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tv   New Day Weekend  CNN  October 15, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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has been a surge in anti-asian hate crimes in the u.s. this week's cnn heroes salutes michelle tran, a chinese american with a nonprofit, soaring over hate, trying to fight back. >> the day of distribution, the lines surpassed four blocks in our neighborhood where people waited up to two hours to obtain a safety device from us. >> you pull out the pin. it scares people away and alerts people around you. >> it was simultaneously heartbreaking but motivating to see so many people come out. it highlighted thefires many folks like me are fearing right now. i hope it works to help save lives. that's our only hope moving forward. >> those long lines are really telling. to learn how organizations are
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working to combat asian hate, go to good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." i'm amara walker. >> good morning, amara. i'm boris sanchez. we have new video on what happened on january 6th including chilling conversation between nancy pelosi and vice president mike pence. new details about the shooting in south carolina. what we're learning about the victims and the potential charges the shooter could face. and we're going to take you inside the battle of kherson in ukraine, a fight that could be critical to the ukrainian counteroffensive. and ian's devastation on full dissplay on florida's farms. the impact that the storm is having on the state's citrus crops and the families who
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depend on it. ♪ welcome to the weekend. good morning. we are so grateful to have you this saturday, october 15th. great to start it with you as well, amara. >> we're right in the middle of october. 16 days until halloween. looking forward to it. always good to be with you, too, boris. and we do have more video as boris was mentioning this morning showing the dangers faced by congressional leaders after they left the capitol building during the january 6th riots. >> and we credit the filmmaker, nancy pelosi's daughter. it's footage from fort mcnair.
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vice president pence was on a loading dock. they discussed their personal safety with pelosi begging him to keep his location a secret. >> hi. mr. vice president, hi, yeah, we're okay. we're here with mr. schumer, mr. mcconnell, the leadership, house, and senate, and how are you? oh, my goodness. where are you? god bless you. i worry about you being in that capitol though. don't let anybody know where you are. >> we now know the real danger pence, mike pence faced that day as rioters attacked the capitol. many were chanting hang mike pence as you can hear there. and outside the building, the mob built a gallows with a noose. and in another clip we hear discussions between the former vice president and speaker
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pelosi as they work on a contingency plan to clear the capitol and finish certifying the 2020 election. >> fort mcnair has facilities for the house and senate to meet as backup plan should they have something like this. they logistically want to bring all the members of house and senate nanyway. we're just making a judgment. we'd rather go the capitol and do it there, but it doesn't seem safe. roy do you think, mr. -- but he spoke in terms of going back to the capitol, which is what we want to do too. mitch was talking about going back to the capitol. yeah. well, we would like to go back -- that would be our hope as
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well. the security is telling us that it's going to be a while before the capitol will be able to do that. >> the fact that these conversations had to take place. portions of these videos were used in the final public hearing before the midterm elections of the january 6th committee. the house committee used the video and new testimony to demonstrate how former president donald trump knew he had lost the election but still went forward with efforts to overturn the results. the committee also voted to subpoena the former president. in response, trump issued a 14-page letter repeating false election claims and slamming the committee, not indicating whether or not he would comply. joining me now to discuss is former federal prosecutor shan wu. i just retweeted it out for you. you say in that piece, you know,
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the fact that the january 6th committee voted to issue trump a subpoena, that just underscores we're in a constitutional crisis. how so? >> absolutely, amara. i think there's been a lot of talk we averted that on january 6th and we certainly averted a coups on january 6th, but we didn't avert a crisis. we're already there. first of all, if you look at the state of union right now, trump really defines the stresses that can occur on the constitution because he's basically defying the usual norms, and the other branches have not been able to discipline him at this point. there are legal losses. the supreme court rejected the mar-a-lago issue. but essentially he operated outside the norms, and at this point it's up to the executive branch. one thing is the stresses and the branches not being able to
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check the defiance. >> you also mention you have the wife of a supreme court justice, ginni thomas, who's a well-known conservative activist. we've heard her say she believes the election is stolen, yet justice clarence thomas hasn't recused himself from january 6th cases. the mechanisms in place to force him to do so. how concerned is that in itself? >> it's very concerning. when you think about it, it's the supreme court of the land, and they themselves refuse to adopt the code of judicial ethics. it seems very odd they won't do that, letting them police themselves. again, there's no check on them. there's no effective review of them. they get to decide when they have a conflict or don't have a conflict, and that just doesn't make any sense. and it certainly has undermined our trust in the court. >> and i don't mean melodramatic, you're saying the
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fate of the democracy rests with the department of justice and the next moves they make, but sit too little too late? >> hopefully it won't be too little. it is late in the day, and a lot of that is the dilemma that the department and merrick garland find. they're look at the department looking very political the way it was turned into a political weapon under bill barr and the trump administration. but ironically that very concern may end up being a problem because try not to be political can be political in and of itself. and, really, the way to have blunted some of this, you know, partisan dilemma going on in the country, would have been to have brought charges earlier. the closer it gets to midterms, the closer it gets to trump declaring a likely candidacy again, the worse the backlash is going to be. >> how department are you that charges will be brought against
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trump? >> i'm confident that there's certainly enough evidence to do that, and i think it's very much a matter of prosecutorial discretion at this point for ag garland weighing whether or not he wants the justice department to take this step. i think the evidence is there. i can't really predict which way they're going to go with that right now. >> shan wu, a very important conversation, thank you very much. >> good to see you. the justice department is now asking a federal appeals court to get rid of the special master in the mar-a-lago documents case. the doj says the judge who ordered the third-party review of the documents overstepped her authority. we've got details now from cnn senior justice correspondent evan perez. >> reporter: the justice department formally appealed the palm beach judge's order that appointed a third-party special master to review more than 21,000 pages of documents that were seized by the fbi in the search of donald trump's beach
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club. in an appeal to the 11th circuit court of appeals in atlanta, federal prosecutors say that the lower court judge aileen cannon exceeded her authority by asserting herself into a criminal investigation that at this point has not produced any charges. prosecutors quote from an earlier opinion by the appeals court which said that cannon abused her discretion when she blocked federal investigators from being able to access about 100 documents marked classified. the appeals court overturned cannon on that part of a ruling, and now the prosecutors want the appeals court to go further, saying trump shouldn't be allowed to use the master process to delay it by talking about claims of privilege, writing part trump has no plausible claim to such a privilege with respect to the records-bearing classification markings or any other government
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documents related to his official duties. trump's law veries have until november 10th to respond followed by another response later. the review is ongoing and is expected to be complete by mid-december. evan perez, cnn, washington. new this morning, prosecutors say the 15-year-old alleged gunman behind the mass shooting in raleigh, north carolina, will be charged as an adult amid growing calls around the country to curb gun violence. >> a few details have left what they have happened. the suspect opened fire in an unsuspecting neighborhood. cnn's ryan young has the details.
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>> reporter: 911 calls detail the mass shootings that left five people dead in raleigh, north carolina, including a 16-year-old boy and an off-duty officer. >> an officer was shot. >> we heard some shots outside and i looked out my window, and the neighbor is on the ground, i think. >> we'll have to make sense of this infuriating and tragic act of gun violence. >> reporter: 49-year-old sue karnatz, a mother of three, also a victim. her husband writes on facebook, we had plans for growing old, always together, now those plans are laid to waste. two others were hurt in the shooting including another police officer and a 59-year-old woman who's in critical condition. >> we grieve for them today. our prayers are also with those who are injured. >> reporter: the district attorney says the 15-year-old gunman will be charged as an adult. he was taken into custody and is
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in critical condition. police say the crime scene is extensive, covering more than two miles. there has not been a source for the attack, but the shooter was wearing camouflage, had a camouflage backpack and a long gun. a teen girl didn't want to be identified. >> having somebody do that with my age, you know, the fact that they didn't care what they were doing, it's just -- it comes to show that the world really needs to find why they're doing this. >> reporter: ryan young, cnn, raleigh, north carolina. >> when will all that gun violence end? still ahead, russia unleashes new rounds of attacks on ukraine with comekamikaze drones and missiles as ukraine fights to take back territory. ed a the midterms near, latino voters are going to play a critical role on election day.
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but many are switching parties, especially in south texas. why the rio grande valley could be a major test for republicans. and weeks after hurricane ian ripped through florida, some communities are still trying to clean up. just ahead, we're going to show you how some citrus farms were torn apart and hear how a farmer shows how a recovery effort is going to look like. for a cleaner, healthier mouth. listerine.e. feel the whoa! think he's posting abobout all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your mon never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. (vo)you can be well-dressed. (man) wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo.
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whoo! i'm on fire tonight. (limu squawks) yes! limu, you're a natural. we're not counting that. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is thanking the united states for another $725 million in military aid. >> the latest package includes ammunition for various rocket systems, anti-tank weapons, artillery rounds, small arms, and medical supplies. meantime ukrainian officials report fresh attacks on the southern region of zaporizhzhia in assaults with, quote, unquote kamikaze drones.
4:19 am
>> nick paton walsh is in the capital of kyiv. nick, help us understand. what do they mean by kamikaze drones. >> they were purchased from iran, using the camera off it to feed back live footage of what it is they're essentially targeting, and then they throw the entire device t drone and explosive within it at that particular target. there have been numerous reports across ukraine since the first wave of attacks happened back on monday and earlier, indeed, of the drones being used. kyiv's region as well is being hit today. i should point out we're seeing less attacks per day than the horrifying way we saw monday that dragged on into tuesday. but this news comes as ukraine is on the counter-offensive as well, pushing toward further into the cher son region. we saw what the front lines liked like there just yesterday.
4:20 am
night is when the push for the south busies. humvees speed the roads. incendiary missions light up the night. at dusk the night lights with air strikes three miles south of here. it's the gateway to the big prize, the city of kherson where russia is already evacuating citizens and low on supplies. they say the shelling has been noticeably less over the past month and a half probably because of the damage done to supply lines the russians need to bring munitions toward the front here. radio chatter have intercepted between russians here is of ammo running out and conscripts fleeing. in three days moving around the front lines here, it's clear the
4:21 am
ukraine let's movement forward has met a hardened russian defense, even if they're low on ammo. on this tree line, the russian paratroopers are under a mile away. [ speaking foreign language ] . >> reporter: new trenches are being dug and camouflage put in place. obviously in the winter, the cover, the trees will be gone, and so there's a riis here to prepare new provisions so they can't be seen by russian drones in the winter. the mix of an older time in warfare, the oven letting of bunk beds underground. a place for their rifles. this is for five people if they're going to be here in the winter.
4:22 am
this is an antenna for starling. billionaire elon musk's satellite internet service sending a livestream of drone footage of the artillery battle here. this is where that signal is sent. a farmer turned drone warfare commander. and then the lethal impact of a billionaire's internet service and store-bought drones, a hit on a russian vehicle. the black smoke. they show us video of several impacts that day. they know they will be hit back. [ speaking non-english ]
4:23 am
>> reporter: in the individuals outeast in kherson, we see how fierce the fight for each village has been. ukraine is slowly moved forward, but every farm is a slog. smoke crawling over every hill. one of russia's largest bombs hit here. nothing left to come back for if you once lived in these homes. it is as if this wasteland is telling the kremlin it's time to leave, but they think there's more damage left to do before the inevitable happens. now, the news coming from pro-russian officials in occupied areas is the offense irv by ukrainian crews are pushing along the river near a town we were in earlier this week, essentially trying to push the rugs back along the river toward the main prize you heard there, kherson city, the one capital the russians have occupied and maintained control
4:24 am
of. it's unclear what the rugs are facing around there. you heard certainly they're facing problems with supplies. there was an order given by the occupying officials in kherson that they wanted civilians to start leaving. it's unclear if that was related to their own internal management officials or they think ukrainian counter-attacks are coming. it's a lot slower. interestingly, though, russian president vladimir putin giving off different signals in kazakhstan with other heads of state talking about how the possibility of a catastrophic war would be and talking about deploiplomacy and a need for go will, a very good sign and a sign that russia is in trouble. >> the need for good will. surprising coming from putin. nick paton walsh, thank you so much.
4:25 am
retired air force colonel and cnn military analyst colonel cedric miller. let's talk about the newest assault. i'm curious to get your reaction. >> not surprised, boris, and good morning to you. the big thing here you're looking at is these kamikaze drones, supposedly iranian trainers are actually being deployed in the kherson or nearby regions to train the russians in the use of these drones. it's somewhat similar to the u.s. switchblade, less technically astute, but it's definitely something that can cause a lot of damage, and it's pretty hard to defend against those kinds of drones if you don't have the right equipment and jam the signals that the drones are getting.
4:26 am
>> our kevin liptak had a conversation about russia's military burn rate. i want you to lchb to what he shared with us. >> they have to make critical choices about what they do in the battlefield because they don't have the tanks they need, the helicopters and missiles they need. we're going to keep doing that as long as that continues. >> colonel, how long do you think russia's going to sustain this recent onslaught if it can't replenish its supplies? >> that may be why president putin is making the statements he's making kazzic zan. i think what you're seeing is a burn rate, if you will, of somewhere around 6,000 pieces of equipment that have been destroyed. these pieces of equipment are not replaceable by the russians because they don't have the industrial base, so i would give them, you know, depending on the
4:27 am
kind of munitions they're going to deploy, somewhere between two to three months of actually being able to sustain the war effort that they have right now and maybe not even that long. >> and the concern is that at that point, if putin runs out of conventional weapons or gets close to it, he might potentially use something more catastrophic, right. >> that's right, yes. you're looking at the so-called nbc type of weapons, nuclear or biological mechanical weapons. we talk about the nuclear weapons as the possibility and tactical nukes being within that arsenal. it's definitely a distinct possibility if he feels he's not getting his way or getting off-ramp he seems to be getting at the moment. >> this week jake tapper spoke with president biden about putin. he spoke about him not being a
4:28 am
rational actor. he speculated on that theme. i'm wondering, watching what you've seen unfold in ukraine over the last seven-plus months, potentially eight months now, what you make of the idea that he's not a rational actor. >> well, i think he's rational. putin is rational within his own context, but, you know, having said that, it's kind f like the rationality of a lot of other historical figures who have performed fairly well within the paradigm they believe, but this paradigm that putin is using is one that's based on faulty information. it's based in many ways on faulty logic and a miss misinterpretation of history. the fact that he's dealing with a lens that is not really giving him a real picture of what's going on or even giving him the right philosophical paradigm to deal with, the kinds of issues that he thinks he's facing, that
4:29 am
involves decisions that are very, very bad, and president biden said he made a strategic mistake by entering ukraine. i agree with that. i think putin really miscalculated and really did not understand the type of resistance he was getting. he believed a lot of his own press and believed his military was stronger than it really is, and his plans are certainly coming to a dramatic end in the way that they were formulated at first at least. >> yeah. hard to imagine that he expected what we just saw unfold after the invasion. colonel cedric leighton, always appreciate your time, sir. thanks. >> you bet, boris. good to be with you. and still ahead, the midterms are just weeks away, and both parties are keeping a close eye on latino voters. next, we're going to take a look at why some hispanic communities in places like texas could be a major test for republicans. before.. & bath fitter. if you have a "before" bath, nonow's the time to call bath fitter
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you can now apply online for a student loan forgiveness as the biden administration launches a test version of its new signup website. the education's department student debt cancellation site went live for beta testing last night. the site's official launch will be later this month. president biden announced in august the cancellation of up to $10,000 for student loan debt for those making less than $125,000 a year or as much as $20,000 for borrowers who received pell grants. the cdc is reporting an early surge in flu cases with the nation's southeast and south central areas reporting the highest levels. more than a thousand patients were hospitalized by the virus this past week. although, current influenza stivts is still overall low. the cdc is recommending oven 6
4:35 am
months old to get a shot as soon as possible and ask for antivirus medicine if you think you've contracted the illness. in a buttal for control in congress, a shift could prove pivotal in more than a dozen senate and house races including three in south texas where historically democrats have dominated along latino voters, but recent elections and polling indicates that latinos, which makes up a fifth of all registered voters are trending toward the republican party. one major opponent is upward mobility and the charm some argue that donald trump's machismo has among latino voters. >> reporter: running in texas's 15th district, this republican is an entrepreneur, a mother of two, and a former democrat. >> the democrat party has abandoned us and taken us for
4:36 am
granted. >> reporter: part of a trio of republican latina's in south texas ngs an area that's overwhelmingly hispanic, she's poised to find the traditions. along-size ted cruz and the congresswoman, the first woman elected from the rio grande valley in more than a century. the triple threat the gop calls them as donald trump made gains with latinos in 20. de la cruz was won over and inspired to start her new career in politics after attending her first trump rally. >> he didn't have a political background. he was a businessman, and his business policies, again, they made sense for people. he stood up against the establishment and he put forth
4:37 am
policies that work for american families. >> reporter: pro-tax cuts, pro-border wall, and voting rights. her restaurant has struggled because of inflation. he says he now pays three times what he used to for a box of eggs while faulting democrats for undervaluing faith, family, and small business. [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: independent contractor edgar gallegos says it boils down to results over rhetoric. >> i'll take a mean tweak et ri now over what we've got now. >> reporter: another former democrat led trump's hispanic advertising in 2020.
4:38 am
>> so what people have to understand is hispanics have blue-collar background. >> reporter: it shows latinos experiencing gains when it comes to engines, home purchases, and starting new businesses. sopo says many voters view trump aspirationally. >> he's the first his spanningic president because he shares the blue collar values. >> you, i imagine, don't agree with that. >> no, i do not. >> reporter: michelle vie aho is the democrat running in texas. she's operating the flea market her parents founded 25 years ago. like her opponent, she's a newcomer who says for too long they've ignored the community's needs. but she's progressive,
4:39 am
petitioning on abortion rights, expanding medicare and other things. >> even if they support and adore trump, i'm fighting for all our families in south texas whether they're republican, independent, or have never felt part of the system before. >> reporter: the house majority's biggest super pac dedicated to house races reportedly pulled the plug on a series of ads they had planned to roll out for michelle vie aho's campaign. they're sending the money elsewhere. some are furious about it. they say that's the kind of investment the parties need to keep up. they believe that is waving the right flag in texas 15. >> fascinating report. still ahead, communities in florida are still trying to grapple with the damage left behind by hurricane ian, and now some citrus farmers facing a
4:40 am
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4:45 am
drinking water, working air-conditioning, and the ability to provide a grab-and-go lunch for students. as of now, five schools are set to resume classes in a host school starting next wednesday with some schools being split among two locations due to the number of students. and florida farmers are raising alarms this morning that hurricane ian has caused widespread damage to the state's citrus crops and could have a multi-year effect on production. florida is the leading sis tris producer in the united states, and the storm went through roughly 400,000 acres of citrus fields, and it hilt at a time when production is already at historically low levels due to an ongoing disease that is damaging the fruit, a very bad situation, a one-two punch. joining me now to discuss this is florida citrus tris farmer and vice president of the peace river valley.
4:46 am
i'm so sorry for what you're going through. it's been two weeks since ian hit. tell us now about the damage you're dealing with. >> well, first of all, we really couldn't get out and about to all our fields due to bridges out, flooding, groves are flooded. we get out -- we've been out for two weeks now, and we're trying to clean up all of the debris in the groves where we can get through there and do the caretake progress sayses we need to do until the end of the year. >> i'm just looking at this video, and i just see the ground littered with all kinds of oranges and possibly grapefruits as well. what's the percentage of citrus you have lost as a result? >> well, as soon as i roadde ou the day after the hurricane, i knew it was 50%. everything is pretty much three-quarters on the grown. you can go down farther south of
4:47 am
us where they had the higher wind index, and yo've got 90% droppage in some places and the fruit's still dropping every day. >> what does this mean for you financially in terms of total loss? >> well, we're going to count on some crop insurance and count on reserves and we're going to try to make our mind up and get a budget for the next year coming up. we've got to stay with it, but we've got to manage our finances. >> i understand you were already considering your farm as well. of course, perfect timing that the storm hit. what does that mean for you then and your near future? >> you know, it was something as a personal -- i'm getting a little bit older and you have to think how things are going to progress after you. you know, i'll stay with it. it will come around. it may take a year, whatever, but that's the plan. i love the business. i want to stay with it, but i want to get reorganized. >> how do you reorganize lo it
4:48 am
issic -- logistically. you have to clean up the citrus on the ground and then what? do you have to replant? what have you got do? >> yes. we'll replant. we'll get through the winter. by spring we'll have made up our mind on a business plan, which to continue with, which to start over with, and which to get rid of. we'll make our decision and the industry will be different after this storm. >> emotionally how difficult has it been for you and also for your colleagues? this is devastating. >> this is devastating, but, you know, you just look at the tv. there's worse people, worse situations going on. we're taking a hit no doubt, but we're not losing our homes and our lives. we're talking about a crop of citrus, and we'll have another year and we'll come back. >> i have to ask you because we know the climate is warming and we're going to see more frequent
4:49 am
and more intense storms like ian in florida. when it comes to your future and the citrus industry, what do you see? >> well, one thing, you're not going to plant your crops around the water. you know the key pieces of land that will be impacted by flooding. that's very well exposed. you make your adjustments. in the boom time we made every adjustment we could. you've got to watch this low land anymore. we got 2 feet of rain and it sure exposed a lot of weaknesses. >> we yish you all the best and hope you make a full recovery especially financially and for your livelihood. john matz, we appreciate your time. thank you. it's already october, but some states are bracing for plunging temperatures and possible snow. your weekend weather forecast is straight ahead.
4:50 am
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>> though some people may love this news, it breaks my heart. >> i know it does. you can't even handle, like, 60 degrees. >> you know me well, amarah. you may soon have to break out your winter coat much earlier than expected. temperatureses are about to plunge in the eastern united states. >> although plunging means 60 degree. cnn meteorologist allison chinchar, it will be an early taste of winter for millions of people. >> a lot of people are waking up this morning and the feel like temperatures are below freezing. take, for example, milwaukee feels like 30 right now and minneapolis feels like 23 degrees and because it is that cold yes, we have snow showers
4:55 am
pushing in across portions of northern minnesota, wisconsin and the u.p. of michigan. further south, the main focus is rain showers. overall this is expected to slide across the great lakes region as we go through the day today. none of it is expected to be that heavy. in fact, most of these areas you'll pick up an inch and at tops, three inches of 12340e possible and some of the areas of the u.p. it could pick up six, seven, eight inches of snow before the day ends and less than an inch total. those temperatures even as cold as they are now will get even colder in the coming days, chicago, take a look at cincinnati, down to 47 on monday. here's the thing, though. all of that cold air will continue to spread and really impact much of the eastern half of the country. so even if you're not feeling it yet, just give it a few more days and you will start to feel it. take atlanta, for example.
4:56 am
82 for the high temperature tomorrow on sunday all of the way down to only a high of 53 by tuesday and look at those overnight lows getting awfully close to the freezing mark. guys? >> awfully close to the freezing mark. i'm already going into a state of shock. allison chinchar, we have a quick programming note. an heir preparing to rule an empire not before the family's most notorious scandal shakes up the dynasty forever. watch "the murdochs" right here at cnn. "new day" continues in a moment. the lastst to be chosen. shelter dogs with special needss face a far longer road toto adoptio. but subaru knows even ththe toughest roads can lead to the most amazing places. that's why subaru and our retailers created national make a dog's day... to help all underdogs find homes.
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