this and bringing you more details as information comes in. at least 125 deaths are being reported from hurricane ian in florida and north
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carolina as recovery efforts continue there. search and rescue neems florida are still looking for those reported missing and will begin a second round of sanibel island. they said all roads would be closed on thursday morning. absolute carnage is how volunteers describe nearby pine island as they delivered emergency supplies to residents. many homes and businesses were completely destroyed but there's been progress at rebuilding too. the bridge connecting the island to the main land has been repaired allowing more supplies to be delivered. florida's governor says temporary repairs to another bridge to sanibel island will be finished by the end of the month. on wednesday residents were allowed back for the very first time since before the hurricane hit. the vice mayor tells cnn that every single home on the island has been damaged in some way.
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cnn's randi kaye was with residents as they stepped into what's left of their homes. >> reporter: it's 7 a.m. and julie emmig and vicky pascale are on a boat to sanibel island. this will be the first time seeing their home up close since hurricane ian swept through here and they have no idea what to expect. how do you feel about coming here today? >> very apprehensive. i almost don't want to know. i'm afraid of what we're going to see. >> this time it's not going to be the same. our island has been changed. >> reporter: we made our way from the mainland across the gulf of mexico because the one road in was destroyed. do you see where the causeway used to be. what do you think? >> struggling. >> reporter: they had to hire a private boat to take them to
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sanibel. cap tain brandon lawson was at the wheel. >> looks like there's an opening here. >> reporter: as we edge towards sanibel a couple of miles out, the destruction in ian's path became clear. >> it's gone. our beach is gone. >> reporter: once off the boat, it's a mile on foot to their home. what they see is overwhelming. >> we live down this way. this beautiful street. it's been forever changed. oh, my god, their house is gone. >> total devastation. totally changed. it's just heartbreaking to see this. unbelievable. >> reporter: they're closer to their house now but still unsure what they'll find until they make the turn around the bend. >> i think i see the back of our house. >> reporter: remarkably, their house is still standing. there's all kinds of stuff that doesn't even belong to them in their backyard. we found these. these are somebody else's camera negatives, certainly not theirs. and then also in this backyard,
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this bag of birthday cards for someone's 60th birthday. look at this, this is what's left of a door from a woman's restroom from a clubhouse at a resort that is blocks and blocks away from here. >> how do you ever start with this? >> reporter: with the power out, it took about an hour to get the hurricane shutters open manually. >> upstairs is dry. >> reporter: but on their lower level hurricane ian had left his mark. in the garage the floors were slick with mud and sludge and the smell was unbearable. >> we were wondering how high the water got. this tells us the story, right here. this tells us the story. so i -- a little over 5 feet. >> about six feet of water in here. >> reporter: their mini cooper which they left behind when they evacuated full of water and mold. all of this just beginning to sink in. >> i know. >> reporter: and in their lower level apartment the force of the
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water destroyed the kitchen. the island flipped on its side and the refrigerator yanked out of the wall and left to rest on top of the kitchen counter. >> this was our dream home. sanibel provided it to us for two years. it was wonderful. >> reporter: until ian took it away. >> until ian took it away. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, sanibel island, florida. in spite of the progress being made, residents in predominantly black neighborhoods say they're not receiving the same support as other groups. community leaders in naples, florida, say their areas were the latz to have power restored following the storm while residents claim they received no warning or alert about eva evacuating the area. even if they had, many argue shelters were too far away to reach in time. meanwhile, u.s. president joe biden set aside his frosty relationship with governor ron
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desantis. the two politicians are trying to help the recovery. mr. biden promised local residents there would be a continued federal presence to help fix the damage. >> i want the people of florida to know, you have my commitment and america's commitment that we're not going to leave. later after the television cameras have moved on, we're still going to be here with you, we're still going to be moving, we're still going to be doing everything we can to put your lives back together again. >> reporter: residents came to place flowers and photos on a memorial wall for those who died. a florida artist started it. he created the memorial wall in surfside, florida, the tragic site of a tragic condominium collapse last year. if you want to help go to for more information. u.s. president joe biden said he's disappointed in a
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federal supreme court ruling on daca which found that the obama era program is unlawful. the appeals court did send the case back to the lower court to decide the legality of a new rule fortifying the program which is meant to provide temporary reprieve for undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. mr. biden says he'll continue to defend and protect dreamers, as they're called. u.s. financial markets are hoping to get back into positive territory when trading begins in a few hours time. the dow is back above the 30,000 mark after a rally earlier in the week. the nasdaq closed a quarter of a percent lower. s&p 500 was down 1/5 of 1%. here's what oil prices looked like after opec announced it would cut production by 2 million barrels a day starting november. u.s. gas prices have been creeping higher over the past two weeks and the opec announcement is likely to make things worse. right now the average price for a gallon of unleaded gas is
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$3.87 a gallon. that's up 9 cents from a week ago. cnn's phil mattingly has more from the white house. >> reporter: for the better part of the last three months for president biden for his top advisers falling gas prices have been a focal point of their economic and political message. that started to change over the course of the last several weeks as prices have creeped up again and now it is set to change in a major way in a major affront to the president and his foreign policy team. decision by opec plus to cut output by 2 million barrels a day is a major problem for the administration. it's something the administration officials were aware of in the days leading up to the decision. they launched a full-court press to try and get the member nations of opec plus not to support such a significant and dramatic cut, the most significant cut since before the pandemic. those efforts failed. the president saying he was very disappointed in the decision saying he didn't believe it made any sense and white house officials making clear united
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states is looking at several different avenues to increase supply if they need to do so. something they have worked particularly through the strategic petroleum reserve to do at record levels over the course of the last several months. this issue right now has so many different elements of it. there are the domestic overtones. the mid-term elections less than two months away. there are the international overtones. what does this mean with the war in ukraine and soaring energy prices particularly for countries in europe. of course there are the bilateral overtones. what does this mean for the u.s. relationship in saudi arabia, he went there and attempted to rekali bratd what had been a damaged relationship and part to ask saudi arabia to pump more oil. now they're going in the opposite direction. the u.s. is not pleased. what that means for relations, what that means for politics, what that means for global oil supply still very much in
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discussion. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. now the u.s. is offering high tech help to investigate what damage the nordstream gas pipelines in the baltic sea. the navy could provide its most advanced underwater sound reading capabilities to analyze audio recordings of the incidents. three of the four pipe lines were damaged by what russia and the west call sabotage. vladimir putin is demanding moscow take part in the investigation. still to come, new findings from the u.s. intelligence community on the car bombing that killed the daughter of russian political figure alexander duggan. the details in a live report. just weeks after a young iranian woman died in custody a teenage girl turns up dead also under mysterious circumstances. also coming up, the climate crisis making fall weather in the u.s. a bit of a mixed bag. cnn's pedram javaheri has the latest forecast for you. in a few moments we'll break
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investigators say their worst fears have been confirmed in the search for a missing family in california. the mercer county sheriff says all four family members were found dead in a rural area on thursday. it includes an 8-month-old girl along with the parents and her uncle. it shows them being taken at gun point on monday. an armed man is seen leading them to a truck with their hands behind their backs. the sheriff later had this to say about the suspect. >> we really want to -- wish we were in the wild west, you know, to take this guy out and string him up, but we have a judicial system. we're going to use the judicial system. hopefully by the time this goes to trial and so on, that it is -- you know, he's held to account and answer for everything that's gone on. >> the suspect is in police
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custody. he tried to take his own life and is now receiving medical attention. his motive is still unclear. after weeks of anti-government protests across iran, supporters of the islamic republic rallied in the capitol. iranian state media showed demonstrators, many of them chanting and waiving flags. earlier a crowd of female protestors chanted to get lost. they've been blamed for the death of a young woman, masa amini after she was arrested for wearing her hijab incorrectly. they deny any wrongdoing. there's shock of the death of an iranian girl who is dead. she burned her head scarf and disappeared. eight people have been arrested in connection with her death.
1:22 am
cnn's jomana karadsheh has the story. >> reporter: this is one of the thousands of young iranians who took to the streets on september 20th but mika never made it back home. she disappeared. ten days later her parents found her, a lifeless body at the morgue of a detention center. her aunt spoke out. >> translator: i was in contact with her until 7 p.m. on september 20th. her friends said mika put a story on instagram to show she had burned her head scarf and she said to her friend she was running away because security agents were after her. that was the last contact from her. >> reporter: according to her aunt, mika's phone was switched off and her social media accounts deactivated. >> translator: at the morgue they showed a body. they only allowed her mother and her brother to identify the
1:23 am
face. they were not allowed to unzip the cover to see the torso. >> reporter: while the circumstances of her death remain unclear, human rights groups have documented the brutal force used against protesters. iranian security forces have dragged unveiled women by their hair with some also reportedly sexually assaulted according to amnesty international. iranian police released the cc tv video showing her going into a building, possibly falling from it later. they've arrested eight workers who were there. authorities say there's no evidence the teenager was killed by police. prosecutors say they've launched around investigation into her death. that comes weeks after masa amini collapsed and died in morality police custody. amini's family say doctors told them she had head trauma and believe she was beaten to death. police say the 22-year-old died of a heart attack. they deny any wrongdoing and it's been nearly three weeks since that investigation was
1:24 am
announced. at mika's funeral this mourner cries today was your birthday. congratulations on your marching. mika was buried on what would have been her 17th birthday. jomana karadsheh, cnn, istanbul. in about 19 minutes european lawmakers are expected to take up a resolution on masa amini's death and they talked about helping iranian activists that ended with a surprising move. >> we, the peoples and the citizens of the eu, demand the unconditional and immediate stop of all the violence against the women and men in iran. until iran is free, our fury will be bigger than the oppressors. until the women of iran are free, we are going to stand with
1:25 am
you. women, life, freedom. >> that's a swedish iraqi politician cutting off her hair or some of her hair in front of lawmakers there in solidarity with the women of iran. rescue operation is underway in the city of zaporizhzhia in southern ukraine after a russian missile strike destroyed several buildings. at least two women have died and at least five people are still trapped in that rubble. one official said many people have already been rescued including a 3-year-old girl. airstrike comes as a rapid ukrainian advance is underway in the neighboring kherson region. and to the east in luhansk social media images show ukrainian forces in at least one village and one official says several settlements have been liberated there. sources tell cnn the u.s.
1:26 am
intelligence community believes elements within ukraine's government authorize the car bombing that killed the daughter of a prominent political figure. she was killed in that blast on august 20th but one source says intelligence officials believe she was driving her father's car and he was the actual target. cnn's scott mcclain is following developments for us in london. what more are we learning there, scott? >> reporter: ukrainians are saying nothing about this. ukrainian defense intelligence official says ukraine has nothing to add to this. this happened back on august 25th. her car was turning onto the main highway when a bomb planted underneath herr jeep detonated, as you mentioned, because she was driving her father's car, the initial thought was alexander duggan was the actual target. it is important to remember, though, this is a u.s. intelligence assessment, this is not a proven fact. there are also plenty of
1:27 am
question marks. this assessment does not say exactly who within the ukrainian government may have been responsible for this. there's also plenty of questions -- still the open question about whether president zelenskyy was aware of this at all. the sources who spoke to cnn made clear the united states was not aware of this prior to. this is obviously making a lot of news in russia. it bolsters the russian initial explanations. they said initially based on their evidence collected, that this seemed to be something that was targeted, something that was pre-planned ordered and remember that the foreign ministry spokesperson said this back in august, saying if the ukrainian trace is confirmed, and this version was voiced by the dpkr, then we should talk about the policy of state terrorism implemented by the kyiv regime. remember the ukrainians have vehemently denied this even in the early aftermath. an adviser to president
1:28 am
zelenskyy said ukraine definitely has nothing to do with this because we are not a criminal state, which the russian federation is, and even more so, we are not a terrorist state. one other thing to mention, max, and that is that back in august house intelligence committee adam schiff was asked about this and he said that he hoped that this was an internal russian affair, hoped that it was nothing emanating from ukraine and hoped that ukrainians were telling their truth -- telling the truth in their denials. obviously now his own intelligence is telling him something different. >> scott, thank you. fallout to the mass shooting at the elementary school in uvalde, texas. cnn exclusive on a former state trooper under investigation for her actions that day is back in uniform. those details just ahead. plus, a list of items taken from mar-a-lago inadvertently posted on the court docket. new details on what donald trump was keeping at his estate in florida.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm max foster. if you're just joining us, do let me bring you up to date with the latest top stories in this hour. the u.s. is sending an aircraft strike group to the korean peninsula. pyongyang fired two missiles near south korea wednesday just two days after launching one over japan. at least 30 people are dead including children at a child care center in northern thailand. it's unclear whether all the victims are children. we'll have much more on these stories in "early start." now to the fbi search of donald trump's mar-a-lago estate. a u.s. appeals court could decide by the end of next month
1:33 am
on the legality of the special master reviewing the seized materials. the former president's attorneys suggested a scheduled -- schedule that would have dragged the process out until next year. we're learning that the clemency requests, health care documents and irs forms were amongst the materials taken. they also include paperwork related to the 2020 election and communications about trump's businesses. bloomberg news made the list public after it was inadvertently published to the public court docket. closing arguments in the damages phase of the alex jones trial in connecticut. the controversial info wars host will not testify in his own defense. jurors will have to decide how much to award the families of eight students and the employees killed in the 2012 sandy hook school shooting. a judge has already found jones and his company liable for damages. a former texas state trooper who is under investigation for her actions during the mass
1:34 am
shooting at robb elementary in uvalde has been hired as a police officer in the uvalde school district. what's not clear is whether school officials knew she was under investigation when they hired her. cnn's shim mone procupez has th. >> school shooting. >> reporter: in a community reeling from one of the worst school shootings in history -- >> i'm behind you. i'm behind you. >> reporter: still begging for answers and accountability. >> i got it. i got it. i got it. >> reporter: cnn has learned that one of the texas state troopers under investigation for her actions at robb elementary has a new job as a newly hired school police officer at uvalde elementary trusted with protecting some of the same students who survived the massacre. parents of children who were killed at robb were the first to notice the officer, crimson elazando on campus recognizing her from body camera footage of the shooting.
1:35 am
elazando, a four-year veteran of the texas department of public safety was one of the first law enforcement officers on scene on may 24th. she resigned from the dps over the summer and was hired by the uvalde school district soon after. >> i actually have some questions for you. >> sorry. >> reporter: on the playground outside her new post she can be seen here in the dark blue uniform. >> reporter: officer, i'm doing a story about you and your time at dps. i'd like to ask you some questions if possible. before she resigned from dps, her actions and the actions of six other dps officers at the scene of the shooting were referred for further investigation. in a redacted internal memo to the organization's director obtained by cnn, dps cited, quote, actions which may be inconsistent with training and department requirements as the reason for the referral.
1:36 am
despite early efforts by state officials to blame the local police department in uvalde for the failed response, a time line from body camera footage shows elasando arrived on scene just two minutes after the shooting began. the new information now indicates she was amongst several dps officers on scene who could have potentially taken action to stop the gunman. >> subject with an ar. >> reporter: footage shows her without a tactical bullet proof vest or long rifle out of step with active shooter training. she spends most of the 77 minutes before the classroom was breached outside the school. according to sources familiar with the investigation, elasando told investigators that without her gear she was not comfortable joining the others inside. out of nearly 400 law
1:37 am
enforcement officers who responded to the shooting, 91 were from the texas department of public safety. seven of those officers were referred for further investigation because of their conduct that day. she is one of them. the other six still work for dps while the investigation into their actions continues. it is unclear if the uvalde school district was aware of the investigation at the time of elasando's hiring. the district has not responded to emails, calls, or direct questions from cnn. >> sir, do you know this officer who you have recently hired? are you aware that she's under investigation for her actions on the day of the shooting? do you think she's fit to serve here? considering the very actions that are under investigation? mr. miller, you don't want to respond to that? elasando's hiring raises further
1:38 am
questions about the department of public safety and the lack of transparency around the investigation and the conduct of its troopers. dps did not comment for this story. i think this is important. speaking to cnn in september, steven mcgraw promised he'll resign if his agency was shown to have culpability for the botched response. >> i'll be the first to resign, okay? i'll gladly resign. i'll offer my resignation, okay, if i think there's any culpability from the department, okay? but we're going to hold officers accountable. no one gets a pass. every officer will be held accountable. >> yes. i mean, as good as you can be. >> reporter: cnn also learning that elasando was recorded on video after delivering medical carey reflecting on the horrors of what she saw inside. an officer asked if her children attend robb elementary. your kids go there?
1:39 am
>> my son's in day care. he's not old enough. >> i saw you -- >> yeah, no. no. if my son had been in there, i would not have been outside, i promise you that. >> 10-year-old usea garcia is one of the children who died in the massacre. his legal guardian had this reaction to the report you just saw. >> i'm absolutely appalled. i even asked the school board beforehand when they said that we were getting more officers if they were hiring or they were going to be officers that were there on may 24th that were going to be patrolling and being around here and they told me no. so i'm disgusted. and honestly, i'm pissed off at the remarks that she had to say, if her kids were in there, she wouldn't have stayed outside.
1:40 am
so the rest of our kids didn't matter. >> they have been holding a vigil outside of uvalde school district as they continue to press for more transparency in the investigation and to demand that officers who were at the school during the shooting be suspended. we'll be right back. and literally fill out eacach person's name on a label and now with shipstation wewe are shipping 500 beauty boxes a month it takes less than 5 minutes for me to get all of my labels and get beauty in the hands of women who are battling cancer so much quicker shipstation the #1 choice of online sellers go to and get 2 months free
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protesters with the environmental group greenpeace briefly interrupting prime minister liz truss as she was addressing the party. they held up the banner who voted for this before they were hustled out of the room. truss had only held her post for a month. her keynote speech was supposed to be the moment to shine. after a series of missteps and
1:44 am
reversals, party reaction to her bold agenda was lukewarm at best. truss now heads to the czech republic for the inaugural summit in prague. selma abdelaziz has been following all of this for us. an interesting visit. we didn't know but a triumph for macron who needed her there. >> reporter: the prime minister, i think to put it mildly, suffering a loss of trust and confidence, right? one of the worse political crises this country has seen in modern times. i say that because it was largely a self-inflicted one. let's quickly go through that where the prime minister is as she flies to prague today. the government releasing this mini budget. supposed to be a pro growth plan, pro growth policy. instead, it's billions of dollars worth of tax cuts that are being paid for with hefty borrowing. the pound plummets. pensions sink, mortgage rates
1:45 am
rise. on monday this massive u-turn, the about face. the government saying we're going to scrap part of this plan which was to lower the tax rate for the wealthiest in the country. all of that, of course, causing markets to shake, causing families to have serious concern and worries about the government. while she's on this very shaky domestic ground the prime minister traveling to prague to try to demonstrate strength on the world stage, right? this is an important inaugural meeting for the european political committee, a brainchild of president emmanuel macron of france. the idea is to bring the 27 member states ever closer to nonmember states, to those who want to join the eu and the u.k. who don't want to come back but want to rebuild that relationship. a lot of opportunity there, but it's going to be really difficult when you think she's shoulder to shoulder with these european leaders and facing this crisis back at home, max. >> another big test for liz truss. thank you. we're following developments
1:46 am
out of greece as well where the coast guard says 16 migrants have died after two separate boats sank in greek waters. the now search and rescue operations are underway. we're joined from athens with more. linda? >> reporter: max, the number of dead has actually risen. now we're up to 17 people. a boy, a young boy has been added to the list of 16 women that happened in the ship wreck outside of lesbot. information about two different ship wrecks. there is one outside this island and the island of cusia. the search and rescue operations are underway for dozens more missing. gayle force winds blowing in the overall area. the bodies of the 16 women and the child that were found are all believed to be african. they have been recovered after a
1:47 am
dingy carrying about 40 people sank and 9 people have been rescued. authorities there say some people may have made it to land so we may have some good news as the day progresses. there's also a second search and rescue operation several hundred kilometers away to the west near another island. a sailboat was carrying 95 migrants hit rock and sank late on wednesday. about 80 people have been rescued there and it was a really dramatic rescue because basically it was very close so a lot of the local boats sinking. a lot of the people as their boats sank managed to get to hold on to rocks and big cliffs that are in the area. there's some dramatic images from people holding on to rocks as rescuers came from above and tried to pull them up using ropes. and the mayor, the local mayor has just described how he saw
1:48 am
five people drown in front of his own eyes. he said the weather conditions were so bad that people have disappeared really quickly. unfortunately authorities are saying severe weather conditions will continue and of course we'll be following the operation throughout the day, max. >> okay. back with you with more details as they come in to you. thank you. we'll be right back. neuriva plusus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. toto help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger.
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breaking news just in to cnn. at least 34 people have been killed including multiple children in a shooting in northern thailand. we are following developments from tokyo. celina? >> reporter: we've just learned that at least 34 people died from this mass shooting that took place at a child care center in northeastern thailand. we are learning that the victims included children as well as adults. according to authorities they have identified the shooter as a 34-year-old former police officer. he took his own life after the incident as well and also killed his own wife and child, that is according to authorities. we do not know yet at this point if the wife, the family, if they were included in this death count. now the context here is that gun
1:53 am
ownership in thailand, it is relatively high compared to other places in southeast asia, but the official numbers do not include the huge amount of illegal weapons that are in the country. mass shootings are also rare in thailand although there was a major mass shooting in 2020 that saw a soldier kill 29 people. >> you say the situation of gun ownership there and yet gun violence is relatively low. so that's why this is such a shock, let alone the type of victims we're talking about. >> reporter: it's absolutely heartbreaking. we are still getting details about how this happened, what kind of security there was, who the victims were, what was happening, but heartbreaking. this took place at a child care center. again, victims including children. we're still learning more of these details but authorities are saying that the shooter did take his own life, a 34-year-old
1:54 am
former police officer was identified as the shooter. >> do we know anything about his history? some suggestion that he had recently been dismissed. do we know anything in terms of motive? >> reporter: we have no new information on the motive but we are following very, very closely the updates from the police authorities. we have yet to hear any information about the suspect, the person who took his life. he took his own life but the life of his family members as well. >> in terms of this area of the country, what can you tell us about it for those that don't really understand the geography? >> so we know that this is a place in northeastern thailand and that this was taking place at a child care center. we're getting information about what the environment was like where the shooting happened. this happened at a place where children are supposed to be safe and secure at a child care
1:55 am
center. this is absolutely devastating. >> absolutely. celina, back with you when you get more information. thank you very much, indeed. now in the western u.s. temperatures will remain high while the east coast is cooling down. cnn's pedram javaheri is following that forecast for us. pedram? >> hey, good morning, max. let's show you what's happening across the united states. we have a front on approach that will bring with it some of the coolest weather we've seen across portions of the midwest and northeast. a few light showers. the wet weather is not the concern. it's the cool air on the back side that will get attention. 74 down to a double nickell. 55 degrees on friday afternoon. 12 degrees below seasonal averages. all of that cool air eventually arrives in the northeast from the 70s dropping into the 50s. just an early indication that autumn is on the horizon in the coming days. you'll notice the northeast cools off while the west does begin to warm up. quick glance across the
1:56 am
atlantic. quiet conditions. tropical depression 12. storm over open waters. models indicate this storm will track towards the west. could impact nicaragua and honduras. it's a ways out. worth monitoring in the coming days. southwest, plenty of rainfall in place. half the state of arizona still experiencing drought conditions while the state of new mexico, 76% of it underneath drought conditions. more beneficial rainfall in store in the coming days. especially into next week still expecting wet weather to continue across a large area of the southwest. you can see the rain is in store. albuquerque, 63. phoenix, 94. temps in minneapolis, max, only 56 degrees. >> thank you to pedram. thank you for joining me here on "cnn newsroom" as well. i'm max foster in london. "early start" will continue to follow the breaking news out of thailand. stay with cnn. migraine attacks?
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