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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  October 20, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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. and good morning, everyone. i'm bianna golodryga. we're following stories for you this morning including a political earthquake in the united kingdom. liz truss resigned after six weeks in office and a series of miss steps on the economy. >> we set out a vision for a low tax, high growth economy. that would take advantage of the freedoms of brexit. i recognize, though, given the
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situation i cannot deliver the mandate on which i was elected by the conservative party. plus a cnn exclusive, lawyers for former president trump allowing federal investigators to search mar-a-lago again. and newly released emails between trump and his former lawyer proving his voter fraud claims were bogus. a federal judge calling it evidence of a conspiracy to degree fraud the united states. but let's begin with the breaking news out of the u.k. liz truss resigning after six weeks, 44 days in office. our team is following this breaking story. scott mcclain is outside of 10 drowning street and richard quest is standing by as well. six weeks in office and gone after a disastrous budget plan. so what happens next? >> yeah, that is a great question. we'll have a new prime minister by the end of next week. i think that liz truss tried
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everything that she possibly could to save her premiership. that also started to go wrong from the minute that she announced her disastrous economic plan. essentially a series of tax cuts, some of them for the wealthiest people in this country, amidst a cot of living crisis and that was too much for truss to come back from. first she tried to roll back part of the plan, that wasn't enough. so then she swapped chancellors, and picked a new one from the moderate wing of her party. that wasn't enough. he rolled back almost everything in that economic plan. that still wasn't quite enough. she seeped to be on more level footing yesterday after prime minister questions but then we have more chaos. the resignation of her home secretary who suggested she ought to follow her out the door and then chaos inside of parliament yesterday, when liz truss was trying to cajole her party into voting against a
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labor motion and some opposition lawmakers saw shouting and they saw bullying and some people being physically man handled into voting along government. and even her brand-new secretary seems to indicate that not long ago, before he took the reins of this job, that she had a mt. everest to climb to come back from the hole she was in. her party was deeply unpopular. if an election were to be held today, the conservative party would have gotten half, maybe less than half of the support of the labor party. labor, the opposition, is now calling for a general election given they don't think that the conservatives have a mandate to governor on. so that is what the leader of the labor party said earlier in a statement saying they do not have a mandate to put the country yet through another experiment. britain is not fir feef dom. we need a general election now.
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the last straw that ended with liz truss's regular ignition with a meeting with the chair of the back bench and mp's who have the power to force a leadership challenge and she did the calculation to try to figure out whether or not it was in her interest to try to fight a leadership challenge or go quietly and that is what they chose to do. the atmosphere here, i have to say, it feels like the atmosphere in the final days of the boris johnson prime minister -- as prime minister. the question now is what comes next and can the conservative party find a candidate that could satisfy both the right wing of the party and the more moderate wing of the party as well. >> and, richard, we're hearing that boris johnson, not surprising to many has raised his hand to come back and succeed liz truss after just 44 days in office. but really one can't overstate
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the damage that ensued following the introduction of her economic plan. sending the pound down and a pension plan near disaster in the country. the bank of dplauengland was fo to intervene and we could possibly experience something similar. talk about that impact that has had for the country globally on an economic front. >> this was, bianna, a totally utterly, completely self-inflicted wound. the prime minister didn't put this policy to cabinet. she didn't put it through the testing measures of the budget responsibility temperam. she and the chancellor announced it out of dog ma and right wing
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views on free markets and they didn't make sure the markets were ready. so not surprisingly, interest rates went up as the bank of england then tried to bring them down. and failed necessarily to do so. why this is particularly significant for global marks, let's take the u.k., unlike the united states where people have mortgages that are fixed for 15, 20, 30 years, in britain, most mortgages are only fixed for a few years. so there are millions of people who this year will suddenly find their mortgage double. not because of vladimir putin or because of much of anything else, but because of this government's policies. there is going to be massive difficulty, financial difficulties as a result. and again, this was all because of a policy that wasn't put forward. so, you know, liz truss in being the shortest prime minister in history, as she leaves number
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ten next week, they will be sweeping up the broken glass for months and britains will be paying the cost of it for years and the reputation of the country will be in tatters for a great deal longer. >> what does this mean for the special relationship between the united states and the ux k. i believe she wasn't in office long enough for president biden and liz truss to meet in person. what does that do for the relationship and for partnerships for prices around the world including the war in ukraine. >> no, i think there is a big difference here and it is important to stress this. the incompetence that we've seen from the prime minister on domestic political issues versus the policies on ukraine, on dealing with putin, on the middle east, all of the other things, for instance, the defense secretary has been in washington meeting his counter parts to discuss greater
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cooperation over ukraine, greater cooperation on cybersecurity. you have the new pact with australia and the very close security links. so i'm not worried about that. i think that is pretty rock solid. what i would say is how the u.s., the administration looks at the u.k. and said can you be a reliable partner elsewhere. can we have shared values, yes. but are you strong enough to execute them. at the moment from liz truss, it is no. so there is a lot of damage. look, in 35 years of covering this sort of stuff, i've never seen anything remotely bordering the 1level of incompetence and mismanagement and malmanagement in the last three weeks. >> and from everything i've read, you're not the ome one with that assessment which led us to the point where we are right now. scott mcclain, i don't know if that was larry the cat behind you that i saw at 10 downing, it
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looks like the cat lasted longer than the previous two prime ministers of this resident. thank you so much. well now to a cnn exclusive. sources say former president trump's legal team is considering a less anning toinistic relationship with the justice department and could allow federal investigators back for a second search of mar-a-lago. let's get right to gabby orr with more on this. what are you learning? >> reporter: facing a number of investigations that remain ongoing, the former president and his team are looking for a way to cooperate with doj to accommodate their interests in recovering additional documents in the probe down at mar-a-lago. we are told by sources yesterday that the former president's team has contemplated even allowing members of the justice dep, federal vef investigators to return to mar-a-lago for a supervised search that would
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involve trump's attorneys accompanying them throughout the property as to verify whether or not there were additional documents in the former president trump's possession at his florida resident. this is one possible topic on the table being discussed by trump's attorneys. there have been no firm decisions made but we are told there has been a notable shift in trump's strategy with this probe in particular. they had begun this adversarial toward the justice department, not wanting to cooperate. trump had said behind the scenes anz publicly that he felt these documents were his personal property and hg that the fbi search that took place in august at mar-a-lago was a sham. but now they're looking for an out. they're looking for a way to cooperate to swiftly resolve this issue as one former trump aide told me, they want to get this resolved and the sooner the better. but that is not a strategy that is particularly welcomed among all of trump's advisers.
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some of them have pointed to the cash infusion and fundraising uptick that he saw after the fbi search. his ability to go out and the stump and claim that he is continuing to be a target of political persecution and that cooperating with only undermine the argument that they had been previously making. someone told me yesterday that a trump adviser said inviting the doj to lunch is risky, inviting them back to mar-a-lago makes to sense whatsoever. so there is a bit of discussion that is ongoing. no firm decisions have been made. but this is one possibility that trump's team had a talked about as they look to cooperate with justice department officials, bianna. >> interesting their contemplating do this. gabby, thank you. well a federal judge now said president trump knew his 2020 voter fraud claims were false but he continued to push election lies in public and more importantly in court. joining me now is elie honig and former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new
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york. great to see you. sos tht argument that the january 6 committee had been making but now you have a judge citing what he said are facts via emails and you noted one of the most important things in the filing from judge carter was that president trump new alleged voter fraud claims were wrong. why did that stand out. >> that is right. one of the presentation is donald trump knew. here is the all of the people told him he lost. how many people did we we see testify about that. that is one of the main points. and now we see a judge not just concluding that donald trump knew but describing mails that the judge has said these have to go over to the chitty. in the opinion, the judge doesn't show the emails but describes them and said these emails demonstrate that donald trump knew that his claims of voter fraud was false. so prosecutors could get them quickly if they don't have them already. that is a crucial evidence as to a state of mind. >> what about the argument from
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eastman and that is a valid one which is the privilege right. >> that is a good starting point here. the vast majority of the documents were covered by attorney/client privilege but there is a exception called the crime fraud exception. if they are talking strategy, what do we do in court, what should we argue and that is all privileged and it is confidential, nobody gets to see that. but if they start committing a crime or how do we commit this crime together and the attorney is giving advice. that is not covered by the privilege. so the judge here looks at a universe of 536 documents and said most of them are covered but eight of them are not covered because of the attorney/client exception. so in a sense eastman prevailed on most of his claims but to have eight documents singled out as evidence of a crime, that is a big deal. >> now this could go over to the committee and spark the interest of the doj and in their
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investigation and there is also an investigation, a criminal investigation into georgia. >> yes. >> could these -- this new filing be submitable to those prosecutors there. >> for sure. the georgia prosecutor could get these documents as just as doj can. and it is important to the georgia investigation because the crux of the investigation in georgia is did donald trump knowingly try to steal this election. did he ask brad raffensperger, when he said find me those votes, did he already know he lost and that his claims of fraud were untrue and these documents as described by the judge pre-date that call that trump made to raffensperger. so prosecutors may be able to look at the emails. but say, look, he knew, according to the emails that he lost and yet he still called up the secretary of state and urged them to find these votes when he knew he lost. prosecutors could look at that as crucial on intent. >> your thoughts on gabby reporting that the trump legal
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team is contemplating inviting the doj down to mar-a-lago and allowing them to search once again for documents. not being as -- as so much friction, right, between the doj and trump as currently exists now. >> count me a bit skeptical that trump's team will go down there road. there are many things he's considered. he's considered testifying and cooperating and it never pans out. and they seem to be thinking it is up to them. it is not. it ought not be. if doj wants they could get another search warrant. they don't have to be politely escorted around, they could go to wherever they need to go. it is the question of will here. >> it is great to see you on set. >> all right. and still coto come, russia officials try to relocate towns of people in kherson. we're live in kyiv with the very latest. plus less than a week out
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and lets you know when it's best to book. ♪ so you can go see all the sandiest sand. and never wonder if you booked at the right time. because, you did. ♪ overnight, ukraine officials reporting a russian rocket struck a children's school in zaporizhzhia. part of a ramped up russian atacks. and reports of serious destruction after more strikes targing the energy
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infrastructure. nic robertson is live in kyiv, ukraine. so two major things beginning today. we have the four regions legally annexed under martial law and there in the north controlled blackouts as ukrainians navigate serious hits on their infrastructure continuously. what is the overall mood there, nick? >> reporter: there is a sense of resilience, a sense that things are going through change. that the war has entered another phase. and in kherson, the russian installed deputy governor said that 15,000 people were evacuated yesterday. and i think best to put the word evacuated in parenthesis, it is not getting a lot of choice. we've seen video clips with far fewer people are leaving. but that same deputy russian installed governor there is vowing that the russian forces will come back and continue to
7:22 am
take more territory. that they will go as far as taking the city of odesa on the black sea coast. so there is no sense from this official they're on the back foot but i think the evident belies that. the country, people of ukraine are being put on the back foot of electricity supplies. as you say, there are now controlled power outages up to four hours in some areas. kharkiv, summi, as well, to name two regions in the north where they are now having these controls, electricity controls, smo areas without water and street lighting will be switched off and some areas of the electrical driven trolley buses won't be running. and the advice the government is giving to people is quite serious and stunning. they are saying store water and stock up with blankets and socks, charge your phones an keep your power banks charged up
7:23 am
and ready. they are preparing the nation for the possibility that the electrical situation could get worse. the ministry of foreign affairs here say they're working with nato and the european union to try to get energy generating supplies into the country. but as we know, these repairs an new equipment take time. and that is seems to be what ukraine doesn't have in a way at the moment because the russians in the space of just about ten days have imposed a quite severe electrical restriction on the country that was just unmanageable two weeks ago almost. >> energy blackmail. just as colder weather sets in. nic robertson, thank you. well the u.s. state department said it now has evidence that russia is using iranian made drones to strike civilian targets in ukraine. it comes after ukraine's military said it shot down 13 kamikaze drones offer the
7:24 am
myk mykolaiv region. joining me now is the mayor of mykolaiv. thank you for joining us. i know it is a difficult past few days, eight months for you and your citizens there. the ukraine military shot down 13 kamikaze drones over the region. what are you doing to best protect your residents? >> first of all, we are have a distance of 50 kilometers from kherson, so they bar us from that region and it take rockets for about one minute to get from kherson to mykolaiv. so we have a joke, when you hear an alarm, there won't be an explosion. and when you hear the exposition, there should be an alarm. yes, we had 14 drones hit by our anti-aircraft troops. and sometimes we hit them with
7:25 am
kalashnikov's, but five of them hit their aims and we have some destruction. moreover, in the morning, about 9:00 a.m., we got four strikes by rockets of c-300. and fortunately no one has died but we have some hurt. >> you were a city of a little under 500,000 before the war, what exposure does your energy infrastructure have. do you have access to electricity and water there for your citizens and residents? >> for now, we have 220,000 people out of half a million. and for sure we need to supply them with water, electricity and heating and public transport. so we do this, i mean, when we have water supply because russians bombarded pipes from the dnipro river from the
7:26 am
kherson region and now we're taking water from other rivers but this water is salty, so you can't drink it but we could use it for washing and for toilets and everything. so we give people water. so water trucks like it was in the world war ii when people come to the trucks using plastic bottles, refill them and go home for drinking. for sure, russians now attacking our infrastructure, electricity infrastructure, electricity stations and also hitting boiler houses. just to freeze ukrainians. let's call it genocide. so, anyway, our companies and service companies, criminal an municipal service companies always are ready to repair everything and to renovate our electricity and gas and heating facilities.
7:27 am
>> you mentioned your proximity to kherson there, to the east of you. now that we are seeing tens of thousands of residents being reevacuated and moved forcible my to russia proper, i'm curious if any of them are coming to you, if you are taking any of those residents of kherson into your city? >> we provided them with the service in the beginning of the war, after russians blocked the way from kherson to mykolaiv. the citizens of kherson have no way to mykolaiv. so they have to go north or in russia. i don't believe those number about 50,000 people, i saw the images. but they use water, i mean small ships to evacuate people from one bank to another. so i think it is about maybe 5,000 at most. the main thing, why they do
7:28 am
this, why they evacuate civilians, ukraine civilians which for sure ukraine army won't harm. we won't kill ukrainians because they're our team and they're under occupation and under occupation. i think this is an idea that we want to hit the city, by themselves and saying that these are ukrainians who are attacking their city. so, this is the main thing we need to think and more of free journalists have to show this pike. >> constantly using propaganda there on the russian part. and obviously this is a sign of their weakness and battle on the field there with ukrainians to resort to these means. mayor, thank you for your time. be well and be safe. we appreciate it. well voters in pennsylvania will soon decide two close races that will have a significant impact on the nation.
7:29 am
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7:34 am
general election. the state said that the move was prompted by an audit of the 2020 election but critics in the state's county, which includes democratic leaning houston are skeptical. correspondent ed lavendera joins us now. what more are you learning? >> reporter: this is all stemming from a controversial audit of four counties in the state that the texas secretary of state's office announced just over a year ago. and now just days before early voting is set to begin, the secretary of state's office has announced that it is going to send inspectors to monitor the election there in harris county because of what it describes as serious breaches in the way information and vote information was handled during the 2020 election. in particular, these mobile ballot boxes that were used in that election. so, this letter goes on to say that they're going to -- they
7:35 am
have questions and concerns about the way that information that was stored and because of that they're going to send a team of inspectors, and the texas attorney general's office said it is also going to send a task force to handle questions and complaints and concerns coming from poll watchers, vote voters, inspectors as well. and that opens a can of worms, the attorney general a controversial figure is on the ballot. and he has been a huge supporter of donald trump and raising doubts about the 2020 election. the democratic county judge in harris county lena hidalgo said the timing at this letter is at best suspicious and an attempt to sabotage county efforts by sowing doubt in the election process. the texas secretary of state said it has done this in the past. sending inspectors to counties across the state during election time and there is some truth to that. and what officials in harris
7:36 am
county are questioning now is the timing of this letter, bianna. this is a audit that has been going on for more than a year now. and this letter just now arising just a few days before early voting is set to begin. >> all right. ed lavendera, thank you. well in the next hour, president biden will leave the white house and head to pennsylvania where he'll tour a newly repaired bridge in pittsburgh. you may remember when it collapsed back in january. money from the bipartisan infrastructure bill is being used to fix it. after that, he'll attend a fundraiser for the democratic senator nominee john fetterman in philadelphia. and we've just learned that fetterman will fly with the president on air force one to that event. he's locked in a tight race with republican mehmet oz for that seat. joining me now is michael nutter, former democratic mayor of philadelphia. good to have you on the program. so we know that infrastructure is crucial -- >> thanks for having me.
7:37 am
>> infrastructure is a crucial point for so many in this country and particularly in your state. we remember that bridge collapse that the president visited earlier this year. is this the right message that he'll be sending out there given that he, in fact, did pass infrastructure legislation that others were not able to. >> it is legislation at the most challing time. i think we know american infrastructure by any of the engineering societies, i think maybe a "d" or d-plus. never a braid you want to get if you're in school. and american infrastructure is in disarray and disrepair and it is the right message. this is not only about infrastructure, when you talk about infrastructure you're talking about jobs and putting people to work. and that is what president biden is all about. that is what john fetterman is all about and that is what we need in pennsylvania. more pennsylvanians working. >> work and economy and
7:38 am
inflation all important issues. another important issue is crime. and i'm curious whether you think that is a weakness given the crime that we've seen as of late in philadelphia. >> i think we've been very clear as democrats. >> first of all, we're all about public safety and again, you need people to have jobs, you need economic opportunity and again, putting people to work. when people have money, when people are working, we know for a fact that there is just less crime. the pandemic has been hard on this country and certainly on pennsylvania. but there is no question that pennsylvania democrats and democrats across the country are all about public safety. we want criminal justice reform. you could have both at the same time. and anyone who talks about it as either/or, that is a false choice that is unacceptable in america. >> let me ask you about john fetterman and the question that
7:39 am
still surround his health after his stroke back in may. we all wish him the best of health and a speedy recovery. i want to read from you what his doctor said. he just released a letter from his doctor in which he said he spoke intelligently without cognitive deficits, occasional words le miss like he doesn't hear the word but it is not processed properly. his hearing of sound such as music is not effected. some have been calling for months now for a full release of his medical reports. do you think what we just saw from his doctor is enough three weeks before voters head to the polls. >> john fetterman is ready to serve. obviously, he had a stroke. there will be a recovery. every decent doctor in america knows and would advise their patients to do their best to get well. he happens to be running for senate. okay, fine. but there is no question that upon election and in the weeks and months afterwards he could
7:40 am
perform his duties as a united states senator. and this is again just a false issue and mr. oz, if he was advising one of his own patients, he would say take your time, recover, but if you happen to be running for senate, take it slow. get your health. win the election and go on and do your job and represent pennsylvania. john fetterman is going to be fine. he's going to be a great united states senator. >> and as we see john fetterman leads oz slightly in the polls, biden won the state in 2020 by 81,000 votes. does it all come out to what turnout looks like that night? >> every election is all about turnout and getting our folks out. this is pennsylvania, you know. our state color should probably be purple. we're the ultimate purple state. and we take nothing for granted. we saw what happened in 2016 when maybe we took some things for granted. we didn't do that in 2020. we can't do it in 2022 and we won't do it no 2024.
7:41 am
so it is all about turnout. driving out our voters, democrats who want to win, moderate republicans who know that the mastriano/oz combo is the worst possible out come for pennsylvania and independents as well. it is all about turnout. >> michael nutter, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it today. >> thank you. and next, we're live with the latest on the search for a missing student last seen early friday morning. what her family is telling investigators and cnn about her case. vanilla cinnamon batter. french toast the way it's meant to be. try all three flavors. only at ihop. download the app and earn free food with every y purchase. if you wanna go fast, go faster. and if you got the devil on your shoulder... take him for a ride.
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it is been nearly one week since the 20-year-old princeton student went missing and now officials are intense search for her. she was seen friday near a residence hall. her family requested a wellness check on sunday and filed a missing person report on monday. and brin is live with the latest. and she was not someone to go off the radar. so what more are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah, this is a campus that is deeply concerned about her whereabouts. and we just got off the phone with her older brother who is here with princeton with friends an family conducting their own search because they said they're not getting much information from local authorities here in
7:47 am
princeton or the prosecutors office that handles these type of investigations. they're being told, he said, that they are investigating and that this takes time. but told us, quote, that is one thing we don't have. we don't have time. and he said they're all huddled together and right now they're putting together their own timeline of where they think misrach has been in the last few days and as you came up, her last time she was seen was thursday night into friday morning. she volunteered at a local food club here on campus and she was seen in her dorm at 3:00 a.m. the roommates of her saw her friday morning in her dorm room. her father tried to reach out to her by phone. but didn't make a connection. basically thought she was just . the phone calls and texts were going through and she missed a very important appointment that had to do with citizenship. that alarmed the family.
7:48 am
by sunday, they said we need to you do a well being check. by monday an alert went out on to the campus askinger to the public's help in trying to search for misrach. so you could imagine there is now a frantic search looking for this junior at princeton university. we are told as you said that she is not someone who wouldn't keep in contact with her family or just fly off the radar so there are just so many questions on where this investigation stands right now. but we're told it is ongoing. we're told that the helicopters are being used, drones, water craft, so we're continuing to try to get those updates. but certainly this is a family deeply concerned and now descending on this campus along with friends and family trying to search for her. >> hopefully they could find her soon. thank you. well breathtaking new images from the depths of space. we're taking a closer look at pillars of creation. that is up next. helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients
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the james webb space telescope has breathtaking new images that reveal never before seen details in the iconic pillars of creation. it is part of the nebula about 6500 light years from earth. it was captured by the hubble telescope in 1999 there on the left. kristin fisher joins me now with
7:54 am
more details. the contrast between 1995 and now is breathtaking. what else did webb reveal. >> such a contrast. but because the hubble telescope made the pillars of creation so famous back in 1995, this was one of the most hotly anticipated objects in space for the webb telescope to actually turn its sigtes on and webb did not disappoint especially with this image and i'll tell you why. what you're seeing right there is the pillar of creation, about 6500 light years away and that is an area where baby stars are born. and so right now you're looking at the hubble on left and right there is what the webb space telescope took of it. and you could see on the right it is just so much more detailed and that is really valuable information to astronomers. so what you're seeing, the
7:55 am
things that look like rocks, the brown stuff, that is all interstellar gas and dust. the stuff that feed new star formations. and then if you look at the tips of the finger tips almost, you'll see little red dots or little wavy lines that are bright red, the red dots are actually the baby stars that are kind of the star of the picture and then the red wavy lines that look like lava at the tips of the finger tips are actually ejections from those baby stars. and so what scientists are so excited about is they hope this imanl gives them a clearer understand of how stars are born out of those dusty clouds over millions of years. and you know, bianna, one of the things that i found so interesting as we call these baby stars but nasa scientists estimate that those baby stars, those red dots, there are still
7:56 am
a few hundred thousand years old. so that really puts it in per speculative for us. >> my mom still calls me her baby so it is all relative. these are quickly becoming my favorite segments. just beautiful and incredible. thank you. >> thank you. and thank you so much for joining us today. i'll bianna golodryga. at this hour with kate bolduan starts after a quick break.
7:57 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> thank you for being here, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. at this hour, we're following breaking news. british prime minister liz truss has resigned, out after only six weeks on the job. >> given the situation, i cannot deliver the mandate on which


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